Preaching outside Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston

In conjunction with the release of my new book, Your Best Lie Now: The Gospel according to Joel Osteen, I did some open air preaching outside his church. I preached sin, repentance, Christ crucified, judgment and wrath to come, hell, and salvation... all things Joel doesn't preach on. As you can see, I wasn't very well received by either the people or the Lakewood staff(who formed a human barrier around me to keep people from talking to me).

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Автор Keoni Fen ( назад)
if you aren't repenting you aren't going to heaven. conviction not
condemnation. if you don't believe in the inherent Word of Lord Jesus
Christ, you aren't doing it right.

Автор Druvi De Silva ( назад)
Jesus took upon himself all the judgement of the world. There's no need to
be preaching judgement again. I am certain you love Jesus , but preach his
goodness please. God bless you sir.

Автор Druvi De Silva ( назад)
Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven. Blessed is the man to
whom the lord does NOT impute sin.

Автор John Boruff ( назад)
Great job brother.

Автор I'm back jane doe ( назад)
Lakewood will one day be a FEMA camp to kill people in

Автор I'm back jane doe ( назад)
Don't waste your time with those reprobates!

Автор Thom Yafanaro ( назад)
Joel is part of the new world order . Hey Joel give me 200 and 50 thousand
and u will receive 100fold return ?????? I really need 250 thou. U really
don't care do u being a billion heir help me???

Автор Thomas Bo'clarrett ( назад)

Автор John Cline ( назад)
good man.............

Автор EBENEZER BOAKYE ( назад)
God bless this man, Jesus is the way indeed to God

Автор EBENEZER BOAKYE ( назад)
God bless this man, Jesus is the way indeed to God

Автор Olivia Suero ( назад)
Osteen wasnt suppose to continue preaching from his father its god that was
suppose to tell him to become a pastor

Автор Dark shadows ( назад)
Sheesh....Who is this blatant fool and why is he trying to wreak havoc on
these people? Cult leaders pop out of every corner to sway people into
their cults ....

Автор Regina Ghattas ( назад)
Hate to say this. But, seeing them all walk right pass him without
acknowledging him looks like they are "marching on that wide path straight
to hell".

Автор Paul Mayta ( назад)
this Man has a big Heart who care about lost Sinners. Joel is a
motivational speaker. not a Bible teacher His book your best life now says
it all.

Автор Tito Diaz ( назад)
his boldness yes but idiot as well. Joel Osteen always at every sermon
says, " Jesus I repentant of my sins, please come into my heart I accept
you as my lord and saver. people think that just because someone preaches
about being happy, there wrong. he always preaches about Jesus.

Автор verlin mulumba (1936 лет назад)
Amen amen and amen let's all suport this man please cause this is the
message of the time I really LOVE this man

Автор Tinker Bell ( назад)
Wait, the larger gentleman just asked, " when is the last time you heard
Joel use the word, (REPENT)?" Ok, where have you heard this next statement?
"Lord, I (REPENT) of my Sins, and ask you to come into my heart I make you
my LORD and SAVIOUR". I'm not that young anymore but I seem to hear that
saying Any Given Sunday! Sometime Saturday, and sometimes, Monday. Warship
the Lord Everyday! I will always ask God to Bless us all, In Jesus' name

Автор bibleberean1611 ( назад)
Amen and Amen, brother! May God richly bless you for your holy boldness and
courage to speak the truth outside of Lakewood Church.

Автор Miriam and Her Tambourine ( назад)
Another courageous man of God. Some day these people will remember his

Автор Paola Jones ( назад)
its unreal how so many people are so blind to the truth...Joel Osteen is
leading so many people to their eternal doom in hell.

Автор Jeriel Cruz ( назад)
@Soulwinner there no need for him to stand there embarrassing himself
@JoelOsteen is a true pastor but hey I like what the guy is doing and it's
good but you got to learn from other such as @JoelOsteen

Автор Joel Raj ( назад)
Bible says... Judge a prophet by his fruits... I do not find this man to be
fruitful in his life... He rather is stealing Joel Osteens fruits that are
his people.

