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Hello everybody! It won't be an exaggeration to say that Japan is a truly unique country. Amazingly, ancient traditions and modern technology live together and many old customs are just as important as modern ones. That's why we gathered 20 interesting facts about Japan which you probably didn't know.

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Автор MarcellusTheGreen ( назад)
The number four is disliked in several cultures.  In Chinese, it's pronounced much like their word for "death", for example.  In Hebrew numerology, it's two times two, numbers that are bad for some reason.

Автор Basic Survival ( назад)
0:13 *thats why we bring 18 sexy japan teens interested for....*

Автор Arabix Sword ( назад)
Where is the JDM ?

Автор تضحية 5000 ( назад)

Автор Y YE ( назад)
Never heard nor seen the square watermelons.
from Japan

Автор DJ Tyl-I ( назад)
i've builded a snowman out of 1(!!!) snowball last winter, eat this japan!

Автор JS DF ( назад)
Japanese use 4th words. Taiwan doesn't use 4th in hospital.

Автор Tselmuun Anshika ( назад)

Автор YorktownUSA ( назад)
My second favorite country.

Автор SOH Billie ( назад)

Автор AIR x Triton ( назад)
Japan had its own military wtf are you talking about

Автор greggy weggy ( назад)
sushi isn't cooked.

Автор ケイトリン ( назад)
you're dumb.

Автор hulakan ( назад)
It's not actually "forbidden" to use cell phones on subways; it's just officially frowned upon. Only the most polite individuals comply. The subway sign shown in the video was from a "silver seat" area, (the last few seats of a car, which are reserved for elderly or disabled people.) Nevertheless, those signs are obeyed by only a minority of the most considerate individuals.

Автор hulakan ( назад)
Title says 15, narration says 18... not off to a very good start in terms of accuracy.

Автор kanadajin3 ( назад)
We don't eat dolphins. Its the most rare meat. As rare as dog. Even whale is rare. Sushi isn't ONLY cooked by men, its just super common for all sushi chefs to be women. The blood type is not relevant to getting a job, and the condom thing...I am sure they sell those as a funny gag gift, but no, never seen such and condoms simply are just sold. Everything else is true

Автор Neko Galaxy12 ( назад)
but the title said 15 things and he said 18 things

Автор Austemagne ( назад)
If people groped me on a train I'd knee em in the balls

Автор Mrpersonman0 ( назад)
Quit promoting the drive hunts you cunt.

Автор dereksmallsuk ( назад)

Автор jean-marc Malapelle ( назад)
just about the "ANKO" there is 2 kind of them; as you said the one you can buy in shop and the official one. the official one is a personal hand made by professional and you have to declare it at the authority. (sorry for my bad english).

Автор Gergő Süle ( назад)
I want a Japan girlfriend, write me........

Автор lala basha ( назад)
super sweets

Автор oldedude51 ( назад)
What happened to the really weird, sick sh*t, like the machines that dispense (sealed in plastic) used schoolgirl panties?  Just a sniff away from Heaven!

Автор Martha Gallardo ( назад)

Автор TheMadmaurice ( назад)
Haha character defined by bloodtype... almost as dumb as character defined by zodiac sign. oh...

Автор nxr_blaster ( назад)
i hate age restrictions im older than my acc says and i cant eatch it lmao

Автор Lulu Reacts ( назад)
I feel bad for the one girl that looks so uncomfortable

Автор Shronto ( назад)

Автор Jorgen Lundman ( назад)

Автор Mirror of Society ( назад)
never nuke a country twice

Автор wail al smadi ( назад)
Japanese 🇯🇵 mother of terrorism.
Your still following me by stupid gov .Jor. You kill you self .remember what you say and don on me .

Автор Nikunj Dhameliya ( назад)

Автор Ly fy ( назад)
I'm Japanese and I found so many incorrect informations in this video , could you at least do a decent research before uploading a video like this .....

Автор Eric xD ( назад)
Kawaiii :3

Автор pnpsha ( назад)
in this video not all are true lol
can somke everywhere: Not true, smoking is getting strict day by day in japan.

We don't eat Dolphins! Never heard of it, eat horse though.
Women alse cook sushi! nothig to do with their hands temperature,never heard of it.
we view Blood types just like the way americans view a horoscope, its nothing serious
condoms for different blood types ? never seen them in japan.

Автор Tx T ( назад)
2:30 whyyy? 😭😭 I love dolphins 💔

Автор aleksabeogadanin2 ( назад)
Some of these facts aren't even BIZARRE.

Автор JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK?? ( назад)
fact 19 : Bukkake :)

Автор Quichang Fa ( назад)
Touching girls part is a national sport in Japan? Is it really?

Автор SoundHarvest ( назад)
Japan is weird and I love it!

Автор kwebbelkop fan ( назад)
0:15 18? the title says 15!

Автор Nic4ever ( назад)
Nice. But you should include the fact that Japan has every flavour of Twix candy bar known to man including sweet potato flavour.

Автор Jons Malkownick ( назад)
Another bizzare fact: There are very powerful earthquakes in every week.(but in different regions)

Автор BadPeople1100 ( назад)
Only 18, which is 3 more than the title suggests. *SORT OUT YOUR DAMNED TITLES!*

Автор jfunk Day ( назад)
There you go, Japan is a truly messed up country.

Автор Zama Dladla ( назад)
Visit it and eat what? Raw dolphin? Yuk

Автор DaMaxon/ Hellcat ( назад)
Wait a second it says 15 in the title he says 18 and 20 in the description

Автор gallaxi ( назад)
They have been owned by the west for a long time , that's why they are strange . Do what Trump is doing and clean out not the swamp but city's in your country .

