Lessons from the Mental Hospital | Glennon Doyle Melton | TEDxTraverseCity

Glennon Doyle Melton is the author of the New York Times Bestseller, CARRY ON, WARRIOR, founder of http://www.momastery.com, and creator of http://www.monkeeseemonkeedo.org. Glennon believes that life is equal parts beautiful and brutal, and writes about the "brutiful" she finds in marriage, motherhood, faith, addiction and recovery. Glennon unleashes her wit, courage and irreverence to call us to accept ourselves exactly as we are today, but also incidentally inspires us to live bolder, more meaningful lives for others. Glennon is a speaker and regular contributor to Huffington Post and other publications. CARRY ON, WARRIOR and Glennon's philanthropic work have been featured on The TODAY Show, The Talk, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents Magazine, and American Baby, among other television and print outlets. She lives in Naples, Florida with her family.

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Автор Dilwong (3 месяца)
"All I ever needed to know, I learned in the mental hospital."

This is about the tenth TT I've listened to that is utterly worthless. 

Автор Michelle Ferguson (3 месяца)
This is the reason I enjoy being a therapist in an inpatient psychiatric
unit, is because people are real - the masks are down.

Автор ringo starr (1 месяц)
*There are many books about what is true, but this is the first that just
says what the evidence says is true, nothing more, nothing less: "The
Present" at TruthContest◙Com*

Автор Brittany Landers (9 дней)
I think this is a beautiul, honest, raw message. It really touched me. I
feel a lot of these things- particularly wearing the capes, hiding,
pretending etc.- although not due to addiction but due to anxiety and a
feeling of needing to run away from the mess of life.

Автор MetrazolElectricity (2 месяца)
"The only person who you need to be truthful to is yourself or to God" -
Bob Dylan

Автор stevo728822 (3 месяца)
All she is describing is how she copied behaviour in the world she
experienced. She saw people get drunk, stay thin, eat too much, take drugs
and copied them. Then she got pregnant and copied the rules for motherhood
shown to her. Half of her behaviour has been copied from television and

Автор Priscilla Indrayadi (2 месяца)
My cape is perfectionism, and being the happy, funny girl all the time.
What I am is the exact opposite, I'm not perfect; but sometimes I want to
be perfect so much it reflects on the actions that I do. My cape is
suffocating me.

Автор Shane Milam (3 месяца)
Thank you for this

Автор rubymimosa (3 месяца)
What a beautiful person in every way. Bravo!
Spider Robinson wrote along the same theme when he said that we have
created a world where we are losing the very sensitive and creative to
heroine [addiction] in their desperation to deaden the pain.
Sensitivity needs to be celebrated and empowered because it is through
removing feeling helpless that the power of sensitivity can be fully

Автор humanyoda (2 дня)
Letting herself feel her feelings is essential for improving. However, she
could've gotten further and faster with desensitizing methods such as EFT,
Sedona Method, etc. She'd probably need a facilitator to lead her through
the process effectively.

Автор karenKristal (8 дней)
wow, she's a brave, smart, pretty and articulate woman. I share a lot of
her feelings but could never speak in public like that about them.

Автор Sarina Lee (8 дней)
Share my review here:

If you keep your experience simple, you won't face any mental mess.
But if you want to be enlightened in life. You must come out from your own
shell, and experience the messy world. There are risks in that.
Some strong ones went through the whole thing, awakening, successfully hold
a well balanced heart and mind. They elevated consciousness from their
journey. Reach to true happiness.
However, there are many people who failed on that journey, they got
overwhelmed by all the complexity, they fail to balance their mind and
That's the mental issues we talk about.
Mental disease is not far from us.
We all fight for mental pressure from time to time in our life, but the
weak/sensitive one has made it to clinic level.

If you happen to meet a bad person, forgive them, just think them as a
vulnerable sick person who needs compassion and support.
Welcome to the Thunderdome! Be graceful!

Автор Hanna Busse (27 дней)
I'm not fine today. (thanks for helping me feel like I had permission to
say that.)

Автор Katie Boardman (8 дней)
I have had enough of hiding
I have had enough of hiding
I am coming out
To tell the story of who I am

There are no rules
And there are no closed doors

Every day
I feel piercing joy
And excruciating pain

I feel lost
And like a traveller without a road

Sometimes I even run away
Or dream up other ways
To escape

And then I feel shame

I feel dirty
Like nothing
Like nothing

I hurt the ones I love
Before they can hurt me

Then the monster inside
Turns in on itself

It is not good
To look in the mirror
At these times
But perhaps it is best

Because there is no point in hiding
There is no point in running
There is nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
So it is time
To show myself

By showing that I am broken
You will be free
To show you are broken too

But my brokenness makes your squirm
At first
Because you are broken too

I think honestly,
What is the point in being alive
If we are not giving
Our whole selves
To this world?

