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Glennon Doyle Melton is the author of the New York Times Bestseller, CARRY ON, WARRIOR, founder of http://www.momastery.com, and creator of http://www.monkeeseemonkeedo.org. Glennon believes that life is equal parts beautiful and brutal, and writes about the "brutiful" she finds in marriage, motherhood, faith, addiction and recovery. Glennon unleashes her wit, courage and irreverence to call us to accept ourselves exactly as we are today, but also incidentally inspires us to live bolder, more meaningful lives for others. Glennon is a speaker and regular contributor to Huffington Post and other publications. CARRY ON, WARRIOR and Glennon's philanthropic work have been featured on The TODAY Show, The Talk, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents Magazine, and American Baby, among other television and print outlets. She lives in Naples, Florida with her family.

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Автор MandiMal00 ( назад)
I've been out of the hospital for a month and a half now and I miss it
because just like she said, in there, there is no more hiding, I could just
be my broken self and it was okay. Every one else was broken too so we all
understood each other. Out here I just feel too overwhelmed to carry on.

Автор Dianne Whitehead ( назад)
I'll have to read the book, but something seems very inauthentic here. Like
a smallish teen thing was grown, in a theatric way, into a larger ordeal in
order to write a book and make a bunch of money. In my experience, people
with real mental disorders don't easily go on to have a husband and three
children and look great on TED and give a perfect speech, with very little
detail as to how she got over such a great mental disability, which is what
Anorexia, Bulimia, and truly believing you are "oily" and worthless is. I'm
very skeptical about the total sad truth of this story versus the
marketability and moneymaking truth of this story.

Автор Kristine Litstrom ( назад)
WOW!! Just reading these comments makes feel like I have finally found a
"people" who understand! I'm in awe....

Автор Kristine Litstrom ( назад)
I've been in the psyc ward I think 4 times. It was always brought on by
alcohol- I also have agoraphobia ( in control) and depression(in control)
It was always like a peaceful place for me even though there were many
unstable patients. I had a pretty much good experience but also had a few
really crappy counselors. All in all I was able to see the positive in it..

Автор Caramia L ( назад)
Boring storyteller, annoying dry mouth and lisp one of the worst TED Talks
I have ever viewed.. NO real life lesson learned here...her super hero spin
is ridiculous..

Автор Ashley Dempsey ( назад)
Brutiful ♡

Автор Arturo a ( назад)
Seriously? Hebreo?? Not spanish? The spanish is the second most speaked
lenguaje in the world and you prefer to put other 6 lengujes before you put
it? Please, have a little inteligence or respect and put the lenguajes in
the time they appeard in the table of most speaked lenguajes and not in the
table of your thougths

Автор eric strickland ( назад)
a lot of these ted talks are just self serving crap i don't see how people
can sit thew it .

Автор long live heda ( назад)
this video will change my life from now on!

Автор Maya Hokolate22 ( назад)
something brought me here

Автор A Stdy ( назад)
55 years of confusion and dysfunction, but how do you fix it by yourself?

Автор Imadirtnigga ( назад)
great ass

Автор Lane Wright ( назад)
What people with mental illness need, is a caring, non judgemental
environment where they feel safe and understood. So that they can freely
express themselves without worry of shame or being blamed. Instead of
treating people with mental illness as there illness , we as should be
treating them as people. Everything psychological is biological.
Medication, therapy and support will get you a long way. I would know, I
too have a mental illness. I have learned a lot from being inside
behavioural science units and the state hospital a few times. Psychotherapy
and getting me on the correct medication did wonders for me. I am now
living a healthy and happy life. Though at times it can be boring. I did
drop out of college last year out of fear of people finding out I had a
mental illness. I felt ashamed of it. After hearing several stories on Ted
Talks. I am feeling not alone in my struggle with it. I am a person not my
illness. It's a part of me not whom I am. I plan going bac to college as
soon as I am able to pay back the rest of the semester I did not finish.
Thanks for time and thank you for this video.

