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Hello everybody! It won't be an exaggeration to say that Japan is a truly unique country. Amazingly, ancient traditions and modern technology live together and many old customs are just as important as modern ones. That's why we gathered 20 interesting facts about Japan which you probably didn't know.

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Автор Joe Shmoe ( назад)
When I was in 3rd grade in the early 1970's I had a teacher who gave each child in class an assignment. Write a report on how Christmas was celebrated in other countries. I got Japan. I spent weeks trying to find information at different libraries on this subject to no avail. The teacher kept telling me that I wasn't trying hard enough. It drove me crazy. Every library had no information. I wrote a report about Japanese customs, their calendar etc...but my teacher gave me an F because the report was supposed to be about Christmas. It wasn't until years later that I realized that all of Japan worshipped their emperor until 1945 and 1970 was only 25 years later. How the hell were there any Christians at all in Japan? Basically this dumb ass teacher was punishing me for her stupidity.

Автор Herman Hermitz ( назад)
Dolphin is the BEST tasting fish there is. It is very expensive though especially the so called Shinjuku type or the very smart one; that is, the one that makes that typical dophin sound and does all kind of tricks when the fishermen try to catch it.

Автор chris cruz ( назад)
pls update the info

Автор 500302 ( назад)
God I hate Japan 🗾

Автор dicko ( назад)
japans tradition is torturing uk/us soldiers starving and stabbing them in the arse, japs are total f#*king A holes

Автор Darren Swift ( назад)
So they're kinda OCDed out in Japan. The women are kinda cute but I guess I'll skip visiting.

Автор Life Saver ( назад)
again free car bastards ad...

Автор Hudson Sakai ( назад)
well if i met a Japanese gangsters i will shiw them the number 4 so they will be scared

Автор American Dad ( назад)
Another " little shared fact " is the amount of radiation coming out of Fukushima and poisoning the oceans of the world !!

Автор daddyrichten ( назад)
I'm so tired of my Japanese wife's bad luck list. It's bad luck to wear shoes in the house, bad luck to stand your chopsticks up in your food, bad luck to leave garbage in the can, etc, and I have to live by these superstitions despite not being Japanese, otherwise, she goes bat shit.

Автор AKSHAY SHINDE ( назад)

Автор Jacob Baez ( назад)
about the women hands they are so wrong, women's hands are always cold as ice
women sirculation is way slower than men.

Автор hanlin rann ( назад)
much ado about strange stuff, and less of the lines of crumpet!

Автор metals ( назад)
For all you Japanese please ask your government to stop with the "scientific argument" for killing whales. No one in the rest of the world believes this idiotic premise. And then just stop killing them,,,,.....and please, please don't tell me it is 'tradition'. So was slavery, but for the most part we figured out that was wrong.

Автор radwizard ( назад)
Ichi Ni San Shi? Shi sounds like the word Dead?

Автор han666 ( назад)
The first image of an old man is actually that of a Hong Kong actor. Not from Japan!

Автор Fabio Hernandez ( назад)
Without Christ you don't amount to a hill of beans

Автор tony G ( назад)
338my new job japan beutiful eagle

Автор Raymond Wockner ( назад)
where are the tits

Автор michael ant ( назад)
i want to do some japanese women😍

Автор Himyar 19th truth ( назад)
damn why the hell do they have to eat dolphins assholes

Автор GodsIlluminatedOne ( назад)

Автор Kelly Medley ( назад)
Can I fart in the subway?

Автор Kelly Medley ( назад)
Eating dolphins is like being a cannibal.

Автор Kelly Medley ( назад)
How comet you picked a picture for your thumbnailed that had nothing to do with any of your topics, just a bunch of half naked females that look about 12 yrs old?

Автор Herman Andrews ( назад)
1. It's radioactive.

Автор Ian Ma ( назад)
Title says 15 facts, narrator says 18, description says 20.

Автор jannik neuwirth ( назад)
eating whales and dolphins is shit.

Автор George Fell ( назад)
I think all Asian women are hot; Chinese, Tai, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Filipino's etc.

Автор agg adfgawdgv ( назад)
Japanese women are hot.

Автор Z Ross ( назад)
No thanks.

Автор Anthony Clark ( назад)
Square watermelons!

Автор Realistic Clear mind ( назад)
Japan is a amazing and a very crazy country in one.

Автор FixedByDoc Homesteading ( назад)
i knew 4 was my favorite number for a reason ! ! !

Автор FixedByDoc Homesteading ( назад)
it sounds like they have a lot of retarded shit going on over there!

Автор George Fell ( назад)
Japanese chicks are fucking hot. Small breast sure, crooked teeth-not all, but they have really nice firm round butts.

Автор Sibe joh ( назад)
why is it allowed for male boys to harass girls on the train

Автор Knight 77 ( назад)
"FACTS" yeah of course.

