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Glennon Doyle Melton is the author of the New York Times Bestseller, CARRY ON, WARRIOR, founder of http://www.momastery.com, and creator of http://www.monkeeseemonkeedo.org. Glennon believes that life is equal parts beautiful and brutal, and writes about the "brutiful" she finds in marriage, motherhood, faith, addiction and recovery. Glennon unleashes her wit, courage and irreverence to call us to accept ourselves exactly as we are today, but also incidentally inspires us to live bolder, more meaningful lives for others. Glennon is a speaker and regular contributor to Huffington Post and other publications. CARRY ON, WARRIOR and Glennon's philanthropic work have been featured on The TODAY Show, The Talk, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents Magazine, and American Baby, among other television and print outlets. She lives in Naples, Florida with her family.

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Автор susan Harrison ( назад)
:) a the generation on, it made a difference

Автор Samuel Brown ( назад)

Автор Amie Russ ( назад)
Amazing how a complete stranger can tell your same story.

Автор contrafax ( назад)
"I did not want to deal with the discomfort and messiness of being a human being."

Автор Rissa Joy ( назад)
I love this!! such a beautiful message & speaker

Zephaniah 3:17

Автор hann j. michaels ( назад)
a true inspiration. she threw up everyday for 18 years.

Автор Anabiel ( назад)
My capes are smile, laugh, small talks, touching others. But I hate doing that. I learnt it. I am still unconfortable doing that. It's unatural. And I am so amazed when I see others doing these, because I know mine are fake and others not. I hate that society think girls need to do that and love it. There is no such thing that I hate as gossiping, telling "you are my bestfriend", crying in front of others, revealing emotions. I love to argue, to challenge myself and others, to just think in my head even when I am with others, to just be alone because I just don't found myself boring (You do? You hang with others because you found yourself boring? I don't...) and, Capes are kinda hard to wear, it's why I can't be with others too much long... And you? What are your capes?

Автор sarah Anderson ( назад)
Wow! I understand everything she is saying and can relate ... Tremendously. Bless this woman!!!! Amazing talk!

Автор Psychic and Medium, Jane Voneman-DuPerow ( назад)
Thanks for this video. Makes me think!

Автор Amanda Saunders ( назад)
Thank God for her, her words, and her story. Honestly, thank God.

Автор Michele Flory ( назад)
It is amazing to hear someone say exactly how I feel everyday , and express it and stand there so brave . I love these ted pod casts

Автор Nikki Nikki ( назад)
yes!!! Sensitive YES!

Автор Nikki Nikki ( назад)
Thank you for your testimony!

Автор GonG108 ( назад)
if there is a place called Hell i am 100% sure it is filled up with psychiatry workers and doctors , since i made my experience with such places i have nightmares and i don´t know what would have been better for me , to stay at home and get along with my problems or to expose me to professional sadists and perverted staff of ( german ) psychiatries with third reich laws for mental sick ppl .
But their sick and ugly Karma will get them all , payday will come

Автор reeta skeeter ( назад)
It resonated with me so much when she said we were born to make the unknown known even if we conciously feel we must hide it. I was a young anorexic girl and deep down I felt as if it was a relflection of how I felt inside like i was starving to death. I felt others wanted me to be a machine perfect and mature and thin and pretty. On the outside I tried to fit this mold in every way When I realized it was killing me I didnt even care. I felt that it was a message I needed to send to the world, I wanted to die or atleast I was at peace with the idea of it. I also wanted so badly for someone to stop me and tell me I don't have to do this. I dont have to starve or be skinny noone did notice not even my mother until I was 90 pounds and 5"7. I was almost dead and was only aware that I was doing everything perfectly everyday. Eating the right amount of calories getting good grades and cheerleading. As long as I kept doing this same thing every day I would be safeeven if it was slowly killing me- If this is what was right, and it was according to those around me, then being dead would be a relief.

