Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

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Длительность: 4:20
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Автор fried onion ( назад)
finally a good choice for tonight

Автор Carburossauro ( назад)
my favorite music ever

Автор Stephen Chavis ( назад)
make me feel like climbing out of a nutshell

Автор Kim Cornell ( назад)
This literally has to be the most beautiful song ever written!!!!

Автор elio quintanilla grandez ( назад)
this shake my feels

Автор Chandler Webb ( назад)
Not sure what it is, but this song is so damn special to me

Автор Marc Bolinger ( назад)
H, Opiates, Benzos, are a fucking nightmare to get over, Then the F ing
methadone is actually harder to stop- Ya thats a genius cure?? wtf, anyway
If my weak ass can overcome it everyone here whos in the same boat can

Автор Derek JCG ( назад)
This IS my rainy day.

Автор Lauren Murray ( назад)
this song is my favorite song ever written.... I can't help but feel all
the emotions that I know he felt. it gets me everytime

Автор Laienna 28 ( назад)

Автор angela marzilli ( назад)
Christ. they really don't make music like this anymore...

Автор Boner ( назад)

Автор Chase Bogan ( назад)
Considering I feel like I've been alone my whole life, this song helped me
through it all.

Автор Daniel Simpson ( назад)
Im actually ashamed i never really knew how good Alice in chains were until
early this year! ive listened to this song so much now that i feel like ive
known this song my whole life. What a band.

Автор Will Smith ( назад)
this song always makes me cry!

Автор Robin Singh ( назад)
in his bad times he sung deep beautiful songs....

Автор William Bonney ( назад)
fuck the world FTW

Автор William Bonney ( назад)
drunk thanks

Автор shawn rogers ( назад)
The singer gets so much pussy with that voice

Автор Marcia Pruchinsky ( назад)
Best band that came out of the 90"s.......None better

Автор Jim V ( назад)
no pleace to call home...

Автор Wade “Zaddy” Strine ( назад)
Beyond Beautiful. Love It.

Автор Emiliano Dean Atran (L'haflack) ( назад)
What makes Nutshell sad for me is that Layne Staley did commit suicide in
the end as he forced himself to become sick purposefully; so all the lyrics
aren't only stories, they are his reality and cries for help while the
world watched him destroy himself like a True Martyr. No-one became worried
for him and no-one helped him through his struggles, except for his
bandmates that stood beside him; but giving him a reason to sing also
empowered his desire to die...

Автор Mandi Delashmutt ( назад)
Beautiful song I've been an Alice in Chains fan since the 90's and they
fucking rock. this particular song the acoustic guitar is so soulfull and
touchs me along with Layne's voice plus the backup singer . Sorry i forgot
his name. RIP Layne. God Bless

Автор appv12 ( назад)
Ahhh... now i remember what music was.

Автор éléphantUSA clément ( назад)
nutshell= coquille de nois O_o

Автор Rochelle Eskue ( назад)
Such an incredible song. This and Although not an AIC song (River of
Deceit) will be played at my funeral. Not anytime soon though. I'm so glad
to have been a fan when this music was first emerging. It is so timeless.
Thank you AIC. RIP Layne and Mike.

Автор Justin Klemann ( назад)
this song is about his heroin addiction and can't break free of it, and hit
it really touches me in the same process

Автор Ken K (1781 год назад)
obviously stayle's lyrics are amazing but Cantrells guita ris pretty sweet
especially at the end.

Автор Alan Keeter ( назад)
the most amazing song ever wrote..

Автор jeligula ( назад)
I came here for the bass and left a better man.

Автор Kelly Krause ( назад)
I think these guys were definitely underrated and although Nirvana was
great this band is just as talented if not even more talented and I just
love then

Автор Александр Петров ( назад)
"Pain wrapped in sorrow" is the only way for me to decsribe this song.
Sometimes it feels like I'll never give up listening to AIC, which I did to
many bands. But this... this somehow managed to live a scar on the body of
my soul. And it begins rottening unless I listen to AIC songs.
I hate and at the same time love and adore this band,its music. And I can
tell you one thing for sure - it has become a real friend if mine being
able to express oneself by AIC songs. My forever parner for my whole life.
Thank you.

