Wonderland by Night/Bert Kaempfert

a wonderful melody

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Автор zofia zajac ( назад)
Piekna melodia !!!

Автор Patricia Stone ( назад)

Автор Saundra Raynor ( назад)
Another great for slow dancing when I loved to dance (sixties).

Автор USNAV79 A-ZEE ( назад)
Amazing song, in 1980 I was on my first Western Pacific cruise aboard USS
Constellation CV64 and there would be no flight operations at night on some
days and I would go to the flight deck on pitch black nights out at sea and
lay on the flight deck. put on my walkman🎧 (anybody remember those?) and
meditate with this song and pretend to grab the stars which looked
humongous! 🌟🌟🌠🌠, if you've been out at sea on pitch black nights, God
created a beautiful universe 🙏 you know what I'm talking about 🌠🌠🌠🌠
this song (a German by heritage shipmate would lend me the cassette) was a
Godsend to release stress,😲 tension & depression in an instant! it was my
way of getting away, at least for a few hours and not go insane😲 in the
roughness of being on a carrier. I thought I'd never find this song and
here it is! what memories😁 thanks for sharing it. Great song💕🎶🎧👏👏

Автор Edward Saulnier ( назад)
Two memorable hits by Bert Kaempfert for me are 'Wonderland by Night' and
'A Swinging Surfari.' I love listening to instrumental hits of various
genres including these two.

Автор Eva Lutzon ( назад)
kdybych mela deti,tak budou rikat ze poslouchaji me gramodesky,,,for ever
music and how we dance,,oooo boy,,,,

Автор Barbara Yevoli ( назад)
I thought Herb Albert did this song too and That Happy Feeling! Used to
love Sandy Becker!

Автор Nunzio Guglielmo ( назад)
la fine del mondo!

Автор Hiram Alexander Vazquez Salas ( назад)
seria maravilloso ir a bailar con esta grandisima orquesta

Автор Emory Thomas (WhiteCrow) ( назад)

Автор P Delarosa ( назад)

Автор Wade Young ( назад)
Always went to sleep by this every night .

Автор Roberto Gutierrez C ( назад)
me encanta la musica de este compa

Автор Heather Bovy ( назад)
what a wonderful orchestra .such beautiful music.makes me happy inside

Автор Alan Fox ( назад)
I heard Keith cardboard shoes skues and he played Bert kaempfert music a
lot that how I know about him.

Автор Car Reviews ( назад)

Автор Michael Lambrose ( назад)
Seriously grew up listening to Bert Kaempfert on my mother's record player
when I was a boy .

Автор SILVERFOX 88 ( назад)
Now this is dancing music.

Автор Alice Meyers ( назад)
Love it💞🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

Автор greasegun49 ( назад)
Somehow I knew I would return to witness the splendor one more time. My
fear evaporated. It touched me and hard.

Автор Fred Huck ( назад)
One My Favorite Instrumentals From 1961!

Автор Katherine Leigh ( назад)
Mum who was German (Dad was Japanese-American) told me this was by a German
artist who had achieved some prominence before the end of WW II. This song
never fails to bring me to tears, remembering Mum and her inalterably
German ways.Katja's husband Mike

Автор Diane Stone ( назад)
nice calm..quiet music..unlike the crap they have now days..todays music
displays the mood of the world.

Автор Mario Cutajar ( назад)
They do not make good music like this any more! Thanks for sharing.

Автор Deirdre Johnson ( назад)
My Brother used to play this tune. As a kid, I didn't need an alarm clock
to get me up for school--the trumpet was played faithfully every morning at
7:30 (there were five kids getting ready for school all at the same time)
and this was (and still is) one of his favorites.

Автор flamencoprof ( назад)
As one born to the Rock generation, I used to cringe to think this was the
first piece of music I remember telling my parents I liked. Now I can live
with that. I hadn't heard it for decades, but I just looked it up while
making a playlist of lifelong musical milestones. It has a certain languid
charm of its own. My dad was a trumpet fan, Harry James and all that, but I
don't recall what his reaction to my taste was!

