Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

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Длительность: 4:20
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Автор WAKE,UP,UK ( назад)
rip lane brother and mike god bless ya

Автор Ben Jackson ( назад)
Really gets into your bones!

Автор Laynes Addiction ( назад)
No place to call home....

Автор Scott Young ( назад)
one of the greatest bands ever

Автор Patrick Molyneux ( назад)
The opening is haunting. We will never see a band like this again in our

Автор Geret t ( назад)

Автор Tony Parker ( назад)
1000 dislikes. That's too many idiots.

Автор Holly Butler ( назад)
love you Layne!! This song hits you in the guts it's so raw..most
importantly it's real..and too many of us can relate. No matter what he
won't ever be forgotten ♡♡

Автор J Snyder ( назад)
I nominate this as a Top 3 song for Alice in Chains. No joke, I get
goosebumps every time I hear it. It's intense, delicate, visceral, heavy.
The guitar solo? OMFG. Jar of Flies (this album) proves that you don't need
force, distortion and 200 beats/min to crush. Let me know what you think
the Top 3 songs should be.

Автор Richard Guzman ( назад)
rip love this song. my dad was a heroin addict so I know wat it is rip dad
love you always n my mom rip love u both. love rock makes me feel good to
here real music that comes from the heart

Автор Ryan Gordon ( назад)
Layne sent me, one of my favorite bands of all time

Автор inb4y ( назад)
this song is real to me. Speaks about my life at the moment. I'm in between
happiness and sadness.

Автор Jerry Kittle ( назад)
i want to go find home now

Автор Zappuh PS ( назад)
I just don't get how this has as many dislikes as it does

Автор Robin Wade ( назад)
this song will be played at my funeral

Автор deRanny ( назад)

Автор Kyler Fritz ( назад)
Every time I play along with my guitar I stop at the second solo and just
gaze off with goosebumps because of how sad and beautiful it is, beautiful
song! Musical genius!

Автор Brandon Amodeo ( назад)

Автор Robert Bentley ( назад)
I could listen to this all day. Beautiful.

Автор Riley1831 ( назад)
..one of my favorite songs !

Автор Chris fehn ( назад)
Damn... One more second it would of been 4:20.... So sad

Автор GermanSniperBayArea ( назад)
Drugs worked for me for years, now they're turning against me... now i'm
walking through hell - Layne Staley

Автор Schpecksepp mander ( назад)
just brilliant....

Автор Mikey Stoner ( назад)
Great song love it!!!

Автор Meo Escototo ( назад)
Animal lover this A.i.N... Nice!

Автор Bryan Andrew ( назад)
Sad song but beautifully put together....

Автор jackie Jamieson ( назад)
DrDem420 me too

Автор 7noS SS373dOH ( назад)
"and yet I fight, and yet I fight, this battle all alone, no one to cry
tooooo, no place to call home"

Автор Casandra King ( назад)
Omg. That voice

Автор Raeah Mullins ( назад)
My Husband And I Both Are Recovering Addicts Of Just About Whatever You
Could Take. For Me It Was Mostly Pain Killers And Him Meth But We Are Over
Coming All This By Having Each Other To Lean On Instead Of Leaning On The
Drugs For Help!

Автор laura brady ( назад)
this song tears my heart right open

Автор paula gilliland ( назад)
this will be in funeral. when I go.........

Автор Tamika White ( назад)
Amazing song!

Автор Corvo Attano ( назад)
Rest in peace Layne.

Автор dylan murphy ( назад)
Why do like that shit rap music instead of this genre it doesn't make sense

Автор Joey Coco Diaz ( назад)
meaning can be useless being happy is universal

Автор Joey Coco Diaz ( назад)
happiness is all in perspective

Автор Joey Coco Diaz ( назад)
if i cant be my own

Автор Rusty Spires ( назад)
JusT.RusTy. YeSir...

Автор larry free ( назад)
I feel A.I.C is the best band ever I am 58 years old I've seen a lot of
bands in my life Layne is a legend so is Jerry.

Автор Javi Aguirre ( назад)
one of many great songs. .

Автор marcedo16 hg ( назад)
una buena cancion con buena letra ,,, hermosa por donde la oyes .

Автор PerfectMisconception ( назад)
man i love this lil dog so much he looks so sad poor thing :(

Автор Carnei ( назад)
I feel sorry for people, like Layne Staley, that feel (or, in his case,
felt) this way. Blindfolded, in narcissistic delusion.
Been there myself, too. Not a good place to stay.

Автор gage lundgren ( назад)
this and rooster are deep songs and you can feel the emotion in his mtv
unplugged performances before death

Автор ccc 777 ( назад)
goosebumps everytime I listen to this...

Автор Muppet Slaughter ( назад)

Автор Martina Malá ( назад)
krasne :)

Автор ebannaw ( назад)
Come here if you want some holy truth in the form of sonic vibrations.

Автор Jeremy Lawson ( назад)
Anyone else dope sick and chain smoking to this on repeat?

Автор GrindcoreNinja (†††) ( назад)
3:46 Hurt is actually pretty okay, their earlier shit is definitely better
(rapture, carpenter, etc), but I can see them touring with Alice.

