Our World - Our World - In Search of a Lost Princess

Popular belief has, until recently, been that Anastasia Romanov and her young brother Alexei escaped the assassination when the rest of the Russian Imperial Family was murdered during the Russian Revolution. The reason was, that there where always 2 bodies missing.

Today, people are coming to believe that because the 2 'missing bodies' had been 'located', the whole of the Romanov family were killed.

The Russians authorities claim conclusively that that those two missing bodies have been proven, by DNA testing, to be Maria and Alexei.Case closed!

We dispute that claim on several grounds.


When the Tzar and his family were slaughter by the Bolshovics. He was the richest man in the world. His death meant his fortune went to the State, the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR. The country today known as Russia. There is no way Russia is going to entertain any claim against that fortune. The easiest way to stop any potential claim is for the world believe that no heir survived.

They say the DNA testing was confirmed by international experts. But these experts only had material to work with that the Russian authorities supplied.

Also the Russian authorities do not have a good track record when it comes to telling the truth. Just look at history and the events of today.

In our story the grandchildren of a woman living in South African claimed that their deceased grandmother was the Grand Duchess of Russia. She was presumed to be Anastasia. They claimed she escaped and lived out her life in fear and hiding as a commoner in South Africa.

After exhuming the woman's remains from a secret grave, we took the remains to four universities including Oxford University in England, to test their claim.

Astonishingly the results concluded that is was not Anastasia who escaped the revolutionaries' bullets but her sister Maria. Which is interesting because since this documentary was first aired on National Geographic the Russian authorities say the missing daughter was Maria - but that she was dead and found in a grave with Alexei, as mentioned above. Convenient.

Watch the documentary, weigh up the evidence presented in it and then think about how trustworthy the Russian authorities with so much to lose if we were right.

A multi award winning documentary.

Also worth considering this comment by 13minutestomidnight

"I'm just going to copy my previous answer to this statement.

Again: conclusive DNA analysis is impossible on badly chemically and fire damaged bones buried 90 years ago. The bones might be the Romanovs or they might not be, but it would be impossible to determine by DNA analysis due to the high risk of cross-contamination - particularly from the nearby Romanov mass-grave - and DNA degradation.

Remember, this documentary just showed that complete, whole untouched bones laid in a single grave 30 years ago were already at such high risk for contamination that one per-eminent University wouldn't touch them and Oxford found completely different DNA results for the skull and bones.

If someone had tried to use a DNA analysis of 90-year old mixed bones piled into the same grave and badly chemically and fire damaged in their thesis at my old medical school they would have been failed. How the Americans and Russians got away with it in the media staggers me.

Oh, and this was back in 2007, so no, there was no revolutionary DNA testing advancements that would have made this practicable."

If you like the music in the opening of this documentary just follow this link and you can download the mp3 file. Enjoy.


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Автор TheLifeiscomedy ( назад)
Why didn't they try to see if the photos of the grandfather matched any of
the Imperial guards?
Or take mitochondrial DNA from Grandma Alina's children? It would have
provided the same link...

Автор T a k u r a Plays ( назад)
one girl had facked herself to be the princess and the girl believed that
shes the princesss

Автор T a k u r a Plays ( назад)
the princess is still not found

Автор Elizabeth Daniela Moyston ( назад)
poor anastasia she did not dezerve to die .

Автор James Enrico ( назад)
George v would have saved them because George was nicholas' cousin

Автор seaninhd TV ( назад)
it is now confirmed by dna that they all were executed this video must be

Автор Peggy Hill (1658 лет назад)
The song is sad & beautiful at the same time. Thank you so much for
sharing. I followed the story of The Grand Duchess "Anastasia". Godspeed to
the Czar & his family. This is one for the Ages! Bless you all & your

Автор Jayke Hervey ( назад)
But Alina's face and Anastasias face, one of the pictures is blown up a lot
more than the other which is probably why they didn't match

Автор sadettin şakşak ( назад)
if she was princess , how could she survive without getting any wound? how
could she live normally in rest of her life after seeing entire family
being killed by red soulless creatures in small room? killing of tzar is
justifiable but killing little girls are rather brutally! my fore
grandfather got marytried fighting tzar' s army in ww1

Автор Kurt 13 ( назад)
so Anastasia has survived from the assassination ?

