The Boss Baby Official Trailer - Teaser (2017) - Alec Baldwin Movie

Starring: Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow, and Steve Buscemi
The Boss Baby Official Trailer - Teaser (2017) - Alec Baldwin Movie

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A suit-wearing briefcase-carrying baby pairs up with his seven-year old brother to stop the dastardly plot of the CEO of Puppy Co.

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Длительность: 1:59
Комментарии: 12955

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Автор Alvin Akbar ( назад)
Yup. Time to watch Reservoir Dogs again =)

Автор Letty Solano ( назад)
hi the Boss Baby

Автор Elite Agility ( назад)
These are one f
of those movies that their family loves them for a long time until some idiot comes in your life and ruins. The baby always has a retarded face always and the parents don't give a shit about the baby and think it's cute like their are blind

Автор Paul Neuville ( назад)
21:12 🔵 *The Boss Baby* ᴴᴰ _l e a k e d m o v i e_ https://getpocket.com/s/MiIRI?theBOSSbaby2017

Автор TheGhostOfFive - TGOF ( назад)
Stewie griffin

Автор Spiderman vs Spider man ( назад)
nice animation movie

Автор whapakwhapak ( назад)
gotta try that power nap lmao.

Автор -Rusty - ( назад)
This is going to be like the movie Up, it going to be a great movie and everyone will see it. But then as soon as it comes out on DVD, its not popular anymore.

Автор St Loud House ( назад)
love animation :)

Автор lisa . ( назад)
it'll be Awesome 💕 love it

Автор Brandon Braddy ( назад)
funny movie

Автор Aaron Williams ( назад)
the baby reminds me of trump 😂😂

Автор diddymuck ( назад)
what the deuce?

Автор toz ( назад)
just.. NO

Автор Deena Beautychannel ( назад)
Omg so coooool I loooove it!!!!!!!:)!

Автор Mohammadullah Sultani ( назад)

Автор Takura Allan Ngwaru Gwande ( назад)
so sick

Автор Shiny Septile ( назад)
The baby is adopted

Автор Jones Reynolds ( назад)
hahhaahahahaha boos

Автор gaming brows ( назад)
Dominic Diamond

Автор HeyOverHere ! ( назад)
I'm a grown ass man, but I still want to watch this movie

Автор Ayesha Nadim ( назад)
baby boss is the best. I wanna watch it 👍

Автор Rileyhd Whelan ( назад)
Love it ❤️

Автор Alexandros Moraitis ( назад)
storks 2?

Автор Scorponox93 ( назад)
It's like those bad movies from the mid 2000s that were so bad they were actually funny but since they were so bland everyone forgot about them, so they decided to remake them only animated and even more saccharine.

Автор scaredfaces ( назад)
it's trump

Автор Donald John Trump ( назад)
yea thats mah baby

Автор F5Metal ( назад)
How did we go from Prince of Egypt to this?

Автор Mary OKeeffe ( назад)
I think Baby boss is an adult in disguise.

Автор Ghost ( назад)
The Boss Trump Baby

Автор Official Nightcore Music. ( назад)
He looks like Trump and Draco Malfoy

Автор Sin Talento Producciones ( назад)
So disney has zootopia and dreamworks has this...

Автор Jay-Don Vilikoka ( назад)
I can't Wait

Автор Alyssa Melendez ( назад)
it fun

Автор ujwal shetty ( назад)
Its similar to 'little man' ...!!

Автор Son~Rize ( назад)
ughhh im so tired of pixar movies. i want drawing animations back

Автор rakesh kkk ( назад)
a bit similar to kid vs cat

Автор Julien Becker ( назад)
This sounded really really bad, but it looks really good.

Автор miguelWOOL ( назад)
The babies name is Jack. Why you ask?

He has a big forehead.

Автор Bruno Falcon ( назад)
I think this is gonna be a bad movie

Автор Sakura Jamaa ( назад)
Trump's life story or Stewie the movie?

Автор Captain Erik J Grotland of the USS Enterprise ( назад)
this movie has the worst concept ever

Автор TeRi TeRi ( назад)
This is what donald trump life as a child was.