Автор shaybe holloway ( назад)
When I tried to kill myself, I didn't know I would fail and end up with a
5,000$ copayment. Talk about depressing

Автор itsMOCA ( назад)
Great talk! Definitely inspired us and makes it acceptable to be ourselves!
Thank you for this presentation. I pray you have a blessed life with your
family! God bless! 

Автор Susan Kerkhoff ( назад)
Woohoo! Now we can tell them all to go vegetarian and stick to the
metaphysical methods! O. O Those kinds of doctors are can meditate! And I
hope they get a sign.

Автор Mary Gayle Selfridge ( назад)
powerfully honest and beautiful,blessings

Автор ROYAL PSYCHO ( назад)
My friend has been institutionalized for the same issues I have but I'm at

Автор Andrea Franche ( назад)
This was truly beautiful

Автор Wendy Marie Bjerkeland ( назад)
I'm tearing up. I've never heard anyone put this theme to words this way.
Much love.

Автор TheGothick666 ( назад)

Автор Amanda Stewart ( назад)
awesome ted talk

Автор Braxton ( назад)
That, my beautiful oily friend was amazing! You spoke of my life. Thank you
so much for sharing your story. I'm now passing it along to my friends. I
to am an addict and this talk was incredibly inspiring. Thank you thank you
thank you!

Автор Art Wood (Grave Intent) ( назад)
The speech was great, but... There are those of us who DO see the sunlight
and can only hope for the darkness. There are those of us who only know
what physical and mental pain is EVERY day with no where to run, no capes
to save us! There are those of us who DO the right thing regardless of how
we really feel just because we have to. There are those of us who only wish
for it all to end for peace to be ours and the pain to just stop, but it
won't! I commend her for her speech but that's just the perspective from
someone who have the ability to run and hide from their feelings and the
real world. What about those of us who can't?

Автор juli grlee ( назад)
I love this message and how she presented herself. I wish all mothers who
have gone through hell in a hand basket a messy and joyful mother's day,

Автор Janine Ballingall Scotten ( назад)
Thank you for sharing without your cape!

Автор Julie Morrison ( назад)
The most amazing Ted talk EVER!!!! Thank you so much!!!! This made me feel
so much better!!!

Автор Kat Rand ( назад)
Congratulations! You're a great speaker.“Leave safety behind. Put your
body on the line. Stand before the people you fear and speak your
mind--even if your voice shakes. When you least expect it, someone may
actually listen to what you have to say. --Maggie Kuhn,
Grey Panthers, “No Stone Unturned: The Life and Times of Maggie Kuhn”

Автор Maria Bana ( назад)
These TEDx talks really makes me strong and they're inspirational!!! 😍😇

Автор lewis56405 ( назад)
this is the most real, connected, accesable and funny talks i have seen. I
have watched this a few times now and it is very good presented in an open
and warm way.

Автор VTECsqznN2O ( назад)
I wonder how she didn't die, puking, staying up all night and drinking
constantly like that.

Автор Alexis Artis ( назад)
This was really beautiful and heartfelt. I really needed this! Wow, this
was great!

Автор Jaelyn Jaime ( назад)
I wanted to watch this because my friend recently admitted her self to a
mental hospital, and I wanted to get some kind of idea of what its like,
and how it makes you feel. I think this was a good thing to watch and its
made me more knowledgeable. Thank you for doing this

Автор Klay K ( назад)
I've been to a mental hospital myself. There's a lot of mixed feelings but
I can say the patients there were I only knew for 5 days were the best
people I had ever met. We were a family I would only greet and say goodbye

Автор Preethi Sunkara ( назад)
thank you. ur words are beyond healing and helping to me

Автор Nthabeleng Komane ( назад)
Being naked about our truths....liberates others to open up as well. I love
how you say that addicts are not really liars , that they just tell their
truth in different ways