Автор Claire (475 лет назад)
That entire thing could've been condensed down to 40 min. The music was
irritating. And as far as I'm concerned very little was discovered. She
could've heard that story from someone, you never know. Why no more details
about the years between the escape and South Africa. Why South Africa? Why
don't we hear the AU's Uni workers talking more about the trauma they seem
to be discussing on the skull?
It leaves more questions than answers. I feel sorry for Prince Phillip
being expected to part with his DNA for every bogus claim. Oh yeah so my
grandma that I can kind of remember definitely said some stuff and yeah.
Parts of the story check out but..

Автор Rosanne Coon ( назад)
try not to luaGh

Автор Maria Da silva ( назад)
So sad story very sad 😓😪💙💚💞💖🌸💝

Автор Jiszelle New ( назад)
The actors don't look anything like the Romanovs. Good Grief!

Автор Nivea Sabrina ( назад)
Eu sou Anastasia romanov !!

Автор RabuHina ( назад)
This was an interesting documentary about the possible survival of The
Grand Duchess. Though I am wondering (out of curiosity) if the Romanov
family wasn't executed how would Russia be today? What of the Duchess did
survive and it was not revealed until present day (After DNA proves this is
fact for argument sake).

Автор martine. mjt ( назад)
it might be her but perhaps the birth mother is not the tsar s wife. that
also can be a possibility. the grandson dying of leukemia is a strange
coincidence. may they are rest in peace,and may all these dumb revolutions

Автор Marco Enriquez ( назад)
What is the name of the first song?

Автор 49logger (1590 лет назад)
Well then why does my DNA have them exhuming the bodies of the Romanov
family...guess they can't all be DEAD...I grew up in Alaska and some have
said that they escaped on a boat and stayed on Alaska islands with the
Eskimos! When I heard that - all I could think was 'well that explains a
lot' and now I have to go to international court with DNA test! The list of
crimes committed against me and my children in Alaska and the USA...many
are to blame...money is root of evil!

Автор Vincent Lewis ( назад)
I have seen this video.. After viewing it I scoured the web for photographs
of Maria in a similar pose to the only existing photograph of Granny A as a
young woman.. I found 7 photos that I could use and overlayed them on
different photoshop layers adjusting the transparency of each layer to get
an accurate scale match... the results are uncanny...
not only do the feature positions match, even the subtle carve of nose,
nostril shapes, pout of mouth, form of cheeks, chin shape and relative
position to mouth... if Granny Alina is not Maria R, then it is a very
strange coincidence in itself, let alone the other information offered in
the documentary.. i:e: Granny A never said she was Anastasia, that she
described details surrounding her escape that were only made public in the
1980's decades after her own accounts, that her presumed husband also bears
a striking resemblence to one of the the Romanovs private guard (who would
have sworn life-long loyalty to the family)... etc.. I personally feel it
is highly likely that Granny A is the Grand Duchess

Автор Vicky Crew Fuller ( назад)
Sorry, but Anastasia's remains were found with her brother in a grave in

Автор John Townsend ( назад)
Between 1973 -75 I met a lady in Hendon NW4 UK, an old lady called Natalia
Avoutin. I met her several times, she told me the whole story, one of which
I never ever had a clue about. She showed me a linen bag that contained a
lot of what was like valuable things, broaches, necklaces, rings. Among
them were several documents, a letter, a folded seal embossed document some
photos. The handwriting was not English looked Russian, I cannot say. She
told me her real name was Anastasia she told me she was told by her father
she was going away, and was taken by strangers, hidden for years. Then
taken to England. She died I believe around 1979. I recall her telling me
her story but my lack of background on it perhaps never clicked for several

Автор Summer Fruits ( назад)
This is so sad

Автор Pisi Kedi ( назад)
Only thing that documentary proves is the power of KGB over this historical
investigation. Once again they didnt let the truth to leak.

Автор Anonymous Legions (879 лет назад)
Guys y'all need to wake up and smell the roses,all of them were killed none
survived, because even though some of the girls got back up,they were hit
with bayonetts and with the guns that their executioners had,and even if
they were just in komas,they were immediately thrown into a shaft with bags
over their heads ,and were burnt okay my gosh . however their still is
Romanov blood throughout Russia from other relatives .

Автор anapao89 ( назад)
I believe the grandmother just had a personality disorder to escape maybe
from her real childhood. Making up stories to make her life more
interesting. Poor guy that died thinking he was going to give peace to

Автор figureofauthority ( назад)
If you watch the documentary Anastasia: dead or alive? you will see that
the late William maples who examined the Romanov remains came to the
conclusion that Anastasia was missing from the mass grave,this deal about
maria missing is from the Russians with nothing better to do.

