Funny Hippo Sings In The Jungle Fast

I didn't make the original, but I thought it would be funny in the style of the chipmunks. What isn't? Theres more like this on YouTube but most of them are incomplete (short).

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Автор Iceflympv ( назад)
omg 8 ears

Автор Pineapple And Carrot Aj ( назад)
This Is So Adorable

Автор Justin martynowicz ( назад)

Автор Point Prometheus ( назад)
This is a kids show called pat and Stan it's quite funny

Автор jehana shrestha ( назад)
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Автор Djmandro ( назад)
this is a good song XD

Автор Urmila Dotel ( назад)
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Автор Faith Perez ( назад)
Funny Hippo Sings In The Jungle Fast / Nick Jr. - Penguins Bumper (1996 -

Автор piggys MC ( назад)

Автор Mary S ( назад)

Автор Walnut500 ( назад)
WTFwired did you mean WTFweird? because weird means odd or strange, wired
means like electronic wiring

Автор DrinkoolaiDs ( назад)
I got drunk and sang it in front of my mother and she slapped me in the
face because i was a bad singer Imao .

Автор DrizzyDrake1 (1041 год назад)
It sounds like they are saying do the weenier way

Автор Skittles duque ( назад)

Автор 2CINCYBOY ( назад)
i just fisted myself. oh my fucking god. im so wet!!!!!!!!!

Автор Schoolmix (193 года назад)

Автор Noooobful ( назад)

Автор EminemBeastFan24 ( назад)
PAT AND STAN thats the name of these cartoon character :D

Автор bigmigs94 ( назад)
XD this is freaking priceless!!!!!

Автор jrtanza ( назад)
hahahahaha, super funny, my nephew loves it...

Автор schlagstog ( назад)

Автор anthonygraham2001 ( назад)
what so boring theres sum sad people

Автор kobo19 ( назад)
yes im gay

Автор afakhry98 ( назад)
sounds like chipmunks

Автор oKruemelmonsteRo ( назад)
uhhh that`s cool

Автор 213125342 ( назад)
gay test 1. if you did the fucking good kissing test youre gay 2.your gay
3.your gay

Автор tinka1223 ( назад)
its kinda like alvin but fast gud job

Автор angelofdeath1133 ( назад)
i love origanal song i grew on it it was my bed time song

Автор DigitalxFilmer ( назад)
Um, I have a feeling this will effect me but I grew up (teen years) in the
country this originated from and its called The Lion Sleeps Tonight and it
was made by a tribe =P to show courage safty and security to their yonge
ones so I'd appreciate it if you made it Lion Sleeps Tonight...but good
never the less, funny yet harsh to its origins...

Автор LediaExplosive ( назад)
ahahahahha lovely!!!! :)))))

Автор shackcheer ( назад)
this so funny. i cant belive this video. all you have to do is drink some
helium and sing and your voice will be just like that. also check out mine
and my friends site mine is shackcheer and my friends is goldcoolaction.he
is so cute. and do you know how to say ohavwhydvich.

Автор shollc ( назад)
haha great vid

Автор borkoniBG ( назад)
I love Hippo :)))))

Автор LibbyHalsey ( назад)
it is so fcukin funny

Автор TRAX2242 ( назад)
the pupy air humping had me going balistic

Автор danielle10jimenez ( назад)

Автор KoropNTritoos ( назад)
in the jungle

Автор Alexander Wojadzis ( назад)
SweeT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥:D:D

Автор cubefreak217 ( назад)

Автор snowborder1995 ( назад)
lol sweet

Автор soon2beguitarist ( назад)
HA HA i can never watch the other one now...this one is too good! aha :P

Автор iraq4lives ( назад)
lol funny

Автор iwantanewbrain ( назад)
i love this omg i fell of my chair twice and nearly wet myself im such a
big child lool i laugh at anyfing and cnt stop loool x

Автор jacobthomas69 ( назад)
these are stupd

Автор lilcleo101 ( назад)
lol dhis is classic

Автор ecwfanatic93 ( назад)
the dog is the funniest part of the entire video!!!!!!

