Fatal Fury 2 The New Battle - Theme of Krauser 1

This is one of Krauser's themes in Fatal Fury 2 (the movie of course). I took the liberty in uploading it for those who are interested.

Edit 5/11 - Changed the title of Krauser's theme. If I recall correctly, Krauser did have Dies Irae as a theme in the Fatal Fury fighting games, but the piece used for the movie is a bit different. Sorry I took so long to edit the video.

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Автор MessiahKick ( назад)
This is so Castlevaniac... I love it.

Автор LOLOLOL Commenter ( назад)
Burn Knuckle!

Автор TheEvilOyo ( назад)
I never lost with krauser. Thanks for a good time

Автор lordking58 ( назад)
anyway to get an extended version? ive loved this song since FF2 first came
out on vhs lol

Автор Kestrel Merriweather ( назад)
Yo when I heard this piece and saw that this muscle bound, armor clad, womb
rending son of a bitch was playing his own theme song all along! I knew! I
knew he was going to clean house like a screw upper. My condolences to Joe.

Автор Jhoni Méndez May ( назад)

Автор jorgais reyes (1006 лет назад)
Este tema es memorable. ;)

Автор Edward Moran ( назад)
50000 views + for obscure music from an obscure anime. The musician who
made this did something right that's for sure.

Автор Onii-san ( назад)
siempre he pensado que krauler pudo haber dado más

Автор Antonio “tonnyboy” Lázaro ( назад)

Автор David315842 ( назад)
'As Krauser begins playing his piece on the organ, we cut to the Pao Pao
Café in Southtown, where Lawrence Blood encounters Billy Kane drinking
there, after beating up a man in a suit. A helicopter lands in a secluded
forest era, riddled by bodies. The helicopter lands and Krauser is greeted
by an entourage, including Lawrence who presents Krauser with Billy's
staff, with his bandana wrapped in the middle. Krauser then heads to a
nearby waterfall and enters a cave on the other side of it, by firing his
Blitz Ball to make himself an entrance to it and encounters Geese Howard,
wearing bandages over his right eye'.
Geese: Hmm?
'Krauser throws the staff onto the ground'.
Geese: Isn't that?
Krauser: I've been looking for you Geese.
'Geese looks up and sees Krauser'.
Geese: Huh? So it's you Krauser.
'Krauser just stands at the entrance, holding and smelling a white rose'.
Krauser: Is this all that remains of the King of Southtown? Hmm?
Geese: I know you didn't come all the way up here just to see me? What do
you want from me Krauser?!
Krauser: Just call it a sentimental journey. I thought I would amuse myself
by seeking out the man who's made you a shadow of yourself.
Geese: All right then. Why not? His name is Terry Bogard.
'Krauser stops playing the organ, then laughs'.
Krauser: Terry Bogard. Good.

Автор SnesRulez - My Game World ( назад)
I love this theme!! 

Автор Sedan hotplugdicas ( назад)
great theme!

Автор Lailo Mendoza ( назад)

Автор GhostPlanetFilms ( назад)

Автор Julien Maurel ( назад)
So regal, so noble, so castlevania 

Автор Charlie Cat ( назад)
Love the theme!

Автор Wildan ( назад)
The piece is called Teiou I Yabou and was composed by Sahashi Toshihiko.

Автор wolfsegovia ( назад)
Wow! Every time!

Автор Gustavo Pereira ( назад)
..... Sz

Автор altron gundam ( назад)

Автор GoldenBlaze ( назад)
This is based on a Fugue by Bach. Mozart used a different dynamic in
writing music. This was definitely based on a composer during the Baroque

Автор Dario Polano ( назад)

Автор Franck Toh ( назад)
who is the compser of this song? peace

Автор xxLorDRaYmoNxx ( назад)
feel like a sir

Автор STLetsgetitonnow ( назад)
where can i get the whole movie ost?

Автор ArizVega Gamer ( назад)

Автор Emaniac69 ( назад)
I already bid you good day sir

Автор Drunkendunker ( назад)
You don't ever listen, do you?

