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Автор ♠ thefilthymex ♠ (3 месяца)
This is a kids show called pat and Stan it's quite funny

Автор Justin martynowicz (1 месяц)

Автор Giant Mushroom (5 лет)
lol well funny...

Автор nickman1093 (5 лет)
i still think the dogs on drugs XD

Автор Walnut500 (1 год)
WTFwired did you mean WTFweird? because weird means odd or strange, wired
means like electronic wiring

Автор LillePingvin2 (5 лет)

Автор angelofdeath1133 (5 лет)
i love origanal song i grew on it it was my bed time song

Автор iraq4lives (5 лет)
lol funny

Автор snickerscute (5 лет)
haha this is so cute its sounds funny

Автор DrinkoolaiDs (1 год)
I got drunk and sang it in front of my mother and she slapped me in the
face because i was a bad singer Imao .

Автор afakhry98 (5 лет)
sounds like chipmunks

Автор bigmigs94 (4 года)
XD this is freaking priceless!!!!!

Автор killershark095 (5 лет)
love the hippo so fn funny

Автор danielle10jimenez (5 лет)

Автор oKruemelmonsteRo (5 лет)
uhhh that`s cool

Автор shollc (5 лет)
haha great vid

Автор maxvanderwalklm (4 года)
fuck you assohole

Автор Flatline043 (5 лет)
who cares about his username

Автор cartwheelingbambi (5 лет)

Автор cubefreak217 (5 лет)

Автор Marict (5 лет)
LOL if that stuff acualy worked I would be dead about 50 times now

Автор sudip rai (7 месяцев)
Shit. I'm jealous of my cousin. He has actually been single always and
forever. By a fluke, he has got a model to love him in weeks. Just how is
that actually manageable? He told me he obtained the Cupid Love System
(Google it!) I wish someone beautiful fell for me... I really don't
remember at any time seeing him so cheerful. Sort of makes me frustrated.

Автор Alexander Wojadzis (5 лет)
SweeT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥:D:D

Автор lolzZz07 (5 лет)
=))....very funny :)....new version :X..:))

Автор lvaitiekaitis (5 лет)
the dog is so funny!!!!!!!

Автор cloud253 (5 лет)
LOL the dog is funny, messing with the hippo

Автор KiARA1018 (5 лет)

Автор TheUltimateMyth (5 лет)
I thought it was quite good.. :]

Автор K1W1nat0r (5 лет)
me to!!!!!!!!!!!!! graet vid

Автор shackcheer (5 лет)
this so funny. i cant belive this video. all you have to do is drink some
helium and sing and your voice will be just like that. also check out mine
and my friends site mine is shackcheer and my friends is goldcoolaction.he
is so cute. and do you know how to say ohavwhydvich.

Автор LediaExplosive (5 лет)
ahahahahha lovely!!!! :)))))

Автор snowborder1995 (5 лет)
lol sweet

Автор Hai Ho (5 лет)
LMFAO, hippo chipmunks? wdf???

Автор TRAX2242 (5 лет)
the pupy air humping had me going balistic

Автор comedianfan1234 (5 лет)
i saw this on tv the other day! XD

Автор supastar668 (5 лет)
Has anyone seen the double speeded up version of this? it's twice as
hilarious. but this is AWESOME too.

Автор borkoniBG (5 лет)
I love Hippo :)))))

Автор Lord Xyroz (5 лет)

Автор BillyBobJoeBobob (5 лет)
that was hilarious cool vid

Автор FuzziMaedel1 (4 года)
haha xD

Автор EminemBeastFan24 (4 года)
PAT AND STAN thats the name of these cartoon character :D

Автор KoropNTritoos (5 лет)
in the jungle

Автор Espio001 (5 лет)
any proof that that will actually happen? -_-

Автор whattamelon22 (5 лет)
its funny fast and slow origanilly my biffle sent me a link about 1 year
ago to t5he normL version this is funnier!!! LoL :)

Автор loncummings9242 (5 лет)
Very cool video.I will vote for it!

Автор cheesecool2468 (5 лет)
halirous verry funny i like it don't take it off

Автор KatrinaTheCat535 (5 лет)
So fu***** cool! In the jungle, the mighty jungle te lion sleeps
tonight......XD So cool! 5/5

Автор Andrew Drake (2 года)
It sounds like they are saying do the weenier way

Автор laura321000 (3 года)
that dog has some serious problems!!!

Автор tinka1223 (5 лет)
its kinda like alvin but fast gud job

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