Complicated by 50 Cent (Official Music Video) | 50 Cent Music

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New music video by 50 Cent performing Complicated.

New song off of his latest mixtape, The Lost Tape available for free download now

Brought to you by http://www.Thisis50.com

Previously: Double Up - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlbFvltHQ4M

New video in HD released June 25th 2012.

50 Cent - Complicated (Official Music Video)

G-Unit Records. 2012

About 50 Cent:
Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, investor, and actor. This is his official YouTube Music Channel.

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Complicated by 50 Cent (Official Music Video) | 50 Cent Music

Просмотров: 4299904
Длительность: 3:3
Комментарии: 4136

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Автор Jorge Cornejo ( назад)
50 killed that first verse.

Автор Miguel Abambres ( назад)
the BIGGEST boss ever!

Автор Bb Cc ( назад)
fuck school teach us wrong way to live fuck those rich bitch and those cold
blood fuck all those shit people we love 50 cent the real hero

Автор Bb Cc ( назад)
50 cent the best rapper fuck those small people fuck those bitches betrayed
u live it up if you support 50 cent

Автор Maribel Billones ( назад)
one of my fav.

Автор wayne selser ( назад)
Salute if you still bumbin this 3 years later...

Автор Geefus1 ( назад)
Got the flow but not hungry enough.the passion ain't here like when he make
songs like they burn me..also he needs to go meet dr Dre and get some beats
trust me daddy

Автор Donald White ( назад)

Автор flashy ( назад)
black bars on point

Автор Mer11 Moncrieff ( назад)
1:14 RIP (if you know what I mean of the picture than your right)

Автор ANTZ LEE (1431 год назад)
that hunger and energy bring it back homie!

Автор Levynus (1845 лет назад)
Wow, it's rare to see a supposed unpolished mixtape track surpass in
quality the official music released. Street King track #8 beats this due to
the fuck up in the chorus.

Автор atticus NOW ( назад)
The War General. I Salute You

Автор Lil TV ( назад)
Damn its sad he lost everything, i hope he get outta this hole.

Автор Toxic Twist ( назад)
I Always think its a shame this song didn't blow up worldwide! I Think this
is one of his best of all time! even as good as his old shit.

Автор AK ( назад)
534 people getting fucked up

Автор KieranAKAbbq98 ( назад)
I've listened to so many different rappers and changed my mind many times
but the best two that have ever lived is 50 cent and Tupac without a doubt 

Автор Ak A ( назад)
Woah, never heard this song wow it's hot!

Автор Justin Mccloud ( назад)

Автор ferraz59 ( назад)
sign up for my please youtuber channel

Автор Luke Wakier ( назад)
You do realize he makes videos, songs.. Just for the advertisement? He
doesn't really profit out of his songs. But he does of putting that intro
about them headphones.

Автор Helder Hilario Meireles (Two 50 B.A.M) ( назад)
good nice

Автор Leon Guidry ( назад)
This was on point. Miss the bulletproof vest and the du-rag from back in
the day. 50 goes hard. He is the only rapper that I really like to listen
to. So motivational and real.

Автор Ryan Simms ( назад)
that syle bring back

Автор diedon shala ( назад)
50 you're the real man you're legend 

Автор Abshir Gure ( назад)
nice hip hop 50

Автор lee stevens ( назад)
Cool song beat sounds nice 

Автор Billy Grasser ( назад)
Only problem with this song is it's too short, the ending is bad ass though

Автор Yannick Acina (1958 лет назад)
Complicated by 50 Cent (Official Music Video) | 50 Cent Music :

Автор Eric Steinberg ( назад)

Автор nasari bishop ( назад)

Автор Kill Strake ( назад)
No one cares he wore an Oiler cap?

Автор Lit, Tical ( назад)
Motivational music

Автор ferraz59 ( назад)
i love youuuuuuu 50centttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Автор rafael carnielle ferreira (1065 лет назад)
lost your focus fiftyy...get up man

50 has always been better than Pac. Fifty doesn't address "black issues."
Nobody wants to hear how blacks refuse to integrate into society and how
everybody's against them.

Автор T.j. Hall ( назад)
This shit goes hard as hell

Автор GaGP ( назад)
the ending tho

Автор Zack Wilson (WhiteBoyFly) ( назад)
This song is so so good!

Автор Elias Strauss ( назад)
Dope beat and flow

Автор jacksonx 133 ( назад)
^^ :D

Автор Jashon Moore ( назад)
Niggaz can't fuck with 50

Автор Mario Arturio ( назад)
Subcribe ME!GAME REVIEW GTA 5 FOR PC 27jan

Автор cookie035 ( назад)

Автор Rhayra Tuka ( назад)
isso é musica de verdade love you 50

Автор chrustik husar ( назад)
May music rap for life 50 cent and 2pac music and instrumental hip hop

Автор martello julian ( назад)
yea...all his latest shit is fuckin soft...

