fingernails long and natural

here u can see long and natural nails.

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Автор StarTrek4Evr ( назад)
WOW! Do you ever come to Orlando Florida? Id LOVE to meet you and worship
YOU AND those NAILS!!!!

Автор jujub428 ( назад)

Автор whoopwhoop03 ( назад)
May be my OCD but I would clip the others to match the short one...

Автор lolsid17 ( назад)
Those look dirty, how to wipe yo ass???

Автор SugaarAndSpiceee ( назад)
I love how shes all like, proud of them and think they look good, when in
actual fact they look fucking disgusting.

Автор Autumn Miller ( назад)
that is unhealthy

Автор talsy xxo ( назад)
eeewwwwww!!!! how old are you???? your hands look extremely wrinkly!!!!!
you pointer finger is not the length of your other finger nals.....
awkward. you should remove this video before further embarrassment.....

Автор Grace Fenn ( назад)

Автор everydayimmeowing ( назад)

Автор Bunaye ( назад)

Автор mirandakeith ( назад)
OMG! I love them! :D

Автор Annie ( назад)
I dont think it's her real nails. Look fake to me... 

Автор Tracey Owusu ( назад)
that is not attractive

Автор Elsie Fourie ( назад)
Why are youre nails so yellow?

Автор csouth1234 ( назад)
Ewww! :/

Автор MDAWG233 ( назад)
uuggghhhh yikes

Автор ShesThe1yup ( назад)
wow I bet you can't change nappies with those nails :)

Автор Addie Reaper ( назад)
If you grow it any longer vains will grow in them and if you cut ityou die.

Автор ursshie1 ( назад)

Автор WhoAr3You ( назад)
NUH UH!! Those are fake nails on top of other fake nails...I can see them

Автор mayra o ( назад)
thats fucking discusting. they look like they have fungus growin all over
them thats y they look all green

Автор Singuets ( назад)
Its time to cut them short! :)

Автор Elizabeth Naff ( назад)
that's fucking repulsive. im hoping you only have that on one hand so you
can use the other to wipe yourself properly. 

Автор ‫בר פיירשטיין‬‎ ( назад)
איך רואים שזה לא אמיתי!!!

Автор ‫בר פיירשטיין‬‎ ( назад)

Автор ‫בר פיירשטיין‬‎ ( назад)

Автор ‫בר פיירשטיין‬‎ ( назад)

Автор ‫בר פיירשטיין‬‎ ( назад)
חחחחחחחחחחח ואי

Автор ‫בר פיירשטיין‬‎ ( назад)
זה מאוד ארוך!!!!! יאו...

Автор Christina Boteva ( назад)
That's creepy.

Автор meandmari5212 ( назад)
Did anyone else notice tht her index finger was shorter than the rest?

Автор FASHIONadrianaGIRL ( назад)
you have french manicure xd

Автор Debbie P ( назад)
So when you pick ur nose, half your brain comes out?

Автор SLIPKASS05 ( назад)
imagine having eggzema and scratching with those nails... eeeeeek lol

Автор Denisa Pino ( назад)
they are not nails. they are claws.

Автор Simone Haywood ( назад)

Автор bajabenca ( назад)
@supercookiebandit ROTFLMAO! Yeah, he likes to have a little down time in
between stalking teens in their dreams.

Автор Avadore ( назад)
they're.. green :S

Автор Catz ( назад)
long nails r nice and all but im sorry thats just too long for me :S

Автор bloomery100 ( назад)
i love long nails how u treat them with what treatment they are very nice

Автор 1oliviamueller ( назад)
okay...i have long fingernails.. but not like that...that was just

Автор Khryssi05 ( назад)

Автор iceman8736 ( назад)

Автор maria juarwz ( назад)
Never listen to what other people say, Your nails are pretty. I have long
nails too! Long nails for the win! :D

Автор Calum7 ( назад)

Автор Lisa Klassen ( назад)
ewww...that is all 

Автор IWASBORNAGOD ( назад)
It's DISASTER JUST TO WATCH .. Yuck ... Cut them girl ..

Автор TheDustinnguyen ( назад)

Автор MsEdwardfanforever ( назад)
@doglover1799 that is so mean . 

Автор amy borg ( назад)
i think that is soooooooooooooooo grows cut them and go put more bad vidios

Автор shlomo shekelberg ( назад)
lol how do u wipe ur ass ?

Автор Shaina Alexa Côté ( назад)
I waas gagging all the timee

Автор henimsay ( назад)
How do you manage day-to-day tasks?

Автор Denisa Daroti ( назад)
that's desgusting

Автор brokenoverdose ( назад)
@berbel77 where did u get the microcell 2000 to make them that long?