Автор Outback Al ( назад)
Go visit this amazing country you say?.....nagh....trying not to become irradiated. (Fukushima)

Автор epSos.de ( назад)
Japan is great in Anime and Asian food. It's a good place to discover high quality things in Asia.

Автор etilaH Halite ( назад)
Fukushima reaktor ?

Автор Benjámin Kurilla ( назад)
- Japan is the only country in the world with an Emperor as head of state.
- The 9th article of the Constitution of Japan forbids maintaining an army on land, sea and air. Therefore Japan doesn't have an army, but instead it has "Self Defense Force" which is virtually the same.
- The Constitution of Japan was adopted in 1947 and no changes were made to it ever since. That would be impossibly hard anyway.
- The Japanese people are using the eastern name order. Which means in Japan first comes family name, followed by the given name.

Автор Jmichael Isbell ( назад)
I wonder if these factoids are still true. You can spend your life there, born there and yet, if your "blood" is not Japanese, you can NEVER be a citizen? And if you have the right blood, you can be born and raised anywhere in the world, not speak a word of Japanese, and go there and get citizenship? I guess that goes along with the presented fact about how they see blood. Re. the eating of Dolphin, they even slaughter them after herding them into coves--their way of saying "thank you" for leading them to tuna.

Автор Darwin Perez ( назад)
pls say... "welcome to draw with jazza... Im jazza"

Автор Bill Sanders ( назад)
Japan makes the best porn. Very naughty and creative.

Автор leonard bullhock ( назад)
Another cool thing about Japan is they don't open their doors to third world dregs.

Автор Cody Choi ( назад)
Let's not forget. Japanese people and it's leader visits and pays their respect to War criminals at Yasukuni Shrine annually. Most Japanese people believe it was lack of arms and power that led japan to lose war against United states. That Nanjing massacre of 300,000 innocent people being raped and killed in most horrifying way never happened.
Europe had Hitler. Japan had Dojo Hideki and 10 or more other class A war criminals hanged due to their crimes when Japan surrendered. Their soul is upheld at Yasukuni Shrine. Did you know the current Japanese prime minister's grandfather is Gishi Nobuske who is also Class A war criminal? Can you imagine Hitler's grandson becoming Germany's Prime Minister? Japan says one thing but does other things. It is Japanese people knowingly electing these kinds of people. It is not the problem of political system. Deep inside, Japanese people are not sorry for what they have done. So, next time you're out their buying "Toyota,Honda,Nissan,Subaru,lexus,Sony Playstatin,,,,etc.", you are buying it from Hitler. Just imagine that.

Автор william mac ( назад)
filthy people

Автор ochimaj ( назад)
these are not all true, like the smoke everywhere fact. In both Kyoto and Tokyo, there are special smoke squares, and guards or police will take you in if you smoke outside them. Smoking inside is ok in older buildings, but nowhere in newer establishments.

Автор View Machine ( назад)
is it true that japanese schoolgirls wear skirts as short that you can see their panties?

Автор View Machine ( назад)
3:41 :D

Автор John Baptist ( назад)
constitution forbids to have an army?? Constitution written by English terrorists and thugs?

Автор infinitecanadian ( назад)
I came here for the women on the thumbnail.

Автор John Baptist ( назад)
Buddhist terrorists like Anglo terrorist scumbags. Russian race is coming for them like german race came. Oh wait a minute, anglo terrorists paid billions of dollars to Russia to be spared of liberation of their ass hole!

Автор Eto Hige Gamer Culture ( назад)
Japanese mix of high tech innovation and tradition always makes it a joy to visit :D

Автор bumble bee ( назад)
Love Japanese Girl's

Автор G. West ( назад)
I've only had one asian woman in my life and I have to say it was one of the worst smelling vaginas ever.

Автор Patrick EH ( назад)
Still stuck int eh middle ages in some ways. Yes, a unique place.

Автор Hue Owen ( назад)
Japan does not have a military because Godzilla continues to destroy it.

Автор jongkeun lee ( назад)
I agreed with you but not 100%.
one of them is lowest crime rate you mentioned. most of crime rate is lower but very sexual related crime rate is very high. most of them are not repored and instead covered and hidden police and media. one example was happened not long time ago.
one western waman was raped and she tried to report at police station. the police asked her rapist 's name and where about. obious she did not have those info. guess what. the police dimissed the case.

Автор dave gillett ( назад)
It seems strange to hear someone who sounds English using American expressions. I see American spellings in books written by English authors and published by British publishers.

Автор david brickmen ( назад)

Автор gém ail ( назад)

Автор gém ail ( назад)
theyre mad

Автор trey blum ( назад)
These facts, I know, sound ridiculous to westerners but having grown up there, during High Schoo, I can assure you all that they, Japanese People are fun, civilized and honest, oh yea also very clean. I love Japan. Oh I'm an American born and raised mostly here in San Mateo, CA.

