Russia vs Usa vs Uk (aircraft,weapons and tanks)

Russia vs usa vs uk there aircraft weapons and tanks and force size

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Автор Aled ballinger ( назад)
Im british us and uk works good with eachother

Автор FunForAllTheFamily10 ( назад)
The first thing Britain will be doing once it has got rid of its wet Queen
and PM streak, is growing some balls and ruthlessly crushing all Russian
elements in the Ukraine region, whilst simultaneously threatening them and
the U.S. with total apocalypse for failure to obey the new imperial

Автор Joe Wilson ( назад)
The British main battle tank is the challenger 2 not the challenge, I don't
even think that exists

Автор swagiejones 325 ( назад)
At least the british army doesn't have a tank that looks like a rusty skip.
Also, we have the most high tech strike fighter on the planet, and the
fastest tank. And as for this whole 'America helps you win every war'
business, you only joined for the last 5 minutes just to hog the glory. You
couldn't even beat some Vietnamese communists on your own. 

Автор BoothFilmProductions ( назад)
I have Faith in my country to destroy our enemys and are so-called special
relationship with the Americans after all its quality not quantity

Автор divcrfc ( назад)
TV,PHONE,PENICILLAN,WHISKY,INTERNET EG... Wee have our secrets dont worry

Автор American warpig gaming ( назад)
The train, the car, the plane, the aircraft carrier, the space shuttle all
milestones in human history this show our nations intelligence and grit we
have a high capacity for peace and war. Plus we kicked the British and the
Russian's ass we also beat the Chinese boxer rebellions in Korea 

Автор American warpig gaming ( назад)
America has won these wars by themselves: The Spanish-American war, The
Civil war, and the Mexican American war there's three I can list more. So
ho bout we all stop the America envy. Face it we have the deadliest
warriors the world has ever seen, we ended ww1 in 6 months and the battle
of Bellau wood is proof. The Vietnam war ended with a draw as the north
begged us to leave and our people wanted it to. The Korean War brought the
first jets in to play, we are the land of innovation and wealth poor people
in the 60's had televisions and now have things other people in poverty
wish they had. 

Автор Miguel Camarillo ( назад)
fuck you isis i bet we can agree with that isis are a whole bunch of fuck
nuggets ;D

Автор Josh Brown ( назад)
im british but even i think we are fairley outmatched in this senario

Автор ranbrent ( назад)
UK is on the verge of a monumental collapse within the next 4 days the UK
could go from super-power to no-power, It is all up to Scotland to either
keep that or take the freedom they have always wanted.

Автор PunneyPree ( назад)
How did hitler do it

Автор PunneyPree ( назад)
what about Mexico,China,Japan,South America,and Canada

Автор Alik Kromin ( назад)
These facts are fucking retarded. Half of the shit on here is a fucking

Автор Давид Олейник ( назад)
Russia Win

Автор Kari Lorch ( назад)
US military is the best by far!

Автор lewis macqueen ( назад)
Do u USA peeps still like the Scottish cause we don't get a say in war. We
still have the SAS tho:)

Автор SlimeTime ( назад)
You all lot say Britain is small and weak, but like the Germans in WW2 it
was Quality over Quantity - the Germans only lost because of constant
pressure from the allies (which actually I am glad) 

Автор Harry Squatter ( назад)
How come no mention about aircraft carriers? 

Автор Bob Wilson ( назад)
+diamondminer1776 Haha, what a fucking fat bastard you are.
Britain can't win a war on its own can it not? This is coming from a
fucking American? Hahaha, you Yanks couldn't even beat a bunch of 3rd world
commie chinks in Vietnam and ended up dropping chemicals over millions of
innocent people then pussying out! Yet you have the fucking balls to say
Britain can't put a fight up? When you Yanks had Reagen say taking the
Falklands back is impossible, we sailed to the other side of the planet and
kicked the Argies fucking arses off the islands within 2 weeks single
handedly! And they actually have a modern army, unlike the fucking
Vietcong! You then fucked up even with Pakis helping you in Somalia, what a
joke you Yanks are! You learnt your lesson in Iraq and Afghan, you begged
Blair to bring the UK in to it so you wouldn't have your arses handed to
you by 3rd world sand niggers! Now go suck on some big yellow Chinese dicks
and pay them that trillion dollar debt you Yankwank!

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Fuck war all together we are one were all just people

Автор auob hasan ( назад)
What about the Russian weapons aircraft and Yu -160 end Su 50 end tanks T
95 APC bmn3 end Intercontinental missile topahe

Автор The_PrO Gamer ( назад)
We may be the ones with the fewest, but our tech is much better.

