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Автор permpatriot p ( назад)
If u listen niger music u are pis of shit, and inside of tour head is shit.
Russian guy

Автор Anthony Coulter ( назад)
yo everyone rocco mane was filming this he is the guy with the camera what
u dont no is he got aids from this now he is as skinny as a broomstick he
looks a right mess" so ladies be carefull of rocco mane

Автор YGBLAZE 4'z ( назад)
DENVA LANE BLOODS HOOD , this crenshaw mafia thO WHKOOP

Автор Chris Edwards ( назад)
I love prostitutes

Автор Jaime ( назад)
Lmao!!! I see them all the time when I'm on my way to the 24 hour
dispensary.... 😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Jay LA Vlogs ( назад)
I'm tryna pick me up a Snow White doe

Автор Onus News Service ( назад)
480 ? yuck

Автор Mauricio Guzman ( назад)
fuck that

Автор Lambochaser ( назад)
they're getting younger and younger lol

Автор GOTTAHAVEIT Money ( назад)
this is the ghettos of LA an it stills beat any other ghettos it middle
class bitches

Автор Dell Jr ( назад)
The one in the short, denim shorts walking has a nice ass, Id put that on
video for sure.

Автор Dell Jr ( назад)
What song is that?

Автор gustavus bonner ( назад)
dang so sexy I give 20 dollars for some sex

Автор Keiron Bomont (784 года назад)
That aint shyt breh go to da bayarea the pimps be 13 years old pushin brand
new benzes the hoes younger then this and way way more

Автор Sean SHABAZZ ( назад)
I bet they Learnt with Kendrick lamar

Автор Avishai David ( назад)
Niggers I hate them bring back the Kkk

Автор Mario Guzman ( назад)
Free sex number 2093549415

Автор Danny ( назад)
Very Disturbing SMH!

Автор Kunaqq ( назад)
Sube mas videos de estos.

Автор dias surya ( назад)
what the fuck..

Автор 天子 ( назад)
where are the bombshells at?

Автор Peter Tiger chilli ( назад)
Shit G any got a $25 I want a BJ off those chocolate cuties

Автор cvelizh ( назад)
43rd st. and Hoover st. (;
From Fugueroa st to King Blvd. Vernon to Hoover then go up to King blvd (;
40 st. 42nd st. 43rd st. (; worst streets in the night

Автор LobsterRoc ( назад)
That area is home to the Denver Lane Bloods. i used to live in those
apartments next to the motel, in the early, mid 2000's.

Автор MrXchrisx35 ( назад)
those be my apartments tho.

Автор George Gehlbach ( назад)
I am against illegal drugs. I am against prostitution. If you agree, Please
read disqus.com/home/user/georgegehlbach Thank you, George

Автор adrian jurado ( назад)
ya but the bar cant come

Автор DBoy0113 ( назад)
I'd buy

Автор rocco mane ( назад)
Big L 

Автор Sheen platinumHD ( назад)
That's my hood kinda well I live on ruthelen st. Next to st Andrews park 

Автор raiderflea ( назад)
Come caca
And Die

Автор johnny fleming ( назад)
Those are hoes?? I thought they was some mentality challenged extra lazy

Автор tommyBatts1 ( назад)
I would definetely hit that...

Автор jeri alcantara ( назад)
Smh that place is scary

Автор raiderflea ( назад)

Автор chivas1mexico1 ( назад)
My Hood ! 

Автор Xavier Miango ( назад)
I came up in the eighties we didn't call that street Figueroa we called it
fig a hoe

Автор Lecco ( назад)
They look lovely, I'm gonna get a flight over and fuck them 

Автор populargamingexpert1 ( назад)
theres hos on the street i used to live in wait which part of figouroa st

Автор Romane Roberts ( назад)
some Gta San Andreas shit

Автор C0m0rat ( назад)
FIGUEROA??? You're lucky half those bitches didnt have dicks,

Автор joserg190 ( назад)

Автор The Real McFly ( назад)
I'm a true hip hop head you ain't gotta tell me that I already know.

Автор Brian Sanchez ( назад)

Автор JoeyandVirgilio Finito ( назад)
No no no no. You go shoot yourself you trench coat mafia faggots. Hahahaha
my brother said you remind him of a man that can't fight. hehehehe xD *The
Finito Brothers*

Автор steve va ( назад)
Go shoot yourself wetback nigger wannabe

Автор Barack Deisel ( назад)
They look like trash... oh wait.

Автор zebrazxx ( назад)
Give an idot a camera...

Автор JoeyandVirgilio Finito ( назад)
Go cut yourself emo trash!

Автор GangstaSlimjim ( назад)
and i bet u took that broke down ho to the mo lol

Автор Jeremiah makaveli ( назад)
All i see is black girls walking and this dude is saying they are
prostitutes lol

Автор bon com ( назад)
I’d like to learn how to seduce women. My good friend has begun seeing a 10
mainly because 8 weeks back he joined a website named Master Attraction
(Google it if you desire to learn how.) I’m envious since I wish to fall in
love as well. I’m gonna take a peek at this Jake Ayres guy’s emails and
check out if it can help someone like me. Odd point is, my friend
previously had Zero results with girls. How does one improve so rapidly?
His lady’s a fucking model!

