Take off and Landing at Lukla. FSX

Take off and Landing al Lukla (Nepal).
A little tricky because of the high altitude (9.300ft).

FSX + Aerosoft Lukla X + Carenado Mooney M20J (what a great plane).

Intel q9450 @3,61Ghz 4Gb Corsair Dominator.
Ati 4870 512mb, WD Velociraptor.
Freetrack 2.2 + Logitech QuickCam Messenger.

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Автор Simflydream tutoriels ( назад)
Very Nice landing. I'm crashing all the Time.

Автор jos vido ( назад)
I saw the real landing on here from another video, this place is ultra
unforgiving. heres a challenge land an airbus 380 here lol

Автор Gierosx ( назад)
how many times are you crashed before you landing?

Автор Ryan Lynch (1327 лет назад)
@lucasv0 Yeah i found that a while ago, now i have another saved flight
with a Twotter :)

Автор Lucas Vaccaro ( назад)
@MrTornadoman97 try to start with the saved gave that the add-on installed.
it calls 'start_lukla'. before you can change the aircraft, weather...

Автор Ryan Lynch ( назад)
hey, anyone else have the problem where the scenery installs fine, yet you
cant get the "VNL2" but only "VNL3" (Mt. Everest Base Camp) and the default
VNLK that puts you on the side of a steep hill?

Автор CeilingFans4UrLife ( назад)
Do you think a Dash 7 can land at Lukla? That aircraft is equipped with

Автор Raude "Axe" Mannevond ( назад)
@alioth78 Hey, I have lukla x, but when I installed it, it said I missed
some fsx updates. and now when I try to land, there's a hill in the middle
of the runway, any help?

Автор IsraeliXdude ( назад)

Автор Belga + ( назад)
@josecabes97 I can give you a link by mail if you want it

Автор Belga + ( назад)
@josecabes97 I can give you a link for it by mail

Автор Belga + ( назад)
@josecabes97 I can give you a link for it by mail

Автор Jamie1P608 ( назад)
Next time, take the center line into consideration. Don't be satisfied with
less. lol

Автор Austin Ogonoski ( назад)
ITS OVER 9000 (feet)

Автор The Horny Trolls ( назад)
thats what i was thinking the entire time

Автор willibeu ( назад)
Nice...5/5 ...Love that airport!!

Автор muthatrukka24 ( назад)
yea its in the description

Автор BobbyJEL101 ( назад)
is this airport good or bad on frames (overall)

Автор Arturo Moreno ( назад)
That's true! Thanks! ;)

Автор Arturo Moreno ( назад)
It's not free. You can get it in Carenado website. The plane is a Mooney
M20J. Single engine, very fast.

Автор divxdeadman ( назад)
what plane is this could you send me the link

Автор Arturo Moreno ( назад)
You can get it from Aerosoft website. This scenary is called Lukla X.

Автор josebet1 ( назад)
where did you get the airport

Автор dreamerosity (1699 лет назад)
Couldn't agree more, I've got that M20J, and it is a heck of a plane. Gotta
love it! 5/5

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