Автор Tigonis Yesis ( назад)
Another memorable melody from the past~!!

Автор Milton Williams ( назад)
Jim Pinckard I am also 69 and remember what a great song this was to dance
to, especially at the young age of 13 and was discovering what slow dancing
with girls was all about.

Автор SuperTerryBros. ( назад)
As a kid, my family would always (and still do) go to a retreat over the
summer. It's really fun, and the drive is pretty long.
I would always (and still do) drive there with my grandfather. Every year,
we would listen to a CD of about 13 tracks the way there. Great CD, huge
variety of music. From this, to Johnny Cash, to Robbie Robertson, to Duane
Eddy. It had everybody. However, 2 years ago, we lost the CD. The ride
there wasn't the same. Tonight, I spent 3 hours thinking up of all the
songs on that CD. I could think of most of them, but some were slipping my
mind. I spent 3 hours tonight trying to think of the 3 songs only by my
description of them being "old" and me whistling the tune. I got them, and
this was one of them. :-) the other 3 were "40 Miles of Bad Road" by Duane
Eddy and "Midnight in Moscow." Productive evening.

Автор Joe Mama ( назад)
hate to ruin the party, but...I have listened to this twice now and I have
no idea why it was a big hit. To me it sounds terrible, and I like all
kinds of music. But hey, that's the nature of art. Everyone likes what they

Автор Bertha Martin ( назад)
thank you for the post.......beautiful, beautiful melody, beautiful

Автор John Tapp ( назад)
Where have all our songwriters gone!!? They don't make 'em like this
anymore. It would be a dream to dance to this tune near a beach where you
could also hear the waves breaking across the shore and the seagulls
laughing as they fly to and fro.

Автор Tysmaar ( назад)
If you didn't have a girl at the dance by the time you heard this --- well
you were going home empty !!!

Автор Pat Cunningham ( назад)
slow dance........

Автор Shelia McCasland ( назад)
love this music

Автор Betty Edgin Magee ( назад)
The Arizona desert with the mountains in view and a full moon and this
playing on the car radio. Truly a wonderland by night! Good memories of a
time long past!

Автор jaromir1942 ( назад)
Myslím,že tohle je nejlepší provedení.Tak jsem přehrával kdo to kdy nahrál
a dospěl
jsem že orch. B. Kaempferta. Nejhorší provedení jsem shledal s L. Primou.
Podle mě
moc na trubku hrát neuměl ani zpívat. Tohle " Wonderland by night " patřilo
k mým
nejoblíbenějším,když jsem v mládí hrával na trubku.

Автор elizabeth wall ( назад)
I've loved this song for many years!

Автор Eric Scutt ( назад)
is anyone else here 14 and love or even know who Bert Kaempfert or Don
Rondo is?

Автор Doug McCutcheon ( назад)
So lame.

Автор david fyre ( назад)
I still remember watching them beautiful Asian Ladies in Okinawa and
Vietnam dance to this tune. Oh yeah. Nice and fine.

Автор willtheview ( назад)
The first #1 Song by a German artist on the Billboard Hot 100.

Автор Jay Jackson ( назад)
This song takes me back to many memories with my Mother, she would play
this on the record player and we would listen to this. Thanks

Автор Donna Galloway ( назад)
those were optimstic times...l love this

Автор Byron Smith ( назад)
Still love this song. I was taking trumpet lessons from Gail Bailey in
Westport, Indiana when this song was such a huge hit when JFK was elected.
Hope for the future was so bright back then. Mrs. Bailey would not let me
use a mute to make my trumpet growl, but otherwise I could fully play this

Автор Robert Chavez ( назад)
You are the best , Bert.How old is this song?

