Tiny Homes: Mortgage-Free And NO Utility Bills - Off The Grid, Self Sufficient Living!

A tiny house is a great way to be mortgage free and stop paying utility bills every month. The tiny house movement is also a great way to become self sufficient and live off the grid. tiny home living!!!!

humanure video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPivZEmQXoE

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Автор rosco33ful ( назад)
I like these vids but tired of the inspiration being built on falsehoods.
It's a fallacy that debts get passed to offspring, first of all. Banks
don't send collection agencies after children. It's mathematically wrong
too. I mean, as long as you live in a developed country with proper
banking rules and stuff, a house is always worth more than its mortgage,
and loans and credit cards are insured. Equity can be inherited and owners
are free to sell in order to downsize or rent, so nobody is a slave
either. Don't be fooled, people! Do the tiny house thing for the right
reasons. I agree land is critical for the simple purpose of having room to
move around in because there's not much in these. If your climate allows
it, I'd go with a camper instead.

Автор ron prince ( назад)
I would love water to come out of the ground at my place. How do you make
the gas?

Автор Ole Nielson ( назад)
Wow! I absolutely subscribe to the sentiment - you know, going off grid,
reducing your carbon footprint, etc., but this was 8 minutes+ of talking
about solar panels, propane, and wind turbines WITHOUT showing what it
would be like to live inside one of these tiny homes.

A single photo of the exterior (instead of a constant shaky image of the
exterior) with audio, would have accomplished the exact same thing. C'mon,
there's a better way to sell your product (which I fully support -- just
sayin', for the 2nd time). I wish you well -- your mission is wonderful and
I hope more people will adopt this lifestyle.

Автор Brittney Young ( назад)
I'm about to get kicked out of my parents house. Time is ticking for me.

Автор Claude Desaulniers ( назад)
I think if you have a fridge and other electrical items, you would need
more than 2 solar panels. ì think ideally 6 panels minimum. Let us know how
many panels you end up with. Thanks.

Автор Frank Datank ( назад)
I'm currently doing the same but with a yurt..

Автор Ask me Ask me ( назад)
Say I have the funds to establish:

Would it be legal to buy 2 acres of land and build a 4200 sq ft self
sufficient home?? Equipped with enough solar panels and generators to power
the entire house to where I'd never need to worry about running out of

Автор Lou Fuddrucker ( назад)
the inside costs extra to see

Автор Clarice Gipson ( назад)
Will there be a time when you will show the inside of the tiny home?

Автор Rich s ( назад)
umm, ummm, ummm

Автор Rebecca Benway ( назад)
Dude, you are living my dream. I've been really wanting to go that route. I
better start saving my pennies now. I'm on disability. A bit of a recluse.
Want to be able to retire early with my husband. Thank you for the
inspiration. Love and Blessings.

Автор Vince Kuznicki ( назад)
we need to get away from the monetary system it's the greatest scam ever
perpetrated on humankind by the elite bankers. all money is created in a
bank and ends up in a bank

Автор carol smith ( назад)
Well, that is 8:39 min of my life I will never get back. What does the
inside look like? Useless video.

Автор Matthew Shank ( назад)
Show us the inside! Friggin' dude... 😏

Автор Unicorn ( назад)
lol $150k for a traditional house? come to california, land of $1 million
dollar average sized homes

Автор mark mooney ( назад)
keep going son....ignore the negatives...there is always something to pay
for but you are much closer to off grid than most and its yours...keep
going and all the best to you and yours

Автор David trueslayor ( назад)
"Breaking the chains of bondage of Walmart & corporatism" wow take
that bourgeoisie capitalists !!!

Автор Alohi Kekoa ( назад)
Once you have installed a composting toilet, rainwater catchment piped into
a kitchen sink, etc. is it still not considered a 'home'? In order to live
in it and make it a home, you'll need a non-electric composting toilet or
old fashioned outhouse...

Автор mrzrollins ( назад)
compost toilet link

Автор Mark De Mers ( назад)
Water pressure without a pump? No, sir.

Автор IntellectualH ( назад)
This isn't self-sufficient. It is God-sufficient, Nature-sufficient.

Автор wish hound ( назад)
Great video, big cities are the damnation of the World.

