Panoramic Dance

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Panoramic dance
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via YouTube Capture
panoramic dance in school cuz yolo
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we dancin lol
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Автор Jaylynn King (6 дней)
Why pick on the kids we just try to have fun

Автор turtles560 (19 дней)
She shouldn't be doing it period. Nobody wants to see some kids do that
shit on here. there's enough girls throwing themselves out there 

Автор Yuna Yukimaura (3 месяца)
I find the comments funny as fuck, because you're actually looking for
sexual dances with no bitches, and you say 'she's not doing it right.' 99.9
percent of you don't know how to do it either, ain't even mad. lml

Автор Aariicia (17 дней)
Stupid teenagers slut 

Автор Shana Robinson (8 дней)
Yall haters

Автор ilikeapples789 (2 месяца)
Terrible song for Twerking 

Автор Tatianna McDaniel (3 месяца)
I can do it better wow u hot no ass

Автор Young Walker (8 месяцев)
not even

Автор Lizzy Casinae (6 месяцев)
Less dipping and more yiking and indy dipping please

Автор Rod Hopson (3 месяца)
She not doin it right

Автор Saniah Dorsey (4 месяца)
Y'all need to watch the tutorial by they love Indy because that was

Автор Victoria Daniels (4 месяца)
Aaaw she was soo awkward

Автор bushkin54 (6 месяцев)
That is not, I repeat, NOT the Indy Dip... 😬😐😕

Автор sherrie I beckwith (6 месяцев)
My Name RayShaun Yall Should Kik Me @t Maurice14_

Автор Justlantias Wilson (6 месяцев)
What indy dip? You did it all wrong

Автор CONVERSEyellow (7 месяцев)
Every video related to the "panoramic dance" has the same kind of people.
Sad ones.

Автор Lamareye R. (6 месяцев)
Gayyyyyuuyyyyyyyyyyyy ohh. Woop em to much

Автор genesis rebeca (4 месяца)
Como se llama la musica?:(

Автор rere love (5 месяцев)
Dae not enegretic enough

Автор ewrson batisilvestre (4 месяца)

Автор jt f (1 год)
its called the indy dip

Автор Lachicka Holifield (5 месяцев)
This gay

Автор Ajanae Williams (6 месяцев)
She did not want to do it

Автор Nakesha Fordham (2 месяца)
Is you gay

Автор Laquiesha Bailey (8 месяцев)
lmao noooooo she wasnt ready lol smh she wasnt used to having a girl dance
on her and the girl dancing has a little movement she needs a real nigga to
handle that lol but i liked this

Автор Ashanti Ridgel (10 месяцев)
No ass be like can't even dp it right I do it better than u

Автор angel Banks (5 месяцев)
Hell naw

Автор tati sanders (7 месяцев)

Автор Kerena'Shunia Flowers Flowers (8 месяцев)
Dat is all wrong

Автор Donte McDaniels (8 месяцев)
The 1 in the blue, I can get behind u in beside that girl in the back of u

Автор michael spencet (7 месяцев)
Add me on fb @ michael lilnickel

Автор elizabeth hoffman (9 месяцев)
aint even doing it right

Автор jasmine mundle (7 месяцев)

Автор naziah malone (7 месяцев)
Ya thats the indy dip

Автор Mike J (8 месяцев)
Both yall sexxii ass's will get it!

Автор jassy pie (9 месяцев)
That's slow AF girl u need to speed that shit up just saying no hate 

Автор Kelis Driver (7 месяцев)
that look sooooooooo gay

Автор Jamaya Shepherd (1 год)
Y'all did good don't care what people say.

Автор LadyLoveGirl19 (9 месяцев)
This is NOT the indy dip. Wrong.

Автор irvin hunter (9 месяцев)
Shit I want next replay it let me get behind that ass ma

Автор taki tony (9 месяцев)

Автор Iesha Presley (9 месяцев)
Its Not Gay But Wrong Dance Pooh But Yall Did Good Fuck The Fuckery They
Don't Have To Be Gay Doing That Dance With Eachother

Автор celine james (9 месяцев)
wow sexyyy girls <3

Автор Sierra Simmons (9 месяцев)
Are y'all straight

Автор Tylajah Stewart (9 месяцев)
That's gay

Автор makayla landy (9 месяцев)
she got a butt but werk it wrong..

Автор Suzie Alafa (10 месяцев)
It's all fun & games till you pull your sciatica!

Автор Megan Smith (6 месяцев)
Y'all gay

Автор Abreyonnia Hagins (1 год)
No boooo im 12 and do betta

Автор Ashanti Ridgel (9 месяцев)
Why u fuckin rapes

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