Our World - In Search of a Lost Princess

Popular belief has, until recently, been that Anastasia Romanov and her young brother Alexei escaped the assassination when the rest of the Russian Imperial Family was murdered during the Russian Revolution. The reason was, that there where always 2 bodies missing.

Today, people are coming to believe that because the 2 'missing bodies' had been 'located', the whole of the Romanov family were killed.

The Russians authorities claim conclusively that that those two missing bodies have been proven, by DNA testing, to be Maria and Alexei.Case closed!

We dispute that claim on several grounds.


When the Tzar and his family were slaughter by the Bolshovics. He was the richest man in the world. His death meant his fortune went to the State, the USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the USSR. The country today known as Russia. There is no way Russia is going to entertain any claim against that fortune. The easiest way to stop any potential claim is for the world believe that no heir survived.

They say the DNA testing was confirmed by international experts. But these experts only had material to work with that the Russian authorities supplied.

Also the Russian authorities do not have a good track record when it comes to telling the truth. Just look at history and the events of today.

In our story the grandchildren of a woman living in South African claimed that their deceased grandmother was the Grand Duchess of Russia. She was presumed to be Anastasia. They claimed she escaped and lived out her life in fear and hiding as a commoner in South Africa.

After exhuming the woman's remains from a secret grave, we took the remains to four universities including Oxford University in England, to test their claim.

Astonishingly the results concluded that is was not Anastasia who escaped the revolutionaries' bullets but her sister Maria. Which is interesting because since this documentary was first aired on National Geographic the Russian authorities say the missing daughter was Maria - but that she was dead and found in a grave with Alexei, as mentioned above. Convenient.

Watch the documentary, weigh up the evidence presented in it and then think about how trustworthy the Russian authorities with so much to lose if we were right.

A multi award winning documentary.

Also worth considering this comment by 13minutestomidnight

"I'm just going to copy my previous answer to this statement.

Again: conclusive DNA analysis is impossible on badly chemically and fire damaged bones buried 90 years ago. The bones might be the Romanovs or they might not be, but it would be impossible to determine by DNA analysis due to the high risk of cross-contamination - particularly from the nearby Romanov mass-grave - and DNA degradation.

Remember, this documentary just showed that complete, whole untouched bones laid in a single grave 30 years ago were already at such high risk for contamination that one per-eminent University wouldn't touch them and Oxford found completely different DNA results for the skull and bones.

If someone had tried to use a DNA analysis of 90-year old mixed bones piled into the same grave and badly chemically and fire damaged in their thesis at my old medical school they would have been failed. How the Americans and Russians got away with it in the media staggers me.

Oh, and this was back in 2007, so no, there was no revolutionary DNA testing advancements that would have made this practicable."

If you like the music in the opening of this documentary just follow this link and you can download the mp3 file. Enjoy.


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Автор Callan Rogers ( назад)
Why don't they test the DNA of a grandson? the 1 who died of leukaemia.

Автор Seannea D. Wharton ( назад)
I can't believe people are still debating whether or not the Romanov check
children survived. By the way, how are the guys in this video doing?

Автор lisa howell ( назад)
I have heard the is a direct heir to the throne. .smuggled out of Russia in
the 50s..raised in America. .still alive. 

Автор David Lindo ( назад)
Please have a look at this article...
.... This is another story about anastasia and they have a photograph as a
proof... Please just give it a shot... Please read the article and judge it
yourself... It is published by one of the most reliable newspapers in our
country... Please give it a shot

Автор Yoncé ( назад)
Is the disney movie anastasia based on this?

Автор mariant malik ( назад)
WE HAVE FOUND ANASTASIAAAA! like seriously read this im not kidding

Автор Joanna Rivas ( назад)
well dna says it all, the last two found childrens are biologically related
to the tzar and his wife, which means that all the children were executed,
am i right? poor family and poor kids, they didnt deserve this.

Автор ratu sailasa sauqaqa ( назад)
i felt sorry for the royal,they did not choose that life but was born out
of that life

Автор mai psi ( назад)
Thank you for this doco. R.I.P Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, Granma Elena

Автор AYESKA FALÚ ( назад)
If you see Anastasia in Netflix you could pick up clues theirs a fat old
ladies that rescued heron the train tracks the same one that rescued her
and her brother

Автор Weird History Minute ( назад)
The story of the Romanov family is a truly incredible one! I just posted a
brief video about Anastasia and the controversy over her fate, please take
a look if you're interested in the topic.