Автор joe morley ( назад)
Reallt good dont need to go into detail if u done more ad an bttr music vid
I think this would b a hit also its not even on a proper album

Автор avdi dervishaj ( назад)
this is the 50 cent we like !

Автор Trekpa ( назад)
gangster rapper

Автор zeldaoftime ( назад)

Автор Curtis Jackson ( назад)
the golden jordans on his feet ?

Автор Ferrarifanlellewtc ( назад)
2:42 what ever you guys say, he is still G!

Автор Dylan Fox ( назад)
can someone put this on spotify...

Автор Андраник Барсегян ( назад)

Автор TreshToons ( назад)
do more like this man...this has the 2000's feeling,when i used to listen
to your songs!

Автор Ali Ozgul ( назад)
people can not stand that this nigga good life, but I give him because he
works for hard, this nigga say I work hard, I play hard you feel it love it
or hate it.

Автор Kody Lemto ( назад)
He needs to create more music like this, it's better than his trashy,
cliche current music.

Автор Tyesha Isom ( назад)
Na, your not the last real nigga. Im, the last real nigga.

Автор NAEEM MUGHAL ( назад)
back onnit...

Автор Ali Dewey ( назад)
This is 50 pure and simple!!..Top of his game!!!.

Автор 2munkey2 ( назад)
This shit is fire so good btw i want that whie bullet proff vest that hoe
fly this shit we wanna hear sounds like guess. Who's back

Автор gana M T. ( назад)
50 bars of pleasure, 50 bars of pain
When I'm dead and gone niggas gon' remember my name, 50

Автор Hans Solo ( назад)
video gives me chills, and his album was good as fuck!!! Especially since
its the warm-up to SK immortal in September!

Автор ArnoldFTW97 ( назад)
This should be on SKI

Автор LSK ( назад)
This is tha real deal.....all the rest are fake

Автор Rita Stepancic ( назад)
Love him and love this song!!

Автор Marion Lamar Long ( назад)

Автор Loyalty1269 ( назад)
love his mixtapes. totally kills it. He needs an album like Power of the
Dollar or This mixtape. he killed it and i have a big penis

Автор iZiK jR ( назад)
New Yitty shit....

Автор KING HANNIBAL ( назад)
yea I will 50 but please click on my page & see my video

Автор T ( назад)
shyne tried to get at me he sound washed, i aint even fire back and the
shit squashed. what kinda shit is that, this onl happens in rap

Автор Carlos Caraballo ( назад)
me emosiono mas la parte en la que el se pone dugar en la cabeza porque me
gustan mas eso viejo tiempo que lo de ahora en cuanto a la forma de vestir

Автор Suuwoop Gang ( назад)
lmao word my nigga threw the vest on

Автор Thijs van Abs ( назад)
This is the 50 i wanna hear more. So far every released track for the new
cd doesn't come close to this. In terms of lyrics and flow that is. What a

Автор real50G ( назад)
can't believe it has so less views

Автор Yodshai Dandee YA'AJIN VDJ\•/YTV ( назад)

Автор Young Fitness ( назад)
Gggggg-unitttt till I die

Автор Kade ( назад)
Call me fifty, call me ferarri, the remedy!

Автор Jeton Lo ( назад)
cocaine dilemma

Автор Jamie Birch ( назад)
Fittys better than PAC

Автор Emanuel Rodriguez Suarez ( назад)
i love 50

Автор DennisGray123 ( назад)
Love this song :D 

Автор Nicholas D'Amico ( назад)
Damn this is hooooootttt! 50's back and it's about time

Автор ana paula silva franco ( назад)
i love forever 50 

Автор Elohem Shabazz ( назад)
and why not!!!!

Автор Шалтай Болтай ( назад)
I'm 100% sure that lyrics for this song was written by Shady. It's not how
Fiddy usually spits 

Автор ElProfe Reddik ( назад)

Автор jankó Krisztián ( назад)
Still The Best <3

Автор meno BMZ ( назад)
Respect- BMZ Ent

Автор Queen Anazijah ( назад)
Yes complicated so true but I still have one more question Curtis Jackson
when are you coming to my city Alantic City & Tallahassee

Автор WhySoSad & Merry LP's ( назад)
That Kanye diss was excelent ! :D

Автор cadij CJ ( назад)
This song , video is so perfect everything its perfect here lovee fiddy

Автор Paul Franco ( назад)
I always listen this song in the morning when i go to the university
because i remember the old 50 cent songs when i was just a Kid great Song
like the older song of fifty. 

Автор David Chacon ( назад)

Автор Τρυφων Δετσικας ( назад)
50 cent

Автор REED ( назад)
475 haterz

Автор thatnormalguy9 ( назад)
People don't see a legend till they are gone. 50 cent is that legend.

Автор Charlie Wright ( назад)
'dat floww doeee

Автор xfro djalili ( назад)
This is power of the dollar fifty, all the haters hear the flow and voice
and see its different... But they don't listen to the lyrics.

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