MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Cinematic Trailer #2

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Unravel the secrets of a vast galaxy, battle hostile alien threats, and build a crew to help you survive it all in *Mass Effect: Andromeda*. Humanity’s future rests on your shoulders. How far will you go?

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Coming March 21st to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One
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Автор Дмитрий Рыбаков ( назад)
Что не так с людьми? Почему они все залиты воском???

Автор blue4zero ( назад)
WOW i didn't know fem shrek was in this game!!!

Автор jammujee3 ( назад)
i dont need an army
i got a krogan

Автор HackTheG1 ( назад)
so good

Автор Мейрам Шинтемиров ( назад)
What is a name of composition?

Автор Rev Channel ( назад)
Чё за музыка играет там

Автор Šime ( назад)
That music,name please

Автор AnDrEzz ( назад)
Track in this video ? :)

Автор oganes karagezyan ( назад)
At least it's not No Man's Sky.

Автор Tib3rian ( назад)
I wish a good time to all people who played and like Mass Effect trilogy, whenever you are, wish you well, friend.

Автор Lex Macdougal ( назад)
"I have an army."
"We have a hul-... Urdnot."

Автор jexrutin ( назад)
heyy that's lookin pretty good

Автор ajtronic ( назад)
Hmm. Looks good.

Автор some guy ( назад)
Report to the ship as soon as possible,

Автор Mmmorshu ( назад)
Game looks like shit

Автор Zander York ( назад)
I have been waiting 600 years for this game

Автор ellmuffin ( назад)
It honestly sounds like a Duracell commercial in the beginning

Автор Sinay Online ( назад)
Fin du suspense, Electronic Arts vient de confirmer la sortie officielle de Mass Effect Andromeda qui se fera le 23 mars 2017
Jouez en avant-première Précommandez maintenant!!

Автор Thsedesi ( назад)
I see. So the main enemy in this game is Groot?

Автор PHIFan-MIA ( назад)
Funny how the ME fanboys ran away after all our 'hate' aka constructive criticism was proven true.

Автор Derek Palm ( назад)
Fckn hell baby lets go love the quote "The Archons a master of his game, but we're about to change the rules"

Автор Jangles The Moon Monkey ( назад)
My only problem with this trailer is that the womens in the game arent ugly enough

Автор VeggeMight ( назад)
why do the graphics and faces look worse than mass effect 1

Автор myco technologist ( назад)
https://youtu.be/NNG_szaXNNU?t=78 SOMEBODY

Автор Anthony J. Manttan ( назад)
WTF happened to the animations between then and now?

Автор Fit Acceptance ( назад)
in the future, everyone will be hideous and women will be men

Автор Burak TUTAL ( назад)

Автор Burak TUTAL ( назад)

Автор Theo Jenner ( назад)
"Been waiting 600 years for this" - You and me both buddy.... well certainly feels like it :P

Автор Kami Kirin ( назад)
This trailer.... Gives me goosebumps. Cant wait! But i'd like to because... I am high!

Автор CARNIVALPRIDE42 ( назад)
The lip syncing is so bad. And the punch was like a foot off if you pause it.

Автор Travis Zuetlau ( назад)
I think the face plates are looking better

Автор Nunsweepit421 ( назад)
Od dear, Another lame spacey game for the popcorn minded people. One of these days, there will be a proper beautiful game set in the Universe where we travel to strange new worlds without all this dumbed down crap like fighting other civilisations. Oh,..and why the fuck do these so-called alien species always speak the english language? Lol.

Автор Ai Luna ( назад)
Love how people are complaining that Ryder looks generic, when Shepard was literally the definition of generic.... hope there's more character customisation in this game

Автор JaxGaming ( назад)
Best line in that trailer. "I don't need an army. I have a Krogan."

Автор The Boss ( назад)
Listen guys Bioware has never let us down before as all 3 Mass Effect games were incredible, and while there is a lot of critics and hate surrounding the games animations and storyline so far, the reality is that there very well could be a day one patch which will vastly improve the facial animations, and then as far as the storyline is concerned well I sort of am a little concerned as Mass Effect is and always has been the absolute best game trilogy as far as character development n overall storyline as they made it so engaging and it continued through all 3 games and for them to just abandon the entire storyline of the game and all the characters I believe was extremely stupid because why destroy such as great thing only to replace it with a brand new cast of characters and brand new storyline on the 4th installment of the game ?