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор chelsea kappenman ( назад)
The last two bodies were found, they were put in a different location
because they were going to try to cremate the bodies but it was a failed
attempt which was the brother and the girl many say it was Anastasia but
scientist argue that it was Maria

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
The name of the song, in English is Little Bell sung by the Kremlin
Capella. https://youtu.be/DNv5ZvzTGJw

Автор Idalys N ( назад)
If they hadn't sat up screaming they probably would have lived....

Автор Владимир Сачко ( назад)
The name of the song, in English is Little Bell sung by the Kremlin
Capella. https://youtu.be/DNv5ZvzTGJw

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
The name of the song, in English is Little Bell sung by the Kremlin
Capella. https://youtu.be/DNv5ZvzTGJw

Автор Humna Fatima ( назад)
I think she was really her bc her face matches so well her face

Автор elsa1942 (1108 лет назад)
No one survived (actually Maria and Anastasia left the room alive but they
were killed within minutes after their screams were heard) :(

Автор Leigh Acosta ( назад)
What is the name of the song here? @ artist?

Автор alonnah mae Rojales ( назад)
i believe Anastasia was really alive. but because her uncle and the rest of
the imperial family who are after their thrones, they manipulated the
results of the DNA to make her feel like an impostor to the eyes of their
people.. terrible. she was just wanting to introduce herself as the lost
princess, but she didn't have any intentions to take back what supposed to
be hers. ridiculous relatives she has. if the grandmum was still alive, she
can atest to that. because she knew everything that even just the family
should know.

Автор DaisySky ( назад)
This is scary

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор George W Obama ( назад)
baloney, the whole family was gunned down by the Bolshiveks after they told
them they were going to take their family picture. so two bodies could
have been incinerated or chemically dissolved. they made a stupid movie
with Ingrid Bergman as Anastasia.

Автор Nancy Benefiel ( назад)
Anastasia died at Ekaterinburg. They found her body, with those of her
sisters and her brother. Verified it with DNA tests. End of story.

Автор Victoria H Thor Valois ( назад)

Автор nkaujhmoobvwj ( назад)
the husband and guard look so alike... it could be... nothing is

Автор Carlos Mundy ( назад)
None of the Imperial family was killed.. A new book by historian Marie
stravlo with all the new discoveries will proove it

Автор Alessandra Reeves-Gehrig ( назад)
What occupies me more whether or not the old lady was a Romanov: She was a
Russian emigrant, so she had a sad history behind, and I hope she found
happiness later in life.

Автор Camden Ham ( назад)
I have some insider knowledge that y'all might like, not that I've ever met
anybody in this clip, but I did live in South Africa for years, and think I
can provide a decent enough explanation for this latest new addition to the
"Collective Anastasia Farces.
Common amongst persons of European ancestory living far-flung corners of
the world, thousands of miles from where their ancestors came from are
family legends about their fore-fathers is the tradition of embellishing
their ancestors importance, with many foreign whites firmly believing their
ancestors were, at the very least, landed gentry.
Here's a good example.....
I lived in a SA town called East London, renamed from it's original name,
Port Rex, a name too contoversial to retain, as it referred to the towns
founder, George Rex, who's father was alleged to have been the lawfull son
of King George III and his (secret marriage) to Hannah Lightfoot, who was
paid off to leave the country and begin a new life in the Cape, an open
secret to local societry at the time. His half-native descendants remain
the true heirs to the British throne. Regretably, evidance for these
legends is somewhat thin, but they do provide a great example of the type
of legend that permeate among Europeans abroad, and its a much better story
than this Anastasia crap (and why aint there no You Tube on this far better
But back to the facts, the Granny in question, I don't believe, ever
intended these claims to be made . She claimed to have been a Duchess, but
not one she choose to name. Well, thats similar to saying that "back home I
was a Princess"....it's not a claim to any title, more a familar way
elderly grannys from a far away country to paint a picture of their distant
past to amuse, entertain and embroider fables from a distant place for the
kids. The grandchildren in this piece also state "They never took it
seriously at the time"....interesting. Then there the missing photo that
might have included Romanov's. Lost, unsurprinsingly, am I not alone in
recalling seeing items in my grandparents home as a child, then seeing them
20 years later, and them appearing entirely unlike whatever memeory I might
have had about that item ?
Then the evidance that Granny Elena was very weary of the police and
advised the children to ensure they never came to the attention of the
police. Well, my granny advised me to do the exact same thing. She wasn't a
Grand Duchess, but she was from Stepney, so no surprise there !!!!

Автор Be Love (1577 лет назад)

Автор Varjokani ( назад)
If thats Maria who's the girl who was found with Aleksei 2007?