Автор Kayla Dupuis ( назад)
I really wish my inpatient experiences were as decent as hers. All I seemed to learn is take at least 2 medications at a time and don't ask questions...

Автор Melissa Kettunen ( назад)
There are tears in my eyes listening to this talk. I work in a behavior health facility. Just to hear about one person's positive experience takes away all my misgivings with my chosen profession. Hope and grace to all those who struggle. We care.

Автор Ron Don ( назад)
I spent time in mental hospital. It was ok. Life sucks I still want to die but I might not kill myself

Автор Sarah Forrest ( назад)
👏 Incredibly powerful and brave to share your story and to share the story of our human vulnerability. The mental hospital sounds amazing! Art, music, writing and dance are all therapeutic avenues and incredibly valuable in many ways but especially for self expression. I loved listening to your story and expression. THANK YOU!

Автор Tonia Parker ( назад)
AMEN!!👊👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you for caring & sharing your youtube video😊

Автор Paul Falchetta ( назад)
Telling the truth is risky, because you might find out the truth of the ones you tell your truth to is that they are uncaring jerks.

Автор Bobhan Bobell ( назад)
Love Glennon!

Автор Kathy Bramley ( назад)
I loved this. But I am also wondering what oily means and the significance. (edit additional info on thoughts: it seems like more than I could get from a quick dictionary definition). It's upsetting (edit - it is a temporary consumption of the mind, it's not necessarily a creep thing), upsetting me _with_ her that I don't understand. (There's a relatively selfish "with me" thing as well. But I am imagining without effort the affecting impressionistic trailer for a story I want to hear) I am not always good with language even though I have a larger than average vocabulary, that's one reason I think I possibly have Aspergers even though two psychiatrists disagreed and wouldn't refer me, so that's a big personal anxiety and emotional knot but in the distance so relatively muted and small here to the other parts. And I am afraid this is too intrusive and weird and possibly consequential in ways that I can't predict and I am being reckless and unsympathetic. But people often do seem to leak their truths, the ones that mean something, by repetition and undertows, and everybody else is selectively deaf and seems to strategically tune it out. Except for The Mentalist and mentalism that is manipulative, and I don't want to be a mentalist. And I am scared of the reactions and my reactions to other people - it's like constantly listening to other people's -64- _36_ questions (that might make you fall in love - see Guardian articles etc). So it's like I am flirting, perhaps more, Machiavellian or an amateur shrink, analysing people as if engaging in over weening psychiatry and psychology that is scary and triggers ordinary fear ordinarily. People don't like being pried into, having their capes taken off or lifted up. It doesn't work that way - Superman decides on the transformation. And this brings up feminist identity and ideas about consent, and when and I find newer writing about when and if we demand emotional labour from people really difficult, as I see the need for connection, availability, the fact I find it hard to help myself wanting emotional connection and not having the same polite filters as everybody else. But I also see the need for control, safety; a matter of arranging, each time we connect, an interface with a personality within spaces that are a good fit, sociably and conscientiously and practically, having a good impact; win-win.
But I also find myself with a problem with actively responding to this leaking information, because I have difficulty filtering and controlling my responses and nobody talks about it or seems to want to talk about it, or even knows what I mean. And there's no one answer, like all consent, there's a reason for the question and you have to seek for a answer. And perhaps seeking that answer makes me vulnerable.

I hope it's not too big a deal. And my cognitive stuff, I've forgotten your name when I should use it. (...Glennon Doyle Melton! editing in.) But if it's OK, I'm interested in what oily means. I noticed you said it a lot. And I enjoyed the talk and found it meaningful. And it gave me the opportunity to have these feelings and explorations in mind and writing, although I hope that's OK. So. Thank you.

Автор reen ( назад)
Brilliant ! Girl you deserve much more than a applause. Courage, humor, honestly and many more virtues reflected in your talk . God Bless !

Автор Ella Mary ( назад)
I feel like crying.. this is so true.