Автор genom476 ( назад)
0:25 that s the Su47 "Berkut", not the PAK FA

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
thing is we are really small and where your equals

Автор Dead person ( назад)
Because we're too small to be a super power, we're still the 4th largest

Автор daz j ( назад)
lol we got loads more aircrafts and weapons u dnt no about haha

Автор Joseph Stalin ( назад)

Автор Joseph Stalin ( назад)
this video is wrong uk has 225, 000 foot soldiers with the trainees + foot
and reserves its 500, 000+ and uk now has 1, 400 aircrafts with 5, 000
warrior/fughting tanks.

Автор genom476 ( назад)
I know, u right, but the fact is the first nuke was and American nuke and I
know that German scientists took part in making it

Автор Sebastián Abraham ( назад)
Name of the song?

Автор balkanns b ( назад)
Ha ha, wrong, broo, first nuke maybe made on us soil, but German (Nazi)
military scientist Werner von Braun,who was brought to usa,was promsed
money, asyl, job if he made a nuke for america, and not just a nuke, but
many more things,and one of them was NASA, first rocket to the moon
etc,,,so pls if anyone asks, just tell em, about 10 Nazi Germany scientist
made North America what it is today, in any way, Thx bro

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
uk now has the typhoon

Автор gravelandx88 ( назад)
Also USAF land based aircraft is not +2,500. Its 5,484 aircraft. US Navy
has 3,700+ aircraft.

Автор gravelandx88 ( назад)
Um the F-35 is an American jet, bought and sold to UK. That should've been
displayed after the F-22 Raptor in the US segment.

Автор genom476 ( назад)
no they don't

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Some go to america

Автор genom476 ( назад)
AWE creates nukes for UK, not for US, US has its own labs to create nukes
like LLNL and LANL

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Look up awe burghfield

Автор genom476 ( назад)
anything that proves that ur point is right and true

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Facts like what

Автор genom476 ( назад)
ok can u provide me with some facts supporting ur point?

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Oh yeah theres an awe just a mile away from me and im not talkin about the
first nuke

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
All your nukes come from britain

Автор mwyatt787 ( назад)
UK has really small military, but they are easily the 2nd or 3rd best
overall. They emphasize on training and technology.

Автор genom476 ( назад)
OK,can u tell me who makes nukes for America please?Just wanna know ur
opinion.And if u didnt know americans made the first nuke

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Besides u probaly coudnt even find uk and russia on the map

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Usa do not forget where youre nukes come from do not forget who makes them

Автор B1OOD4NDBULL3TS ( назад)
This wouldn't matter. US and UK are both part of the NATO forces so they'll
work together along with 26 other countries right beside them. So the UK &
US will use the same weapons of the NATO forces.

Автор zack3793 ( назад)
uk will first die

Автор DramaLlama1337 ( назад)
Usa future Aircraft will also be the F-35

Автор Almas Nas ( назад)
i think USA can wipe uk and russia out of the map

Автор TheStonedLobsta ( назад)
UK - Navy USA - Aircraft Russia - Infantry

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Uk-navy&tactics Usa-soldiers&aircraft Russia-tanks&mass

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
sounds good to me

Автор genom476 ( назад)
lets just forget it :)

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
dont worry it I am not offended anymore. sorry if i insulted you

Автор genom476 ( назад)
I apologise if i insulted u, i hope it wont influence our conversation in a
negative way

Автор genom476 ( назад)
u stoped sending ur troops to Vietnam, u signed truce with communists and
let them to invade the South Vietnam, how do u think that stoped communism
in South-East Asia?

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
You lost to a poorly developed asian country you gave up

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
what war did England lose?

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
why would you insult me like that? I would like to say I don't know about
Somalia, but we never lost korea or Vietnam. we stopped sending troops I
know, but we never actually surrendered. I could never consider it a win of
course, but it wasn't necessarily a loss. it ended communism for some part.
why would you insist I am a fourteen year old teenager, im 42. plus, ive
read history books. from ancient china to American history, Ive read a lot
on history

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
we never surrendered, but we did stop sending troops.

Автор genom476 ( назад)
some times when i read ur comments i have the feeling that these comments
were writen by14 year old teenager, that never read a history book.List of
wars america lost:Vietnam,Somalia,Korea(u can look at this at different
perspectives, Gen McArthur,which was the representitive of US military
force in Korea wanted to invade all of North/Communist Korea, but it was
supported by chinese and soviets, so McArthur backed of and signed the
truce with communists, so for some people it s a defeat of US)

Автор bctime47 ( назад)

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
they are world facts. don't assume that because they talk about America
winning that its an American fact. question, what war did we lose. I don't
think your wrong, I just want to know what it was

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
ok we obviously cant agree, lets respect each others opinions. I disagree
with your statements, but I accept them.