Автор Elisabeth Antulov ( назад)
What is the song in both the beginning and end ?

Автор Stephen Pruszenski ( назад)
I just hate the fact that the four women were also killed.

Автор me ( назад)
Pure bullshit ! Just a big waste of time (mine as well ) and money.

Автор Mariana “sparkles” Gogos ( назад)
that was interesting

Автор MsJenn1985 ( назад)
You missed their daughter Andrina!

Автор Tavros Nitram ( назад)
In my opinion if there is no record of their grandmother dying in Africa
and in the hospital where she died then could it be possible that she is
buried in England or Germany considering the fact that she is related to
Queen Victoria and she has relatives in Germany?

Автор alex ferguson ( назад)
may God forgive the murderers and their descendants. Putin wants the
Russian royal family back........another lie from a communist hypocrite
.......remember Sochi and the Winter Olympics....... and your anti gay
speech.......and yet you live in luxury.......God is an angry and jealous
God.......and YOU, Putin are walking on very very thin ice

Автор Richard McLaughlin ( назад)
Back in the day, it was not uncommon for an absolute monarch to "sow his
royal oats"; that is to say produce illegitimate children as a means to
back up his dynasty should anything happen to the royal family itself. The
two persons whose remains were DNA tested in 2007 were most likely to have
been "royal oats" that Nicholas II had sowed with any one of Alexandra's

There were many women who claimed to be Anastasia in the wake of the
assassination of the Russian royals but only one woman had all the
corroborative evidence that supported her claim. The main aspect of the
denunciation of Anya Tchaikovsky, a.k.a Anna Anderson was the claim that
she was an uneducated factory worker from Poland by the name of Franziska
Schanzkowska who was five years older than the Grand Duchess Anastasia.

In the early 1990's a lab which analysed a DNA sample from Anna Anderson
and declared her claim as fraudulent and she was in actual fact Franziska
Schanzkowska. Strangely enough, Franziska's brother was the first to come
forward and dispute the DNA result, stating his late sister did not have a
mole removed from her chest, nor a deformed right toe; both of which the
Grand Duchess had.

The self-styled Grand Duke, Cyril (and I say self-styled because the title
of Grand Duke/Duchess is given only to the Tsar's children and
grandchildren) offered Anderson a lavish income if she withdrew her claim
that she was Anastasia. Cyril would never have done such a thing if he
wasn't trying to bury something that he knew would cost him his share in
the Romanov estate. As for Anastasia's grandmother the Empress Dowager
Maria Feodorovna, she died before she had the chance to meet Anderson, to
which she would have recognized as Anastasia. Cyril had to wait till Maria
Feodorovna passed away before he could publicly denounce Anna Anderson as a

Anastasia was purportedly rescued by two brothers by the name of
Tchaikovsky who took her to a doctor by the name of Sokholov, who treated
her. There is, of course, no evidence of the existence of the brothers
Tchaikovsky. In my opinion, all records of the two brothers had been
destroyed at Lenin's behest considering that they had committed such a sin
against the Party that warranted erasure from existence and making all
mention of their names taboo, which was the most severe punishment an
ancient ruler could inflict upon someone.

Also, the bunions on one's feet can be used to identify that one as
reliably as fingerprints. No two persons can have exactly the same
fingerprints on his/her hands and no two persons can have exactly the same
bunions on his/her feet. The bunions on Anastasia's feet were exactly
identical to those on Anna Anderson's feet, which would indicate Anastasia
Romanov and Anna Anderson are one and the same. So more or less, the DNA
that supposedly belonged to Anna Anderson had been switched with that of
Franziska Schanzkowska at the behest of one or more of today's Romanovs, or
for that matter someone from the Mountbatten household. Nonetheless,
Franziska's brother disputed the result.

Автор ann prince ( назад)
There are still Romanovs still living,cousins of the family ,they live in
Britain London to be exact .There is treasure in the bank of England
belonging to the family.

Автор Rini Respati ( назад)
Wait, so it was Maria who survived? What the heck? I wanted to be

Автор Didivs Ivlianvs ( назад)
A face might confirm something is possible but by itself means nothing. And
I can't believe that DNA leaches in mass quantities from other graves to
the interior of bones. So the results are incompetent. I don't think the
bones were mixed up. I think the lab mixed the results up with other cases
in the computer. They didn't think of that or else didn't want to make the

Автор Nicole Hayward (932 года назад)
Heartbreaking, thank you!