Автор Ольга Крошка ( назад)

Автор samtruddy ( назад)
I think killing kids was such an embarrassment to these monsters, that
making up a surviver helps people cope and not dwell on such a terrible

Автор Aaron Stubblefield ( назад)
Why not take the son's DNA. -Duh

Автор susan mccutcheon ( назад)

Автор jolielef ( назад)
Pierre Gillard, the teacher who knew the fifth children said an a
statement: Anastasia and Maria were talking french, english and russian.
Not german and polish. So, If Anna Anderson was the real Anastasia, why was
she talking only german and polish? And there were reason about defending
Anna Anderson, to get the upper hand on the german investments of the
russian tsar? What languages were talking that other Anastasia. Because,
right now, we are dealing with three possibilities: Anna Anderson story,
the other grand duchess who died in Newport, USA, in 1997 and this south
african. And that might be plausible, since South African was part until
the mid-twenty a german colony? What I founded strange, the bulglar
happened after the death of the other Anastasia in 1997? And why the
Patriarch's orthodox didn't participate to the ceremony in 1997? So, those
are my questions for now ? So, those that mean there are three potential
heirs to the imperial russian throne?

Автор floyd rains ( назад)
One Holy Catholic Church, Uhwoody

Автор MrUhwoody ( назад)
Look for the hidden hand of the JESUITS.

Автор Giana Lathan ( назад)
What a sad story

Автор Bane Wheels ( назад)
There's a version of that in the Philippines. There was a Russian woman out
of nowhere who came to the Philippines and no one knew where she was from.
They suspect she's from a royal family and they said there was a lof of
resemblance between her and Anastasia.

Автор Giana Lathan ( назад)
Not to be mean Anastasia is maybe died and escaped but then died many years
later Cause it happen about 95 years if she was still alive she will be a
111 years old and the imposter Ana Anderson after her flying to new York
she had like her jaw wide open cause her jaw was broken or something but
after her death in 1984 since then she is not the real Anastasia but now in
Russia they still have a search on still but in 1997 the movie Anastasia
came out to inspire the story. Even though not the real story it will be to
much blood to make it a kids movie in conclusion Anastasia is the missing
grand duttchs 

Автор Giana Lathan ( назад)
Im not mean but Anastasia is probably dead i mean that happened 95 years
ago she is now 111 years of age 

Автор Steve Allan ( назад)
I am the real Anastasia. give me my money Russia

Автор Csillag Ferenc ( назад)

Автор Angelic Stormz ( назад)
It's only reasonable to keep the lines open. Anything is possible. So,
when I hear all the tight lipped groups scoffing it off.. obviously money
must be that reason!

Автор Gill E Shaw ( назад)
I've watched this several times and find it facinating. Why does the
documentalist assume that only one daughter survived? I suppose because of
the official written account. If this family was murdered then where is
the photographic evidence? I would have thought there would be photographs
taken of their dead bodies so where are they? Anna Andersons court case to
prove her identity was supposedly one of the longest running court cases of
the 20th century so why did she bother with it if she had fabricated the
story. I find it hard to believe that she made it all up and have no faith
whatsoever in the DNA findings.

Автор Lucia Tilyard (560 лет назад)
My Mum was born in 1911, and went to a convent school in Brentwood Essex.
She used to say that Anastasia, also went to school there. I didn't know
much about what had happened to the Russian Royal family, so never asked
about it. The school was called the Ursuline.

Автор RampantArtist ( назад)
the link to the music doesn't work. I am completely smitten with it.. but
the closest I found was With a Nightingale's Flight Valery Polyansky... is
that the right piece? It only gives a small sample but it sounds close.
Please... if you could link to the music I would be very grateful. It is so

Автор TIffany Oakes ( назад)
Alexi could not walk. Here is he is shown walking.. The Czar said, "What
What?" when the death sentence was announced to him and Yurovsky read the
sentence again. The music in this is awful! Too loud and annoying!

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор KlunkerRider ( назад)
The DNA Argument doesn't work, you test this woman's living descendants DNA
against the living relatives of the Russian Romanov's, and the related
British Royal family and German relatives family members, you wont get
100% match but you get some % of correlation or not. If they could confirm
King Richard III identity based on an 800 year old descendant I think a
mere century old difference would easier to prove or disprove any

Автор Denise Rippy ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Denise Rippy ( назад)
Once again you tube delivers on their online history of the Windsors,
another on the Romanoffs, & of course a family like the Vanderbilts gets a
mention all they were lacking was a spiel on the Lindberg. baby. I must get
back in the loop and watch the news on you tube, MSN, or CNN. <3

Автор mia peraic ( назад)
i think all of them died that night

Автор melaislines ( назад)
It makes sense she was paranoid. Imagine the horror of that night. Of
course she did not want to be found. So it should have been obvious that
any individual shouting out to be 'anastacia' must be lying or something.

