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Автор shana meyerson (5 дней)
+EmmaTube Tv thanks! <3

Автор lovelove110356 (1 месяц)
Dear Shana, thank you so very much for your tutorials! So helpful! Special
Extra Thanks for your Super funny sense of humor! I love You! May your
blessings be countless, your joy be multiplied and your spirit soar! Love!

Автор RishyB Doggins (1 месяц)
You're very muscular! Is yoga your only/main exercise, or do you do other
things too? c:

Автор EmmaTube Tv (5 дней)
Your really talented plus your funny too💕

Автор CharlyKnowsBetterTV (2 месяца)
Ok i need to do Yoga because im not flexible at all O_o

Автор Brookenna (4 месяца)
I keep on feeling like I am going to fall forward do you have any tips

Автор angelaa m (8 месяцев)
Excellent tutorial. .~Thank You..

Автор Isabella Bocanegra (3 месяца)
I broke my leg

Автор nique nique (6 месяцев)
Should I work on a handstand more till it feel comfortable or just dive
right in to this 

Автор Akvaristikacg Podgorica (10 месяцев)
wooow :) this is soo cool :) I am gonna work on this :) 

Автор Brookenna (4 месяца)
Thank you so much

Автор Jaime Burke (6 месяцев)
ik can already go in hand stand but only with a wall so i dont flip... what
do i need for getting better balance so i can get off the wall

Автор Jaime Burke (6 месяцев)
i like your videos so much but your kinda teasing hahahah

Автор hanna jones (11 месяцев)
I LOVE THIS!! I finally get to learn how to do a hand stand :D

Автор kiwipopforthesoul (9 месяцев)
soooo cool! :-D

Автор Simbee Soh (1 год)
Sorry, typing error, I mean, I like it.

Автор Jolita Brilliant (1 год)

Автор Simbee Soh (1 год)
Hi Shana, your teaching is good, clear and simple to follow. It like it.

Автор Gaby Rdz (1 год)
Hi shana could you do a tutorial with the asana Natarajasana for beginners
please? Thanks a lot

Автор Philomena Frenklin (10 месяцев)
My dance trainer said i shoul do this, but I can't!!
Then I found your video THANK YOU ♥

Автор Ambera Cruz (10 месяцев)
Hey Shana, can you recommend an exercise that will teach me how to pull my
pelvis over my shoulders? I know it takes core (bundhas) to pull your
pelvis from being weighted on your feet to over your shoulders, but I can't
seem to get the feeling for it. I'm so close and can do all other movements
with ease except this last step. Please help!

Автор Maryuu Niekłas (1 год)
very nice progression! thank you. I learned headstand the same way so
hopefully this progression will get mew to the handstand! Your video gave
me the inspiration. 8-) hugs form Cupertino! 

Автор Gaby Rdz (1 год)
Thanks a lot!

Автор Farnoosh Brock (1 год)
+shana meyerson I just LOVE you and your videos and your teaching style.
Keep it up!!!

Автор Siri Khalsa (1 год)
Thank you

Автор scorpion girl (10 месяцев)

Автор Pragya Bhatt (1 год)
thanks so much for this video...I've been looking for videos for handstands
and this is by far the best one I've come across.

Автор MsPalleh (1 год)
So freaking helpfull!! Thanks alot :D

Автор Leo Fittman (1 год)
Thank you, great how-to tutorial delivered in a fun style which made me

Автор MissAllycea (1 год)
shana, I try this skill but everytime you say lean, I lean and fall, can
you give me any tips? I need them badly! :(

Автор Angela Gem Gaming (1 год)
Hi! This is a great tutorial. Very well done.

I just have a problem, when I lean, my toes won't lift up. I usually have
no trouble holding my own weight, but I am having trouble lifting my toes.
Any tips?

Автор clementwarrior (1 год)
beautiful, thanks for sharing this!

Автор Eli LaCárdenas (1 год)
Great Video! I've been through the pathetic phase on this for weeks XD

Автор Shawn Johnson (1 год)
What stretches do you do to get more flexible ?

Автор akai Hsu (1 год)
thannks the great video.謝謝yogi

Автор Osamuyi Okpame (1 год)

Автор James Reyes (1 год)
Shana You're the best and I love your yoga videos 

Автор badetht198422 (1 год)
I remember watching this several months ago thinking I'd never be able to
do this. I can do this now and it wasn't as hard as I thought. It's
actually a LOT easier than pressing up into forearm balance (ironic, but I
think it's because I get more "grip" from handstands than forearm stands).
Thank you for making this available for us learning yogis/yoginis. Do you
think you could do a walkthrough of pressing up into pincha mayurasana
from prasarita padottanasana? :)

Автор Ahkeim Phea (1 год)
Shana you are the BOMB! I love your personality! Great Work!

Автор Carter AOW (1 год)
What do you call it when a person do push-up but the leg and foot is not
touching the floor, it's flying. And you just motivated me to take yoga
class and do these cool stuff. Thanks, it's a whole new things to me. 

Автор James Reyes (2 года)
Hi Shana, I love your impressive yoga pose.

Автор TheFutureStyles (2 года)

Автор doublewuzzy (2 года)
Summer goalsssss

Автор Axe Matax (2 года)
You are absolutely Right on with the core engaging.. U made that look so
amazing.. Im totally motivated.. ! Xx thankyou.. Hope Your well

Автор shana meyerson (1 год)
it's a combination of pulling up from your hips and pressing down from your
hands. the shoulders have to also go a little forward and be sure to look
way forward so you don't tumble. :)

Автор bbbbbbb (1 год)
Nice view at the beginning...

Автор Kenzie Boyd (1 год)
You ma'am, are a genius!!!!!

Автор Directioner4eva111 (2 года)
And i am scared to fall over :(

Автор sephyhot (2 года)
so I guess i should learn to do handstands first? or can i just do this one
then handstands? i practice against a wall, im getting to 5 seconds or more
on good days

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