Автор guystanley96 ( назад)

Автор cloud253 ( назад)
LOL the dog is funny, messing with the hippo

Автор VvTrAmAvV ( назад)

Автор LoqueMan ( назад)

Автор Kai Paskuda ( назад)
omg, this hippo is only great :D

Автор killershark095 ( назад)
love the hippo so fn funny

Автор StephenLomax ( назад)
Want to see it in english search for Apt and Stanley translated in English
for the first time ever. its funny and it has been getting good results. I
took my time and translated it carefully and came up with two different
voices for Pat and Stanley. So give it a go.. Cheers Lomax

Автор Lucas Ho ( назад)
LMFAO, hippo chipmunks? wdf???

Автор cartwheelingbambi ( назад)

Автор Lord Xyroz (447 лет назад)

Автор KatrinaTheCat535 ( назад)
*the ^^'

Автор KatrinaTheCat535 ( назад)
So fu***** cool! In the jungle, the mighty jungle te lion sleeps
tonight......XD So cool! 5/5

Автор snickerscute ( назад)
haha this is so cute its sounds funny

Автор xUmbrellaAcademyx ( назад)
it's already funny normal speed, fast is just awesome

Автор BillyBobJoeBobob ( назад)
that was hilarious cool vid

Автор ladyvenom80 ( назад)
shitface muther fucker

Автор skate4life2428 ( назад)
fuk stupid shit who makes this crap.. stupid fat fuks on there arses at
home board shitless with nuthin to do with there life's fuk get a life

Автор Yoruichi838 ( назад)
nice one! i like how u fliped the image so it looked different instead of
just repeating the same bit over and over, that woud have been boring ^^
Keep it up

Автор Abraham Zapata ( назад)
kill yourself rightnow

Автор skate4life2428 ( назад)
after watching that im goin 2 kill myself

Автор silkey00max0 ( назад)
this just puts a smile on my face

Автор zezzelda ( назад)
hahaha lol watch it while the hippo is singing =P LOLY!

Автор colaslask ( назад)
Awesom vid :D

Автор habboboy24 ( назад)

Автор KiARA1018 ( назад)

Автор comedianfan1234 ( назад)
i saw this on tv the other day! XD

Автор supastar668 ( назад)
Has anyone seen the double speeded up version of this? it's twice as
hilarious. but this is AWESOME too.

Автор cheesecool2468 ( назад)
halirous verry funny i like it don't take it off

Автор CodyxChapatiz ( назад)

Автор loncummings9242 ( назад)
Very cool video.I will vote for it!

Автор toff955 ( назад)
i just said the normal speed one of these was the best thing i have ever
seen, i have to retract that, this is the best thing i have ever seen

Автор Zaikucis ( назад)
fun :))

Автор Flatline043 ( назад)
who cares about his username

Автор DYZZY321 ( назад)
The dog takes drugs !!!Hes crazy like a chicken when its born !!!

Автор nickman1093 ( назад)
i still think the dogs on drugs XD

Автор luvergirl43 ( назад)

Автор RankoTheDark ( назад)
The hippo was on helium and the dog was on caffeine

Автор TutorialExp3rt ( назад)
Lol Awesome Video I Enjoyed It. Or Did I o.0

Автор joosho27 ( назад)
lovin the dogs dancin and pelvic thrusting

Автор Giant Mushroom ( назад)
lol well funny...

Автор supastar668 ( назад)
is there sumwhere u can like download the mp3 4 this? if there isnt, sum1
take the hint and MAKE ONE! this's is sumthin 4 everybody 2 laff about!
LOL! lved it!

Автор parody95 ( назад)
this is so annoying

Автор TheUltimateMyth ( назад)
I thought it was quite good.. :]

Автор rose bloom ( назад)
lol xD my fav!

Автор Kun ( назад)
HAHA funny DX

Автор CBJRproductions ( назад)

Автор Raindropkill ( назад)
haha awesome!

Автор Trashmob ( назад)
O.O lol

Автор bradskaallama ( назад)
Haha xD !

Автор K1W1nat0r ( назад)
me to!!!!!!!!!!!!! graet vid

Автор GAGFEST2000 ( назад)
the doggie made me lol >.>

Автор Hertz. ( назад)
its cooool...thats funny...the best...

Автор Dispatch. ( назад)
totally awsome!! :)

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