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Автор StorytellerMedia (17 дней)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор Millie Skittles (1 месяц)
If I can comment, although all of your musing regarding the bones/DNA/etc
may be true. The fact that she knew the story, as said, before published
ACCOMPANIED, with the fact her facial structure matched up so closely with
Maria ACCOMPANIED with the fact Maria was the supposedly missing body, ALL
TOGETHER is what seems the most compelling. Everyone seems to be mentioning
one, or the other, or the other, but what of the fact of all three? Perhaps
she was just a kook, what are the chances said kook both knew that part of
the story so well AND matched so well in bone structure? Especially given
the timeframe, AND the fact they were in south Africa, even if this story
was known before publishing in suspiciously high detail which match up so
well, how would it have traveled to some suspiciously similarly structured,
height, and age woman in South Africa?! Im sorry but it seems VERY
compelling to me.

Автор Allie S (5 месяцев)
Anastasia was never a Princess. A Princess is the daughter of a King. She
was a Grand Duchess, which is the daughter of a Czar, aka Emperor.

Автор StorytellerMedia (6 месяцев)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор StorytellerMedia (1 месяц)
I think that the only people who can answer all the questions and mysteries
having to do with the Princess and Prince will be only them. Anastasia and
her brother. But the only thing I don't understand is that Anastasia in the
picture had colored eyes and the grandmother had brown eyes.

Автор N.R Dewi Nurmayani (6 месяцев)
In 1991, human remains were found in the forest outside Yekaterinburg. They
have been identified through DNA testing as belonging to the Romanovs and
their servants. In 1998, the Romanovs were buried in St. Petersburg and
have been declared passion bearers by the Russian Orthodox Church. However,
two sets of remains were missing from the mass grave. Scientists identified
the missing family members as Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich of Russia, who
was a few weeks short of his fourteenth birthday at the time of the
killing, and either Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia or Grand
Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia, who were seventeen and nineteen
respectively at the time of the killings. The report of two missing bodies
continued until the late 2000s to fuel speculation that one or more members
of the family could have survived.

On August 23, 2007, a Russian archaeologist announced the discovery of two
burned, partial skeletons at a bonfire site near Yekaterinburg that
appeared to match the site described in Yurovsky's memoirs. The
archaeologists said the bones are from a boy who was roughly between the
ages of ten and thirteen years at the time of his death and of a young
woman who was roughly between the ages of eighteen and twenty-three years
old. Along with the remains of the two bodies, archaeologists found "shards
of a container of sulfuric acid, nails, metal strips from a wooden box, and
bullets of various caliber". The bones were found using metal detectors and
metal rods as probes.

On January 22, 2008, Russian forensic scientists announced that preliminary
testing indicated a "high degree of probability" that the remains belong to
the Tsarevich Alexei and to one of his sisters. The Yekaterinburg region's
chief forensic expert Nikolai Nevolin indicated the results will be
compared against those obtained by foreign experts and a final report could
be issued by April or May 2008. On April 30, 2008, Russian forensic
scientists announced that DNA testing proves that the remains belong to the
Tsarevich Alexei and to one of his sisters. With this result, all of the
Tsar's family are accounted for, proving that none of them survived the

Anastasia's survival stories have always been the most famous, inspiring
dozens of books and films.

Автор StorytellerMedia (1 месяц)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор GwenGames (3 месяца)
Storyteller media please stop spamming the same comments 

Автор Tash Jupp (2 месяца)
I think the idea of the lost princess being Maria not Anastacia is
absolutely fascinating. As for little Alexi it seems unlikely he would have
lived much longer anyway. 

Автор Lucia Tilyard (13 дней)
My Mum was born in 1911, and went to a convent school in Brentwood Essex.
She used to say that Anastasia, also went to school there. I didn't know
much about what had happened to the Russian Royal family, so never asked
about it. The school was called the Ursuline.

Автор Anthony Nicholas (2 месяца)
the Romanovs relation of the monarch will take over in the next 15 years of
Russia that will take over of Russia and get rid of Russian presidents and
also the rusian Cossacks that tried to end the Romanovs monarch, bye the
way the monarch of the Romanovs will put an end to u Russian Cossacks and u
terrorist organisations and to vladimire puttins illegal warfair against
innocent people you terrosists

Автор KlunkerRider (20 дней)
The DNA Argument doesn't work, you test this woman's living descendants DNA
against the living relatives of the Russian Romanov's, and the related
British Royal family and German relatives family members, you wont get
100% match but you get some % of correlation or not. If they could confirm
King Richard III identity based on an 800 year old descendant I think a
mere century old difference would easier to prove or disprove any

Автор Steve Allan (1 день)
I am the real Anastasia. give me my money Russia

Автор StorytellerMedia (5 месяцев)
Wait wait wait is anastasia in disney movie is a real one the family of
anastasia romolof? 

Автор Jennifer Lyn (1 месяц)

Автор Mason A (2 месяца)
Am I the only person in the world who has plan if I were to go back in a
time machine and save them. I'll give you one hint of what my plan is. It
includes cross-dressing.

