John Legend - Love Me Now

John Legend's official video for "Love Me Now"

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Просмотров: 94646810
Длительность: 4:15
Комментарии: 17816

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Автор Extreme GAMER ( назад)

Автор Tbridgett Chauke ( назад)
I love these song and John songs

Автор armani love prada ( назад)
im so outdated but the voice bring me here.. love this masterpiece like wow

Автор Madhujya Das ( назад)
the beginning of the song
I have heard that music before like many years back

Автор Elsa Muller ( назад)

Автор MD.ROBIUL SARKER ( назад)
nice song

Автор Aalaa Almoslemawi ( назад)

Автор Dylan Mohon ( назад)
nice rethem dud

Автор Elisa Pajer ( назад)

Автор Mr Prince Carter ( назад)
soul brother here

Автор Griselda Gonzalez ( назад)
my favorite song 💕

Автор Serena Archer ( назад)
john u gat me crying I would of sing this song to my crush but I'm sooo dam scared and but he likes me I think soooo I will just not do it btw :-( he is in my school and opt class

Автор Philomena Aigbe ( назад)

Автор Philomena Aigbe ( назад)

Автор Philomena Aigbe ( назад)
o my god

Автор Aubrey Humphreys ( назад)
some one love me now

Автор Aubrey Humphreys ( назад)
it macks me cry sometimes couse it is so sad to me

Автор ebuuny # ( назад)

Автор Algeria Nedromi ( назад)
* John Legend et le meilleure chanteur du monde il a une voix magnifique vive la liberter et non au rasicme car nous sommes tous des êtres vivant*

Автор Algeria Nedromi ( назад)
J'adore ❤

Автор Bashkim Bajrami ( назад)
oh my good i like it

Автор SAHNTEY s ( назад)
Luna is the cutest baby on earth 😍

Автор Deepak Poudel ( назад)
l love song

Автор Sheri Fuchser ( назад)
Ok, I like John legend but he has taken it to far adding gays in his music video. Doesn't anyone read the Bible!?!?

Автор spence dinero ( назад)
deffinitly cutest celeb couple!! random out burst of love me now lol

Автор Squishy1Kyungsoongie ( назад)
The Syrian Refugee kids are adorable!!!

Автор mr. gamer ( назад)
this song reminds me of my girlfrnd.......... who's gonna kiss u wen I'm gone. 😘❤

Автор Siena Fondo ( назад)

Автор Siena Fondo ( назад)

Автор J None ( назад)
John Mf Legend does it every time man! Dude been schoolin me since 2005

Автор Lara Sofia ( назад)
😍this Song 😍😍😍😍

Автор Teen Wolf ( назад)
La meilleure vidéo que j'ai vu depuis longtemps <3 <3 <3 <3

Автор Philip Jackson ( назад)

Автор Shibin Zhang ( назад)
I can play this on the piano

Автор AINOBOYXXX agyapong ( назад)
Is it just me or is that a kid version of Paulo Dybala at 1:20 ?

Автор alleta sithole ( назад)
love S0NG ' Very MUCh

Автор Brad Rousseau ( назад)
I say ahohi to John legend. I see you used some of my relatives from one of our great reservation. I've never seen that before on a music video. migewitch brother. And that a really good song. many thanks.

Автор Lena S ( назад)
Love me now😘😘😘😘💋💋💋💋👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Автор Rebecca Wheeler ( назад)
this is a great video about love by morgyn and jada

Автор swiperboy sb ( назад)
his hoe got chubby

Автор Katy Hawkins ( назад)

Автор Mar Shah ( назад)
This song and video just touches my heart. pure amazingness..

Автор Saphera Edwards ( назад)
this macks me happy

Автор GG Gaming ( назад)
Great song is all i can say I'm speechless!! you have so much talent

Автор William Mclintock ( назад)
I see you on the voyes

Автор Laura Haldiman ( назад)

Автор Erminia Liccardo ( назад)
dio mio che sensibilità.... stupenda

Автор maia o ( назад)
Best Ever!