Автор TheWindsong55 ( назад)
Why are they all carrying a bible when after they hold them up in that
chant , there never opened in these services , Gods word is useless in that
place ,Joel needs to change his title , he would still be rich but maybe
not held accountable by God for using him

Автор sherry taylor ( назад)
May God bless this man. I pray that Joel turn from his way and start
preaching on what the bible saids and start preaching about Jesus.

Автор Mark N (The Traveler) ( назад)
They are in church so in my opinion they are seeking God. Spend your time
feeding the poor and reaching out to your community. Not bashing
others,even if u believe it's error.

Автор Last Days Worker ( назад)
Someone needs to do this at Rick Warren's church as well.

Автор NZ RugbyLeagueVids ( назад)
joel osteen preaches prosperity. all he cares about is the dollar

Автор Paul ( назад)
This is the bash Joel/Lakewood thread.
Look, all of you bashing JO aint much better, the illumaniti/Fed gov has
entangled us all in a false way of living. Joel is doing the best he can ,
considering he came froma religious fanatic father, John Osteen, who
preached some weird ideas,
Reading the Old Test seems the jews never got it right after 300+ yrs, I do
not expect anything better from the gentiles, . Joel only seems likea
bright start due to the fact the antichrist/illumaniti has made this world
so black.
If you place a tiny candle in a dark room, you say, WOW look at how much
light we have, not take thar same candle to a noon day sunshine, not very
bright now is it. The illumanitui rules all, the USA will fall hard in the
next 200 yrs.
Never to rise again.
Thank God I am not sucked into Lakewoodism. I am free of protestantism.

Автор TheMultibass11 ( назад)
The man spoke truth about Jesus and repentance, I'll give him that !
Although, it was not wise for him to talk about Joel Osteen and stand in
front of his church like that. I say it's immature and very disrespectful!
Everybody has their own unique way of preaching the gospel. In the end,
only God gives it growth! For the record, Joel does preach about repentance
and salvation too.

Автор Valerie Augustine ( назад)
Osteen's father was a true man of God. He preached the truth ... how did
his son go so far from it.

Автор Debra Tefs ( назад)
Why is this man talking to Zombies... They don't know the truth .. Also..
No one goes to heaven.... LIFE

Автор Bella Allen ( назад)
loud mouth woman always defending the white man, still a slave. Yah bless
you young man, you are telling the truth. these people are being punishing
by Yah for their greed

Автор spazztech Luxx ( назад)
Holy fuckballs! Wall to wall bible thumpers. I would burst into flame and
run screaming down the street from the massive retardation.

Автор John Ng ( назад)
this preacher has gut, but no one will listen. When a man loses his common
senses, devil will always win. It is so easy to fool the men or women in
this world. God bless this preacher.

Автор Joseph advocate for Jesus ( назад)

Автор Doug Hiawatha ( назад)
I love how all you fools sit up here in judge Joe. every single one of you
are hypocrites. but don't worry God forgives you and I'm sure Joel does
too. I love you Joel.

Автор Donald Alston ( назад)
god please bless this man because he speaks the truth,,,,,,god bless us all
in jesus name......I love you jesus

Автор Dan Bencun ( назад)
It doesn't matter what Joel does or any other preacher. The point is that
Joel helps people "PSYCHOLOGICALLY" no matter what your religion is.
Nothing wrong with that. It takes courage to stand in front of 50k people
and make them think positive.

Автор Nicholas Lim ( назад)
I don't understand...if there are still so many true believers of God in
USA, why did laws such as same-sex marriage take root in your nation?!

Автор Kevin Richard ( назад)
If church always preaches the repentance message every Sunday it will
probably suck the life out of people. If a church always preaches the
prosperity message, conviction might not be there after awhile. Need Jesus
Christ and the Holy Spirit to balance it out. 

Автор ilovesariah ( назад)
Joel is down with the new world order. he doesn't believes in Jesus....
period. false preacher.

Автор Rayne M ( назад)
Amazing! I love this man's boldness! I was deceived by this false gospel
for years. By the grace of God my eyes were open. People are desensitized
and don't want hear truth. For years I was addicted to going to church to
"feel" good. Pray diligently that the Holy Sport gives you discernment and
lead you into truth.

