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Автор Aled Edwards (1 месяц)
Im british us and uk works good with eachother

Автор BoothFilmProductions (5 месяцев)
I have Faith in my country to destroy our enemys and are so-called special
relationship with the Americans after all its quality not quantity

Автор Joe Wilson (3 месяца)
The British main battle tank is the challenger 2 not the challenge, I don't
even think that exists

Автор N McDonald (6 месяцев)
The train, the car, the plane, the aircraft carrier, the space shuttle all
milestones in human history this show our nations intelligence and grit we
have a high capacity for peace and war. Plus we kicked the British and the
Russian's ass we also beat the Chinese boxer rebellions in Korea 

Автор FunForAllTheFamily10 (3 месяца)
The first thing Britain will be doing once it has got rid of its wet Queen
and PM streak, is growing some balls and ruthlessly crushing all Russian
elements in the Ukraine region, whilst simultaneously threatening them and
the U.S. with total apocalypse for failure to obey the new imperial

Автор swagiejones 325 (3 месяца)
At least the british army doesn't have a tank that looks like a rusty skip.
Also, we have the most high tech strike fighter on the planet, and the
fastest tank. And as for this whole 'America helps you win every war'
business, you only joined for the last 5 minutes just to hog the glory. You
couldn't even beat some Vietnamese communists on your own. 

Автор N McDonald (6 месяцев)
America has won these wars by themselves: The Spanish-American war, The
Civil war, and the Mexican American war there's three I can list more. So
ho bout we all stop the America envy. Face it we have the deadliest
warriors the world has ever seen, we ended ww1 in 6 months and the battle
of Bellau wood is proof. The Vietnam war ended with a draw as the north
begged us to leave and our people wanted it to. The Korean War brought the
first jets in to play, we are the land of innovation and wealth poor people
in the 60's had televisions and now have things other people in poverty
wish they had. 

Автор Josh Brown (8 месяцев)
im british but even i think we are fairley outmatched in this senario

Автор divcrfc (5 месяцев)
TV,PHONE,PENICILLAN,WHISKY,INTERNET EG... Wee have our secrets dont worry

Автор Miguel Camarillo (7 месяцев)
fuck you isis i bet we can agree with that isis are a whole bunch of fuck
nuggets ;D

Автор ranbrent (8 месяцев)
UK is on the verge of a monumental collapse within the next 4 days the UK
could go from super-power to no-power, It is all up to Scotland to either
keep that or take the freedom they have always wanted.

Автор Alik Kromin (11 месяцев)
These facts are fucking retarded. Half of the shit on here is a fucking

Автор Давид Олейник (11 месяцев)
Russia Win

Автор Bob Wilson (1 год)
+diamondminer1776 Haha, what a fucking fat bastard you are.
Britain can't win a war on its own can it not? This is coming from a
fucking American? Hahaha, you Yanks couldn't even beat a bunch of 3rd world
commie chinks in Vietnam and ended up dropping chemicals over millions of
innocent people then pussying out! Yet you have the fucking balls to say
Britain can't put a fight up? When you Yanks had Reagen say taking the
Falklands back is impossible, we sailed to the other side of the planet and
kicked the Argies fucking arses off the islands within 2 weeks single
handedly! And they actually have a modern army, unlike the fucking
Vietcong! You then fucked up even with Pakis helping you in Somalia, what a
joke you Yanks are! You learnt your lesson in Iraq and Afghan, you begged
Blair to bring the UK in to it so you wouldn't have your arses handed to
you by 3rd world sand niggers! Now go suck on some big yellow Chinese dicks
and pay them that trillion dollar debt you Yankwank!

Автор Harry Squatter (1 год)
How come no mention about aircraft carriers? 

Автор Kari Lorch (1 год)
US military is the best by far!

Автор PunneyPree (10 месяцев)
what about Mexico,China,Japan,South America,and Canada

Автор bctime47 (1 год)
Fuck war all together we are one were all just people

Автор auob hasan (1 год)
What about the Russian weapons aircraft and Yu -160 end Su 50 end tanks T
95 APC bmn3 end Intercontinental missile topahe

Автор PunneyPree (10 месяцев)
How did hitler do it

Автор lewis macqueen (1 год)
Do u USA peeps still like the Scottish cause we don't get a say in war. We
still have the SAS tho:)

Автор SlimeTime (1 год)
You all lot say Britain is small and weak, but like the Germans in WW2 it
was Quality over Quantity - the Germans only lost because of constant
pressure from the allies (which actually I am glad) 

Автор gravelandx88 (1 год)
Also USAF land based aircraft is not +2,500. Its 5,484 aircraft. US Navy
has 3,700+ aircraft.