I hope my concerns are not valid as I hope the game blows me away with both character development n storyline because I could give a shit less about the combat and gameplay elements because Mass Effect isn't about gameplay and combat but rather the storyline is what makes it so engaging which is why Mass Effect 2 was the absolute best of the series while Mass Effect 3 was the worst although still a great game when compared to almost anything n everything else ever created so yea who knows I'm NOT GONNA ALLOW THE CRITICS N HATERS TO RUIN THE GAME FOR ME N IM NOT GONNA WATCH ANY SPOILER OR GAMEPLAY VIDEOS OF TRIALS OR EARLY RELEASE COPIES NO CHANCE AS IM WAITING FOR RELEASE MIDNIGHT OR 9pm then I'll find out for myself

Автор Winterwolf ( назад)
What's the music? Does anyone know?

Автор The Unapologetic Leftist ( назад)
So he's just evil for no reason? Really? SMH

Автор Nintenderp ( назад)

Автор Markiss Johnson ( назад)
Can I play the story in co-op with family or friends in this game?

Автор BlueGirly wow*wow69 ( назад)
Nintendo Switch is selling GOOD!! now port it over BioWare!! port Mass Effect Andromeda to the Switch !!! we want Mass Effect on the go !! make it happen BioWare!! port it over and take our money !!

Автор Xoxel ( назад)
I'am fapping on it since it has been released, no need to go on pornhub anymore.

Автор Magical Hamster ( назад)
I consider myself a SJW, and honestly, I don't see any pandering here...some people are really starting to get paranoid. It looks like a pretty intense sci-fi action game.

Автор Heppylol ( назад)
I needed song in the end of trailer

Автор Space Wanderer ( назад)
"I don't need an army. I've got a krogan."

Автор Iron Eagle ( назад)
wow..holy shakalakaboom!!!!

Автор ExTrEmE CLeaNiNG ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of music in this trailer? thanks!

Автор Cheeky Cage ( назад)
That ending though 😀

Автор DeployTheGarrison ( назад)
This looks absolutely awful.

Автор Schdradah ( назад)
Well i will maybe buy this game after reading the firsts tests....

Автор Codey Reed ( назад)
"I don't need an army... I have a krogan"

Автор Jacob Neldon ( назад)
anyone else getting the star trek vibe?

Автор Zelix Raziel ( назад)
Shut up and take my money already!

Автор GRiTTY BEAST ( назад)
Everyone in this comment section are punching each other dicks an tits carm your dicks an tits leave the politics for the fuckers who deal with that political shit this is a game strictly entertainment why bring all this shit up who cares just wait for your copy pick it up play it an enjoy .

Автор The savage monster ( назад)
the punch at 1:10 does not actually hit his face

Автор TheHolydruid ( назад)
will you be able to pick male or female or are you stuck with tits'?

Автор Craig Moorehead ( назад)
Absolutely buzzing for this! 😍

Автор Владимир Пестерев ( назад)

Автор samr615 ( назад)
Is anybody else curious to see how andromedas technology developed without the reapers

Автор Veronica Stetler ( назад)
I am happy we get to start with a youthful, spunky asari (let's face it, Liara was kind of timid in the first game).

Автор Jive Life ( назад)

Автор Joshua Gonzalez ( назад)
what's the song playing?

Автор dawson holt ( назад)
Man, seeing that Krogen go fucking ham gets me pumped.

Автор x Tuma ( назад)
Is that Miley Cyrus on the thumbnail?

Автор Prince Mapoleon ( назад)
Who is the narrator? I recognize his voice

Автор kittymizfitty ( назад)
I hope Cora is bi because DAMN!

Автор ImpoliteCorn420 ( назад)
mass effect andromeda looks like garbo

Автор Vuldyn ( назад)
Far better than the other launch trailer.

Автор Rafael Orona ( назад)

Автор sikamika9 ( назад)
i never liked mass effect seriers...(tries to play 1 and 2 and almost fell asleep in the keyboard) the weapons look like plastic turbo nerf waterguns...the space suits like moto cross bikers...the aliens like tv series actors with cheap ass prosthetics.. only the main space ship a little bit interestig...the whole game is a boredom fest.