Автор Mck Dgz ( назад)
that dude in 3:14 is way dumb ..that's heaven men ..you should've shoved or licked it to your fullest satisfaction ..hahaha .. pervert me ..lol .. tho at some point .. I admire Japanese esp. with their Discipline towards things or rules as well how they greatly value Honor and Dignity that they would stand for it till the end and would even pay it with their own Lives once they made a disgrace or dishonor ..paying it with their lives as matter of apology to their ownselves' honor and dignity .. Salute to them .hehe

Автор ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ l ( назад)
This is so inane. wtf.
not to mention false.

Автор Da Ying ( назад)
That is not a snow man. its a snow owl.

Автор Ray Cocker ( назад)

Автор Dançarinas Lindas ( назад)
Pass on my channel and end up in the punch, with the delicious dancing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Автор Jesset Hollywood ( назад)
Yeah let's all visit Japan and soak up some of that radiation from Fukushima nuclear plant.

Автор gv7777777 ( назад)
3:41 nuff said

Автор MegaKaitouKID1412 ( назад)
"Sushi is cooked only by men": curious... more detain please.

Автор Yahya Shaikh ( назад)
what show is on 3:41?

Автор Motohiro Sato ( назад)
We do NOT eat dolphins.

Автор Neema Tenjin ( назад)
Lived there for a year, nothing special and was worse. I appreciate my western world civilization more now.

Автор venkateshwarlu nune ( назад)

Автор xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx ( назад)
proof mind Warehouse has dirty mind for doing inappropriate thumbnail

Автор supremebot ( назад)
It't not true that you can smoke everywhere in Japan, some areas of Tokyo you can't smoke at all outdoors unless there is a special area for it (some does it in the small alleys anyway, with there pocket-ashtray, but its not legal), big non smoking signs on the sidewalks clearly indicates this. Public places like shopping-malls has special glass rooms for smoking and restaurants has special smoking areas.

Автор FairFact ( назад)
WOW!! This's the condition of the EARTH before APOCALYPSE

Chek My Chanel

Автор Elonta Henderson ( назад)
This came out on my birthday.

Автор mjavor ( назад)
So they smoke more but litter less. I wish we would take a page of their book for not littering cigarette butts.

Автор Blue Shadow ( назад)
checkout mine

Автор director1111 ( назад)
Japan has an army..

Автор Infinito LSD ( назад)
awesome channel..looking forward for more of these type of contents

Автор David King ( назад)
women make sushi too my wife is native japanese and she has been sushi chief at many places

Автор ColinSenpai ( назад)
Never nuke twice.

Автор Mark Evans ( назад)

Square watermelons are not edible. (not tasty) Has nothing to do with transportation. They can cost hundreds of dollars. some event 1000 plus. They are grown as a decoration. Also good luck finding dolphin meat. Its extremely rare. The government only allows harvesting a small number for research entertainment and yes some consumption of what's left. Pretty rare. Not trying be mean. Just wanted to clarify.

Автор Hanne Catton ( назад)
Not 3 snowballs like in the rest of the world ! What are you talking about ? I have lived most of my life in the UK and Denmark and have never seen a snowman made with 3 ! Don´t be so lazy. Do some proper research.

Автор Avinash Rathnayaka ( назад)
wheres the cringe and weaboos like me?

Автор Some Body ( назад)
wtf is going on at 3:40

Автор Facts-o-shop ( назад)
one more bizarre fact is banana with blur mode... (if you know what i mean :-0)....

Автор Merveil Meok ( назад)
KFC For Crispmas.

Автор fartwrangler ( назад)
3:15  "In Japan, sushi is cooked . . ."

Um . . .

Автор mescallynx ( назад)
They eat dolphins? Dolphins are the human beings of the ocean. they are eating..... PEOPLE!!!!!

Автор V4EKKRINH4RT ( назад)
WOw, heated roads?  What a great idea.

Автор Dardania Lion ( назад)
Japanese are very respectful people. I wish I could be there.

Автор Martin Sorensen ( назад)
That guy in the subway really creeps me out. Perv.

Автор Dab Hand ( назад)
The sushi fact about females is wrong, there is several sushi female masters who have been taught. It was once like as you said, but now not so. Although males still are the highest in terms of sushi masters still.

Автор NathanClearyMusic .co.uk ( назад)
Sorry, I live in Japan and there are two glaring BS points on this list, particularly the first! 1. groping women is NOT a national sport...all women hate being groped, that's why they made the female only carriage. Are you mental!? 2. People talk on the phone less than the West but still do it, all the time.

Автор tips & tricks ( назад)
save dolphin

Автор Surf Shop ( назад)
sushi is cooked...?

Автор l xxlJPlxx l ( назад)
is it just me or he said 18 facts about japan?

Автор Adam Baum ( назад)
FACT #1 about the Japs, the Japs are dirty Japs!

Автор Ethan Hudson ( назад)
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I clicked for the thumbnail
And so did you

Автор Mark Levers ( назад)
@ 0:02 there's nothing wrong with that! lol

Автор Severity One ( назад)
So you find the girl of your dreams, but then it turns out that you have the wrong blood type and you ran out of special condoms. Yeah, I can see how that could ruin an evening.

Автор The Dork Knight ( назад)
Of all the countries in the world, I wish I was born in Japan...

Автор Rusty White ( назад)
Japan! We need some of that in the US!!!

Автор Jesus was a Carpenter ( назад)
there is lot more to japan than just these.... There was one old Japanese fool in America who totally exposed himself and his bigotry and I had to give him a little taste of it back.... what a fool....

Автор Takeiteasymama Mama ( назад)
most old aged people@ Japan

Автор Foxfighter 84 ( назад)
Ab+ and AB- condoms would be hard to find

Автор El Justiciero ( назад)
Dolphins are smart creatures and the Japs are killing them! Shame on you yellow midgets!

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