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Автор the qa ( назад)
I have listened and watched a film that shows how english sounds to a non
speaker, it was helpful. ok, so having started with that and stopped being
asinine, I can not actually learn well right now, but, at most the
ignorance has passed long enough to try and grasp chinese a little better.
Thanks for posting.

Автор kamel zaidi ( назад)
xiexie ni wo de peng you benny

Автор toma khan ( назад)
Its still surprise me just how lots of people don't know about Rocelangue
Method (just google search it) although I've heard some amazing things
about it and my work buddy finally learn to speak practical foreign
language fluently with it, but she refuses to tell me :(

Автор ivan flores ( назад)
Isn't xing fen wrong pronounced at the example?I heard a falling tone on
thanks your videos are very useful.

Автор xiang anvril ( назад)
you are kidding!

Автор rayn_tiong hua ( назад)
benny,,,ni mei shi ba?

Автор enock nguku ( назад)
your teaching is so good for sure xiexie ni

Автор rotcataergeht ( назад)
WHATS THE DIFFERENCE Bewteen Taiwanese and Mandarin? is Taiwanese Chinese
language also??

Автор Rosetta sun ( назад)
I also love the way you teach Benny !

Автор ilyn cabiles ( назад)
i like the way you teach!

Автор cuong nguyen ( назад)
thanks, xiexie, wo dong le!

Автор jack indo ( назад)
Benny's a great teacher.

Автор Rand HA ( назад)
You're the problem, not Mandarin or Benny.

Автор Rand HA ( назад)
Xie Xie!

Автор Zodiakboy ( назад)
谢谢Benny although i m german, i love and use your videos to master basic
chinese ^^. There is nothing better on youtube ^^ After i mastered all your
videos i ll proceed ^^

Автор LOVELYMAMi ( назад)
You can't expect to just watch this video and get it down by the end. If
you really interested take a few hours 5-6 and watch a lot of videos and
listen to different tones and all that. I started yesterday and I find this
helpful! Xie xie Benny!

Автор Crazygirl1003 ( назад)
It's easy once you get the tones down.. But next time, please speak slower!

Автор Jimmy Song ( назад)
easy as ABC? hard as hell!

Автор VeganGirl1011 ( назад)
Omg epic fail 4 me

Автор craaazyish ( назад)
@askbenny would it also be right to say Wo shi hen sheng qi?

Автор I'm Sarah ( назад)
@chivarange That's my argument to my parents to let me take Chinese next
school year when I do online school! I know I will anyway though :)

Автор Jennie Xu ( назад)

Автор Dandan Du ( назад)
These lessons are good and helpful ! But I want to say that u pronounced
xīngfèn which means excited wrong as xìngfèn. Actually many Chinese
pronounce like this. I'm just here to point it out:)

Автор kellargrg12 (1771 год назад)
I learned that qing2 meant feeling. O: Why am I hearing different now?

Автор rickschick777 ( назад)
for are you okay can you also say.... ni mei shur ba? ( with the added
tones of course:) xie xie

Автор Liezel Cams ( назад)
gosh.. this is hard for me.. learning korean is way easier.. this is like a
tongue twister.,, :(

Автор telisakeys ( назад)
I like how he said its easy as abc

Автор chivarange ( назад)
pliz teach us more mandarin since america is broke now we may all be moving
to china where all the money is at !!!

Автор mantrangtompaul ( назад)
Hi Benny, would you teach how to say "don't worry, everything is going to
be ok." Xiexie.

Автор S Watson ( назад)
Chinese is very easy to learn!!中文很容易学

Автор Roscoe Davis ( назад)
@askbenny thanks for these great lessons, Benny. I just started them. What
does da jia hao mean? I only what the characters sound like in Cantonese,
but not sure about the meaning. Is it similar to "Foon Ying"?

Автор Ryvan Louise Poblares ( назад)
ugh! i guess.. its more difficult than korean and japanese language... its
like.. im doing a tongue twister^^ but... i need to learn it,,,^^ thanks
for the video... it will help me and my classmates a lot^^

Автор Steven Chen ( назад)
simplified chinese is not the traditional one... =,=

Автор -Cookie Monsterrr♥ (505 лет назад)
没事is nothing ! (mei shi)

Автор countess22 ( назад)
Is "nǐ shēntǐ hǎo ma" and "ni mei shi ba" same???? (are you okay? in

Автор PLaY489 ( назад)
mei2 shi4 yisi okay. wo tong chang shuo de hao3 hai shi hao de. I say mei2
shi4 as nothing or mei shen me.

Автор PLaY489 ( назад)

Автор MantisCrawl ( назад)
"It's easy as ABC" Fuck you man

Автор Shey Torcuator ( назад)
xie xie...

