yoga handstand straddle press instruction tutorial - shana meyerson :) yogathletica

Yoga Handstand Straddle Press Instruction
in this video, shana meyerson of yogathletica in los angeles, teaches you how to press up to handstand from forward bend. through simple step-by-step instructions, shana shows you how to harness your core control to press up to handstand through a straddle.
people all over the world are calling this the best handstand press video they've ever seen. and people all over the world can't be wrong! seriously...best. handstand. video. ever.
just superimpose a girl demonstrating in her underwear and you'll surely agree.

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Автор Maria Nguyen ( назад)
Thank you for the tips!!!

Автор Sienna May ( назад)
Soo good THANK U😍 I couldn't do it until I found ur vid X

Автор loushka128 ( назад)
Do you do extra weight training or pull/pushups for your arms? They look a
little bulky and I want to know if this is a result of pure yoga or
something else. Thanks!

Автор Joanna Kono ( назад)
Love this!!!! I am getting stronger but haven't been able to get air time
yet and my floating has been closer to jumps.

This is exactly my level and I really appreciate ur video!! I have been
using the blocks to just get the flexibility of flat palms folded over with
feet on blocks. I have tried shifting all my weight forward and into my
arms, but I never considered placing the hands a foot in front of me. I
also have been doing wrist exercise and i have developed core with a tripod
headstand and even straight arms.. Enough to smoothly pike, touch each feet
to floor, and control movements of my lower body going up and down.

My next level is wall less forearm stand, handstand, learn to get air time
in my flows, pike, and jump through. They are all my 2016 resolution
(except handstand I'm happy to learn to fall out of it for now.)

I'll be using my socks! 😊💪🏼🙏🏼

Автор Izukura ( назад)
hey! I love your tutorials, so much fun to watch.
I've been trying to do this for like half a year now. I can float my feet
from the blocks, but I just can't get my hips to come up, so my feet don't
rise any higher. do you know any exercise that will get me there? maybe I'm
lacking some kind of muscles? :(

Автор perlaand ( назад)
You rock! Tks

Автор perlaand ( назад)
Excellent tutorial.

Автор Rainbow Zimbo (Sue Asher) ( назад)
Thank you Shana, I always love your tutorials, down to earth, very
authentic, not the slightest hint of "poserism". This and your other
handstand tutorials has helped me master my own and give my students useful
tips to begin their handstand journeys! May the long time sun shine upon
you always - Namaste Sue xxxx

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
+EmmaTube Tv thanks! <3

Автор EmmaTube Tv ( назад)
Your really talented plus your funny too💕

Автор lovelove110356 ( назад)
Dear Shana, thank you so very much for your tutorials! So helpful! Special
Extra Thanks for your Super funny sense of humor! I love You! May your
blessings be countless, your joy be multiplied and your spirit soar! Love!

Автор RishyB Doggins ( назад)
You're very muscular! Is yoga your only/main exercise, or do you do other
things too? c:

Автор CharlyKnowsBetterTV ( назад)
Ok i need to do Yoga because im not flexible at all O_o

Автор Isabella Bocanegra ( назад)
I broke my leg

Автор Brookenna ( назад)
Thank you so much

Автор Brookenna ( назад)
I keep on feeling like I am going to fall forward do you have any tips

Автор Jaime Burke ( назад)
ik can already go in hand stand but only with a wall so i dont flip... what
do i need for getting better balance so i can get off the wall

Автор Jaime Burke ( назад)
i like your videos so much but your kinda teasing hahahah

Автор nique nique ( назад)
Should I work on a handstand more till it feel comfortable or just dive
right in to this 

Автор angelaa m ( назад)
Excellent tutorial. .~Thank You..

Автор Kiwi Eddy ( назад)
soooo cool! :-D

Автор Philomena Frenklin ( назад)
My dance trainer said i shoul do this, but I can't!!
Then I found your video THANK YOU ♥

Автор Akvaristikacg Podgorica ( назад)
wooow :) this is soo cool :) I am gonna work on this :) 

Автор Ambera Cruz ( назад)
Hey Shana, can you recommend an exercise that will teach me how to pull my
pelvis over my shoulders? I know it takes core (bundhas) to pull your
pelvis from being weighted on your feet to over your shoulders, but I can't
seem to get the feeling for it. I'm so close and can do all other movements
with ease except this last step. Please help!

Автор scorpion girl ( назад)

Автор hanna jones ( назад)
I LOVE THIS!! I finally get to learn how to do a hand stand :D

Автор Maryuu Niekłas ( назад)
very nice progression! thank you. I learned headstand the same way so
hopefully this progression will get mew to the handstand! Your video gave
me the inspiration. 8-) hugs form Cupertino! 

Автор Gaby Rdz ( назад)
Thanks a lot!

