Whats the Big Deal about the KJV? - Sam Gipp

This isn't my production, but is splendiferous nevertheless. Sam Gipp delivers the truth cleverly and effectively in this short docu-drama.


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Автор Melsina Iglesias (4 дня)
Excellent demonstration ! Halleluyah

Автор Epoch Of Yore (19 дней)
EPIC TRASH!!! So sick of the KJV defenders!!! We now have the dead sea
scrolls etc and so on. The KJV was AUTHORIZED by MAN not GOD! Sorry I would
rather use my HCSB that uses transcripts not even know in 1611.......
Before you KJV defenders jump in I would like to you remind you that people
in Russia and China going threw a HUGE revival do not have the KJV and I
assure you they will be saved. His argument on Antioch is such CRAP!!!! If
this is the case we should all be speaking Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic and your
video alone invalidates your original argument. 

Автор King James Institute (19 дней)
KJV Rules. It is superior to any other versions in ever way. People honor
themselves. They don't care about what God wants. They have the nerve to
pick up an easy reader based on manuscripts out of Egypt that is based on
17 partial manuscripts that do not agree with each other or any other
manuscript in existence and compare it to a Bible authorized by God's
anointed the King of the English speaking world, put together by the fines
group of scholars ever assembled, based on 5000+ manuscripts out of Antioch
a place evangelized by such people as The Apostle Peter, The place of the
first Christian Church and the Place where followers of Christ were first
called Christians. Many of the Manuscripts from this are agree with each
other to the jot and tittle. There is not even a "i" missing a dot or a "t"
not crossed. Quit embarrassing yourself and quit dishonoring God. Get
yourself a good KJV Bible and study. Your best doesn't cut it if you aren't
going to study. Which KJV you might ask? There is only one 1611. There are
editions that are published to correct the numerous spelling and printing
errors. There was not standardized spelling in 1611 and so spelling varies
in the different printings. There were in fact 2 editions of The Holy Bible
(KJV) printed in 1611. Get with the program and stop trying to discredit a
source and not consider the content. It's not about what you like or what
version you prefer it's about what God likes. Abandon your ego and let go
of your pride and consider the facts or the truth. Most scholars prefer the
Cambridge and it's what I recommend. If I need to be more specific give me
a shout back. I can clean and insert your Binky and powder and pamper your
bum too. No really I don't mind helping but I am not interested in a
debate. It's like defending a lion. God's word doesn't need defending. If
you want to reject the truth then that might just be God's will. After all
there are many pretenders in the church. They have to change their
language, music, attitude, etc on Sunday morning. They are as fake as the
Bibles that tote. I Believe a man can be saved from a new Bible but I also
believe they are perverted and corrupted. They have just enough gospel in
them the fool most people. But that works for the believer because they
have enough truth in them to save. Jesus is a friend to sinners. I love you
enough to tell you the truth. Don't hate me for it. 

Автор Thomas Smith (6 месяцев)
+David Powell here's a little drama to explain a little more about what we
talked about the other night.
+Seth Alexander and +Karen Alexander thought you'd enjoy this as well. 

Автор Joachim Moeller (1 месяц)
This is something every christian should know!!

Автор Chaplain Bob Walker B. Th. (4 месяца)
Greg settle is lying again. King James was not a sodomite. the strongest
language AGAINST SODOMY is in the King James Bible. No "gay friendly"
church uses the KJV Bible for a good reason. Sodomy is called an
abomination. No queer king would allow that in their Bible.

Автор hect190-909 (2 месяца)
It is sad to see a Christian resorting to misinformation and dumbing-down
centuries of biblical scholarship to promote his Johnny-come-lately
KJV-only talk. All I hear is pride, text-worship, anti-intellectualism and
a hateful motivation. He's no different than conspiracy nuts who hold on to
something they think they know and denounce others for not being the same.
In this case he thinks he knows biblical texts. He doesn't.

Автор EtScripturaeSanctae (3 месяца)
Although Darwinism blossomed into the Third Reich, the Nazi regime
collapsed in 1945, but the contemporary tragedy on a global scale is that
the neo-Darwinists want to peddle their corrupt revisionism and empty
neo-Nazi rhetoric around the world more than ever.
Despite polluted torrents of convoluted Darwinian propaganda here and
abroad, both the accuracy and clarity of the inerrant King James Bible are
unrivalled in any modern language today--just as they have been since 1611.
Conversely, the corrupt revisionism of Darwinist and occultist apostates
like Wescott and Hort was the epitome of heresy and blasphemy.