Автор lilian garcia barrio ( назад)

Автор msjuicy ( назад)
Can't wait to see this

Автор Shalome Phillip ( назад)
If I was that kid i I would have poisoned that baby's food after I heard him talk.

Автор Dávidházy Olivér ( назад)

Автор Giorgos Xorafas ( назад)
Τι να αυτό το βίντεο ρε

Автор yaseen taha ( назад)

Автор Phased Spaces ( назад)
Every formulaic, tired out, clone face, exaggerated expression copy, that has been seen in a dozen movies before it! Boring shite!

Автор darklorel matt deat ( назад)

Автор Berry B. Benson ( назад)
Trump as a baby

Автор Janai Santiago ( назад)
this is soooooo funny that to crazy LOL makes me laugh sooo much

Автор Luka Pećanac ( назад)
1:21 hahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Negeen Amin ( назад)
That is going to be so funny ! can´t wait for it

Автор Parker Macy ( назад)
The Meme Baby

Автор Kayla Krawczyk ( назад)

Anyone getting a mr Peabody and Sherman vibe here?

Автор classed out gamer ( назад)
I have a question this movie will come out on March right March what please send me a feeback and proceed

Автор Epic!Shift Chara ( назад)
I Feel Like The Baby Is Baby Trump.

Автор Adi Bhargava ( назад)
first storks and this what are you doing disney?

Автор *cricket cricket* ( назад)
this is funny!!!

Автор Paritosh Palit ( назад)
omg!!!! it's LOUIS!!!!!!! soooooooooooo cute....

Автор AgentShain ( назад)

Автор Good Actually ( назад)
when tim templetons looks like louis tomlinson and templetons somewhat sounds like tomlinson
coincidence i think not

Автор 2010Wilde ( назад)
You know what I find crazy about this movie? It's based on a children's book. This movie is legitimately an adaptation of a picture book.

And the sad part, the source material probably had more intelligence to it.

Автор Jonny Corona ( назад)
That boss baby be ballin 🤑🤑 💰 💰💰💰💰

Автор Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth ( назад)
What ever happened to good ol' cartoon drawn animation movies...

Автор JamporkFilms ( назад)
It looks fine. Im willing to give it a chance.

Автор panos7688 ( назад)
The Putin when he was baby.

Автор kiivi ( назад)

Автор HunterPlanet ( назад)
Oh wtf, just kill me please, just do it....

Автор Crismerli Marte ( назад)
i like. it

Автор Bilal Ahmed ( назад)

Автор usaid jafar ( назад)
1:22 the best clip

Автор bushkaboy ( назад)
Oh, I'm not the first one to think that baby looks like Donald Trump.

Автор littlecakebigslice ( назад)
Secret footage of Donald Trump as a baby.

Автор Miriah Trinidad ( назад)
"Little Man"? 👀🤔

Автор evs pj ( назад)
And i still hate my brother. 🙌

Автор Michael Jones ( назад)

Автор TAP Autobuses lover ( назад)
why are there wine glasses in Tim's room?

Автор Video Clips ( назад)
Money making films :(

Автор Matt Ward ( назад)
anyone notice the phone from toy story?

Автор Umbruhh ( назад)
The song at 1:38 will never be the same after seeing Sausage Party.

Автор Luis Quevedo ( назад)
Is this the love child of trump and Stewie Griffin?

Автор TheHighRubberDuckys - In Paradise ( назад)
What's wrong with the world

Автор MyLittle Pwny ( назад)
This movie is gonna suck.

Автор libaan osman POE ( назад)
From the creators of SHREK and Trolls!

Автор Dwarve ( назад)
That Baby's parents must've had to get down to some serious Business...the night he was conceived.

Автор SKYDORMER ( назад)
I don't care what the trailer says, the title of this movie is Baby Trump!

Автор Christopher Williams ( назад)
soooooo The Donald Trump Baby?

Автор AdvancedGymnastics ( назад)
Dreamworks is out of ideas

Автор Pandagallola 030 ( назад)
how old is tim?!? tbh the voice sounds like a teen XD

Автор AshTheMinecraft ( назад)
No one else realise how the kid sounds a lot older in the beginning?

Автор isaac nelson ( назад)
beyon ce ft jay z

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