John Legend - Love Me Now

John Legend's official video for "Love Me Now"

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Просмотров: 60206086
Длительность: 4:15
Комментарии: 14361

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Автор Its SKULL girl ( назад)
i wish i can put hes voice in a box and listen to him over and over again

Автор Tymo Spoelman ( назад)
Like = good song

Автор Grace Silvera ( назад)

Автор Soonoo Bhanu ( назад)
i came jst to c the baby

Автор MegaMagnificent ( назад)
SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😘

Автор xara s ( назад)
A song with an amazing meaning! love me now💗

Автор Mxxxa Sxxan ( назад)
😍 i'm crying 😢❤

Автор mariam boutdarine ( назад)
i like it so much john , we love you , im from Moroco

Автор Ivy Ngwasheng ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Baby Blue ( назад)
love you always.

Автор pope 1960 ( назад)
nice diversity music

Автор Wendelyn Barro ( назад)

Автор jaydentheman Macdonald ( назад)
some song💙💙💙

Автор sibi modibo ( назад)
cool best song

Автор Andi Kamermans De Jong ( назад)
i love you song

Автор 서준우 ( назад)
sounds like cup song when he said "when i'm gone"

Автор Rozland Five ( назад)

Автор GoingTo Own ( назад)
She looks like Lord Voldemort from profile view

Автор Markella Bieber ( назад)
My favorite song

Автор madel marquez ( назад)
República Dominicana 😭

Автор Carina Gonzalez ( назад)
love this song soo much its stuck in my head

Автор Maud Bogers ( назад)
I love this song

Автор 박세은 ( назад)
He is so lovely when he looks his wife and child. I want to marry with a
guy like him!!

Автор teen idle ( назад)
John Legend- the best husband in the world

Автор Joseph Karigo ( назад)
the always super brilliant star of all time john LEGEND.....i love your
music to death

Автор DoseOfDolls TV ( назад)

Автор angel girl ( назад)

Автор Diet Coke ( назад)
Just a leg and

Автор BrosDo Games ( назад)
Guys lets push this to the one billon like we did with one billon, Like if
you wan this to happend. :)

Автор Rappy Hunter ( назад)

Автор Polishinggold ( назад)
I'm in love😊

Автор Jade Takawe ( назад)
who ever disliked is not cool cause my 2 fav song

Автор Gisele müller ( назад)
beautiful music💙💚💛

Автор natalie reyes ( назад)
this video means so much to me and the LGBT community

Автор Tatiana SYLVESTRE ( назад)
how can some people don't like the song??? 😧

Автор Valerie Jakcson ( назад)
i love this song

Автор YoungA170 ( назад)
How's it going guys can you check out my music and show some support,

Автор Guerito Rodriguez ( назад)
I really love this song it's an amazing song❤

Автор Doreen Schild ( назад)
I love that John uses his family in this video, good way to spending time
with his family.

Автор Crystal Goulbourne ( назад)
gainful activity hcnkg my nhhkjggyk y

Автор SnowyStar ( назад)
1:08 and 3:15 ARE THOSE BOYS GAY!?!?!?!? AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!?!?!? (
Btw , I dont care if they are gay , Im just asking )

Автор Marie 31 ( назад)
awwww this video is the best.Like if u agree

Автор Robbie Sharp ( назад)
This song is amazing <3

Автор Coach Emily J ( назад)
Hey Ladies, finding love can be hard, especially if you don't know what to
look for in a guy and where to look, I answer these questions and more on a
video at my channel about how to tell Mr. Right from Mr. Wrong.

Автор dagusia kingusia ( назад)

Автор ALEX GUERRERO ( назад)
waoo soy el unico que habla espanol aqui ... I Like it this song

Автор hannah cupitt ( назад)
So cute love it

Автор Victoria Williams ( назад)

Автор coolisaiah281 ( назад)

Автор BurnItUpp2009 ( назад)
Adore this song <3

Автор liz dunnion ( назад)
the this song!!!!!!!!

