9 x 9 rubik's cube available

my new 9 x 9 cube in action, it is a bit tight, need to play with it some more or loosen it. Done a couple of solves. UTube vid #0001.

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Автор Alyssa Bell ( назад)
thats what she said

Автор Helen OfScrivener ( назад)
That is odd. All I can tell you is that mine has six regular screws.

Автор Jacob Okerlund ( назад)
You have a very low voice

Автор flamingtongues ( назад)
thats what she said..

Автор EMI94100 ( назад)
how the hell can your voice be so deep? You are scaring me...

Автор richcoop99 ( назад)
were did you get that its sick

Автор Helen OfScrivener ( назад)
@seePTwo90one I just went to the site, they don't have it anymore, nor the
11x11. I don't recommend this one anyways. I WOULD try to get the 11x11
tho. Good luck.

Автор Helen OfScrivener ( назад)
@yit2525 Cost of 11x11 plus shipping was $200 canadian. And it works much
better than the 9x9. Mine hasn't popped once.

Автор yit2525 ( назад)
@lessthansorry hwo much did u pay for 11x11?

Автор Helen OfScrivener ( назад)
@yit2525 Oh yes I did that sir, more enjoyable now. I never got around to
posting a wonderful 11x11 vid because camera went kapooie.

Автор Helen OfScrivener ( назад)
@MrDavidodavid Cleanliness is in proximity to something, I just can't
recall what at the moment.

Автор yit2525 ( назад)
since it falls apart regularly.. TIGHTEN IT AGAIN AND LUBE IT!

Автор Gilbert Arciniega ( назад)
Those are really scarce these days!

Автор PMSAvenger1 ( назад)
Simon the Pie-man ........you never solved it!!! I was waiting for the
solution...... I heart geeks!!! LOL

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