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Hello everybody! It won't be an exaggeration to say that Japan is a truly unique country. Amazingly, ancient traditions and modern technology live together and many old customs are just as important as modern ones. That's why we gathered 20 interesting facts about Japan which you probably didn't know.

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Автор Marvin Horn ( назад)
Dispute always advocate fence athlete wave educator indigenous founder no.

Автор erwan girard ( назад)
Anyone storage careful middle orientation wildlife Iraqi essentially

Автор dekonfrost7 ( назад)
30 years won't be any more Japanese

Автор TheusZeusDeus ( назад)
They are weird. Period.

Автор Green AND Blue ( назад)
Murdering whales and dolphins...
Japans major problem that takes away a lot of respect from their culture.
A shameful act of cruelty, a lot of people(including Japanese) are fighting
to end the onslaughts.

Автор sophomore90 ( назад)
From my American point of view who has traveled around the world, Japan is
the best country to be a tourist.

Автор KaTst3R ( назад)
The smoking fact could be misleading. In some major cities in Japan,
smoking is banned in public places. There are dedicated smoking areas and
smoking rooms instead for those who needs a puff.

Автор m. mouskovitz ( назад)
hey guys, what was that man doing in the beginning of the clip?🤔

Автор oliver eales ( назад)
A national sport?

Автор Louise Smets ( назад)
Perform rescue apple ban motion represent ever coal discovery.

Автор Charlie Goodin ( назад)
Sub me and I'll sub back

Автор Aleana Charay ( назад)
he said "18" the title said 15 the description said 20

Автор Is Lamentable ( назад)
Not all, you fucking white privilege snow man racist! Because you were
brought up in an area or family that does the 3 ball snowman, you assume
that the rest of the world does too? Coming from England, where snow melts
really fast, we always did the 2 ball snowman, so FU, you condescending

Автор bobobobinalong ( назад)
Are the dolphins they eat dolphin the mammal or dolphin the fish (also
known as mahi-mahi)? What you showed certainly look more like fish than red
meat. You should confirm one way or the other, then post a clarification
(and if necessary, apology for misleading) video.

Автор The Lozza ( назад)
Title suggests 15 facts, narrates saying 18, has 20 facts in description...

Автор Andrea Leoni ( назад)
I understand that you are not trying to see the Japan is weird in a bad way
but a lot of people are and it is very annoying because most of the reasons
why Japan is weird according to some people are things that also exists in
other countries for example in the YouTube video someone said that you
japan is weird because they have cuddle cafes but the US has more cuddle
cafes than Japan so people just say random facts to be able to call Japan

Автор Clinton Myers ( назад)
Initiate change pill prison corporate sink tablespoon cycle mass

Автор Its Fantom ( назад)
This is what happens when you nuke a country twice

Автор Gleaminor ( назад)
You.... forgot Anime.....

Автор D XD ( назад)
Jap women are the fuckin most closed minded bitches in the world. They
really detest white american men, even if you're very handsome. Yet they
settle for small penus jap men.. smh.. I don't get it. Glad we bombed them
in WW2. We should've bombed all if them.

Автор Schütz Staffel Wiking ( назад)
The blood grouping concept was original information giving to the Japanese
military by the Nazis. Supposedly you could send the soldier into different
kinds of combat positions according to his blood type. However the Nazis
research lead them to find the upbringing, religion and basic human nature
would determine a soldiers fighting mentality and had nothing to do with
blood type, dropped. However in the early 70s ( I forgot the name ) a
female author published a book about blood types and how they determine a
persons personality ( which is rubbish ). The Japanese latched on this with
unbelievable enthusiasm! However it even now leads to problems. It has got
better but there was, not getting hired for a job for having a certain
blood type or not getting or getting a position for having a certain blood
type. Bullying , break off of relationships and more. The Japanese are an
unsure people so they love to categorize everything. Blood types fit
perfectly. I am O+ which according to Japanese people is an open minded but
sort of sloppy person. I am very neat so I constantly told that I am an O+
person with A+ characteristics...Ridiculous. I am an American and have
lived here for 31 years. This is my home but even now I still get irritated
at the irrationality of many things in Japan. I didn't know that many
people use the words "Weird Japan" until recently but I can kind of
understand in a way...that being said I love this country and I have a
wonderful family consisting of Japanese.

Автор Mayu Yamamoto ( назад)
*SIGHHHH* idk where to start.. =__=

Автор Xereth ( назад)
why do you have footage of the white lotas master in this vid? I am pretty
sure that he is Chinese

Автор Frei Francheise ( назад)

Автор Wayne Osborn ( назад)
noon impact nor cause homeless except toy into.

Автор NukeStarCraft ( назад)
Check your facts!!!!!