Автор kxtcx3iox2307 0 ( назад)
I think her delivery is refreshing and yes her story is sad but really
there are SO MANY ADDICTS and getting over yourself to become a productive
member of society which in turn brings happiness, is worthy of a TEDTALK?
These stories are all very similar, why her? What did she do?
1. use drugs alcohol sex gambling or anything other addictive substance,
I'll call it x
2. participate in X a lot, it feels good and you forget that you hate
3. realize X is expensive and your losing out on other things you want/like
because of it, STILL you don't care and you continue on in your
self-centered world because that is all you want to focus on. YOU
4. now that your a selfish fuck, you lose of basically everything and fall
to the ROCK BOTTOM with X
5. have spiritual awakening/ personal break through/ come to except using X
is making you pathetic and your wasting life
6. cry struggle talk to others about your sad life and listen to their sad
lifes and reminisce when X was good to you
7. people are tired of listening and you get bored of talking to you try
something new, like a job, or exercise, maybe a dabbling in religion books
simplified down to basic concept.
8 declare freedom from X and...

inspiring stuff and enjoy your life free from all of that🔝🔝🔝🔝

every addiction story sounds the same. I'm happy she got her life together
but I could care less about a other story like this. and to those who say
"you could have skipped it blah blah meh" to you I say fuck off, love and
light and it's on a Playlist on my tablet playing from the other room. I
had to grab it, curious to read the comments and felt compelled to write my
own despite the fact much opinion is meaningless. have a great evening
everyone 😁😁✌

Автор Mike Alataby ( назад)
I love your talk I guss what I meant to say is I needed to hear you today
this exct momoment which remind me that sharing is caring ... you said in
your talk" wear your scare on the out saide and you will be save:" " I love
that " and Don't campare your insde to the out side of other peoplel that
is not fair .... :) thank you

Автор 1ttmarie ( назад)
incredible speech

Автор Deborah Goeser ( назад)
Wow so much love and truth on this!

Автор James T ( назад)
She's hot!!!!

Автор Christine Grenat ( назад)
I watched the movie "Liberal Arts" last night. This talk follows it's
lessons beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

Автор bobby parker ( назад)
I'm a member of AA and I thoroughly enjoyed this talk!

Автор Tessie ( назад)
I was born Mother's Day 2002 lel

Автор Jim Ronsivalli ( назад)
I can't say that I agree with her. Certainly is cute though.

Автор DottyGale8 ( назад)
You may have said you tried to get out of this talk in the beginning. But
I'm sure glad you didn't. This was incredible. You are a terrific, engaging
speaker with a story to tell that many need to hear. This was phenomenal.

Автор brzsimone ( назад)
This is entirely beautiful. Thank you for being vulnerable and sensitive.

Автор Aisling O'Loughlin ( назад)
Life is brutiful- genius x

Автор MrBigbrownies ( назад)
Again to sum it all up, she was a bitch who coudlnt deal with the world.
Now she can and goes on TEDtalks... like wtf let me do that shit and rain
hell on these fucking SJW's

Автор Vegantastic TV (843 года назад)
pretty good speech

Автор vily ziise ( назад)
Shes really powerful speaker in my opinion

Автор Chartoise ( назад)
Yeah yea, girlpower... we know.. NEXT!

Автор peekay2001 ( назад)
glad that she fought it out.. such a long time she spent in that condition,
the prime of her life too.. there must be a sense of loss that she herself
told.. but I believe she will feel better and better.. as she is more with
people, and shares and cares for them.. Best wishes..

Автор J scene ( назад)

Автор Chavi Sengar ( назад)
She was so honest, so amazing..This is the first TED talk that i have
felt compelled to comment over because of her brutal honesty. I could
literally feel the light shining through her eyes, as if saying I am
imperfect & that's how I am meant to be..

