6 methods of the khoomii(Throat Singing)

There are six methods of the khoomii in the explanation of Mr. Tserendavaa.

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Автор uralic ( назад)

Автор 沖縄ザワールド ( назад)

Автор Johnny Duke ( назад)
where can I learn this awesome things?

Автор GhOsTLyCaRdTrAcKer ( назад)
so hows this music again?

Автор tatikumin082 ( назад)

Автор Gantulga Tumenjargal ( назад)
this is mongolia man

Автор Gorgonops (1210 лет назад)
I master three of all 6. That makes me feel special. Now, it doesn't do
shit for my job. XD

Автор Joseba Diaz Exposito ( назад)
I learned doing it. Also I can make a dual sound, it is, make two sounds
over my voice

Автор Joel Minton ( назад)
This guy's so good

Автор Ayurzana badarch ( назад)
Good Mongol man.

Автор ilhan temuçin ( назад)
Hail to the Turkish steppe from turkey

Автор Tudor Andrei Raneti ( назад)
human didgeridoos

Автор Liv Life ( назад)
Lol i just found out that im capable of doing this! :D

Автор Yukiho Hagiwara ( назад)
Seems to be some emphasis on nasal.
Like if you taught a goat french.

Автор anjero86 ( назад)
This man is very handsome.

Автор falcoillusion982 ( назад)
What a nice surprice. This video was in japanese and i could understand it
because i have learned a lot japanese.

Автор Luchmun Uma ( назад)
the sax does not have his place here
the original aspect should have been preserved instead...............

Автор rcfanaticdublin ( назад)
Lost for word's...kind of hypnotiseing?
But i tell ye one thing!!!...he'd go down a storm in the gealteacht in
Kerry South West Coast of Ireland... :-)

Автор domi382 ( назад)
i bet he is speaking japanese, is he? it sounds so fluent and different
from the mongolian language. still i don't understand what he says

Автор 田中洋一 ( назад)

Автор Ronny Velásquez ( назад)
Son voces maravillosas las que se producen en el canto diafónico de la
Sierra de Altai. Perecen venir de la profundidad del cielo. Son

impresionante el canto difónico mongol en que un cantante emite a la vez
dos sonidos diferentes como si fueran dos personas y es una: 6 methods of
the khoomii(Throat Singing)

Автор Abismal Harmony ( назад)
I WANT TO LEARN KHOOMII SINGING!!! This is so beautiful

Автор Jorge Sanchez ( назад)
Como hace eso??? Wow... Me parece super interesante y me encante, me
gustaria aprender a hacerlo... Gracias por compartir esto!

Автор Je ff ( назад)
That is trap music, bitch!

Автор Guigard Roger ( назад)
Combien d'années pour avoir cette maîtrise
Je suis un admiration en écoutant

Автор agraabui ( назад)
C'est quand même fou cette maîtrise de la gorge et du chant.

Автор VLAD THE VIKING ( назад)
Simply amazing I am from Ukraine my self but my heart feels closer to
mogolia every time I hear that throat sound makes me feel closer to nature
and been thankful to feel alive

Автор Lars bender ( назад)
wie super ist das denn..............

Автор andrew nig ( назад)
sounds like adam sandler dunking it in little nicky

Автор BWFSabian ( назад)
I am really angry because this isn't stunning everyone on this ball of
muck. h310, Thanks.. 

Автор たつぎし ( назад)
「ホンダ シティ都電型(立って運転)タイプに乗っている」

Автор x17Chimera ( назад)
I learned to throat sing in my free time. NOBODY APPRECIATES IT. My life is
filled with people who are different than me, and yet, they're all the same
general personalities. 

Автор Llivingllegend el toro ( назад)
fantastic thank you for sharing this, may all the imbeciles not send
nasties no need for it

Автор Romina Mercedes ( назад)
That camel had the best trip ever

Автор Robert Horker ( назад)
Damn... I gotta learn this.

Автор GTN .B ( назад)
hajuud ni te1 budaan tulam chin 

Автор Barb Jungr ( назад)
Genius beauty.

Автор Kay Angevare ( назад)
This is basically me on the toilet after I had curry.

Автор tsogtgerel tsogtoo ( назад)
Thank's all. He is my father. 

Автор June H ( назад)
Thank your for sharing your amazing music with us.

Автор crashtestpilot24auto ( назад)
ухаха перебили своих индейцев ,теперь слушайте тувинский хоомей 

Автор generatorparanoi ( назад)

Автор Eusunt Dac ( назад)
Phenomenal! Wow ... (thanks for sharing).

Автор wernertrptube ( назад)
Wer hat da sein Saxophon verloren ?

Автор wernertrptube ( назад)
Obertonsingen mit geschlossenenm Mund.
Wie singender Bauchredner.

Автор tania ribeiro ( назад)

Автор samm2577 ( назад)
absolutely brilliant. One of the funnest and greatest things I'v ever seen,
fucking incredible. loving the saxophone

Автор SONGSTICKS ( назад)
also a track called "collaboration airwaves" which I did with my best
friend Neil via the internet. He created the backing track on his mobile
phone and sent it to me to add guitar to. Our version of the Doctor Who

Автор SONGSTICKS ( назад)
we could have a go at making a youtube video online if you're up for that?
I did one via the cigar box nation website with a fella called bug. It's on
here. It's our own version of the doors "Light My fire". Have a looksy and
see what you think?

