Lessons from the Mental Hospital | Glennon Doyle Melton | TEDxTraverseCity

Glennon Doyle Melton is the author of the New York Times Bestseller, CARRY ON, WARRIOR, founder of http://www.momastery.com, and creator of http://www.monkeeseemonkeedo.org. Glennon believes that life is equal parts beautiful and brutal, and writes about the "brutiful" she finds in marriage, motherhood, faith, addiction and recovery. Glennon unleashes her wit, courage and irreverence to call us to accept ourselves exactly as we are today, but also incidentally inspires us to live bolder, more meaningful lives for others. Glennon is a speaker and regular contributor to Huffington Post and other publications. CARRY ON, WARRIOR and Glennon's philanthropic work have been featured on The TODAY Show, The Talk, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents Magazine, and American Baby, among other television and print outlets. She lives in Naples, Florida with her family.

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Автор ringo starr (1 день)
*There are many books about what is true, but this is the first that just
says what the evidence says is true, nothing more, nothing less: "The
Present" at TruthContest◙Com*

Автор Dilwong (2 месяца)
"All I ever needed to know, I learned in the mental hospital."

This is about the tenth TT I've listened to that is utterly worthless. 

Автор MetrazolElectricity (1 месяц)
"The only person who you need to be truthful to is yourself or to God" -
Bob Dylan

Автор Michelle Ferguson (2 месяца)
This is the reason I enjoy being a therapist in an inpatient psychiatric
unit, is because people are real - the masks are down.

Автор Kevin Bridges (5 месяцев)
Good talk and I think it's important and valuable to be honest and open
about our true feelings. However, I struggled a bit with the concept of
"feelings are guides to tell me the next right thing." I think feelings
cannot be trusted as "guides to tell me the next right thing." Example: I
get paid this Friday. I really want and feel strongly that I should
purchase a giant flat screen TV. My wants/desires/feelings guide me to do
just that. Now I don't have the money I need to take care of my kids or pay
all the bills. I know this example may be cheesy, but feelings have a place
in making the "right" decision, but are not as of central importance that
she gives them. Plus, this phrase, "The next right thing" I have heard her
use a lot and it is based not on a moral standard or ethical standard, but
solely on one's personal feelings as a guide. Feelings can betray us and we
should use them cautiously as "guides!"

Автор Cath (13 дней)
I've never related to someone so much. Such a great talk.

Автор stevo728822 (2 месяца)
All she is describing is how she copied behaviour in the world she
experienced. She saw people get drunk, stay thin, eat too much, take drugs
and copied them. Then she got pregnant and copied the rules for motherhood
shown to her. Half of her behaviour has been copied from television and

Автор ROSïE HENSHAW (2 дня)
Thanks for your honesty and truth x

Автор Jim Beattie (1 месяц)
Yes, good old mental hospitals. I spent some time in one of those and it
was very liberating. After that I didn't become gay, but instead made it
my life's work to chase after women. I spent most of my time doing that,
or else going fishing. Both of my parents disappeared when I was 14, and
so I just raised myself and the three dogs we had at the time. Our house
was quite isolated, so no one new I was alone. I didn't know what happened
to my parents. I still don't. Maybe they were abducted by space aliens or
something. But I still ended up getting married. I would go to bars but
wouldn't drink alcohol. I would have virgin drinks but still get into
terrible rows with guys and the cops would show up, etc. Now I'm an old
man, but I still get into fist fights, just not as many, and I'm divorced
with three dogs and a large tortoise.
So, nice video Glennon. You worried for nothing because you did a fine
job. You do not look at all "Oily". I can't see that. You like clean and
pretty and vibrant. You look healthy and strong, and able to kick the shit
out of the Dilong asshole who wrote below that your video wasn't good. I'm
telling you, he's a total shitforbrains dirtball with no more intellect
than an unborn hamster. May he be brutally murdered by a former mental
patient on crack.

Автор Sinisbal (5 месяцев)
I too was overly sensitive when I was a kid. Mostly due to unstable home I
started to worry and think too much and developed insecurities. This led me
to homosexuality and I became gay- for years trying to find a comfort and
acceptance by being "special" to another man. Years of wrong living took
their toll and it all became too much. And just as this woman said-
starting to talk about all of it and coming out of the closet for me was
the beginning of the healing process. However, the visits to the
psychiatrist showed me that the only one who can really help me was God.
And He did. I was healed of homosexuality, fears and anxieties by Jesus
And she said it well: our feelings are our guides. I learned that they show
me where I am in my head. They are not final and they don't prove anything
-gay feelings do NOT prove someone is gay. They simply point out to what
the person thinks about most of the time. And that can be changed.
Our God is awesome- His LOVE heals.

