Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

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Длительность: 4:20
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Автор Joe Bell ( назад)
This is my best friends favorite song. Every time i forget what her voice
sounds like i listen to this. She sang this song beautifully. Miss you,

Автор Doug Hetzler ( назад)
You were great,RIP Layne

Автор AlexanderTheGreatHD ( назад)
when rock meant something

Автор Ian Alderman ( назад)
If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead as well.

Автор TheBloodletter77 ( назад)
love it!!!! Layne Staley is very missed.. R.I.P

Автор Paulo Henrique ( назад)
If I can't be my own
I'd feel better dead

Автор Johnny, Shirley, Jake & Debra Ann ( назад)
What do you mean with Rastel's restless brain?

Автор murphy3355 ( назад)
I just found a gem in this song. Love it

Автор Adelia Hogarth ( назад)
Dark and beautiful.

Автор Steve blankenship ( назад)
one of the best songs ever

Автор Amy Lynn Stenson ( назад)

Автор Karenmarie Studebaker ( назад)

Автор Thor Gundersen ( назад)
If you don't know the lord Jesus today is a day of salvation if you don't
know the lord say this prayer LORD JESUS I am a sinner I repent of all my
sins I ask that you come into my heart and my life wash me clean in your
precious anointed blood I want to be saved grace through faith in you lord
Jesus if you truly mean and love and turn to Christ, you shall have the
most beautiful gift anyone can ask for thats everlasting life through
Christ Jesus you are sealed by God until the redemption day please follow
and turn to Jesus. He is our only hope for eternity to have with him in
paradise amen

Автор USA! Patriot ( назад)
I wonder if he realized he was going to live forever through his music.
Thank u Layne and Alice in chains for the most heartfelt music. This song
is amazing.

Автор afterthefox ( назад)
this song is why I love this band...their words were always real...demons
and depression and honesty...they were no bullshit band...

Автор jim my ( назад)
Just in my state of mind.

Автор jim my ( назад)
In one ear listening to this fine tune. the other ear listening to
trump ?? Fk ?

Автор João Vitor ( назад)
I want this playing at my funeral

Автор j dog ( назад)
I really luv this song

Автор Chad J Thompson ( назад)
this is one of those songs you replay.... over.... and over again

Автор Chad J Thompson ( назад)
and yet i feel, yet i feel......

Автор thephilosopherslegacy ( назад)
And yet I fight this battle all alone, no one to cry to, no place to call

These words hurt the most

Автор Matt Goodwin ( назад)

Автор Sebastian Di ( назад)

Автор DrDem420 ( назад)
I'd feel better dead...

Автор Holli Mallow ( назад)
this song full of emotions I lost my daughter at 3 months from pneumonia on
may-26-2015 and song still hit me hard. 💔

Автор JJ F ( назад)
If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead

Автор Tonya Boren ( назад)
I have stage four, colon cancer and in my fight for life lost a friend of
my son's who was shot this morning I thought about this song that I want
played when I'm gone praying it will be later, rather than sooner this song
just emotional moving it does something inside when I hear it and makes me
think everything is going to be OK on the other side...RIP Mike Chau

Автор steven roden ( назад)
rock truly died at the end of the nineties.

Автор Rick Simolari ( назад)
Think' he took things literally...odd?

Автор ErnieEUW ( назад)
sooo nice im soo stoned grtz maxcim lannoy

Автор shannon mcclung ( назад)
This song gives me the chills.. so beautiful.

Автор Zeke Teke ( назад)
the only way this song could be better is if Layne had another verse or two
of vocals

Автор OMB NATION ( назад)

Автор OMB NATION ( назад)

Автор Tim Roberts ( назад)
fukk u to the 1164

Автор nathan ward ( назад)
There is something about this song, once it starts playing all previous
emotions; sadness: happiness, whatever you feel at the moment, they just
seem to melt away. An overwhelming feeling of... I can't even describe it,
it's a feeling unique to this song alone. I suddenly just stop and begin to
think and feel nothing but this song. It's not sadness nor happiness, but
simply just the pure feeling of Nutshell.

Автор Daniel Vogelgesang ( назад)
me too

Автор Credit Repair Nerds ( назад)
If I can't be my own.......I'd feel better dead. Powerful.

Автор music freak KA ( назад)
what a voice! so sad that he is gone

Автор the indredable hunk michael clancy ( назад)
this song describes my life rite now 😢😢😢😢

Автор angry nargacuga ( назад)

Автор Amsterdam Penoze 020 ( назад)
I think I'll let my parents play this on my funeral..

Автор Richard Britton ( назад)
To seon you said it right

great fuckin song dude

Автор Sanjog Dhakal ( назад)
who else wishes that this song was longer?

Автор Thomas Kuremsky ( назад)
my jar if flies roll on - lane Stay

Автор Eva Gibson ( назад)
Anyone still fighting addiction you can do it stay strong dont give in !!

Автор Slammed ( назад)
Swear im not here listening to alice in chains on lsd again. If I was here
or w/e dont tell anyone anything >.> serious though, dont.

Автор Seon Jones ( назад)
this song is straight forward, its just plain and simple...real and dark
most people cannot comprehend addiction at all....i am an addict clean but
the last 10 years have been hell and wonderful.....i have finally found my
soul mate so i have found it within myself for myself to get clean......but
once you get the taste your life is truly never the same. Heroin is sex
without effort but agony without peace.

Автор MrSechelt ( назад)
I don't find it depressing, I just fucking love it

Автор Ralph Greider ( назад)
Layne cut himself open on this one.

