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Автор Antony Tunstall (11 месяцев)

Автор GnlMachoman (4 года)
oh sorry for the misunderstading i was cleaning my nose and there was no
other place to put it.

Автор Hastax Hax (4 года)
O.O 1358 peopole dislikes this vid.!!!! jajajajajajja lololololololololol

Автор Alan Clinton (4 года)
the triangle is a tr3b astra also known as project aurora

Автор bekkisgirl007 (4 года)
dont forget about the crop circles!!!

Автор Teph87 (4 года)
@thesaintman666 for Auir!

Автор CONSENT44 (4 года)
That is not a ufo. it is a light reflection. Also get some decent music

Автор lukyboi999 (4 года)
0:26 cloud 1:30 crop circle (oooh aliens after all!) Don't be stupid.

Автор James West (4 года)
The first one actually just looks like a drop of water of the camera lens.

Автор TheSmyon (4 года)
0:50 wooooo you can see my house from there!!! wait i'm english oops =]

Автор DANVIC1204 (3 года)
наебалово,проверил координаты нихера там нет


Автор Marreidis1126 (4 года)
I have an Unindetified flying object.... in my pants?

Автор Woodbogger13 (3 года)
@fierylava12 then it only worked from the bottom. looking up. Othwewise we
would have no picture of it

Автор Scarecrow Yard (4 года)
Very funny...

Автор David Byrd (3 года)
i found threw international weather sat. network alot and some on google
earth three days ago and posted a few and now google earth pictures have
been fixed better preventing mankind from seeing the fallen angles of god
that you call alians see if you can find what was there now bet you cant.
also having lots of computer problems now.

Автор massini5150 (4 года)
I cant believe 2.226.429 people (including me) were dumb enough to watch

Автор shadow6457 (4 года)
u r rly wrong. google earth pics are from a satalite but if you zoom in far
enough it swiches to an arial photo taken from a plane. so basicly all the
first one is, is a spec of dirt on the lens. as for the second one, not sure

Автор JOEL SWAGGER (4 года)

Автор anonymousent (4 года)
The aliens are here to pick up the local rustlers, cut throats, murderers,
bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits,
vipers, snipers, con men, muggers, bugers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers,
horse thieves, train robbers, bank robbers, and Methodists!!!

Автор kanayd (4 года)
Wow, and no one reported seeing a giant UFO hovering over such a busy road?
Nice try mate.

Автор Rsike565 (4 года)
FAKE! it's a weather balloon!

Автор christinag100 (4 года)
i saw the one for my self in Australia, weird, WTF is that. the one in
rancho cucamonga, ca is oddly out of focus and the historical data of
images is very interestingly all blurred. Also, i've never seen an area
with so many satelite photos in such a short period of time, but again all
blurred ... interesting. why is rancho cucamonga such a popular place to
take photos of from the sky?

Автор Dessy909 (4 года)
@darkstarcrashin I don't need to go study before thinking something sounds
shits or not. It's nothing to do with the colour, creed, nationality or
anything - it's just the music is uninspired white noise porporting to have
some deeper meaning to mask the lack of imagination in it's lyrics and
melody. It sounds like you want to be associated with certain bands as if
it were a tribal badge that resonates your teenage angst. A song's really
about if it moves you or not, "end of". xx

Автор Mark maquera (4 года)
that was a UFO inside of it theres an alien pornstars tryna mate with maria
ozawa!!! to make a supreme being!

Автор Padurariu Catalin (4 года)
It can be a baloon or a "dead pixel" from the objective of the satellite's
camera or missed by the software that enhaced the photo

Автор William Weightman (4 года)
@VinnyVanYiffy all the green circles you see are grass fields for grass.
grass that is grown rolled up and shipped to people to impatient to grow
there grass from seeds... You may not believe me but its true, and the
reason its grown in circles is because of the equipment used to water the
grass is automated and only waters in a circle. Cheap land, automated
equipment = more money.

Автор Dexyu (4 года)
@r8pinurbacon maybe it only covers the botom =]

Автор troy christie (4 года)
@EliteAirsoftSniper song is from the fight club soundtrack i believe

Автор TEATUMCHNL2 (2 года)
Now that the false expectations of 2012 is over and also all of the hype of
the fake and false conspiracies out there that were misleading millions of
people... Get over to EarthlingChild's Channel on YouTube and discover the
REAL TRUTH of how the Earth and the universe is being manipulated. No
conspiracy, No lies, No misinformation, No belief, Just nothing but the

Автор Simon Belmont (3 года)
at coordinates 31'39'12.37''S 115'55'21.23 you can find a strange
boomarang looking object as well, also in australia just below it.

Автор Chris Houghton (4 года)

Автор DrunkenWaffle (4 года)
@Dessy909 Fuck you, racist fag.

Автор chrisyhoo1001 (4 года)
its a bloddy baloon

Автор mike154423 (2 года)

Автор kevin ryan (4 года)
HAHA YOU NEED A LIFE OR A GIRLFRIEND!!!! hey before you come back oh you
watched it its because im sitting at home with nothing on tv and needed a
laugh and behold i seen your google invaison of the aliens haha !!

Автор isaac villagrana (4 года)
wtf i live rigtht there is just water on the first one

Автор 4gags (3 года)
The second one is a crop circle but look 2 the right of it and youll see a
black hole.......

Автор Sarah Nicole (4 года)
the first one is just a balloon.

Автор Raveman01 (4 года)
@trouble81 no ditches in the 210 fwy. im on there m ost every day but i
dont think its a ufo

Автор Dessy909 (4 года)
@Sangimino81kg What you talking about you nasty little wanking troll? It's
just a crappy song - I know nothing about it, or it's
racial/ethical/cultural background - i just doesn't move me - that's about
all one can ask from a song - and this just sounds like white noise. It
olnly offends you because you wear your musiacl allegiances like a badge to
give your life significance. Find significance in your life by going out
and doing some good in the world instead of hurling insults. Dick! whoops!

Автор trouble81 (4 года)
First sighting - sun-on-water reflection in collection ditch in the median
of the 210 Freeway. No big deal there Second item - Radio tower with
guywires in triangular form (very common). 2.1 million hits for this? C'mon
people. Every square inch of photography is reviewed beofre it's put on
Google. No Ufo's. no alien colonys. lol

Автор Will Speechley (4 года)
The world is at end, A huge cloud will terminate all of us, grab all your
belongings, oh wait, the cloud separated into minute bits and STOLE
everything, AAAAAAAAAAAAH! What's this!?! The cloud is MOVING!?!?! HOLY

Автор Richard Gray (4 года)
For more information about disclosure, aliens and what life looks like in
the universe and what we can expect in the future go to educatinghumanity

Автор april76301 (4 года)
@X0verXDriveX Just a 8 year old with his moms camera i bet. :)

Автор Krypto Steamed (3 года)
1:09 tr3b

Автор Giles Morin (4 года)
@X0verXDriveX its because there all texting and driving

Автор Nicole Cochrane (4 года)
@X0verXDriveX how do u know they didnt see i damm thing?? people try to
tell other ppl they see uf0's all the time but its people like u that dont
listen and make fun of them XD

Автор Dessy909 (4 года)
Why do American videos so often have trashy obnoxious music? Keep having to
mute it.

Автор Todd Pelosi (1 год)
Holy Shit! It's absolutely nothing! But it's better then admitting you have
way too much free time.

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