Автор Gaby Rdz ( назад)
Hi shana could you do a tutorial with the asana Natarajasana for beginners
please? Thanks a lot

Автор Angela Gem Gaming ( назад)
Hi! This is a great tutorial. Very well done.

I just have a problem, when I lean, my toes won't lift up. I usually have
no trouble holding my own weight, but I am having trouble lifting my toes.
Any tips?

Автор Jolita Brilliant ( назад)

Автор Simbee Soh ( назад)
Sorry, typing error, I mean, I like it.

Автор Simbee Soh ( назад)
Hi Shana, your teaching is good, clear and simple to follow. It like it.

Автор Anh Kim Phea ( назад)
Shana you are the BOMB! I love your personality! Great Work!

Автор Leo Fittman ( назад)
Thank you, great how-to tutorial delivered in a fun style which made me

Автор MsPalleh ( назад)
So freaking helpfull!! Thanks alot :D

Автор Siri Khalsa ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Farnoosh Brock ( назад)
+shana meyerson I just LOVE you and your videos and your teaching style.
Keep it up!!!

Автор Pragya Bhatt ( назад)
thanks so much for this video...I've been looking for videos for handstands
and this is by far the best one I've come across.

Автор James Reyes ( назад)
Shana You're the best and I love your yoga videos 

Автор Shawn Johnson ( назад)
What stretches do you do to get more flexible ?

Автор Carter AOW ( назад)
What do you call it when a person do push-up but the leg and foot is not
touching the floor, it's flying. And you just motivated me to take yoga
class and do these cool stuff. Thanks, it's a whole new things to me. 

Автор clementwarrior ( назад)
beautiful, thanks for sharing this!

Автор akai Hsu ( назад)
thannks the great video.謝謝yogi

Автор badetht198422 ( назад)
I remember watching this several months ago thinking I'd never be able to
do this. I can do this now and it wasn't as hard as I thought. It's
actually a LOT easier than pressing up into forearm balance (ironic, but I
think it's because I get more "grip" from handstands than forearm stands).
Thank you for making this available for us learning yogis/yoginis. Do you
think you could do a walkthrough of pressing up into pincha mayurasana
from prasarita padottanasana? :)

Автор Elizabeth Cárdenas ( назад)
Great Video! I've been through the pathetic phase on this for weeks XD

Автор Tmica Hawkins ( назад)

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
you're welcome! i agree that bite-sized chunks really help. :)

Автор jdance121 ( назад)
I love your instruction! Thank you for taking it step by step. I had never
done handstand w/ out the use of the wall. I knew I had the core strength,
but I needed the detailed step by step instruction to get me there. Thanks
again :)

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
it's a combination of pulling up from your hips and pressing down from your
hands. the shoulders have to also go a little forward and be sure to look
way forward so you don't tumble. :)

Автор Yezenia Velazco ( назад)
How do I get "up" past the tip toes! :( Once it gets to my tip toes where
do I push from to get my legs up? 

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
you may want to check out my "yoga handstand in the middle of the room"
video to help learn your balance. you can also practice these exercises in
front of a wall to make you feel safer. :)

Автор Renske Cocquyt ( назад)
I don't can keep standing long in handstand any tips? xxxx 

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
love it, sarah! <3 my hair and i thank you! ;) 

Автор Sarah Elizabeth ( назад)
Very helpful tutorial. Subscribed because I'm a hairdresser and you told me
to. And I like you.

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
really, i am just teaching secrets to general yoga asana/postures. there is
no type of yoga (besides my own thought process) behind my tutorials...

Автор Juan Felipe Ramirez Zapata ( назад)
Whats the name this kind of yoga is called?

Автор Dana Smith ( назад)
LOVE your videos and sparkly personality! I've been teaching yoga for 10
years or so and found you while searching for a 'fresh breath' in my
practice. Thank you Goddess :-)

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
bhaghavad gita is a vedic text. why would it talk about handstand or list
the asanas? as to handstands, in fact they are not "classical" yoga in the
historical sense. they probably didn't do them thousands of years ago...but
they have, in modern day, been absorbed as a common piece of the yoga asana

Автор christian koenig ( назад)
Is this yoga or physical practice? In the bhaghavad gita handstand is not
mentioned, so that confuses me.

Автор greta app ( назад)
thank you! already subscribed! ;) 

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
i currently have 31 videos on this channel and upload a new one every few
weeks...youtube won't let me post the url, but just search youtube for
"shana meyerson" and look for the link with my profile picture (like the
one here to the left of the comment) and click on my name. there you'll
find the whole channel and lots of handstand stuff! :)

Автор greta app ( назад)
arent you gonna upload more videos? thanks for this , is good :*

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
logic would say yes, but handstand and headstand entries are so
dramatically different that it was years after i mastered this headstand
entry that i was finally able to do it through handstand. handstand press
require so much more in the arms and shoulders, the dynamic is very
different. that being said, entering headstand through straddle will,
certainly teach the lower body it's job. upper body needs to relearn,
though, to get it into handstand!

