UFO's On Google Earth

UFO's On Google Earth isn't a new phenomenon, so rather than just show you lots of these, I have decided to share what are two of my favourite, "Google Earth UFO's". I've also zoomed in from quite a way out so that you can verify these for yourselves. No audio, so I've just added what I've been listening to lately.

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Автор Antony Tunstall ( назад)

Автор Todd Pelosi ( назад)
Holy Shit! It's absolutely nothing! But it's better then admitting you have
way too much free time.

Автор madhu mangala ( назад)
9276 Garden st, California, US. "street view" shows a lovely new house,
like maybe the last one burnt down, causing smoke to rise. However... the
crazy thing is "believing" that there's only life on one planet among

Автор TEATUMCHNL2 ( назад)
Now that the false expectations of 2012 is over and also all of the hype of
the fake and false conspiracies out there that were misleading millions of
people... Get over to EarthlingChild's Channel on YouTube and discover the
REAL TRUTH of how the Earth and the universe is being manipulated. No
conspiracy, No lies, No misinformation, No belief, Just nothing but the

Автор michaelnew1962 ( назад)
The Triangle is ours

Автор Jaden Page ( назад)
Thats it! why dont they cry crystals out for me?!

Автор ProjGFL ( назад)
pretty building...

Автор mike154423 ( назад)

Автор Simon Belmont (1812 года назад)
at coordinates 31'39'12.37''S 115'55'21.23 you can find a strange
boomarang looking object as well, also in australia just below it.

Автор Simon Belmont (1940 лет назад)
Ulikes... you couldn't have looked hard. I just found the latter UFO on
Google earth... becuase this thing can still be found, my guess is it is
some kind of land mark.

Автор SaltyVelorien ( назад)
I realize your comment is over a year old, and the object in the video is
not convincing by any means, but there have been mass sightings of UFOs in
public areas several times before. We're talking 10,000+ witnesses to one
UFO. If the object in the video was a UFO, who's to say nobody saw anything?

Автор TheSkateWarrior96 ( назад)
the clouds are watching us...

Автор DANVIC1204 ( назад)
наебалово,проверил координаты нихера там нет

Автор Jye Williams-Bond ( назад)
.... holy shit a balloon!!!


Автор MegoftheDead ( назад)
@mikeishome69 that's what they want you to believe ;)

Автор Mike Dubya ( назад)
@MegoftheDead google earth does not render clouds

Автор buck b ( назад)
WOW, a shiney 'Something or Other' !!! that's DEFINITE Proof of a U.F.O.
!!! Lol either that, or you've found my missing car keys! Lolol Thanks! :)

Автор David Byrd ( назад)
i found threw international weather sat. network alot and some on google
earth three days ago and posted a few and now google earth pictures have
been fixed better preventing mankind from seeing the fallen angles of god
that you call alians see if you can find what was there now bet you cant.
also having lots of computer problems now.

Автор Solid Wolves (387 лет назад)
Its fake read this thehoaxkiller(dot)com/?p=126

Автор 4gags ( назад)
The second one is a crop circle but look 2 the right of it and youll see a
black hole.......

Автор Hamster LUX ( назад)
is Ufo is Ufo live

Автор Saul De La Torre ( назад)
1st one probably a cloud second one probably a ufo

Автор Nicole Cochrane ( назад)
Well, thats quite sad :)

Автор Krypto Steamed ( назад)
1:09 tr3b

Автор Darren Thomson ( назад)
omg google sketch up :O :/

Автор Russ Wood ( назад)
Thats not a ufo its my barbecue in the back yard.

Автор Hamster LUX ( назад)
LOL it`s a ghost

Автор Woodbogger13 ( назад)
@fierylava12 then it only worked from the bottom. looking up. Othwewise we
would have no picture of it

Автор k a ( назад)
@UFC110SYDNEY see my vids to learn herbs like dandelion, rose, reishi,
chaga etc ;)

Автор Steve Doyle ( назад)
The second one is a marking on the ground..so therefore it is not a UFO.

