Ralph Fiennes's portrayal of Amon Goeth Tribute (Mad World)

Schindler's List, tribute to Ralph Fiennes's portrayal of Amon Goeth. Not to the real Amon Goeth but Ralph's superb acting.

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Длительность: 3:08
Комментарии: 1876

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Автор hasenpfote2727 (2 месяца)
mad world in raq with is

why europe is not able to send a few hundred tousands troups to iraq to
kill the is mulim terrorists

Автор Madam Eva (2 месяца)
fuck me with your uniform!!!!

Автор Daniel Morris (10 дней)
Justice no as look at what jews doing in gaza after Muslims took them in
they turned on Muslims and throw them out there own homes

Автор M Zach (6 дней)
Great music for this. That scene where his gun jams had my holding my
breath when I first saw this, I was thinking he'd just grab a pistol from
his adjutant and blow his brains out, oddly, they just walked off and a
life was spared

Автор polkadot741 (11 дней)
I watched Schindler's List in my Global Studies class when we were learning
about World War ll last year. It had to be my favorite movie that I've
watched in any history class of mine. :) and Ralph Fiennes is an awesome
actor, as usual 

Автор soulmusic1967 (21 день)
didn´t know that voldemort was such a handsome mofo! 

Автор Ratmir Susanin (1 месяц)
this is grеate man

Автор ALEX ISHII (4 месяца)
Ralph Fiennes is one of the best actors I've ever seen. His performances in
the films I saw I found that he possess a kind of magic to act a completely
multiple personalities or individual characters. I sometimes can't
recognize him as the same actor Ralph Fiennes, from one film to another.
Great actor, indeed!! 

Автор Barry Amis (4 месяца)
Perfect sound track for a perfect movie.

Автор Jason Windsor (4 месяца)
This must undoubtedly one of Spielberg's finest films & Fiennes' best

Автор Anette Åsgård (8 месяцев)
Ralph Fiennes is so handsome in this film, and so is Liam Neeson.

But as for the film, I didn't care much for it. It was too over done, it's
just ridiculous how they make the red's seem so heroic, when they were just
as stupid and bad as the Nazis. But that's another conversation for another

Автор yasmin alsaffar (5 месяцев)
He is so sexy dammit ! 

Автор Jetzii Ophelia (4 месяца)
Uhhmazzing movie and cast. Perfect song.

Автор Barry Amis (3 месяца)
Based on a novel with dramatic licence,the seeds of truth are there.A bit
of research will prove it's not an allied conspiracy. 

Автор eliasz pimpicki (9 месяцев)
PLEASE HELP!!! i want to watch this film, but there are 2 versions; 195
minute and 185 minute. i only have the 185 minute version available to
watch. what will i miss if i watch this one, instead of the original 195
minute version?

Автор David Varela (5 месяцев)
the face of evil

Автор nigelrequiem (4 месяца)
Good clip apart from the shite music!

Автор Dan Karsznia (4 месяца)
Ralph Fiennes did an incredible job portraying Amon Goeth .... Actually if
you research it, they did a phenomenal job recreating Plaszow ..... great

Автор Void304 (8 месяцев)
This is a prime example of what a fantastic actor Ralph Fiennes really is.
His portrayal of Amon Goeth's inhumane cruelty was so convincing it made
him scary to watch in this film.

Автор micomino14 (5 месяцев)
RIP Amon Goeth. Great Man. Great Leader

Автор LimbBoY (6 месяцев)
haken hakenkreuzer

Автор Daniel Roberts (6 месяцев)
It must have been very difficult for Ralph to play a monster like Amon
Goeth. He and his brother Joseph are two of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

Автор Amum Chan (9 месяцев)
Old cake time.

Автор leeleeturn (6 месяцев)
This made Ralph Fiennes acting royalty. It was a performance on a par with
Anthony Hopkins in Remains of the Day and Silence of the Lambs, Meryl
Streep in Sophie's Choice, Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver,:Russell Crowe in A
Beautiful mind

Автор ivan drljaca (9 месяцев)

Автор Celine Marie (11 месяцев)
Im not fan of Ralph but I love him in this movie!

Автор Projekt Zycie (4 месяца)
For the sake of history, Goeth could not have shot at anyone from his
villa. It was at the foot of a huge hill between the villa and the camp,
the villa was built behind it to prevent seeing the camp for privacy. Its
awesome the way Ralph Fiennes shows it, but the actual house where he stood
at the door and shot jews was at his temporary red house, down the street
closer to the gates and the SS house, not from the balcony. You can see
this if you visit his villa at Plaszow, still there today. The balcony
story comes from his maid who survived the war, and Spielberg took the
story and spun it with the picture of Goeth with the rifle on his balcony,
and using artistic license, created one of the most memorable scenes in the
movie, but it is historically inaccurate. Same like the tombstones,
although the Jewish cemetery tombstones were used for making roads, they
were crushed to make pavement - not laid intact face up like it shows in
the movie. Spielberg recreated that and built the road shown, which they
left in the quarry where they filmed it along with other set props. The
only original structures in the quarry where the movie was filmed were the
lime kilns. Everything else is still there but was built in the 1990's for
the movie.

