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Автор pla naruk (9 месяцев)
how come not "wo gan jue de hen gu dan"

Автор JJ Hermoso (10 месяцев)
有問題也可以問我 我是台灣人: )

Автор Ngan Le (1 год)
how can i download this video?

Автор Kasumi Kinomoto (11 месяцев)
This was very helpful..I'll be sure to use it in the future, thanks!

Автор guykrubpom (10 месяцев)

Автор Rich7714 (11 месяцев)
Xie xie once again Benny. Top quality lessons! Appreciated!

Автор Noureddine Ait bella (1 год)
can we use only "你感觉怎 ? " to say how do you feel?

Автор Abba DuMaine (1 год)
Little Brother Benny does an excellent job of aiding the acquisition of a
good appreciation of this great language. Xie xie ni Benny

Автор batlin (6 лет)
And I'm learning for my wife and daughter! And her family, and because it's
interesting anyway :) Good luck! Benny: 谢谢你,这是一个很好的电影!

Автор askbenny (7 лет)
It's my pleasure!

Автор Fatin Jalil (7 лет)
how to pronounce "qi","shi","zhang"?

Автор Andrew Knowlton (6 лет)
so would 你觉得怎么样 also work like 你感觉怎么样 ? or is it not right at all?

Автор Danny Freire (4 года)
Great lessons! I think you must be a very good teacher, your motivation can
make anyone remember these sentences! Next time I come to China, I am
stopping by your school to learn from you!

Автор PLaY489 (4 года)
mei2 shi4 yisi okay. wo tong chang shuo de hao3 hai shi hao de. I say mei2
shi4 as nothing or mei shen me.

Автор RiaHikkusu (5 лет)

Автор Ryan (4 года)
i am manderin so i dont really need this well i need to abit more than i no
happy holidays jin tian wo bu kai xin

Автор The Brainy Gamer (4 года)
i want to learn mandarin taiwanese so i can understand jay chou

Автор iReyzmic _ (5 лет)
i want to learn some swearwords xD

Автор askbenny (6 лет)
There are 2 ways of saying happiness: 1. xìng fú = happiness 2. kuài lè =
happiness Your cousin forgot that xìng fú does exist and its very useful

Автор rayn_tiong hua (1 год)
benny,,,ni mei shi ba?

Автор askbenny (6 лет)
ni hao~!

Автор rickschick777 (3 года)
for are you okay can you also say.... ni mei shur ba? ( with the added
tones of course:) xie xie

Автор Cam Nguyen (5 лет)
HI Benny, in your sentence "wo jue de hen gu dan" what does the"de" mean?

Автор rancidx3 (6 лет)
Wo jue de hen gu dan. hen = very

Автор adeel256 (6 лет)
i think you can use Yay, just as it is... it is sorta language
independent... especially if accompanied with a smile and lit up eyes!

Автор Wendy Lee (6 лет)
我感觉很好!谢谢,我很羡慕你,你会那么多中文。我的中文不是那么好。我是14岁还有我是中国和美国人,i wish i am like you
knowing Chinese and English, both very well.

Автор Johnnatan Valencia (6 лет)
Benny, what does the "ba" do in the sentence "are you ok?"?

Автор lauwheid8 (6 лет)
zhen cong ming is ur very smart wasn't it ?

Автор mrvictormsp (6 лет)
It is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the man Benny!!!

Автор Siya Thach (5 лет)
Sure, i would love to learn chinese with you.

Автор Vlad Solomin (6 лет)
oh, God Thank you man for these video lessons May Dakini blessing be with

Автор VeganGirl1011 (3 года)
Omg epic fail 4 me

Автор Rand HA (2 года)
Xie Xie!

Автор Siya Thach (5 лет)
Thanks Benny for the great lesson.

Автор kimsein89 (6 лет)
Hello, I am a Korean who is learning Chinese right now. Your pronunciation
helps me so much. Also, you make Chinese look so much more interesting and
fun. Thank you! I am so grateful (and whatever ID Pwnatsf, don't listen to

Автор 미친 년 (6 лет)
I love this lesson, thank you :)

Автор growlingwizard (6 лет)
xie xie ni benny

Автор razellynchen (6 лет)
i really like to learn Mandarin for my son n husband,Thank's to u benny

Автор giesai pong (5 лет)
thanks benny..i really really want to know how to speak mandarin..beacuse
of some reason.. thanks.. it can help..

Автор askbenny (7 лет)
bu ke qi

Автор askbenny (7 лет)

Автор askbenny (6 лет)
Thank you!

Автор arvindpradhan (7 лет)
women liang ren.

Автор Crazygirl1003 (3 года)
It's easy once you get the tones down.. But next time, please speak slower!

Автор Roscoe Davis (3 года)
@askbenny thanks for these great lessons, Benny. I just started them. What
does da jia hao mean? I only what the characters sound like in Cantonese,
but not sure about the meaning. Is it similar to "Foon Ying"?

Автор Jennie Xu (3 года)

Автор askbenny (6 лет)
You're right! hen = very gu dan = lonely

Автор countess22 (4 года)
Is "nǐ shēntǐ hǎo ma" and "ni mei shi ba" same???? (are you okay? in

Автор enock nguku (2 года)
your teaching is so good for sure xiexie ni

Автор Ryvan Louise Poblares (3 года)
ugh! i guess.. its more difficult than korean and japanese language... its
like.. im doing a tongue twister^^ but... i need to learn it,,,^^ thanks
for the video... it will help me and my classmates a lot^^

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