Автор Nicole Cochrane ( назад)
@X0verXDriveX how do u know they didnt see i damm thing?? people try to
tell other ppl they see uf0's all the time but its people like u that dont
listen and make fun of them XD

Автор kevin ryan ( назад)
HAHA YOU NEED A LIFE OR A GIRLFRIEND!!!! hey before you come back oh you
watched it its because im sitting at home with nothing on tv and needed a
laugh and behold i seen your google invaison of the aliens haha !!

Автор Gabson730 ( назад)
And whats this in New Mexico: 34°59'19.61"N 105° 1'28.54"W ??

Автор Sarah Nicole ( назад)
the first one is just a balloon.

Автор Katherine Blakemore ( назад)

Автор bekkisgirl007 ( назад)
dont forget about the crop circles!!!

Автор Mike Theunissen ( назад)
@Giles4200 lol

Автор Giles Morin ( назад)
@X0verXDriveX its because there all texting and driving

Автор capps4242 ( назад)
its a fucking round, misty cloud

Автор johnnyray1717 (1936 лет назад)
The ufo over the highway looks like its tied to a truck when you look at it
up close.

Автор MegoftheDead ( назад)

Автор Austin Groom ( назад)
is anyone else getting tired of our government lying to us about UFO's? i
certainly am. i wonder what else they must be lying about....

Автор sellihcra ( назад)
@CrapMoShTank Smoke isnt sperical @checkeraka47 Ive never seen a perfect
spherical cloud before Im just saying. those are two excuses that are just

Автор massini5150 ( назад)
I cant believe 2.226.429 people (including me) were dumb enough to watch

Автор gyrovague ( назад)
wow .... metallic reflections on google earth/maps??? on a highway?? no

Автор Reilly Jensen ( назад)
first one is a cloud :P

Автор checkeraka47 ( назад)
its this magical thing called a C-L-O-U-D

Автор Dexyu ( назад)
@r8pinurbacon maybe it only covers the botom =]

Автор superbolt2012 ( назад)
nice footage! thnx

Автор sora41333 ( назад)
That's not a UFO It's a blurred out Middle Finger FUCK YOU Have a nice day.

Автор searchoverload8 ( назад)
smokestack FROM SPACE!!!!

Автор Nicholas Wynne ( назад)
@Dessy909 Americans require much more entertainment than a few suger
blocks, tea and bad jokes.

Автор PIZZA ( назад)
@Dessy909 Why do people have to generalize and trash Americans? Listen fuck
face, I know this song sucks, but if it wasnt for Americans, you wouldnt
even be watching this video.

Автор Gene E ( назад)
The first one looks like it could be a lenticular cloud. The second is
unknown to me.

Автор christinag100 ( назад)
i saw the one for my self in Australia, weird, WTF is that. the one in
rancho cucamonga, ca is oddly out of focus and the historical data of
images is very interestingly all blurred. Also, i've never seen an area
with so many satelite photos in such a short period of time, but again all
blurred ... interesting. why is rancho cucamonga such a popular place to
take photos of from the sky?

Автор fierylava12 ( назад)

Автор zePippin ( назад)
its a cloud

Автор david barker ( назад)
The song is "Where is My Mind" by The Pixies..... a very progressive and
creative band with tons of great songs.

Автор april76301 ( назад)
@X0verXDriveX Just a 8 year old with his moms camera i bet. :)

Автор april76301 ( назад)
@Dessy909 Hey racist X whistles X everyone puts crappy music on videos.If
you would look at originaldrdil's channel you would notice he is from the
united kingdom.and anyways this is prob some 8 year old with his moms
camera.Plus the fact youtube does not give many good songs most people dont
look up there own.Plus another fact if you use some songs like the 009
sound system you get a big fat check for 50 bucks why do you think people
use it so damn much stupid ass.

