6 methods of the khoomii(Throat Singing)

There are six methods of the khoomii in the explanation of Mr. Tserendavaa.

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Автор EversoleKid (8 месяцев)
Grown within a hundreds of years, this feels like a monument of natural
culture for me. How long will we still be able to enjoy this, before sweet
Tuva also sounds like "easy listening" out of all loud speakers or like
dull mainstream radio as we have to endure that? This is original, this is
genuine, and it makes me sad to see this culture dying ...

Автор BWFSabian (13 дней)
I am really angry because this isn't stunning everyone on this ball of
muck. h310, Thanks.. 

Автор Eusunt Dac (8 месяцев)
Phenomenal! Wow ... (thanks for sharing).

Автор Barb Jungr (4 месяца)
Genius beauty.

Автор Llivingllegend el toro (2 месяца)
fantastic thank you for sharing this, may all the imbeciles not send
nasties no need for it

Автор Inthehouseofflies (3 месяца)
That camel had the best trip ever

Автор cameron sac (2 года)

Автор Kay Angevare (4 месяца)
This is basically me on the toilet after I had curry.

Автор tsogtgerel tsogtoo (6 месяцев)
Thank's all. He is my father. 

Автор June H (6 месяцев)
Thank your for sharing your amazing music with us.

Автор tania ribeiro (8 месяцев)

Автор andrew nig (12 дней)
sounds like adam sandler dunking it in little nicky

Автор Chimera6297 (2 месяца)
I learned to throat sing in my free time. NOBODY APPRECIATES IT. My life is
filled with people who are different than me, and yet, they're all the same
general personalities. 

Автор Robert Horker (3 месяца)
Damn... I gotta learn this.

Автор SMOlmec (11 месяцев)
breathing sistem training you can do it, if you practice it with a
didgeridoo and by using the voice in throat singing and overtone singing It
takes a huge pratice to do this and trying and error over and over again.
But in the end the it will pay back many sounds can be made and mixed ;))))

Автор Andy Anderson (3 года)
@SinKuang No disrespect meant but " Wünül " , or "bird singing" is as
similar to Mongolian or Tuvan throat singing as Gangsta Rap is to High
Italian Opera. Growing up with " Wünül " may have influenced your
appreciation for the art form, but it sounds like random grunts, clicks,
and laughs with no rhyme or reason to me. True "Throat Singing" is
melodious and deeply inspiring. Its performance inspires a real
appreciation for the ethnicity of these people. " Wünül " doesn't do it for
me, sorry.

Автор shigatsuningen (4 года)
@SinKuang Interesting. Then you can add Inuit in Canada and the Swiss
folklore to that list of throat singers. Well it's actually a dual singing
too, through throat and nasal cavity simultaneously.

Автор Mir Solongo (3 года)
Huue l dee ene huuhduud yamar ch egduutei yum be dee =)))))))))))) Eh nutag
min yuutai saihan be.

Автор tommyboy1ism (4 года)
is somone squezen ur balls

Автор KryoWarrior (2 года)
The nose technique is really hard I guess.

Автор weltball (3 года)
Wonderful Mongolia. Buddha bless YOU. nice regards from Austria

Автор Furqaan Ülger (3 года)
@SinKuang that...has nothing to do with your dumb bird whistle shit. so
stop acting or comparing your shitty crap with our unique throat singing.
and give us both a break will you...just watch the fuckin video.

Автор Deng Lohan (1 год)
Tserendavaa, read the description !

Автор piyota77 (5 лет)
The traditional culture of Mongolia is splendid.

Автор theEarlofChip (3 года)
he has the same lips as rocky

Автор mrajczyk (9 месяцев)
the part at about 1 min sounds like a like a voice going thru a phaser,
something people over hear do with either audio software or a guitar
distortion pedal.You should see Herzog's movie on Faith in Russia

Автор kitimandiri (1 год)
Amazing singing and personality in the face. Humanity.

Автор munkhuu0528 (4 года)
Brilliant, only Mongolians can do this perfectly. only perfect mind can
understand khoomii

Автор leftbrain (2 года)
when you sing in a piece of pvc pipe it sounds kinda like this

Автор Mischa.B.B. (5 лет)
It's such an ethereal sound, you can almost feel like your back in ancient
times when they were singing this.

Автор pete Nishimura (9 месяцев)
This goes away beyond beat box.

Автор Jim Lotus (8 месяцев)
yeah it does :)

Автор Aidan Stewart (4 года)
What I expressed happens to be the Truth. What you expressed was an insult.
There is a monumental difference between the two.

Автор ReddSouljah (2 года)
Bring a group together... the sound is not only amazing, but it could move
mountains.... Edward Leedskalnin mastered these ancient sound waves and
made Coral Castle by himself.

Автор Thrawn6211 (3 года)
Look at those mountains. It trails Ireland by mere micrometers, and only
that because I'm 1/5 Irish.

Автор Moistened Mann (2 года)
I want his hat and I want to wear it like he does

Автор azozt98 (1 год)
تمقتمري يختفعقص احبهىسل

Автор teh1tronner (9 месяцев)
Was not expecting that saxophone.

Автор NemSoha (2 года)
@HinnStormur I definitely would not say they are Huns alone, but would
certainly be possible they were joined with other nomadic tribes who had
settled there during one period or another. There are even a few dozen
words of Tungusic origin (related to Manchu) in Hungarian that cannot be
found in Turkic or Mongolic languages, even those of which are normally
explained as "loan words" from Turkish

Автор piip4 (2 года)
His clothes resembles that os a sami.

Автор ineffablerhymes (1 год)
Wow you have exactly mirrored what i descibe as the cosmic chewingum! ;)
its the geometri chi of sound and actually looks like you are chewing

Автор Fábio Takahashi (1 год)

Автор NemSoha (2 года)
@HinnStormur I'll try to PM you the link later after I search again. I just
remember a few of the words off the top of my head like beteg (ill), kanal
(spoon), hamar (quickly), but there were more. I'm not an expert, but the
Finno-Ugric theory is nonsense, fundamentally weak with scant linguistic
evidence as support. Not only does linguistic evidence exist to contradict
it or to support other origins, but the F-U theory has nothing in terms of
history, archeology, genetics etc.

Автор Nick Denning (4 года)
What do you mean?

Автор Proverb2012 (9 месяцев)
Throat singing...through every hole in the non private parts of the
body...in the snow...accompanied by a saxophone...This has really altered
my standard of what can be called AWESOME on earth

Автор weltball (3 года)
You sing so good. Nice regards from Austria

Автор Wajih Edmond Tohme (4 года)
Amazing !!!

Автор chinzo michelle (3 года)
Only Mongolians ....

Автор TheMichellepop (1 год)
thank u

Автор bellynurse (2 года)

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