Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

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ste es uno de mis videos favoritos
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Автор ADAM DAR (14 дней)

Автор Andrea Morisano (17 дней)

Автор Jennifer Anastasia LK (1 месяц)
g'nite all! ;)


Автор Brian Player (2 месяца)
We........ chase misprinted lies....
We...... face the path of time

Автор Peter Wolanski (22 дня)
So maybe I'm going to look like a fool, but didn't the lead singer die?

Автор Helen Mccoy (1 месяц)

Автор Pablo Eraserhead (1 месяц)

Автор Nick Wright (1 месяц)
wow, i forgot how much i love this tune

Автор Željka Račić (3 месяца)

Автор Andrew Kleck (2 месяца)
best bonfire song ever

Автор joy laughter (3 месяца)
Alice in Chains - Nutshell
#aliceinchains #rockmusic 

Автор Miguel Ivars (2 месяца)
Mike Starr with a Pantera shirt, the 90's were so amazing.

Автор J stone (4 месяца)
Thats crazy Cobain and Staley died on the same day.

Автор Shari Marie (3 месяца)
goodnight googies...xox

#aliceinchains via +Classic Rock thank you

Автор Casey Wagner (11 часов)
you got to fight for your dreams in this world

Автор jeff loyet (17 часов)
never be a voice like that ever again may he be in our hearts for

Автор Swamp Mountain (1 день)
AIC, My Favorite Band! 425 people suck. Check out "City and Colour's"
acoustic version. He owns the song like no other cover!

Автор ohlolololololollol (2 дня)
One of the best songs ever written. 

Автор Lucas Palacios (3 дня)
love this song. may you find peace .Layne

Автор Luke Kelly (3 дня)
I cant describe how much i love this song..

Автор Rena Whitehead (4 дня)
my husbands favorite song, its our song...we fell in love to this
song...11 years strong

Автор babypettigrew (4 дня)

Автор howard smith (4 дня)

Автор Liz Harland (5 дней)
Rest in peace Layne

Автор cañeria rock (5 дней)

Автор Gustawind (6 дней)
This is a beautifully written song :) something tells me ever finding
musicians that can speak like this again will be difficult. I did a vocal
cover of this song, my first video, because I do very much like it, haha.
Check it out if you're feelin up to it.

Автор Louise Young (6 дней)
Have just done a piano/ vocal cover of this song. It's one of my favourite
songs. Would be cool if you could check it out :)

Автор TVSPOTHUNTER (7 дней)
The Shield Season4episode8gotmehere

Автор Darius M (7 дней)
For me it's not one of the greatest, it's certainly the best track of all.

Автор Valentina Spina (4 месяца)
Alice in Chains Nutshell


Автор Dearra Palmerro (3 месяца)
Alice in Chains - Nutshell
#aliceinchains #rockmusic 

Автор bo jangle (10 дней)
It I can't be on my own I'd feel better dead

Автор Gabriel JTL (11 дней)
My suicide song

Автор TheCheeseandrice1 (11 дней)
Layne Staley had an extraordinarily ghostly voice.

Автор John Mullins (12 дней)

Автор sqwidink1 (14 дней)
six frogs in a tin 

Автор J.B. Chandler (14 дней)
Nutshell is my favorite AIC song, a distant 2nd is Would?, and both songs
are better on the Unplugged album.

Автор MrErock7 (14 дней)
An epic wave of all time musical ecstasy- hits deep in the soul every time

Автор Yana Agronov (14 дней)
If I can be my own
I feel better dead..
So true. Epic. 

Автор DantheMaker (16 дней)
when everything starts getting broken YOU START QUIESTIONING YOUR FATE

Автор Radek Raku (16 дней)

Автор Jake Schweitzer (16 дней)
I love this song. I never knew who they were until Staind Did this cover. I
love both bands and both versions of this song. It's just a flat out great
song. I was born in 85 so I will admit I was the rap/hip hop gen. Now that
I am older I am rediscovering the 90's. Lot of great bands.

Автор Acidic Marisa (17 дней)
Does anyone know what this song is about?? : Drugs or an Ex?

Автор sheilia Lund (17 дней)

Автор TheBriangarman (18 дней)
Y does it keep going up eat shit n listen to ur other bull shit 

Автор Brody Reyno (19 дней)
It's sad to think about what Alice could be today with him alive. Don't get
me wrong, I love new Alice, but you can't help but wonder. Does anyone else

Автор couchsurfer (19 дней)

Автор yu johns (19 дней)
id feel better dead.

Автор Michael Garland (20 дней)
Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Автор Walter Allen (21 день)
:'( <3

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