A Very Youtube Christmas

Gav and Dan meet up in England for a few cheeky bevs.

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Автор FlamingTreeHouse ( назад)
Slavs would be proud.

Автор Li Zhou ( назад)
wow cool too jealous

Автор Hill Had ( назад)
he looks like a roadman

Автор Jamel Frazier ( назад)
I wonder if they were supposed to wear the opposite person's?

Автор Arnold Gonzalez ( назад)
What is slav?

Автор Fahmi Andak ( назад)
I miss Lloyd the cat.

Автор Aaron ( назад)
is a chav like what we call lads in australia?

they wear nautica, and nike and look like junkies?

Автор Norman Fuentes ( назад)
Next Christmas both of you guys should go get beers with the same thing on ...

Автор KING'S PLAY ( назад)
17,000 LIKE

Автор שמעון אללוף ( назад)

Автор JMakes ( назад)
> goes to a pub
> doesn't buy a pint

Автор Poker Player ( назад)
I don't like meg anymore...ever since I saw her photo shoot with playboy

Автор Haley Roser ( назад)
"what day is it, 23rd?"

it is the twenty third good guess gav

Автор virtutae ( назад)
Ocado shopping bags

Автор Beckie White ( назад)
back Titanic 2

Автор slot hansen ( назад)

Автор FXYZ ( назад)
Who else thought that he looks like daniel bryan from WWE?

Автор Crown V ( назад)
I don't get what the big deal was about him wearing the track suit? British thing (I'm American)? Fun video nonetheless! It's always nice to see Gavin and Meg being all sweet together.

Автор Josh Z ( назад)
"do you get any views..?" "yeah just few."

Автор Ryan Gifford-May ( назад)
Gavin should wear his on his next visit to England

Автор Makujah ( назад)
Now you guys can finally visit Moscow! And look a bit less, but still hella silly here!

Автор dJomp ( назад)
What car is Dan in at the start?

Автор Dain Smith ( назад)
Hello Slow Mo Guys ... M from India. I like your all videos. I have an idea can you make a video of burning bulb with your fps camera.

Автор Paul Geare ( назад)
That final scene id the saddest thing I've seen in 2017 so far.

Автор Mason Delbridge ( назад)
What am I a slav? Lmao

Автор johnnyboy2459 ( назад)
I think Gavin did get both at the same time and edited the video to make it look like he never got it to take the p*ss out of Dan ;) I KNOW IM RIGHT GAVIN! :D

Автор вíttєrѕwєєt jαѕpєr ( назад)
It's so cute that you call each other B

Автор Dando Lee ( назад)
i thought you both lived in england

Автор Jon Kaufold ( назад)
hey Gavin did you get one

Автор PowerfulDragon ( назад)

Автор richard law ( назад)
Good pub, never seen Dan to get a free pint, though. Cross Keys, Thame, Oxfordshire

Автор Jack ( назад)
Had to pause and have a quick check to see if Dan's new misses is 'wonky eyed'

Автор CLYDE [BEATS] ( назад)
" That's BULLSHIT " legend

Автор Richard Nott ( назад)
I've just realised where I recognise those track suits from, they're the ones worn in Police Academy.... Proctor!!!!!!!!

Автор zimnynh ( назад)
Dan - the true Gopnik from heart ..

Автор xchar1z xpr0 ( назад)
y r u called the slow mo guys 2 when you should be called 2 slow for you guys

Автор Darman0430 ( назад)
I'm pretty sure Gavin got both of them at the same time but just wanted Dan to wear his out pub crawling

Автор 1252PFC ( назад)
Very cheeky, but funny. he switched out the outfits in different boxes and used it (fake error made by YouTube) to get Dan to wear it. You two are the best. I am missing England now as I am in Texas as well now.

Автор Elijah Vega ( назад)
Soo does Gav fly out every time they film something? idk tbh reply if you know thankss

Автор Ben's Vlogs ( назад)
OMG your my best youtubers i would be so happy if you reply to this!!!

Автор Avery Earle ( назад)
Jamie Oliver on the espresso martini -- 'a drink that “wakes me up and then [insert expletive here] me up” ' -- his bowdlerisation.

Автор Georgia Scheltema ( назад)
Nice SNES and Super Mario All-Stars cartridge at the beginning there. And thank fuck that America hasn't ruined Gav and he still says "ad-eh-das" and not "ah-dee-das".

Автор Avery Earle ( назад)
Was the black horse one of pubs 2, 3, 4? Thame outsiders want to know!

Автор vf111sundower ( назад)
At the End Dan looked like "Elf on the Self" just squatting there. LOL

Автор bradley morgan ( назад)
i would love something like that... i was expecting something much worse

Автор Daniel Major ( назад)
Arm vents...

Автор OneLoudNinja ( назад)
Ay it's me mario . . .wanna go bowling?

Автор Diaka ( назад)
9:02 I really hate when women say childish crap like that

Автор Loops ( назад)
Videos start with : hello everybody i am gavin, i am dan , we are the slowmo guys.