Автор Caroline Church ( назад)
Elina at 17:37 looks like Tatiana, not Anastasia

Автор Stephanie Wilson ( назад)
I don't think they will ever find the answer. I hope one day I would love
to see it.

Автор A. Cooper ( назад)
They don't look anything alike.

Автор ludkabudka ( назад)
Why thay didn't take the DNA of her grandson?

Автор Richard Braebrook ( назад)
all this is very sad and the fact remains that all the bodies have been
accounted for so we are told.This story is particularly disturbing because
it is difficult to believe that soldiers etc could have been so cruel to
the russian royal family and that the russian government at the time were
so cruel.The tzar had already abdicated so what threat were they to the
army and governing body.No one deserves that kind of hideous brutality and
treatment. It deeply disturbs me every time i see it knowing that it should
and need not have happened. What is worse , by far the worse, that Our dear
King George should have and quite rightly given them sanctuary in this
country and it need not have happened. He was and should be regarded just
as responsible as those that shot the russian royal family. He for sure is
just as guilty as if he had pulled the trigger himself,and it all could
have been avoided. I hope to god their souls are now at rest, and that god
will hold them very dearly and close to him.

Автор Jennifer Lyn ( назад)

Автор Susan Wagner ( назад)

Автор fr1day19 ( назад)
Maybe maria did survive?. Maybe its not her remains?. The photos fit cause
the old lady is maria and that's how she knew so much about what happened.
Since she was so guarded and secretive to a point, then it doesn't surprise
me that they are not her remains. They said she wanted her family,
grandchildren safe, so would you go as far as hiding your body or making
sure that when you die, your body is never found so to stop any proof of
DNA???? What would happen if Maria was found dead or alive? What would
happen to her, her family, her blood???? I believe its maria, I also think
maria is buried somewhere unknown and somehow they have managed to have a
body where she was meant to lay with her husband. She doesn't want to be
found otherwise she would have come out. Let her rest in peace, Let
Anastasia rest in peace. They are all together now as they say.

Автор Hayley Blackrose ( назад)
The guy that was suppose to help the family led them right into a
slaughter. I think the main reason people keep saying Anastasia survived is
because people wanna hope that something good might have happened that
night instead of admitting that there was no survivors and that the family
was massacred. I saw something like this on the history channel but they
claimed that it was Anastasia's body they couldn't find. Now in this they
say it was Maria's. We are being given two different answers in this
mystery..More then likely they were all murdered and while it was tragic
and something that still lives in the hearts of many people, I'd prefer if
Historians would stop trying to create this fairy tale of a lost Princess.
The Disney movie was just that. A made up movie. It was a good. It was
based on a woman who had lost her memory and never gained it back, people
believed she was Anastasia they believed it so much that when she died as
an old woman they put Anastasia's name on her grave. However there have
been claims before that Anastasia's body was found and that its believed
that some of the men took her and maybe Maria too out and raped them then
killed them. Weather that happened or not I don't know. But if both their
bodies were found why are they saying here that Maria's body was missing?
Honestly that's the first time I've heard that one. As for Alexei its said
that he had a blood condition where if he started to bleed it was hard to
stop it so if he got shot he certainly was killed. I'm sorry but either
find the truth or leave this mystery alone! This tale is tragic enough
without historians tossing countless theories of what may or may not have
happened at us along with false hope that Maria or Anastasia survived. It
would be nice if she did and that she was able to live a happy life but we
will never know for sure.. But one thing is clear. Her sons went through a
lot of trouble to hide her body. They clearly thought she was Maria and
that the secret needed to be buried with her. 

Автор marie-helene Lacasse ( назад)
Let them rest in peace. Nobody deserves what happened to them. lots of
people making money on a sad sad story. 

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
I think that the only people who can answer all the questions and mysteries
having to do with the Princess and Prince will be only them. Anastasia and
her brother. But the only thing I don't understand is that Anastasia in the
picture had colored eyes and the grandmother had brown eyes.

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор Millie Skittles ( назад)
If I can comment, although all of your musing regarding the bones/DNA/etc
may be true. The fact that she knew the story, as said, before published
ACCOMPANIED, with the fact her facial structure matched up so closely with
Maria ACCOMPANIED with the fact Maria was the supposedly missing body, ALL
TOGETHER is what seems the most compelling. Everyone seems to be mentioning
one, or the other, or the other, but what of the fact of all three? Perhaps
she was just a kook, what are the chances said kook both knew that part of
the story so well AND matched so well in bone structure? Especially given
the timeframe, AND the fact they were in south Africa, even if this story
was known before publishing in suspiciously high detail which match up so
well, how would it have traveled to some suspiciously similarly structured,
height, and age woman in South Africa?! Im sorry but it seems VERY
compelling to me.

