Skillet -“Stars” (The Shack Version) [Official Music Video]

Skillet “Stars” (The Shack Version) from The Shack: Music From And Inspired By The Original Motion Picture
Pre-order the album now at https://atlanti.cr/theshack and get “Stars” (The Shack Version) instantly

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Длительность: 3:59
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Автор Christopher Pugh ( назад)
You know I am about as far from religion that I can get. However, this song is very, very powerful. I'm getting married in a few months and this song very much reminds of why 😊

Автор Maicon Santana ( назад)
Representando os BR #TMJ #Skillet #Stars

Автор Berzercoeur A ( назад)
one of my favourite songs

Автор ileana Jaen ( назад)
wau 💖

Автор BEGONIK BEGONIK ( назад)

Автор Yousra yousra ( назад)

Автор Yousra yousra ( назад)
great song :-D

Автор Alexis Rodriguez ( назад)
I feel like I'm surounded by peace

Автор ScaR GG ( назад)
Damn I haven't seen them since a long time they have changed

Автор Aizen Sousuke ( назад)
xente q muzica binita

Автор TheLoneWolf ( назад)
I love this so much omg 😍

Автор Regina Kukurudziak ( назад)

Автор irem seda ( назад)
Skillet dinleyen tek Türk ben miyim 😂😂😍

Автор Buzási Dorina ( назад)
Great jobb!😉😉😊😊😍😍😘😘😍😘😍😘😘😘

Автор carlos eduardo ( назад)
tu é Loko meu é amo essa msc

Автор Siv New ( назад)
welcome back Skillet <3

Автор SuperKimbo1999 ( назад)
Fuck DonThrilla he a bitch

Автор Thomas Phillips ( назад)
praise jesus. this song is what i need in my soul. great lyrics. keep your eyes fixed. skillet is a blessing.

Автор kitsune correa ( назад)

Автор Ezequiel paz lugo ( назад)
the best!

Автор Leah Martin ( назад)
love this song

Автор cute tiny little red tech panda ( назад)
Is it weird I'm a Christian he's my favorite singer

Love this song. Hope is needed and God's love must be known!

Автор allen makumbirofa ( назад)
one of the best duets

Автор Jilberto Rodriguez ( назад)
it amazing
love it

Автор Francisco Isaque ( назад)
my favorite song :')

Автор analu us ( назад)
love this version :D

Автор kathiana souffrant ( назад)
wow this band is full of suprises....from rock to soft Christian music......I love this band💕

Автор peyton marston ( назад)
whoever disliked this video u ate mean and a jerk

Автор ByFlex gonzalez ( назад)
Cual es el nombre de la película q usaron?

Автор REEM ALICE ( назад)
It's amazing it's touching the hart and make him smile😁I really like it great job 😊

Автор Tim Green ( назад)
"What do I have to fear?" A lot I am afraid, take it from one who knows. The song is about a fear of death. If that is as far as you want to go fear of death and faith should not exist. Death just means a move to the heavenly kingdom. Fear should not be real other then the time away from loved ones, but there are far worse things then death and I am one who knows.

Автор Moya Ceniceros ( назад)
Jesus Adrian romero

Автор TheDude MattT ( назад)
Beard game is strong.

Автор Andrew Furlong ( назад)
Best version

Автор Bjorn Ironside ( назад)
thank you for this amazing uplifting song. going through a divorce right now. Brandy keep my family together. I know that no matter what God's love calls my name what do I have to fear

Автор stjepan posavec ( назад)
You gave me a pray song and rekonected me with god, now i am awake and alive again

Автор Mad Word TV ( назад)
BRs? i an Brasileiro , and you ?

Автор Ninoshka Rodríguez ( назад)

Автор Hemily Natiely ( назад)

Автор Marc Sch ( назад)
instant like

Автор Kris Piasek ( назад)
What the fuck people you have with mentioning this band is Christian? How does it fucking matter?

Автор Anthony Moseley ( назад)
my favorite band hands down. love this song. open your eyes.

Автор Marcilio Lima ( назад)

Автор Marji ( назад)
the best song yet💗

Автор Jags Fanatic ( назад)
ok, so one thing that has been driving me crazy. CHRISTIAN DRUMMERS DON'T TWIRL THE STICKS IN ANY WAY!!!!!!!!! it's not sinful to do a twirl or nothing! even if it is a metal thing.

Автор Adriana Kikusova ( назад)

Автор Daniel Lujan ( назад)
how the heck can people dislike this song?!

Автор sala VIP ( назад)
i love skillet is my favorite band

Автор Marcelle Bourdette ( назад)
Thank u skillet for this amazing faith in God that u transmite in your songs
Ps: sorry for my english i'm come from Gabon an african country where we speaking french 😘😘 i love u
That God bless

Автор Gabriel Henrique ( назад)
Is it my impression, or does the introduction really resemble Slipknot's vermilion music?

