Funny Hippo Sings In The Jungle Fast

I didn't make the original, but I thought it would be funny in the style of the chipmunks. What isn't? Theres more like this on YouTube but most of them are incomplete (short).

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Автор Iceflympv ( назад)
omg 8 ears

Автор Pineapple And Carrot Aj ( назад)
This Is So Adorable

Автор Type Null ( назад)

Автор Point Prometheus ( назад)
This is a kids show called pat and Stan it's quite funny

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Автор sudip rai ( назад)
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Автор Djmandro ( назад)
this is a good song XD

Автор Urmila Dotel ( назад)
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Автор Faith Perez ( назад)
Funny Hippo Sings In The Jungle Fast / Nick Jr. - Penguins Bumper (1996 -

Автор piggys MC ( назад)

Автор Mary S ( назад)

Автор Walnut500 ( назад)
WTFwired did you mean WTFweird? because weird means odd or strange, wired
means like electronic wiring

Автор DrinkoolaiDs ( назад)
I got drunk and sang it in front of my mother and she slapped me in the
face because i was a bad singer Imao . 

Автор DrizzyDrake1 (1041 год назад)
It sounds like they are saying do the weenier way

Автор Skittles duque ( назад)

Автор Schoolmix (193 года назад)

Автор Noooobful ( назад)

Автор bigmigs94 ( назад)
XD this is freaking priceless!!!!!

Автор oKruemelmonsteRo ( назад)
uhhh that`s cool

Автор angelofdeath1133 ( назад)
i love origanal song i grew on it it was my bed time song

Автор shackcheer ( назад)
this so funny. i cant belive this video. all you have to do is drink some
helium and sing and your voice will be just like that. also check out mine
and my friends site mine is shackcheer and my friends is goldcoolaction.he
is so cute. and do you know how to say ohavwhydvich.

Автор borkoniBG ( назад)
I love Hippo :)))))

Автор Alexander Wojadzis ( назад)
SweeT ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥:D:D

Автор ecwfanatic93 ( назад)
the dog is the funniest part of the entire video!!!!!!

Автор guystanley96 ( назад)

Автор LoqueMan ( назад)

Автор Kai Paskuda ( назад)
omg, this hippo is only great :D

Автор Lucas Ho ( назад)
LMFAO, hippo chipmunks? wdf???

Автор Lord Xyroz (447 лет назад)

Автор KatrinaTheCat535 ( назад)
*the ^^'

Автор KatrinaTheCat535 ( назад)
So fu***** cool! In the jungle, the mighty jungle te lion sleeps
tonight......XD So cool! 5/5

Автор xUmbrellaAcademyx ( назад)
it's already funny normal speed, fast is just awesome

Автор BillyBobJoeBobob ( назад)
that was hilarious cool vid

Автор Abraham Zapata ( назад)
kill yourself rightnow

Автор comedianfan1234 ( назад)
i saw this on tv the other day! XD

Автор supastar668 ( назад)
Has anyone seen the double speeded up version of this? it's twice as
hilarious. but this is AWESOME too.

Автор toff955 ( назад)
i just said the normal speed one of these was the best thing i have ever
seen, i have to retract that, this is the best thing i have ever seen

Автор Zaikucis ( назад)
fun :))

Автор Flatline043 ( назад)
who cares about his username

Автор nickman1093 ( назад)
i still think the dogs on drugs XD

Автор luvergirl43 ( назад)

Автор TutorialExp3rt ( назад)
Lol Awesome Video I Enjoyed It. Or Did I o.0

Автор Giant Mushroom ( назад)
lol well funny...

Автор supastar668 ( назад)
is there sumwhere u can like download the mp3 4 this? if there isnt, sum1
take the hint and MAKE ONE! this's is sumthin 4 everybody 2 laff about!
LOL! lved it!

Автор TheUltimateMyth ( назад)
I thought it was quite good.. :]

Автор rose bloom ( назад)
lol xD my fav!

Автор Trashmob ( назад)
O.O lol

Автор bradskaallama ( назад)
Haha xD !

Автор GAGFEST2000 ( назад)
the doggie made me lol >.>

Автор Hertz. ( назад)
its cooool...thats funny...the best...

Автор Dispatch. ( назад)
totally awsome!! :)

Автор RadioactiveParadox ( назад)
this was funny i loved it

Автор iamtheonewhoisme ( назад)
I love this.

Автор D12xman ( назад)
lol xD

Автор animecrazy102 ( назад)

Автор Oprean Ovidiu ( назад)
rofl ! thats wesome :)) ahah verry funny :D !

Автор Allie Belcher ( назад)
this is sooooooo hiarious!!!!!!!!!

Автор Hannah Symcox ( назад)
haha this is weirdXD

Автор Zak Overmyer ( назад)

Автор chaor35 ( назад)
this sucks

Автор Michael L ( назад)
its so awesome

Автор Marict ( назад)
LOL if that stuff acualy worked I would be dead about 50 times now

Автор Andrew Malkin ( назад)
I think that it is much better sped up.

Автор Espio001 ( назад)
any proof that that will actually happen? -_-

Автор Abi Chambers ( назад)
the hippos cute in fast motion

Автор logacion ( назад)
LOLOLOLOL SO FAST XD the voice become cuter XD maybe i shud show this to my
friends :D

Автор 13thcolossi ( назад)
definitely an albino hippo, well i think...

Автор Josh Estheim ( назад)
lol thats the 1st thing wich has made me laugh out of half thw whole videos
on utube

Автор Abi Riley ( назад)
bahahaha that is so funny. I love that dog he cracks me up!!!!!

Автор censu man ( назад)
good ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Автор willpsprule123 ( назад)
Do you think you have enough to say in your description box? that thing is

Автор freddyXDyeah ( назад)
wery sweet faworite !!!! lowely liddle hippo and dog i lowe it :D

Автор Enrique Arzamendi ( назад)

Автор BreezeGlass ( назад)
lol xDD faster XDD

Автор Joey Solorio ( назад)
hahahahaahaha very nice

Автор walkermc2k8 ( назад)

Автор Theresa Johnnson ( назад)
cute and funny lmao!!!

Автор Chi-Yin and William: chilliam00 ( назад)
this is so funny your a genius

Автор xhannahfannahx ( назад)
LMAO! this is hilarious

Автор bubblesnbutterflys ( назад)
:B bucktooth smiley!! awesome smileys ,':[ confused smiley! :{) mustachioed

Автор LifevinCity ( назад)
haha lol : )

Автор nbm589 ( назад)

Автор willpsprule123 ( назад)
That was awesome

Автор igornonsuch ( назад)
Hippos on helium INSPIRED

Автор Bernard Montgomery 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein ( назад)
oh lord... kill me...

Автор Nepenthakovich ( назад)

Автор shreadhead96 ( назад)
pure awesomness

Автор Fuck Google+ ( назад)

Автор piemanfireninja ( назад)
dog air humps at 30 and 50 secs hilarious XD

Автор jhonrobert96 ( назад)
the dog keeps air humping

Автор Lellegrek ( назад)

Автор MewMio ( назад)
Sweet in the start but then its getting boring.

Автор holly hobbs ( назад)
sorry but the description is pointless

Автор Olivenoire24 ( назад)
Sa met donc ben de bonne humeur cette chanson la!!!=D

Автор Hannah ( назад)

Автор Taylor Anderson ( назад)

Автор Ethan Jones ( назад)
i like the dog hes class

Автор Ethan Jones ( назад)

Автор Ethan Jones ( назад)

Автор main9123 ( назад)
this is the crapiest video

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