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Автор Katie Boardman (3 месяца)
I have had enough of hiding
I have had enough of hiding
I am coming out
To tell the story of who I am

There are no rules
And there are no closed doors

Every day
I feel piercing joy
And excruciating pain

I feel lost
And like a traveller without a road

Sometimes I even run away
Or dream up other ways
To escape

And then I feel shame

I feel dirty
Like nothing
Like nothing

I hurt the ones I love
Before they can hurt me

Then the monster inside
Turns in on itself

It is not good
To look in the mirror
At these times
But perhaps it is best

Because there is no point in hiding
There is no point in running
There is nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
So it is time
To show myself

By showing that I am broken
You will be free
To show you are broken too

But my brokenness makes your squirm
At first
Because you are broken too

I think honestly,
What is the point in being alive
If we are not giving
Our whole selves
To this world?

What is the point in hiding
When we can be alive?

What is the point in pretending
When we are all human?
Those who are real
Simply embrace their humanity.

When we show up
As we are
No walls
No masks

We expose the wound
That has been festering
And infected

We give it the air
Of love and acceptance
So it may heal

It is a lonely world that hides
And passes its loneliness
From generation to generation

Let us give each other
The gift of showing
The gift of being you
The gift of being me
And the gift of truly knowing
Who we are

Автор Charlotte Dingle (3 месяца)
You are amazing! I can so identify with the terror. Just wrote a piece
about Borderline Personality Disorder for the Cosmo magazine website and
wanted to hide in bed for a week after it was published. But so glad I did
it - so many shares! Here's to oily, awkward people speaking out in this
messy ol' world ;)

Автор Natasha Klatt (22 дня)
I found that rather than medicate our feelings with drugs, booze & bad
behaviours was to face them head-on & work through them. Then they
dissolve before you & fall to the ground like dust, which the wind blows

Автор karenKristal (3 месяца)
wow, she's a brave, smart, pretty and articulate woman. I share a lot of
her feelings but could never speak in public like that about them.

Автор Ethan Claus (18 часов)
Education About Mental Health

Автор Hanna Busse (3 месяца)
I'm not fine today. (thanks for helping me feel like I had permission to
say that.)

Автор Ethan Claus (18 часов)
Education About Mental Health

Автор Brittany Landers (3 месяца)
I think this is a beautiul, honest, raw message. It really touched me. I
feel a lot of these things- particularly wearing the capes, hiding,
pretending etc.- although not due to addiction but due to anxiety and a
feeling of needing to run away from the mess of life.

Автор Lauren Hayes (16 дней)
I wish when people ask "How are you?"... that they really wanted to hear
the truth.

Автор SeekTheTruth10004 (12 дней)
*More countries are getting nuclear and biological weapons. They will start
being used if the truth is not seen soon. We have a choice: life or death.
→ Read The Present at TruthContest◘Com and make your choice.*

Автор Tom G (2 месяца)
"People think of us addicts as insensitive liars. But we don't start out
that way. We start out as extremely sensitive truth tellers."
I think that is a really true statement.......2:52-3:55 is really good for
friends and family members of struggling people to hear. 

Автор ringo starr (4 месяца)
*There are many books about what is true, but this is the first that just
says what the evidence says is true, nothing more, nothing less: "The
Present" at TruthContest◙Com*

Автор LeAnn Cortez (4 дня)
"Feeling! The feelings...easier said than done when the depression get
going..feeling that if I go one microthought deeper in that I will fly into
a billion tiny shards. All I can do is hang on for the ride and not use..I
get so tired of feeling tired, old, crippled, my house a cave a prison and
a refuge.
I enjoyed your talk, I feel the truth in it. Thank you for sharing a bit of

Автор Kim Sisto Robinson (1 месяц)
your raw honesty gives us permission to tell our stories, too. Love your

Автор gyasi sutton (13 дней)
Beautiful Speech

Автор oblio blivion (13 дней)
This is a genuine testimonial that tracks with me more than I care to
admit. Husband and child are really profound here because I think she has
an understanding of a miracle to be nurtured and coveted.

Автор vaibhav patil (2 месяца)
i m oily too

Автор Luis Ibanez (2 дня)

Автор Michelle Ferguson (6 месяцев)
This is the reason I enjoy being a therapist in an inpatient psychiatric
unit, is because people are real - the masks are down.

Автор Diane Seabury (2 месяца)
Powerful. Really worth 17 minutes of your day!

Lessons from the Mental Hospital | Glennon Doyle Melton | TEDxTraverseCity:

Автор La Cacahuette (2 дня)
this made me cry so much! have been feeling like i don't fit with the
society since i was 6 and i met multiple professionnals who can't help me
overcome these deliria crisis..

Автор NAMI North Carolina (16 дней)
In this TED Talk, Glennon Doyle Melton, author of the New York Times
Bestseller, CARRY ON, WARRIOR, speaks about her struggles with mental
health. Here she unleashes her wit, courage and irreverence to call us to
accept ourselves exactly as we are today, but also inspires us to live
bolder, more meaningful lives for others. https://youtu.be/NHHPNMIK-fY
#mentalhealthmonth #NWHW

Автор hondajacka2 (2 месяца)
So good. Made me realized why I do what I do.