Автор ChicagoBulls420 ( назад)
I have a few vids with proof of UFOs on my youtube page...I'm not sure if
they're aliens or what but they're definitely not airplanes or anything MAN
made...check em out..

Автор frank nemet ( назад)
That is not a ufo. it is a light reflection. Also get some decent music

Автор MsSanetta ( назад)
the anomaly may have been transparent, and no really noticed...ya think

Автор Constantin Circu ( назад)
What's the name of the songs? Please if you know reply me.Thank you very
much and great bideo by the way!

Автор jimmyjihad420 ( назад)
I think the 2nd one was probably added in by someone at google and i am
guessing they are an x files fan because that looks exactly like the UFO
from the episode Deepthroat.

Автор remmdog Remedy ( назад)
HAHA its a balloon. u can see the white string attached! :D

Автор Alejandro Reyes ( назад)
@Dessy909 i would like this comment if you hadn't just called Sonic Youth

Автор ebrius ( назад)
@Dessy909 Fuck you, racist fag.

Автор MrGhostblood ( назад)
That first one is pretty cool. The second one is an actual design on the

Автор La Roux ( назад)
@Dessy909 its sonic fucking youth why bitch?

Автор JOEL SWAGGER ( назад)

Автор JOEL SWAGGER ( назад)

Автор SoundsFantastic ( назад)
@trouble81 What are guywires? Ignorant...

Автор Rsike565 ( назад)
FAKE! it's a weather balloon!

Автор Ipunchbeezintheface ( назад)
@VineFynn Dear god RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!

Автор VineFynn ( назад)
It is a UFO? is it a weather balloon? No, it's a flying ham and cheese

Автор Mark maquera ( назад)
that was a UFO inside of it theres an alien pornstars tryna mate with maria
ozawa!!! to make a supreme being!

Автор kanayd ( назад)
Wow, and no one reported seeing a giant UFO hovering over such a busy road?
Nice try mate.

Автор Satanic Truth ( назад)
Wow... Thumbs down.

Автор TheNils23 ( назад)
Hardly, it is a weather balloon because through it is a little, and because
through it is just because it went so fast and just look at it is about
clear and it is surrounded by a glow, and it does not even have a steady
glow, it is not circular glow, but a bit uneven or dude understand Google
Earth has caught a UFO!

Автор Brett Dodge ( назад)
That is a glitch with Google Earth... LOL

Автор GnlMachoman ( назад)
oh sorry for the misunderstading i was cleaning my nose and there was no
other place to put it.

Автор holamaria27 ( назад)
THUMBS UPS for the second one !

Автор almedinal1 ( назад)
people the answer is their was no ufo

Автор capt12b ( назад)
I got on my phone and went to google maps and found this image of the
triangle. Does not look like any radio tower to me. Very interesting find

Автор INFECTEDMASSI ( назад)
I really saw the second UFO !!!

Автор Mary ( назад)
Its not a UFO or weather balloon, its something reflecting from the sun or
someone done that with photoshop. Nice try though.

Автор Chris Houghton ( назад)

Автор OldMusicSoul ( назад)
Google "freeUFOinfo"

Автор stormtroopers199 ( назад)
That thing is censored

Автор bjmrox ( назад)
I love that song.

Автор chrisyhoo1001 ( назад)
its a bloddy baloon

Автор Alan Clinton ( назад)
@Deckard439984r tr2b astra look it up

Автор Alan Clinton ( назад)
the triangle is a tr3b astra also known as project aurora

Автор Alan Clinton ( назад)
@trouble81 radio tower? tr3b astra more like

Автор Scarecrow Yard ( назад)
Very funny...

Автор Max Rutherford ( назад)
@TechXMarine it gos to the fucking grownd and i fucking new that ass hole i
was kidding around

Автор productions GFILMS ( назад)
just a small cloud

Автор mielmoxx ( назад)
that's shine form camera's :D

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