Hashtags: #WhyDidISayThat

Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #WhyDidISayThat.

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Hashtags: #WhyDidISayThat

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Длительность: 5:10
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Автор Sidney Kemp ( назад)
i'm at a " tipping " point with all the cow puns.

Автор ultimatum1895 ( назад)
goddamn, Steve was on it here

Автор Trine Kat ( назад)
Higgins looks like a parrot or an Owl im not sure which maybe both?

Автор Christian Kopet ( назад)
I once sent a text to the wrong person, when they replied, I said "Sorry,
that text wasn't meant for you"

Автор Roy Oviatt ( назад)
Higgins is legen--dairy

Автор Jess Eyman ( назад)
I love Higgins. He's the best

Автор Funkifizied ( назад)
i won't mind if youtube inserts ads for the duration that higgins speaks
after every hashtag. I would probably watch the whole ad without skipping

Автор Kayenne54 ( назад)
Son and his mates in a car (driving too fast), with best friend driving,
along a highway always well policed. Cop pulls them over and politely asks
"is there a medical reason you were speeding?"...from the back seat son
replies "Yes he's a half-wit".

Автор Cwmbran1984 ( назад)
He should not have uddered that!

Oh God I can't anymore! 😭😭😂😂

Автор Charles Nuñez ( назад)
i didnt get the "a.j" joke

Автор Mike Cruz ( назад)
higgins my little higgy highins

Автор Dirty Dan ( назад)
Higgins is awesome.

Автор YellowSaint ( назад)
When im at McDonalds and the cashier says "enjoy your food" and i say "you
too" 😓

Автор Angela Kim Samte ( назад)
My school teacher once asked me what i want to be when I grow up...I
answered "Lawyer, what about you??"

Автор TheSportsFanatic ( назад)
merry Christmas!

Автор Noble Taco ( назад)

Автор Naomi Hill ( назад)
Higgins is HILARIOUS!!!

Автор thedangler222 ( назад)

Автор Alana OGrady ( назад)
my neighbour is blind... and i said see you later

Автор Amy Laurent ( назад)
So glad I'm not the only one who's saying weird stuff when I'm nervous

Автор Lorrie Mayzlin ( назад)
at a bar once, my friend saw someone she used to know intimately, and
didn't remember being with her -- I replied "it's ok, it was before you
were a professional." XD

Автор Lievvv; Bieber ( назад)
MOOd killer

Автор esti0611 ( назад)
I genuinely don't understand the "future hubby/frank likes head" tweet.
Explain please

Автор Mr 888 ( назад)
Why didn't they retire Jimmy from Moooooooooooooood Killer Haha

Автор minty stargazaah ( назад)
in biology we where talking about horoscopes a kid said "im a scorpio" i
replied "I'm a donkey" in spanish.....

Автор Christian Kopet ( назад)
I once texted the wrong person when they replied I said "Oh sorry that text
wasn't for you it was for someone else."

Автор El Tomas ( назад)
I used to say stupid stuff too, I'm all better though

Автор Daylon Rogers ( назад)
Did nobody else catch that after Higgins made the first cow pun, Questlove
hit the cow bell? 1:40

Автор SossarHatarSverige ( назад)
somebody please kill the speaker guy..

Автор TheDailyCross ( назад)
Higgins got #cowjokes

Автор Ria Rayappan ( назад)
Gotta love Steve Higgins 😂

Автор Anin Lashkar ( назад)
That last one was submitted by Bellatrix.

Автор Ash Teddy ( назад)
I work in a supermarket, i say tho a customer whit only one arm : do you
need a hand ?

Автор kiki Martin ( назад)
I watch these when I'm sad...they make me happy

Автор Sage Torrisi ( назад)
I was eating crackers when he read the recorder one and I litterally spewed
crumbs all over my phone 😂

Автор GregoCatal ( назад)
The DMV tweet is probably one that guy heard about a thousand times.

Автор Eclectic. ( назад)
The guy with the microphone fucking ruins these. Just read the damn tweets.

Автор BreyersandBlossom ( назад)
That cow one was an udder disappointment

Автор Nour Dawood ( назад)
"You have such beautiful nostrils, what do you do to make them so

Автор John Cahill ( назад)
I don't think I found any of the jokes funny

Автор Isabella Wood ( назад)
Oh my gosh when Higge sons started saying those jokes I was thinking
C.L.A.H #Momtexts

Автор Austin Harris ( назад)
higgins ain't funny at all

Автор Kadreanna Walker ( назад)
I was trick or treating with my brother and instead of saying trick or
treat, he said merry Christmas

Автор Kyle Paradise ( назад)
Those puns are killing me!!!

Автор Anime Geek ( назад)
The jerk one killed me😂😂😂😂😂

Автор VuGuchi ( назад)
It was my birthday, my neighbor wished me a happy birthday. I said thanks
you too. 😑

Автор Casual Cat 22 ( назад)
who the fuck is Jimmy's echo

Автор Drew Hessler ( назад)
"There he is, retiring, Steve Higgins everybody!" Lmfao

Автор Hannah Baam ( назад)
that was one of my favorite tonight show hashtags 😂👌

Автор EmeraldCity ( назад)
I asked my little sister how she liked her doll, a present from our mother.
She hadn't opened her gift yet!

Автор Cora Story ( назад)
i live it when they retire- those are some of my favorite jokes!

Автор Dayna Morris ( назад)
Being who I am, I rely a lot on scripts for social interaction. When I was
leaving the gym to get on the bus, I said "love you" to my trainer

Автор Obi-Wan Kenobi ( назад)
I don't think this show could have another sidekick. There's like this
chemistry between Fallon and Higgins that is pretty damn good. I mean,
unless they have Justin Timberlake be the new sidekick.

