Worst Plays of the 2016 Season | NFL Highlights

Checkout the best fails from the 2016 NFL regular season!

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Просмотров: 1506893
Длительность: 17:51
Комментарии: 1111

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Автор Marcus Rome ( назад)
I feel sorry for browns fans

Автор malakai kia ( назад)
Lol to everything especially mitchell

Автор Owen Medina ( назад)
My hand fell asleep while watching this😂

Автор Omen ( назад)
Are the saints ever gonna win.....

Автор Bunnsalotgaming ( назад)
so funny number 23 from Steelers will never get old

Автор MLG Doge ( назад)
The browns are soo lucky to not have a 0-16 season every year. I also feel bad for them. Lmao

Автор Gain Gang ( назад)

Автор Thetrueasian ( назад)
Mike Mitchell was triggered

Автор Adrien Theking ( назад)
9:50 steve smith got trolled

Автор Dakota Gerdemann ( назад)

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
49ers were on here more than anybody they suck ass

Автор Chris Brown ( назад)
"False start, everyone but the center" had me in tears 😭

Автор Jordan Johnson ( назад)
this is so funny

Автор Ryan McLeod ( назад)
Still glad to see the Rams suck no matter where they go

Автор DaniAlva25 ( назад)
Lol 1:27, that's why the Falcons didn't won the Super Bowl

Автор Coyote Recon ( назад)
Poor Mitchell

Автор TW38824 ( назад)
"Please look at it sir." Best line in the whole video.

Автор goutham edara ( назад)
Odell and the net... still a better love story than twilight.

Автор Braddock E. Hutton ( назад)
Get me a jersey.
I'll go and botch kicks and passes for $1 million + a year.

Автор Scott McNeil ( назад)
Anyone realize the patriots only made it on here twice and not for bad plays.

Автор Andrew Fernandes ( назад)
My friend was playing football and then he

Read More

Автор Aug66killer ( назад)
Im a browns fan and I remember that game when Mitchell was screaming at the ref and they did not call facemask.

Автор D David ( назад)
I saw the Ravens one live though (yes I'm a Ravens fan (disapointed)

Автор c1rca 0ne ( назад)
false start, everyone but the center.. gets me everytime

Автор I luv Mah toaster ( назад)
The NFL should make a TV programme about OBJ and the net

Автор Alexander Perez ( назад)
10:35 Holy neon jerseys Batman!

Автор Luis Andrés Moreno ( назад)
I didn't understood the one in 6:30

Автор The Adventuring & Camping School, Thailand ( назад)
funniest was tom brady blocking - "he avoids everyone" lol

Автор [A]GAMING ( назад)
im dead 😂😂😂9:53

Автор Catch me outside How bout that ( назад)
Great call ref

Автор George Tat ( назад)
Missed the one where the pass hit the back of alshon Jeffrey's head deep down field

Автор Pizza Gaming ( назад)
Nice vid

Автор Pizza Gaming ( назад)
Can you sub to me

Автор Esteban Arreola ( назад)
should have been the afc pro bowl play and when Odell dropped everything

Автор Aidan Devlin ( назад)
great vid

Автор INCKY B LIT ( назад)
Malcom Mitchell!!! LOL

Автор INCKY B LIT ( назад)
I love seeing Kaepernick get Wrecked.

Автор Da-Cat Tackletrop ( назад)
Collin crapernick

Автор VKDS09 ( назад)
You should really be able to challenge flags *mike Mitchell "face mask"* well, they both face masked each other

Автор Cody Swagckoff ( назад)
my fav was Gates's

Автор Kevin Cutter ( назад)
Odell Beckham Jr. and his relationship with the net is still a better love story than Twilight

Автор Tandis T ( назад)
4:36 21! to 21!

Автор Spider man Fan. ( назад)

Автор Prost Dudes ( назад)
this video makes me feel better about my life

Автор Killerknightgaming ( назад)
i just love Beckham

Автор PFTW ( назад)
That special team fail for the cardinals.

Автор Anthony DeLizio ( назад)
Where is Russell Wilson being stepped on by his center and him falling back into the end zone?