Автор Kesha Cook ( назад)

Автор Ervin Johnson ( назад)
no one ever understands when people listen to these songs something's wrong

Автор Erik Hope-Saunders ( назад)
what makes this a great song, is that you can apply it to anything in YOUR
own life. I think thats what would have made these guys happy. whatever the
song makes you feel, that's what its about.

Автор U Mirin ( назад)
Love shooting H to this one

Автор Jeffrey Gable ( назад)
thinking of you Cor...not in a creepy dark way though

Автор Yelena Lightfoot (MySilverScreen) ( назад)
I'm pretty ashamed of my generation. I'm in my early teens, and I hate how
the most appealing music to most people my age lacks substance and soul.
Too many "stupid hoes" and "popping Molly" and not enough stuff like this.

Автор Roberto Nicola ( назад)
Un capolavoro

Автор CastleCrashers441 ( назад)
RIP Layne good man just fell down a bad path was all ;(

Автор Art Erino ( назад)
questa canzone è la colonna sonora della nostra storia ...
for you lady.Grunge miss.e***!!!

Автор max rock ( назад)
The best~

Автор SharpAdze ( назад)
Nirvana is Blue, AIC is red, Pearl Jam is green. Which is better? None
because it's a matter of opinion. Music isn't created to be viewed as a

Автор Trevon Bolin-Hitchens ( назад)
best song

Автор nati60606 ( назад)
this never makes me feel suicidal...
this gives me the strength to make it through another day...

Автор purpledragonfly1966 ( назад)
I wanna listen to this again, and again. And then some more. <3

Автор tile456 ( назад)
To think they all came out of Seattle at the same time is just incredible
(AIC, PJ, Soundgarden & Nirvana)

Автор Mystuitarist ( назад)
Almost 1k dislikes?! Why?

Автор Alexander Steiner ( назад)
I've been clean for three months and just fallen off the wagon and got ran
over by it. I feel like such a piece of shit right now.

Автор Alexander Steiner ( назад)
Man this song depresses the shit outta me but I love it! I feel Layne
Staley's pain as a drug addict myself.

Автор hopewell2012 ( назад)
Long live the 90s!

Автор Sat 78 ( назад)
rock was better before? like rap

Автор TheLuisberg Top Commentor ( назад)
To those that say that grunge is dead, I'm sorry but it's still alive it
was never dead. It just took a short break and relaxed for a while
eventually it'll return strong. And soon.

Автор Koree Hanneman ( назад)
This song touches me in a way no pastor could

Автор Travis Hunt ( назад)
lane Staley your missed I wish I could stop using boy my arms look like
Shit can't even take suboxen makes me sic bc it puts me in withdrawal owel

Автор Terry McCloud ( назад)
Oh Fcuk. Ouch. I am so glad I made it out. This album, was there for me
when I was in pain.

Автор nikola p ( назад)
Layne tried to speak for those who have no voice in our society, those who
suffer, who are alone, isolated and misunderstood. Now, in the last verse,
"My gift of self is raped, my privacy is raked... If I can't be my own, I'd
feel better dead" Layne was saying that he couldn't be himself. Was really
his soul the soul of a man? Try to look him in the eyes, try to pay
attention to his moves, to the way he sung. His singing was unique, no one
can replace his voice. When I listen to Alice's songs I hear the singing of
a woman trapped in a man's body. You can feel all the pain in that voice.
Layne was Alice, and in all her songs she was screaming to express the pain
she was in for not being able to be herself. I'm not crazy, I'm not
inventing things, try to watch some of their earliest stuff, in particular
the sea of sorrow music video; the gaze, the moves, the singing, i really
see the attitude of a woman. I'm not trying to say shit about Layne nor I
want you to agree with me, I just wanted to express my thoughts.

Автор Michael Risher ( назад)
bands now will never achieve the feelings these songs give you.

Автор saturnchiara ( назад)
I am utterly in love with this track

Автор STEVE P ( назад)
RIP Layne and Mike, we miss you.

