MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Cinematic Trailer #2

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Unravel the secrets of a vast galaxy, battle hostile alien threats, and build a crew to help you survive it all in *Mass Effect: Andromeda*. Humanity’s future rests on your shoulders. How far will you go?

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Coming March 21st to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One
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Subtitles or dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese?

Автор Mirza Khalid Beg ( назад)
Is that Nathan Drake's voice I have just heard?

Автор james richardson ( назад)
remember the ending

Автор Michael Samora ( назад)
Thought for sure it was Nolan north as the pathfinder

Автор J. Conev ( назад)
After march my social life will be dead!!!!

Автор Jek Porkins ( назад)
I wish my choice for Synthesis would somehow make an appearance in this game. After all it was the best and only good ending for ME3.

Автор MadDog69xXx ( назад)
"I Don't need an army I've got a kronon/krogan" love it

Автор Smooth Hansen ( назад)
This looks so bad! Why does it look like Dragon Age with a new space coat of paint? Why are the voice lines so cheesy? Why are the animations so bad? The squad is fine if uninteresting.

Автор Simone Verver ( назад)
Anyone else hear a reaper's horn? Or was that just me?

Автор Gio Pagliuca ( назад)

Автор Fi Skirata ( назад)
I miss Shepard

Автор Eskimo615 ( назад)
That Asari looks actually really hot. Let's see if she's able to hold a candle to Liara.

Автор bzrkmaniac ( назад)
is that another EA game?
not buying

Автор Deathpool ( назад)
I fucking love Clancy Browns voice

"that's habitat 7."

Автор Daniel Guidos ( назад)
So excited! I can't wait to see what new races they have, trailer looks very promising so fingers crossed the game ends up being as good (or better) than the trailer

Автор Matthew Herrmann ( назад)
"I don't need an army... I brought a Krogan" Love this!!!

Автор Arthur Majaducon ( назад)
Why am I not invested? Why does the story not sound good?

Автор Jubilee ( назад)
Is this fricken Troy Baker AGAIN?

Автор Nintenderp ( назад)

Автор Xeno Skully ( назад)
I'm hyped man

Автор Patrik Seba ( назад)
lmao looks trash af

Автор Guilty King ( назад)
You can customize your character right??
Game looks amazing.

Автор TheGreenDude ( назад)
THey just aren't as epic as the older crew, still looking forward to it though

Автор ackka ( назад)
Should be called Mass Effect Androgynous

Автор The Stalker Behind You ( назад)
Would have liked if Cora had a shaved head, like Jack but with some hair.

Автор Fonzie Gonz ( назад)
I for one am interested in the politics that will develop in Andromeda. In the Milky Way, there was the Council with its many ambassador nations. From what I can tell, the mission to Andromeda is a bona fide reconnaissance/scouting endeavor. Who are the power brokers in this new world? Is the Archon leading an insurgency against the equivalent of a Council? Is there even something remotely close to a unified government? Or is it more of a Protean-esque quest to build an empire? I can't wait to see what they got in store, I'm definitely upgrading from my 360 just to play this game.

Автор chopaface ( назад)
Bloody amazing. I will replay all ME games before this release.

Автор zaput66 ( назад)
I can't possibly describe in words how much i love this series and this new game.

Автор Fox Y ( назад)
Why is everyone complaining be happy with what u got I've been waiting ages for a mass effect game again because I love the serious to death even if it's not even commander shepherd people getting mad over the fucking companies like oh come on really u get a new game a new series and even a new galaxy to fucking explore new armour new weapons there is a new everything and u guys bitch like little fan boys over the companions and shit it's not there problem that they want a new game it's yours for trying to stay with the old genre meaning u can't get over the fact that there is a bunch of new shit it's your problem u can't get over fucking nothing faggots so stop bitching and be fucking grateful for once with what u got like FUCKING Jesus I'm so fucking excited for this game like u have no idea there so much new fucking shit I can't wait plus the new biotics and shit I fucking love that I love the new companions a fucking female turian another big ass brute krogan a girl who has the best looking fucking hair in my opinion the black one who I already know I'm gonna love and a new species oh and not to forget a new Asari figure who is badass looking I know that this game is gonna be amazing because u know what there is a new for fucking everything and e graphics look amazing so stop fucking bitching and admire the new things and get out of the commander shepherd era that shits in the fucking past and it's your fault not biowares that u can't get over the old characters let them try something new and try it out and I'm sure you'll love these new characters and new guns and new everything just as same as the old generation

Автор Nancy Lo ( назад)
Just before my birthday? Fuck yeah! Going to spend my birthday playing Mass Effect: Andromeda all night.