Автор Jody Wilson (2 месяца)
even if there is an heir, they wouldn't likely admit to it, the KGB would
silence them.

Автор TIffany Oakes (15 дней)
Alexi could not walk. Here is he is shown walking.. The Czar said, "What
What?" when the death sentence was announced to him and Yurovsky read the
sentence again. The music in this is awful! Too loud and annoying!

Автор cinnamongirl3121 (2 месяца)
The real problem here isn't whether or not this woman or any other was a
Romanov. I think the real issue is if it's true then there would be heirs
to the throne. When they conducted DNA tests, the living person used for
comparison was Prince Philip the Queens Consort. There is no incentive for
anyone currently living to prove anyone of Tzar Nikolai left an heir...that
left an heir...that left an heir. As much as I respect the British
monarchy I don't believe they would do anything that might jeopardize their

Автор Gill E Shaw (13 дней)
I've watched this several times and find it facinating. Why does the
documentalist assume that only one daughter survived? I suppose because of
the official written account. If this family was murdered then where is
the photographic evidence? I would have thought there would be photographs
taken of their dead bodies so where are they? Anna Andersons court case to
prove her identity was supposedly one of the longest running court cases of
the 20th century so why did she bother with it if she had fabricated the
story. I find it hard to believe that she made it all up and have no faith
whatsoever in the DNA findings.

Автор Richard Braebrook (1 месяц)
all this is very sad and the fact remains that all the bodies have been
accounted for so we are told.This story is particularly disturbing because
it is difficult to believe that soldiers etc could have been so cruel to
the russian royal family and that the russian government at the time were
so cruel.The tzar had already abdicated so what threat were they to the
army and governing body.No one deserves that kind of hideous brutality and
treatment. It deeply disturbs me every time i see it knowing that it should
and need not have happened. What is worse , by far the worse, that Our dear
King George should have and quite rightly given them sanctuary in this
country and it need not have happened. He was and should be regarded just
as responsible as those that shot the russian royal family. He for sure is
just as guilty as if he had pulled the trigger himself,and it all could
have been avoided. I hope to god their souls are now at rest, and that god
will hold them very dearly and close to him.

Автор Angelic Stormz (11 дней)
It's only reasonable to keep the lines open. Anything is possible. So,
when I hear all the tight lipped groups scoffing it off.. obviously money
must be that reason!

Автор John Stewart (3 месяца)

Автор Andrea Valdes (3 месяца)
Interesting, I always wonder why when real science try to find DNA from old
bones they fail or find different results, mostly due to contamination.
However, when a national authority, like the Russians, publish a research
they are very conclusive, like if everything was perfect. It is true that
burned bones and after several decades should not be good material to
extract DNA, if you think about it, we just have a case in Mexico, when
experts reported being unable to identity the bones of recently burned

Автор Stephen Erangey (3 месяца)
Something to keep in account when the Tsar & his Family were murdered he
was by far the richest Man in the world. He was worth billions of dollars
when he died in 1917 which would have been an amazing amount for someone to
have back in that era. The vast majority of his financial holdings as far
as actual money is concerned was kept in the Bank of England. Had by some
chance one of his Daughters actually lived & escaped there was no way going
forward the powers that be would have admitted she was of the Russian Royal
Family as to do so that Daughter would be the sole heir to the late Tsar's
vast fortune. All the late Tsar's money is still in England & to this day
Royals in Europe related to the last Tsar of Russia by bloodline have been
fighting over that fortune for nearly one hundred years. Could one of his
Daughters actually escaped that blood bath in Siberia? Maybe & then again
maybe not. That being said there were powerful forces all these years
behind the scene that would ban together & claim fraud anytime a Woman
would step up to claim she was the late Tsars' Daughter. This story will
never really be closed.

Автор 1957khartung (2 месяца)
All have since been accounted for. And most of all, the two had different
color eyes. Anastasia had very light eye's, the grandmothers were very
dark. You can't change eye color. Maybe grand mother had escaped from
Russia, but she was not one of the Romanov's!

Автор Csillag Ferenc (9 дней)

Автор Ann TwoShoes (2 месяца)
This can be easily solved. The grandchildren can have their DNA compared
to that of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. A likely story indeed.

Автор marie-helene Lacasse (1 месяц)
Let them rest in peace. Nobody deserves what happened to them. lots of
people making money on a sad sad story. 

Автор RampantArtist (14 дней)
the link to the music doesn't work. I am completely smitten with it.. but
the closest I found was With a Nightingale's Flight Valery Polyansky... is
that the right piece? It only gives a small sample but it sounds close.
Please... if you could link to the music I would be very grateful. It is so

Автор Caroline Church (25 дней)
Elina at 17:37 looks like Tatiana, not Anastasia

Автор mia peraic (21 день)
i think all of them died that night

Автор fr1day19 (1 месяц)
Maybe maria did survive?. Maybe its not her remains?. The photos fit cause
the old lady is maria and that's how she knew so much about what happened.
Since she was so guarded and secretive to a point, then it doesn't surprise
me that they are not her remains. They said she wanted her family,
grandchildren safe, so would you go as far as hiding your body or making
sure that when you die, your body is never found so to stop any proof of
DNA???? What would happen if Maria was found dead or alive? What would
happen to her, her family, her blood???? I believe its maria, I also think
maria is buried somewhere unknown and somehow they have managed to have a
body where she was meant to lay with her husband. She doesn't want to be
found otherwise she would have come out. Let her rest in peace, Let
Anastasia rest in peace. They are all together now as they say.