Автор Old Soul ( назад)
you mentioned TV - you need a licence then, imagine the fire and you are
living in woods, all hopes go in smoke in hours, then you have to move to a
tent, noooo, computer says no

Автор sergeyhome ( назад)
herd TN does not have property taxes

Автор pudge ( назад)
IF I had a place like that I would put a tank in the attic with a manual
pump to pump the water from the well into the tank. A good 30-50 gallon
tank. In the attic the water can flow by gravity to the shower and sinks
for grey water. The grey water from there goes into a holding square pit
where the water evaporates and fills a bucket for 99.99% clean water you
can drink. All it is, is a 9 ft. square hole that is 2 feet deep with a 3
gallon bucket in the center and a clear plastic over the top. The water
evaporates and falls into the bucket. I would also have a compost toilet
system. A solar panel system consisting of 4 - 45 volt solar panels with 8
car battery's charge controller and a 3,000 watt inverter. Inside the cabin
I would have hammocks for beds, saves on space. A hidden shower that pulls
down from the ceiling like a roman blind with shower head above your head
and valves and shelves for your stuff.. A fold down from the wall a table
and two bench seats, the legs are the shelves you put things on. A
small Electric forced air stove 1750 watts, an induction cooktop 1,300
watts, refrigerator 970 watts, L.E.D lights. Microwave 1450 watts, T.V 145
watts, cheap battery operated clock, small 8 inch square solar panel
charges phones and a hand crank washer you get on the internet to wash
cloths. NO you DO NOT run all the appliances at once. ONLY one or maybe two
at a time and none of them run all the time. The heater kicks on and off
and so does the refrigerator. You just have to pick and choose what is on
and what is off. so the solar panels and battery's can keep up with the
electrical usage per day. The kitchen would be on one side and a closet on
the other side of the cabin with cabinets here and there and a door on the
side. It would have a small wood stove back up just in case. A cloths line
outside somewhere with the solar panels on the roof of the cabin and two
bright L.E.D lights outside front and back. AND if I lived in a warm state
where bore pigs run rampid and you need no license to hunt. I would have
FOOD and a fish license for fish and maybe some trapping on the side with
hunting pigs off peoples property for cash once and awhile. Maybe
Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Texas a good place to go.

Автор Ronald Martin ( назад)
Everyone knows you have to pay taxes. unless you're a church.

Автор Marcquise Mclemore ( назад)
can you build one 700 sqft

Автор Azuleé Iñaki ( назад)
This is really great!! 💖

Автор Janice E, H,. Janice E, H,. ( назад)
Omg, Can I see the inside? Mr talk a lot lol.

Автор kal m ( назад)
Basically it's a shed with a porch.They sell em as sheds.But
still kinda cool.Affording The land is the problem.I don't see propane as a
good solution.Also a used trailer house would be much cheaper and
bigger.You maybe could get a "contractor" trailer if wanted to keep
smaller.Yet still be twice as big.

Автор Daniel Botwood ( назад)
great video, totally agree with why you are doing this. we have an acre of
land in southern Europe which we intend to turn into a forest garden
(permaculture). There is an excellent book by Joseph Jenkins called
Humanure, very comprehensive about composting our excretia. I will be
building a biodigester to produce methane. However I think the next big
step will be using solar to produce hydrogen. Bio diesel is also cool. U
are correct about the small space. I have a 10msq cabin which is very
comfortable even when it has snowed. I paid 350 Euro for it second hand.
This is the only way I believe to get out of the money slave system. Once
this is set up I can come and go as I please, I will always have somewhere
to sleep and eat. Learn how to protect yourself regrading the law because
invariably one may find oneself being prosecuted by some jobsworth who's
livelihood depends on us being enslaved. It makes me laugh the level of
industrial destruction of our environment yet when you begin to take
responsibility for your own shit people recoil in horror. God help us. :)

Автор Tyler Heal ( назад)
Beautiful little set up! I look forward to seeing how things progress! Well
done Man!

Автор Patricia Merker ( назад)
Thanks for posting! We are looking for four (4) investors in this startup
company. We sell 20 & 40 ft prefab units that are made of healthier
materials than a shipping container, with no concern about the off-gassing
of potentially harmful chemicals. It is very similar to a container home,
but much healthier, coming with electric and plumbing inside the walls. Our
homes come complete with all of the basics and the simple addition of water
catchment and solar is relatively easy and inexpensive. You can be on or
off grid.
We’re looking for 4 investors. You can purchase a 40 ft unit for $20K
($9,950 discount) and get 1% in our company. For more info, please email me
at AlphaTinyHomes123@gmail.com, or visit www.AlphaTinyHomes.com

Автор gary mathews ( назад)
you can use rain gutters and water barrels for some water needs .