Автор Edie Simmons ( назад)
Makes me wonder let's see my grand mother said her parents dis owned her
for marrying a farm worker but never seen one pic of them claim they
where Russian Mennonites home steading in America she had a nervous break
down spent 30 years in a mental hospital looking at the records of her
parents hmmm Jacob Nachtigal born1818 Russia died 1870 South Russia can't
be her father Rosie Nightengale born Sept 21 1903 the last name changes
and her mother is listed Maria Krause born may 1878 United States

Автор olekslander ( назад)
annoying, annoying, annoying music. Can't finish

Автор Tod Fox ( назад)
Ghost movies are not scary anymore.

Автор johnlene kennedy ( назад)
my dna is on 23 and me

Автор johnlene kennedy ( назад)
also carry the hemophila blood

Автор johnlene kennedy ( назад)
my grand father was born ib 1879 my grands mother in 1895 changed names
many times

Автор johnlene kennedy ( назад)
interesting this might explain why my mother was hidden she was told she
would be killed if found out

Автор DaGamingLama ( назад)
Well if they ever were alive they sure as hell aren't now

Автор David Copperfield ( назад)
It is a pity that other murdered victims are not as meticulously

Автор David Copperfield ( назад)
Well, okay, okay so probably Maria escaped and not Anastasia. But TWO
BODIES were missing from the family grave. Who is the second missing

Автор Jaroslaw Krywonos ( назад)
please tell me more about the magnificent singing

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
Tsar Nicholas II, Alexandra, their four daughters - grand duchesses
Anastasia, Maria, Olga and Tatiana - their son the Tsarevich Alexei and
four royal staff members were murdered in the cellar of a house in
Yekaterinburg in 1918.

One night they were lined up as if for a family photo, and then a Bolshevik
firing squad killed them in a hail of bullets, according to witness
accounts. Those who did not die immediately were bayonetted.

The royal couple and three daughters were formally reburied on 17 July 1998
- the 80th anniversary of the murder. They were canonised by the Russian
Orthodox Church in 2000.

Alexei and Maria are also likely to be canonised before the 100th
anniversary in 2018. Their remains are currently kept at the Russian State

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
But the DNA tests did not convince some Russian Orthodox Church members,
because the remains of two - Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria -
were found only in 2007, at a different spot in the Urals.

The Investigative Committee, a state body, says new checks are needed in
order to authenticate the remains of those two.

Russia plans to rebury Alexei and Maria alongside the rest of the family in
St Petersburg's Peter and Paul Cathedral. But for that to happen the Church
wants to be certain about the remains.

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
Russian investigators have exhumed the remains of the last tsar and his
wife, as they re-examine their 1918 murders.

Samples were taken from Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and from the
bloodstained uniform of Alexander II, Nicholas's grandfather, killed in

The Romanov family members, who were killed by revolutionary Bolsheviks,
are buried at a St Petersburg cathedral.

The Orthodox Church wants to confirm family links before other relatives
can be reburied with them.

Автор JoachimderZweite ( назад)
The singing in the beginning of this video is sublime. Does anyone know
what the piece is called.

Автор Nimi ( назад)
No. The dna is on oyida board as Russian spirit in the glass... Upside
down. Evol!! Guida? Yeah. There's Buncha messengers w interpetition of
their story. That's a kinda psychoanalytic... U know... They probably...
No!.. Fn helL. I realised. Not patriotic, but kinda emotional biases. Lil
ghost the end, fn socialists N socialists. Let's... U dumma The facts. But
maybe a Titus interpetition W some other paralelLs. Self some heritage from
there. N whatever. But... Socialists make me... I associate to sociology N
cozy social workers. N now they alL zombie spectacle N... Gestaltning
therapy. Catch few N stick some that makes them paranoid in their blood
N... Chemtrail heavens w the antidote. Some red we alL in common. After
that them blue pilL no phobia. Thanx for notising or not if some issues
with commenting instead of comment. Some triggers N thought patterns. A
to.... OH... Let go of the fn steering wheel! U move the island!! 

Автор 10alpha101 ( назад)
And Russian will be held accountable to God of the killings of the Romanov.

