The Notebook As A Thriller

My entry and recut of "The Notebook" for the 2008 Toronto Trailer Park Awards. Our mission was to turn the Notebook into a suspense/horror film.

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Автор Urijah Keshka ( назад)
this def needs to get made!!

Автор LuLaRoe Cinnamon and Darrick ( назад)

Автор exbronco1980 ( назад)
uh those stalker/psycho types don't usually wait 60 years to do their thing. by the time they're 80, most of them would be dead or in prison anyway.

Автор Caglehead268 ( назад)
lol omg this is amazing

Автор gabbyreads ( назад)
This is so great lmao I'm dying! :)

Автор Paul Galimba ( назад)

Автор angel3of3your3nightmare ( назад)
this is fantastic! I wish this was the actual movie. I would have watched this.

Автор Daniela Torres ( назад)
Hilarious xD

Автор carchick69 ( назад)
Smile for me!

Автор Peppermint Snowdrift ( назад)
Totally clever, fer SHURR! Really.

Автор Hannah Protzman ( назад)
Can you tell me where you got the music for this video?

Автор Raiden God of Thunder ( назад)
Hahaha awesome

Автор Olivia Vila ( назад)
Epic! Haha! Nice editing

Автор Avery Evans ( назад)
holy crap the notebook is my favorite romantic movie of all time, and if i hadn't have seen the original movie, your trailer would lead me to believe this was originally a horror movie. Well done :) .

Автор Vince V ( назад)
Isn't that Samantha Sanders from The Hartley House?!

Автор danial mark ( назад)
Wow tht kinda creeped me out

Автор Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage ( назад)
If the Notebook really WAS like this, I wouldn't mind my girlfriend forcing me to watch it with her.

Автор Laura DeAngelo ( назад)
I knew it!!!

Автор Dunnsonworthy ( назад)
1000% sure women would kill one another to have Ryan Gosling stalk them

Автор Karmagheden ( назад)
Please do The Time Traveler's Wife or About Time as thrillers =)

Автор Lauren Taff ( назад)
Haha this is great

Автор VinatgeLove ( назад)
ok that was amazing!!genious!!

Автор Naomi Dones ( назад)

Автор Hosanki ( назад)

Автор lollipopcandycrush ( назад)

Автор Alyoshanks ( назад)
I thought this was perfect, and then you put in the "America Online Keyword: The Notebook", and it became even more perfect. Well done, sir.

Автор linglingjr ( назад)
wait is this supposed to be a whore movie? I mean horror?

Автор finn1204 ( назад)
Awesome! You're so talented!

Автор jacketsj: the guy with a long name that will wipe you off the earth because I eat children ( назад)
Insert really long comment that goes on for too long and tends to repeat itself and use the word and too much and then continue on anyway and go on even more and gets all the way to the thrid line and finishes here.

Автор hiep tan ( назад)

Автор hiep tan ( назад)
This it support a romantic movie .Wtf

Автор Alexis McLeod ( назад)

Автор TheLightningOne ( назад)
This is actually a more fitting role for Ryan Gosling, considering he plays a psycho in the majority of his movies.

Автор C Coetzee ( назад)
HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh my goodness thats amazing!!!

Автор Hi What? ( назад)
LMAO, This is hilarious

Автор Píosa Cake ( назад)
hahha that would be an ingenious marketing strategy

Автор TheLiptongurl06 ( назад)
I love it!!!

Автор GensLife ( назад)
That was fantastic.

Автор Jennifer James ( назад)

Автор Autumn Jean ( назад)
Oh man, that's freaking awesome. Lol

Автор Jorge Monarrez ( назад)
Nice. My wife said if they made trailers like that more men would go watch love movies.

Автор Nika Loeffler ( назад)
Wow.awesome job

Автор vlavaty1 ( назад)
HAHAHAHA oh my stars- how awesome!!! Although it def makes me look at Ryan Gosling in a whole diff way. I'd totally watch this!!

Автор BiceFilms ( назад)
hahaha! what a twist at the end. soundtrack goes a long way

Автор dsatish1997 ( назад)
omg this is amazing!

Автор Rynegade ( назад)
That was quite awesome, now I wish it was real

Автор Lidbid ( назад)
that's actaully hilarious

Автор Gerald Hoffman ( назад)
very well done.

Автор Mz Teazie T ( назад)

Автор Denise Duffield-Thomas ( назад)
good job!