Автор Chasity Estes ( назад)

Автор Zackary Bouchard ( назад)
Kaepernick blames white cops for his fumble

Автор sophia politis ( назад)
i love how mitchell was like screaming and then said "please sir" lmao

Автор Benjamin ONeil ( назад)
That's was so awesome

Автор StraightOuttaSlothton ( назад)
13:46 Chronic choking alert

Автор StraightOuttaSlothton ( назад)
just a reminder, Miami made to the playoffs...

Автор Tyrone McDougie ( назад)
l o w l I g h t s

Автор Benjamin Blauser ( назад)

Автор Carson James IV ( назад)

Автор That One Guy ( назад)
Rg3 has the best play of his career at 5:08

Автор Craig N ( назад)
15:37 "That's just.. kind of.. a traditional on-side kick, right? That's just the way you draw it up." - LOLz. I laugh so hard at some of these. Thanks for the upload, man.

Автор Chase Martinson ( назад)
Knew the bears would be here a couple of times: /

Автор Fuzzybear0306 ( назад)
1000th comment

Автор Jonathan Leonard ( назад)
I'm proud of the Titans they were only the team at fault once granted the whole team except the Center messed up but still they only were on here once

Автор Brawadis Brawadis ( назад)
I know Odell's missed catches vs packers you forgot that

Автор Wolfee1173 / epicgamer ( назад)
at 1:00 they call Sherman, Earl Thomas

Автор Luka A ( назад)
The Falcons got caught cheating for pumping in fake crowd noise and lost draft picks over it just 2 seasons ago. It's amazing how nobody knows about that because its only a big deal if it involves the pats...BTW Patriots Super Bowl 51 Champs. While The Denver Donkeys, SqueeLers, Aaron Fraudgers and The PaQueers are in the couch watching. BONUS fact: The Patriots are 0-483 when they don't cheat

Автор Rem ( назад)
at least all the falcons highlights here are good plays for the falcons

Автор Gauge Anders ( назад)
wow these are pretty bad yo

Автор Fonest ( назад)
4:44 dude not tryna take an l from the browns lmao.

Автор Chocolate Shrek ( назад)
Should be a video on the shitty refs this year. I bet it would be longer than this video

Автор Young ( назад)
bro 5:54 nr 88 this dude got ROCKED

Автор Young ( назад)
worst plays - nfl highlights xDD

Автор George Robinson ( назад)
herself it is nicj toward

Автор Talan Smith ( назад)
Watching Looney toons

Автор Faze Bros ( назад)
9:56 was the best

Автор Finn H Wallace ( назад)
wut about the odell drops in the wild card??????

Автор The Dunking Charizard ( назад)
Help me get 100 views

Автор Bob Jenkins ( назад)
NOTICE: odell is in half of these

Автор Michelle Strobel ( назад)
I feel bad for Mitchell

Автор Michelle Strobel ( назад)
Mitchell was right the WR did grab his face mask also

Автор Al Fredo ( назад)
How are there zero ELI plays...and when they are, they are TDs?!?!?

Автор alex beckett ( назад)
Matt ryan not trying to block nick fairly was actually smart he didn't need to get ran over

Автор nymx ( назад)
so who won the Seattle Arizona missoff?

Автор AquaticProdigy ( назад)
I love how the pats only showed up twice. Hahaha but i cant believe that all this was from this year! So many screw ups!

Автор Tiny Tiny ( назад)
I can't not.😂😂😓💀

Автор Jack Connolly ( назад)
Or the chargers

Автор Chris Bahena ( назад)
Browns wow man

Автор newt scamander ( назад)

Автор EasyBuckets325 ( назад)
literally right before the redskins came on I said "please don't let the redskins come on here"

Автор Scrapyard24c ( назад)
Surprised the botched snap by Tyrod Taylor and his Center wasn't here.

Автор Caleb Davidhizar ( назад)
I would make a Browns joke, but I'm a Bears fan.

Автор Elise Pauwels ( назад)
order enforcement ceiling merchant significance besides so own strategic

Автор dolx20 ( назад)
재규어 그만까라 이놈들아 ㅠㅠ

Автор dolx20 ( назад)

Автор Pickle Monster ( назад)
"This is...a terrible punt" LOL

Автор dimpledwonder ( назад)
There seems to be a missing team....

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