Автор Josey ( назад)
All praise and glory and honor to Jesus Christ, He alone is worthy! God
bless this man of God, the angels of the Lord encamp around those who fear
Him. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life...Amen!

Автор Shyaam Menon ( назад)
Joel Osteen followers all over the world wish him all the best---Rory of
God T.V. left Wendy for another woman after 24 years of preaching. More
than 50% of marriages end in divorce in USA. This is where Joel Osteen's
style is important--relevant to the daily life stress and challenges. Well
done Joel Osteen--we are with you.

Автор Godfred owusu boakye ( назад)
it saddens my heart when people are believing in some false
teachings...this man here is speaking the truth...Joel is a false teacher
he never preach about salvation nor repentance.......why do u think Jesus
quoted this...And answering they said to Him, "Where, Lord?" And He said to
them, "Where the body is, there also the vultures will be gathered."..LUKE
17;37..Jesus warns us that for luck of knowledge my people
perish..........God have mercy on us....YESU REBA

Автор jaliva7 ( назад)

Автор Terry Everitt ( назад)
This is funny... A wise man once said the two things that destroy our
community right now is the liqour store and the church... And i dont know
which one gets you the drunkest. Atleat you can recover from wine in 24,
but a spiritual drunk takes a lifetime.

Автор stamped ( назад)
Joel cant tell him, Joel stated when he started he was not called, just
replaced his dying father. look at those sheeples. Brave Pastor! God Bless
him..... Joel cant teach anything because it would require some Bible
study, acceptance of Christ FOR REAL

Автор Aisha Perez ( назад)

Автор Shannon Page ( назад)
The truth is African-Americans who are from the enslaved lineage are the
true Hebrews of the bible. 

Автор kenny colbourne ( назад)
pray for Joe that the lord will open his eyes

Автор Charlene Wasson ( назад)
I love this mans Boldness

Автор Wade b.r. ( назад)
People love to be told smooth things, if so then they have only a short
time on this earth and I hope they find whatever it is they want since it's
not God Almighty. So sad....

Автор Hadiyanto Xia ( назад)
I wonder how big is that church, as big as stadion ? The service must be
great that's why people still like to go there. When I hear Joel's preach
on youtube I think it's fine, but compare with other pastors especially
those who preach true gospel then you can see the different. If you really
want to know Jesus as your God, you will be thirsty to hear preachs about
Jesus and all about Him, not about prosperity, universal love, etc. That's
why we should hear not just from one man, to know which one is right based
on the bible itself.

Автор Jesse James ( назад)
Thank God for this man's boldness for the Lord. It takes a lot of courage
to do this. And the Lord's will I'm going to do the exact same thing. Pray
that God keeps this man.

Автор ReekoChet ( назад)
This man is RIGHT...!!! God bless him...

Автор Trina Corey ( назад)
my friend sold him a 40k plane ticket for him and his
family............people are starving joel who do you think you are in the
den of thieves............. your with 666!

Автор Trina Corey ( назад)
this man is telling them not to sin so they can be protect by the lord! we
can not live in sin and be protected 100% read jer51 and rev 18!
...........joel lives in a 14 million dollar home and there are people
starving in the world. joel keeps holding his hands as 666 ok sign in each
hand at the same time he is not with our LORD wake up church wake up!
we love you we come in love jesus did not die so we can smear his blood on
our sins but when we make mistakes only.............no live in
it............he loves us.

Автор Kevyn Bonner ( назад)
Joel Osteen preaches a false gospel. He never preaches on sin or
repentance. The Word of God does not promise you health and wealth. The
Word of God promises eternal life and forgiveness of sin to those who
receive what Christ has done for us through His death, burial, and
resurrection. While living on earth, the Word of God promises tribulation
and persecution.

Автор Greg Zeno ( назад)
I can guarantee you,about more than half of his congregation, is not
saved..this man was preaching Jesus, and they was calling him a devil!joel
father would be very disappointed if he was to see what was going on over

Автор Gary Lamartiniere (909 лет назад)
I loved your message and we need more spreading the gospel like you.

