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Автор deniseyoshiko (8 дней)
I love what she said about how we're taught to lie about the fact that
we're "fine" all the time. It's crazy how we think that's what people want
to hear because we don't want to bother them with their problems, but it's
the complete opposite that's true.

Автор Erela Portugaly (9 дней)
Brutiful (brutal+beautiful life), now that's a word I am going to embrace.

Автор TheAnubisDrake (27 дней)
I've checked in on her blogging and other online activities. She's standing
on this stage lying to everyone. Of course she may not realize it, but she
is still cowering in a self imposed bubble of pretend. She has no problem
talking about herself and her ideas all day long, but will not accept
criticism in any form if she has the ability to deny it. The only
difference is that she has exchanged praise for booze.

Автор Randy Kreill (3 месяца)
More people should be OK with talking about their mental health challenges.
Humor sure helps! Go Glennon.

Life can be tough, especially in our screwy culture of emphasis on taking
way more than we need. We are lied to frequently from a very early age.
Cutting through the bullshit is vital. Taking more than we need is viewed
by healthy cooperative cultures as a mental illness. That describes about
all of us. What I've been proving to myself is that mental and physical
health are very connected. Food affects these. Feelings, good and not so
good, are a gift ... telling us if we are on the right path, or not. What
we need to learn about wellness can come from the 3rd world poor, such as
the Tarahumara/Raramuri Indians. I listened and now suggest others kick off
their shoes, run, run very very far, live simply and only consume animal
based foods. We are running herbivores. Embrace that and watch what
happens. I've done dozens of amateur videos on these topics, such as "sh*t
a barefoot vegan endurance runner says". If more people would be what they
are, less would need hospitals and meds IMO.

Автор Julius Fawcett (3 месяца)
Wonderful effort, what a great expression of the healing that comes from
caring and sharing. She is so right, we don't have to be superman and we
can let go of thought patterns that act as barriers to the happiness that
could be flowing through our lives. Let go of fear, anger, jealousy, blame,
guilt, tension, resentment, irritation, frustration, criticism and let
peace, love and harmony flow more easily.

Автор Frances Evelyn Rogers (1 день)
Thank You...

Автор Mark Forquer (10 дней)
Thank you again. You are a kind person. I'm not used to that. I will look
into it . Maybe the past that haunts me will finally be put to rest. Thank
you again!

Автор Leonardo Pratesi (7 дней)
so good!

Автор Peter Morgan (10 дней)
Great talk!

Автор Stefan Travis (10 дней)
It sounds like she's binged on all the popular victimhood-porn books -
including the James Frey clones...and regurgitated them.

Автор KindlingKatalyst (13 дней)
I love how she immediately saw pregnancy as a blessing. So many people in
her situation would see it as just another thing piled on top of everything
else, another negative stressor with absolutely no other dimension to it.

I'm not saying that getting rid of your child is never an acceptable
decision, but it takes some real brass to stand up and become a parent.
Even more when you use it as a chance to become a better person. Because in
the end, we don't primarily become better people for ourselves. We become
better people for others, be it friends, family, students, coworkers.

I would like a little more exposition on what exactly she thinks jealousy
is good for. Odd. 

Автор Klub Komediantow (26 дней)
Very interesting. Thank you.

Автор Chronosaur (14 дней)
Why are so many people being a dick about her?

Oh yeah - it's the internet...

Автор David Valone (16 дней)
I can't believe TED (even if it's TEDx) allowed the title of this talk.

It is incredibly misleading. As someone with a mental illness, I was
excited to hear of someone else's experience, and for a real talk on this
subject to be added to a short list at TED

The only illness this woman suffers from is egoism. To joke that
'everything I learned, I learned in a mental hospital' is utterly
disgraceful. As far as I'm concerned the title is nothing but a ploy to
attract viewers.

That comment aside, I can't believe anyone would find this talk
inspiring. It consisted entirely of 'we' comments. 'we' all put on capes,
'we' all hide, 'we' all xyz... This is the sign of a poor speaker with
little to say.

If your story is interesting and inspiring, you don't have to convince
people that they are in it with you. They will just get there themselves. 

Автор Gavin S (12 дней)
Wonderful, wonderful talk. Enjoyed listening to that.

Автор RHIANNON THOMAS (24 дня)
Thank you for your talk 

Автор Cecilie C (1 месяц)
this was really inspirational. brought tears to my eyes.