Автор David Harbuck ( назад)
This seems to be a trend in America and young people like you give me hope
for this country! Perhaps your generation will free themselves from the
central bankers & boot em back out of here! But, most important is to live
as freely as possible!

Автор WoodsMan ( назад)
Looks good! But you might want to check into your local health laws. You
can be in a restriction free area, but still be required by the state to
have septic. And if you have kids or plan on having kids, look out! Cause
no matter where you live the kids have to have running water, septic, a way
to refrigerate there food, and a address to go to school if you choose not
to home school. And even with home school, there are laws and regulations
for that as well. Look it up before you take the big plunge , do your
research on septic and gray water laws in your area, before buying a
property. Sometimes a septic will be more than the property itself.

I was gonna buy 7 acres in a unincorporated part of Arkansas. No building
codes of any kind. But for any type of natural gray water filtration or
collection had to be approved by the local health department, which is hard
to do. So our only option was septic, which eneded up being to expensive
for a tiny cabin to live off the grid.

Автор Yolanda Rios ( назад)
thank you for all of that showed your houses. this is the way we were meant
to live.in the Bible god repeatly tells his people to stay away from the
cities,because people become very corrupted.those who disobeyed perished .
yes like you said will have to find a way to not to defend on the global
economy or else we will become eternal slaves. thank you ,take good care
you and all of your families. I hope I get that courage to what god wants
of me.

Автор Native Indian At Heart ( назад)
$5,000...--$200. propane

Автор WoW Guidery ( назад)

Автор Karen Redding ( назад)
You can buy propane for $50 a week to cook, shower, run refrigerator, and
heat, sounds like utility bills to me. 

Автор Aeolous Sul ( назад)
That's how I'm living now. I have a few vids up of the progress, come
spring I'll making more vids of window installment and water catch system

Автор TheRosa63 ( назад)
why not just buy a very nice airstream trailor? it is already to go can be
moved around, and your taxes will be cheap, especially if you have your own
land. you can put in septic system and use pump for water (we have a water
pump for our well and a reverse osmosis system) but I know putting in a
septic system is very expensive. I prefer to living in campsits for a year
at a time and just do the hookups. solar panels is a good idea just
impractical for many situations. but I am still researching all of this and
have not made up my mind which would be best for us yet. I am like you we
are cut off from all the flora and fauna (the crittors)

Автор Lucky Lou ( назад)
get other one and put them back to back i did..i love it twice the size and
double porch

Автор cripnipp ( назад)

Автор KatahdinKooking Mama (Maineroses) ( назад)
hi i heard you mention the appalachian trail are you close to maine ....I
am a prepper and am planning on getting of the grid.

Автор Sheila meri ( назад)
It would have been nice to take a tour. Maybe someday? How is it set up
now? It is almost three years later.

Автор Sheila meri ( назад)
Here!!! Here!!! I so agree with you!!!! I want to live off grid as well.

Автор Adonai Zedek ( назад)
How much was the cabin?

Автор tim bum ( назад)
well wood home and a stove is a bit of a disaster waiting to happen if you
realy wanna go off grid i would use cob and the rain tank is a good idea
you can make a filter to sort out the rest you can also have super thick
walls me and a frind dug a shelter in a steep slope of a hill you could
heat that place with a candel when it was snowing out

Автор Clint Steel ( назад)
It may be cheaper but it won't be free, if you own the land then you'll pay
taxes ( rent) from the state. that's what the deed is for, so that they can
determine how much rent you are going to pay it's not to give you
(complete) ownership just that you can live on it unless otherwise stated
by the county, city or state!