Автор Jim Lotus ( назад)
yeah it does :)

Автор Jim Lotus ( назад)
Hi :)wow that sounds so fun planning a gig , I bet your looking forward to
that, I would be too :) Yes I live in the United States so Im a little far
away, but thank you for the offer because I was wondering if you were close
enough also, I would love to make some music together:) you read my mind, I
guess when you play music like we do, we know how fun it is to get together
with other like minded individuals, thank you so much for the offer though
because I sure would have if I was closer :)

Автор SONGSTICKS ( назад)
Hi again Jim, Rami lives in Slovakia and comes back to the uk twice a year.
When he returns again in April we're planning to play a gig together which
I'm really looking forward to. Where are you based? If you're in the uk and
not too far from me, you'd be welcome to come round and make music :0)

Автор Jim Lotus ( назад)
yes I have heard Rami Shaafi before :) I have watched his throat singing
videos before and our styles are similar :) Yes I saw your video too and
it's good, I really like the native flute, I play native indian flute
myself, the didgeradoo,guitar, and Buffalo Drum so I can appreciate it, it
sure looks like a lot of fun to me as I play music all the time but I don't
have anyone else that plays with me, so I play alone but I go from
instrument to instrument and it sounds great,namaste my friend:)

Автор SONGSTICKS ( назад)
Hi, I learnt from my friend Rami Shaafi who has been throat singing for
many years and recently came to my studio to record some tracks together.
If you click on my page we have several tracks on youtube. Bright
Blessings, Gary

Автор Jim Lotus ( назад)
congratulations on discovering throat singing :) im a throat singer as well
and I know how exciting it is to learn khoomei of the nose and all the many
styles of throat singing, yes I throat sing in the car a lot too I know
what you mean :) om mani padme hum, the jewel in the heart of the lotus ;)

Автор Hannah Cannae ( назад)
すごい そっちに行かなくちゃのように感じる 赤ちゃんと子供はニコニコも超かわいい~

Автор Proverb2012 ( назад)
Throat singing...through every hole in the non private parts of the
body...in the snow...accompanied by a saxophone...This has really altered
my standard of what can be called AWESOME on earth

Автор Way2Spirited ( назад)
Excellent upload and a very talented throat singer. Thank you for the

Автор Andreas Chaniotakis ( назад)
He looks like an asian James Franco.

Автор mrajczyk ( назад)
the part at about 1 min sounds like a like a voice going thru a phaser,
something people over hear do with either audio software or a guitar
distortion pedal.You should see Herzog's movie on Faith in Russia

Автор /dev/zero ( назад)
Was not expecting that saxophone.

Автор crystafoshee ( назад)
I love the look he gives the camera when he's doing it through the nose.
It's like, "Yes, I'm doing this." Lol.

Автор SONGSTICKS ( назад)
SUPERB !! Thankyou for posting this, I've just learnt how to overtone and I
wasn't aware of all the different ways. I've been doing the sing, lip &
upper jaw and didn't know about the nose. To my delight, I just tried the
nose and I can do it :0) still need lots of practice, which I've discovered
is best to do in the car, the acoustics are just great for it !

Автор SMOlmec ( назад)
breathing sistem training you can do it, if you practice it with a
didgeridoo and by using the voice in throat singing and overtone singing It
takes a huge pratice to do this and trying and error over and over again.
But in the end the it will pay back many sounds can be made and mixed ;))))

Автор もより えき ( назад)

Автор Missis LeBlanc ( назад)
not the samething bro

Автор FuriusJorge ( назад)
How the hell do these guys make the overtones happen??? Seriously I'm

Автор Numb Shark ( назад)
Damn!! I bet every UFO has a guy singing like this inside...

Автор Juan Palacin ( назад)
increiblemente bello ! quiero llegar allí, en cuerpo y alma

Автор cuntdragon ( назад)
I know exactly what he's saying

Автор purple haze ( назад)
Anyone else thinking about how good he would be at beatboxing?

Автор 髙橋 舟斗 ( назад)

increible !!!!... saludos desde sudamerica... su musica es genial ...
mongolia se parece mucho a peru mi pais ... saludos desde PERU !!!

Автор kimy Daria ( назад)
cool this is mongolian pride

Автор kitimandiri ( назад)
Amazing singing and personality in the face. Humanity.

Автор Constantin Ion ( назад)

Автор TheMichellepop ( назад)
thank u

Автор Deng Lohan ( назад)
Tserendavaa, read the description !

Автор Deng Lohan ( назад)
Amazing demo: I am a long time fan of Khoomei, this is the BEST !!

Автор ruy19001 ( назад)

Автор ruy19001 ( назад)

Автор ineffablerhymes ( назад)
i do and yes they do! true sound speaks to ones soul weather you are aware
or not...

Автор ineffablerhymes ( назад)
Wow you have exactly mirrored what i descibe as the cosmic chewingum! ;)
its the geometri chi of sound and actually looks like you are chewing

Автор Bigula1 - Fábio ( назад)

Автор GRACE9B1 ( назад)
extraordinario y maravilloso como saca sonidos y musica bendito don que
Dios, otorga a sus hijos. admirable realmente mil bendiciones maravilloso
tener hermanos en todo el planeta con talentos diferentes gracias padre por
que somos hermanos y ya no importan ni la raza ni el idioma ni la religión
ni la politica lo obvio es que somos uno .

Автор fabrizio celli ( назад)
It seems that he plays sounds as well he had a chewing gum , where the the
chewing gum is the sound! He CHEWS! Incredible.. i'm expecting next step: a
bubble gum of sound!! Oh, my Godness..

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