Автор Mark Leopold (14 дней)
I am a guy . . . its even more of a challenge for men to deal w/ feelings .
. . because we are supposed to "man up" and get over it. Watching the TED
talk was encouraging because some of the same concepts apply to men as
well, even while we are "manning up". We have out fears that we need to
face and overcome. One of my heroes, Jim Rhone also admonished us to let
all of the emotions in and not block them out. . . They will guide us to
change the world!

Автор Andromeda Lasso (2 дня)
Haven't said this to anyone in about 7 years but- you go girl.

Автор Melanie V (9 дней)
Donning a mask can be empowering when the intention is subversion. A mask
is a detriment when we lose ourselves, not when we remain true to who we
are and are merely feigning conformity and mocking its pretensions. Why
should everyone deserve our sincerity indiscriminately? People need to earn
our trust. Honesty is a privilege, not a right.

Автор Alexander Vincent (1 день)
Humans only want to be better than their yester-self. Perfection is boring
to us. 

Автор Roc Angrand (4 дня)
I love the different perspectives and comments, when I think her message
was a breakdown of examples that life is Hard and that accepting it through
the resistance of running or quitting, and facing those hardships win or
lose instead is jhe true essence and beauty of life. She broken it down,
great vid

Автор Shanda Trent (8 дней)
Inspirational and touching, and not at all cheesy. For moms. For teenage
girls. For sisters. For friends. Some guys will love this, too. For anyone
in need of love and forgiveness...of themselves.

Автор Jesse Hunter (14 дней)
LOOK HERE; positive love and care you have shared, your courage has helped
many people move in the right direction, you are VERY "genuine" NICE thank
you, I lost you at 2:50 you weren't there

Автор Debra Snell (15 часов)
I love you! thank you!!!

Автор Chris Ii (2 месяца)
to be honest, I'd say it's school that did that to her. After school is
when she felt better about expressing. She says she got better, as if she
improved on a skill of courage. However, she just is in a better
environment now. Anything is better than high school environment. What I am
taking from this is be good at finding a good environment where you can
open up freely

Автор Will Hart (8 дней)
...yes, the bottom line is we are all in denial about the fact that life is
painful. Period.

Автор Roc Angrand (4 дня)
Keep pushing every body, you guys are getting closer to your dreams, don't
doubt is what's she is also saying, doubt slows the process, takes courage
to have faith, I'm still learning folks, have faith.

Автор jamestang83 . (6 месяцев)
When she said she was an alcoholic drug addict was when I turned it off.
I can now only picture her high on coke under a hairy sweaty over weight
man going balls deep in a hotel room.
It could have been interesting but I cant sit here picturing that for 17

Автор smietana22 (9 дней)
beautiful and powerful story, thank you for sharing <3

Автор Philip Hallstrom (13 дней)
+Fr Frisby +Laurel Frisby , this was really good.

Автор john doe (1 месяц)
Beautiful talk, thank you

Автор io yo (4 месяца)
Something about her
A pattern of reaction commentary posts
Like she's opening pandoras vag.

Though her curiosity is perfectly natural, she's inadvertently undoing a
treaty long held. 

Автор SilverSpark99 (2 месяца)
My cape is kindness...

I'm angry, all day everyday.

I really have no sort of sympathy at all. My grandma has a heart problem,
and I don't care. But I put myself on as someone who does. My grandfather's
wife passed away, and I could care less. I only feel sorrow for those I
truly and deeply love, that my faith and loyalty is put up against every
single day. ... that's pretty much no one. Unless, were talking about guys.
Not like girls that are ALL OVER THEM, have different boyfriends every day,
or like drool over them...

I like guys for that reason. I'm attached to them more because of that,
they don't cAre about drama.

Going back - I need someone to help me out. With this, because I'm to
afraid to tell my friends and family, because they're so used to that veil
of kindness that I wear... so they won't believe me. I've tried once, and
they pawned it off as a sham of some sort. I'm 12, so if course I'm not
going to get a physciciatrist or anything! I need some friendly advice...
that all.

So please, put your idiot negativity away for now, and help a gal out.

And yeah I admit this was a little much. I just have things bottled up that
need to be released.

Автор Priscilla Indrayadi (1 месяц)
My cape is perfectionism, and being the happy, funny girl all the time.
What I am is the exact opposite, I'm not perfect; but sometimes I want to
be perfect so much it reflects on the actions that I do. My cape is
suffocating me.

