Ralph Fiennes's portrayal of Amon Goeth Tribute (Mad World)

Schindler's List, tribute to Ralph Fiennes's portrayal of Amon Goeth. Not to the real Amon Goeth but Ralph's superb acting.

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Автор Stormy Weather ( назад)
Ralph Fiennes is beautiful; yet the character he plays is an evil
sociopath. At 1:56 we see part of the scene in which Fiennes tells Ben
Kingsley to "look at me." I saw the movie again last night and in this
scene Fiennes gives the most disturbing, bone-chilling look of any movie
actor that I can recall. It's just pure evil. Simple as that.

Автор Stormy Weather ( назад)
What type of sidearm did the germans use?

Автор msgtslotter ( назад)
if only I had that type of control over life and death.

Автор Sani 743 ( назад)
His absolutely best performance. He looks unbelievable evil. Just awesome.

Автор ASDFx2 ( назад)
Can we give him a super late Academy Award?

Автор Mario Off-Topic ( назад)
Never understood that Ralph Fiennes didn't receive an Oscar for this role.
In my personal opinion one of the greatest performances in movie history. I
remember how much I hated him when I saw this in the theatre.

Автор gary perry ( назад)
acting at its best

Автор Rebecca Vozábová ( назад)
Better performance than Neeson's

Автор NightBot Ban (275 лет назад)
R.I.P Ralph Fiennes, a legendary actor who died way too early.
This was a great tribute. I shed a tear.

Автор Nazi Mann ( назад)
his face expression shows his inner pain and hatred of a sensitive person
who got harmed. not like these cowardly apathetic jews who dont mind being
killed. a lion remains lion and a rat accepts its fate.

Автор The Decider ( назад)
The jews will Suffer for what they did. Sins of the fathers! Must be payed
in blood of their sons.. HH

Автор Aly 1329 ( назад)
1:17 Foreshadowing 2:57
That is directing at it's best!

Автор koookeee ( назад)
With all the (mind you, not undeserved) clamour about Christoph Waltz in
"basterds", Ralph Fiennes’ performance still stands out like a rock.

Автор Cristiano José ( назад)
Qual nome dessa música?

Автор ankushzap (1144 года назад)
3:00 Normally, hands are tied at back not front. At front one will hold
rope when pushed, lol

Автор BBOY FREAK ( назад)

Автор MARKKUS1967 ( назад)
"The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had ..."

Автор Vorname1 Nachname2 ( назад)
R.I.P. Amon :)

Автор Pasha 92 ( назад)
Holocaust was propaganda
Thank god, It did not happened

Автор magic101500 ( назад)
I personally thought his acting totally beat Liam Neeson's.

Автор DVT 3 psc ( назад)
Nice jewish propaganda....EUROPE NATION REVOLUTION

Автор Sander Smit (1066 лет назад)
Excellent acting

Автор Joy Agustian ( назад)
That was the moment when every single men dont care about their body,
because they didnt have a time to gym.

Автор John Hancock ( назад)
Politically correct Hollywood was never going to give out an Academy Award
to Ralph Fiennes, for portraying a Nazi concentration camp commandant.

Автор H. Lecter ( назад)
seig heil. lol

Автор iman nugraha ( назад)
nice man....

Автор dana sushansky ( назад)
Поляки с лёгкостью этого чёрта повесили,и то дело.Сколько подобных негодяев
до преклонных лет дожили.

Автор Yellow Submarine ( назад)
I want to be Amon Goeth if world war three coming and his uniform is
fucking cool, no disappointment on clothes made by Hugo Boss

Автор Green Goblin ( назад)
I love this army uniform too

Автор beboploo ( назад)
i wish that was me in that uiforms

Автор SkyBlue ( назад)
Should the movie been in color? Or is it a more powerful statement in black
and white?

Автор Amon Goeth ( назад)
Eine wahre Geschichte:
Meine Familie stammt aus Westpreußen, ab 1918 mußten wir als Deutsche im
polnischen Korridor leben. Mein direkter männlicher Vorfahre (mein
Großvater) war im Häuserkampf in Stalingrad eingesetzt. Einmal ist er
durch Zufall in einen Raum gelangt in dem ein Russe Wache schob. Beide
haben sofort die Waffe gezogen und abgedrückt. Gott sei Dank hat mein
Großvater eher als der Russe abgezogen, sonst würde ich heute nicht
Unser Landgut in Westpreußen wird heute noch von Polen bewirtschaftet,
obwohl dieses Land über 460 Jahre (nachgewisen) meiner Familie gehörte.
Wir haben vom polnischen Staat ca 10.000 € Entschädigung erhalten, aber
das ist lachaft für unsere Ländereien. Allein unser ehemaliges Gutshaus
mit anliegenden Grundstück (Region Danzig) wird heute für ca. 450.000 €
in Polen gehandelt. Beschreibungen über die Vergewaltigungen meiner
Großmutter durch die in Preußen einmaschirenden Russen möchte ich jedem
A true story:
My family comes from West Prussia, in 1918 we had to live as Germans in
the Polish Corridor. My direct ancestor male (my grandfather) was in
housewar in Stalingrad. Once he reaches a room securted by a Russian
soldier. Both immediately pulled their gun and shooted. Thankfully, my
grandfather was faster than the Russian man, otherwise I would not exist
today. Our country estate in West Prussia is today owend by Polanish
peoples. This area was hold over 460 years (attested) by my family. We
have received from the Polish state 10.000 € compensation, but that's
layshaft for our old land. Our former farmhouse with adjoining land is
now traded for approx. 450,000 € in Poland. I would not like to spare
any descriptions of the raping of my grandmother by Russian soldiers.