Автор jjpetkusiii (4 месяца)
ο ουρανος και η γη παρελευσονται οι δε λογοι μου ου μη παρελθωσιν
Translated perfectly into the exemplary English of the inerrant King James
Bible, those ancient and Greek words of the Lord Jesus Christ read: "Heaven
and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away" (Mark 13:31).
"The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of
earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt
preserve them from this generation for ever" (Psalms 12:6,7).

Автор Andy Osborne (4 месяца)
I'm ESV only ;-)
Try to find an ancient greek manuscript that is exactly like the textus
receptus; it doesn't exist.

Автор Greg Settle (3 месяца)
Maybe Chaplain (so-called) Bob Walker would be so kind as to show us in the
KJV where it says ANYTHING about the wicked King James.

King Jimmy HATED Baptists, and said he "wanted to harrow out of England ALL
Baptists" that information didn't come from the KJV either Bobby!

Автор Greg Settle (4 месяца)
Chaplain (so-called) Bob Walker is much like an ostrich, as he sticks his
head in the sand when confronted with facts that don't fit his
agenda. Like King James bi-sexuality. It is an hisorical FACT! I've got
news for ALL KJVonly's God doesn't use perfect people to translate His
word.........Why? Because there are none. I can provide dozens
of historical sources that verify James sexual proclivities. The
Encyclopedia Americana described King James thusly "He disdained women and
fawned unconcionably on his favorite men" So were they in on the conspiracy
too? I'll bet the good chaplain has black helicopters circling his house
as well. 

Автор boggymark1 (3 месяца)
Acute paranoia and compulsive plagiarism are the chief reasons that
Counter-Reformation propagandists lie about the inerrant King James Bible
in Modern English, and there is no scientific basis for the failed theories
of Darwinists like Westcott and Hort. Charles Darwin was a laughingstock
across the British Empire and the United States during his own lifetime
because his silly hypotheses contradicted the integrity of the species,
none of which has ever evolved into another genus, as the inerrant King
James Bible bears record today.

Автор thelastroadrunner (1 месяц)
*Myths About the King James Bible.*
MYTH 4- “King James Bible readers are dividing the Church of Jesus Christ
because they refuse to accept the modern English Bibles.”

The King James Bible is the culmination of Reformation Bibles published in
AD1611. Since that time no scholar has ever found an error in it (except
for spelling and punctuation which did not affect doctrine). Some 270
years later a few Anglo-Catholics (Counter-Reformers) conspired to “revise”
the King James Version to update the language and correct any errors. This
following passage is from Dr Frank Logsdon who was a cofounder of the NASB
who was later led by the Lord to repent of his apostasy-

“But nevertheless, they [the Revisers who produced the Revised Version of
1881/3] didn't have enough to revise. So what are they going to do? Well,
two brilliant Cambridge scholars by the name of Dr. Hort and Dr. Westcott
had been collaborating on a new Greek text built on the Codex Sinaiticus
and the Codex Vaticanus [Roman texts known and rejected by the Church]
which they believed were the very best manuscripts, held by Rome. So they
said to the committee when they saw there wasn't enough to revise-I don't
know if they said these exact words, but they said, "We would suggest that
we bring about a new version." And they had those men pledge themselves to
secrecy that they wouldn't tell anybody about the text they were using
until after the book was out. Afraid, I guess that they would be curbed,
that the King of England or somebody would prevent them.

Twice British royalty refused to have anything to do with the 1881
revision. But at any rate it was deception to begin with. Their own text
hadn't even been published yet, hadn't stood the scrutiny of the public. So
the 1881 was built upon that. And the only fundamentalist who stayed on the
board was Dr. F.H.A. Scrivener, and before he died he felt he had to break
his promise to this group of men, and he let the world know that they took
advantage after advantage in the text. That's where we've gotten the number
of something like 5,337 deletions. [That was his count.] And he said,
"Every time I raised an objection I was voted down, and they took liberties
with God's Word." He was right there at almost every meeting, and he
revealed that to the world before he died.”

The Revisers produced their unauthorized version which was filled with
doctrinal errors and departed from the Traditional Text in thousands of
places. They used the apostate texts of Tischendorf and Westcott & Hort
instead of the thousands of manuscripts which had been researched and
accepted by the Church of Christ. According to the monumental work of Dean
Burgon, The Revision Revised, which has never been answered, Westcott &
Hort’s basis for following just two rejected manuscripts was proven to be a
lie. It was Tischendorf, Westcott & Hort who “divided the Church” by
departing from the Words of God which were clearly and irrefutably
established in the English language 270 years previous.