Автор leia thompson (25 дней)
This was such a great speech.
Don't run for the exits and stick it out!

Автор x MILLER (2 месяца)
gee we control cult cult cult, watched these people now sell all
drugs, suck every drug off coffee table, Monkies, bunch of crevecour
bitter women who control weak homosexuals. Aaron K nightmare, okay to
srew young 15 yr old boys, fuck women with hep c and aids. Love is so
oldfashion cult meth and ice singers

Автор Monique Vee (2 месяца)
You are beautifully human. Thank you for stepping up and have
the nerve to share and address the failure of the human race,
which is lack of courage and lack of compassion. Her quote :
" Life is brutal : all of the time and EVERY DAY. Amazing
755.000 views. It is braver to be Clark Kent then to be
SuperMan. "
" This is very very smart : " We humans are truth tellers,
we will find a way to tell that truth." AHA ahaa ahh

Автор Tess de Marzo (1 месяц)
Thank you Glennon. Your courage is inspiring.

Автор Amanda Watson (21 день)
More than one client has recommended this description of Borderline
Personality Disorder as very realistic

Автор rubymimosa (2 месяца)
What a beautiful person in every way. Bravo!
Spider Robinson wrote along the same theme when he said that we have
created a world where we are losing the very sensitive and creative to
heroine [addiction] in their desperation to deaden the pain.
Sensitivity needs to be celebrated and empowered because it is through
removing feeling helpless that the power of sensitivity can be fully

Автор Paula Nowak (1 месяц)
A lovely delivery of her talk. She's real. Really grabbed my attention
from the moment she started.

Автор Shane Milam (2 месяца)
Thank you for this

Автор Rain807646 (2 месяца)
The so called mental disturbance of an individual begins upon his or her
belief in a "self identity" that is disconneted from all others. And as it
is today, so few recognize their participation in the root of human
suffering, only to continue in the unaware ignorance, pervading further
suffering upon their selves and all others.

Moreover, the road to resolving mental disturbance, however, cannot be an
individual's responsibility alone. Therefore, all conscious beings travel
it together in the realization, or not, that no individual is truly
separate from mankind's collective conscious expression.

Автор naturallysimple (3 месяца)
"and forgive each other for being humans"

Автор Gesine K (4 месяца)
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ... so much, for telling your story ... a
story and feelings that I can relate to so well ... this ted talk is on my
inspirational playlist that I come back to when I am in need of company, in
need of a feeling of connectedness, of inspiration, of a helping hand,

Автор gangstaberry2496 (1 месяц)
Every minute was amazing, Glennon!! Thank you so much for sharing your
story :) You are so brave!

Автор Shannon Foley (1 месяц)
Glennon Doyle Melton, if you ever see this comment, you are very wise and I
admire that. Keep going!

Автор Faustus Kluge (24 дня)
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... 

Автор Cassandra Phillips (21 день)
Just brilliant.

Автор Heather Thomas (1 месяц)
Check out this video on YouTube: awesome!!!!!!

Автор Brenda B (2 месяца)
This is a very brave woman!

Автор helenlight (1 месяц)
The truth! This resonated with me so deeply. Thank you :-)

Автор TheLolyDreams (2 месяца)
Those are the words of an admirable woman who decided to acept herself, to
stand up in middle of the world and stop pretending, stop hiding, stop
losing her life. She suffer a lot, but I'm glad that she find a way to be
happy and that she is now sharing her experience with other people. Yeah,
she fall in drugs,in alcohol, but she fixed her life, her mind, her heart,
and that's require a lot of effort, so she's awesome.

Автор Martin Engelbrecht (2 месяца)
Amazing woman to put into words what we all have wrestled with. The truth
will set you free .. living from the inside out.

Автор Sindy Milly (2 месяца)
Thank you Glennon ... for making myself, and I'm sure many others, realize
we are not alone. God Bless

Автор Dustin Ervin (4 месяца)
Sinisbal your an IDOIT! Being gay is not a "condition" you cure. Also you
are a horrible person, your using a forum where people are sharing their
darkness to help shed light to others who need it. An your here LYING first
off an secondly trying to push your "crutch" onto others. Who don't want
it. If we wanted god (little "g" on purpose) no one would come to TED
talks. Oh an one last thing, if you slept with men an think about sleeping
with men an your a man. YOUR GAY! Regardless of your current situation.
Maybe you should spend some time first with your self an second in a
library. You might learn if you opened your eyes that your lying to

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