Автор barbara cowell ( назад)
great music on a great Saturday happy mothers day

Автор barbara cowell ( назад)
Perfect music

Автор Bob Rivers ( назад)
To Ramona Cole, Your welcome and thank you for saying so, Ask me sometime
about the collision at sea with the USS Hobson and my ship; USS Wasp
CV-18,We sunk her ,She had only 35 survivers SP I was in the port catapult
crew,Worst peace time collision in naval history, Find details on your
commuter Love to you and yours, Bobby Rivers,

Автор ANadir ( назад)
De niño me gustó escuchar este estilo de música, despues que me casé pensé
en lo dificil que me resultaría con la llegada de los hijos, pero mi hija
mayor terminó estudiando saxo en la facultad de Arte de la Universidad De
Chile y a quien le gustan mucho El oboe de Gabriel, Summer place y escuchar
a bert kaemfert gleen miller benny goodman y otros lo que me complace mucho

Автор Pete ( назад)
slow dance,care about nothing

Автор Adan Gastelum ( назад)
Estupenda orquesta , musica relajante, gracias por darnos la oportunidad de
relajarnos. un abrazo.

Автор Daniel Moen ( назад)
great music like those oldy

Автор Edgardo Briones ( назад)
it's my first time to hear this wonderful song

Автор barbara cowell ( назад)
just listening to this is so special to me my mom and dad use to listen to
this all the time

Автор Albert Ranzenberger ( назад)
das sind einfach soooo tolle Erinnerungen, leider gibt es HEUTE so etwas
nicht mehr !!!
Was ist denn Techno zu sooo etwas, ist eben eine andere Generation aber
inzwichen merkt auch diese Generation, das diese und die 70-80 Jahre auch
nicht s schlecht waren, schön !!!

Автор Bob Rivers ( назад)
Hi Peter B I sent a return note but sent to my self in error Hope you
receive this by logging on to this channel; Wonderland by Night by B, K,
God Bless, Bobby Rivers,

Автор Peter Kirianczyk ( назад)
... weil es einfach nur wunderbar ist. Danke fürs reinstellen.

Автор Manfred Frank ( назад)
Unvergeßlich - diese wunderschöne Musik !!!

Автор Елена Суханова ( назад)
чудесная музыка и исполнение

Автор Robert Marggraf ( назад)
Amazing the memories that surface with a bit of music.

Автор Bob Rivers ( назад)
Hi Peter; that was my Dads first name too , Thank you for those kind
words, Ditto to you as well, Getting a new hip Feb, 15; 2016, Then meeting
my x at the Rod And Gun in Everglades;Fla, We may re tye the knot after 52
years, May the Good Lord bless you and yours, Bobby Rivers

Автор Christian Jacq ( назад)
Un titre inoubliable !

Автор Bill Fife ( назад)
Nothing today comes close to this. Makes me wonder what has gone wrong.
Thank You for posting. We so need this.

Автор John A. (58 лет назад)
Well, you know, this song was popular in an era in which there were still a
lot of instrumentals. This music has given way to country, hip hop, rap and
so forth. I wish good instrumental music was still out there, but
unfortunately it is not.

Автор lena toledo ( назад)
Enchanting is the word for this masterpiece and played by a master Manfred
Moch. What a match--music and musician!

Автор Larry Wong ( назад)
music in the times where wonderful and inocent

Автор Bob Rivers ( назад)
Thank you my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all the Blesed music and
composers, in my era and all the grateful memories they have brought to
mind, To all a BLESSD NEW YEAR Jan, 22-2016

Автор Bob Rivers ( назад)
Just finished reading most of the comments;CUDOS to all I can relate to
most of them so good to share with you, I;m 84 ,Born and raised in
Muskegon'Mich, Enjoyed Bert while searving aboared the USS WASP CV-18 in
the catapult crew and Quonset Point R I God Bless all GOOD MUSIC lovers
and to all A HAPPY NEW YEAR, Jan, 22' 2016,

Автор Ray Unseitig ( назад)

Автор Ray Unseitig ( назад)

Автор Willis Cook ( назад)
This song was what we learned to slow dance to in 9th grade.