Автор GiGi ( назад)
I don't think she made it up. I think it was HER truth. She probably
believed this with all of her heart. The mind does amazing things to
protect itself against trauma. Who knows what this lady really lived
through. She probably was paranoid if she lived through the revolution.
Maybe she was a member of the Romanov staff, maybe she was just a Russian
refugee who was very mentally ill from her experiences. I don't know, but
DNA or not, it's fascinating. As for the Virginia based Anna Anderson; my
Aunt knew her and she, (Anna), completely believed without a doubt, that
she was The Grand Duchess Anastasia. But as my aunt explained to me; the
idea of her being Anastasia was suggested to her by others. She didn't know
who she was. If you had the choice of being Jane Doe or The Grand Duchess
Anastasia, which would you choose. The knowledge she had regarding the
Romanov family is hard explain if she wasn't Anastasia though and it's not
above any government to fabricate facts (fake DNA results) to suit the
needs of their country. Several staff members were executed with the
family. I don't recall ever hearing what happened to their bodies or when
or if they were found and identified. A very interesting and possibly true
story, no doubt, but one that is also as old as time. Everyone loves a good

Автор Myranda Tillman ( назад)
so Anastasia is the one who died

Автор anonymousmathenge ( назад)
This is a truth that will never be known, interested in this story as I am
in Russia currently and I am learning alot from their history... honestly,
honestly I hope that Anastasia or at least one of the Romanov family
survived but I doubt it... RIP Romanov family...

Автор The English Lion ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the opera at the beginning of the program?

Автор Lelani Mirella ( назад)

Автор magiorey ( назад)

Автор Anna Ferrara ( назад)
The lady on the left at 27:46 reconstructed Richard III's face and did the
facial reconstructions for BBC's "Historic Cold Case".

Автор Gardensiо Fine ( назад)
The scull of an old lady will be very shrunk in comparison to young lady's
scull, especially her chin , especially if she lost all her teeth ( after
that chin shrinks drastically). This is what we see in relation to one of
teh faces.

Автор Gardensiо Fine ( назад)
Photographs, especially in old times, did tend to distort faces, especially
closer to the sides of the picture faces would get rounded or stretched by
a lense. A lot depended on how well the photographer copied the negative
onto the photo paper: he could acidentally change angle of photo enlarging
lense on a photo enlarger, or wet photo paper would dry unevenly while
hanging on a string. Plus, overtime photograph itself could go through
process of drying and expending from humidity and drying unevenly again. To
compare skull measurements with such photos or compare photographs to other
pictures, taken by different photographers in different climates is a waste
of time.

Автор Anynameiwant Last ( назад)
What if he lost that death warrant or dropped it some where they would
still be alive I'm pretty sure you can't kill thal frankly without the
paper work

Автор Anynameiwant Last ( назад)
They spent thousands on research

Автор Pat DeLaurier ( назад)
Did anyone check out the maid? She would have known the details of the
murders,as did Elena. Maybe they didn't kill her because she wasn't
royal.Just saying.

Автор Callan Rogers ( назад)
Why don't they test the DNA of a grandson? the 1 who died of leukaemia.

Автор Seannea D. Wharton ( назад)
I can't believe people are still debating whether or not the Romanov check
children survived. By the way, how are the guys in this video doing?

Автор lisa howell ( назад)
I have heard the is a direct heir to the throne. .smuggled out of Russia in
the 50s..raised in America. .still alive. 

Автор David Lindo ( назад)
Please have a look at this article...
.... This is another story about anastasia and they have a photograph as a
proof... Please just give it a shot... Please read the article and judge it
yourself... It is published by one of the most reliable newspapers in our
country... Please give it a shot

Автор Yoncé ( назад)
Is the disney movie anastasia based on this?

Автор mariant malik (Queen M) ( назад)
WE HAVE FOUND ANASTASIAAAA! like seriously read this im not kidding

Автор Joanna Rivas ( назад)
well dna says it all, the last two found childrens are biologically related
to the tzar and his wife, which means that all the children were executed,
am i right? poor family and poor kids, they didnt deserve this.

Автор ratu sailasa sauqaqa ( назад)
i felt sorry for the royal,they did not choose that life but was born out
of that life

Автор mai psi ( назад)
Thank you for this doco. R.I.P Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, Granma Elena

Автор AYESKA FALÚ ( назад)
If you see Anastasia in Netflix you could pick up clues theirs a fat old
ladies that rescued heron the train tracks the same one that rescued her
and her brother

Автор Weird History Minute ( назад)
The story of the Romanov family is a truly incredible one! I just posted a
brief video about Anastasia and the controversy over her fate, please take
a look if you're interested in the topic.