What is the point in hiding
When we can be alive?

What is the point in pretending
When we are all human?
Those who are real
Simply embrace their humanity.

When we show up
As we are
No walls
No masks

We expose the wound
That has been festering
And infected

We give it the air
Of love and acceptance
So it may heal

It is a lonely world that hides
And passes its loneliness
From generation to generation

Let us give each other
The gift of showing
The gift of being you
The gift of being me
And the gift of truly knowing
Who we are

Автор Shannon Foley (2 месяца)
Glennon Doyle Melton, if you ever see this comment, you are very wise and I
admire that. Keep going!

Автор Chris Ii (3 месяца)
to be honest, I'd say it's school that did that to her. After school is
when she felt better about expressing. She says she got better, as if she
improved on a skill of courage. However, she just is in a better
environment now. Anything is better than high school environment. What I am
taking from this is be good at finding a good environment where you can
open up freely

Автор Paula Nowak (3 месяца)
A lovely delivery of her talk. She's real. Really grabbed my attention
from the moment she started.

Автор Bruce Finnie (19 дней)
OMG This woman really knows what she's talking about. Brilliant video.

Автор Kevin Bridges (6 месяцев)
Good talk and I think it's important and valuable to be honest and open
about our true feelings. However, I struggled a bit with the concept of
"feelings are guides to tell me the next right thing." I think feelings
cannot be trusted as "guides to tell me the next right thing." Example: I
get paid this Friday. I really want and feel strongly that I should
purchase a giant flat screen TV. My wants/desires/feelings guide me to do
just that. Now I don't have the money I need to take care of my kids or pay
all the bills. I know this example may be cheesy, but feelings have a place
in making the "right" decision, but are not as of central importance that
she gives them. Plus, this phrase, "The next right thing" I have heard her
use a lot and it is based not on a moral standard or ethical standard, but
solely on one's personal feelings as a guide. Feelings can betray us and we
should use them cautiously as "guides!"

Автор Natalie S (3 месяца)
"It's braver to be Clark Kent than it is to be Superman. Carry on, warrior.
We don't need any more superheroes, we just need awkward, oily, honest
human beings out in the bright, big, messy world. And I will see you
there." This will stick with me forever.

Автор Joydivider1 (5 дней)
An excellent and very moving talk! I like people who express their feelings
in this way and as well as this.

Well done you, because you get to the root of what its all about. The
way our institutions are set up its often hard to feel as though you
belong. Social engineering but thats for another time.
I can relate to the anxiety and the capes which everyone wears to some

"I tried living in the real world instead of a shell. But before I
began......... I was bored before I even began" :)

Автор Cath (1 месяц)
I've never related to someone so much. Such a great talk.

Автор Molly Edwards (8 дней)
She lost me at, "...someone, out there, had deemed ME worthy of an
invitation to a very, very important event." She just got done saying that
what she learned in the mental hospital was that everyone counted and was
special and now she is discounting those women who may struggle having
children as unworthy. She may not have meant it this way but it is worth
noting that this is how it was presented. 

Автор Charlotte Dingle (19 дней)
You are amazing! I can so identify with the terror. Just wrote a piece
about Borderline Personality Disorder for the Cosmo magazine website and
wanted to hide in bed for a week after it was published. But so glad I did
it - so many shares! Here's to oily, awkward people speaking out in this
messy ol' world ;)

Автор debbiewasshername (19 дней)
this ex badgirl tells us how to live bs is entertaining. In real life, this
was a little twerp who grew up late and is telling the world of her
revalations lol!! what a funny vid

Автор Cheo Alvarez (29 дней)
So relatable , I've been hospitalized 3x for manic episodes related to my
bipolar. Each time has been more and more cathartic until this last episode
felt equivalent to "a spiritual rebirth" as I changed my worldview, lifted
my head out of the gutter, and chose to rise up to the heavens. Instead of
imagining my neighbor was out to take what is mine, and I his, I began to
view him as my great Collaborator in this Game of Life. We are all
dependent on each other for survival. Let's start taking off the armor of
our egos and start being genuine. Thank you for your vulnerability Glennon

Автор Sinisbal (7 месяцев)
I too was overly sensitive when I was a kid. Mostly due to unstable home I
started to worry and think too much and developed insecurities. This led me
to homosexuality and I became gay- for years trying to find a comfort and
acceptance by being "special" to another man. Years of wrong living took
their toll and it all became too much. And just as this woman said-
starting to talk about all of it and coming out of the closet for me was
the beginning of the healing process. However, the visits to the
psychiatrist showed me that the only one who can really help me was God.
And He did. I was healed of homosexuality, fears and anxieties by Jesus
And she said it well: our feelings are our guides. I learned that they show
me where I am in my head. They are not final and they don't prove anything
-gay feelings do NOT prove someone is gay. They simply point out to what
the person thinks about most of the time. And that can be changed.
Our God is awesome- His LOVE heals.

