Joe Rogan react to Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson grappling match

Joe Rogan react to Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson grappling match

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Автор Michael Tobias ( назад)
You can watch the whole fight on youtube just did 😀

Автор MiskandarS ( назад)
Ronda rousey should do this...

Автор Kosmas Niarxakos ( назад)
Tito Ortiz vs chael sonnen bellator I think February

Автор Stalker Walker ( назад)
Are you kidding me... What's amazing about Henderson loosing to Jones?
Henderson's 50 weighs 185-190 lbs. Jones is in 20s and weighs 240. Does not
exactly show how great Jones is.

Автор CyclonicDeath ( назад)
235 jones gets dominated by 235 cain

Автор Mustafa Senegal ( назад)
Schaub vs Jones in a grappling Match!!!

Автор Matheo Lefebvre ( назад)
discovery release replace summer ad range peaceful natural

Автор Romeo Barnes ( назад)
I wish there was something like EBI for the gi or that ebi.

Автор Zero approval Gambit ( назад)
zia heath and fitness.

Автор DON'T BE SCARED HOME ( назад)
Rogan is proper over ronda ,who remembers joe tearing up over her
brilliance ,so cringe and lifting the kettle bells so fukin funny.

Автор oopopp x ( назад)
jon looked like he weighed 300 pounds... FUCK THAT GUY!!!
Alistar Overeem would KO his ass.... and I don't even think The Reem is a
Top 3 Heavyweight...

Автор GeminiTIGER ( назад)
Not only did Jones weigh 238lbs, he actually cut 12lbs before the bout too.
The dude is walking around at 250lbs. That's a ridiculous weight cut to
205. He used to be skinny as fuck and could realistically make 205, but
now... he's all blown up. He's been weight training since his ban and now
looks like a legit heavyweight. Before he cut weight for SUG 2, dude was
walking around at 250lbs - as big as Allistar Overeem. Think about that...

If he continues to cut weight, he'll be depleted as fuck.There's no way you
can cut that much weight with that much muscle and there be no
repercussions. It's unhealthy.

I predict JJ will come back to 205, get fucked, and then move up to
heavyweight. No way he can hang with light-heavies with that frame anymore.

Автор OGBobby Johnson ( назад)
I'm getting the impression that Joe wants to blow Jones Bone Gock Gock Gock
Gock : 0 !

Автор Anita Hava-Shite ( назад)
Brendan's 2 favourite words: mirked and ballsdeep.

Автор Free Bee ( назад)
That was not a fight, it was boring as fuck.and a miss match too,
heavyweight vs 47 year old middleweight

Автор DedByMonday ( назад)
this is funny....they're giving JBJ credit for beating the old man and he
came in weighing 238!

Автор OriGinal Bosnian ( назад)
i got chael slam KOing jon jones

Автор Doug Johnson ( назад)
I felt Jon tap - Dan Henderson

Автор ad wall ( назад)
I love Eddie could listen to him talk jj for hours.

Автор TopShelf ( назад)
Stipe, Werdum, Struve, JDS, Overeem, would all beat Jones at heavyweight,
fuck what ya heard!

Автор Leonard Kotzé ( назад)
talent gives you a headstart , nothing more , jon does put in the work he
just parties on the weekends but in the week he is working his ass off go
watch previos interviews

Автор Leonard Kotzé ( назад)
weight cuts must not stop some guys who are about 230 pounds at most are to
small against 265 pounds guys so they make these massive cuts to 205 then
they waste the smaller guys , then the normal 205 guys go to 185 and waste
those smaller guys , there must be a cruiser weight division and to full up
that 60 pound gap in the heavyweight division and people will start moving
up auto mattickly

Автор surfboy7 ( назад)
Bjj white belt Frank Shamrock leglocked Henderson in 1997

Автор BMcLeanSmith ( назад)
It's a superduck... people hit that in college wrestling all the time.

