Powerpuff Z 3 Unlockable Characters

One of two requests from biggestloser1000, here are each of the unlockable characters in Powerpuff Z 3 and the methods in which you unlock them:

Brick: Defeat Brick in Story Mode.

Boomer: Defeat Boomer in Story Mode.

Butch: Defeat Butch in Story Mode.

'Infinite Destinies' Dark Powerpuff Girls: Complete Story Mode with Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.

Blitzy: Complete Tournament Mode in less than 8 minutes, then fight and defeat Blitzy.

DigitalX: Get a score of 10 KO's in Skirmish Mode, then fight and defeat DigitalX.

Bane: Get a Perfect against Bleak in Story Mode, then fight and defeat Bane.

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Автор Isabella Almeida ( назад)

Автор nerio alberto escalante soler ( назад)

Автор nerio alberto escalante soler ( назад)
no me gusta

Автор Rachelle Nelson ( назад)
How did you get on there!?

Автор NATHANIEL KNOX ( назад)
great great great sound effects

Автор NATHANIEL KNOX ( назад)
power puff z 3 has good moves and music and great soud effecys

Автор No erg rrk ft orcrjrcr yMartinez ( назад)
gvfytfjdtbskhftgyoqxaizp az,9uvaz,0a Buttercup and Bubbles Imgur Powerpuff

Автор No erg rrk ft orcrjrcr yMartinez ( назад)

Автор Zeren Ekici ( назад)

Автор Hazel Gamer ( назад)
What's the game called

Автор Bambam c Cepeda ( назад)

Автор GamenMetArtemis //Toy Bonnie ( назад)
Wich site is this

Автор 김정훈 ( назад)

Автор Ryan Flannery ( назад)
Stevie wu it's powerpuff girls

Автор Ryan Flannery ( назад)

Автор Criken101 ( назад)
Who plays this game??

Автор Morena Maria Gutierrez ( назад)
çgylgl. çtl çtlb vçt gtl bltvn4. vjr. fm3jr74u4744ut. rirn. rs ,zs ffcnv
nfh vnfhfc v fnrf. ffnf v. 4 vv. vf vvv cccvvvvrn. jffn. fhvn cn vn4u. vnf
n. fh. vncfhf. nvnvnf. fncn. nfn ncnfn ncnv. c

Автор xXYinXYangXx Woods ( назад)
OK so i have to win story mode with all 3 power puffs to get teh dark ones?
The only way I remotly could beat easy was with

Автор Black Pozitiv ( назад)
скожите сылку к игре

Автор Ximena Aguirre ( назад)
El videojuego de las chicas súper poderosas

Автор Stevie Wu ( назад)
I hate when they added the Powerpunk Girls

Автор Aya Baet ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор yolanda Kikou ( назад)

Автор Minty Cake :3 ( назад)
is this garys mod?

Автор Yuuki Horo ( назад)
wii, xbox 360, playstaition?

Автор Milely hater ( назад)
Do more!

Автор Sofia Kyrene Dela Cruz ( назад)
Oh it's DigitalX

Автор Sofia Kyrene Dela Cruz ( назад)
Is she Bunny?

Автор Sofia Kyrene Dela Cruz ( назад)
Who is the girl in purple?

Автор ViniciusGamerBR ( назад)
Hey To Unlock Bane You Win Perfect Victory On Mecha Bleack?

Автор aimely rodriguez ( назад)
Cool game!!!

Автор Fallen Belmont ( назад)
Bane potrait remind's me Neo from the Matrix

Автор nopegniward Tra ( назад)
how to build a fighter?

Автор Dmitri Leontev ( назад)

Автор ShinyHunter177 ( назад)

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
You have to complete the Tournament Mode to unlock the Build a Fighter.

Автор ShinyHunter177 ( назад)
sorry to be a noob but. How did you unlocked the "build fighter"?

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
I use Fraps to record all my videos.

Автор lukegargala ( назад)
What recording system did u use

Автор BonkHazard ( назад)
True it would take alot less effort against bane But Getting a Perfect
Victory On Bleak is Really Hard Auto+ Disables Power Charge but instead you
Automatically get it overtime Which makes Bleak Hard to Kill without taking
damage While He Constantly Chases You Random Ability lets bleak use any
power but the main problem is when he gets buttercup's Punch combo ability
where it makes him follow you faster and he homes in on you for a while

Автор BonkHazard ( назад)
You Get Hyper by unlocking Blitzy And Field when you unlock Digital X

Автор BonkHazard ( назад)
complete story mode(any difficulty) with all the regular ppgs

Автор AnniVoorhees ( назад)
how did u get the dark ppg?

Автор bearboy509 ( назад)
Why do all their names start with B c mon

Автор AnniVoorhees ( назад)

Автор AnniVoorhees ( назад)
oh look 1 last down the bottom looks like my character XD

Автор starwars12337 ( назад)
Black moth forums old ppz games 3rd page quick search

Автор starwars12337 ( назад)
Frogot to tell select old ppz games then go on page 3

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
That is great news! =D Thanks for letting me know.

Автор starwars12337 ( назад)
News good on the black moth forums on 3rd page you can download ppz1 and
ppz2 hope I helped

Автор tailsandsonic100 ( назад)
mine didnt download it put an error

Автор ChicaChickenXD ( назад)
How did you download the game?!

Автор Luluchan266 ( назад)
I wish they would fix that website!!! XP

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
Oh you asked for Powerpuff Z 2? XD My mistake. I can't seem to find that
one anymore. The website you could get PPZ2 from doesn't seem to have it
anymore; just a wierd puzzle game about pancakes.