Автор xheyqtx ( назад)
Such a god job!!!

Автор Ashley Arndt ( назад)
This is awesome. Lol

Автор BeckIsTheName ( назад)

Автор Rosángela Lamas ( назад)
hahahahaha is so different

Автор sweetlikedaim ( назад)
Omg that is too good

Автор eloisejknapp ( назад)
Lol! Really well done. Great music

Автор Tiffany Sill ( назад)
I guess movie scores really do make a difference haha

Автор Kristen Debyah ( назад)
Steven Hoyos its from the deleted scenes if you watch them its an extended version part. :)

Автор Steven Hoyos ( назад)
The Final Scene... When the Old Noa came out from a truck... What movie is? o_o... I Don't remember that scene in "The Notebook"

Автор Rachel Scharver ( назад)
Brilliant! Simply brilliant

Автор Wonder Woman ( назад)
I would have seen The Notebook had this been the plot. the last bits were a bit humorous considering I know the end situation.. But still a great remake. Someone actually make this movie!!!

Автор Melissa ( назад)
This is one of my most favorite things on the internet ever.

Автор Natasha-Amber Guerra ( назад)
It should have been a scary movie to begin with haha

Автор Claire Drake ( назад)
Omg! That's so good! Haha

Автор A Fair Fawn ( назад)

Автор Jacie Harris ( назад)
Amazing! I would totally watch it!

Автор Za3rour ( назад)
lol awesome!

Автор Doore9 ( назад)
I think that the clip of her screaming at the end just totally tops it all off.

Автор valdillezjj ( назад)
Now that would be worth watching. Ha salts

Автор FractalBoy ( назад)
"No one refuses the Gosling... NO ONE!!!"

Автор april love ( назад)
The awkward moment when you're the watching the "scary trailer" of the notebook,and then you realize it's actually a !REAL SCARY MOVIE TRAILER.....DAMN ADVERTISEMENTS!!!

Автор potatoes790 ( назад)
I would totally watch it if it was lile this...hahaaa nice remix!

Автор kayla amaro ( назад)

Автор Poppysmomma ( назад)
Wow! Great Job!! It's amazing how things can be so manipulated to look like something totally different than what they are... it is actually kind of scary, really when you think about it.

Автор Mitzi8323 ( назад)
This is hilarious!!!!

Автор jennielectric ( назад)
This was sooo funny haha

Автор Nicole Harbin ( назад)
Now I want to watch it lol

Автор Clevvertv24 ( назад)
OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO GOOD hahahahah i love it:D

Автор Александра Кеосаян ( назад)
So talented...Wow. Just wow :)

Автор Amber J. ( назад)
Never seen the movie, love the trailer remix :D

This is now my favorite trailer remix, it was first Scary Mary (Mary Poppins) :D

Автор Rebecca G ( назад)
I love this movie, however I would have gone and seen it with this as its trailer and would have loved it as well. Spooky and Creepy. :)

Автор zwaanisdenaam ( назад)
Woa amazing! Especially the end!

Автор Taylor Biggin ( назад)
Well done!

Автор flamefan1 ( назад)
Awesome, now could you do a full length movie cause i would pay to see that one

Автор alchemistxp2 ( назад)
shit, now I wish the movie was like this.

Автор Kayla Nicole ( назад)
Hilarious! Loved it.

Автор Veronica Espinoza ( назад)
whoa COMPLETELY different from the movie!

Автор When You Wish Upon a Sprinkle ( назад)
This just proves how much effect music has on mood. Love it!

Автор BGmamaJwife ( назад)

Автор Twin907 ( назад)
Haha love it!

Автор MusicFan32081 ( назад)
Very clever man!

Автор Breze Roble ( назад)
can we just make a movie remix to this? kthankz.

Автор Tirza777 ( назад)
O_O never seen this movie before... and now I don't think I can.

Автор banditboydavid ( назад)
better story line than the actual movie.

Автор brit port ( назад)
haha that was sooo funny and creepy! I still love the notebook though lol,

Автор sheabutter33 ( назад)
Hahahahah this is hilarious

Автор Chelsea Dawn ( назад)
This is great!!

Автор Knox Burr ( назад)
Lol! I would watch that movie!

Автор Hewbroc ( назад)
Brilliant job man. Bravo!

Автор Russell Herren ( назад)
thats amazing

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