Автор tit wank (2 года)
lol you people were begging for gary mckinnon and cameron told u to f**k
off lololol if u wanna see real ass kissing watch obamas visit to
buckingham palace XD

Автор genom476 (2 года)
in every liberal/capitalist country people pay taxes, i advice people who
dont want to pay taxes live in North Korea :), and yes Obama reduced the
military budget of US, but only because US has some economical problems, do
u know that America has the biggest dept in the world, it s about 15
trillion US dollars and i dont trust the republicans, because i m 100% sure
they will start new cold war with russia or china, they ll start a war
against countries that america calls axis of evil

Автор UltimateOwnz (2 года)
Come crying to you? Its not true, you follow us in every war, you even had
a plans to get involved in Korean war with us if North Korea invades South,
we didnt even call you, nor do we need you. Do you ever watch your SkyNews?
In conventional war Russia would lose. Kids with weapons? Nice execuse,
Britain never fought war by its self besides those Falklands wars which
were nothing special and plus that was in 1983 lol.

Автор mwyatt787 (1 год)
UK has really small military, but they are easily the 2nd or 3rd best
overall. They emphasize on training and technology.

Автор genom476 (1 год)
ok can u provide me with some facts supporting ur point?

Автор Carol Coulson (2 года)
They have nuclear submarines around the world retard and ooooo yh that
little dot on map what language you speaking pal is it by any chance
english that came from that little dot you don't have a clue your probably
just a fat yanks sat behind computer give in it the big one lol if britain
was just a dot why did USA come running to us in Afghanistan and Iraq get a
brain you clueless cunt

Автор simos lambo (2 года)

Автор EDS5ful (2 года)
Actually, your nukes can be removed quite easily, even before you reach for
them to be deployed. Right..I forget an island..to use their small weaponry
against giants. It wont work the russian empire will invade you like they
did with the nazis. Even if you strike russia with a few of your nukes it
wont work, the russians will find you and will take revenge. Yes, the USA
will not get involve if that happens.

Автор bctime47 (2 года)
By the way usa you are several million dollars in debt to us

Автор diamondminer1776 (2 года)
good one. last time I checked, your country doesn't make as much food as
they need.

Автор madman96 (2 года)
the uk isnt like most countries that heavily depend on equipment. they
train with the minimal in the harshest conditions.

Автор Viktor Konacula (2 года)
this is not right question russians vs usa vs uk. right question is china
vs all world.

Автор diamondminer1776 (2 года)
Soon to be nothing, we have a naval laser, and we dont share most of our
newest stuff. You only have a few low quality tanks, you are not germany.
Its funny that england is a third world country, yet you typical brits are
always in denial.

Автор genom476 (2 года)
r u against him becuase he s black or because u voted for republicans, that
will start a new cold war? just a question

Автор diamondminer1776 (2 года)
dont worry it I am not offended anymore. sorry if i insulted you

Автор diamondminer1776 (2 года)
Bctime47, britain always gets the rest of Europe involved in wars. Us
doesn't need allies to win wars, Britain can only beat weaker countries ok
their own. If it wasn't for the us you would be speaking German.is nothing
compared to . Britain is still in debt to the us since WWII.

Автор steelbruh (2 года)
UK has - best tanks, soon to be best submarines and aircraft carriers. Nuff

Автор genom476 (1 год)
anything that proves that ur point is right and true

Автор steelbruh (2 года)
I admit the Americans like to boast..

Автор genom476 (2 года)
Russia wins UK in numbers too, it has the biggest number of tanks in the
world (about 20 thousand), about 3000 aircraft, about 250 ships,submarines
and 1 aircraft carrier,and 1,2 million active personall

Автор Jack Cotterill (2 года)
3. An invasion of the UK would fail easily. While a smaller nation and
possessing a smaller military, the professional force it has is ideal for
defending the islands. A naval approach would be immensely difficult, due
to the combined expertise of both the navy and Air Force. The army can deal
with the threat of any possible landing.

Автор Viktor Konacula (2 года)
+5 million russian army personnal? my friend you must be joking. We got a
big balls, but not so big. 2 millions is more real digit.

Автор diamondminer1776 (2 года)
this is war, not gpd. i will admit the 3rd world country was wrong, i
overreacted but uk cant win any war on there own, us could if they wanted
to. Britain has decent tanks, just not germany or us. typical brit, quit
listening to your drunk bobbies. haha

Автор genom476 (1 год)
OK,can u tell me who makes nukes for America please?Just wanna know ur
opinion.And if u didnt know americans made the first nuke

Автор bctime47 (1 год)
uk now has the typhoon

Автор genom476 (2 года)
I apologise if i insulted u, i hope it wont influence our conversation in a
negative way

Автор bctime47 (2 года)
Someone reply america has not won a war on its own some americans say your
sugestions and ill prove you wrong

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