Автор Landy Rodriguez ( назад)
so sad 😥😥😥😥😥😥 with all these people

Автор Hristina Mrša ( назад)
in 60% videos there are africans who play football 😥😥😥

Автор sugar plump ( назад)
itthus song is really nice .who agrees

Автор Emi Löwe ( назад)
cry every time i listen to this song

Автор Troy Shanks ( назад)

Автор Joaquin Pereyra ( назад)
Am I the only one here everyday cause you want to listen to this on Spotify and you don't have premium

Автор Shagun 5 Studios ( назад)
1:04 Indians?

Автор xhesi sallaj ( назад)
true love..

Автор • Rabbit BluELF ( назад)
oh my god I love this so much

Автор Kelly Phuthego ( назад)
This song is so laid back and chill....its something i would listen to on a long trip,i love it

Автор Winnie L ( назад)
he's a champ, amazing vocals, purely beautiful, i love him

Автор Fjolla Berisha ( назад)
Wow this song is beautiful...and the meaning omg
love his songs

Автор Cupcakeloversparkle Gaming ( назад)
I bet he respect his wife a lot so he use her in this vid ❤️

i love to music

Автор Breanna Griffin ( назад)
The day you sent this out was my birthday

Автор Judy Delgado ( назад)

Автор Judy Delgado ( назад)

Автор grady ( назад)

Автор Aditya Menon ( назад)
Annoyed by the iphone 7 ad ! :@

Автор Dawn Tagliani ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Zalisa Mills ( назад)
its kills me that their baby is sooo beautiful

Автор Alison Zawatzki ( назад)
your baby is adorable sooooooooo cute

Автор Landy Rodriguez ( назад)
peace and love and hope

Автор Madison RBLX ( назад)
John Legend is a legend.

Автор jesse vernooijs ( назад)
this song is amazing

Автор Wonder What ( назад)
3:31 😍 so cute

Автор Mae Slay ( назад)
this song makes me cry everytime i hear it

Автор Nekera Franklin ( назад)
I love this song so much 😘

Автор Carline Fornkwah ( назад)
Your so talented with a beautiful and strong voice and I love it as well as the video clip with your wife and daughter and all the events going on around the world. Well Done!

Автор Aurellia Amanda ( назад)
this jam brings builds ma self confidence anytime i feel lyk i hate my body

Автор tigerlover1216 ( назад)
i am crying

Автор Alexis Cathcart ( назад)
i know it'll hurt me when im not near choclate

Автор Ritika Dalal ( назад)
People be like ' I love how he used his wife instead of a model ' and im like giiirrrlllllll have you seen his wife she is a goddamn model why would he need one.

She is sooooooo pretty asdfghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Автор Antonio Pacheco ( назад)
tone kts no facebook

Автор laporamina ( назад)
is this baby his real son 1:46 ? because he is like him the same face .

Автор Михаил Стасов ( назад)
no comment!)))

hhhhh Arabs We cut A Cake with a sword, We damn violent LoL

Don' Worry , I will Just Send me the address

Автор Jojor Sianturi ( назад)
i like because there is no kising

Автор Olivia Fahy ( назад)
when I hear this song it reminds me of my boyfriend

Автор Charlotte Eden ( назад)
That baby tho!

Автор Kieja Fedrick ( назад)
this song makes me cry

Автор jayla savage 21 ( назад)
if u can sing or if u can't u need to thank GOD 4 his voice

Автор bloodystabber1231 ppms ( назад)
I hated this song but now I listen to it all the time.😠😀😀😀😀😀😂

Автор 1star Princess ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Andrea D'souza ( назад)
Baby Luna 😘

Автор girli 1.0. ( назад)
dat's and Castel on the Hill wind my lovely songs😍

Автор Rachel Holuk ( назад)
God has blessed you with a gift bro.. voice smooth as silk!

Автор Stevie Charley ( назад)
This song makes me sad. I left my bf today. I loved him dearly and said and did the things out of anger. There's no way we can fix our relationship. Now I will regret it for the rest of my life. Keep your loved ones close :(

Автор Ибрагимова Света ( назад)
Могли бы гомиков не показывать, весь клип испортили.

Автор Law Less ( назад)
Love it

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