Anyone who follows the lead of Westcott & Hort and the other “Revisors” by
reading apostate pseudo-bibles like the NIV, NASB, ESV, RSV, WEB, NEB,
NKJV, NLT etc. Is working divisively against the Word of God because they
are departing from the KJV without cause.

Автор Earnest Stewart (4 месяца)
Great example and teaching 

Автор Corey Richard (3 месяца)
I like to read the KJV because it's what I feel God always leads me to
read. If I don't understand something, I will go to another version, or
commentary, until I get something cleared up, or have a different view
point, and then use that to allow God to lead me to the Truth of the
scripture. I use to read NIV, but since coming back to the faith, and
totally turning my life over to God, I just can't read anything else. I
don't hold anything against anyone for reading other versions (unless it's
that Message poem stuff, please get away from that) I just really feel God
move alot more in the scriptures, reading the KJV. I would recommend anyone
doing an in depth Bible study to atleast read the KJV as they go along. The
whole tone shifts, and the way things are reworded, the meaning falls flat
in some areas of the new versions. Also, all these new versions are VERY
new, whereas the KJV has been around for centuries. Wonder why? It's like
all these new vehicles. Breaking down all the time, wish I had my old
faithful back.

Автор Craig Luchin (22 дня)
One thing about being saved out of a MV, this doesn't happen. Why? Well,
MV's are from the KJB or the texts that gave it. So MV's take "the truth"
from the KJB into their own versions, and then the person is saved by "the
truth" rewritten from the KJB. But the real problem is, is that if a person
gets "saved" in a MV, he or she may think that they are "being" saved, not
"are saved", because the MV's teach salvation plus works. On top of this,
with a MV, you can prove that you must earn your salvation, with the KJB
you can not. Salvation in the KJB is always "by the blood" for salvation.
In MV's it's sometimes 'by blood' plus works. Confusing, for sure. Also,
the MV's remove around 5 to 25 times the words "by the blood" in reference
to salvation "by the blood" of Christ. But the worse thing about MV's is
that they discredit Jesus Christ as God. This is the key point I always use
when confronting other whom confess Christ, but are in MV's. Satan hates
Jesus. The MV's confirm this fact. 

Автор LaDonna Woodley (18 дней)
what a great explanation. thank you for the clear and concise reason why
the King James is the "big deal"

Автор sportsloverism (3 месяца)
if you want to grow vastly as a christian or be a real bible student you
use the king
James version

Автор arnel espena (4 месяца)
Language translation like KJV or whatever cannot make a Bible perfect. It
is the essence and the pure message of the Bible that is perfect. If
someone really wanted to learn a lot from the Bible, He or she should
consult the original language, that is study the Bible from the Greek,
Aramaic and Hebrew language. Nevertheless, Many linguistic scholars are
trying their best to produce a translation that is beyond error or
impeccable though somewhat fall short because of the dynamic of English
language as a form of communication.

Автор Mark Rupert (2 месяца)

Автор Dana W (5 месяцев)
Greg Settle is a LIAR and a false teacher. Period.

Автор Tim Ford (3 месяца)

Автор Sir Wolfgaar (4 месяца)
My understanding is that King James himself had nothing to do with the
scholarship of the KJV, he merely put his own mark on it when the men were
done with their work -- primarily to vaunt himself. I've heard a lot of
bad stuff about King Jim historically, but none of it reflects upon the
Authorized Version of the Bible that bears his insignia.

Автор Alger James (1 год)
Thank you for posting this UCAGIB

Автор H. Taek YUN (1 год)

Автор boggymark1 (4 месяца)
Just as Bloody Mary was a fanatical popish Romanist idolater, so many of
the Byzantine emperors were also ungodly tyrants. After the fall of
Constantinople, Ivan the Terrible followed their example.
For the English-speaking peoples today on the other hand, the inerrant King
James Bible is the Holy Scriptures, preserved by the LORD, in the lingua
franca of our contemporary world exactly as Koine Greek was in the days of
the Apostles.

Автор thelastroadrunner (4 месяца)
Greg Settle, an enemy of the Words of God, would have you believe that the
KJV translators considered it "bondage" (see the KJV preface) to recognise
that the KJV is the Words of God.

This is a blatant misrepresentation of what the translators were expressing
to the readers of their translation. In the Preface subsection entitled –
“Reasons inducing us not to stand curiously upon an identity of phrasing”
the KJV translators explain that they did not see the need to stand on
exact phrasing and precise wording. They said:

“...we have not tied ourselves to an uniformity of phrasing, or to an
identity of words, as some peradventure would wish that we had done,
because they observe that some learned men somewhere have been as exact as
they could that way.”

