Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary Before Half! | Giants vs. Packers | NFL Wild Card Highlights

Aaron Rodgers tosses ANOTHER Hail Mary to Randall Cobb just before half time of the Wild Card match up between the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants.

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Длительность: 1:22
Комментарии: 1762

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Автор David Kidd ( назад)
Just broke up with that chick. Look out 2017-2018 NFL!

Автор prettyflirty_7 ( назад)
I was infront of that play everyone went crazy at lambeau field, what a play 👐

Автор washburn11000 ( назад)
That's his 3rd Hail Mary in like a year haha

Автор Mr.Quakers the II ( назад)
Back when the Giants made the playoffs

Автор Shockwave Highlights ( назад)
When you realize Aaron Rodgers had a hail mary in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Автор danimal4202danimal ( назад)
Why no flag for the push-off on Cobb? He extended his arms to get separation. Did no one else see the clear offensive P.I.?

Автор matt jacobsen ( назад)
He is 75% on Hail Mary in his career on non hurry up Hail Marys that are actually organized he is 100%

Автор Ultradagger 312 ( назад)
Cobb should of been in the best hands

Автор GavinMcNeill FIlms ( назад)
I was watching dat live

Автор Andrew Owl Lover ( назад)
Things I wish were real:
krabby patties
an wisconsin NHL team
Aaron rodgers
giannis antetokounmpo

Автор juice9100 ( назад)
These Hailmarys by Rodgers are crazy. atleast one per year now

Автор Derek Taylor ( назад)
Notice back when Eli and the Giants got their Hail Mary back in the division round. Joe Buck screamed "Unbelievable!" And now when Rodgers and the Pack Got their Hail Mary, again Buck says "Unbelievable!"

Автор Rayne Ozier ( назад)
Talk about "put'n it where only your receiver can get it". Great play.

Автор Ty Xiong ( назад)
The moment he took a step back before throwing the ball, I knew it was going to be a successful hail mary.

Автор Super-hero Nerd!!!! ( назад)
hes the goat

Автор SamuelTecun ( назад)

Автор kuljuarenot1 ( назад)

Автор The Beast ( назад)
Randall Cobb is so good

Автор Captain Pijak ( назад)
The most amazing part of this play is the placement of the pass.

Автор Aldo Fernando Ovalle Bueno ( назад)
from a pure talent standpoint, Aaron Rodgers is the best QB to ever play in the NFL, and is not even close... i mean, this is like another far dimension of play....

Автор richard escobar ( назад)
im glad they beat dallas. but let's face reality they still have a garbage defense and no running game they're using a wide receiver as a running back, that will be exposed against Atlanta

Автор richard escobar ( назад)
wheres the flag clearly a push off but i guessed the ref swallowed that whistle. Home field advantage i guess

Автор 16joe ( назад)
But could he do it in a cold raimy night in stoke?............yeah didnt think so.

Автор drlee2 ( назад)
Even the dude who caught is shaking his head! Lol

Автор Devin Bowling ( назад)
Anyone can throw a hail marry its the person who catches it

Автор Ben Holzer ( назад)
3 for 3 on his last Hail may attempts just wow. GOAT. props to his receiving core but Aaron gives them the opportunity to shine as good as they are.

Автор Nick Allen ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers has arguably the best accuracy of any quarterback

Автор Ian Dotson ( назад)
Still has 91 arm strength, 89 overall on madden mobile... 🤔 Granted it's madden mobile but

Автор YMSA ( назад)
this guy is the 2nd best qb of all time. 1. Joe Montana 2. Aaron Rodgers 3. Tom Brady.

Автор eman5413 ( назад)

Автор tubenachos ( назад)
This guy has already surpassed Favre in my opinion.

Автор SChome100 ( назад)
wow what a throw!!!