Автор jimpozcaner ( назад)
There are non-smoking areas in Kyoto where you're not permitted to smoke on
the street. If you want a bizarre smoking fact about Japan, how about this?
It's common to smoke in toilets. Now, that's weird and revolting if you ask

Also, as far as I'm aware, the ban on mobile phones on public transport is
not about etiquette but health, the concern being that the devices may
interfere with pacemakers.

Автор Will ( назад)
That train part is taken from a porno.

Автор Zach Mills ( назад)
These were NOT the most bizarre things about Japan but good video anyway

Автор daspecialist1220 ( назад)
i was thinkin to myself why arent sidewalks and streets heated so we
wouldn't have to shovel and plow streets and ruin them. glad this concept
is actually being used

Автор Sean Dunlevy ( назад)
I did - the Japanese are extremely racist. Even if use your basic Japanese,
expect to pay double due to an off-the-craft law invented in children.
Doesn't matter what you do - you will be treated as a 'round eye'..... SOME
are decent, but most not.

Автор gert biermans ( назад)
japan has no army?
what about it's self-defence force?

Автор Dan Hurd ( назад)
I find women to have cooler hands compared to my own

Автор Kaye Tube ( назад)
Japanese always wears a mask.

Автор Robert Stewart ( назад)
DO you research , 4 is a bad number in a number of countries in Asia. Along
with the seal Korea uses it and china .

Автор Blood BRS ( назад)
Cool !!

Автор MindlessAura1 ( назад)
wait no wrong, Japan IS allowed to have an Army however, only an X amount
of troops and only to protect their country and borders. otherwise Hey
japan would be easy to invade and take over.

Автор Lore Nexus ( назад)
Yeah why was the emergency signal a "bizarre" thing? I found that very
creative, and smart that it automatically goes off, even when the phone is

Автор Malachi Reeves ( назад)
Yeah, the dolphin is disgusting, trust me.

Автор Mocking69 ( назад)

Автор ryan michael ( назад)
Every single one of them on the thumbnail look exactly alike except for the
one in front... can't tell the difference... its true all of them look
Well theres no 4:20 there...
No wonder they wear masks everywhere... cigarettes can be smoked everywhere!
Still would love to visit Japan.

Автор biteeemeee101 ( назад)
wheres the orange girls?

Автор WhiteRose ( назад)
our snowman have two balls,
ehh... I mean consists out of 2 snowballs.

Автор powergamer 500 ( назад)
some of the facts were cool

Автор Kobe Gaijin ( назад)
This guy has never lived in Japan. More than half is BS.

Автор Peto Pedro ( назад)

Автор Rexx Bailey ( назад)

Автор Carl Evans ( назад)
They invented bukkake :)

Автор Stephen b ( назад)
condescending af

Автор Kevin Oloane ( назад)
so I guess in Japan women arnt 98.6 degree like the rest of the world hu

Автор Majime ( назад)
:o if they use stamps instead of signatures, wouldnt that make forgery easy

Автор Earthling1984 ( назад)
If the sidewalks and streets are heated why didn't you show that? All I see
is snow and ice everywhere while you said it was supposed to be heated and
clear of snow or ice......

Автор Forseliz ( назад)
18 or 15???

Автор Arcanua the Red Mage ( назад)
My phone gives out that god awful noise signal too but it's not from Japan
wonder why that is seeing as it's a US phone. xD

Автор Laito Sakimaki ( назад)
i lived there for 5 years hence my name lo9l

Автор Linda Garcia ( назад)

Автор nvsbl2 ( назад)
Nothing about Japan interests me.

Автор Mughashe Wotsami ( назад)
came here coz of thumbnail

Автор C0192ll_ ( назад)
The internet always makes Japan seem a little crazy, but having lived
there, everything they do is pretty logical and well considered. It's not
that bizarre. It's the safest, most friendly, convenient, and entertaining
place i've ever lived.

Автор darkgener ( назад)
You cant smoke in public in Japan

Автор Ello Oku ( назад)
One place I will like to visit. Hope they are not racists?

Автор karthik gunturi ( назад)
I like Japan a lot due to various reasons(like technology, anime, culture,
school etc.) I would love to visit or maybe even live there.

Автор roman baron ( назад)
i would love to visit japan but they eat dogs and cats...

Автор George Karaolis ( назад)
NICE VIDEO...Missed Japan.

Having lived in Japan...(wish I could attach a photo) the number four is
actually well used. In Hiragana number four is now YON and not SHI as
traditionally perceived. It is actually the number 4 (shi), 14, 24 etc in
chinese mandarin that means death and in some (rare now) cases in Hiragana.
Having studied in Naganuma language school, teachers were very persistent
in using YON and have never once mentioned it as SHI even though they did
mention that it is sometimes found in certain text books. In case of
telling time..... its a different story...

Modern buildings in Japan do have number four. It is in China that the
number four is still missing..!!

major cities including FUKUOKA. Pavements carry LARGE NO SMOKING SIGNS
almost everywhere. Dedicated smoking areas are denoted in certain areas of
the pavement in the form of large open cubicles where all smokers squeeze
in and try to quickly smoke their cigarettes. NOOO they dont carry
ashtrays...come on man....!!!! There are ashtrays within those areas.