Автор sharon reid ( назад)

Автор Scarlett WhispererASMR ( назад)
Very good..I loved listening to this speech.

Автор lady3lovewhite ( назад)
great greart very hepful very useful very painful real needed video thanks sooo much it is the most helpful one

Автор Will Cunningham ( назад)
I'm kind of in my own mental house :/

Автор Lanna's Missing Link ( назад)
This was amazing! I'm pretty surprised at myself; I've never cried watching a Ted talk, but wow! Truly inspired

Автор SerenaToxicat ( назад)
This is one of the best!

Автор sue salmela ( назад)
Glennon did such a wonderful job on this ted talk. She is a beautiful person!

Автор shalev ku ( назад)
wow, made me cry so long, at the part that she said to feel the guiy feelings..brilliant

Автор Rachel Froehlich ( назад)
She makes a mental hospital sound really appealing. It seems like it teaches you how to be a human and I kind of want to go.

Автор E D ( назад)
I am not fine today...and I'm so glad I found your video to be able to say this.

Автор ABDUL BASIT ( назад)
"refusing to run from the exits is the only way to become a real human being" same was felt
I fought the same circumstances

Автор ABDUL BASIT ( назад)
I had the same sensation last year

Автор ybunnygurl ( назад)
I'm so with her. I'm sensitive, and I decided to be sensitive in a world that doesn't always want to hear it, but if you ask if I'm ok and I'm not, I will tell you I'm not ok.

Автор lexi stein ( назад)
God, this is beautiful

Автор Cora Fitz ( назад)
Wow one of the best Ted talks I have heard, thank you Glennon, your talk made a difference to how i feel about myself today. Your story resonated and I heard it and I loved your Ted Talk, awesome job.

Автор Patricia Maire ( назад)
retract your fangs there Sara Delaney........she didn't make this for you to judge her.....😉

Автор Nutty Nutt ( назад)

Автор Khayla Williams ( назад)
actually I'm not fine, difference is I don't have a cape

Автор I Dislike the new Youtube ( назад)
I would like to see your ass cheeks clap together.

Автор Melody Neibert ( назад)
I show my feelings always and what I have found is that people are uncomfortable, think I need mental help, I have been acused of being emotionally unstable etc.... I beleive that tears are just tears, they don't hurt and sometimes even help. why are people who have feelings and show them considered not normal?why do others feel so uncomfortable when someone cries? why don't we try to comfort strangers when they cry?why are sensitive people perceived as weak?

Автор Jack Marchione ( назад)
Beautiful message.  Thank you!

Автор mymcy trust ( назад)
oh my word! the way she described herself in the beginning as an 8 year old kid is so accurate of how I feel facing the real world for most days.

Автор Alina Oetken ( назад)
I could never put my struggle into words but as she started talking I felt like she was telling my story! thank you so much!!!

Автор AngieR Crawley ( назад)
OMG favorited! What a beautiful and honest spirit this woman has! I love her transparency, empathy, and realness. This type of care is missing in this world; our schools, families, even doctor's offices and churches.

Автор Ness P ( назад)
"If you're still alive, you're still in light." I adore that.

Автор Lauryn Olivia ( назад)
Best. Ted. Talk. Ever.

Автор Kimberly Bass ( назад)
thank you for the courage to tell the truth people don't want to hear. I have never related to another as I did you. disarming and compelling

Автор Naee Brooks ( назад)
"An understanding washed over me even in my state even lying on the floor someone out there as deemed me worth to a very very important event"

Автор Naee Brooks ( назад)
Praise God! This women is the living word, the truth Jesus Christ has showed her his light and now she stands before us all today, strong, confident and beautiful. All of her sins and enemies, "caps" all washed away with the blood of Jesus Christ. I can relate to this women although she has definitely seen more and worse than me but we were both changed in the light of Christ and we both were able to take off our "caps". Amazing life

Автор Naee Brooks ( назад)
"Everyone is worthy, just because they exist"

Автор TJ Cotton ( назад)
Awesome video. Thank you.