Автор mmmbad ( назад)
Wow, I like long nails, but there's such a thing as TOO long.

Автор HollisterHaulHater ( назад)
I really like having long nails, but you need to know when to cut them.
Also, your nails will get veins in them if they get longer so you will have
to have them removed with surgery. Just warning you so you will know

Автор HollisterHaulHater ( назад)
@cherrygurl592 "ya'll is not a word, what you mean is you all.

Автор chjohnnygf ( назад)

Автор pansyed ( назад)
I wonder how she types.

Автор Toxic Ash ( назад)
eewww..! watever happened to yur first finger do it to da rest of them..!

Автор lilgirlkhmer ( назад)

Автор iDjGio ( назад)
That really disgusting 

Автор Nice Strawberry ( назад)
I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Автор Ice princess ( назад)
@mikigirl16 ya you are right, its really disgusting

Автор Sabreigha ( назад)
Once your nails get so long they start to get veins in them meaning if you
want to ever cut them you'll need to get them removed by having surgery.

Автор AmaLovesWow ( назад)
my nails would be that long, but I cut them so I dont hurt myself. That and
they already get stuck in my keyboard when I type, so I dont think that
would help lol.

Автор jimmyshitbags (919 лет назад)
fucking disgusting

Автор Jessica Kulka ( назад)
ewww dingy

Автор TheLilyFlowers7 ( назад)
You should use nail polish. Without nail polish they do not look good. I
think because of that many people say you should cut them.

Автор Ayumi ( назад)
@HillelBebop HAHAHA YOU are so COOL :D:D:D:D:D

Автор Ma'Najia Gould ( назад)
this is disturbing...how did i even get on this video???

Автор Ma'Najia Gould ( назад)
@punkrapgirl i know. she said she had to cut them down some though. you
would know because her nails are still the same length. they just didnt
break that way...lolz

Автор Casper Silva ( назад)
my thumb nails are as long as yours. i keep the nails on my left hand short
because i play guitar and having long nails on my left hand would affect
the sound but i keep the nails on my right hand long. they're about half an

Автор Casper Silva ( назад)
@gmc608203 she didnt cut them. she got into an accident and they broke off

Автор Ma'Najia Gould ( назад)
eww please cut them, they look digusting,. thats why im happy that old
woman who holds the world record for the longest nails cut them. i wish she
cut them down some more. it just looks...ewwwwwwwww

Автор Jenna Horoky ( назад)
eww one is shorter than the other those nails are NASTY. 

Автор HillelBebop ( назад)
kinda cool... but super creepy. You have Inuyasha nails! IRON REAPER SOUL

Автор Jacqui Power ( назад)
mir wird schlecht -.-

Автор Meaghan D ( назад)

Автор divaofwhatever ( назад)
its terrible!!! toooo long!!!! 

Автор calberkeley01 ( назад)
your hands are as unattractive as your nails

Автор Mandy vanBokhoven ( назад)

Автор lucrecia87 ( назад)
how can anyone think this looks good?

Автор michawn allan ( назад)
im sorry but theyre disgusting, ugly and yellow. if u want freakishly long
nails, the least you could do is make them look half decent. 

Автор Libbey Ketterer ( назад)
Your nails would be a lot prettier if they were white or had a pretty
manicure:) no offense

Автор Stephanie Nieves ( назад)
ewwwwwww lol anywas like about how long did it take u to grow them that

Автор Alexis Owens ( назад)
I like this but you should clean them and get them whitened

Автор Its Tia ( назад)
sorry but their discusting. it looks like a monsters nails eww

Автор Bev ( назад)
they're ugly!

Автор Carol Jean ( назад)
Wow! Aren't you lucky people pay money to get fake nails and you just grew
your own what! a concept good work. U go girl

Автор 11carlie ( назад)
I wonder if a teenager had how in the world they would open their locker?

Автор Mia Bowen ( назад)

Автор Lia De Luca ( назад)

Автор xgelmirx ( назад)
can I have some of yours? I bite my nails and i'd love to have a bit more
nail, you have plenty so =D

Автор doglover1799 ( назад)
thats nasty , cut them . 

Автор AislingEire ( назад)
do such long nails not affect your personal hygiene or makeup routine? mine
are only half an inch past the nail tip and even now its hard to do certain
things!!! :0

Автор wittl3gurl ( назад)
your crazy to grow your nails that long! lol

Автор Tasha Boo ( назад)
ewwwww this is nasty ! 

Автор Cleo Patra ( назад)
they look real, why dont u put on french manicure and make them shorter ? i
think it would look better :)

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