Автор FemininEm (26 дней)
We all have our fair share of problems, ALL OF US. Some are easily seen and
some are easily hidden. The funny part about problems is that usually
everyone else is so concerned about their own problems that they can't even
see yours. Don't take those problems out on JUST others or JUST yourself...
meaning that you deserve enough help from both others and yourself to be
okay and make it. If you need help, then don't NOT get help (sorry for the
double negative statement - it was for emphasis). This lady's right... Just
showing face does a LOT. It's like a participation grade. It's okay, I too
have had anxiety for a looong time and it wasn't till two years ago that I
finally got help for it. "WE'RE NOT BROKEN". When you take care of
yourself, your life falls into place.

Автор Sick Maths (1 месяц)
Wow, thank you so much. I've been through hell and back and through my
private conversations with so many "normal, successful" people, I know you
are one of crazy messed up people. The west is particularly confused,
because we have been so out of touch with truth and nature. The only way
out is painful humility. And it will get better. If you're in touch with
your natural self you will be confident, relaxed but it will take a few
years to "thaw out" as Glennon explained. I live in the middle east, in
Jordan, having moved from London a few months ago. People here keep it real
because they have kept (kind of) what people in the west hate... guess what
that is?

Автор Sam Hudson (5 дней)
Incredibly brave and insightful. well done!

Автор Hector L. Campos (28 дней)
MENTAL HEALTH & RECOVERY: Glennon unleashes her wit, courage and
irreverence to call us to accept ourselves exactly as we are today, but
also incidentally inspires us to live bolder, more meaningful lives for
others. https://youtu.be/NHHPNMIK-fY – Glennon is a speaker and regular
contributor to Huffington Post and other publications. CARRY ON, WARRIOR
and Glennon's philanthropic work have been featured on The TODAY Show, The
Talk, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents Magazine, and American Baby, among
other television and print outlets. She lives in Naples, Florida with her
family. – TED Talk.

Автор Central Wyoming Counseling Center (3 дня)
No matter how many times I see this video, I am always impressed at her
strength & courage! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHHPNMIK-fY Oh, & it's
a TEDTalks, so how can you go wrong?...

Автор razorvol (11 дней)
No More of a LIE called life I am sick and tired of of its cruelty I hereby

Автор Emilie Unkrich (6 дней)
So Grateful to have found this.

Автор S.J. Becker (29 дней)

Автор Shane Cadden (3 месяца)
Braver to be Clark Kent than Superman. "I'm sort of a shame researcher

Автор Counseling by Katherine: Katherine Fabrizio M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor (1 месяц)
This woman cut to the core of what it means to be imperfectly human. It's
messy and terrifying sometimes but WOW is it worth it. Here's to healing!

Автор Andrew Stallard (11 дней)
I wonder if Ms. Menton has any opinions on the ritualized, petty
humiliations mental health staff inflict upon patients. Was she able to
express authentic feelings about these during her stay in the mental
hospital? I don't know what her experience was but the only feelings that
were allowed when I was a ward of the psychiatric establishment were
"appropriate" ones. Does she consider having to bow and scrape before staff
members for "privileges" an environment that makes sense? Privileges that
come, ultimately, from doing as you are told like and being cheerful about
it like a '"good" five-year old in a kindergarten class. No offense but as
someone who experienced no small amount of dehumanization at the hands of
the therapy guild she seems like a mouthpiece for them.

I've seen folks being who they actually are, warts and all, in bars where
there are no authority figures to tell you what is "appropriate" or not.
I've never seen that in the context of the mental health system where anger
is forbidden and tears are contrived, that is, to be shed only for
"appropriate" reasons.

Автор Subhendu Nath (19 дней)

Автор Jing Liu (3 месяца)
I'm not a super hero, I'm not perfect, but I am a full human-being.

Автор Zahara Martinez (7 дней)
This video just made me want to be there.

Автор J0W3x (2 дня)
I *needed* that.
Thank you.

Автор EmzaO (6 дней)
Those closing statements are what I truly believe. We don't need anymore

Автор Gilbert1776 (2 месяца)
Thank you for bravely helping to carve just a little more space in the
world for us all to just be real and human. There is precious little, so
afraid are people of the pain and uncontrollable things of real life.
Anesthetize and mask the brutal, and you dull and extinguish the beautiful,
too. They come together.

Автор terry haggerty (22 дня)
Very well said.Impressive.The truth is the truth, and if people understand
why, rather than judging the result of things, then maybe we can really
move forward instead of being stuck. Great job you.

Автор Tim Flagler (11 дней)
Great message and messenger. Some of us are seemingly less designed to
appreciate the facade or cape that society projects and our ego innitially
accepts as truth. Our soul or heart fights back and true honesty takes
place first with self, than with others. The truth will truely set you

Автор Howard Koor (23 дня)
Brave and beautiful talk..

Автор Sunshine Sounds of Joy (1 месяц)

Автор Salma Sabry (8 дней)
"I am not broken."
What a brave and beautiful woman.

Автор Audrey Nelson (1 месяц)
"i don't have to fix it, coz i'm not broken"

simply inspirational!!

Автор lesbia ocampo (25 дней)

Автор Vincent Romano (1 месяц)
This is beautiful! Wow...

Автор BOOMERANGULA (1 месяц)
Dilwong..you're stupid!

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