Автор Jamie Vertz ( назад)
Moowd killer

Автор She Dragon ( назад)
Once when I was leaving Church camp I went to yell ''Good bye have a safe
trip home.'' to a big group of people, But it come out ''Bye hope nobody
dies on the way home.'' I'm just glad I was going home. lol

Автор smiley27b ( назад)
this hashtag is extra funny!

Автор UnrealGamer6/Evan ( назад)
LOL! That pun was amazing XD

Автор TheFlash Stickman ( назад)
LOL. The tonight show never ceases to bring me to lmao

Автор Shalyn Spanos ( назад)
Ben Herrick, best band director ever!! Tiffin University Marching Band

Автор Jordan Cohen ( назад)
I love his hairstyle here so much 😍

Автор The Gaming Society ( назад)
Pizza guy, "enjoy your pizza" me, "you too!"... why am I likes this

Автор Jacqueline Le ( назад)
I love Steve ❤️😂

Автор Meadow Perkins ( назад)
At my school we are supposed to give the cafeteria ladies our lunch
numbers. Well, I walked up to the lunch lady and out of habit said, "Night,
love you, sweet dreams, see you tomorrow." Worst day of my life.

Автор imcara1 ( назад)
I once told my friends gran I loved her and I only just met her that day my
friend shouted love you bye and I shouted the same not thinking

Автор Ryan Martin ( назад)
Higgins murdered me with those puns lol

Автор Peter Dyhrfjelde ( назад)
I don't like Steve, f*ck Steve.

Автор Phayou Thanoulith ( назад)
this is actually really funny when you think about, I chuckled hard i just
can't even...

Автор Matteo Tamburella ( назад)
This world needs much more Higgins!

Автор houis tomles ( назад)
1:27 my dad says this all the time 😂😂😂

Автор bella ( назад)
i hate watching " #" because of the old guy. his sense of humor sucks. i
would watch for hours if he weren't part of it.

Автор Bethany Hunter ( назад)
My bad one is usually when getting fast food and they say "enjoy your meal"
instead of "have a good day" and I say "you too"... Yes enjoy your meal

Автор Mykl Sorrells ( назад)
damn. jimmys suit is bad ass. i want one

Автор Lysandre Gagné ( назад)
A hot client was flirting with me on Halloween and when he left the store I
said : "Happy Valentine's Day". I hate myself.

Автор ThePolarShredder ( назад)
I ask people how they are twice, pretty frequently

Автор SawaDoll ( назад)
I was holding a customers newborn baby while she tried on jewellery. I said
wow, babies are heavy. I wouldn't be surprised if I dropped her. Smh I'm

Автор Lennart Loberg ( назад)
I love it when you guys go off-script and just keep cracking jokes between
jimmy and higgings!

Автор minreie ( назад)
I've asked how to spell a name before when I couldn't remember is and he
looked at me funny and said "B.E.N, Ben" I smiled acwardly and said "thank
you" and then moved on. #WhyDidISayThat

Автор brainiac642 ( назад)
I was walking with my wife once and a homeless person asked us if we could
spare some change and my wife said, "No, but thanks for asking!" We then
crossed the street in embarrassment.

Автор jayscollops ( назад)
all those cow puns...how dairy

Автор Oliver “MrSheikhyheadd” Hobbs ( назад)
the other guy is soo annoying.

Автор What-If Machine ( назад)
I was making dinner, and I asked my husband if it needed any extra
seasoning. He told me to add another bay leaf, and I said, "What, do you
think bay leaves grow on trees?"

Turns out they do. That's... basically ALL they do.

Автор John Nadeau ( назад)
One time at the movies the cashier told me to enjoy the movie and I said,
"Thanks! You too!" I was so embarrassed. #whydidisaythat

Автор Simone Menier ( назад)
Higgins is like the PDQ Bach of TV. He is so awesome and I hope he is rich
and stuff.

Автор Maria and the Ukulele ( назад)
Higgin's dad jokes are the best

Автор emmie1995s ( назад)
higgins is funny sometimes but the rest of the time annoying

Автор MasterCreator ( назад)
Questlove's facial expression is priceless!

Автор Deirdre McMahon ( назад)
I work in the tourist industry. Every day, several time a day, I say 'enjoy
your holiday!' and customers reply 'thanks, you too!'

Автор trainergirl ( назад)
Who is the guy with the glasses. He is so damn irritating.

Автор Emma Adler ( назад)
Anyone who says Higgins isn't fantastic is clearly mis-STEAK-en, his puns
are alway incredibly clever and *puts on sunglasses* WELL DONE.

Автор Gianna msp gaming :3 ( назад)
Jesus Christ Higgins 😂😂😂

Автор Mew The boy ( назад)
i love steve.

Автор sami hussaini ( назад)
I come back to this video every now and then just for the cow puns xD
Absolute gold

Автор Jennifer Garcia ( назад)
lol you guys dont understand how hard it is not to say "enjoy" to guests
lmao it literally comes out on its own. #hostessproblems

Автор Harris Courtland ( назад)
" Technology "

Автор When will Senpai notice me ( назад)
Cute nostrils are underrated :/

Автор Michael Gambale ( назад)
I once told her a girl " so you're from iceland." she asked me how I knew.
I just overheard her say it. i said. " I can tell by your last name." her
last nams was french. i walked away

Автор Emily hancock ( назад)
*On my birthday*
My friends: "Happy birthday!"
Me: Aw thanks, you too!

*face palm*

Автор Lazy Beans ( назад)
lmfao Higgins!

Автор Goldboots Gaming ( назад)
The last one is me when I speak with a guy/girl I like (I'm bisexual)

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