Автор Luluchan266 ( назад)
I know but there was a Powerpuff Z 2

Автор Igor the Mii/Lyrica Prismriver ( назад)
its powerpuff z 3

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
It's a free download from Blackmoth Entertainment. The link is on my

Автор Luluchan266 ( назад)

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
You can download it from Blackmoth Entertainment. The link can be found on
my channel page.

Автор A88mph ( назад)
where do you get this game?

Автор Balya999 (103 года назад)
wait....i know u....pandasrock from bc's friend,right..........and for the
fix......use windows xp and download second mirror

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
The 6 "Blank Spots" are actually the 6 custom slots. You can design up to 6
of your own characters using the Create-a-Fighter mode.

Автор MrGigua ( назад)
Is it a Game?

Автор pandasrock83 ( назад)
This is why I like games that dont need downloads.

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
You can't select all three of them at once. You have to play through story
mode 3 times. Once as Blossom, once as Bubbles, and once as Buttercup.

Автор Patchulee Nowledge ( назад)

Автор Igor the Mii/Lyrica Prismriver ( назад)

Автор Umbradius Palpatrot ( назад)
These profiles remind me of SGT Frog.

Автор JackoB716 ( назад)
@rcblazer Got it! I'll give it a try.

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
@JackoB716 The quickest way to do it would be to play a character with the
Dancing Bomb, Tracking Beam, Fury Charge, Big Explosion, or Death Ray.
(Buttercup and Boomer are good regular character choices for this, as they
each have two of these specials) and to play on the Easy difficulty.

Автор JackoB716 ( назад)
Is there a very useful way to win tournament mode in less than 8 minutes?

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
@scavenger270 You may be missing the MSVCR71.dll file. I did a seach for it
and was able to find and download it with little trouble. Put that in the
same folder as PPZ3.exe and it might fix the problem.

Автор Zelda Icarus ( назад)
@rcblazer no

Автор Zelda Icarus ( назад)

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
@scavenger270 I can try to help you out, but I'll need to know what's wrong
first. Does it provide any kind of error message?

Автор Zelda Icarus ( назад)
i downloaded it but i cant play :( help me plz?

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
@scavenger270 It's actually a free fan game. You can download it from
Blackmoth Entertainment; just follow the link on my channel.

Автор Zelda Icarus ( назад)
wait what game IS this?!

Автор Tomaszavenger ( назад)
When it comes up with the installer, just change the file? If you have
AIM/MSN/SKYPE I can send you step-by-step screenshots.

Автор Tomaszavenger ( назад)
@Floralsprinklytop 2 possible reasons: Either you've got it saved in a
'protected area' where there are no write permissions, or the file was
corrupted during downloading. Try moving the files or reinstalling it in
another area; if that doesn't work, redownload it into a new area.

Автор Tomaszavenger ( назад)
@Floralsprinklytop Give the exact error; I can generally help with that
kind of thing.

Автор Tomaszavenger ( назад)
@Floralsprinklytop I'm sure the links work; it only runs on the Windows
Operating System and "Direct X" must be installed (google it and get the
latest compatible version).

Автор Zero Blue ( назад)
Whats the name of this game?!?!?!?

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
The Powerpunk Girls are technically in the game. Instead of unlocking them
as playable characters, they are unlocked as prebuilt characters in the
Create a Fighter mode.

Автор moonable1 ( назад)
I think they should put the PPNKGs on there... :P

Автор Balya999 ( назад)
Funny i get al the down characters but the dark don't get it .LOL

Автор Tomaszavenger ( назад)
@Mszbublez You can download it for free, and legally too, it's a fan made

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
+Hyper is unlocked along with Blitzy and +Field unlocks along with
DigitalX. Get the characters and you get their passives.

Автор GladForGladius ( назад)
How do you get hyper and field

Автор SummerTimeLuvinGrl ( назад)
@BonkHazard i unlocked him a while ago getting a perfect victory on bleak
was superhard but fighting bane was so easy

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
Death Ray and +Auto are unlocked along with Bane when you unlock him. Play
Story on Easy difficulty as Bubbles and get to the fight with Bleak. (First
fight, not MechaBleak) Bubbles' +Speed passive makes it a bit easier to
dodge his attacks. If you get hit, let Bleak defeat you and use a continue
to try again.

Автор SummerTimeLuvinGrl ( назад)
@rcblazer heres the problem..i dont have death ray

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
Some of the tasks are kinda hard, but don't give up! You can play on the
Easy difficulty and still get Bane and Blitzy if you meet the requirements!
I suggest playing as Bubbles in Story mode for Bane, and either Buttercup
or a custom character with Dancing Bomb/Death Ray in Tournament to get

Автор BonkHazard ( назад)
@SummerTimeLuvinGrl but bane is the hardest to get character ever cause you
have to beat bleak on story mode without taking dmg absolutely

Автор BonkHazard ( назад)
@rcblazer unlocking bane is hard but the best suitable powerpuff is bubbles
she has higher speed which makes it easier to avoid attacks i once ALMOST
done it but i epicly failed

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
You can download it from the Blackmoth Entertainment website for free! The
link is on my channel page.

Автор Matthew Williams ( назад)
i know i sound stupid but PPZ IS A GAME??

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
The characters in question are the secret characters Blitzy, DigitalX, and

Автор Le Banana ( назад)
@rcblazer where is Blazer's profile?

Автор rcblazer ( назад)
There is a profile picture in my Deviantart gallery that lists his special
powers and what they do. I can't post the link in the comments, but if you
search "Blazer Profile" in my gallery you should be able to find it,

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