Автор Sarah Bumblebee ( назад)
this helped me on a gloomy day. Thanks ;-)

Автор AssaultedPeanutt ( назад)
totally off topic and useless, but her outfit is too cute on her 😊

Автор PavlovsBitch ( назад)
Gosh, a far cry from Britain's methodology for 'dealing with' people in crises....... poisonous medications, no human rights, patronised demoralised and regimented.

Автор Jacqueline Woo ( назад)
ty. i am missing my meeting tonight b/c of weather. this helps. i'm trying. always trying. and always still feeling way the fucked up. pretty normal for our type. doesn't make it easier tho.

Автор Specialist Snowflake ( назад)
I got labeled emo by my bfs family. They're bullies with no empathy so they don't bother me anymore.

Автор ii ii ( назад)
Going to mental hospitals has changed my life..

Автор Claire Frey ( назад)
Her talking about the sun coming up made me think of guns for hands by twenty one pilots

Автор Gibby Vogel ( назад)
This video is impactful because Glennon has her own life story about her binging and purging and she is able to speak for this disorder. Glennon has a very unique way to explain who she was before she began binging and purging. She states that she began binging and purging when she was 8 years old. She continued until she was 18 years old and she asked for help. It amazed me that her lecture is all of her story and she learned all of these lessons from her admittance to the mental hospital. Many people think that mental hospitals are not useful for others and that they cannot teach lifelong lessons. Glennon proves that lessons can be taught from a mental hospital and that they are life changing. She explains that everyone needs to stop pretending and just be themselves. It is amazing to me that she is willing to speak about her past and what she has learned from the mental hospital. I enjoy that she speaks about how people need to talk about their feelings and that people are too afraid to show them. I believe that if everyone was honest in our society that it would be very different overall. Glennon shows that mental hospitals do help some patients and that they are able to function in later life.

Автор Maggie Mahmond ( назад)
i end up a few times too in a mental hospital due to selfharming, i cut since i was 9 and i know it sucks but please dont be mean ( i got abused when i was little by my natural family unttil they took me away and i was raised by ugly insitutions for orfans until someone adopted me) and well i just wanna say i love ur talk , first cause i ve never told anyone about my story and watching someone as u so brave telling everyone inspired me a lot so thats all Thanks ;)

Автор Ernie Shaw ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Douglas S ( назад)
i found this deeply moving and brave.

Автор Diana Loginova ( назад)
Look the door was broken down and i was not in this flat!! I found out that there have been some news and shoe templates for clarkes had gone and I came owerwhellmed with a berievment knowing I will never see my family again. And realised that guns can also be recycled into sewing machines. Not art a prioraty?

Автор Diana Loginova ( назад)

Автор Diana Loginova ( назад)
Take whatever I tell you to take and bleed your guts out untill you grow beard and are unable to have children. All just because of Anthony Cullerton GB case of two separated twins a man and a woman. One was forced to take male hormones other was forced to take female. Im a woman in not transgender!!

Автор propertyofranger ( назад)
"Life is beautiful, and life is brutal. Life is brutiful."

Truer words were never spoken.

Автор SeinoPie Gracia ( назад)
When I was young, I used to express myself without a care. I think at the time, I wan't aware of how "strange" it was to speak what you felt. I just said what I thought, and I was hated so much back in middle school. I gradually became afraid of speaking my mind, to the point of I just stopped talking about me altogether.

Now if someone asks me how I feel, I would just say "Well, I don't really know. How about you?". I'm trying to change, but it's hard when your defense becomes a habit. That's why this talk, and other inspirational talks as well, helps me so much.

Автор Julie King ( назад)
Started to cry at 2 min in

Автор Hannah Rodgers ( назад)
Thank you so much.