Автор Leeroy Jankins ( назад)
Um um u. Um um um um um um um um

Автор Ella Yancey ( назад)
thanks for the information. very help ful

Автор Janet Jett ( назад)
I am looking for a small house for my 1 year old small companion dog house
broken and myself i recently became homeless, but i do have income. I am a
very clean person and would treasure it unconditionally treasure. A rental.
And if you have something that i can buy with low down payment i would be
very very great full and hope that someone will help me out. THAT WOULD
reach out to someone in need.iam 51yr old ! Grandmother who always there to
help others, now im calling all angels.my email address is

Автор Alan and Barb Clark ( назад)
thank u😊

Автор Linda Zambanini ( назад)
How about METHANE? A methane digester? Instead of paying for PROPANE?! I
know i've read they use small family versions in INDIA (maybe Africa too?)
- here you only hear about methane digesters used in in more huge
industrial settings like creameries e.g.:
http://strausfamilycreamery.com/values-in-action/methane-digester But
there's no reason they - like homes - can't be downsized to
family/individual level like in INDIA!

That link says just like a compost pile a methane digester creates HEAT -
which could be used to heat water in closed tubing wrapped around or curled
around inside the digester ....and it could then be piped thru baseboard
hot water heating system in the house, IMO. The water would be at all times
contained in the closed tubing and contaminate free with no contact with
the humanure itself.

Why isn't anyone in the US doing this? I've seen TONS of tiny home videos
(sort of addicted to them at the moment because i'm considering selling my
conventional 1,500 sq ft home and buying and downsizing to a tiny
home)...yet i've never seen anyone even mention using a METHANE digester.
So there must not be any commercially available small family units here in
the US? (now THERE'S an opportunity for an entrepaneur!) If you used one
you could KILL 2 BIRDS WITH ONE STONE! Get rid of your humanure waste for
FREE AND at the SAME TIME create heat to heat water for bathing, baseboard
heat etc...FOR FREE! All w/o pollution! A self contained bio loop!

Автор TheGentleviking ( назад)
I just loved what you said about "if you've ever been kicked out of an
apartment, slept on your parents sofa, homeless"....I thought, "Now here is
a guy who understands how tough life can be sometimes!" People can find
themselves in situations where they feel they have no real home--and your
suggestion for this type of home is definitely something people in those
situations need to hear! Right now I'm paying rent, but realize there is
just no future in it.That money could go towards buying me some land and a
home like this. So yes, thank you for your encouraging videos and for
giving folks like me (who cannot afford a big mortgage), hope for something
better. Yep, it's tiny....but it's yours! That means something.

Автор Cindy Chick ( назад)
Awesome! Good 4 You Brother!

Автор Charlotte West ( назад)
Where would one call on getting the solar panels at that price?

Автор Charlotte West ( назад)
Who did you buy the house from and how much did you pay to have it moved to
your land? Who did you use to move the house to your property. I'm
interested in this kind of thing, thanks!

Автор Hi Honey ( назад)
I am trying to learn how to do the solar system set up, did you add the
solar yet? I will be buidling a tiny house soon and post my video up, it
will be smaller than your house, but great video.

Автор yamielaw ( назад)
Thank you!!!! I am going to start saving $$$$$!!!!!! Keep us posted!!!! I
would love to live like this!!!!

Автор Lora L. Anderson ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. Think its awesome uou got your land and your tiny
house!!! You gave some info...I had to fast forward through all the uhms.

Автор rockbot12 ( назад)
My wife and I would love to do this. Our issue is simple. Land. In Texas
unless you have a certain amount of acreage they require certain septic
systems. Also, I have been running a ad on Craigslist (in East Texas its
far and away the most used site for acreage)(yes, legit property owners)
for a year looking to "rent/lease some land". Not a single inquiry.
People here are extremely choosy about who they let on their property.
Even if your completely on the up and up. Unless your related.

Автор Alan and Barb Clark ( назад)
what do you do for bathroom ....the woods ???? septic tank eventually...
outhouse ?? not being funny...just some questions, that might sound dumb
,but someone has to ask:-) :-) :-) :-)

Автор Sue Sue ( назад)
Dumb question but would this home have an address?

Автор austinguy69 ( назад)

Автор Darla Phillips (HD) ( назад)
i have land but hav to find a way around permits Where would I buy one
of these?

Автор Pumptech78 ( назад)
Very nice video. Everyday we wake up people are trying to cram more rules
down our throats.