Автор Zineb Maha ( назад)
I relised that the most important thing in life is to be honest with

Автор Donald Turner ( назад)
Permission received... Identification unlocked. thank you Glennon

Автор Bodyknowledge 77 (861 год назад)
A year ago at this time I was in psych ward(voluntarily). Spent 2 weeks
there. One has those key periods in their life. I've made realizations
since then and prior about myself. I'm indeed a sensitive and expressive
person. Most aren't. So at times people will criticize me/you for the ways
we simply ARE that aren't actually toxic/negative because deep down they're
envious to a degree they can't be like you/me at times..

Автор SE Bennett ( назад)
Sounds like she was at a very nice hospital. No bullying? Allowed to hold
people's hands? No one was left out/mistreated?

Автор bob chong ( назад)
She is powerful ... Thanks for sharing

Автор Joe Toep ( назад)
The end conclusion is brilliant ! Not that I'll now suddenly stop
procrastinating and show up for the real important things in my life, I do
know that it will come soon dough.
Perhaps she's been showing up for about 14 years now (2016) I thought she
was incredibly brave !!

Автор Aelita Stones ( назад)
she looks like my old landlord

Автор Aakhya Sinha ( назад)
I'm tired of showing up.

Автор W.J. Kelly ( назад)
Is ir just me, or is she totally hot?

Автор ishika matta ( назад)
just loved it..thanks for sharing!

Автор ellamae ( назад)
O forma de evlavie, dar tagaduind puterea

Автор Rita Faria (1248 лет назад)
absolutely incredible, so so inspiring

Автор veryape1 ( назад)
What the hell is she talking about?! Superhero capes!? She needs to go back
to the mental hospital...

Автор Morgan Holmes ( назад)
I really wanted to watch this but I have misophonia and her mouth sounds
were triggering me. Anyone willing to sum it up for me? Thanks in

Автор Madeleine BB ( назад)
She talked a lot to say nothing

Автор Linda Spontak ( назад)
and excellent topic.... I too knew something was wrong by the time I was 8
yrs old.... but, for some reason I just let it affect me negatively....
late for school and never do homework for instance. I think I just wanted
to blame my parents and make them sorry? Because I could! I must have been
very spoiled. ;) Well, who did I hurt besides myself?

Автор Happy277 ( назад)
I've been sensative & shy since a young age and can definitely relate...
esp the high school experience definitely prepares you for this messy "real
world" life is bruetaful true lovely video.... thanks for sharing!

Автор Mr.Militia0011 ( назад)
Wow. I'm in recovery right now and can relate to this woman's story more
than you know. It's always encouraging to hear people's stories who are
doing well after years of addiction, self doubt, and struggle. Thank you so
much for sharing Glennon. You are truly an inspiration.

Автор martin hoang Nguyen ( назад)
Incredibly powerful and evocative! We need to start teaching relevant
things in schools like how to live and discover happiness and fulfilment.
It is baffling that something so basic and integral to a successful
existence is not part of any school curriculum.

Автор Jeff Kelly ( назад)
The only good lesson from a mental hospital is that the mental illness
system is a form of total oppression.

Автор Tatiana Gonzalez ( назад)
I love her. Thank you Glenon

Автор Madalyn Shiplett ( назад)
mental hospital rundown:
-don't be afraid of other patients.
-don't judge, everyone is there for a reason.
-you will make great friends, you will tell those people you will only know
for days or months more than you've ever told your very best friends.
-you'll be much more comfortable talking about it than your family will.
-every little remotely funny thing becomes a hilarious inside joke because
you want to find sunshine in anything.
-the mental hospital looks nothing like the movies, and a lot don't even
look like the rest of the hospital.
-you will either get your own room or share with other people. if you share
with other people you will probably have curtains.
-she's right - the jig is up. if you say you're fine and you're not, the
nurses are ninjas. they will know. they will tell the doctor you're in
-don't EVER try to harm yourself inpatient. what happens if you do is hell.
they either send you to a higher security facility or take away everything
in your room but your mattress. a nurse will be with you all. the. time.
-TALK. TO. THE. STAFF. that is what they are there for. they will stay up
until 3am talking to you. i promise they care.
-don't get cocky. the mental hospital isn't school, no one is afraid to
clap back and no one is afraid to tattle.
-remember, its really not that bad.

from a recovering former inpatient.

