All Honor All Power - Ron Kenoly

Worship song by Ron Kenoly ,

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Автор keesha lenard ( назад)

Автор Rita Reilly ( назад)
This is the perfect worship song for me today! I wrote this in my journal
about all power, honor and glory belonging to our Lord and I looked up this

Автор Mary Namatovu ( назад)

Автор Denischa Briddell ( назад)

Автор XaviorvorteX ( назад)
the video of this concert is so anointed... if you are ever blessed to
watch it... please do... Thank You Jesus, amen

Автор Joyce Nwadiei ( назад)
holy father i wait on you. have mercy upon me in JESUS MIGHTY name AMEN

Автор Harold Ruhukya ( назад)
From a young age as a young christian I count this as one of those songs
which has constantly brought me into God's presence.

Автор Car Connoisseur ( назад)
Grew up spiritually off of this music GOD Bless you Mr kenoly

Автор Ebube Chukwuka ( назад)
We wait on you dear Holy Spirit

Автор kaylan burnett ( назад)
touched me this night

Автор Samantha Gabbidon ( назад)
Thanks be to God, Your mighty GOD!!

Автор lynette munambo ( назад)
Deep worship.i love...

Автор Nametsegang Serome ( назад)
lord ur great, we praise your name,Amen

Автор ProphetessPbrown ( назад)
withholding nothing !!! all glory, dominion and power belong to you !!!

Автор Tom T ( назад)
Tom Brooks on keyboards.Abe Laboriel Snr on bass.
We worship you our true God almighty...seated on your throne in heaven.
We pour out our hearts to you and kneel in your presence.
There's none like you!

Автор oluwadayo daniel ( назад)
This one my most motivated spiritual worship song

Автор Elaine Anderson ( назад)
This song. I grew up listening to this song. Yesterday the choir sung this
song for Pentacost Sunday. Powerful. I didn't understand what fire meant
but now I think I do. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Автор JMJ ( назад)
This song is powerful!!

Автор Morongwa Olifant ( назад)
Wonderful and anointed song!

Автор Florence Uzoma ( назад)
Lord I need your blessing in my life

Автор Rich L. Kemp ( назад)

Автор Munene Ndereba ( назад)
for fireeeee

Автор Themannyindahouse ( назад)
Send down your Holy Ghost fire Lord! FIRE!

Автор victor cortez ( назад)
I wake up and start my morning to this I can't live without jesus

Автор Lourica Neal ( назад)
My new morning worship song! Wow what a song! His anointing is powerful.
This song makes me want to witness to the lost more so that they can
experience what we do.

Автор Nombulelo Mthimkulu ( назад)
Holy Father we worship You

Автор Christine Norley ( назад)
What a wonderful blessing to you John Roberts.....I thank the Lord for
using you in such a way.......God bless you even more in 2016.

Автор Chuck Nolum ( назад)
John Roberts, you brought tears to my eyes with your testimony. May the
Almighty God continue to use you to lift people like me. All praise and
honor to God!

Автор Charles Vokrachko (1204 года назад)
Great song!!

Автор WalkinwithJesusChrist2 ( назад)

Автор Lisa Durosinmi ( назад)
Wow . Amen

Автор Zelda Sanders ( назад)
All honor and all of truly belongs to the Lord

Автор Elikem Derego ( назад)
Awesome! Glory to God!

Автор Josephine Armstrong ( назад)
Thanks Ron for sharing with us and awesome powerful anointed ministry GOD
has given you !!!!!!

Автор S. L. ( назад)
amen and amen

Автор Pat Godbee ( назад)
What a beautiful testimony (in song) for Love of the Lord! Love it!

Автор Josephine Armstrong ( назад)
Been following your ministry a long time. I believe I have most of your CD
s .

Автор Josephine Armstrong ( назад)
Awesome Mr Ron .worship is anointed .Thanks for your love for the father
because it shows in worship. Please continue. IN His presence there's
fullness of joy .GOD bless you my brother . 

Автор Samuel Nuka ( назад)
I can still feel d power and presence of God over again when I listen to
this song. Good is Awesome.

Автор Jireh Shammah ( назад)
Heaven on Earth indeed

Автор John Roberts ( назад)
A truck driver with a big smile on his face dropped me off at a church
called Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose California. I was just sitting
there and had no idea what would happen until they started singing. Ron
Kenoly was leading worship and for the first time in my life I felt the
Presence of God inside of me. I was searching for a church where the
Presence of God was more important. I found that church and stayed there
for 15 years. I took voice lessons and ended up singing in the Choir. I
traveled the world with the choir and sang inside of castles. I was able to
do much more than I could ever imagine. All because of a truck driver with
a big huge smile on his face! I asked him where he got that smile from and
he said...
" Let me take you there"!

Автор Florence Logan Worsham ( назад)
This song of worship helps me to start my day in Him. Thank you Jesus,
thank you Ron Kenoly. Bless His Holy name!

Автор Iris Diaz Lara ( назад)

Автор anathi mlilwana ( назад)

Автор Lemz Nuu ( назад)

Автор James Chonhockloo ( назад)
Thank you. God bless... 

Автор Peter Paras ( назад)
We wait on you for fire!

Автор Kgari Mpolokang ( назад)
this isbeautiful worship like I know it!!!

