Lessons from the Mental Hospital | Glennon Doyle Melton | TEDxTraverseCity

Glennon Doyle Melton is the author of the New York Times Bestseller, CARRY ON, WARRIOR, founder of http://www.momastery.com, and creator of http://www.monkeeseemonkeedo.org. Glennon believes that life is equal parts beautiful and brutal, and writes about the "brutiful" she finds in marriage, motherhood, faith, addiction and recovery. Glennon unleashes her wit, courage and irreverence to call us to accept ourselves exactly as we are today, but also incidentally inspires us to live bolder, more meaningful lives for others. Glennon is a speaker and regular contributor to Huffington Post and other publications. CARRY ON, WARRIOR and Glennon's philanthropic work have been featured on The TODAY Show, The Talk, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents Magazine, and American Baby, among other television and print outlets. She lives in Naples, Florida with her family.

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Автор namess.areggay ( назад)
Her pants are too long shes mopping up the floor with thoes bad boys

Автор Abdelkader Kernafa ( назад)
I can't watch this. I only came to 4:11 ,then i stopped.Everything she said
is so painfully truth.It seems I don't have enough courage to face what's
under my cape.......sometimes I think the cape is not even here but
actually my skin.

Автор Michele Shenanigan ( назад)

Автор Whats Right ( назад)
Sure glad she had so many supportive programs, husband, and people willing
to help her. I wonder how this story would go if it was from a mans
perspective? Probably something like this... I feel weird, I feel gross,
women don't like me. Who do I turn to? Who can I ask for help? Is there
anything out there for me?


He later goes to jail or commits suicide. The End

Автор JMB83MSc ( назад)
I've been in a mental hospital as well. After my shame and horror of
getting submitted went away, it was the very best experience I have ever
had. The no pretending thing that Glennon talks about is so so very real.
It was the first time in my life that I could tell people that I was not
okay and people understood what I was talking about. I felt so comfortable
with myself. I had never felt that way. It was a truly good experience for

Автор Sanzh Bait ( назад)
something I learned over years, the only person the only person you answer
too is not your parents, not your friends or peers or even god the only
person you answer to is you and possibly your kids, I have none so i can't

Автор Perfect Baby Brother ( назад)
When i was kid i loved everyone,i was biggest kid in class so i fought 1 v
10 all the time,i always beat their asses while crying cuz i had 2 beat
them :D I loved to learn and would read school books in few days but my
teacher said its bad and called parents.Than i realised(kid logic) that you
have to be stupid to enjoy life.I gave my best to be stupid,i started
acting always against what i thought or believed hoping i would get dumber
and dumber and over time i would be able to enjoy living in my small
town,but over time it turned into self destructive behaviour that i still
battle,it got so deep in my bones it's hard to resist it.A girl and me were
in platonic love when we were kids and i behaved like an asshole trying to
push her away and eventually i did,because i knew i'd be happiest guy in
the world if i hooked up with her.I made my mother cry countless times,got
in fights with dad over nothing.I feel like theres big weight on my chest
and i kept making it harder and harder on myself knowing that it's bad for
me but did it anyway.Lately i finaly woke up and realisid i wasted this 10
years or so over something meaningless,beating yourself up has no
point,alcohol and weed does nothing for me anymore,i work out and finaly
got my ass up and looked for a job.Still fighting myself but trying to do
it with love not just brute force.Nice video

Автор Ashley ( назад)
I really needed to hear this. This had me in tears. I can really relate to
everything she said/talked about.

Автор Monica Elliott ( назад)
So, beautifully said!!!!!!

Автор Gil Bar-On ( назад)
A Wonderful & important lecture! :-)
Thank you very much Glennon for this :-)
You're all most welcome to visit my lecture:
Search in YouTube: "The Lecture Of My Life".
(There're subtitles in English you can turn on..)
By the way, I believe that we Are Heros.. :-)
A Big Hug & Lots of Love!
Gil <3

Автор vishnu bhatnagar (1687 лет назад)
glennon is one of the most beautifull woman i ever chanced to come across!
inside and out! only she forgot to look in the mirror for 20 years!!! can
some one giveme her email or cell no or kik id??i have been thorugh this
street for 30 something years. i know that street well.