Автор steve va ( назад)
Easy to hide behind that computer screen huh punk.

Автор leonanthonyphotos ( назад)
this is nothing compared to what goes on in Hollywood. At sunset blvd and
Hobart. At 4 in the morning. I use to live on 41st. And Fig. I just put
this video up to see if it would get a million views. Just a regular day in
south Los Angeles. 

Автор Jeff B (superpipoy) ( назад)
My chubby nephew was able to make the most beautiful pole dancer there is
in my town fall for him because he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I
wish I was pleased for him but I wish an eye-catching individual would fall
for me. I am exceptionally green with envy. Does that make me a terrible
human being?

Автор One4TheCause88 ( назад)
Fuck off toad.

Автор sleepy eyes ( назад)
you guys are fuckin corny

Автор Badass 40s ( назад)
but their biggest clientele are white guys Hahahaha!

Автор LEVELL ZARATE ( назад)
why does everthing go to race??????????/

Автор cougarfighting ( назад)
Dallas Texas is worse than this? ....Really?

Автор Robert Francis ( назад)
big L

Автор Darrel Butler ( назад)
nice music

Автор Carlos Clayton ( назад)
It is so damn tacky to see hoes wearing flip flops. lol

Автор Andre Jackson ( назад)
Black woman is the best looking women

Автор Andre Jackson ( назад)
I don't like Hooker's I don't hate them I don't care I just stay away

Автор martha schrader ( назад)

Автор TheSpidermec ( назад)
related to it, in my videos, went to see Piéger par des connardes

Автор luvbig41 ( назад)
You dumb fuck. Your first statement makes no sense. It doesn't answer my
question. As usual dumb fucks like you always go off the topic of
conversation. AND no I have a good size dick. I never had to pay for sex.
Been getting pussy since ninth grade. Never had to pay for it. I have also
fucked other men's wives. Cheating Wives give it up for FREE.

Автор gsactotube ( назад)
dumb fuck? that must explain why your on this page as well....no, you were
probably getting information for your thesis on prostitutes...I think YOU
are about as dumb as it gets...and I am willing to bet you have paid for

Автор luvbig41 ( назад)

Автор luvbig41 ( назад)
You're an idiot.

Автор luvbig41 ( назад)
Yea like white hookers better? Take a look at the hookers in OKC. You dumb

Автор Epic trailers ( назад)
tump up if you think this guy making this videos will be dead soon

Автор Freddo Reilly ( назад)

Автор seliskososelfish ( назад)
i bet your poor as hell living with your mom. Probably sell corn with mayo

Автор michael loflin ( назад)
the worst place in this country for prostitution is
..................DALLAS, TEXAS

Автор x4disaster ( назад)

Автор Rita Robinson ( назад)
you sir are an ass

Автор luvdomus ( назад)
How much do these ladies charge? Not that I'm really interested in taking
my life in my hands to sample their services.

Автор lipstick4eva ( назад)
Nice posture they walk like models must bring in the big Dollars Lol 

Автор gsactotube ( назад)
black hookers are nasty

Автор mykylc ( назад)
Navarro's Mexican Food known for it's hookers. LOL

Автор bjay59 ( назад)
Can somebody tell me who is the Rap Artist whose rap number is at the end
of the this video?. Is this from an album or what ?

Автор Paul Cenac ( назад)
OBowMao NoCare 'Navigators'.....

Автор Robert Bales ( назад)
I agree

Автор steve va ( назад)
god damn nigger music gives me a headache------dumb assed wiggers

Автор cHiHaNi aYmen ( назад)
I read most of the observations. I just think this is a useful video. My
younger brother would like to become amazing with females. He began to
understand alot from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The advice about
attracting women in clubs from Master Attraction got him his first sexual
encounters in more than 2 long yrs. I have been pissed however on the
grounds that I heard them all. Awful.

Автор Funk Mobb Mack ( назад)
Haha zagg from siccmade!

Автор Bulldog ( назад)
Zig zag bumpin

Автор Rocky Rocky ( назад)
I've scanned some of the posts but I really think that's a respectable
video clip. My cousin would like to get the best with gals. He was taught
alot from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on
picking up girls.) The guidance for attracting chicks at night clubs in
those emails from that site gave got him his first lays in around 3 years.
I'm annoyed however coz I heard them all. Grrrr.

Автор iluminatiytu ( назад)
Legalize it and let these women make money to support their families.

Автор duplicitous little weasel ( назад)
Those whores look like they could use an assfucking. 

Автор christian ( назад)

Автор machias Houlton ( назад)
Are those real women?

Автор MarCusDynasty ( назад)
whats the first song called??

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