Tiny Homes: Mortgage-Free And NO Utility Bills - Off The Grid, Self Sufficient Living!

A tiny house is a great way to be mortgage free and stop paying utility bills every month. The tiny house movement is also a great way to become self sufficient and live off the grid. tiny home living!!!!

humanure video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPivZEmQXoE

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Автор Dale Calder (5 месяцев)
I hope you invested in a combination smoke/carbon-monoxide detector. All of
those propane appliances produce carbon-monoxide. I lost three friends when
I was in high school to carbon monoxide poisoning from a propane

Автор grizzlewolf brown (8 месяцев)
with 1/2 acre, and 200 sq. ft plastic greenhouse, you could grow all your
vegetable needs with intensive gardening style. Then you'd be even more
self sufficient.

Автор SkilledEddie (7 месяцев)
You pay utility bills no matter what. You have to buy propane, solar
panels, batteries, water etc.. those are utility bills.

Автор Firstname Lastname (8 месяцев)
but is it legal to live in what's legally considered a shed?

Автор ShyRage1 (3 месяца)
wheres the video of the inside and layout?

Автор Sheryl777 (3 месяца)
Why do I get the feeling that it's haunted in the area where your house is?

Автор WrongRealities (7 месяцев)
Why not just buy a motor home or a trailer? They come self contained and
can be parked anywhere.

Автор Doug Malone (6 месяцев)
Floor plans?

Автор Haleene Williams (2 месяца)
It's also a good idea if you can to get property near a year around water
Save up run off water from the roof. And it is true a Trailer would do the
same thing, but probable more expensive, but again that depends what part
of the country you live in. Here IF you live in it, regardless of hook
ups, you have to have a permit, and a graveled road. So these are things
to find out before diving into the water of possible freedom.

Автор joe grizzly (7 месяцев)
If I had a dollar for every time he said umm I could buy me a cabin

Автор Jaster Mereel (3 месяца)
What nonsense. There is no way you can buy that built and delivered for
only 5 thousand.

Автор Styles of Saturn (5 месяцев)
I live in South Florida with my wife and we plan on going off grid by
getting our own land and a wind/solar power home. If anyone else has the
same mindset and wants to team up with someone to do this to make it
cheaper on yourself, then shoot me an e mail at stylesofsaturn@gmail.com We
are def willing to relocate out of Florida if need be to get good land at a
good price. We had the Earthship design in mind but can also deal with
something simple like this too.

Автор thesupermom1975 (7 месяцев)
I never try to be negative towards folks who are trying to be off grid,
but... Why make a video telling us how to do something unless you're doing
it? Yours is at just the very beginning stages. Having to go get propane
is a cheat as well. If there were a SHTF moment, you can't just go run and
get some. You need a wood burning stove. I got mine for free. Heavy
bastard too. That's why I got it for free...the people moving out of a
house couldn't leave it in there but they didn't want to try to move it.
CRAIGSLIST! Now go get you a wood burning cook stove and quit cheating
with convenience store swap cylinders.

Автор Mary Parisi (5 месяцев)
I would do some Rainwater Harvesting Off Grid for that house.

Автор Erik Zakarian (7 месяцев)
You still can't live without paying a bill, there is taxes for the land to
be paid, there is no way in US one can live 100% independend from money,
correct me if i'm wrong. Video itself is great, many usefull tips and great

Автор eggmancorp (4 месяца)
Did he avoid showing the interior of his cabin because he knew it was
depressing to look at?

Автор Les Skinner (5 месяцев)
We're totally off-grid, developing for retirement. Love it. No utilities.
We do use propane for heating and refrigeration, but we use solar and are
installing wind this spring. We had to have a well dug which has been our
biggest investment so far. Right now we use a privy but are implementing
the humanure toilet also this spring. We are currently there 17 days a
month year around here in northern/central Michigan.

Автор Kahain (2 дня)
I have done some research about the law on cabins because i know the
government is sneaky and they want to do everything in their power to stop
people from becoming independant from them and they most likely made law to
make off grid livers, a bunch of criminals for doing so. I dont know if i
searched wrong but it appears its illegal to live in a cabin. If you get
caught, they send the cops and you get kicked out your own property.

Автор Mary Parisi (5 месяцев)
I bought a mobile home with a 2 lots 44x100 each lot for 4,000 dollars from
my tax return, the next years tax returns, I bought 7 solar panels and and
6 batteries, learning every day how to be Total Self sufficient.

