Pro Tip: How to lift a Motorcycle

In a recent video I was dropping my bike and lifting it a lot. I received plenty of comments and emails about my poor technique when lifting the bike. "OMG your spine is going to turn into a slinky!" So this video is to set the record straight. I really do know and understand the proper way to lift a fallen motorcycle. I'm posting this to help new riders learn how to handle the situation.

I've heard people say, "I don't dare get the bike I want because if I drop it I won't be able to pick it up." Well friends HalfThrottle is here to remind you that with enough profanity anyone can lift any motorcycle big or small.

If you missed the video when I kicked the bike over check it out:

Here is the uncensored version of this video:
Coming soon.

Here is the video of me dropping and lifting the bike over and over:

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Автор Shadoufang ( назад)
:'DD Ahahaha! "with enough profanity"!

Автор Free WiFi (4all) ( назад)
one leg near the stand (on the bike) and hold the handle and just pull it
up!!! that would be easy

Автор Gary Brubacher ( назад)

Автор Shane Dooley ( назад)
had you gone lower down the seat ul lift it in two moves

Автор Yudstea Rus ( назад)

Автор sammy wright ( назад)
Count to 3 before you lift. If that doesn't work, try counting to 5.

Автор Abhilash Devade ( назад)
hahahahahahahhahhaha lol

Автор Gabriel Felipe Moreno Sánchez ( назад)
It was fun but it's obvious you have no idea how to pick up a fallen

Автор Perry Farewell ( назад)
That was great i laughed for ten minutes , scrutom grabbing, snake licking

Автор john raschilla ( назад)
LMAO this is almost exactually what happened to me until I Had. Watched a
Number of How to on this Topic, it wasn't until I LOCKED MY ARMS at the
full length, And Since it was down on the Kick Stand Side I made sure My
Right leg would be able to adjust the kickstand as soon as the Bike Was up
enough. It was so easy once I understood the Power of the Legs vs trying to
Pull with my Arms, hence the locking of them.

Автор Mar Par ( назад)
thanks a lot for the funny moment hilarious I have to do it myself once and
its a pain in the tush

Автор Official Phangirl #20092022 ( назад)

Автор Neal Chagaris ( назад)
awesome love the video. lmao

Автор aaassdadwdsa so long!!! ( назад)
*Pro tip*

Автор Noah Buckley ( назад)
ha ha ha

Автор SEAN CRONIN ( назад)
Terrific. Refreshing break from usual bike vids.

Автор DubSide369 ( назад)
Well done.

Автор Jorge Téllez ( назад)
You'r such a pussy.

Check a girl lifting a heavier harley


Автор 2Wheels ( назад)
Realistic. In most videos they pick the fallen bike up like a charm. I
tried with my Guzzi and it does not work. I am not a weightlifter and that
is what it takes. I weight less than 70 kg and the bike more than 250 kg.

Автор Bent wheel ( назад)
thats funny stuff.... bleeping out Harley Davidson as well...made me

Автор Jujag Themag ( назад)
Dude that was the best

Автор Terry Horlick ( назад)
Best thing I've seen in a long time. First I saw the kick over video then
this one. I once had to pick up my Yamaha FJ1200, it wasn't as easy as you
show because I don't know enough profanity! I'm 62 yrs. old and looking to
buy my first dual sport bike. Trying to land a 1975 Honda XL350, after
seeing this, maybe I should be looking for a 250!

For your next video I would love to see you pick this bike up near the top
of a steep sandy hill. I want to learn how before I have to do that,
perhaps you could post a vocabulary tutorial?


Автор Murad Man ( назад)
turn off the fucking enginer would be the first thing

Автор Thumper Junkie ( назад)
I remember when my KLR fell over, not sure how or why but I just managed to
lift it up from the bars...

Автор onhawaii ( назад)
LOL, ROFL.....
Had no breakfast??

Автор Jim Tabor ( назад)
Now that is pretty goddamn funny, I don't care what anyone says......

Автор Randy Stachelrodt ( назад)
Lifting your bike starts in the gym, apparently.

Автор Bob Sullivan ( назад)
"Hey ya big bastard, come here! Ya, you. Give ya 5 bucks ta lift this fer
me." That's how I do it...

Автор Chris Ryburn ( назад)
Funniest thing I've seen for ages. You're brilliant, keep up the 'useless'

Автор squigee62090 ( назад)
Funniest video I've watched in a long time. Definitely was not expecting

Автор roshan shetty ( назад)

Автор Litto Vega ( назад)
HA..HA...HA...call AAA...HA...HA...This guy is hilarious . I wonder how he
will pick up a riding lawn mower..HA..HA...!!

Автор Giovanni ( назад)
best followup

Автор Tammie Satterfield ( назад)

Автор learn to code ( назад)
Dooode, what you doin to that bike in the end? That lookes near illegal!

Автор Jeff Holmes ( назад)
Im 62 and that's about the way it goes for me. only with heart attack

Автор 1акк ( назад)
придурок сел на мот и подымает вместе со своей сракой 

Автор MrNorcal06warrior ( назад)
Dude, you're fuckin awesome

Автор Shanana Bowser ( назад)
You should use your left hand to pull back and lock the brake as you lift.
If your bike has fallen on the other side, maybe tie a handkerchief or
string to lock the front brake handle so to keep the front wheels from
sliding. Cheers!

