Worst Plays of the 2016 Season | NFL Highlights

Checkout the best fails from the 2016 NFL regular season!

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Длительность: 17:51
Комментарии: 1212

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Автор Joshua Cooperman ( назад)
ha gates against peters

Автор JayvenAj EspSouchet ( назад)
i think the end was the best part ever. What did y'all think. If u don't know I'm saying that when he hit his helmet and it hit his head, then he kissed it, then purposed to the thing he hit his head on

Автор heynow youranallstar ( назад)
mike Mitchell is so right to do that terrible call

Автор saivion shaver ( назад)
Dear every qb or wr ever is the ball that slippery?

Автор JJ stavinoha ( назад)
Pause at 7:23 if your a pervert

Автор Chasin Chex ( назад)

Автор Goofy ( назад)
9:58 😂😂😂

Автор Vidya Patel ( назад)
Mitchell's reaction was funny

Автор Vidya Patel ( назад)
Mitchell's reaction was funny

Автор Vidya Patel ( назад)
I like football

Автор Nana Okyere ( назад)
Ain't russel Wilson number 3

Автор Megan Dominguez ( назад)
11 mins in and I haven't seen a cowboys

Автор IM2BiZ ( назад)
Professional athletes are paid millions of dollars to intentionally make bad plays. They are literally given a script and being told how many points to score and when to drop the ball. It's scripted by the numbers. If the NFL was not rigged, there would be far less dumb plays. But we continue to see them every year. Why? Because it's fake.

Автор ItsJayden ( назад)
I was pissed when the refs called a facemask on Mitchell it was so retarded.

Автор German Garcia ( назад)
"False start. Everyone but the center"

Автор Peyton Desoto ( назад)
Where's Brock's pass fumble?

Автор John McCaskill ( назад)
I'm dying @ 3:44 lol straight pushed him down!

Автор Cheeto Oteehc ( назад)
6:27 thats in the list of worst plays of 2016? They gained 20 yards on the play.

Автор Dr Penguin ( назад)
Mike Mitchell, I've never seen anyone so outraged and so polite at the same time, "Oh my god please look at it sir!" 😂😂😂

Автор Moop2006 ( назад)
When tom Brady try's not to get injured but makes himself look fabulous

Автор Gabriel Dayton ( назад)
If you guys are making fun of Mitchell's reaction, how would you react if you got a penalty that was about to let the browns get an overtime win

Автор Zach Pfeiffer ( назад)
None of these are Lions plays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Автор nathan washington ( назад)
That rams trick play had me dying. Thought he was open lol

Автор Blake O.O ( назад)
I don't remember who but last season, Texans vs Raiders, I think Brock Oswieler or whatever threw the ball at someone's head... we just gonna ignore that play?

Автор IceWolff 88 ( назад)
Odell 2-1 with kicking net...

Автор Lucent Shadow ( назад)
I remember being in utter disbelief and anger over the Mike Mitchell call when it happened, but now looking back on it, his reaction's just too funny.

Автор Lucent Shadow ( назад)
I love special teams so much.

Автор aaron torres ( назад)
This is so painful to watch lol

Автор Daniel Lennon ( назад)
I don't know why the blocked field goal and leaderals were on that video

Автор Rocket Rage ( назад)
lmao the last 3 clips were funny as hell

Автор Mimi Mituno ( назад)
16.20 christiano ronaldo wannabe... 😒

Автор Chris Watson ( назад)
Where is the fumble that Brock Osweiler threw against Denver lol??

Автор Brandon Narine ( назад)
This should just be a Ryan Fitzpatrick highlight reel

Автор Kelly Ping ( назад)
lolol haaaaaahahahaahah solomon thats hilarious

Автор Generic Gaming Commentator 827 ( назад)

Автор Trystin Michael ( назад)
It's a little sad to see how many games the bottom five teams were actually in and could have won

Автор Trystin Michael ( назад)
The real fail during the Colts fumble was that tie game on the bottom line

Автор kyle rhodes ( назад)

Автор SCSP Squad ( назад)

Автор Generic Gaming Commentator 827 ( назад)
There better be some Browns in here

Автор Bill Jenkins ( назад)
The Cleveland Clowns

Автор Bill Jenkins ( назад)
1:40 Kappernutz SUCKS

Автор PhastLifeH2O _ ( назад)
You could've at least not show the ravens bad plays

Автор Wølfpacked22 ( назад)
FB Tom Brady 👌

Автор J Daniels ( назад)
Would have been better if the weren't a slow motion replay after every clip.

Автор Mariam Shakeel ( назад)
No one will forget the "Boswell Kick."