Автор Kimberly Anderson (16 дней)
Mh issues to this day is still a stigma...so much so people have
difficulties getting jobs. If your a drug addict or a drugs our society has
numerous problems...even finding jobd for you when you can..any other mh
problems for get it. This is a black n white issue. The sysyem is flawed
...even to the point of changing names of diagnoses like chronic fatagie
sysyem...and why is that....reallly

Автор jamestang83 . (7 месяцев)
When she said she was an alcoholic drug addict was when I turned it off.
I can now only picture her high on coke under a hairy sweaty over weight
man going balls deep in a hotel room.
It could have been interesting but I cant sit here picturing that for 17

Автор Jim Beattie (2 месяца)
Yes, good old mental hospitals. I spent some time in one of those and it
was very liberating. After that I didn't become gay, but instead made it
my life's work to chase after women. I spent most of my time doing that,
or else going fishing. Both of my parents disappeared when I was 14, and
so I just raised myself and the three dogs we had at the time. Our house
was quite isolated, so no one new I was alone. I didn't know what happened
to my parents. I still don't. Maybe they were abducted by space aliens or
something. But I still ended up getting married. I would go to bars but
wouldn't drink alcohol. I would have virgin drinks but still get into
terrible rows with guys and the cops would show up, etc. Now I'm an old
man, but I still get into fist fights, just not as many, and I'm divorced
with three dogs and a large tortoise.
So, nice video Glennon. You worried for nothing because you did a fine
job. You do not look at all "Oily". I can't see that. You like clean and
pretty and vibrant. You look healthy and strong, and able to kick the shit
out of the Dilong asshole who wrote below that your video wasn't good. I'm
telling you, he's a total shitforbrains dirtball with no more intellect
than an unborn hamster. May he be brutally murdered by a former mental
patient on crack.

Автор Leota25 (10 дней)
This presentation has so many profound awesome quotes and statements I lost
count. awesome. <3 and very inspirational.

Автор Saidy Cedano (12 дней)
You reading this, you are an amazing person and you are the best that you
can be. Stay strong. you can get through anything. You will be so proud of
yourself when you do. Somebody cares, I care. Sending love your way :) 

Автор princepeterwolf (27 дней)
Absolutely brilliant speech

Автор gangstaberry2496 (2 месяца)
Every minute was amazing, Glennon!! Thank you so much for sharing your
story :) You are so brave!

Автор Danielle (25 дней)
My sister is a drug addict. I used to judge her but after listening to
this, I realize I'm an addict too. Just not to something illegal. I wonder
why its so hard to just be vulnerable. 

Автор Michelle Lindsted (9 дней)
I love you <3 You are so awesome and you have thought me so much just in a
few minutes. Thank you. 

Автор Kellsey O'Hagan (16 дней)
Brave incredible woman. How precious and real you are.

Автор Elizabeth Vance (1 день)
Lisa Wallace...who brought you up? 

Автор Brenda B (3 месяца)
This is a very brave woman!

Автор ROSïE HENSHAW (1 месяц)
Thanks for your honesty and truth x

Автор Mark Leopold (1 месяц)
I am a guy . . . its even more of a challenge for men to deal w/ feelings .
. . because we are supposed to "man up" and get over it. Watching the TED
talk was encouraging because some of the same concepts apply to men as
well, even while we are "manning up". We have out fears that we need to
face and overcome. One of my heroes, Jim Rhone also admonished us to let
all of the emotions in and not block them out. . . They will guide us to
change the world!

Автор theschizophrenic diaries (16 дней)
hmmm.... Well that was interesting. There are prizes to be won in life.
You just have to find them yourself. But I think we do need super heroes.
A whole bunch of them, flying around and fighting with one another. That
would be cool

Автор RimeTime (1 месяц)
sexy as hell girls are often mental - it's quite a dilemma 

Автор Leah Selman (16 дней)
shes an example of why women make 80cents to every dollar. Bravo, your
make-up looks fabulous, your Talk sucks

Автор helenlight (3 месяца)
The truth! This resonated with me so deeply. Thank you :-)

Автор Stephen Rives (25 дней)
I only watched this because I was hoping for some escape tips.

Автор Kimberly Anderson (16 дней)
This is not the true depiction of a mental hospital. She must of went to a
private uppty one. Most are holding d
Tanks...drugging you and then kicking you to the curb and everyones made
their money...listening to music and flowers...really. its jail holding
until the real jail if your inline to go there. 

Автор Martin Engelbrecht (3 месяца)
Amazing woman to put into words what we all have wrestled with. The truth
will set you free .. living from the inside out.

Автор sally (2 месяца)
so so inspiring!! thank you very much!! 

Автор Shruti Nimbkar (2 дня)
Loved it! :)

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