Автор akio goto ( назад)
I'm a Japanese. I'm not a vegetarian but have never eaten dolphin and never will. I feel very sad to listen to this stereotype comment. Please don't misunderstand the fact. There are some people growing who try to change the traditions.

Автор funny video ( назад)

Автор Lab Rat ( назад)
02:47 Not being allowed to have an army might not be a japanese custom.
Rather a consequence of being considered an aggressor from the World War 2 era. Same way Germany has limitation to how big their army can be.

Автор Rich Chel ( назад)
One more: they love anime porn!

Автор dammitanothername ( назад)
maybe santa is colonel sanders the rest of the year? or santa fried chicken?

Автор Alvin Dueck ( назад)
yep, I wanna go there JUST to get my personally made condoms.
sounds like a very rich person would say

Автор nunyu buz ( назад)
anime has let me know its a "unique" country for aboot 20 years

Автор James Cunico ( назад)
That's not true! Scientific studies have proven that women skin temperatures are cooler than men.

Автор TheRealMeditationGuide ( назад)
they dolphins as well as whales! warped brains people that do that

Автор Jason Schultz ( назад)
..and the women are so beautiful!

Автор gk10002000 ( назад)
forbidden to speak on phone rule I like.  Just wait as airlines get more and more internet and satellite connections and people are able to use their mobile phones on airplanes.  Do you want to listen to people yammer on and on for hours sitting next to you?

Автор beach side ( назад)
Long duck dong from Sixteen candles. That guy is f,n funny lol

Автор John Erskin ( назад)
A lot of these are not unique to Japan. Korea has many of the same beliefs such as the number 4 and blood types.

Автор Cryptonymicus ( назад)
What are [U.S.] Wireless Emergency Alerts?
WEA is a public safety system that allows customers who own certain
wireless phones and other enabled mobile devices to receive
geographically-targeted, text-like messages alerting them of imminent
threats to safety in their area. The technology ensures that emergency
alerts will not get stuck in highly congested areas, which can happen
with standard mobile voice and texting services. WEA (formerly known as
the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) or Personal Localized Alerting
Network (PLAN)) was established pursuant to the Warning, Alert and
Response Network (WARN) Act.
WEA enables government officials to target emergency alerts to
specific geographic areas – lower Manhattan, for example – through cell
towers that broadcast the emergency alerts for reception by WEA-enabled
mobile devices.
Wireless companies volunteer to participate in WEA, which is the
result of a unique public/private partnership between the FCC, FEMA and
the wireless industry to enhance public safety.

Автор SeasonPlace ( назад)
If this video is about Japan, why does it start with the Chinese kungfu master from "Kill Bill"?

Автор kiran dev ( назад)
bizarre fact: japan porn all blur :(

Автор DarkDutchman ( назад)
2:56 wow...I like that japanese rule.

Автор goodwinjapan ( назад)
Many of these are either misleading or BS.
*Groping is a "national sport"...get real.
*People eat KFC because of a great marketing campaign, and Christmas is often a date night for couples.
*You can smoke in many places. There are designated areas to smoke. Many people carry around a "pocket ashtray."
*125 million people do not get a phone alert if there is a disaster...only those within a certain range.
*It is not common to eat dolphin
*Japan has the self defense force. They cannot participate in combat, but have participated in wars via support.
*It is not illegal to answer your phone on a train, but very rude.

Автор tesla192000 ( назад)
0:03-0:10 the same scenes are in District 9. Where do you get them?

Автор AJaXX JaM ( назад)
Visiting other cultures are like going into other dimensions.

Автор Etang E ( назад)
Who wants to move to Japan?

Автор Strider9655 ( назад)
Visit Japan, just don't visit Japan with friends who are fussy eaters.............. Not unless you can live on McDonalds for 2 weeks or more.

Автор Kevin Webster ( назад)
Never underestimate Asians and their stupid, dumb ass, superstitions.

Автор Thomas Anderson ( назад)
Dolphins are highly intelligent. In fact, we are too stupid to even understand how intelligent they are. Some dolphins even show researchers how dumb their tests are.

First, do your fucking homework and learn a little about dolphins.

Then, watch a little documentary called "The Cove" to learn more about dolphin meat.

Автор John Anderson ( назад)
3:41 Looks like they like pussy also.

Автор tatianatv008 ( назад)
Love all those cute white miniskirts!! Very Cute Girls!! Great information to know on so many subjects!! Great video!!

Автор Tim O'hara ( назад)
Total government control, That is why they Love America, they are people too?

Автор Dareis Nogod ( назад)

Автор Amar Raj Sehmi ( назад)

Автор Freddy Muggs ( назад)
Forgot Radioactivity

Автор HHO Philippines ( назад)
ya who wants to go to radioactive japan

Автор Ungureanu Iulian ( назад)
The status of Defence Forces had changed, they have an actual army now.

Автор CRYPT from CATACOMBZ ( назад)
I wanna find some japan women and merry her. I love that country, love their language, love their females and manga (hentai too! XD)

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