Happy 4th of July Americans: https://youtu.be/QnPQ9fceOKs

Автор Melyssa Green ( назад)
Nice video

Автор Steve T ( назад)
Most of the debt that you speak about isn't incurred due to having a home
connected to the grid. In the US the average credit card debt is
approximately 15k per person. Most of that debt is due to spending on
things that are not a necessity, and this doesn't take into account the
national debt averaged per person. Its basically needs vs wants.. and the
wants win far too much. Eliminate your "wants" until you have paid off your
debt and learn to save for things instead of fostering the attitude of "buy
now and pay later" or just plain old trying to keep up with the Jones. It
is, however, an interesting idea for a camp or cottage.

Автор Sky Forthwind ( назад)
8 Minutes just talking about it instead of going in? WOW..... Waste...

Автор sammy sam ( назад)
I love your home. Congratulations!

Автор Farron X (213 года назад)
"Solar panels are getting cheaper & cheaper & cheaper & cheaper...".
Throw in another "cheaper" why dontcha?
This guy's cadence & voice is fucking annoying!
How much did the fucking "solar panels" totally cost you?
Jesus fuckn christ!

Автор sfbluestar ( назад)
Isn't it easier to just find a job and pay the utility bills?

Автор Dana Bellefeuille ( назад)
I got solar panels on my rv,, when I get 100 thousand miles on it,,i will
just buy some acreage,, park it add on and make a cabin out of it,,,even
witth the panels we lived in state parks and only paid 26 dollars in 3
months for electricity,, the only way to go.i have two generators so if the
sun don t come out for 3 days,, we fire them up.

Автор anAHDAMofYAH ( назад)
Hello again my friend. Do you still own this set up which you started with
the land you bought for it to sit on? I remember you did some insulation &
dry wall work on the inside. I know you now have bought you a nice Trailer
Home with a good size piece of land and Raising some Awesome Garden
Veggies. Do you still have this set up? If you do would you sell it, Or do
you just keep it for Camping & for weekend get a ways?

Автор jeff bragg ( назад)
I'd like to see more videos , I'm really thinking hard on doing this

Автор SRC C ( назад)
Certain parts of land that are CCR as long as the casing is under 2"3/8 no
permit is required. you will want to filter all water coming out of the
ground. You will need a storage tank for the water or just pump when you
need water.. good luck!

Автор SRC C ( назад)
The fast way to get a well put in is use 2" galvanized pipe, 5' long. keep
check for the water depth. you can drive down to 145' feet in one day. Use
drive couplings and a 65-75 pound electric jack hammer. The well pump below
is used inside 2" or larger casing. It is solar powered 45 watts or hand
pump.. I wish you the best.

Автор treehouseinparadise ( назад)
For people who don't want lofts, these with the lower roofs might save a

Автор John Arizona ( назад)
http://www.bbb.org http://starpas.azcc.gov/InsCorps.shtm 

Автор Brenda P (205 лет назад)
I think you have your priorities in line. i believe we will see more people
doing the same
thing as time goes on. God Bless!

Автор SemperFido9915 ( назад)
Love it! That's my ultimate goal. Get a 40 acre piece of land, a tiny home
with solar cells on top for electricity (I live in a very sunny location),
a garden, and a couple of guns, cause you never know when things go to

Автор marisol hernandez ( назад)
Im saving up for this I love it it will just be me living in it so it's
perfect size for me and my dog lol

Автор Bauss ( назад)
What about permits what do you need? Can you have
normal electric conection?

Автор altha2008 ( назад)
Make you a gasifier for your gas

Автор altha2008 ( назад)
You could get two them make one for your bath and shower, use the water
from them to water your garden.

Автор altha2008 ( назад)
Your not a slave to a debt like a mortgage. You can walk away form it at
any time and start over again. Slaves cannot just walk away

Автор altha2008 ( назад)
That is not a cabin or home. It is a utility building.

Автор altha2008 ( назад)
Put wheels on it. Then it is legal.

Автор Fr Louie Goad ( назад)
You take nothing from this world.

Автор Lynnette W. ( назад)
We wanted to see the inside!

Автор Pattyboybx ( назад)

Автор DanielRichards644 ( назад)

seriously enough.

Автор The Masked Informer ( назад)
Pioneer style!
It's a good size. About twice the size of my tree-house. In which I dwell.

Автор Paul Williams ( назад)
U dont even need the propane just get a spaceheater n run it off the
solar. Naw mean.

Автор luvsilly60 ( назад)
What state? VA, WV

Автор englishtearose ( назад)
I thought we were going to get to see the inside. I want my 16 minutes

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