Автор Emaniac69 ( назад)
First, you claim that this sounds like Bach's Fugue. It sounds nothing like
it. That is like implying that every song on organ sounds the same. Then,
you comment without even paying attention. Lastly, you get offended because
you don't pay attention and then call me a child. You sound like an
arrogant snob. I bid you good day, sir.

Автор Drunkendunker ( назад)
You said it sounds nothing like the song I suggested which implies I was
wrong. Then you said a lot of YT users are deaf, which in this case would
relate to me. And your comment doesn't make much sense, why would you
mention the relation between the theme in the game and the anime? Not
applicable in this conversation And if you are going to resort to that kind
of language I will no longer continue this discussion, I have no interest
in arguing with a child.

Автор Emaniac69 ( назад)
I'm not calling you deaf dumbass. Did you not pay attention to my comment?

Автор Drunkendunker ( назад)
0:20 to 0:42 , could you please tell me which piece that EXACTLY sounds
like? The pattern in the drop of notes is almost the same in most places in
this piece which is the exact same as Bach's fugue. Perhaps you should
check your own ears before calling someone else deaf.

Автор Emaniac69 ( назад)
This sounds nothing like Bach's Fugue. Unfortunately, a lot of YT posters
are either deaf or don't seem to know the difference between Krauser's
theme in the game and his theme in this anime. In the game, his theme is
basically a loop of the most famous passage in Requiem (that people call
Dies Irae). His theme in the anime is a heavily arranged version of a VERY
SMALL PIECE of Requiem that is different from the piece in the game. It is
so heavily modified, it should be considered original

Автор ArizVega Gamer ( назад)
im gonna cry..

Автор Iván Núñez ( назад)
defenlly epic

Автор Iván Núñez ( назад)

Автор Drunkendunker ( назад)
Sounds a lot more like Bach's Fugue/Toccata rather than Mozart's Requiem.

Автор satdoggydogg ( назад)
Magnificent melody!!

Автор YoungDirtyBastard90 ( назад)
"Alright. His name is Terry Bogard..."

Автор ckituveukoitoi ( назад)
it's a motha fuck boss of fatal fury.......no exeption

Автор Chris25the1 ( назад)
its 2011 and I still dont know why they didnt give Krauser his mustache in
the movie....he look too young

Автор psychogorilla ( назад)
1 person's gravestone just got chiseled

Автор AJ Miller ( назад)
@terribletomato Of course. Glad to know someone out there still appreciates
great music as much as I do. :)

Автор terribletomato ( назад)
@DrStrangefate Thank you for the correction and the info on Dies Irae. I
appreciate it =)

Автор AJ Miller ( назад)
@terribletomato Plus...Mozart did not compose the Dies Irae. He arranged
it. There's a difference. The Dies Irae Gregorian chant has been around
since the 13th century. Way before Mozart's time.

Автор renanwil1 ( назад)
nossa essa musica é tocante.ele é um cara meio obscuro mas eu o copreendo
muito forte mas foi derrotado por terry se trinasse quem sabe seria
diferente much fine the theme friend thank you

Автор SariaChord0TouchWeb ( назад)
I've been waiting for this. oh yes.

Автор Joshua Madoc ( назад)
Why must you shave your badass moustache, Krauser? :(

Автор Governativo33 ( назад)
Great song! Thanks for Mp3!

Автор Rienhart88 ( назад)
No matter how hard i look, so many different searches under organ playing
and the like, but i only know like 3 organ songs played like this. This
one, one in Beauty and the Beast, (for like 30 seconds). And one more from
a game i played, wish i knew if there is a genre for this music, or they
just that rare?

Автор alcione Makoto ( назад)
ty a lot for the music upload ^__^

Автор ACFitnessSolutions Rochester Ny ( назад)
Thanks for sharing dude:) Do you happen to know where iI can download this

Автор ntahlabadong ( назад)
thanx for the krauser themes

Автор R.Gamester ( назад)
"hmm hm hm hm hm ha ha haa. Terry Bogard. Good."