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор chelsea kappenman ( назад)
The last two bodies were found, they were put in a different location
because they were going to try to cremate the bodies but it was a failed
attempt which was the brother and the girl many say it was Anastasia but
scientist argue that it was Maria

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
The name of the song, in English is Little Bell sung by the Kremlin
Capella. https://youtu.be/DNv5ZvzTGJw

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
The name of the song, in English is Little Bell sung by the Kremlin
Capella. https://youtu.be/DNv5ZvzTGJw

Автор Humna Fatima ( назад)
I think she was really her bc her face matches so well her face

Автор elsa1942 (1109 лет назад)
No one survived (actually Maria and Anastasia left the room alive but they
were killed within minutes after their screams were heard) :(

Автор Leigh Acosta ( назад)
What is the name of the song here? @ artist?

Автор alonnah mae Rojales ( назад)
i believe Anastasia was really alive. but because her uncle and the rest of
the imperial family who are after their thrones, they manipulated the
results of the DNA to make her feel like an impostor to the eyes of their
people.. terrible. she was just wanting to introduce herself as the lost
princess, but she didn't have any intentions to take back what supposed to
be hers. ridiculous relatives she has. if the grandmum was still alive, she
can atest to that. because she knew everything that even just the family
should know.

Автор DaisySky ( назад)
This is scary

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор George W Obama ( назад)
baloney, the whole family was gunned down by the Bolshiveks after they told
them they were going to take their family picture. so two bodies could
have been incinerated or chemically dissolved. they made a stupid movie
with Ingrid Bergman as Anastasia.

Автор Nancy Benefiel ( назад)
Anastasia died at Ekaterinburg. They found her body, with those of her
sisters and her brother. Verified it with DNA tests. End of story.

Автор nkaujhmoobvwj ( назад)
the husband and guard look so alike... it could be... nothing is

Автор Carlos Mundy ( назад)
None of the Imperial family was killed.. A new book by historian Marie
stravlo with all the new discoveries will proove it

Автор Alessandra Reeves-Gehrig ( назад)
What occupies me more whether or not the old lady was a Romanov: She was a
Russian emigrant, so she had a sad history behind, and I hope she found
happiness later in life.

Автор Camden Ham ( назад)
I have some insider knowledge that y'all might like, not that I've ever met
anybody in this clip, but I did live in South Africa for years, and think I
can provide a decent enough explanation for this latest new addition to the
"Collective Anastasia Farces.
Common amongst persons of European ancestory living far-flung corners of
the world, thousands of miles from where their ancestors came from are
family legends about their fore-fathers is the tradition of embellishing
their ancestors importance, with many foreign whites firmly believing their
ancestors were, at the very least, landed gentry.
Here's a good example.....
I lived in a SA town called East London, renamed from it's original name,
Port Rex, a name too contoversial to retain, as it referred to the towns
founder, George Rex, who's father was alleged to have been the lawfull son
of King George III and his (secret marriage) to Hannah Lightfoot, who was
paid off to leave the country and begin a new life in the Cape, an open
secret to local societry at the time. His half-native descendants remain
the true heirs to the British throne. Regretably, evidance for these
legends is somewhat thin, but they do provide a great example of the type
of legend that permeate among Europeans abroad, and its a much better story
than this Anastasia crap (and why aint there no You Tube on this far better
But back to the facts, the Granny in question, I don't believe, ever
intended these claims to be made . She claimed to have been a Duchess, but
not one she choose to name. Well, thats similar to saying that "back home I
was a Princess"....it's not a claim to any title, more a familar way
elderly grannys from a far away country to paint a picture of their distant
past to amuse, entertain and embroider fables from a distant place for the
kids. The grandchildren in this piece also state "They never took it
seriously at the time"....interesting. Then there the missing photo that
might have included Romanov's. Lost, unsurprinsingly, am I not alone in
recalling seeing items in my grandparents home as a child, then seeing them
20 years later, and them appearing entirely unlike whatever memeory I might
have had about that item ?
Then the evidance that Granny Elena was very weary of the police and
advised the children to ensure they never came to the attention of the
police. Well, my granny advised me to do the exact same thing. She wasn't a
Grand Duchess, but she was from Stepney, so no surprise there !!!!

Автор Varjokani ( назад)
If thats Maria who's the girl who was found with Aleksei 2007?

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