Автор Neon Entity ( назад)
Do you think that if someone can do a yoga headstand that it would be
easier for them to master this hip movement?

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
you're talking about sliding forward and back in the socks? it's pretty
normal to compensate for difficulty on the pull but substituting a push,
but it's good to try to get out of the habit as early as possible, though
(even though the process may be frustrating and you may not move much at
all for a while). the more you lift up from the core and hips, the less and
less your legs will have to work at all. remember the legs are following,
not leading, the movement. :) 

Автор Max Tranquilo ( назад)
i notice that when i do the first exercise i jump a little with my toes to
make a kickstart. Is that ok for a beginner?

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
unless you can do this levitating, yes, your hands have to be on the
ground. but it's okay if you have to bend your knees a bit. when you really
press down into the pose, the legs will no longer touch the ground and
hamstring openness will not be as important... best suggestion: stretch
those hamstrings! :)

Автор bbbbbbb ( назад)
Nice view at the beginning...

Автор Higher-self ( назад)
I'm starting yoga as it'll help tremendously with flexibility and fluidity
of motion. Something I need a lot of work on being 6'4" bodybuilder. This
is so awesome. Thank you for this video, it's the most concise video on how
to do this! I'm very patient and with your instruction have no doubt I'll
be able to do this, it'll just take some

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
your legs and hips are working hard in this pose. craps are not uncommon. i
used to get them, too! just walk it out between presses. eventually when
the energy shifts from your legs up to your core, it will become easier on
your legs.

Автор Kylie J ( назад)
Every time i try to lift my hip up i get a cramp in my legs:/

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
not unless you're four feet tall. it just takes some practice! and then
maybe some more. :)

Автор Gray Khaled ( назад)
omg it's so hard to do i'm 170lb is that have anything to do with it? 

Автор SincerelyJAshley ( назад)
Thanks for this video! I am going to try this tomorrow I think. I practiced
on having my hands flat on the ground near my feet and that's still buns a
bit for me. 

Автор Suzy Sayz ( назад)
best instruction on this yet. ty so much. 

Автор Suzy Sayz ( назад)
hairdressers subscribe now...hehehe 

Автор Kenzie Boyd ( назад)
You're welcome

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
thank you! :D

Автор Kenzie Boyd ( назад)
You ma'am, are a genius!!!!!

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
i have a TON of handstand videos! check out my whole channel!!! 

Автор Kadia Saraf ( назад)
Thank you Shana! I will teach your technique today in class :) much love! 

Автор blekmoon ( назад)
Love your videos

Автор blekmoon ( назад)
Can you do a handstand video plz and i

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
sometimes you will feel a little pinch or cramp in the hip, as it is
engaging so firmly...if i get that, i walk it out between presses. :)

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
yeah...it may be a minute before it's easy. :) and it's never too late to
come back to yoga!

Автор peterinbrat ( назад)
Once that's easy... LOL. But I do miss yoga..

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
hi emma, while it's great that you are so ambitious, remember that yoga is
a process and patience is a very, very big part of the practice. this
(press-up) handstand is a fairly challenging handstand. i suggest that you
start with my "how to do handstand in the middle of the room" video to
start. this is more of a foundational video. my "core strength for
handstand mastery" video will help a lot, too. remember to have fun, work
hard, and be patient. :)

Автор Emma Rachum ( назад)
I've only been doing yoga for 4 months, and I just learned how to do a
handstand. And I'm really impatient and I want to start practicing a
handstand- I understand it may take a while, but what can I do to slowly
learn the handstand, and then finally do the handstand?

Автор Alice N. ( назад)
Thank you so much for the instructions! :)

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
i do a lot of "yoga" push-ups, meaning plank to chatauranga dandasana (only
halfway down, elbows tight to sides) and back, long chatauranga holds, and
lots and lots of handstands. 

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
it really depends on a lot of elements. how much you practice, how much arm
strength and core control you have...how much patience! but if you
practice, practice, practice, it will come! :)

Автор Danny Nelson ( назад)
Correct form is stright back to your hands but damn girl, you sooo fine(;

Автор Kiily Cook ( назад)
How long would it take to learn this?

Автор PurpleMeerkat4 ( назад)
This is wonderful, absolutely wonderful. :)

Автор Annie T ( назад)
You also need a lot of shoulder strength

Автор shana meyerson (YOGAthletica) ( назад)
thanks! and, yes, abs are key! i have a whole bunch of vids on this channel
on how to harness your core strength.

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