Автор Xanity ( назад)
BRUh 10:00 was the funniest one lmao

Автор Xanity ( назад)
"Everyone but the centre" lmaoooo

Автор Lui x ( назад)
13:24 Cleveland Being Cleveland

Автор Adam Gonzalez ( назад)
@ Antonio brown, that's why you dont catch with your body dumb ass, catch with your HANDS !

Автор kick snare ( назад)
chiefs and bucs seatle and san fransisco

Автор paysonfox88 ( назад)
at 5:30 that's why the browns lose football games. They have offensive coordinators named "Hugh Jackman" listen in,
Yeah, they are so desperate to win ,they hire the wolverine to run the offense--- on of their better ideas in my opinion.

Sorry Hugh, you should've put in the play where the entire offense rips the heads of the defense while taking bullets to the head themselves, then regenerate and snap the ball.

Автор Isabella Knight ( назад)
Omg watching Talib rip Crabtree's chain off again just made me so mad all over. He's hella rude. Gosh I feel so bad for the Browns but at least my Raiders weren't bad this year. :)

Автор Ezra Thinker ( назад)
this is fun

Автор Noah ( назад)
Kirk Cousins is the goat. (whos all gonna reply hate comments)

Автор BillsMafia2514 ( назад)
Crabtree got shy glizzied

Автор Leo Fernandez ( назад)
Interior southwest generally jail severe average productive way.

Автор James Boyle ( назад)
seeing cousins made me die too!not saying that is exiting

Автор James Boyle ( назад)

Автор Christoph Sprenger ( назад)
without being a steelers supporter but the facemask call against mitchell was straight bullshit

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
I already know the bears are making all of them

Автор DaBaws ( назад)
13:18 his career - "these balls are too inflated!"

Автор Rohan Kudaravalli ( назад)
Why do so many teams mess up against Kansas City? Lol

Автор Logan Walker ( назад)
Some of these weren't bad plays

Автор Marcus Rome ( назад)
I feel sorry for browns fans

Автор malakai kia ( назад)
Lol to everything especially mitchell

Автор Medina OD ( назад)
My hand fell asleep while watching this😂

Автор Omen ( назад)
Are the saints ever gonna win.....

Автор EliasGaming ( назад)
so funny number 23 from Steelers will never get old

Автор MLG Doge ( назад)
The browns are soo lucky to not have a 0-16 season every year. I also feel bad for them. Lmao

Автор Gain Gang ( назад)

Автор Thetrueasian ( назад)
Mike Mitchell was triggered

Автор Adrien Doe ( назад)
9:50 steve smith got trolled

Автор Dakota Gerdemann ( назад)

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
49ers were on here more than anybody they suck ass

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
"False start, everyone but the center" had me in tears 😭

Автор Jordan Johnson ( назад)
this is so funny

Автор Ryan McLeod ( назад)
Still glad to see the Rams suck no matter where they go

Автор DaniAlva25 ( назад)
Lol 1:27, that's why the Falcons didn't won the Super Bowl

Автор Coyote Recon ( назад)
Poor Mitchell

Автор TW38824 ( назад)
"Please look at it sir." Best line in the whole video.

Автор goutham edara ( назад)
Odell and the net... still a better love story than twilight.

Автор Braddock E. Hutton ( назад)
Get me a jersey.
I'll go and botch kicks and passes for $1 million + a year.

Автор Scott McNeil ( назад)
Anyone realize the patriots only made it on here twice and not for bad plays.

Автор Andrew Fernandes ( назад)
My friend was playing football and then he

Read More

Автор Twist3d_Wayz ( назад)
Im a browns fan and I remember that game when Mitchell was screaming at the ref and they did not call facemask.

Автор D David ( назад)
I saw the Ravens one live though (yes I'm a Ravens fan (disapointed)

Автор c1rca 0ne ( назад)
false start, everyone but the center.. gets me everytime

Автор I luv Mah toaster ( назад)
The NFL should make a TV programme about OBJ and the net

Автор Alexander Perez ( назад)
10:35 Holy neon jerseys Batman!

Автор Luis Andrés Moreno ( назад)
I didn't understood the one in 6:30

Автор The Adventuring & Camping School, Thailand ( назад)
funniest was tom brady blocking - "he avoids everyone" lol

Автор [A]GAMING ( назад)
im dead 😂😂😂9:53

Автор Catch me outside How bout that ( назад)
Great call ref

Автор George Tat ( назад)
Missed the one where the pass hit the back of alshon Jeffrey's head deep down field

Автор PingPong Ball ( назад)
Nice vid

Автор PingPong Ball ( назад)
Can you sub to me

Автор Esteban Arreola ( назад)
should have been the afc pro bowl play and when Odell dropped everything

Автор Aidan Devlin ( назад)
great vid

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