Alice in Chains - Nutshell

Alice in Chains - Nutshell

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Автор Lonnie Love (2 месяца)
The 90s was the last era of good music this new shit sucks so bad it
shouldnt even be labeled as music. This is what kids today are missing
theres no stimulation in the ear rape they listen to. I was born in 93 and
Im thankful I was exposed to every corner of great music of the past. RIP

Автор Κώστας Μεσσίνας (12 дней)
I played this with my friend at my dad's funeral today.
So many tears...

Автор Aline Jacomett (1 месяц)
Alice in Chains - Nutshell

É o tipo de coisa que se sente, é forte, é pesado!!!
Som autêntico!!!!

Автор Skeeter skeet (2 месяца)
Another great one from the original AIC

Автор aemking1 (19 часов)
a real message in the song that would help the young ones in trouble....
today the music only creates trouble.
Just look at what has become popular. Twearking, having a big arse,
Over-sexualizing everyting (mostly in musicvideos) and those are only for
girls. there are so many weird things going on in the music industry. But
there are still a bit of hope when you listen to a peaceful song like this.
Songs like these should be spread more and other bands should continue this
piece of message to young people on drugs (or something else really

Автор Heavymetal gamer (1 день)
Born in 85. Remember my brother sharing his real music with me around 95 or
so. Alice in chains, Ratm, white zombie, greenday, offspring. Been into
rock ever since. Favorite time was 99 when a friend showed me metallica.
After hearing one song i went and bought all the albums. I miss the 90's.
Music today is just about fancy backup dancers and elaborate set pieces.
Laynes music had fucking emotion behind it. Guess i am my parents now- you
damn kids and your music today. I was talking with som 16 year old high
school kid while standing in line and he was like- "whats nirvana". Wanted
to slap that little shit lol. 

Автор Tom Wolfe (11 дней)
If you don't like the direction of music, learn to play, start a band and
change it. There were garage bands all over the place in the 90's. The
suburbs used to roar with white teenage angst and rage. God the early 90's
were awesome.

Автор TheHolyReality (14 дней)
at 3:28 ,that guitar part which is otherworldly , does it sound familiar to
anybody else? like its from another song , ofc im not implying that its
stolen , but im just so convinced that there is another song with familiar
sad guitar beat...the reasong im writing this is im hoping to find that
song through other people

Автор Skeeter skeet (2 месяца)
I didn't know Cobain and Staley died on the same date. Really weird, If
Mike Starr were still here he could tell you what time Layne died that day.

Автор CeNTuRiOn33100 (10 дней)
Nutshell is a damn good song, has emotion, melody and heart.

Автор Rick Hovelsrud (2 месяца)
Fuck this minute long advertisement!!!

Автор mill kills (13 дней)
i played this in my psychology class in 12th grade of 2012:)

Автор pantheryou (22 дня)
used to be on that needle. i've been through that hell. it will make even
the strongest mind give in. RIP layne. you are sorely missed. you did
good while on this earth. you and your band's music gives hope to those
w/o. what more can you ask for? 

Автор wendy traver (18 дней)
Layne...my one & only son was named after you... ..unfortunately he was
born sleeping ( stillborn) he was perfect in every way....a full term 8 1/2
lb baby , full head of curly hair....he was absolutely fine...the doctors
were baffled... I guess God wanted his angel back....Your poetry & lyrics &
music inspired me....enough to name my only boy child after you....take
care of him in heaven <3

Автор debora wendy kerolyn santos araujo brito de silva (15 дней)
Nós perseguimos mentiras mal contadas
Nós encaramos o caminho do tempo
E mesmo assim eu enfrento, e mesmo assim eu enfrento
Esta batalha completamente sozinho
Ninguém a quem chorar, nenhum lugar para chamar de lar

Meu amor próprio foi violado
Minha privacidade foi invadida
E ainda encontro, e ainda encontro
Se repetindo em minha mente
Se não posso ser meu mesmo, eu me sentiria melhor mortoos

sou que sou 

Автор mike litoris (29 дней)
This song iant good, its incredible, gets better everytime u listen to it
known this song for about a year and recently it has become my favrouite
all time song 

Автор Heidi girl (4 дня)
Alice in Chains - Nutshell: http://youtu.be/N_GPxe91hWE

Автор johnny leon (27 дней)
bull crap. i was born in 1997 and i love older music. i like old rap like
eminem and very few new. i love metal and rock. i grew up listening to
eminem (rap), kenny chesney(country), metallica(metal), and jeremy
camp(christian) and linkin park. so i love all music that sounds like
music. but i agree this new shit does suck. they say wierd shit in wierd
incriments like cat.....
house......kennel....home......i....kneel....before....the lord. shit like
that. but what is even more funny is they say that rock or metal or actual
music sounds the same on every song. but it really doesnt. What's even more
ironic is that the new "music" isnt really music and it all sounds the
same. sounds like a bunch of wanna be badasses.