Автор Minelli87 B. ( назад)
I really do not think this is the right underlining music for that video

Автор munjerdo ( назад)
hollywood is owned by the jews , this is bullshit propaganda movie

Автор crisskiss ( назад)
wrong end of movie ! he was hanged three times !

Автор Wolfsbuerger ( назад)
He teach some lazy Jews.

Автор Kick Conner ( назад)
hate not fear.

Автор Kick Conner ( назад)
thats why you must hate nazis not fear them.

Автор Kick Conner (31 год назад)
she was jewish.

Автор Kick Conner (46 лет назад)
thats the reason why she jump .

Автор Kick Conner ( назад)

Автор Kick Conner ( назад)

Автор Kick Conner ( назад)
YouTube prsents one of the famous an brutal nazi in the history .fail

Автор Jörn Müller ( назад)
qual eo nome desse filme ?

Автор shamrockgerry ( назад)
Free palestine. God show mercy. And the Jews to stop there Nazi ways!

Автор History Geek777 ( назад)
Best movie character ever

Автор Matt Suter ( назад)
Fiennes captured perfectly how mentally ill Goeth must've been.

Автор michael fitzgerald ( назад)
Total Joke that Ralph Fiennes did not get an academy award for this..
Tommy Lee Jones in the Fugitive over this? Please Biggest rip off since
Robert Shaw got screwed for his portrail of Quint in Jaws.

Автор Maidenfairy12 ( назад)
And who would of thought, Amon Goeth has a colored granddaughter Jennifer
Teege LOL

Автор love eternal ( назад)
he's fucken hot to say the least...even as a villain....i can block the
evil part out & just soak up his magnetism as it is.....his essence as a
person....just sooo fucken hot!!!! i couldnt say no to ralph.....
anything he wanted.....mmmmm......just make me.....mmmmm....make me.......

Автор The_Viceman ( назад)
Well.. he was a handsome man, AND he had a white horse!

Автор diana popa ( назад)
He had the eyes of a shark:no light,no mercy,no life!Nothing...A genuine

Автор CinematicMaj ( назад)
OMG get this fucking music off of these scenes

Автор Tanya De Beer (NinaRocks) ( назад)
He must be a good actor. Even though I've watched him in other movies, I
never made the connection that I'd seen him play Goeth.

Автор Ricardo Torres ( назад)
Hahaha funny whatever

Автор fuloran1 ( назад)
It is an absolute crime that he did not win an Oscar for this role.

Автор kamasutra30 ( назад)
Stop killing children in Palestine, Iraq, Afganistán , Sirya, Yemen! 

Автор msgtslotter ( назад)
its gross how unfit he is

Автор 2serveand2protect ( назад)
Nice video - ALTHOUGH - instead of the music you should have left the WORDS
he speaks - ESPECIALLY in that scene "IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR".
It is a scene once seen you NEVER forget. A monologue of a nasty nasty,
psychopatic megalomaniac that compares himself to a Roman Emperor granting
mercy at will...
...and suddenly - as he touches the mirror - the "magic" disappears....

Автор minimite312 ( назад)
Need a guy like this to wipe out ISIS

Автор Tran Dang ( назад)
Mr. Ralph Fiennes's acting is perfect in this movie but I don't think
casting him as Amon Goeth is a good idea. I should hate the character for
his crimes but on the contrary, I was drawn to him and the fact that Goeth
is real makes it worse. It's really confusing.

Автор luis fernando serna ( назад)
no hay una versión sud español?

Автор Sally Smith ( назад)
Amon Goeth was removed from his command in 1944 by Himmler and sent to an
asylum. He was treated by SS doctors and considered to be insane, for his
arbitrary murders and many other crimes. He was still institutionalized in
May 1945 when arrested by the Americans. Remember that when you watch this
film, which is propaganda. Goeth was not a criminal, he was a mental case,
and should have been treated as such. 

Автор Troy Lewis ( назад)
Christopher Waltz is even more evil in "Basterds" without even killing a
single person

Автор Elli Lizabeth roosimägi ( назад)
Amon <3.<3

Автор Anh Quan Chu ( назад)
and then you see him in his role in "The Grand Budapest Hotel". Emotionally
and just speechless..

Автор Ray Rocco ( назад)
Amon Goeth got off easy, a painless death, if I had it my way he would be
Blow Torched with a ice pick, power drill and a vat of battery acid !!!!!!