Автор Antonio Gonzalez ( назад)
You are all earthly minds 

Автор Shyaam Menon ( назад)
People are jealous of his popularity--at least Joel Osteen makes us feel
positive in a negative world. Christians need motivation and not just

Автор Shyaam Menon ( назад)
Joel Osteen is the best in the world

Автор esechucote52 ( назад)

Автор Mi-Mi Canterbury ( назад)
I am proud of that man, he is trying to help them see that Joel Osteen is
NOT preaching the TRUE words of God. May God bless him that takes a lot of

Автор Greg Zeno ( назад)
This man is preaching the gospel,and they are calling him a devil!!!man
that's crazy..

Автор ntsako Mathebula ( назад)
Why is it that it is all the well known Preachers that are being attacked
,and by those that are not known

Автор Protie Buster ( назад)
um where does the bible say to preach repentance only and not the whole
word of God moron

Автор jetdriver26 ( назад)
Repentance is a chance of mind that results in a chance of actions, and
it's only through the work of the Holy Spirit after hearing the gospel
preached when one can truly repent. Not a partial gospel message, but the
whole message which cannot be shared in 2 minutes.

Автор jetdriver26 ( назад)
Repentance is not a prayer.

Автор Nina Nine ( назад)
Lol Yall R nuts

Автор BeulahLips ( назад)
This guy has issues. He needs to find Jesus.

Автор MrMrsalligator ( назад)
Joel is very much like Albert Fish. Look him up, he lived in New York in
the late 20's,early 30's.

Автор SteveMelissa Knopf ( назад)
Luke 9:23-24 (NIV) Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after
me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For
whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for
me will save it."

Автор Wanderson Silva ( назад)
so many people going through the broad way,,, They just hear what makes
them feel good ,,,,The Gospel is an offence , few will find the narrow way

Автор Junior Benoit Lubangi mvp Mpiana ( назад)
amen preach on brother , may God bless you dear brother, the soldier of the
cross you are in the battle telling them the truth while they took you as a
fool, one day they will remember this day, as the day of John the Baptist.
the message is to repent and recognize our sin, likewise we are praying
for them too, they are not listening to the truth. our best life is to come
when we will spend eternity with Jesus Christ. Jesus saved preach on
brother ..........but the people who know their God shall be strong, and
carry out great exploits ( Daniel 11:32 NKJV) Those who do wickedly against
the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their
God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits

Автор Kristen Michelle ( назад)
When was the last time Joel preached repentance?? Last night in New
Orleans! He led the entire auditorium of thousands of people in a prayer of
repentance. Joel always preaches on sin by encouraging everyone to love,
to be kind, to help his neighbor, to give to others, and to forgive. When
attempting to go into the auditorium we were assaulted by your groups'
hateful slanderous speech against Joel and his wife and ministry and we
heard nobody in your group preaching on Jesus -- they were just preaching
against Joel. 

Автор Pardies Stanikzay ( назад)
Can't believe how people can judge Joel, who the hell do they think they
are to judge him. The bible says in Matthew 7:1 "do not judge, or you too
will be judged". That guy really trying to expose Joel for something that
he is not, you guys have to remember the more you guys judging and hating
him, the more God is going to bless him. Only God can judge him and if he
is really a false teacher than God would never allowed to open so much
doors for him and his ministry. Joel really helped me so much when I was
going trough tough times he has shown me who God really is and Joel has
helped me spiritually grown so my relationship with God would be stronger.
But anyway I pray for you guys who hate Joel Osteen. That God is going to
show you the positive side of Joel and his ministry. 

Автор Darin Cates ( назад)
I would hold out a hat and a sign reading
"if you're gonna throw your money away, you may as well give it to me"

Автор Jack Schwenk ( назад)
i don't care what happens anymore when this is the truth...

Автор time2seen ( назад)
Yes repentance is absolutely correct.