Автор Highs Guffb ( назад)
Common now yes jones has got size but he beats everyone at their own game
he is the goat without question

Автор B Brandis ( назад)
Jon Bones is the most talented fighter on the roster. He is the only one
that makes everything look easy. He does everything effortlessly. The only
comparison would be Conor Mcgregor's striking, It looks effortless

Автор LeGawd James ( назад)
I think he would MAUL Rockhold if they were to compete in Submission

Автор fordleg ( назад)
joe sucks jon jones cock so hard.... soo fucking hard

Автор Jessica Sussman ( назад)
Alex won vs jon

Автор jay R ( назад)
I mean hendo has 20 years on Jon and Jon has 30 pounds on hendo but yea
guess it was still fun

Автор 1ceYourPimpHand ( назад)
The belief that Joe has that fighters should go up and fight at their own
weight is comical. Fighters that went down a weight class and had newfound
success trumps the handful of fighters that did the opposite. Ask Sonnen
how fighting at a higher weight class works out.

Автор Steve Steven ( назад)
he beat someone middle aged and about 50lbs lighter than him.

what is this bs?

Автор R P ( назад)

Автор Ernestas Petkus ( назад)

Автор Kawhi Clamp God ( назад)
The goat will be back in July,'to kick ass. They won't give him Cormier
straight away cos they don't want ufc fans to complain when he wins. He
will probably get Gustafson and he will kick his ass too. And it's fax!!

Автор JuanTurks27 ( назад)
I cannot stand schaub. I can't fucking stand him. I feel like he has about
as much knowledge as the casual UFC fan only. He flip flops on every single
point if joe disagrees like the guy just seems like a fucking snake. I just
can't believe that out of any fighter or ex fighter out there this is the
guy getting a following. He's just piggybacking joes success and following.
Fucking snake.

Автор Alvalanker Highwind ( назад)
Is Joe Rogan a black nig?

Автор fedorwand ( назад)
jones is chanceless against a top bjj fighter

Автор Kwesi Frank ( назад)
Google: I got Money in The Bank (The Richest African Prince)

Автор DurtySprite ( назад)
I wish they would have talked about Rockhold more. I legit think he would
give Jon trouble. Rockhold is 6'3 and walks around 215lbs normally.

Автор Eugene Song ( назад)
The Don King Of Chokes

Автор swagcity ( назад)
jones would destroy miocic

Автор SuperDriven1 ( назад)
the takedown jon used is called a super duck.

Автор theTMITCH125 ( назад)
Super duck

Автор Joel Anguiano ( назад)
It's called a super duck

Автор Leonard Kotzé ( назад)
jon is not talented as much as people say the way he does things is akward
and people havent figured him out

Автор Iam Pyre ( назад)
JDS would make a good intro for Jon Jones into the heavyweight division.

Автор Iam Pyre ( назад)
Jon Jones would be a badass DBZ character, he fights like an android.

Автор Ryan Ward ( назад)
copy and paste junkies on youtube

Автор Alex Cacares ( назад)
My god Joe is a moron. Jones is not SO talented. Hes just so much goddamn
bigger and stronger than EVERYONE he competes against.

Автор Alex Cacares ( назад)
Brendan is impressed by a 240lb 29 year old beating a 46 year old
middleweight in a grappling match

Автор MrJjreid ( назад)
Jon Jones would get murked at HW

Автор Ed Negron ( назад)
easiest win of his career

Автор Charles McGinley ( назад)
you can tell none of them are wrestlers so amazed by a super duck middle
schoolers hit em every tournament ...

Автор TheNicholasTyler ( назад)
It's called a "super duck" gentleman.

Автор An Optimistic Pessimist ( назад)
1:20 Joe Rogan is lowkey a WWE fan

Автор Suda ( назад)
okay so can someone explain this to me? I've heard alot of talk of Jones
moving to heavyweight, so what about DC? Jones would leave that alone? Did
Jon Jones take PEDs because he didn't see himself beating DC again without
them? I can't think of another reason why he'd move to heavyweight instead
of going for the belt he dropped again

Автор jo fjo ( назад)
well someone doesn't care about what they post LOL why do it?

Автор CancerAlert Kkkeemstar ( назад)
Jon Jones vs Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson? Ok

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