Автор Grace Qasevakatini ( назад)

Автор Bhoskx phogi ( назад)
Im here bc of Nat geo wild ad huhu

Автор ronan mc kenna ( назад)
no dick

Автор Morgantje Dat moet je niet weten ( назад)
This is the best song ever

Автор Samantha Johnson ( назад)
I may have just cried

Автор Gabrielle Jones ( назад)
I love you so much

Автор Mr. Ziraffe ( назад)
the music video means a lot !!

Автор Ozzie Meow ( назад)
At 2:41 what was that high pitched LOVE ME NOW xD

Автор Directioner . Lovatics ( назад)
Oh my god , I love this song so much 😩💗🎶

Автор Sophie Ingram ( назад)
this is so cute. x

Автор Hiroshi Pollard ( назад)

Автор Leana Lewis ( назад)
omg I luv this song just as john legend

Автор Joe Soccer ( назад)
I love this song so much!!!!!!!

Автор ღAby Tess ( назад)
Is anyone else thinking the fact that it is adorabley CUTE that he included
his wife and child ❤️❤️❤️

Автор Ray Lucker ( назад)
The amount of guy in the famous music video is getting enormous

Автор Saukingalpha ( назад)
I always thought John Legend was a white guy ( and Zara Larsson a black

Автор Levy Schellekens ( назад)
best song ever

Автор Sara McAlisster ( назад)
i love this song

Автор manuela jolie ( назад)
Ugly song

Автор Gianni Florio ( назад)
great artist

Автор Louis Mccoy ( назад)
this song is amazing 😍😭👶👰🖒👄❤💗💖💜💝💚💙💙💚💙💍

Автор Melanie Toes ( назад)
hoort iemand ook dat rond de 3 minuut 15 het geluid gedempt word en niet
meer zo zuiver is?
voor de rest echt een prachtig lied!!

Автор dark king ( назад)
LGBT detected!!

Автор iwatchyoutube ( назад)
You were amazing in La La Land ❤️

Автор Margi Suryo ( назад)
natgeo anyone?

Автор Shrimat Kapoor ( назад)
John Legend alwways has those addicting songs with the sick tune

Автор Nora Rexhepi ( назад)
y'all are beautiful. and you are never alone. somebody loves you.

Автор Dawid Warszawski ( назад)
Make Love not war.

Автор Lenthe Weyns ( назад)
super goed John
zeker voort

Автор Octavia Quinn ( назад)
Makes me smile from the inside and out, I wish I could watch it from my own
eyes for I would have butterflies

Автор Francis Joy ( назад)
i Always get tears when i listen to this song. but now i start crying my
soul out when i see the vid.

Автор Alicia Buni ( назад)
I knew this would make me cry.... why you do this Mr Legend. Beautiful

Автор Monika Balogova ( назад)

Автор Bryan Gomez ( назад)

Автор Michelle McPherson ( назад)

Автор Marianna Pyka ( назад)

Автор wird klap ( назад)
Why are most of the songs in 21:9 Aspect ratio? Like the most common aspect
ratio is 16:9

Автор june Michelle ( назад)
i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv it : )

Автор Tasha Angeli ( назад)
I don't know if I am the only one but hearing this song touched my soul😏🙄

Автор 123123 123123 ( назад)

Автор Ayush Giri ( назад)
a very sharp amazing voice

Автор Theresa Richardson ( назад)
2 join love not breakable strong as ever can break evil. everlasting luv

Автор seema mehta ( назад)
Love this song ❤️

Автор Wanda Fathoni Putra ( назад)
Who's coming because nat geo further? 😀

Автор Farizan Nasrullah ( назад)
OMG, gay people in this video :(

Автор TheFender0577 ( назад)
I cant stop listen...but i'm in love.

Автор Troubel lagger ( назад)
Who came from Nat geo?

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