Автор fabio zuccheri (8 месяцев)
Ralph Finnes deserved an Oscar fo this permorfance.

Автор Patricia Adam (9 месяцев)
Ralph Fiennes' best performance is definitely in this movie

Автор Peter Sobrino (5 месяцев)
How appropriate the guy that played voldermort also play a Mass murdering

Автор Jack Smith (10 месяцев)
Incredible performance, it is probably the most chilling film ever made, it
is one of those films that although it won't be one of your favourites in
terms of best films to watch because it is hard to watch, but it is no
doubt one of the best films i have ever seen, an amazing terrifying
depiction of the most horrifying atrocities in human history and one that
everyone must see at some point in their life to remember those who died
and make sure such things never happen again in history. Hats of to
Spielberg for pulling off this masterpiece as it was a very daring film to

Автор MARCVS AVRELIVS (6 месяцев)

Автор Johann Dresner (1 год)
same question I pass on to you, My worth is nothing and neither is yours so
the idea of equality is true. We are both equally worthless!

Автор Seanpaul Smillie (1 год)
Haha, I wish more people had your mindset, our economy wouldn't be this
fucked if the nazis succeeded.

Автор Arthur Greiser (1 год)
But i thought Himmler was the architect of the gas chambers, why would he
care if Amon was murdering people for little to no reason... Maybe it's
because Amon was part of the minuscule percentage of people in the SS who
killed innocents.

Автор Sy Oppenheimer (1 год)
Listen to me you stupid little neo-facist inbred hick. I don't have to
prove shit to you. Outside of your little rallies, in the real world, the
person making the outrageous claim has the burden of proof on them. You
would have to disprove the millions of pieces of documentation that exist.
Not me. I don't have to prove shit to you, and don't ever try and use the
word "educate" around someone else. You are a truly uneducated little man,
and I'm sure your family isn't probably any better.

Автор Johann Dresner (1 год)
Because the Holocaust, in a technical view, could not have happened and
even if it did it was ultra crude. Crude being a word that does not even
grace the tongue of a german and his abilities to make some of the finest
machines on earth. Their for i will say this. The Holocaust is not german
because it was not built german. Now prove to me among a shadow of a doupt
that the holocaust was constructed by germans by their standards of the
time. explain in great detail why the chambers have wooden-

Автор Ανδρέας Γιαννόπουλος (1 год)
gay music...this character would have diserved "riding with Valyries"....

Автор deakon452876 (1 год)
Hell doesn't exist.

Автор Sy Oppenheimer (1 год)
I already explained this to you. I don't debate with sacks of human garbage
like you because all it does is make it look like there is controversy or
debate over facts of history. There isn't. I won't make your viewpoint look
legitimate. It isn't. Now run back to your trailer.

Автор Sy Oppenheimer (1 год)
This is why no one should engage in debate with you. I have a background in
hazardous materials and chemical warfare response. I could tell you why you
are so very, very wrong, and expose your ignorance for what it is, but I'm
not going to. That information is readily available. If you're not going to
go read it on your own, me wasting my time pointing it out will be an
exercise in futility. So, I'll tell you, go back to your stupid little
club, and tell your leader he takes it in the ass.

Автор Johann Dresner (1 год)
it was for deal with the black market and brutality against prisoners. he
was about to be killed by firing squad by the SS, but the poles got to him

Автор Apathy9111 (1 год)
Learn to fucking read, it's a tribute of Ralph Fiennes's portrayal of Amon,
not the man himself. What a stupid comment. You hate Nazis, how unique.

Автор subkontrabasklarinet (1 год)
Well, dislike my comment if you like - the number of dislikes doesn't mean
you're right... :-)

Автор krzak82 (1 год)
Because winners makes history

Автор Johann Dresner (1 год)
they be so lazy in the building of the gas chambers, which were not
standardized I might add, and yet spend countless hours and years on the
building of jet fighters, assault rifles, Infer red devices, and the rocket
programs. But have wooden doors block the 2000 people that ever suppose to
be killed and kill them with a conmon pesticide? How would a nation be so
lazy? Anwser me this question and i'll be on my way

Автор RElover22 (1 год)
HAHAHA are you a jew yourself? i'm guessing yes by the way you throw lies
around and make sad insults.

Автор Sy Oppenheimer (1 год)
I don't revel in barbarity. A sick animal needs to be put down. Humanely.

Автор Sy Oppenheimer (1 год)
I'll say it again. The information I would provide is readily available. If
you're not going to read it yourself, me pointing you to it is not going to
make a difference. I'm not playing your game. The burden of proof is on
you. You are the one with the extraordinary claim. You are the one who
needs to provide some sort of evidence to back up his ludicrous claims.
You're just reading from the Neo-Nazi playbook. You're going to lose this

Автор The Mean Conservative (1 год)
How can you say that as a human? What about makes the holocaust a hoax?
that you weren't there? Maybe you just another dogmatic individual

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