Автор killswitch_actual ( назад)
No one to cry to, no place to call home: the life of an addict. Bless you
Layne for giving us this music....

Автор Vic Benson ( назад)
it's me all the ways

Автор Terry Humphrey ( назад)
drug and alcoholic blur that was my twenties. this, stp, pantera, ratm,
korn, temple of the dog, what a decade.

Автор Roland Drinkwalter ( назад)
Idc what u listen to,this n no excuses r impossible not to feel.1k ppl r

Автор Kaiden Thief ( назад)
I hurt myself and I listen to this song. I'm burning my arm just right now
just to feel something other than crippling loneliness and constant
emotional torment.

Автор Scarlett Whisperer ( назад)
this shit always makes me cry...damn

Автор Victoria Martinez ( назад)
we face the path of time. so beutiful

Автор dtownlove10 ( назад)
We chase misprinted lies..........

Автор John Boner ( назад)
We chase misprinted lies
We face the path of time
And yet I fight
And yet I fight
This battle all alone
No one to cry to
No place to call home


My gift of self is raped
My privacy is raked
And yet I find
And yet I find
Repeating in my head
If I can't be my own
I'd feel better dead


Автор Joe Maynard ( назад)
Gets me every time.

Автор Carla Diaz ( назад)
Such a good song. I usually fall asleep 2 it.#so peacful

Автор lunch box tooth pick ( назад)
I'm sure I ain't the first to say this but haunting man

Автор Oscar Curiel ( назад)
Meisterwerk! Obra maestra.

Автор Pollopo csm ( назад)

Автор Ale jandra ( назад)
Se te extraña Layne, RIP 😢

Автор Richard Carpenter ( назад)
Plethora of memories all wrapped up in that guitar then ball of emotions
released with the lyrics . Damn

Автор Philip Scoggins ( назад)

Автор Natalie Would ( назад)
Hands Down A.I.C.'s best album! Music critics don't know a thing

Автор lila bleich ( назад)
Most amazing song to close my eyes to and simply relax..

Автор Joe Bell ( назад)
This is my best friends favorite song. Every time i forget what her voice
sounds like i listen to this. She sang this song beautifully. Miss you,

Автор Doug Hetzler ( назад)
You were great,RIP Layne

Автор AlexanderTheGreatHD ( назад)
when rock meant something

Автор Ian Alderman ( назад)
If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead as well.

Автор TheBloodletter77 ( назад)
love it!!!! Layne Staley is very missed.. R.I.P

Автор Paulo Henrique ( назад)
If I can't be my own
I'd feel better dead

Автор Johnny, Shirley, Jake & Debra Ann ( назад)
What do you mean with Rastel's restless brain?

Автор murphy3355 ( назад)
I just found a gem in this song. Love it

Автор Adelia Hogarth ( назад)
Dark and beautiful.

Автор Steve blankenship ( назад)
one of the best songs ever

Автор Amy Lynn Stenson ( назад)

Автор Karenmarie Studebaker ( назад)

Автор Thor Gundersen ( назад)
If you don't know the lord Jesus today is a day of salvation if you don't
know the lord say this prayer LORD JESUS I am a sinner I repent of all my
sins I ask that you come into my heart and my life wash me clean in your
precious anointed blood I want to be saved grace through faith in you lord
Jesus if you truly mean and love and turn to Christ, you shall have the
most beautiful gift anyone can ask for thats everlasting life through
Christ Jesus you are sealed by God until the redemption day please follow
and turn to Jesus. He is our only hope for eternity to have with him in
paradise amen

Автор USA! Patriot ( назад)
I wonder if he realized he was going to live forever through his music.
Thank u Layne and Alice in chains for the most heartfelt music. This song
is amazing.

Автор afterthefox ( назад)
this song is why I love this band...their words were always real...demons
and depression and honesty...they were no bullshit band...

Автор jim my ( назад)
Just in my state of mind.

Автор jim my ( назад)
In one ear listening to this fine tune. the other ear listening to
trump ?? Fk ?

Автор João Vitor ( назад)
I want this playing at my funeral

Автор j dog ( назад)
I really luv this song

Автор CJ ( назад)
this is one of those songs you replay.... over.... and over again

Автор CJ ( назад)
and yet i feel, yet i feel......

Автор thephilosopherslegacy ( назад)
And yet I fight this battle all alone, no one to cry to, no place to call

These words hurt the most

Автор Matt Goodwin ( назад)

Автор Sebastian Di ( назад)

Автор DrDem420 ( назад)
I'd feel better dead...

Автор Holli Mallow ( назад)
this song full of emotions I lost my daughter at 3 months from pneumonia on
may-26-2015 and song still hit me hard. 💔

Автор JJ F ( назад)
If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead

Автор Tonya Boren ( назад)
I have stage four, colon cancer and in my fight for life lost a friend of
my son's who was shot this morning I thought about this song that I want
played when I'm gone praying it will be later, rather than sooner this song
just emotional moving it does something inside when I hear it and makes me
think everything is going to be OK on the other side...RIP Mike Chau

Автор steven roden ( назад)
rock truly died at the end of the nineties.

Автор Rick Simolari ( назад)
Think' he took things literally...odd?

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