Автор Mahfoudh soumaya ( назад)

Автор bluemountain ( назад)
excellent. she is brave to share.

Автор Texas Arcane ( назад)
Nobody is better equipped to give advice on mental health than a person who
has been committed to a mental institution. I also take advice on dating
from Charles Manson. Cooking tips from Jeffrey Dahmer. Entertaining
children from John Wayne Gacy.

Автор Jon Williams ( назад)
Wonderful & true, and I wonder if she would be as powerful if she was an
ugly, fat, "oily", disheveled human?

I prefer the term psychiatric ward/hospital to "mental" because it's more
comprehensive and not so "judgmental".

Last week, feeling unsafe, I walked 3 miles to my local ER facility,
checked in and out in 4 days.

There, I experienced humility and gratitude that I wasn't as "sick" as the
other patients, while the staff fucked up my meds, made excuses, forgot
shit and in general tried their best working in a broken system.

Broken because the asshole owners of Big Med closed the drug and alcohol
treatment center and dumped all of us into one overcrowded, overworked
ward, staffed by good people doing their best (most of them) for us.

Tip: If you want to kill yourself, ask for help. Just the action of asking
has made me feel better, and suicide is a long-term solution to a
short-term problem.

Автор Sonia Wisniewski ( назад)

Автор M.L.E White ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор M.L.E White ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Mister Mac (536 лет назад)
HOPE comes in many different forms,even when they're forced on us like
pregnancy,prison,jobs,ect....A lot of us don't have that Luxury!!!!!

Автор Lois Roach ( назад)
This women is amazing !!! In her I see shadows/shades of so many of us !!!

Автор FortOmnicron54 ( назад)
Can you dumb it down more because me isn't smart like you. Me can't talk
bullshit in front of idiots and malcontents.

Автор key rowie ( назад)
What hospital did she go to b/c no mental hospital is like she's describing
it to be.The truth is mental hospitals or psych wards is horrible place to
be most won't get the help they really need there and it's just horrible
anyone who says otherwise is either lying or was in their own world at the

Автор acgillespie ( назад)
*Problems...Jews create them....Reactions.....Jews demand
them.....Solutions....Jews have them for Sale*
A Happy and Healthy society is NOT a profitable society for those who hold
all the cards....So, Who really are the worthless fuckers?

Автор acgillespie ( назад)
How can anyone be sane in a sick society?
*Destruction all by Design*
All for profit....Ask a Jew

Автор uniqueunique28 ( назад)
And you were nervous well you did great love the video great message 

Автор Dali “Bounty” Rom ( назад)
Doing the next right thing.. 

Автор thedreadshed dreadlocks ( назад)
Absolutely brilliant, you are amazing. Thank you.

Автор Zur Institute ( назад)
Here is a great TED talk from Glennon Melton of Momastery​: Lessons from
the Mental Hospital


Автор brindlebriar ( назад)
That's a great message... for attractive young blond white women. Just
stop hiding your feelings and everyone will come running to comfort and
coddle you, putting their own lives on hold. Your husband stayed with you
through your dark night. What woman stays with a man through a decade of
weakness? Who comes running to hold and to coddle? Or even if you were a
black woman, who would come? Or if you were white, but fat and ugly? Who
would bear the weight of your need? Nobody.
Transmuting suffering into happiness is a choice... for those few
luckiest of people for whom suffering is a misunderstanding - of how great
life can be if you just claim your birthright. For everyone else,
suffering is understanding, that the world is lost, that nobody cares, and
that though they can't admit it to themselves, people secretly wish we
would go away and quietly die.
Here's a joke: Fat ugly depressed, emotionally wounded, and
consequently "creepy" seeming black man who needs human touch, and to be
looked at with love and approval, and to be conversed with, walks into a
bar and decides to just show up, accept being confused and afraid, decides
to reach out and start conversations with people, trust that if he just
gets out of his own way and opens himself to people earnestly and honestly,
the universe will meed his needs. haha
The polite ones finds obvious excuses to get away; he hears insults and
disgust, women are insulted at having been spoken to by a man so beneath
their status and cruelly belittle him, and men's machismo instincts kick in
to bully him for inadvertently insulting the woman's status. He tries to
talk to men, but they want nothing to do with him except to elevate
themselves in each others' eyes by being the one to defeat him, for he is a
monster. He hurts their chances with women and says weird things and looks
weird and creepy, and seems like a cripple, which is gross and
uncomfortable. He soon finds himself in a corner, staring out at the
capering of mass hypocrisy in the cold colored lights of a society that
doesn't want him. But he can't bring himself to leave for the beauty and
the longing; tears roll down his cheeks until the bar closes and he decides
to throw himself off a bridge on the way home. But he can't find the
courage, so he locks himself in a basement for some decades of whiskey and
pornography, pays triple every few months for the cold warm touch of a
prostitute he can't afford, who doesn't want to talk to him, until death
finally catches up and takes him. He waits, arms open, lips parted, for
lady darkness and her empty womb to erase him, a typo in the dissertation
of how great it is to be alive.

