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Автор StarTrek4Evr (2 месяца)
WOW! Do you ever come to Orlando Florida? Id LOVE to meet you and worship
YOU AND those NAILS!!!!

Автор betz0115 (3 года)
U don't even tell me how to get your nails long

Автор MDAWG233 (3 года)
uuggghhhh yikes

Автор Libbey Ketterer (4 года)
Your nails would be a lot prettier if they were white or had a pretty
manicure:) no offense

Автор the1lique (3 года)
They do NOT look healthy...trim them down...buff them and add lemon juice
to them daily to get the yellow stains out...if you are going to have long
nails, have healthy ones!

Автор Ma'Najia Gould (4 года)
eww please cut them, they look digusting,. thats why im happy that old
woman who holds the world record for the longest nails cut them. i wish she
cut them down some more. it just looks...ewwwwwwwww

Автор 802superstar (4 года)
yuck cut those nails they yellow thumbs up

Автор lilgirlkhmer (4 года)

Автор Calum7 (3 года)

Автор Dee Dee (4 года)
Very pretty! Anything longer is hideous Stay safe...

Автор Tyler Russell (4 года)
Gur cut them beasts, this is not okay!

Автор AlwaysN4EverCINDY (4 года)

Автор ursshie1 (3 года)

Автор Jessica Kulka (4 года)
ewww dingy

Автор Stephanie Nieves (4 года)
ewwwwwww lol anywas like about how long did it take u to grow them that long

Автор XxMarymausixX (4 года)
The 2th finger is long enough

Автор mirandakeith (3 года)
OMG! I love them! :D

Автор Shaina Alexa Côté (3 года)
I waas gagging all the timee

Автор ShesThe1yup (3 года)
wow I bet you can't change nappies with those nails :)

Автор Christina Boteva (3 года)
That's creepy.

Автор Kristy Li (4 года)
@berbel77 watever u say

Автор SLIPKASS05 (3 года)
imagine having eggzema and scratching with those nails... eeeeeek lol

Автор בר פיירשטיין (3 года)

Автор xgelmirx (4 года)
can I have some of yours? I bite my nails and i'd love to have a bit more
nail, you have plenty so =D

Автор HillelBebop (4 года)
kinda cool... but super creepy. You have Inuyasha nails! IRON REAPER SOUL

Автор lolsid17 (2 года)
Those look dirty, how to wipe yo ass???

Автор chjohnnygf (3 года)

Автор jujub428 (1 год)

Автор divaofwhatever (4 года)
its terrible!!! toooo long!!!!

Автор communitychannel1fan (3 года)
Those are disgusting. Sorry, but I think they would a lot better if you cut
them and used whitening nail things on them.

Автор Addie Reaper (3 года)
If you grow it any longer vains will grow in them and if you cut ityou die.

Автор Ma'Najia Gould (4 года)
this is disturbing...how did i even get on this video???

Автор theylovemeso (3 года)
Why on earth would you grow them that long?

Автор RAWRmonsterNAILS (3 года)

Автор berbel77 (4 года)
@azbcaz 3cm = 10 month ca

Автор talsy xxo (2 года)
eeewwwwww!!!! how old are you???? your hands look extremely wrinkly!!!!!
you pointer finger is not the length of your other finger nals.....
awkward. you should remove this video before further embarrassment.....

Автор בר פיירשטיין (3 года)
זה מאוד ארוך!!!!! יאו...

Автор nikoniko67834 (3 года)
Eww, u can kill someone with them xD

Автор Hickmant1994 (4 года)
Thats rank

Автор zulok1337 (3 года)
you could be a wizard for halloween

Автор Bev (4 года)
they're ugly!

Автор csouth1234 (3 года)
Ewww! :/

Автор Pastor Pain (4 года)
I bet you could pick some serious boogers with those...

Автор Annie (3 года)
I dont think it's her real nails. Look fake to me...

Автор 2234Rockstar (4 года)
OMG get your nails cut someone might get hurt

Автор Ma'Najia Gould (4 года)
@punkrapgirl i know. she said she had to cut them down some though. you
would know because her nails are still the same length. they just didnt
break that way...lolz

Автор בר פיירשטיין (3 года)

Автор sofie singh (4 года)
@mikigirl16 ya you are right, its really disgusting

Автор Kristy Li (4 года)
@LStrode7 haha yeaa and she wuz arguin wid me lyk a thousand times sayin on
trust me, they are real, they're not fakee pfft i dnt believe her do u??

Автор Alexis Owens (4 года)
I like this but you should clean them and get them whitened

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