Автор DeAnthony Muhammad ( назад)
Thank you for putting this Theme song up, its quite relaxing.

Автор Emaniac69 ( назад)
Does someone have names? As in 1) name of the song 2) composer 3) album?
Anything? This song is sick and I would like to be able to get a more
decent (like cd quality) copy of it. Does anyone have more info?

Автор hazuken ( назад)
wolfgang krauser geese howards half brother what a creeper he was in the
movie but at least they ditched that repulsive mustache he had in the game
and youthed him 20 years as well. if they make another fatal fury move i
think krauser should come back with geese the final show down the bogard
brothers fight geese and krauser. but if geese had a son rock wouldnt that
make krauser an uncle? 0_o

Автор Ryo Fire ( назад)
What an amazing royal theme.

Автор Elton Magno ( назад)
thanks for the post this music on sendspace.

Автор Angel IV Esguerra ( назад)
Could you help me find the rest of the soundtrack.

Автор Angel IV Esguerra ( назад)
Can you find the first move soundtrack, i'm looking for Megumi Yuuki's
songs: Bye Bye My Love and Fly Away.

Автор Gizmo Hibiki ( назад)
"Is this whats all that's left from the King of Southtown?" "I know you
didn't come all this way for nothing. What do you want from me Krauser?!" "
I thought I would pay a visit to the man that made you a shadow." ".....All
right then, why not? His name....is Terry Bogard." Hours later
"HMHMHAHAHAHA. 'Terry Bogard'. Good." Evil smile.

Автор SimWilk ( назад)
Thank you for the link i have been looking for this since i watched the
anime movie!!

Автор Heroinedown ( назад)
l love this version, it's so demonic. Plus Krauser has always been one of
my favorite characters.

Автор AJ Miller ( назад)
just looked up Krauser's theme from the game Fatal Fury 2 and THAT theme is
Mozart's Dies Irae but this piece isn't :p im still looking for this
particular organ piece if anyone has it.

Автор terribletomato ( назад)
Yes, it was composed for this movie. Several variations of this theme,

Автор DwayneAPurple ( назад)
Was this song composed for this movie? If not, what song is it? It doesn't
sound like Mozart's Dies irae to me.

Автор Monsieur Africain ( назад)
I would love to have this song if its possible. Thanks.

Автор AJ Miller ( назад)
of course! always a pleasure to meet a fellow music lover :-) and this just
happens to be my favorite instrument (often cited the king of instruments:
organ, and I couldn't agree more) I've been trying to find the sheet music
for this piece since I learned of it's existence but to no avail *sigh*

Автор terribletomato ( назад)
Ah, thanks for the input, DrStrangefate. I'm glad that you were able to
give me a little insight on Dies Irae. I appreciate it. Thanks.

Автор AJ Miller ( назад)
You have to be specific with Dies Irae...it's been arranged by many more
than Mozart's...Verdi arranged it for example and his is my favorite. You
may have gotten a hold of Mozarts Requiem mass (Confutatis, Maledictis,
Flammis acribus addictis)

Автор AJ Miller ( назад)
You sure bout that? It doesn't sound anything like Mozart's Dies Irae. It
may have the same chords but the melodic lines are nothing like Dies Irae.
As Dies Irae has been arranged by countless composers it's hard to tell but
I'm pretty sure they sound nothing alike. Could be mistaken on my part but
it's worth looking into.

Автор l ( назад)
When I looked up Dies Irae on myspace music, it came up as 'Requiem' from
KOF2. o____o;; I love both songs though :)

Автор cmgcp72 ( назад)

Автор terribletomato ( назад)
Well, technically, it is. This is just an organ version of Dies Irae, a
classical piece that was also composed by Mozart : p.

Автор hazuken ( назад)
please send me the name of this mp3 in message dude i been going nuts
lookin for this i always thought it was mozart lol

Автор orochikaiba ( назад)
GOD BLESS YOU. I have driven myself mad trying to find this MP3. HAHAHAHA,
now like the dork I am im gonna make it my cell ringer

Автор terribletomato ( назад)
Uploaded. Check description.

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