Автор InnaAllStar ( назад)

Автор Timothy Franke ( назад)
This sounds to me like a essay on why medications ruin lives.

Автор Robot that is taking your job ( назад)
This was dumb. Moving on now.

Автор James Burns ( назад)
"Be KIND, for every one is fighting a large battle!"....Dr. D. Chopra

Автор Aha! Revival ( назад)
A classic spark that has caught fire and is burning brightly in all of her work. Her unending courage is deeply admired.

Автор Nadia S ranganathan ( назад)
liked this video in the first minute.....beautifully honest!

Автор CodeDarkBlue ( назад)
Why do I always seem to get stuck with the apathetic staff and shitty facilities while you guys talk about your caring nurses and strong friendships and actually being *helped* in a lasting way ?

Автор Paula Sarvas ( назад)
I really appreciate how Glennon has been able to put words to what are very common experiences for a lot of young women. With both humor and humility she painted a very clear picture of both her struggle and her triumph .. thanks for that, Glennon!

Автор marla singer ( назад)
Uh-oh... "...Snarkiness and apathy...". She's got my number. :/

Автор marla singer ( назад)
I bet that alcoholism helped her throw up a lot.

Автор Mandy West Hanks ( назад)
Glennon, what a beautiful talk. You were so brave to share your experiences. I read the following verses today and it reminded me of your words. Romans 13:12-14 "The night is far spent, the day is at hand; let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering, and wantoness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. (King James version of the Holy Bible)

Автор ForViewingOnly ( назад)
One of my favourite TED talks ever.
Suppressing feelings for too long leads to numbness and apathy. Far far better to feel the discomfort than feel nothing.

Автор Amie S ( назад)
damn, what mental hospital did she go to? it sounds amazing

Автор cashew.carla ( назад)
Wow. Incredible.

Автор I Can ( назад)
loved this soo much!! you are a superhero!! definitely my hero!

Автор Sapient ( назад)
I like her message, I just can't stand her voice

Автор Madie Teltow ( назад)
This shows not only to be open to mental patients but to all patients. Every patient is going through something different and need to be shown that that is okay. Also, the hospital is there to help you. In mental hospitals, patients shouldn't be scared to talk or share their story. The staff is there to help you and be with you through that difficult time or for whenever you need them. I like that her hospital had everyone hold hands and no one was left alone. This is how it should be out of the hospital too. Everyone needs to stop being so judgmental and take a step back and realize that everyone is going through something different. Glennon shares that it will get worse before it gets better. All those feelings will become present but you get through it and everyone will become better. Yes life is really hard, but you can do those hard things. Sometimes its okay to say today is a bad day and today I'm not fine but the next day is a new day. You can go everyday hiding and feeling low or you can go out into the light and live your life to the fullest.

Автор Adam O'Neil ( назад)
This is super true. Being in and out of hospitals. They cover everything and anything. Not like the movies.. but generally they say no touching.

Автор mamaloef ( назад)
I'm 59 years old and it's taken all this time for me to finally accept that I have problems I've found that it's important for me to sit with the truth, accept it, not run away because of the pain. There is indeed pain, but I will learn from it and get well and take steps forward when I accept and live in this very moment, even when it hurts.

Автор Chrissy S ( назад)
this was everything for me right now

Автор Something Orother ( назад)
fucking gay bullshit

Автор Fanis93 ( назад)
We all should go to a mental hospital, there's nothing wrong with that, the only wrong is the name of it.

Автор KIRAN TP ( назад)
great message.. i pray all our little ones find someone to share their big fears and insecurities in their small world so that they wont end up in such a complicated mindsets and conclusions.

Автор Donna Davies ( назад)
This makes sense . x

Автор Joanna Badillo ( назад)
Great job!
I wish it was more social acceptable to say "I'm not okay". So many people judge those who aren't afraid to share their feeling, and it ends up making everyone hid under those capes even more. We should be allowed to say "i'm not okay" and that be okay.

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