Автор genom476 ( назад)
u better give answer on my recent comments :)

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
No no you didnt save us and out of all wars weve fought we lost one you
lost one even get your facts right and thats not american facts thats world

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
no you dont

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
they can they just have allies like you that just. we saved your ass in
WWII, and the only thing you won on your own was the battle of Britain, and
of course you had to name it after yourselves. its sad, because you lost to
us before we were a country, and you act like you're better. your troops,
native americans and germans lost to our farmers and French troops. get it
right, your country isn't the superpower anymore.

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
biggest debt from Obama though. I know we have to pay taxes anyways, I
don't want to pay taxes for lazy ass people who could have a job, but don't
want to. I hate political parties and I don't want them, but I know it cant
be that way. don't be 100% sure, and if the us pays their debt to china,
they could easily use it to buy tanks and ships, so im saying they could
use it against us.

Автор genom476 ( назад)
in every liberal/capitalist country people pay taxes, i advice people who
dont want to pay taxes live in North Korea :), and yes Obama reduced the
military budget of US, but only because US has some economical problems, do
u know that America has the biggest dept in the world, it s about 15
trillion US dollars and i dont trust the republicans, because i m 100% sure
they will start new cold war with russia or china, they ll start a war
against countries that america calls axis of evil

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Hell the problem with every and i mean EVERY politcical party is the
members have know experience of the real world execpt for ukip republicans
nothing but war and money wat about peace ey

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
im not racist, but I am a republican, because democrats are predominantly
liberals who want everybody to be equal, NO MATTER WHAT. I would like this,
but why should the middle and upper class have to suffer from paying taxes
and what not for the lower class to catch up. plus, he is cutting us
defense greatly. im not a fan of Romney, but I thought he was better than

Автор genom476 ( назад)
r u against him becuase he s black or because u voted for republicans, that
will start a new cold war? just a question

Автор tit wank ( назад)
really? id say hes your best prez in a long time tbh tell him to get ur
arses over to syria for a firework party ffs they are gassing motherfuckers

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
id like to point out that a anything could be a better president than
Obama. there are many smarter americans than him, so I don't know how he
got in. NONE of my family voted for that fucktard

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
fix your fucking grammar. you obviously don't have A BRAIN

Автор tit wank ( назад)
lol you people were begging for gary mckinnon and cameron told u to f**k
off lololol if u wanna see real ass kissing watch obamas visit to
buckingham palace XD

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
good one. last time I checked, your country doesn't make as much food as
they need.

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
you are the imbecile, you said that America kisses Englands ass and they

Автор tit wank ( назад)
england doesnt kiss your ass u imbecile, the british wouldnt even hand over
that guy gary mckinnon who hacked the pentagon lol oooh kiss kiss lol did
you enjoy the royal wedding btw, i seen 30 million americans waving union
jacks having parties lawlz >_<

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
So unlike you americans we have 1 brains 2 courage and 3 confidents

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
that it matters but england kisses our ass. but i like england. us could
beat north korea and china by themselves actually. china barely has an

Автор Hardcorefifaandcod ( назад)
yes but in wars you sit behind us and kiss England's ass because USA they
no they will lose a war , your the ones who get your ass into trouble .. no
wonder north Korea want to nuke you , your goverment can talk the talk but
not walk the walk

Автор Hardcorefifaandcod ( назад)

Автор Hardcorefifaandcod ( назад)
in markets we are providing them with fresh clean water , something they
dont have

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
not really. they dont have more money than the us. i know quite a few
people from england, and they say they hate chinas guts.

Автор Hardcorefifaandcod ( назад)
No your wrong

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
sorry quite an exaggeration I made. the us is the best in my opinion, but
that's just me. from what I have researched the us keeps a lot of things to

Автор coolwrench39 ( назад)
The number of inaccuracies in this video are staggering. Dude read a book.

Автор genom476 ( назад)
lol, so u think russia and uk will expose their secrets?wtf r u talking
about?every county has secrets and they will try to keep it quiet

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Oh really how come we took on the spanish and french on our own and how
come u have never won a war on your own suggest things you apparantely have

Автор diamondminer1776 ( назад)
Bctime47, britain always gets the rest of Europe involved in wars. Us
doesn't need allies to win wars, Britain can only beat weaker countries ok
their own. If it wasn't for the us you would be speaking German.is nothing
compared to . Britain is still in debt to the us since WWII.

Автор MrUnknownThinker ( назад)
Fuck USA = Untied of Stupid Assholes

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
By the way usa you are several million dollars in debt to us

Автор Hardcorefifaandcod ( назад)
Uk wins this , more money , we provide russia with water and dont BOTHER
about china , there in dept FROM BOROWING lol sorry about my spellings but
russia are last and usa are 2nd and the GREAT britain wins this

Автор bctime47 ( назад)
Britian HAS won wars on its own and amercia has NOT i know you americans
cant talk properly but you should be able to see the differnce between
those two words

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