I agree with the STAMP BUT ...Japanese LOVE signatures. Signatures are
everywhere including your local DVD store. Stamps are not used as often as
signatures including mobile phone companies, banks, legal documents etc

DOLPHINS..!!!! The Japanese eat dolphins nowadays as much as chinese eat
dogs. Sorry but at least in Tokyo I have never seen dolphin in most
restaurants I visited nor I have seen any of my Japanese friend eat or
suggest one. Even near my area (SHIMBASHI) with soooo many restaurants and
bars I have never seen dolphin on the menu. Shark Fin soup

ARMY. Japan is not allowed to have army BUT the constitution allows for
DEFENSIVE SYSTEMS such as air force, radar and missile systems as well.
They also have NATIONAL CIVIL GUARD which has mission to react on emergency
events and natural disasters. They also have military schools.

Автор Diimaa ( назад)
japs are weirdos

Автор tinashe makiwa ( назад)
japan does have an army, its just not allowed to start wars.

Автор Asif Deathsworn ( назад)
national sport ???????

Автор Yuri Brainoxious ( назад)
None of these are bizarre... They're just facts about differences such as
laws etc...

Автор St. Devil ( назад)
Japs are among the most perverted group of people ever to disgrace this
planet - right there along with hindus.

Автор MegaJohnhammond ( назад)
I want to have a foursome with 3 Japanese girls.

Автор Christopher Bedford ( назад)
Sushi is not 'cooked' by anyone. It's *prepared*... Not having female sushi
chefs is superstition-based sexism.

Blood-type character typing is just pure superstition. And condom
manufacturers who cater to this are pure cynics.

Автор Jay A ( назад)
Wait you said 18 facts about japan 0:14 but the video says 15 BIZARRE FACTS

Автор Tyrone Jackson ( назад)
Fucking japs eating dolphins, They should be nuked.

Автор Jordan Aethelric ( назад)
Actually you can't smoke "everywhere" at least not anymore. Almost every
notable public location has rules against smoking outside of designated
smoking areas. Out side of bars and rather large restaurants it's not very
common to see smoking allowed in public businesses either. For a article
posted a month ago it's not very up to date.

Автор amateursix ( назад)
3:14 “Sushi is cooked...” LOL

Автор Morgan Blood ( назад)
no cellphones on trains? why, seems stupid.

Автор Narendra Kashyap ( назад)

Автор John von Shepard ( назад)
Anime was a mistake.

Автор arisraz ( назад)
This bizarre facts about japan video is much better than most similar
videos out there.. lived in japan for four years and all of them are true..
no exaggeration whatsoever.. thumbs up!

Автор Gingerific Production ( назад)
Finally! A top facts about Japan video that actually has relevant and
up-to-date facts.

Автор MrOzzmanRules ( назад)
heated side walks...
here in canada that would cause a lot of flooding

Автор Crownless.Prince ( назад)
Dumbass japanese

Автор tapolna ( назад)
Japan doesn't have an army? Well it does have a "unified military forces of
Japan" formed in 1954, and controlled by the Japanese Ministry of Defense.
Recently in 2010 with encouragement from the US, its unified military force
has joined the US in its belligerent stance toward China - extremely

Автор Crystal Rain ( назад)
omg i can hear the Weeb fan boys comments before i can even scroll down and
see them! There is more to japan than "amazing" things why not give a video
on facts that are disturbing about japan so that people can stop making it
into a over glorified country and idolizing so much?

Автор ngethe kinyanjui ( назад)
I have always admired Japanese people they are always unique in their own

Автор rutabagasteu ( назад)

Автор Paul Florez ( назад)
Japan is awesome!

Автор stuart williams ( назад)
I love Japan I was born there!

Автор Alex Lopez ( назад)
asian girls are fucking hot

Автор Ikari155 ( назад)
You are not allowed to smoke everywhere.. on the most major sidewalks in
Osaka or Tokyo for example, it's prohibited to smoke. There are special
smoking areas even on the outside, so no regular pedestrian feels annoyed
about the smokers. I've been a couple of times in japan.

You can also eat whale or other stuff, but you find these special things
only in a few supermarkets or restaurants.

Автор machineR90 ( назад)
0:15 Are they 18 or 18 facts? ;)

Автор Honest Hangedman ( назад)

Автор yeme ( назад)
facts about japan except because how literally the first clip you shown was
the chinese dude from kilbil? wtf lmao smh etc

Автор Willhelm Sundman ( назад)
"Sushi is cooked only by a man". Perhaps you should do some research before
stating "facts".

Автор 丽王 ( назад)
Sounds like a pretty shitty place to live for a woman.

Автор sunee sheikh ( назад)

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