Автор BELOULI MAJID ( назад)
i like ralpha when he killed the fucking jaws coldly . he casted the role
as he really hate them . to be honnest the jaw deserves all that serail
killers they are now

Автор Mr. Maverick ( назад)
Amon <3

Автор Beker There ( назад)

Автор zudemaster ( назад)
Amon Goeth was such a nice man.

Автор Jonas0291 ( назад)
1:09 wtf how ridiculous is that, a cloud of smoke rising due to a sniper
bullet hitting the ground? This couldnt cause more smoke than a cigarette.
You can even see the pyrotechnic article right where the smoke goes off.

Great movie, but that scene effect is a bad joke.

Автор suicidesucks08 ( назад)
Goeth my nuts forward into your mouth ... Bush Nazi fucks 

Автор Daniel Morris ( назад)
Justice no as look at what jews doing in gaza after Muslims took them in
they turned on Muslims and throw them out there own homes

Автор polkadot741 ( назад)
I watched Schindler's List in my Global Studies class when we were learning
about World War ll last year. It had to be my favorite movie that I've
watched in any history class of mine. :) and Ralph Fiennes is an awesome
actor, as usual 

Автор Ratmir Susanin ( назад)
this is grеate man

Автор hasenpfote2727 ( назад)
mad world in raq with is

why europe is not able to send a few hundred tousands troups to iraq to
kill the is mulim terrorists

Автор Atthe FrontSS (992 года назад)
fuck me with your uniform!!!!

Автор Jetzii Ophelia (JetziiOh) ( назад)
Uhhmazzing movie and cast. Perfect song.

Автор Projekt Zycie ( назад)
For the sake of history, Goeth could not have shot at anyone from his
villa. It was at the foot of a huge hill between the villa and the camp,
the villa was built behind it to prevent seeing the camp for privacy. Its
awesome the way Ralph Fiennes shows it, but the actual house where he stood
at the door and shot jews was at his temporary red house, down the street
closer to the gates and the SS house, not from the balcony. You can see
this if you visit his villa at Plaszow, still there today. The balcony
story comes from his maid who survived the war, and Spielberg took the
story and spun it with the picture of Goeth with the rifle on his balcony,
and using artistic license, created one of the most memorable scenes in the
movie, but it is historically inaccurate. Same like the tombstones,
although the Jewish cemetery tombstones were used for making roads, they
were crushed to make pavement - not laid intact face up like it shows in
the movie. Spielberg recreated that and built the road shown, which they
left in the quarry where they filmed it along with other set props. The
only original structures in the quarry where the movie was filmed were the
lime kilns. Everything else is still there but was built in the 1990's for
the movie.

Автор Jason Windsor (604 года назад)
This must undoubtedly one of Spielberg's finest films & Fiennes' best

Автор Dan Karsznia ( назад)
Ralph Fiennes did an incredible job portraying Amon Goeth .... Actually if
you research it, they did a phenomenal job recreating Plaszow ..... great

Автор ALEX ISHII ( назад)
Ralph Fiennes is one of the best actors I've ever seen. His performances in
the films I saw I found that he possess a kind of magic to act a completely
multiple personalities or individual characters. I sometimes can't
recognize him as the same actor Ralph Fiennes, from one film to another.
Great actor, indeed!! 

Автор nigelrequiem ( назад)
Good clip apart from the shite music!

Автор David Varela ( назад)
the face of evil

Автор micomino14 ( назад)
RIP Amon Goeth. Great Man. Great Leader

Автор Peter Sobrino (156 лет назад)
How appropriate the guy that played voldermort also play a Mass murdering

Автор yasmin alsaffar ( назад)
He is so sexy dammit ! 

Автор Daniel Roberts ( назад)
It must have been very difficult for Ralph to play a monster like Amon
Goeth. He and his brother Joseph are two of the nicest guys in Hollywood.

Автор LimbBoY ( назад)
haken hakenkreuzer

Автор MARCVS AVRELIVS ( назад)

Автор leeleeturn ( назад)
This made Ralph Fiennes acting royalty. It was a performance on a par with
Anthony Hopkins in Remains of the Day and Silence of the Lambs, Meryl
Streep in Sophie's Choice, Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver,:Russell Crowe in A
Beautiful mind

Автор Anette Åsgård ( назад)
Ralph Fiennes is so handsome in this film, and so is Liam Neeson.

But as for the film, I didn't care much for it. It was too over done, it's
just ridiculous how they make the red's seem so heroic, when they were just
as stupid and bad as the Nazis. But that's another conversation for another

Автор Void304 ( назад)
This is a prime example of what a fantastic actor Ralph Fiennes really is.
His portrayal of Amon Goeth's inhumane cruelty was so convincing it made
him scary to watch in this film.

Автор fabio zuccheri ( назад)
Ralph Finnes deserved an Oscar fo this permorfance.

Автор Eliasz the Cannabis Vegan ( назад)
PLEASE HELP!!! i want to watch this film, but there are 2 versions; 195
minute and 185 minute. i only have the 185 minute version available to
watch. what will i miss if i watch this one, instead of the original 195
minute version?

Автор Patricia Adam ( назад)
Ralph Fiennes' best performance is definitely in this movie

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