Hipjoint Ft ezme - The Derriere Song

The Derriere Song (Are You Ready?) Hipjoint featuring all the way from the UK, ezme!! The Derriere Song was released May 25th, 2010 and is avaiable NOW at the iTunes Store. Click here: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/the-derriere-song-feat-ezme/id372516017
New Rugratz Remix on facebook!: http://fb.me/urFYUkQu

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Автор Minecraft PE Tutorials - Official Account ( назад)
We're hot, we're strong, we got it going on. Yeah we're hot, we're strong,
we got it going on! Sexy, sexy, your boyfriend's such a flirt cuz we're
sexy, sexy, he's checkin out my skirt... BOOM!

Автор Hayley Mulholland ( назад)
OMG i love the way that Degrassi used this song with the cheerleaders it
was literally perfect #Degrassiisbae!

Автор Hannah Johnson (1551 год назад)
If it wasn't for Degrassi this song wouldn't be famous 

Автор chill-renee ( назад)
best scene ever!

one of my fav song's :P

Автор JordanCat101 ( назад)
@B3tw1xtL1ght ikr that y im here too

Автор sissy i ( назад)
Love this song! Love Degrassi <3. Ah, good times in the summer, haha.

Автор mudermissed ( назад)
Who is the one Jackass who voted thumbs down? Are they retarded and
accidently hit it?

Автор Kimiko Rainbow Goddess(Elaina White) ( назад)
omg do u kno crazy i went trying to find dis after i watched degrassi takes
manhattan? thanx

Автор Maggie Bryant ( назад)
someone should deff put the lyrics up cuz after hearing it on Degrassi i
was like *NEW FAV SONG!!!!!* so someone please do that i would but i cant
listen by ear very good and i dont know how to hahaha

Автор Paige ( назад)
I went insane trying to find this after Degrassi. (: xD

Автор stargirl199607 ( назад)
@arojrockbeam lol same

Автор Osja Brinson ( назад)
i love this song... i went crazy tryingto find it after degrassi, great
dance music

Автор Chicka12311 ( назад)

Автор musiclvr071 ( назад)
can someone send me this song? i can't find it anywhere!!

Автор MsTributeQueen ( назад)
Heard this song on Degrassi!

Автор HipjointMusicGroup ( назад)
Check out the New Rugratz Remix of The Derriere Song on Hipjoint's facebook
page! See info above....

Автор Erica C ( назад)
degrassi made me love this song ;)

Автор thefallshow ( назад)
Hello, I was wondering where/if you can get this song for free? Please
reply, thanks ★

Автор Sana Burch ( назад)
this song is sooo poppin! its like love at first listen lol [i heard it on
degrassi!] =]

Автор Hugo Carranza ( назад)
Hey Where Can I Find This Song At I HAve Been looking For It Since i First
Heard It On Degrassi I Love This Song...!!!!!!!! <3

Автор HipjointMusicGroup ( назад)
Glad to hear you all enjoyed the song! It's available at the iTunes store.
Look in the info/description area for a link! Remix coming soon.....

Автор Paige ( назад)
godd. it took me, like, forever to find this song after i heard it on

Автор NekiraiDance ( назад)
Soooo I've listened to this song about 8 times alreasy. Yeaaaa I went nuts
looking fer this song after I heard it on degrassi =) lol. Looooove it <3.

Автор meagan budzowski ( назад)
is this on itunes? ( : loved it when i saw it with holly j. and fiona.

Автор candygirl122697 ( назад)
i love this part on degrassi this is new york holly j BITCH! this song is

Автор aimee elo ( назад)
damn i went crazy serching for this song after hearing it in degrassy

Автор nicole drez ( назад)
like this if you completely think that this song suits HOLLY J.!

Автор fannishgrrl ( назад)
So happy i finally found it. Thank you Degrassi! <3

Автор KEISHAandSIRI ( назад)
@B3tw1xtL1ght i did the exact same thing, i was watching Degrassi goes to
Manhattan and the song got stuck in my head :P

Автор missballer9 ( назад)
Like if you saw this on Degrassi !!!

Автор Liz Zee ( назад)
where can i download this?

Автор imhere13231 ( назад)
@SamiiStarr IKR! I wanna know the same thing! :D

Автор FreshFetishFraline ( назад)

Автор CheeringIsASport ( назад)
ive been looking everywhere for this!!! Ever since I saw Degrassi Takes

Автор Samantha Sewell ( назад)
@B3tw1xtL1ght Omg me too, I was looking everywhere for it! :P

Автор CandyTicklebrook1 ( назад)
love this song, and it seems that ya Degrassi Takes Manhattan really got it
attention and of course, it was the perfect soundtrack to Holly J's
comment. "This is New York Holly J bitch!"

Автор briahna09 ( назад)
omg i love this song! heard it on degrassi!! :)

Автор imhere13231 ( назад)
This song is addicting!

Автор r4wrxiloveyoux3 ( назад)
ahh, looove it ! :DD i had to yahoo this, to find it !

Автор punkpretty101 ( назад)
LMFAO. She locks her in a closet.

Автор lynn4realz ( назад)
finally i found it!!!1 wen i saw degrassi takes manhattan i went searching
for it now i found it!!! i love this song haha the derrier song!!!! its the
new newyork holly j bitch!! love tht part

Автор babyqirl02 ( назад)
finally found itt <3

Автор RawrXimaMonsterX ( назад)
HEY ME TOOO :3 when holly j locks her in the copyroom xD <3

Автор lovedbygaara1234 ( назад)
xD wow EVERYONE heard it on Degrassi. me too :3

Автор usingmyname17 ( назад)
Finally!! Ppl were saying it wasn't an actual song. DEGRASSI <3 saw it
there too

Автор Felipe Cardenas ( назад)
just heard it on degrassi like everybody else

Автор bearsfootballin06 ( назад)
i heard it on degrassi, lol

Автор DreamDropDestiel ( назад)
I went crazy searching for this after hearing it on Degrassi...Glad I
finally found it!

Автор TeenNowNews ( назад)
I totally just heard this on Degrassi Takes Manhatten:) ♥ Love it.

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