Автор d Smith ( назад)
The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords we bow before you we worship you.
Every knee shall bow every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. All honor
glory to u

Автор Toni Harrington ( назад)
We have an awesome God!

Автор MacsimumMoment ( назад)
Thank You Lord Jesus for such Refreshing.......

Автор JOEL PETHEUL ( назад)

Автор jo booking ( назад)
paaa chance illa

Автор SWAN RIDER ( назад)

Автор Kelly Frappier ( назад)
Enough Christianese....I just love this!

Автор Gleicy Cristina ( назад)
meu Deus !!!!!! musica que me marcou profundamente..... 

Автор Maureen Singh ( назад)
Most anointing inspirational music

Автор Nubian ( назад)

Автор Ricky Roza ( назад)
Wow what a song!!! Glory to the most high GOD FATHER SON HOLY SPIRIT

Автор Ian Ho ( назад)
I send this tambourine worship dance practice I will send you Tambourine
Worship Dance Pattern: Banner, Praise.

Автор periodista123able ( назад)
I wish this song never ends...

Автор Isa delmotte ( назад)

Автор Ms. B ( назад)
To God be the Glory

Автор Urkel Ace ( назад)
This song can bring the holyspirit into the darkest place.

Автор Samuel Tekpetey ( назад)
He deserves all glory......This song is a classic 

Автор Naomi Seri ( назад)
Hallelujah, praise be to GOD

Автор eleanor Gee ( назад)
Worthy art thou, our Lord and God to receive glory and honor and power, for
thou did create all things, and by thou will they existed and were created.
Rev.4:11, even so, come, Lord Jesus, come

Автор Hannah Lulu ( назад)
i love this song for the LORD GOD ALMINGHT . GLORY TO GOD .... ":))))

Автор Moni Thurst ( назад)
i am singing this song tomorrow for worship 

Автор ThiccShanti66 ( назад)
For fffiiirrrreeee... 3

Автор yfnd123 ( назад)
And [beware the Day] when Allah will say, "O Jesus, Son of Mary, did you
say to the people, 'Take me and my mother as deities besides Allah ?'" He
will say, "Exalted are You! It was not for me to say that to which I have
no right. If I had said it, You would have known it. You know what is
within myself, and I do not know what is within Yourself. Indeed, it is You
who is Knower of the unseen.I said not to them except what You commanded me
- to worship Allah , my Lord and your Lord. (Quran 5-116)

Автор R Davian ( назад)

Автор Beth McKemy ( назад)
I LOVE this song...it's one of my favorite worship songs! I have listened
to this song over and over again growing up. It brings you right into the
presence of God! Thanks for posting!

Автор adela kotlarova ( назад)
Really nice song 

Автор D Mac Bahamas ( назад)
My favorite 

Автор friendofGod5 ( назад)

Автор nikhil gaikwad ( назад)
god loves us so mch tht we canot imagine he nvr leaves us... ths is one of
my favorite song ... praise the lord all glory belongs to u jesus..

Автор Emekss Paul ( назад)
I love you God.

Автор storm3698 ( назад)
How can one not get emotional listening to this and being ushered into
presence of G-d. X

Автор Bea wamuo ( назад)
My all time favourite ...I worship you Jesus

Автор Legio patria Nostra ( назад)

Автор Bond Cagilaba ( назад)

Автор Heru Setiawan ( назад)
yea... I Love You Jesus. Kaulah kekasih sejatiku. Kaulah yang selalu di

Автор Anika George ( назад)
Father God you are worthy of all honour, all glory and all power....there
is none like you Jesus. You are the great I am that I am that I am, you are
ALpha and Omega, the beginning and the last. We worship and exhalt you. You
are King of Kings and Lord of Lord. 

Автор Deborah Nickerson ( назад)
Holy Spirit, we wait on you Revive us again

Автор Inimi Deschise ( назад)
I am sure the evil dislikes this song,... he got scared and run away when
God is Worshiped

Автор Kathambi Gikunda ( назад)
holy spirit have your way, we give our all,amen

Автор DaBlackhand1975 ( назад)
Brings back fond memories of when we sang this with our church

Автор 宋木火 ( назад)
So touch...... Thank you, lord.

Автор Inimi Deschise ( назад)
Nothing compares to You Holy Father, Son and Holy Spirit !!! 

Автор bigjoejoe18 ( назад)
@Nnatshehl Alpha* & Omega and yes Yeshua is.

Автор Nellie K. Adaba ( назад)
The best

Автор petrus radingwana ( назад)
Alfa n omega

Автор Mitchell Sam ( назад)
@Rozvrb YES. He's the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. His goodness, and
His mercies they endure forever. Faithful and True to all generations. The
discerner of the thoughts and the intents of the hearts of all men. He who
gives bread to the eater, and seed to the sower. The God of Abraham and of
Isaac and of Jacob. The Ancient of Days. He who made the heavens and the
earth and seas and everthing in them. He gives spirit and life to everyone
on the earth. All Honor, All Power, All glory to Him

Автор breatha100 ( назад)
All honor, All glory All power to you (4) ...Holy father we worship you,
precious Jesus our savior, Holy spirit we wait on you (3) For fire (3) 

Автор Roy Burchard (613 года назад)
Chester Thompson who played drums for Frank Zappa, played drums on this
song, and some others on the Ron Kenloy - Lift Him Up CD

Автор Roz Balsam ( назад)
He is so worthy

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