I not stupid2-Dig on LKY and Singapore like a nanny state

Lee Kuan Yew once commented that if Singapore was not set right, he will be jumping out from his grave to right it, and that is the dig by the little boy here. Singaporeans' lives have been largely taken care of by the government like a mother who think best for their children. When are we allowed to grow up?

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Автор 김수연 (1 год)
아이엠 유어 마더밖에 못알아 먹겠닼ㅋ

Автор mememe999999 (2 года)
it would be funny if the father was around:" Selena Koo: i have the freedom
to make my own friends! Mother + Father: Wha how dare you talk to me like
that i am your Mother/Father even if i am not around you do something wrong
I will jump out of my grave and stop you!

Автор Spectre Kle (2 года)
I luv this very much. Thanks for the upload.

Автор teshuchuan (3 года)
lol, overly controlling mom!

Автор burtmurdoch (3 года)
jeering lky... hahaha...

Автор hitmonlee00 (3 года)
jail, fine, caning... deja vu ain't it

Автор Growthunlimited (3 года)

Автор bboyalexsoh2001 (2 года)
selena koh is so fucking hot

Автор laojace (3 года)

Автор JubalCalif (3 года)
Ha! Funny clip! Though I pity any real life kid that had a mom like that!
Judging by the light hearted music, I suppose this is a Singapore TV
comedy. THANKS for posting! :)

Автор LoserLikeSwyin (3 года)
Mom : I will jump out of my grave and stop you! Terry : But people don't
jump out of their graves after they die. LOL :D

Автор Spectre Kle (3 года)
Hahaha so funny. I never knew I can enjoy the way we speak. Askmela88
thanks for the upload.

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