Автор Denise Rippy (20 дней)
Once again you tube delivers on their online history of the Windsors,
another on the Romanoffs, & of course a family like the Vanderbilts gets a
mention all they were lacking was a spiel on the Lindberg. baby. I must get
back in the loop and watch the news on you tube, MSN, or CNN. <3

Автор Celia Younger (3 месяца)
This story in Africa,???... they are full of .....$$$hhhh%$@# All the
family were assassinated ALL OF THEM. 

Автор ludkabudka (1 месяц)
Why thay didn't take the DNA of her grandson?

Автор Susan Wagner (1 месяц)

Автор melaislines (22 дня)
It makes sense she was paranoid. Imagine the horror of that night. Of
course she did not want to be found. So it should have been obvious that
any individual shouting out to be 'anastacia' must be lying or something.

Автор Stephanie Wilson (29 дней)
I don't think they will ever find the answer. I hope one day I would love
to see it.

Автор HomeSweetHome (3 месяца)

Автор Hayley Blackrose (1 месяц)
The guy that was suppose to help the family led them right into a
slaughter. I think the main reason people keep saying Anastasia survived is
because people wanna hope that something good might have happened that
night instead of admitting that there was no survivors and that the family
was massacred. I saw something like this on the history channel but they
claimed that it was Anastasia's body they couldn't find. Now in this they
say it was Maria's. We are being given two different answers in this
mystery..More then likely they were all murdered and while it was tragic
and something that still lives in the hearts of many people, I'd prefer if
Historians would stop trying to create this fairy tale of a lost Princess.
The Disney movie was just that. A made up movie. It was a good. It was
based on a woman who had lost her memory and never gained it back, people
believed she was Anastasia they believed it so much that when she died as
an old woman they put Anastasia's name on her grave. However there have
been claims before that Anastasia's body was found and that its believed
that some of the men took her and maybe Maria too out and raped them then
killed them. Weather that happened or not I don't know. But if both their
bodies were found why are they saying here that Maria's body was missing?
Honestly that's the first time I've heard that one. As for Alexei its said
that he had a blood condition where if he started to bleed it was hard to
stop it so if he got shot he certainly was killed. I'm sorry but either
find the truth or leave this mystery alone! This tale is tragic enough
without historians tossing countless theories of what may or may not have
happened at us along with false hope that Maria or Anastasia survived. It
would be nice if she did and that she was able to live a happy life but we
will never know for sure.. But one thing is clear. Her sons went through a
lot of trouble to hide her body. They clearly thought she was Maria and
that the secret needed to be buried with her. 

Автор saki hyuga (6 месяцев)
I like how so many people still have arguments that one of them
survived...even today. Even if one of them did live, they'd be in their
hundreds with Alexei being 110. But it has been proven that all of them
died in 1918 but due to lack of DNA evidence they were only able to
identify Alexei and not Maria or Anastasia. This is off subject but for
those commenters from a video about Alexei that I saw yesterday he wasn't
14 when he died, he was 13. Just entered that here just in case
they decided to watch this one as well.

thank you and have a nice day. 

Автор Cool Saint (6 месяцев)
Questionable theory . Why wait nearly 100 years to pronounce the Czar's
family dead . There are still surviving relatives and of course why did
they hide the remains and attempt to destroy them ? Your theory makes no

Автор HBB (3 месяца)
The Imperial family did not die in 1918 at the Ipatiev House in
Ekaterinburg. They were rescued out the night before! They lived!

Автор Jasmine Price (2 месяца)
wow. this was very interesting to know🌹 Blessing for the horrible death of
that family.

Автор Richard Stapleton (6 месяцев)
He knows he is lying, and you can see it on his face. She knew that she
was placed in a truck. She knew that there were an old lady. She knew
that she went to Poland. She knew that she had kinfolk in Germany. She
knew about being placed in a wooden box and heard folk fighting and
BEST. It is impossible to kill off a dynasty and the head of the
illuminati or the Council of 13, the Monarch of England, not know about
it. They call all the shots! 

Автор Dee Walden (7 месяцев)
It is one of those stories that haunts you that is why we would all like to
believe someone survived such a terrible tragedy, What heartless pricks, to
shoot children. 

Автор onlybridge (2 месяца)
Would you all just think of the horror it must have been to be in that
cellar... What thoughts would have been in your head ??? You are parents...
you see your children dying in front of you - you are children and you see
your parents being gunned down ??? It's a tragedy that should never have
happened. The Romanovs were murdered by Bolchevich idiots. But in the end,
I think we want to hope that one of the children survived,They didn't... 

Автор Adriane King (2 месяца)
Granny Alina was more of a Maria look-a-like to me...I thought she claimed
to be Maria and not Anastasia though...

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