Автор Clyde patterson ( назад)
did anyone notice Cobb pushing off, just wondering where the Flagg for that was

Автор Jay alhadeff ( назад)
Can he do another tomorrow

Автор John Jackson ( назад)
LMFAO and ppl still don't know that the nfl is rigged. Y'all some clowns

Автор eduardo909G ( назад)
Wake up

Автор Jabber5000 ( назад)
For the folks complaining about no Offensive PI, it looks to me like Cobb pushed off of Davente Adams, not the defender. It's not OPI if you push off your own teammate. That, and they rarely if ever call penalties on Hail Marys.

Автор joshua williams ( назад)
as a patriots fan this warms my heart i love seeing giants give up big lucky plays in a big game since both super bowls wins came off lucky big plays

Автор Michael Alexander ( назад)
He is amazing

Автор TomUK7 ( назад)
I watch a lot of sport. All kinds of sport. I'm not even American but I would have to say that Aaron Rodgers has to be, currently, the most in form sportsman in the world. He's the Lionel Messi of NFL.

Автор pvanganimare ( назад)
the #86 referee was like...."GOD DAMN, he good." 0:12

Автор LEBRONPATRIOTS 23 ( назад)

Автор Generalbadass1051 ( назад)
It's because he throws it so f**king high

Автор TheBigrichman ( назад)
there should be an achievement for this in madden for scoring on a hail mary on a 4th down

Автор brandon242 ( назад)
I am def no Giants fan but that was obviously offensive pass interference by Cobb. I realize they don't throw flags on hail mary passes and that the NFL is in complete shambles with all the new penalties..but that was the cheapest td I have seen all year.

Автор Kevin Remer ( назад)
I love when "highlight" catches show obvious OPI.

Автор thuglifezeem716 ( назад)
There's been qbs with better teams and coaches but if you put Aaron Rodgers on those teams they're automatically better so.. he is the best qb of all time nobody can do what he does but he can do what just about any qb can do

Автор thuglifezeem716 ( назад)
They literally let him catch the ball nobody even put their hands up lol

Автор Leeroy Jenkins ( назад)
Joe Buck - "man, who does that better than Aaron Rodgers?". Troy Aikman - "silence".

Автор Ronald Harper ( назад)
A-Rod is not human. He's from outer space.

Автор Unlimited Juice ( назад)

Автор Mike Cortez ( назад)
Pushed off to create that space on this one, but there's no denying the great A-Aron Rodgers!

Автор Glen Ertl ( назад)
hey Troy, how did they allow him ? Cobb pushed off #25, watch it for crying out loud !

Автор ann craig ( назад)
Yeah.The Giants gave up after that Epic Hail Mary, and so did Odell hands!

Автор marvomarcus ( назад)
this is karma at it finest.. we loose a game to what's know as the 'fail mary' and since then, Rodgers has been throwing and completing hail Mary's like it's nothing.

Автор Bumjun Park ( назад)
The DBs all deserve a slap in the face

Автор Shane Lux ( назад)
Thumbs up if Zachary K. Hubbard brought you here.

Автор Sandra Gutierrez ( назад)
Luck is just an opportunity you take. In sports it called skill and talent. Go Pack Go!

Автор Beer Drinker ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers is one hell of a quarterback

Автор CringeFast ( назад)

Автор CringeFast ( назад)

Автор mobb s ( назад)
Cobb pushed off wtf b........

Автор Perry ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers is the most overhyped QB I've ever seen. 4-5 in playoffs since 2011, has no clutch gene like Tom Brady

Автор MACK HOUSE ( назад)
let's go packers

Автор MACK HOUSE ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers is the Best QB in the world

Автор Bj Williams ( назад)
Anybody else catch the fact that that ball traveled 60 yards in the air...easily?

Автор Renato Roque ( назад)
aeron rodgers é um mostro do hail mary !!!!

Автор Alejndro Balderas ( назад)
this was unbelievable no one better than Aaron Rodgers

Автор Gavin Beyer ( назад)
go pac goooooooooo

Автор Aron Johnson ( назад)

Автор Scarecrow2004 ( назад)
Hail Mary? Hail Rodgers! Come on NFL MVP and of course SB MVP.

