Pro Tip: How to lift a Motorcycle

In a recent video I was dropping my bike and lifting it a lot. I received plenty of comments and emails about my poor technique when lifting the bike. "OMG your spine is going to turn into a slinky!" So this video is to set the record straight. I really do know and understand the proper way to lift a fallen motorcycle. I'm posting this to help new riders learn how to handle the situation.

I've heard people say, "I don't dare get the bike I want because if I drop it I won't be able to pick it up." Well friends HalfThrottle is here to remind you that with enough profanity anyone can lift any motorcycle big or small.

If you missed the video when I kicked the bike over check it out:

Here is the uncensored version of this video:
Coming soon.

Here is the video of me dropping and lifting the bike over and over:

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Автор Wagner casotto (12 дней)

Автор Lake DualSport (3 месяца)
I laughed at this video almost as much as your KLR falling down a lot
video. Good Job!

Автор Derek Olsen (2 месяца)
Funniest you tube clip in months

Автор Jason Seiler (3 месяца)
You had me at 'Turkey Dicked"

Автор Sam (5 месяцев)
hmmm that's very easy.... thank you. ;).

Автор Ben007 (1 месяц)
great clip, worth a subscription.

Автор Jim Bocko (8 месяцев)
Pro Tip: How to lift a Motorcycle. via halfthrottle

Автор Ryan Grassley (2 года)
Remember riders, with enough profanity you can accomplish anything.

Автор Robert Roy (11 месяцев)

Автор Justin Stewart (1 год)
lmao, good videos!

Автор MadStu (2 года)
That's how I pick mine up too!

Автор The Opinion of Matt (9 месяцев)
Great follow up video.

Автор j0rzeh (2 года)
You're going to be super famous on youtube, You freaking rock and you're
super funny.

Автор Chris Morris (11 месяцев)
after this he made love to it

Автор Keefe Borden (8 месяцев)
Well done. Very funny.

Автор man tron (10 месяцев)
lol cool vids

Автор Daniel Urieta (2 года)
ahahaha eso te pasa por patearla xD, se le salio toda la gasolina xDD

Автор Quentyn73 (7 месяцев)
Lol, o like the profanity joke. It's true.

Автор rossiroy2 (1 год)

Автор Showmethosevideos (11 месяцев)
it was also posted on a dutch motorcycle site,

Автор lordmagicpants (2 года)
put it in neutral, crank the handlebars towards you, and push it up and
back, while rolling the bike backwards. keep your hand on the front brake
so it doesn't roll when she's on her feet.

Автор halfthrottle (2 года)
None of the words I bleep are curse words.

Автор ronald l smith (1 год)
ive been lucky ive only had to pick my 2010 gl 1800 up twice man thats a
heavy ass bike being im only a 155lbs an with my wife on the back i couldnt
hold it,but there is a special way to lift this bike...

Автор Robert Shaffer (11 месяцев)
Sumbish that was funny! I swear I nearly soiled meself!

Автор ServSwitch (2 года)
That was quite the pair of videos. You're a funny guy Ryan.

Автор kary1982v6 (2 года)
you made my day.. it is a good thing no one else was at my work yet because
I was busting a gut...

Автор creamyfilling102 (2 года)
why'd you bleep out "junk" at 1:30? that's not a curse word

Автор Brett Halliday (10 месяцев)
too funny... had me cackling all the way

Автор mati repistero (11 месяцев)
jajaj que pelotudo xD

Автор halfthrottle (11 месяцев)
Can you PM me the link? I enjoy reading the threads where my videos show up.

Автор kwill69058 (2 года)
So funny ! But, its a pig of a bike.

Автор Ronald Kubicki (10 месяцев)
good stuff

Автор paul pilgrim (2 года)
LOL x 10! You are too funny halfthrottle. i can't seem to remember having
such a hard time time with my XR650L bikes(I've had 3 of them). There was
one time i had to have help, when i rode into a mud hole and was buried
half way down in thick mud. Had an early version of the KLR 650 once, i
knicknamed the KILLER 650. It was the most ill handling bike i've ever
owned, darned near killed me when i tried jumping some whoops. Sold that
thing right away and got an XL600R, much-much better handling.

Автор rebelyell91 (2 года)
Lol amen, with enough profanity :)

Автор Cottonrocket (9 месяцев)

Автор 100GTAGUY (11 месяцев)
I don't regret finding your channel and subbing a minute ago! Looking
forward to more.

Автор halfthrottle (1 год)
Wow thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. Comments like this really give
me the motivation to keep doing what I do.

Автор ariesmontufar (1 год)
Great video. I enjoyed to much, very funny! and it remerbers me trying to
pick up my bike

Автор МѦZ!ЁГЙѤЖ! (1 год)
liked and favorited :D

Автор Brosephsride (11 месяцев)

Автор emilekk25 (10 месяцев)

Автор David Smith (1 год)
I don't know how you got your bike off the ground on your Vulcan Baru
adventure. I was wondering if you edited out the cursing. I guess this
video answers my question. LOL

Автор robertwillmer (2 года)
Dude, do what I do. Start it on the floor then donut it till your back on
two wheels

Автор Dan Moto (2 года)
that was so funny, loved it :D

Автор Ryan Wiss (11 месяцев)
haha did i hear a you mother fucking cock sucker in there??

Автор rtodahl01 (2 года)
THAT! is why I sold my KLR and bought a WR250R, then later bought an even
lighter bike TE449

Автор cash storeone (2 года)
I remember the first time I dropped my KLR. I tried the leg method that you
showed and did not do well. I ended up grabbing the handlebars and power
lifted it. Gas was spewing out of the tank the whole time. I almost swore.

Автор davidshackford (2 года)
OMG... You are wayyyyyyyy to funny...

Автор snooppinky (2 года)
So funny!

Автор Nebu oO (11 месяцев)

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