Автор Scott Maclean (8 дней)
cool ideas. I like it.

Автор chris kendrick (6 месяцев)
how are you heating the cabin?

Автор John ming (4 месяца)
so primitive

Автор Rob Blackwell (7 месяцев)
people never show the insides of these cabins...

Автор Mike Roqers (8 месяцев)
It is cheaper to use 100 pound cylinders, And a blu flame ventless heater
which is thermostat regulated. 2 100 pound cylinders will heat that shed
for a month at least. The cost to fill 100lb. cylinder here in Illinois
right now is $75.00

Автор Bob Silver (5 месяцев)
Great idea! You have me interested in a small home on a big property. A+

Автор FuddyDuddy99 (10 дней)
great Video...wish we could have seen the inside....but at least we got a
price range... but need to know where to order one from.... and will a
Veteran's DD214 pay for this ??

Автор Robert Fields (2 месяца)
I am amazed at how many People have no vision, I think this is great and
the way of the future,

Автор kel lee (2 месяца)
i could use a house smaller then that, because i would be outside all the
time. you're a lucky guy to be out there!

Автор f23948 (4 месяца)
may i take a look inside of the house?????????

Автор JACK Alleman (3 месяца)
Nice, keep the updates coming

Автор Spectrum Enterprises LLC (4 месяца)
You can skip paying utility bills. But you will still find another
alternatives for the needs of energy like solar panel, gas etc.

Автор Harvey Nichols (6 месяцев)
Iam sorry to dispute this man but any time you have a water well you
have to have a pump. A well does not have pressure to push water out.

Автор Kyle Brooks (1 месяц)
Very inspirational. I believe in your idea of no electricity and propane is
an expense YOU control.

Автор Greg Hunt (2 месяца)
winter propane cost is 15 a month

Автор Joseph Boyer (3 месяца)
2 large solar panels for a fridge tv laptop... just 2? lol

Автор Brian Player (7 месяцев)

Автор Ashley Kraus (2 месяца)
If you live in the Appalachian mountains, ya gotta learn how to correctly
pronounce Appalachian. ;) Not appalaaayyychan. 

Автор ajourneyin2all (17 дней)
People are getting tired of 'corporate america". Well no one ever liked it
in the first place, I guess the government just couldn't find any other
better way of survival with money.. and money controls the world. At least
it is better than many other countries, but it keeps people as slaves and
partially unhappy, at least when it comes to bills, since most of us don't
usually earn 'enough'. I wonder how Europe is cuz I've seen many asian
tourists but not Europeans, so I'd assume that means it might be better
over there.. although I did hear they hate Americans so maybe they're just
prideful, who knows..

Автор os421 (5 месяцев)
Can you get these tiny houses insured? 

Автор mendalz (4 месяца)
You've given me some ideas

Автор dirtTdude (6 месяцев)
true! So long as there are no utilities, there are no codes, you don't
even need to own land if you're savvy with BLM law 

Автор Sereyrath Nareth (2 месяца)
water, electric, internet? 

Автор Richard Stapleton (4 месяца)
Did not convince me. Why have a video as such and not show the inside or
the particulars? It is very annoying simply listening to the rambling
without any other shots except this same old frontal shot.

Автор J. Muller (6 месяцев)
Been there done that.

Автор SickKnowledge82 (6 месяцев)
Run a stainless steel water coil on your wood burning stove and Craigslist
a dirt cheap used water heater. Then when you make fires you also heat your
water supply. Use your roof as a rain collector with rain gutters badda
boom badda bing. Ya this place has mad potential, hats off to you sir for
breaking ties with the utilities mafia. Next is food.

Автор Justin Smith (7 месяцев)
Would make a good hunting cabin...

Автор Andrea Mayer (1 месяц)
Love it...:)

Автор Kenneth E Hockenberry (8 месяцев)
You could have shown the inside...

Автор Nia Montague (7 месяцев)

Автор Leticia Carrillo (8 месяцев)
To much ahs U hear so sad ah. Not good. I think like mountains would b
better k. Or Pray GOD hears. N he. His THE Owner of all life n Gold.
Nothing impossible for him to do all finish at the Cross Bless U. Leave
traces of love inn all hearts God bless U n seek him n kingdom first n he
is all 've need

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