Автор Dani Zareen ( назад)
beautiful. i hope to be like that one day.

Автор Kitten Whiskers ( назад)

Автор AllWeNeedIsRock ( назад)
just... thank you

Автор richard shaska ( назад)
I've recently watched the Ted talks with glennon Doyle menton about her
hospitalization when she was younger When you come out of there you are
labeled so it's imperative that we make something of our selves ; not 2
prove anything but 2 leave your self in a better social status. Thanku MHP@
S.C man Asian did there thing it's very cemetrical

Автор harmonica guitar ( назад)
geez from about 3:00 to 3:45 really hit home with me

Автор Sarah Delaney ( назад)
Omg this lady is just amazing. She was made to speak. I could see through
alot of this she had to take big breaths and get through the anxiety but
omg she spoke with humility, humour, truth and strength. So amazing. Well

Автор Grey 4u ( назад)
What mental hospital did she go to?

Автор Chad Hanson ( назад)
we were made in the image of God. the guilt of sin brings us to confess
(tell the truth) to God so we can be free. it's built into us to make us
think about God. Freedom is found in Jesus. trust me, no one will heal
without Jesus. just remember, Jesus grave is empty because He is the author
life not death!

Автор Leslie Davidson ( назад)
Thanks for sharing Glennon. I listened closely.

Автор FunnyTruths101 (349 лет назад)
28Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you
rest. 29Take my yoke on you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in
heart: and you shall find rest to your souls.
~ Matt 11

Автор bubby32698 ( назад)
When I was in the mental hospital I felt so scared and alone at times but
also at others I felt at home with friends who understood and cared. But
then I saw on the outside world that I still had that. That I just needed
to change my perception. It's not as easy for that for everyone but
sometimes that's all it takes. A change in perception.

Автор MONICA ANICA ( назад)
I am so grateful that this video found me. Beautiful and many thanks

Автор anglekan ( назад)
The problem is life after the mental hospital. You enter a cut throat job
or have a toxic relationship, you might prefer being in the loony bin all
over again. So the point is be greedy and live life as you want to. You
come first.

Автор cucbot bietbuon ( назад)

Автор Sharon Lucas ( назад)
You are such an inspiration!! Thank I so so much for sharing! 😇😇

Автор Christian Ferland ( назад)
Wow I'm stund. I've been watching motivational speekers and TED talks all
day today in the preparation of my next speeking gig in front of teenagers.
I just want to tell you Miss Doyle that you have touch my heart so deep
that I needed to let you know !! So thank you TED and Miss Doyle !

Автор Amber Allen ( назад)
Prize egg

Автор Nicole Phillips ( назад)
This is such a beautiful talk. I want so badly to use its message, but I
don't know why I'm numb. I don't know how to break down and be honest. I've
tried but it seems as if no one is willing to listen. I'm trying...

Автор America Steele ( назад)
I have been feeling broken, and is so difficult to accept that I'm just
sensitive. Those superhero things have been my way out but I want to stop
it. This speech made me cry really hard. Thanks! Xx

Автор Nout ayyash ( назад)
That was a truly amazing!

Автор Harry Mann ( назад)
i find that being honest with the wrong person, or people, has a negative
effect, as they will distort what you are saying in negative fashion, the
idea of which is to put you on the defensive, and in doing so, taking
something away from you, the idea of which is to make you feel that they
have taken something away from you and only they have the power to return
it, so that you must get it back from them. So, to hell with that game.
Problem is, a lot of people are playing it. People still play all kinds of
games and pass them along to others, just as they did when they were school

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