Автор Tea Rex ( назад)
I put Layne up there with Robert from Zeppelin he was that great of a

Автор Groove M ( назад)
If I can't be my own... I'd feel better dead.

Автор James Tstinic ( назад)
I like the unplugged version better but I love all alice in chains songs.
every time I hear this song it makes me want to cry. that's amazing :)

Автор Questhobson ( назад)
Only learnt this song on guitar today, it's hard to stop playing them
chords over n over again once I got the feel for Jerrys unique style of
strum rhythm.
Such an awesome tune to get lost from reality in.....once I'm in. Bravo AIC
RIP Lyane

Автор Juan Köenig ( назад)
first time I hear this band and I'm loving it!!

Автор Kevin Burchett ( назад)
i ve been on herion for 20 yrs. this song i shot more dope to than any
other. such a sad song yet ever time i hear it it drives me to say clean.
ive been clean now over 760 days

Автор Milly Orozco ( назад)
this song is so horribly great

Автор Daniel Price ( назад)
This is one of the saddest yet most beautiful songs ever written.
The very first time I heard Staley sing the line, "If I can't be my own I'd
feel better dead" I was just like, "Damn, that dude has a lottttt of pain."
You can tell how badly fame fucked with him with the "my privacy is raped"

Автор The Greatest Rapper Ever to do IT ( назад)

Автор Onur Bilginer ( назад)
Rip kurt and layne. Live long vedder and cornell

Автор Just Me ( назад)
If you don't like this you are not a human !!!

Автор Jimbo Martinez ( назад)
It seems like I am 14 years old, in 1994, and this album just came out.

And he's been dead for like 10 years now. Time flies. You don't believe
that yet, but you will.

Автор Miriam Pia ( назад)
I find that a lot of the music in this genre creates both negative and
positive emotions in me at the same time or in rapid sequence but maybe
nothing worse than a day at work or watching the evening news while life at
home is happy, or something like that. I like this song, and liked this
bank - I'm happy to report that I like at least a few of their tunes after
2010. I'm old enough to not feel like their old stuff is old and young
enough to feel freaked out that makes me....deep into middle age. I do feel
weird about that....and yet I love that my baby is now a 20 year old so I
don't have to deal with baby stuff ...but now, anymore again instead of
....have no babies but if I work as a Nanny I might etc... I'm probably
normal and may have written too much. Sorry to anyone annoyed.

Автор Brandon Weatherby ( назад)
I have listened to this song about 300 times in the past four days cant get
enough I love alice in chains

Автор m mouse ( назад)
Trying to think whether this is my favourite AIC song, definitely top 3

Автор Brandon Westbrook ( назад)
will be played set my funeral...I'm 32 now and very fortunate to have been
a part of the 90s

Автор Brock Hohler ( назад)
This is one of the strongest emotion inducing songs I've ever had the
opportunity to grow up and listen to.

Автор sandra hope ( назад)
one of the best sings ever

Автор seguedos seguedos ( назад)
relate to this song.....

Автор eddie mcmaster ( назад)
one of the best guitar peaces ever

Автор LivashSB ( назад)
He knew he was going to die, eventually. :/

Автор Vad Bond ( назад)
this song needs to be 20 minutes long

Автор James Keller ( назад)
this song helped me overcome alot of demons it's one of my favorite songs

Автор Ignited Fireball ( назад)
Beautiful! One of Layne's best if not THE best!

Автор Brandon Rodriguez ( назад)
Rest in Peace Blake and Seth. You will be missed... Fly high guys

Автор Lee Barnes ( назад)
This song defined a period of my life........Staley.......I will miss you

Автор Bathe Her And Bring Her To Me ( назад)
best band of that era...

Автор wikid83 ( назад)

Автор john maclennan ( назад)
Dirt was good too tho

Автор john maclennan ( назад)
Agree with Brian eastburn

Автор john maclennan ( назад)
Layne forever. He was the man

Автор mark whiggins ( назад)
I've been getting worse lately. Nothing particularly bad happening to me,
just building tolerance to my medication again. Guess it's time to switch

Автор Chris Kling ( назад)
this song makes me laugh and cry

Автор Raymond Tolomei ( назад)
great song! Layne Stanley was a great singer and his song,s were so..
powerful! He is missed and All Alice In Chains fans were Robbed when he
died. R.I.P. My Brother!

Автор pete Leach ( назад)
Best band ever, got me thru so many bad times.

Автор Don Hopkinson ( назад)
sublime...my favorite of AIC's songs

Автор jjgretz23 ( назад)
Layne gives you the vulnerability part to feel, then Jerry comes in with
the strength to carry you through. Best band of the 90s.

Автор Danyelle Duvall ( назад)
love. rip. I know my baby brother got to jam with u on the other
side..that's the beauty of it all

Автор foureyedchick ( назад)
not so great. "would' is much better.

Автор Kampfer Kobalt ( назад)
Nutshell and Whale And Wasp are the two songs that most come to mind when I
consider the somber fatalistic side of Alice In Chains. The frail person in
a mad world, and their realization to a false sense of being free. A dark
take on the theme of Alice In Wonderland. Thus is the essence and legacy of
Alice in Chains.

Автор Tom Winegar ( назад)
Anyone know how that guitar tone is made? DI with acoustic guitar, maybe
doubled with a chorus on one of the tracks?

Автор เพลงเก่า บาดใจ ( назад)
26/4/16 I listening Layne staley


Автор mat mahlook ( назад)
me , layne and kurt! 67 children.... Hmmmm

Автор mat mahlook ( назад)
cant just walk bye .. everything just pauses to listen to this song

Автор Attila Kéri ( назад)

Автор Robert LeRoy Parker ( назад)

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