Автор IHaveLadyLegs ( назад)
God damn, this song is hauntingly beautiful.

Автор bridgeview 82 ( назад)
i would not considered that grunge if you have it as pertaing to staley and
co. they were their own band and the own sound. you cant even compare that
dirt bag cobain to the excellence of staley!!!!!!!!

Автор Bonggrips 420 ( назад)
3:26 my bday i turn 18 this year coincidence?or am i a reptilian member of
the illuminati

Автор Brad Bockhaus ( назад)
Grunge lives on

Автор Paul Anderson ( назад)
Best song ever without a doubt

Автор Mai McGowan ( назад)
Grunge was only ever a reaction. Kids who liked music but didn't play the
game. You all have that power if you truly like the music. Be real.

Автор richard weinmann ( назад)
Thank the creator for good music like this

Автор cevoo marvel ( назад)
you can't say fuck heroin for layne's dead. Heroin is the one who gave us
this music god in the first place! (sorry for my bad english)

Автор Daniel Davis ( назад)
All I can think about is how beautiful this song is!

Автор A.D Fairhurst ( назад)
Gotta love that bass run at 0:42

Автор mansoldworld ( назад)
This song hurts

Автор Casey Dean ( назад)
Deep and dreamy

Автор Kathy Warren (984 года назад)
this is the song my son wanted us to bury him to, so we did an everyone
there knew why, so there wasn't a dry eye in the place! I love you ian

Автор Brad Query ( назад)
staley and cantrell.... perfect together

Автор jasmoran66 ( назад)
Devastatingly introspective. AIC could get to you in different ways. So
much talent.

Автор Neon Roses ( назад)
Crazy how both Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley died on April 5th of drug

Автор Opinion Onion ( назад)
I cry every time I hear it.

Автор Alexander Steiner ( назад)
This is the best song ever. Even though every time I hear it I want to
check myself out. Layne was a GOD on the mic!!!!! If I cant be my own, I'd
feel better dead. GENIOUS

Автор TonesEntertainment ( назад)
i just typed nutshell and discovered this amazing song...

Автор michael miller ( назад)
this is one of my favorite songs, it always take me back to a different
place, something in his voice you can hear his cry

Автор Josh Hamrick ( назад)
Still sounds good as it didn't when it came out Good music doesn't age!
Can't say that bout today's stuff💀

Автор Rockland Times ( назад)
Grunge music was good but clothing style was worse than 80s

Автор Pádraic H. Pearse ( назад)
Love this tune, loved it from the first day I heard it, always brings a
tear to my eye, I simply just love it.

Автор JW CORE ( назад)
Great song. Only just found band, through liking Staind. Beginning to
really like them.

Автор Ruby Jackson ( назад)

Автор bob howard ( назад)
but awsome

Автор Mike Jordan ( назад)
Miss you Robert Guzman........

Автор Paul Anderson ( назад)
Great song with so much meaning music now has none of that

Автор Rishul Matta ( назад)
There is something beautifully painful about this song...

Автор rick sharp ( назад)
Fuk heroin it has taken some seriously talented musicians from us, not to
mention some of my good friends. I'm so happy I knew when to draw the line
when it came to drugs. If I had used that shit I'd be gone that much I can

Автор Chas K ( назад)
I always get goosebumps listening to this song! great song

Автор slm22186 ( назад)
This song reachers to listeners across genres. I mostly listen to hip hop
and r&b and I enjoy and appreciate this. Very nice. Very mellow. Great
guitar solo. Great vocals. Just an overall good song.

Автор Barsabus ( назад)
good music is timeless

Автор ailin giselle cisnerosgisellec ( назад)

Автор amochki ( назад)
i will pray for you.forgivness is a decision, you are precious man!

Автор Alexander Steiner ( назад)
I am at the very end of my rope

Автор Alexander Steiner ( назад)
Anyone out there, pray for me. I just cant forgive myself for not being
there for the people that needed me the most, and that I can not be here
for the people that need me now. I am the very definition of a lost soul. I
could have saved at least two of the people I've lost over the past 17
years and I can't forgive myself for that.

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