Автор colemcgrath 1718 ( назад)
Mostly everyone is complaining about facial animation s and textures but i see nothing wrong with them, they actually look better than ones in the last mass effect games....people just like complaining about stuff.

Автор Victor Miller ( назад)
Does anyone know the song that starts playing during the middle of the trailer?

Автор Dominik Ďuriš ( назад)
Somebody, please, what is the name of the music???

Автор Nicholas Knudson ( назад)
Liking the video comms in the bridge. Very Star Trek.

Автор Syncroniam ( назад)
Is this protagonist the little child that was listening to the story at the ending scene of Mass Effect 3?

Автор soundeuphoria ( назад)
I remember when playing games was about playing games, not giving a shit if its 4k, 13k, trillion FPS, high or ultra. You morons that care about that shit are the ones to blame for games being produced in a way they are produced today. You should learn to enjoy games for what they are, GAMES! Not visual benchmarks and shit like that...!!!
Games these days look stunning but we need more work done on gameplay elements, mechanics and story. I couldn't care less for the looks if a game is a hand holding garbage that makes me press 2 buttons every now n then. Sadly games today look fucking epic but they are catered towards 10yr old's that cry if its too hard. I WANT A GAME THAT MAKES ME WORK FOR A PIECE OF STORY, A PIECE OF A GOOD STORY!!

Автор Fred Walker ( назад)
so now they are fighting in a new galaxy?

Автор Käwin Paul ( назад)
"been waiting 600 years for this." Sure feels like it.

Автор Iadad ( назад)
where the hell is the song that start at 0:50 ???? cuz ive looked everywhere and all i see is fanmade shit

Автор spartan20005 ( назад)
Okay, look, I love ME and it'll probably be a good game but...




Автор derekmok ( назад)
What miserable voice acting. Stop trying to perpetuate the delusion that you're good with story and take some lessons in acting and directing actors. And which moron came up with the idea of an Asari with a raccoon face? This looks like an ad for a $3 product, not a $70 one.

Автор Christoph TSS ( назад)
That awkward moment when the comments section consists of nothing but people complaining that the comments section consists of nothing but political/social commentary.

Автор Walt Yisrael ( назад)
I'm still salty about M.E.3's endings and that shepard is dead during this new chapter regardless of whether he survived in the destroy ending or not.

R.I.P. Commander Shepard.

Автор zadose ( назад)
Jaal sounds so adorable and badass at the same time, looking forward to romancing him... mmmhhmmm.....

Автор zadose ( назад)
I love the new alien design.

Автор Hans Olav ( назад)
and now give us the -real- trailer. with the female PC...This -was- just the trial run, right? RIGHT???

Автор Mr Rabbit ( назад)
asari : check
turian : check
salarian : check
quarian : still looking
human : check
krogan : check
sex scene : check

game : better be good

Автор Ai Luna ( назад)
So excited to be gay and date aliens hell yeah

Автор Jim Schuyler ( назад)
what ties this into the MASS Effect trilogy?

Автор jakeisawesome ( назад)
Lol all these aliens from other galaxies speak English so well

Автор TheJackalPhantom ( назад)
Dem sound effects making me believe its a freaking movie in cinema lol Really want this game :D

Автор Mike Dillon III ( назад)
The soundtrack is amazing, could be the best score of the series. So excited for every last aspect of this game, I've been waiting 5 years for this.

Автор anubis1100 ( назад)
LOL, i love the quote " I dont need an army, i got a Krogan!"

Автор Chris Pilcher ( назад)
When I get this game I will play as a Biotic Samurai or Ronin,

Автор Why not Dean ( назад)
The crew reminded me of the stupid fucks from that last Fantastic 4 movie. They're trying so fucking hard to be radical and hip.
600 years in another galaxy and the chick got her hairstyle from fucking Miley Cyrus. Like come on.

Автор Peace Harmony ( назад)
After the initial Mass Effect, every other game in the series went downhill... RIP Mass Effect 1.

Автор Ez Nov ( назад)
I don't need a army I have a krogan

Автор soh loh ( назад)
how can you be marooned in space? that's like being "marooned" on an island that is technically a submarine

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