Music very Good! my God

Автор Horse Lover ( назад)
Who's the 1000 blind idiots who disliked?

Автор Marika Sokołowska ( назад)
I LOVE SKILLET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор stjepan posavec ( назад)
Please make a koncert in Croatia

Автор stjepan posavec ( назад)
One of the best Bands ever

Автор David G ( назад)
you're right CPalicpic

Автор Isaac Houston ( назад)
I really wished that they would play this song during the movie

Автор GarayRKO321 ( назад)
y de repente un comentario en español :v

Автор Lauren Griffiths ( назад)
all the people who disliked this song doesn't know what music is!!!!!

Автор aslı eryan ( назад)

Автор Lauren Griffiths ( назад)
skillet is so amazing, this song is just so beautiful. I love it! we are truly blessed with life that has great music. favorite band ever!!!!!!

Автор Leslie Hernandez ( назад)
this song says it all, the Lord is the one who created the universe and created us and he called each and everyone by name He is the one who holds the stars in place who else can do that but God ! He is the real and true God and he loves you and knows you and all he wants you to do is to trust Him and to give it ALL to Him ! give him your heart. and you will start to feel him. many of you just like the music but I like the meaning behind it this is the God I serve !

Автор isaac c ( назад)
such a amazing song 😊

Автор Venous Moss059 ( назад)
Good band istall my cell

Автор emeraldcrafter ( назад)
nice job on the song guys!

Автор Jon Paradis ( назад)
How the fu*k can this video "only" have 4 million views??!!?!

Автор Bruna Oliveira ( назад)
Ótima música, mas o filme.... Só heresias.

Автор Alana Iron ( назад)
Skillet band - magic.

Автор José Tavares ( назад)
Skillet simplesmente sendo Skillet.

Автор Debra Thibodeau ( назад)
amazing song....so inspirational

Автор Debosmita ( назад)
One Of The Best Songs!!!!!!! YouTube recommendations are really the best, except when they show me Nicki Minaj and 1D songs. 🤐

Автор Patryk Migdał ( назад)
Better than album version IMO

Автор Barkın Öztürk ( назад)
Just got The Shack's book, looking forward to it.

Автор pedro victor ( назад)
eu amo essa banda!!!!!!

Автор Neider Antonio ( назад)
oh yeah :v

Автор Griserom ( назад)
When im sad im thinking about you and then i watch my poster of you and im beeing happier. So thank you John and jen and seth and korey :)

Автор Amanda A ( назад)
I sincerely hope this version is performed at Uprise this year ! I have seen Skillet many times and they are always so incredible live, I can only imagine the power of this song live with thousands of other Christians singing along!

Автор Júnior Moraes ( назад)

Автор Laura Catalan ( назад)
I thought rbe song would be in the movie like not the tune but the actual song and I was SO excited.... but it's not......

Автор Kent Jefferson Weling ( назад)
everyone share your friends this song

Автор shino aburame ( назад)
I am from Egypt .. I loved all of you

Автор Si Gonna ( назад)
i've been a fan of this band for a long time , this song gets me everytime , im muslim btw nd i feel myself in this song than at any other song <3 love u skillet

Автор Tom ( назад)
Jens eyes are bloody amazing at 3:29 and many more times

Автор faris 15 ( назад)
jen..you so pretty!!😆😍

Автор Joel Duchi ( назад)
genial :)

Автор darvorona ( назад)
Lord I love them... gotta love music that gives you goosebumps listening to it... <3

Автор ELBER DE PAULO ( назад)
Essa musica não tocou no filme

Автор qwe ewq ( назад)
i very regret why i haven't found this song before

it is amazing song

Автор eric glass ( назад)
i dont know which version is better this one or the original

Автор Diana Bets ( назад)
ya se como se llama la película es la cabaña 😃

Автор Rooster McScratch ( назад)
I kinda prefer the other one :P

Автор Jordy Smits ( назад)
please do more if these

Автор Nelwin Sivira ( назад)
<3 me Song

Автор peaches Hetland ( назад)
This video was made at my aunts house

Автор zodin puia ( назад)

Автор yanmpy1 ( назад)
This song hits me right in the feels

Автор Samira Amanda duraes ( назад)
I'm from Brazil and I came here through the movie the very beautiful cabin!!!!!😍😍😍😚😚😚
It would be this movie that is in this clip😍

Автор BIEN ZYRUS ( назад)
it's osam

Автор Kurt Daukei ( назад)
God bless everyone reading this. yall are absolutely lovely in Jesus name

Автор GAURAV RANA ( назад)
Reaaaallyyyy nice movieee. I found it here => https://twitter.com/4967ed670cfe390ce/status/834961338476584963

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