Автор MrSlipperyseal ( назад)
Needs more cats

Автор Yusef472 ( назад)
9:38 "oh you do videos... do you get any views?"

Автор Jo Jo ( назад)
i mean track suits are kinda in rn though

Автор ADVAIT MENON ( назад)
Didn't DanTDM get the same custom jacket

Автор Norninja ( назад)
Dan is looking absolutely cheeki breeki!

Автор TheSkaBouncer ( назад)
9:41 "Get any views or..."
If only he knew, m8

Автор Tegan Burns ( назад)
Susan Wojcicki, troll level maxed out

Автор Francisco E. Chirinos ( назад)
Hey Gav, Dan, how about filming a firecracker break a toilet in slo-mo? water and everything

Автор LysolPionex ( назад)
Honestly, the undergarment is more hideous than the jumper.

Автор MoonshineSazerac ( назад)
"You don't know what it is yet." I'd say the three stripes and the fact that it's an item of clothing are pretty indicative of something, Gav.

Автор Tipperary ( назад)
Dan is Stormzy?

Автор Neel Ghost ( назад)
Full Adidas track suit??? He looks like a real Russian now lol.

Автор Dsy456 ( назад)
I wanted a slow motion video of dan shitting in that track suit

Автор IElRedI ( назад)
"Am I a slav?" hahaha

Автор Matthew Martin ( назад)
Where's Gav from?

Автор ThePotatoSpaceman ( назад)
that box with a line version of gavin's face looks similar to iFunny Chef

Автор Sharon Langhurst ( назад)
Dan looks like a deranged Elf on the Shelf. LOL

Автор Pencil Person ( назад)
B? Like Brother?

Автор Angus Purssey ( назад)
Dan joins the Chavs

Автор Sweetpea Chickpea ( назад)
i want to see the uncut phone conversation

Автор Devon Stone ( назад)
is dan considered a youtuber? or more of a military man? and also what if he was meant to wear the one from his own face box with gavins name and gavin with dans name on it..

Автор angeletteUK ( назад)
Oh it arrived while you was "away" ay? Likely story 😉

Автор Alisa Kazarnovsky ( назад)
The frickin pinkie lift with wine😂🤙

Автор Lonn Cal ( назад)
Is that Gav's gf?

Автор Anthony Kelly ( назад)
You can really hear megs accent in this

Автор Wolfgang Bert ( назад)
9:50 Classic slav squat

Автор MaXwell Falstein ( назад)
Why did you use the camera to record the FaceTime? You can use QuickTime to record the video and LogicPro to record the audio, both internal and input audio.

Автор Alucard Hellsing ( назад)
Squat Dan Squat, and stay Cheeki Breeki

Автор jordan cooney ( назад)
Jesus, poshest cunts ever haha, cringe at the sight of an adidas tracksuit

Автор TofuTan ( назад)
Dan looks like a proper chav and it scares me.

Автор Art33mis ( назад)
Omg I am so jealous of the YouTube gaming hoodie! I wish you were able to buy those, they look soo good!

Автор budokava ( назад)
You don't look like a Yugoslavian gangster at all Dan..... 😂

Автор Avery Earle ( назад)
11:12 Dan does misery really well.

Автор Avery Earle ( назад)
7:43 wine critic. Who'd Dan have in mind? Or, was that a generic pisstake?

Автор Onkar Singh ( назад)
he's wearing stormzy tracksuit lol

Автор Cameron Macdonald ( назад)
guaaan lad giz a squat!

Автор Maddie L ( назад)
You and dan should arrange a night to go out to a bunch of pubs in your matching adidas track suits

Автор Deeboss ( назад)
i reckon you had your tracksuit before you left Gavin ;)
Would on been good as well to see you together in the pub wearing your tracksuits. Happy Year!

Автор oh Weezy ( назад)
Why are English pubs ceilings so low?

Автор Matt Blind ( назад)
Either YouTube really mixed those up, or Gavin made it up so he could make fun of Dan.
Would've been funnier if they we're both wearing the tracksuits :))

Автор RWBimbie ( назад)
Aww nice, Gav took Meg to the UK.
I hope she didnt have a problem with the language barrier, coming from Talkin Texan

Автор Jessica Dale ( назад)
A bit tight on the ol' bot-bot.

Автор TheRoadfarmer ( назад)
dan gets shit on alot but he has way more guts to do this than gavin hahahha

Автор Harry Harvey ( назад)
Arc at Stormzy over here

Автор The Dpowers ( назад)
You know that he waited until the end to show the track suit. He must've known.

Автор Ella Godbold-Holmes ( назад)
chav appropriation that is. I'm surprised he wasn't an outcast, he looked like a proper little roadman

Автор Max B ( назад)
Guess Dan lost his kink for lazy eye'd girls

Автор Anita Star ( назад)
All that YouTube swag though! One day I'll get there...

Автор awesomecranchy ( назад)
i wish we got to see you both as christmas chavs

Автор NicolaiAAA ( назад)
The sound of Meg's shoes as they walk. <3

Автор Cube the Squid ( назад)
Is that an American girlfriend? She seems nice

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