Автор Jacob Smith ( назад)
Looks like this series is about to take a huge nosedive. What a shame, the plot already looks to be incredibly corny

Автор Marc Shlyshen ( назад)
I am so fucking ready. I've missed Mass Effect so much. Can't wait for a whole new adventure to put even more hundreds of hours into.

Автор BingBong Boopledoop ( назад)
Looks generic.

Автор Noctis Kami ( назад)
Horrible character design

Автор Commander Shepperd ( назад)
im preordering this bitch right now. I for give you for the shit ending of ME3

Автор Chad Moore ( назад)
Bwahaha. "I don't need an army, I've got a Krogan." Best line yet.

Автор Sora Kuroda ( назад)
Exactly, who needs an army when you've got a krogan? 😆

Автор Reiz Baba ( назад)
So fucking awesome !!!

Автор RAChevalier ( назад)
Claire Underwood?

Автор Tony Cliffton ( назад)
They look so damn ugly I would rather romance the Krogan.

Автор spartan1010101 ( назад)
damn, ME making me wanna bang aliens again.

Автор Tetramorium ( назад)
Loved ME 1 and 2... do I have to play 3 to know what is going on?

Автор Kevin J. ( назад)
Nice, thanks to EA being the publishers, it uses the Frostbite 3 engine....should be good.

Автор theqihuasyazwan ( назад)
star trek never looked better

Автор War Bear Gaming ( назад)
I promised myself I wouldn't get hyped. Not after last time. *Watches trailer* God fucking damnit!

Автор max todd ( назад)
If u had to pick a race and there cultural which one would it be

Автор Wolf ( назад)
I have a feeling the black guy will be the new Garrus, BROMANCE

Автор gdbalck ( назад)
Anyone else getting Claire Underwood vibes from a particular character?

Автор aburritogun ( назад)
if no PeeBee love interest, we riot

Автор Steve Warris ( назад)
"Hey Kinzie, wanna fuck?" - The Boss

Автор Hfajardo97 ( назад)

Автор Willarti ( назад)
I think a lot of people are bent out of shape because the characters look like average, everyday people you'd actually see in NASA. It's interesting that Bioware is going the route of not glamming up every chick or making each guy SC2-like.

Автор Stoner_Plays ( назад)
I've got a bad feeling about this.

Автор Larisia Jarvis ( назад)
If you play the girl can your romance the brother because he is quite attractive.

Автор Viilutaja ( назад)
Finally! A game worth buying!

Автор Camille Lake ( назад)
The Not shepherd. *Certainly NOT Marc Meer* Character. Ugh...
Who will save us from that smart-ass, Metro-Sexual, who looks more like some guy riding the bus.....and who's NOT A Marine I'd follow into battle?

Автор Thomas Divelbiss ( назад)
South African Lucio, is that you? Or is it a Brazilian accent? I can't tell. Ahahahaa

Автор lunarSoul0 ( назад)
I don't need an army. I have a krogon

Автор BigJB 21 ( назад)
love ass effect. I'm going to jerk off so much to this game

Автор TheGruesomeFoursome ( назад)
looks shyte

Автор Ephemis Priest ( назад)
"This is exactly why we came..."

Because you have a krogan? Hey, if quads does it for ya...

Автор SoulSamuraiZ ( назад)
Der fu****g Kroganer kommt IMMER mit! Ich mag ihn jetzt schon! :D

Автор Svide ( назад)
Can I kill all my squad mates besides the fem turian?

Автор OldSchool Gaming ( назад)
sex in this game :D it will be fun

Автор Greater Sweden ( назад)
I see clearly outdated grathics & horse faces here, not sure it worth to buy, especially after terrible offline MMO Dragon Age 3

Автор Seth #traplife ( назад)
I just realized that's the first black dude in Mass effect at least to my memory and im grinding the trilogy rn in almost done with #2 this will be my third trilogy run but I got bad memory L O L

Автор udonhavdehafovit ( назад)
does this game let you have a crew of ai and u can order them around like the one in dragon age inqusition?

Автор A. Saleh ( назад)
and 7 new terrestrial exoplanets in a single solar system were just discovered by NASA, anyone think we may find shit like that there?