Whilst they deemed it necessary to accurately give the sense of the
original language they did not restrict themselves to the fastidious method
of translating the same original word with the same English word in every
place. They believed that such a method of translation would not be
practical and could actually have a detrimental end result:

“But that we should express the same notion in the same particular word...
that rather it would breed scorn in the atheist than bring profit to the
godly reader.”

They argued that there was no good reason to be bound to such a method of

“For is the kingdom of God become words or syllables? Why should we be in
bondage to them, if we may be free? use one precisely when we may use
another no less fit as commodiously?”

And if it was good for God to use such diversity of words in this way (in
the Hebrew and Greek) then, they argued, it was good for them too:

“... we cannot follow a better pattern for elocution than God himself;
therefore He using divers words in His holy writ, and indifferently for one
thing in nature...”

Those who hate the Word of God would have you believe that the KJV
translators didn’t think you, the readers, should be “in bondage” to their
translation, but it is clear from the context that they were discussing
their own translation method and NOT which Bible you should read.

The King James Bible IS the Words of God in the English language, complete
without error!

Автор arnel espena (4 месяца)
It is safe to say that if a person wanted to own a good English
translation, make sure that its translation should be done by a committee
of scholars more especially evangelical scholars and not done by single
individual only. Therefore, whatever translations a person has is good and
useful for edification. Whether KJV, NASB, ESV, NKJV, RSV, NRSV, or NIV
they are good and okay. 

Автор jjpetkusiii (5 месяцев)
The corrupt revisionism of Darwinists like Wescott and Hort was the epitome
of heresy and blasphemy.
Manuscript evidence already demonstrated the integrity of the infallible
King James Bible in Modern English, and the fact that no one in four
centuries has managed to verify a linguistic or historical error anywhere
in its Old or New Testament texts constitutes empirical proof of its verbal
inerrancy in the lingua franca of our world--just as Koine Greek was during
the Apostolic Era.

Автор Alger James (11 месяцев)
Dr. Sam Gipp part1 of 4

Автор Greg Settle (5 месяцев)
The KJV translators thought nothing like the foolish & uneducated KJVonly's
of today. They said in "The Translator's to the Readers"

"For is the kingdom of God to become wods of syllables? Why shoudl we be in
BONDAGE to them if we may be free, use one precisely when we may use
another no less fit, as commodiously"

Are you in bondage to words and syllables jjpetkusiii....certainly the KJV
translators warned about this very thing.....won't you reconsider your
foolish attitude twds this wonderful, venerable translation!

Автор boggymark1 (2 месяца)
Pontius Pilate, who wrote the death warrant of the Jesus of Nazareth, said
that he found "no fault" in the only-begotten Son of God according to the
infallible Holy Scriptures in any language as the inerrant King James Bible
bears record in fully legible English, but illiterate cyber frauds,
neo-Nazi plagiarists and atheist liars still slander Him as a "criminal"
today. The Lord Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of my faith. εν ω
εχομεν την απολυτρωσιν δια του αιματος αυτου την αφεσιν των αμαρτιων In
the infallible King James Bible, that Koine Greek text reads, "In whom we
have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins" (Col. 1:14

Автор Greg Settle (3 месяца)
Roadrunner I wouldn't bring up baptism if I were you. The KJV translators
REFUSED to translate the Greek word for Baptism, instead choosing to
"transliterate" it! Meaning they just spelled it out in English. If they
had translated it, it would have conflicted with their Catholic/Anglican
practice of sprinkling instead of baptism. They did the same thing with
"Deacon" which should have been translated "servant" instead of the high
office as the Catholics & Anglicans practice it! The FACT that the Roman
Catholic Apocrypha was contained in the AV1611 is undeniable proof of
Catholic influence. But I know you don't care about facts, because you have
been "bewitched" by uneducated KJVonly's!

Автор boggymark1 (5 месяцев)
The LORD preserves the Holy Scriptures, not "the original autographs" or
the "oldest manuscripts." A dollar bill that was printed yesterday is worth
more than counterfeit ten-pound notes from a century ago, and the "critical
text" is based on Alexandrian corruptions that were rejected by the
majority of Christians who had not fallen into apostasy over the centuries.
Like jesuitical frauds, Westcott, Hort, Aland and White have all pushed
phony "bibles" unlike the inerrant King James Bible today.

Автор curiousonlooker042 (4 месяца)
Does anyone know what college they are at?