Автор Travis Turmoil ( назад)
Reminds me of Sarah Frost, RIP, an Aunt that played this all the time!

Автор R. P.j. ( назад)
The best Musik

Автор Albert Ranzenberger ( назад)
das sind einfach schöne tolle Erinnerungen, wenn so manche
Tanzveranstaltungen zu Ende gingen und , es waren einfach schöne tolle
Zeiten !! OHNE KRACH .......

Автор OneHitWonderGuy ( назад)
Despite several previous comments to the contrary, Charly Tabor was indeed
the trumpet player on this recording. It even says so on the record label
(Polydor in Europe and Decca in the U.S.). However, Manfred Moch did appear
on a number of Kaempfert's other recordings.

Автор 44littledog ( назад)

Автор R. P.j. ( назад)
Ein Meister seines Faches , schade , sein Platz ist leer.

Автор Wendell Whitfill ( назад)
I remember listening to this tune on the radio when I was a kid in the
1950's I loved it then, and I love in now.

Автор Todd Walsh ( назад)
Absolutely amazing. Breathtaking

Автор principer ( назад)
R-E-A-L TALENT!!!! :-)

Автор TINRICKY ( назад)
The greatest music of all times.... SOOOO FULL OF MUUUUSIIIICCCCCCCC!!!!!

Автор Henry Steffen ( назад)
Remembering the 60s

Автор Milton Williams ( назад)
This is just one of the great musical songs that came out in the early
60's, most of these musicals from different Bands were big hits, how much
fun it was dancing with your girl friend to all of the great musical hits
from that era.

Автор Ęÿūį Æßñ ( назад)
This song was at number 1 on the billboard charts when John F. Kennedy was
sworn in on January 20, 1961.

Автор Ebenezer Kalarama ( назад)
Bert fell in love with the Florida Everglades during his later years, I can
picture him floating around drifting and dreaming.

Автор J. L. Neis ( назад)
Bert Kaempfert, what a musical genius! His music shall go on forever, these
songs he wrote and his orchestra played were some of the best music to be
ever heard. He is sadly missed !

Автор ForeverUtopia50 (1846 лет назад)
It is so ironic that the songs our Parents listened to when we were kids,
now that we are the same age, we listen to the same songs.

Автор Jorge Mario Rodas ( назад)
Another of those fantastic instrumentals of the Last Century. I used to
hear is as a teenager on the radio and thought and daydreamed whilst
listening to it. It is so tender it expresses without words those inner
feelings we feel and don't always express to others. Nice to hear and

Автор Jesse Nelson ( назад)
This is still one of my favorites by Bert...I've tried to play it but I
can't match the quality you have!!! Beautiful song and performance!

Автор LOREK cox ( назад)
great music last forever

Автор george mackenzie ( назад)
ladies choice at the cowdenbeeth palais

Автор MrTrashcan1 ( назад)
I grew up with standards in the '60s and '70s and the instrumentals were
the best part of it. There were some later into the '80s, but most were
movie themes (Star Wars, Chariots of Eggs, etc.). One of the last,
non-movie instrumentals I remembered was Frank Mills's Music Box Dancer.

Автор Tim K ( назад)
Last song played at Midnight on KPUG Bellingham...1964...

Автор Edie Constantine ( назад)
Every time I hear this song, my father comes alive. As a child, I heard him
play this son so many times and it touches my heart to hear it...Thank

Автор Bob Silverio ( назад)
There is no other music like this. Great instrumentals went away after the

Автор summerholliday44 ( назад)
i FEEL my mom and dad when i hear this....miss them~

Автор Edgar Seifert ( назад)
Der beste Musiker den es je gab...

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