... maybe that's why I'm so attracted to black women and all weak people.
My instinct is to comfort the suffering I know. But if what matters is
not happiness, but to make the unknown known, then here is something I give
you to know: there is no tonic for most of the broken and no rest for the
world weary until death shall take us away into nothingness as if we had
never ever existed.

Автор Larry Xu (Sniper) ( назад)
that mental hospital sounds like kindergarten.

Автор Roberta Smith ( назад)
the nurses sit at screens in a fugue state of dissociation 7 hours of their
shift looking at info about the patients five feet away behind glass, the
patients are drugged and docile, and so are those who work there, except
they get irritated when they have to come out and take a blood pressure
reading and the patient does not sit quick enough; the Dr.s MIGHT be
licensed in studying the pathology of the body (physicians) and of course
REFUSE a request for OBJECTIVE psychological testing. Of course the test
should be before those who were in massive denial starting fiddling with
the tests; say the 1989 Minnesota Multiphasic Personality test, before it
became vogue to repress and deny and medicate to cover all human emotion,
guilt, terror, laughter and joy ...which test none of the docs and nurses
would pass because they are terrified of their own vulnerability and seek
to control the external to feel comfy enough to go home and watch THAT
screen instead.

Автор Elizabeth Forrest (45 лет назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор shan hayes ( назад)

Автор wks xo ( назад)
Love this <3

Автор john jones ( назад)

Автор Tania Cleary ( назад)
Education About Mental Health

Автор Sylvia Carlson ( назад)
Thank you Glennon. You made me cry!

Автор Victòrìa Venter ( назад)

Автор Ronnie Bo ( назад)
Now that is how introspection looks!! You're awesome Glennon!!

Автор James Bradley ( назад)
Shine on forever, Shine on, Benevolent Sun

Автор Wutzthedeal ( назад)
I'm also oily, but I think it's the Indian heritage.

Автор Vivilon Rane ( назад)
This is so awesome and inspirational...
Thank you so, so much

Автор Ethan Claus ( назад)
Education About Mental Health

Автор Ethan Claus ( назад)
Education About Mental Health

Автор La Cacahuette ( назад)
this made me cry so much! have been feeling like i don't fit with the
society since i was 6 and i met multiple professionnals who can't help me
overcome these deliria crisis..

Автор Luis Ibanez ( назад)

Автор J0W3x ( назад)
I *needed* that.
Thank you.

Автор Central Wyoming Counseling Center ( назад)
No matter how many times I see this video, I am always impressed at her
strength & courage! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHHPNMIK-fY Oh, & it's
a TEDTalks, so how can you go wrong?...

Автор LeAnn Cortez ( назад)
"Feeling! The feelings...easier said than done when the depression get
going..feeling that if I go one microthought deeper in that I will fly into
a billion tiny shards. All I can do is hang on for the ride and not use..I
get so tired of feeling tired, old, crippled, my house a cave a prison and
a refuge.
I enjoyed your talk, I feel the truth in it. Thank you for sharing a bit of

Автор Sam H (678 лет назад)
Incredibly brave and insightful. well done!

Автор Emilie Unkrich ( назад)
So Grateful to have found this.

Автор EmzaO ( назад)
Those closing statements are what I truly believe. We don't need anymore

Автор Zahara Martinez ( назад)
This video just made me want to be there.

Автор Salma Sabry ( назад)
"I am not broken."
What a brave and beautiful woman.

