Sheplers Cowboy Boot Fit Guide

"What size cowboy boot should I order?" "How do I know if I have the proper fit?" "Why does my heel slip up & down in my cowboy boots?" If these are questions you have about cowboy boots, watch our Sheplers Cowboy Boot Fit Guide video for answers from our ladies' boot buyer.

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Автор CAPRICELOVER ( назад)
btw ..... the boots when I wear them, I do not pop when the foot comes into

Автор speaktruth2power ( назад)
Bought two pairs of boots from you guys.., my foot measures exactly 10.5
inches, I ordered a size 10.5 , is this the right size? I have slippage on
the heel . I wear work boots that I lace up tight and are 10.5. and are a
little loose but comfortable, Please advice me on my 10 1/2 inch feet. If
I return them I fear they might be tight but do not want loose fitting
boots also! The boots I ordered are the chipewa engineer 7" steel toe and
the Ariat Sierra ropper soft toe , Any advise would be greatly

Автор Jane Wiseman ( назад)
Just bought my first pair of boots and the heel slippage thing is exactly
what I was wondering about- now I know I've got keepers! Thanks!

Автор jk22222sd ( назад)
I got a pair of Cowboy boots and when I first got them, my heels hurt so
bad but now its fine and it fit fine for awhile, but then after a few
months later, the boots keep slipping on my heels! What should I do or are
they supposed to feel loose when you walk in them.

Автор SheplersWestern ( назад)
Your entire foot should feel snug in the boot EXCEPT for your heel. Your
heel should always slip in a properly fitted new boot. As you begin wearing
your boot, you will find the heel leather will soften, and your boot will
then conform to and move with your foot. The slippage will disappear!

Автор saetron ( назад)
I got a pair of boots...when i tried the eu number 45 was a bit too
tight...and the 46 a bit too loose...i tried to fit an extra layer of
insoles to feel the gap but it felt a bit tight in the toe area again...but
when i walked from work till my house for about 1 mile i got this slipping
grinding feeling on the right heel which ended up in a big blister...any

Автор Nick Bomersbach ( назад)
@Eugen987654321 - thanks. we'll get this fixed.

Автор Cyberdyne Systems: Skynet ( назад)
@nickjbach Google Chrome

Автор Nick Bomersbach ( назад)
@Eugen987654321 - thank for bringing this to our attention. i can help. do
you mind telling me what browser you are using?

Автор timcourage ( назад)
out of 4 or so fitting vids I like this one best thanks!

Автор SheplersWestern ( назад)
@Electric2000 We need a little more information to help. Our customer
service team can discuss the situation with you. You can reach us at
fbservice@sheplers.com. Thanks!

Автор Electric2000 ( назад)
I can walk in them fine now, but for some reason my left one is making a
creaking/pop noise in the sole. Will this go away?

Автор SheplersWestern ( назад)
@Electric2000 Your heel should only slip in the boots when you first get
them. Once they've "worn in" a bit, the slipping should subside, and
rubbing is rarely a problem with properly fitting boots. If that's not the
case, your boots are likely the wrong size. We recommend you visit a local
Sheplers store or boot store to have your feet properly fitted for cowboy

Автор Electric2000 ( назад)
What If I go for a 2 mile walk in them and I have blisters on the back of
my heels?

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