Автор dizzy fan ( назад)
We who study the bible knows this passage about the RICH YOUNG RULER. Why
did Jesus say's in
Matthew 19;
20 The young man *said to Him, “All these things I have kept; what am I
still lacking?” 21 Jesus said to him, “If you wish to be [j]complete, go
and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure
in heaven; and come, follow Me.” 22 But when the young man heard this
statement, he went away grieving; for he was one who owned much property.
So, what if we had attracted everything we possibly need according to Joel

Автор Elizabeth Baxter ( назад)
People like this judging others, which is God's job, remind me of the
attacks by the political parties of I'm better then you but they don't tell
what they are better at. God will judge us all and I will trust him to
judge me and not someone that doesn't know my true heart.

Автор David W ( назад)
Why are they yelling this crap at other "Chrisitans"??

Автор Robert StClair ( назад)
THIS guy Sincere,yea,true,LOL no,Joel is a likeable huckster like P T

Автор marian fae mallari ( назад)
I praise the life of this brethren! May the double portion of annointing be
with you! Preach to them the true gospel of Jesus! Read the Bible
prayerfully and God will reveal things to you.

Автор Charles McDonald ( назад)
Amen..keep showing these video, Joel Osteen preaches a water down gospel,
he preaches on how to live a good life, and not how to live a righteous
life through Christ.

Автор Kim Twister ( назад)
joel is a man of god it takes alot of assholes to deny god and
his disciples to preach the word of god obviously people
like u piss me off and make me puke GET a fuckin life 

Автор Karl Gharst ( назад)
We have to commend this portly preacher for having the courage to stand
against the huckster, Olsteen, but another dose of Judeo-Stoogianity won't
heal what ails White Christendom. Without the "racial message," the Holy
Scriptures are without meaning or instruction - just the way these phony
Christians want it!.

Автор Michael Clayton ( назад)

Автор Michael Clayton ( назад)

Автор G Loiacono ( назад)

TODAY’S WORD from Joel and Victoria
New Thinking,New Living

“And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; or else the new wine bursts
the wineskins, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But new
wine must be put into new wineskins.”
(Mark 2:22)

Are you ready for increase? Are you ready to go to the next level,
spiritually, physically and emotionally? Many times, people hear that God
has more in store and something resonates on the inside. Their spirit comes
into agreement with God, but oftentimes, their natural mind will be
bombarded with doubt. Thoughts will come like, “It’s not going to happen
for you. You’re not going to have a great year. You know what the economy
is like.” Or, “You’re never going to get well. You saw what the medical
report said.” “You’re never going to get married. You've been single so

Those are old wineskins; the old way of thinking that you have to get rid
of. This is a new season. What’s happened in the past is over and done. You
may have been through some disappointments; you may have tried and failed,
or things didn’t work out. That’s okay. God is still on the throne. It’s
time to get a new vision for your life. It’s time for new thinking. You
can’t move forward with old mindsets. Let go of the old and embrace the new
so you can receive all of the blessings God has in store for you!

Father, today I choose to release old thinking, old habits and anything
that would keep me from Your best. Strengthen me by Your Spirit so that I
can live in faith and embrace the new life You have in store for me in
Jesus’ name. Amen.

— Joel & Victoria Osteen 

Автор Calvin Adams ( назад)

Автор She Said ( назад)
Watching those people... and all I can think - narrow is the gate. 

Автор Leticiabear ( назад)
God bless this man! He speaks the truth.

Автор Mohaka1 ( назад)
I cannot believe how many people here are trying to justify Joel not
preaching repentance and the Gospel of Christ because he's talking to
people already saved?? That is a major cop out & unbiblical. The truth is,
the Gospel of repentance, sanctification, carrying a cross of self denial
is not popular & that we must not be friends with this world - Joes knows
this. It he and is wife are instruments of satan & I pray for him and his
followers because he is leading them to perdition. Prepare your hearts for
the soon return of Jesus & through faith, keep the commandments of God &
have the faith of Jesus Rev 12:17 / Rev 14:12.

Автор Gina Lynn ( назад)
God bless you, brother. Your words are Biblical and are truth. You are
another of God's warriors fighting against corrupt falsehood in sheep's
clothing. The lies of such false teachers are fraught with error and are
anti- scriptual orthodox historical Christian doctrine. Preach it,
friend...even if only one in the flock listens.

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