Автор MrSaMuRaNGx (1 месяц)
Excellent presentation.

Автор alexmcginness (4 месяца)
Ruckman in all his prolific writings has not told us specifically where the
“final, absolute, written authority of God” was between the time the
original manuscripts passed off the scene and 1611. To believe in the KJV
as the final authority would actually mean that the original manuscripts
were not the final authority, because a true final authority can never be
replaced. to designate the KJV as the final absolute authority is to demean
the original manuscripts and the sources the KJV translators used in their
translation.Ruckman invented the "Alexandrian Cult" fantasy.

Ruckman demands a final authority that “anyone can read, teach, preach, or
handle.” Therefore, by default everyone since the era in which the
originals passed off the scene until people began to believe the KJV was
the absolute authority would also have to be members of the Alexandrian
Cult to remain consistent. Ruckman is clearly uncomfortable with the
question of final authority for other languages before 1611

Автор jjpetkusiii (5 месяцев)
αγιασον αυτους εν τη αληθεια σου ο λογος ο σος αληθεια εστιν Translated
flawlessly into the perfect English of the inerrant King James Bible, those
ancient and Koine Greek words of the Lord Jesus Christ read: "Sanctify them
through thy truth: thy word is truth" (John 17:17). Both the accuracy and
the clarity of the infallible King James Bible are unrivaled in any modern

Автор jjpetkusiii (5 месяцев)
It was translated into Modern English, dolt.

Автор Greg Settle (5 месяцев)
Easter and Lucifer are clear mistakes. Also, often the Textus Receptus has
readings that are found in NO Greek manuscript in the ENTIRE world!
KJVonly's would be vastly better to follow the Majority Text, bc at least
its readings have manuscript support! Your contention is simply silly on
its face!

Автор WCOFTheology (5 месяцев)
Did you ever think that maybe I am not putting any effort into arguing, did
you even consider the fact that I am tired of putting intelligent arguments
out there to people like you who do nothing but trample it under foot? Did
you even think that maybe you have not asked an intelligent question for me
to even respond with an intelligent answer?

Автор WCOFTheology (5 месяцев)
You follow the philosophy of HUMANISM and it will land you in hell!

Автор jjpetkusiii (5 месяцев)
Internationally renowned for its accuracy, the Authorized Version of the
Holy Bible (KJV) preserves the entire Old Testament and complete New
Testament in exemplary English, which were translated flawlessly into our
common language during its Golden Age. For the English-speaking peoples,
the King James Bible is the final authority in all matters because it is
the Holy Scriptures, given by inspiration, inerrant, infallible, and
preserved in English, which is the lingua franca of our world today.

Автор WCOFTheology (5 месяцев)
So what's wrong with wanting a criminals death, I want criminals who
deserve the death penalty put to death. David wanted his and God's enemies
dead, was David blood thirsty?

Автор jjpetkusiii (5 месяцев)
τεξεται δε υιον και καλεσεις το ονομα αυτου ιησουν αυτος γαρ σωσει τον λαον
αυτου απο των αμαρτιων αυτων Translated perfectly into exemplary English,
that Koine Greek text reads, "And she shall bring forth a son and thou
shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins"
(Matthew 1:21). No one in 400 years has ever proven any linguistic or
historical fact that refutes the plenary verbal inerrancy of the King James
Bible in the lingua franca of the contemporary world.

Автор jjpetkusiii (5 месяцев)
No, you are wrong again, and as edwardpf123, "There is no list of errors in
the KJB, except in your own warped mind. "You can't prove a single error."
μη θαυμασης οτι ειπον σοι δει υμας γεννηθηναι ανωθεν Translated into in the
inerrant King James Bible, those ancient Greek words of the Lord Jesus
Christ read: "Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again"
(John 3:7). By the way, where will you spend eternity according to the
infallible Holy Scriptures in any language?

Автор WCOFTheology (5 месяцев)
I have NO fear of your lord, for I serve and answer to the REAL LORD and
God of the Scriptures.

Автор jjpetkusiii (5 месяцев)
No, liar. "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the
churches" (Rev. 3:22). και το πνευμα και η νυμφη λεγουσιν ελθε και ο ακουων
ειπατω ελθε και ο διψων ελθετω και ο θελων λαμβανετω το υδωρ ζωης δωρεαν
Translated perfectly into the inerrant King James Bible, that Koine Greek
text reads: "And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that
heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will,
let him take the water of life freely" (Rev. 22:17).

Автор rdftreeman (5 месяцев)
Address the argument and provide proof that pas ho pisteuoon should be
translated into whosoever

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