Автор Xangagnome (2 месяца)
Yes, it is. It is a bioPSYCHOsocial disease process that takes as sometimes
years to heal.....that is the psycho part. Jonesgerard, you sound like you
were forced to go to meetings, probably NA, or are an extremely resentful
family member of an addict. Either way, still "batshit crazy", I believe is
how you put it.

Автор arkenya jones (24 дня)
Forgive each other for being human? That's really interesting.

Автор smargaret11 (17 дней)
"No capes!!"

Автор Rhonda Qualls (16 дней)
Lessons learned from the mental hospital

Автор Dalvinder Basi (3 месяца)
I understood most of that quite well. I also have had and still have many
of these feelings myself. Most of all it would be nice for others to join
the journey that Glennon and i have undertaken. Namely just to feel human
with all its pain and pleasure. To be honest to ourselves and to others. To
be accepting of the weaknesses associated with the human condition.

Автор ckozuika747 (1 месяц)
What a completely beautiful person! Really. 

Автор American Wisdom Tradition (1 месяц)
#tedtalk #psychology #shame 

Автор tim34 (15 дней)
a beautiful woman and I am so sorry she had to go through all of this, she
didn't need to feel this way!

Автор Katterina Pippa Georgia (23 дня)
Love this video....You did an awesome job...Huge hugs girl!!!

Автор Katrina VA (3 месяца)
The close caption is horrible she says "life of lies" but the close
caption says "lake of fly?" What the hell youtube?

Автор NinjaOnANinja (3 месяца)
The real lesson here is, when you have kids, make sure you do not live in a
broken home.
You end up with selfish people like this girl who ended up being a slut who
did drugs because she had no guidance in her life.
Her whole story was pretty much irrelevant as our society breeds kids like
this all the time.
Parents either don't care at all or care too much. THAT is the real
But yeah. Shit sucks, but hearing this didn't really do much for the

Автор Rasha s (1 месяц)

Автор Chris Mack (2 месяца)
Solid. Haters always going to hate. Little people.

Автор don schlegel (3 месяца)
Amen love you

Автор Robert Taylor (1 месяц)
so courageous, so bold. I share your background.

Автор BZC (1 месяц)
Love it... You're awesome. I'm trying to do my share to increase awareness
about mental health illness as I have been dealing with it. Love & peace

Автор eaglecroft (1 месяц)
Much respect for Glennon. Very brave, and just goes to show that beautiful
looking people (as she is) doesn't mean they live perfect lives - that
there way more things going on underneath. Good for her to understand and
face her demons head on with courage and conviction.

Автор Sabina Skopje (2 месяца)
Wow great talk

Автор Kaleb A (3 месяца)
When she talked about emotion being a guide... I never thought of it like
that, but it's so true. She said it in a way that makes emotion seem so
much more valid and ok. And I've never heard it said like that before.

Автор victoriaRobyn (1 месяц)
This honestly had me crying throughout most of the video, and I'm not
ashamed to admit that.

Автор Beth Pressley (1 месяц)

Автор Lisa Sartor (2 месяца)
Beautiful inside and out is this woman!

Автор MrGodkid (1 месяц)
Foolish pride, can destroy even a reconciled life; great humility, can
restore even a damaged soul (selah)

Автор Megan B (2 месяца)
I love, love, love this video.
Thank you for getting up on that stage.

Автор Erika Burian (29 дней)
awesome talk :D

Автор Patricia Kimbrell (2 месяца)
Wow, does this resonate with me, on so many levels. I really feel and
understand her experience. What a beautifully brave speech! So glad to have
heard it...Thank you!!!

Автор Mojosbigstick (1 месяц)
I wish I didn't resent her so terribly.

Автор Your Voice Counselling, Bristol (23 дня)
Very stuck by this woman's honesty.
via TEDTalks
#shame #addiction #eatingdisorder #honesty #courage #psychology

Автор Mark Silver (21 день)
Great presentation on a difficult topic. Kudos to the presenter.

Автор Christineeve (1 месяц)
Glennon, I wish you could know how this changed me.

Автор niangboih dawn (1 месяц)
Thank you for doing this! 

Автор CM Bunny (2 месяца)
nice said.

Автор TonyCarmen Matthews (3 месяца)
People like her make me proud to be a human being! Go Glennon and I hope
many more will follow - Wishing you life's best for 2014

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