Автор Jasmine Price ( назад)
wow. this was very interesting to know🌹 Blessing for the horrible death of
that family.

Автор Mason A ( назад)
Am I the only person in the world who has plan if I were to go back in a
time machine and save them. I'll give you one hint of what my plan is. It
includes cross-dressing.

Автор Jody Wilson (1856 лет назад)
even if there is an heir, they wouldn't likely admit to it, the KGB would
silence them.

Автор Anthony Nicholas ( назад)
the Romanovs relation of the monarch will take over in the next 15 years of
Russia that will take over of Russia and get rid of Russian presidents and
also the rusian Cossacks that tried to end the Romanovs monarch, bye the
way the monarch of the Romanovs will put an end to u Russian Cossacks and u
terrorist organisations and to vladimire puttins illegal warfair against
innocent people you terrosists

Автор Adrian Sim ( назад)
MAybe the bodies fell off along the way. HAHAHA

Автор onlybridge ( назад)
Would you all just think of the horror it must have been to be in that
cellar... What thoughts would have been in your head ??? You are parents...
you see your children dying in front of you - you are children and you see
your parents being gunned down ??? It's a tragedy that should never have
happened. The Romanovs were murdered by Bolchevich idiots. But in the end,
I think we want to hope that one of the children survived,They didn't... 

Автор Ann TwoShoes ( назад)
This can be easily solved. The grandchildren can have their DNA compared
to that of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. A likely story indeed.

Автор 1957khartung ( назад)
All have since been accounted for. And most of all, the two had different
color eyes. Anastasia had very light eye's, the grandmothers were very
dark. You can't change eye color. Maybe grand mother had escaped from
Russia, but she was not one of the Romanov's!

Автор General Gagne-Koudaka ( назад)
Why not test Alberts DNA to queen Victoria she is technically his maternal
great great great grandmother 

Автор cinnamongirl3121 ( назад)
The real problem here isn't whether or not this woman or any other was a
Romanov. I think the real issue is if it's true then there would be heirs
to the throne. When they conducted DNA tests, the living person used for
comparison was Prince Philip the Queens Consort. There is no incentive for
anyone currently living to prove anyone of Tzar Nikolai left an heir...that
left an heir...that left an heir. As much as I respect the British
monarchy I don't believe they would do anything that might jeopardize their

Автор Susan Wagner ( назад)

Автор 2% milk ( назад)
the faces are different because one of the photos is bigger than the otheh

Автор Adriane King ( назад)
Granny Alina was more of a Maria look-a-like to me...I thought she claimed
to be Maria and not Anastasia though...

Автор Tash Jupp ( назад)
I think the idea of the lost princess being Maria not Anastacia is
absolutely fascinating. As for little Alexi it seems unlikely he would have
lived much longer anyway. 

Автор 2% milk ( назад)
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW DIS STORY!!!! but, yes.... all dah Romanovs are
accounted for, but Anistasia has also been found.......

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
All the Romanovs have been accounted for, so this granny alina was either a
really good con artist or just a kook. But I feel sorry for the guy who
died believing something that would turn out to be false

Автор StorytellerMedia ( назад)
It was in fact Maria Romanov and her and her brother Alexei were found in a
separate grave from the rest of the family.

Автор Anna Comloski ( назад)
She was a nut it sounds like,another way to profit,wheres her proof??

Автор Anna Comloski ( назад)
Tune in next week for all the awnsers on Fairy Tale Theater,lol

Автор Susan Wagner ( назад)

Автор Susan Wagner ( назад)

Автор ThatOneCraftyGirl ( назад)
Storyteller media please stop spamming the same comments 

Автор Tasha Cork ( назад)
Its obviously her why would one woman go through all that hiding the bones
and everything fkr nothing i believe the story x

Автор HBB ( назад)
The Imperial family did not die in 1918 at the Ipatiev House in
Ekaterinburg. They were rescued out the night before! They lived!

Автор Celia Younger ( назад)
and the worse part is that they asked for help to the cousing in Ingland
and the king in GB resused to help them and didn't allowed even the
children to go to GB

Автор Celia Younger ( назад)

Автор Celia Younger ( назад)
This story in Africa,???... they are full of .....$$$hhhh%$@# All the
family were assassinated ALL OF THEM. 

Автор Celia Younger ( назад)
Well their bodies all of them were found not too long ago. Anastasia was
with her brother.

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