Автор razorvol ( назад)
No More of a LIE called life I am sick and tired of of its cruelty I hereby

Автор Tim Flagler ( назад)
Great message and messenger. Some of us are seemingly less designed to
appreciate the facade or cape that society projects and our ego innitially
accepts as truth. Our soul or heart fights back and true honesty takes
place first with self, than with others. The truth will truely set you

Автор Andrew Stallard ( назад)
I wonder if Ms. Menton has any opinions on the ritualized, petty
humiliations mental health staff inflict upon patients. Was she able to
express authentic feelings about these during her stay in the mental
hospital? I don't know what her experience was but the only feelings that
were allowed when I was a ward of the psychiatric establishment were
"appropriate" ones. Does she consider having to bow and scrape before staff
members for "privileges" an environment that makes sense? Privileges that
come, ultimately, from doing as you are told like and being cheerful about
it like a '"good" five-year old in a kindergarten class. No offense but as
someone who experienced no small amount of dehumanization at the hands of
the therapy guild she seems like a mouthpiece for them.

I've seen folks being who they actually are, warts and all, in bars where
there are no authority figures to tell you what is "appropriate" or not.
I've never seen that in the context of the mental health system where anger
is forbidden and tears are contrived, that is, to be shed only for
"appropriate" reasons.

Автор SeekTheTruth10004 ( назад)
*More countries are getting nuclear and biological weapons. They will start
being used if the truth is not seen soon. We have a choice: life or death.
→ Read The Present at TruthContest◘Com and make your choice.*

Автор gyasi sutton ( назад)
Beautiful Speech

Автор oblio blivion ( назад)
This is a genuine testimonial that tracks with me more than I care to
admit. Husband and child are really profound here because I think she has
an understanding of a miracle to be nurtured and coveted.

Автор Lauren Hayes ( назад)
I wish when people ask "How are you?"... that they really wanted to hear
the truth.

Автор NAMI North Carolina ( назад)
In this TED Talk, Glennon Doyle Melton, author of the New York Times
Bestseller, CARRY ON, WARRIOR, speaks about her struggles with mental
health. Here she unleashes her wit, courage and irreverence to call us to
accept ourselves exactly as we are today, but also inspires us to live
bolder, more meaningful lives for others. https://youtu.be/NHHPNMIK-fY
#mentalhealthmonth #NWHW

Автор Gailsla10 ( назад)
Life is brutiful :):

Автор Subhendu Nath ( назад)

Автор Danielle DiSessa Bostonś Accēnt ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Natasha Klatt ( назад)
I found that rather than medicate our feelings with drugs, booze & bad
behaviours was to face them head-on & work through them. Then they
dissolve before you & fall to the ground like dust, which the wind blows

Автор terry haggerty ( назад)
Very well said.Impressive.The truth is the truth, and if people understand
why, rather than judging the result of things, then maybe we can really
move forward instead of being stuck. Great job you.

Автор Howard Koor ( назад)
Brave and beautiful talk..

Автор RedFlowerDarkHair ( назад)
My cape is sexiness, and seeming content when really there are wars raging
inside of me. I feel psychotic..

Автор lesbia ocampo ( назад)

Автор FemininEm ( назад)
We all have our fair share of problems, ALL OF US. Some are easily seen and
some are easily hidden. The funny part about problems is that usually
everyone else is so concerned about their own problems that they can't even
see yours. Don't take those problems out on JUST others or JUST yourself...
meaning that you deserve enough help from both others and yourself to be
okay and make it. If you need help, then don't NOT get help (sorry for the
double negative statement - it was for emphasis). This lady's right... Just
showing face does a LOT. It's like a participation grade. It's okay, I too
have had anxiety for a looong time and it wasn't till two years ago that I
finally got help for it. "WE'RE NOT BROKEN". When you take care of
yourself, your life falls into place.

Автор DritterSeinIstAlles ( назад)
Thank you for your honesty, Glennon :). I enjoyed your talk and found it of
high quality. I will remember that 'life is brutalful' ;).

Автор Hector L. Campos ( назад)
MENTAL HEALTH & RECOVERY: Glennon unleashes her wit, courage and
irreverence to call us to accept ourselves exactly as we are today, but
also incidentally inspires us to live bolder, more meaningful lives for
others. https://youtu.be/NHHPNMIK-fY – Glennon is a speaker and regular
contributor to Huffington Post and other publications. CARRY ON, WARRIOR
and Glennon's philanthropic work have been featured on The TODAY Show, The
Talk, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents Magazine, and American Baby, among
other television and print outlets. She lives in Naples, Florida with her
family. – TED Talk.