Автор Anthony Packer (4 дня)
ya im 14 HAHA My dad had me listing to AIC and Nirvana pearl jam sound
garden before i could walk I could name all the music but i would be here
all day

Автор The89stang1 (14 дней)
It's fucking scary to see that many thumbs down they must be fucking aliens
from a fucked up planet!. I love seeing how this music lives on with the
younger crowd it's been my favorite since first hearing them in the late

Автор r3s3t063 (11 дней)
If somehow there is an afterlife, and I'm so blessed to be in Heaven -- let
this song be played on high rotation

Автор Skeeter skeet (1 месяц)
My favorite song ever.

Автор Kevin McKay (16 дней)
I absolutely adore this song. So emotional and a Beautiful chord
progression. RIP Layne Staley

Автор Ryan Denney (14 дней)
Just enjoy music. It can heal your soul if let it it does different things
to each person so who right who's to young who's to old so when you listen
and the hair stands up on your neck That's when you really enjoy whatever
your listen to. 

Автор Layne Cabrera (1 месяц)
Cuando escucho esta canción siento caer en una abismo en la cual que creo
que no puedo salir, a veces pienso para que existo con que fin. Pienso que
vivimos en una sociedad de apariencia en que nadie le interesa los demás y
solo lo que hacen es criticar la vida de las personas. RIP LAYNE para eres
el mejor cantante e Rock.

Автор Nick Dagrosa (8 дней)
There shouldn't be a dislike button on some things

Автор crybabies (4 дня)
amazing song..goes right to the heart

Автор Barrel Roll (1 месяц)
I kinda like the adema version better,both are good but i like adema better

Автор Cameron Reyno (3 месяца)
WEEEEEEEEEE chase misprinted lies. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE face the path of time.

Автор Raúl Tremsal (3 дня)
tranqui el lunes..

Автор superrockfest (4 месяца)
guys im 16 and ive listened to this band all my life they are my favorite
and always will be i hate that i couldnt buy these old albums when they
first came out Layne is my hero and Jerry is my Inspiration my dad listened
to alice in chains when they first got famous and showed them to me at a
young age i grew up listening to A.I.C., soundgarden, pearl jam, nirvana,
Candlebox. its sad that other kids my age think this music is horrible and
would rather hear a hollywood puppet tell them violence and partying and
stuff is awesome it sickens me really that theyd rather hear that than just
put on some good heart filled music like this and melt into their seat.
R.I.P. Layne, i know youre rockin with the angels 

Автор Griffin U. (9 дней)
It's amazing what the bass brings to this song

Автор Erik Raymond (8 дней)
Alice in Chains - Nutshell: http://youtu.be/N_GPxe91hWE

Автор Keith Lemley (1 месяц)
Lonnie love I was born a year after you and I couldn't agree more every kid
I see playing New music I want t honestly have a sit down with and explain
why that's not music and tell them the fundamentals of the older era paved
the way nice and flush and this new music cracked and broke that pavement
Lonnie you couldn't be anymore correct on this. Your awesome :)

Автор Rae Gracefully (13 дней)
One thing you can know about me, is i never assume. Even when shits in my
motha fuckin face makong me wonder. Still... I dont assume. I wait.
Alice in Chains - Nutshell: http://youtu.be/N_GPxe91hWE

Автор Karan Moktan (1 месяц)
"Repeating in my head
If I can't be my own
I'd feel better dead"...
Those were days where lyrics were so realistic still have truthful meaning
till date .!!!RIP Layne. I wish R.I.P meant (Return If Possible)

Автор MEIRE H (23 дня)
Não canso de ouvir Nutshell. simpesmente linda demais. Forte! amoo Alice in

Автор Ashley Nicole (1 месяц)
Check out this video on YouTube: prètty much sums it up

Автор Whitney Podesta (21 день)
One of my all time favorites, especially teh unplugged version. the lyrics
are very emotional and this song just sums up life as a whole.

Автор Robert Rubio (18 дней)
I really enjoy the band.. Lane RIP..the music will live on forever.. Its a
part of my life

Автор klaus ellingsen (11 дней)
walking through Hell SUCKS

Автор Razors Edge (23 дня)
If you're seeking the truth of life and death, check out The Truth Contest

Автор TIMETOBELIEVE (2 месяца)
i can relate..... this is not my home,....

Автор AmonTheLord87 (23 дня)
I don't know why but this song reminds me of 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn'
(both awesome songs tbh).

Автор Hunky Dory (11 дней)
Walking through Hell SUCKS

Автор Joshua St. Aubin (1 месяц)
This is Alice in Chains everyone... in a nutshell; great fucking band \m/

Автор SuperT0MaT0 (1 месяц)
Music started when the caveman first rhythmically hit rocks. Music ended
with the death of Layne Staley. 

Автор Medo zik channel (22 дня)
Nice song!RIP Layne Staley

Автор Benjamin Philip (2 месяца)
I feel this shit on so many levels. I have noone to cry to, I have a house
but I don't have a home and there are many days I'd rather be dead. My gift
of self was raped many years ago by people I loved and people I considered
friends, it won't be long now.

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