Автор DRock6906 ( назад)
That Hail Mary took the air out of the Giants. Think about it... You give up a TD right at the half and then have to turn around and give the ball right back to them? That broke the Giants back.

Автор Boogie Baeza ( назад)
got away with a push off.If you ain't cheating,you aren't trying right?

Автор Noname ( назад)
Best QB ever. Better than brees, brady, manning, and Montana. Rodgers doesn't need to throw 30-50 pass attempts to be effective and win games. Makes it even more remarkable that he does it with inferior coaching and suspect defense for most of his career.

Автор chicagoground ( назад)
3rd competed Hail Mary in a season, if that doesn't warrant MVP I'm not sure what does!

Автор Bedsheets Bailey ( назад)
a hail Mary is a thing of beauty, but when a wr gets behind the crowd all sneaky like.......smooth Cobb, smooth. the flutie style hail marys are just......wow.....

Автор Facts purps and Facts. ( назад)
Tom Brady is still the Greatest of all time!!!
patriots 2017superbowl champs💯✅

Автор jr_1322 1322 ( назад)
holy crap!!! that was amazing.

Автор Granola Bar ( назад)
Coming from a Seahawks fan, I called it as soon as he snapped the ball and threw it😂 He's a bad ass man💯💯

Автор Frozen Tundra ( назад)
Am I the only one who remembers the Eli Manning to Hakeem Nicks hail mary before halftime in the 2011 divisional round??? The Giants won the super bowl that year and if this recent hail mary just happened is this a coincidence??? Btw congrats on a great season Giants fans!

Автор Jo Jo ( назад)
Dat catch tho

Автор Wai Dai ( назад)
it was too risky. that's why other qbs don't do it unless it's necessary. I call it was half luck.

Автор ThE WEeK iN ReArViEw! ( назад)
Aaron is the best football player ever.

Автор eduardo909G ( назад)
All rigged wwe script

Автор eduardo909G ( назад)
This shot was so fake

Автор Dancing Ninja ( назад)
The only thing that would have made this video better was if Joe Buck wasn't in it.

Автор Musa Allaaya ( назад)
u just cant stop watching this

Автор Jose Alanis ( назад)
The Hail Mary should officially switch to the Hail Rodgers in honor of Aaron Rodgers

Автор Dillan Brimblecom ( назад)
I'm sorry. I'm not trying to bash Aaron Rodgers but, that doesn't take a whole lot of skill to throw the ball to the middle of the end zone. But if it was like a throw to a tight covered receiver that is good. And yeah he does have a good arm. I'll give him that. It's all the receivers that do that kinda work. That's all I have to say

Автор NeverSaySandwich1 ( назад)
He is the GOAT, no doubt about it. The way he can put a team on his back and win. Brady has had a successful defense to help him. In the Rodgers era, the Packers haven't really had a good defense, yet they have such big success thanks to Rodgers.

Автор Mar'kell Crawford ( назад)
How many yards was that?

Автор Crazy O's ( назад)
TOUCHDOWN! COBB! UNBELIEVABLE! After this play, Aaron Rodgers almost never missed a throw.

Автор Jack smith ( назад)
Rodgers is the most complete qb in the game.

Автор gumbys poke ( назад)
Nobody does it better. Makes me feel sad for the rest.Aaron Rodgers you're the best!!! RunTheTable!!!

Автор Javon Meeks ( назад)
3rd hail mary of rodgers career

Автор Max Deflect ( назад)
That ball couldn't have been placed better, this man better win MVP.

Автор hairythe tablefry ( назад)
I am a Peyton Manning fan but from the bottom of my heart I will admit that Aaron Rodgers is hands down the best QB of all time behind Tim Tebow

Автор Anthony Kernich ( назад)
Should easily be the MVP

Автор onereactor ( назад)
That was his throw to ensure he gets league MVP!

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