Автор S.J. Becker ( назад)

Автор Zoomsqrd ( назад)
You just told my story and I am so grateful for that. I don't feel so alone
and it is liberating. Thank you.

Автор Aya E. ( назад)
It is braver to be Clark Kent, than it is to be Superman. Carry on,

Автор Kim Sisto Robinson ( назад)
your raw honesty gives us permission to tell our stories, too. Love your

Автор Counseling by Katherine: Katherine Fabrizio M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor ( назад)
This woman cut to the core of what it means to be imperfectly human. It's
messy and terrifying sometimes but WOW is it worth it. Here's to healing!

Автор James Angel ( назад)
Inspirational. Love this lady.

Автор JR ( назад)
Yeah I need 5150ed haha

Автор Sasj Kaftar ( назад)
You go girl! you are so true. We try to meet other peoples expectations So
that we can fit in but that is wrong. Stay strong!

Автор Sunshine Sounds of Joy ( назад)

Автор Tracy Marrero ( назад)
This made me cry. It really touched my heart.

Автор Judy Weng ( назад)
this made me cry

Автор starflicker79 ( назад)
"It is braver to be Clark Kent than Superman." - That's so true!
Thanks Glennon - it's extremely brave of you to have done that speech and I
just know it's helping a lot of people. <3

Автор Audrey Nelson ( назад)
"i don't have to fix it, coz i'm not broken"

simply inspirational!!

Автор Douglas Burkepile ( назад)

Автор Ben Crichton ( назад)
just brilliant

Автор Nan Bollinger ( назад)
oh, and one other thing, if you need to wear a cape to survive, go ahead
and wear the fucker. it's a rough world out there and this speaker has a
built in cape of looks and intelligence that she may or may not be aware
that she is wearing at all times. what a wonderful buffer to have against
reality esp if you are a women. a fucking men

Автор Nan Bollinger ( назад)
I liked her speech and in theory this could all be true but in the real
world it just doesn't jibe so well. I was in a mental institution and had
a different experience- not so wonderful, more like one flew over the
cuckoos nest. I was in college and though worked very hard didn't
finish due to lack of funding. I wasn't fucking around and getting
pregnant because men didn't find me physically attractive like they would
this speaker. I wound up alone and poor through now fault of my own. this
lady just got very very lucky and now she is cashing in on it. also, from
what I've seen of Ted's female speakers, he's just a dirty old man at this

Автор chantele30 ( назад)
Love this, so real!!!!

Автор tix f ( назад)
And you, Glennon, are my hero! Wow! I actually bookmarked this page...
After a significant amount of rewatching this I will see you out there, in
the bright big messy world, without the capes. Thank you from the bottom of
my heart.

Автор Vincent Romano ( назад)
This is beautiful! Wow...

Автор 818ification ( назад)
The toughest day was yesterday......

Автор Sharon Sam ( назад)
How can i get in touch with you?
You broke my heart, you repaired it too at the same moment.Thanks for
showing up for the talk
I live, though i don't feel like i deserve living.
Such beautiful and honest words.
Accept who i am, accepting my own being, all that i am, good bad evil
gentle, too sensitive, too moody.
i am what i was born as.
Do i stop living? Do i deserve a life of pretentions.
God made me and its my worls too.
Thank you

Автор Naiya Nixon ( назад)
I really liked this one. She's cute, and she made me laugh every time she
said she was oily lol

Автор Khalid Safir ( назад)
Wow, thank you so much. I've been through hell and back and through my
private conversations with so many "normal, successful" people, I know you
are one of crazy messed up people. The west is particularly confused,
because we have been so out of touch with truth and nature. The only way
out is painful humility. And it will get better. If you're in touch with
your natural self you will be confident, relaxed but it will take a few
years to "thaw out" as Glennon explained. I live in the middle east, in
Jordan, having moved from London a few months ago. People here keep it real
because they have kept (kind of) what people in the west hate... guess what
that is?

Автор BOOMERANGULA ( назад)
Dilwong..you're stupid!

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