Автор Elfique98 ( назад)
please tell me there gonna be more than 4/5 companions... we had 11 in Mass effect 2

Автор VzKraazy ( назад)
Was i the only one sad not see a "STUPID JELLYFISH!" :/ or the elcore i thought they were fun races even though they couldnt do much.

Автор Aye ( назад)
Alien titties or gtfo!

Автор Richard K. ( назад)
The Sims - Techno Space Hipster Addon?

Автор Molnár Áron ( назад)

Автор mzlibertyrose8586 ( назад)
omg!! I'm so excited!!!

Автор war518 ( назад)
God that female character I hope you can change how she looks it fucking triggers me

Автор SSJPrinceItachi ( назад)
Shepard was like Chuck Norris and this guy is like Adam Sandler.
Shepard had a harem with wonderful women,this guy has only two ugly ones.
Shepard banged everyone in the galaxy,this guy gonna be banged by everyone
Shepards power equaled like Goku,this character has powers like Yogi Bear's
Shepard was so strong that he survived a suicide mission and defeated the reapers,this guy will not even made past the prologue
Shepard face and body were based on a manly dutch model, this guy is based on a gay model.
Shepard was voiced by Mark(bang okay)Meer,this guy is voiced by Justin Bieber
Shepard was Space Jesus,this one is Star-Lord
Shepard was a vanguard soldier charging in battle,this guy is a pathfinder :P
Shepard had dance moves this guy can only dream of etc etc

Автор Nerevar Indoril ( назад)
Come on thats the main character? So generic and lifeless
Shepard had the looks and the charm and u could make him so ugly as well :)

Автор Spearest1 ( назад)
Bullshit, dont like this series

Автор Vuk Ninja/ Ninja Wolf ( назад)
We'll bang okay!!

Автор Chas ten ( назад)
I'm confused, I thought A.R.K.C.O.N was the original name for the Nexus? or am I picking up the bad guys name wrong? It does sound like Arkcon to me though.

Автор Daria Morgendorffer ( назад)
comments r full of fake like accounts lol just gtfo, hey kids, just gtfo

Автор Daria Morgendorffer ( назад)
char at 1:18 is about 10 years old, seen this shit face from far cry primal, gtfo

Автор Jay Stein ( назад)
This gave me a sinking feeling. Not going to preorder.

Автор MaximumSteel ( назад)
Ugliest video game characters I have ever seen wtf..

Автор Emmanuel Woo ( назад)
why you still have to play as a human i will never understand....

Автор 117darksonic ( назад)
Just came to see if the political fans have shut their traps and it looks like I can FINALY find some sensible people to talk about this game with

Автор István Mága ( назад)
I'm not really hyped. I will buy and play with it, but I will wait until the price drops below 20 euro :)

Автор projectdarkgrey ( назад)
Most of the characters look like shit.. Bioware really should have just done a Mass Effect 4... loose the rocket pack.. and all the explosions... just imporve on mass effect 3... make a larger world were you can really explore open worlds with a great story line...... I have a bad feeling that the only thing good about this game is that its done in 4k.

Everyone wants Shepard.. and the crew we've come to love.. now we get a pack of jackels.... Make Mass Effect 4... allow import their mass effect 3 game so Mass Effect 4 knows what choices you made and who lived and who died, and how the other characters view you.

Автор QE ornotQE ( назад)
The lead characters all look like beta SJW snowflakes. At least Sheppard looked badass. These guys look like you'd see them at your local BLM liberal protest. I'm a bit worried.

Автор Vic Vinegar II ( назад)
ultimate paragon, everyone loyal, best way to play

Автор jolena auvuya ( назад)
put me in game, because its obviously so amazing to have such an ambigious, societal suspicious character : )

Автор Giraffen Benji ( назад)
I am so fucking hyped.. My biggest fear is just that EA will screw it up, like they did with ME3's DLC....

Автор GetTpOrDIE ( назад)
After that pervert Shepard, new lead looks like Bieber...

Автор Nathan B. ( назад)
Can we just drop all the retarded political shit and just base our judgment of this game on what we think of its story and game play?

Автор Kafka Moore ( назад)
Are we getting companions from any of the new races?

Автор Paul Youngblood ( назад)
"I don't need an army. I have a Krogan." -Best quote ever

Автор МЕХАН ОМСК ( назад)
много болтовни,как и в других частях . ни кто не берётся переводить этот трёп.

Автор Rylai Lina ( назад)
Funny how they say "this is exactly why we came" when they show us romance scene... Yup, exactly why i here!

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