Автор JakelaWeeze ( назад)
He doesn't squat Lol

Автор Ken Hanson ( назад)
I haven't heard anyone use the term hornswoggeler since my grandfather died
in 1964! Thanks for making my day, I haven't had a laugh that good for some

Автор PowerSports ( назад)
Awesome! Love how you pretend the bike is too heavy. Good lolz.

Автор KathrynLiz1 ( назад)
My Honda weighs about 450lbs with gas, and I can lift it fairly easily
using this method. I'm 72 years old, 5' 7" and not as strong as I was 40
years ago, so learning this method was a godsend for me. It works... :-)

Автор tendertears2001 ( назад)
That was freakin hilarious! When all else fails, use profanity. I dropped
mine twice, lucky its not overly heavy. 

Автор Young Park ( назад)
LoL Thumbs up instructor! This is one of the best video I have ever seen on

Автор Adam Piskorek ( назад)
try it with honda gtx 1500

Автор Ninjette ( назад)
I laughed. Thanks! I'm having a hard time finding demos of sport bikes
downed on the low side... with out propping on the muffler or saddle bags.

Автор DirtyOldMountainGoat ( назад)
Oh, I have soooo been there with the R1200GS

Автор Alex Thomas ( назад)
I don't think he put it into gear, looks like the back tire was rolling
back a bit when he was lifting his bike.

Автор Pablo Lopez ( назад)

Автор ömer cenk akpınar (106 лет назад)
:)))thank you, maybe it goes pregnant

Автор Jim Rose House ( назад)
LOL - Too Funny

Автор talknottome ( назад)
nice to see you demonstrate it is not always possible to lift it on your
own, even with the correct technique. :-)

Автор skrome88 ( назад)

Автор KathrynLiz1 ( назад)
Doesn't look like a very heavy bike either!... LOL

Автор Rob Kwalheim ( назад)
Very funny!

Автор RL Longcrier ( назад)
OMG bwahahhahahahaha I can`t breath,thats freaking funny....

Автор Charlie C. ( назад)
plus, sorry mate, but you are a total weakling -cannot lift a wnakers bike
up like that hahaha

Автор Charlie C. ( назад)
yeah good, but this only works if the bike is not lying completely flat

Автор Jim Ballard ( назад)
HAHAHA very humorous!

Автор Wagner casotto ( назад)

Автор GSRIDER ( назад)
great clip, worth a subscription.

Автор Derek Olsen ( назад)
Funniest you tube clip in months

Автор Lake DualSport ( назад)
I laughed at this video almost as much as your KLR falling down a lot
video. Good Job!

Автор Jason Seiler ( назад)
You had me at 'Turkey Dicked"

Автор Sam ( назад)
hmmm that's very easy.... thank you. ;).

Автор ElitePreacher ( назад)
Das wah I dos sqaddz

Автор Quentyn73 ( назад)
Lol, o like the profanity joke. It's true.

Автор Keefe Borden ( назад)
Well done. Very funny.

Автор Calvin Silverbow ( назад)
Very Funny!

Автор Wolf ( назад)

Автор The Opinion of Matt ( назад)
Great follow up video.

Автор Knives and Motorcycles ( назад)

Автор Chantel Telfer ( назад)
This makes me laugh so hard...I've done this way too many times :P 

Автор Ronald Kubicki ( назад)
good stuff

Автор man tron ( назад)
lol cool vids 

Автор alec sidle ( назад)
"with enough profanity, you can accomplish anything" brilliant!

Автор Brett Halliday ( назад)
too funny... had me cackling all the way 

Автор emilekk25 ( назад)
CIULA ... 

Автор Marcio SS ( назад)
Pretty cool channel!! You´re very funny!! Subscribed!! Regards!

Автор Roadified ( назад)
Ahaha, loved it.

Автор eam33380 ( назад)
I think I just came across it at random while I was looking for dual sport
motorcycle videos.

Автор John Grammaticus ( назад)
Obviously I've seen this vid a long time ago but only now I've noticed -
did you bleep out Harley Davidson? Bloody brilliant.

Автор Wings of Eagles ( назад)
One of your videos is on the popular video list on the Youtube homepage.
And its summer time :O yay :P

Автор Anthraxx310 ( назад)
ahhahahahah the ending 

Автор DoubleYouPee ( назад)
You can check where it was embedded when you click on the statistics button

Автор Showmethosevideos ( назад)
it was also posted on a dutch motorcycle site,

Автор halfthrottle ( назад)
Can you PM me the link? I enjoy reading the threads where my videos show

Автор xSlammedx1971xC10x ( назад)
Do you even lift?! Lol

Автор Gary B ( назад)
Good reason to have a kick stand on both sides.❓

Автор XmackattackX ( назад)
how much does the bike weight? and are you just "foolin around"

Автор eformance ( назад)
It helps of you're not shorter than the bike :)

Автор jakkrit yeewer ( назад)

Автор Robert Shaffer ( назад)
Sumbish that was funny! I swear I nearly soiled meself!

Автор FunkyCoMoD ( назад)
That's funny shit man thanks

Автор Jose Alcazar ( назад)
Soooo funny

Автор 100GTAGUY ( назад)
I don't regret finding your channel and subbing a minute ago! Looking
forward to more. 

Автор halfthrottle ( назад)
This vid seems to be getting a lot of attention lately. Was it embed on a
forum somewhere?

Автор mati repistero ( назад)
jajaj que pelotudo xD 

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