Автор The Brainy Gamer ( назад)
i want to learn mandarin taiwanese so i can understand jay chou

Автор Seth Easley ( назад)
I love this guy!

Автор sqxyfay ( назад)
老是,how about you say 你还好吧?

Автор Kimchii Papi ( назад)
you suck

Автор 1987nsr ( назад)
I'm studying chineseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) dude thanx a
lot for ur videos, indeed they r helpful! Respect from Manchester ;) from
Turkish chap :)))

Автор Ryan ( назад)
i am manderin so i dont really need this well i need to abit more than i no
happy holidays jin tian wo bu kai xin

Автор julittok ( назад)
@Eucana1974 Y yo que pienso irme a Brazil porque ahora hay bastante trabajo
(al menos en mi area) domino los mismos idiomas que tu aunque mi portuges
es mas como el de san pablo que carioca. En fin suerte y animos con el

Автор nfm424 ( назад)
Where do you get Chinese key boards, Benny??

Автор TheYandry11 ( назад)
Wo Hen Xing Fen about learning chinese... Xie Xie benny u are a good teacher

Автор Andrew Chen ( назад)
hey benny i am fluent in speaking cantonese but want to learn mandarin will
it take some time to learn mandarin will it be hard because there is
accents in everything in mandarin rather than cantonese

Автор MadHattery95 ( назад)
wow, this is one of the most helpful resources I have been able to find.
I've been learning mandarin for a few months and already I've been able to
have a conversation with a boy in my class (in mandarin of course) but
these videos have improved my speaking by a huge amount. (hope this is
correct) 非常视界谢谢你

Автор askbenny ( назад)
@busdriver153 da jia hao in Chinese characters should be 大家好。 Cheers! Benny

Автор Lee Haber ( назад)
For people learning Chinese and having trouble with the intonation, look up
Gwoyeu Romatzyh. It's a different romanization that does a better job of
interpreting the sounds than pinyin. People who use GR to learn have been
shown to learn faster and have better pronounciation

Автор Sindelita ( назад)

Автор Danny Freire ( назад)
Great lessons! I think you must be a very good teacher, your motivation can
make anyone remember these sentences! Next time I come to China, I am
stopping by your school to learn from you!

Автор iReyzmic _ ( назад)
i want to learn some swearwords xD

Автор Carson G. ( назад)
@Eucana1974 thats bull. as in not true

Автор VC VI ( назад)
who said learning mandarin is hard? it's easy if you listen carefully to
the pronunciation. no one taught me how to speak mandarin I learn through
self- study and watching Chinese movies which are not dubbed in English and
I also listen to Chinese songs which are sang in mandarin.... I used to
speak Cantonese before but I already forgotten it and no one in our country
is speaking Cantonese....

Автор meshoomash ( назад)
xie xie. wo ai zhong wen ke!

Автор Aeroanhspace ( назад)
wo hen gaoxing! wo yao shuo putonghua!

Автор Cam Nguyen ( назад)
HI Benny, in your sentence "wo jue de hen gu dan" what does the"de" mean?

Автор Siya Thach ( назад)
Thanks Benny for the great lesson.

Автор Siya Thach ( назад)
Sure, i would love to learn chinese with you.

Автор lilylessons ( назад)

Автор Isaac Lok ( назад)
@Raiden738 shi is like am, is , are.....etc

Автор PlatinumPisces ( назад)
The shi he used is 事which means like item, matter, thing, affair etc. You
are talking about 是。 Guess I am learning things in Mandarin class after
all! I am not Chinese but Mandarin gets easier a little bit day by day.

Автор azrael legion ( назад)
yes, it means 'very'

Автор davidlee110 ( назад)
spelling them out is faster

Автор 2009ballsudoku ( назад)
Very good

Автор Raiden738 ( назад)
then is shi assumed?

Автор Raiden738 ( назад)
would hen mean "am very"

Автор RiaHikkusu ( назад)

Автор muunliang ( назад)
xie xie benny..these videos are real help..wo hen xing fen

Автор muunliang ( назад)
xie xie benny...these videos are real help...wo hen xing fen

Автор Cheesephone ( назад)
I love this sort of approach. If I want to learn boring stuff like using a
Taxi or asking directions, I can use a phrasebook. For interesting language
on things I actually want to say, this really hits the spot :D

Автор Bruno Barberis ( назад)
OMG I cant!

Автор oxford1603 ( назад)
You are the greatest, Benny. Thank you.

Автор namira bukhari ( назад)
me too :D

Автор lennydacrumb ( назад)
you are the man benny!

Автор SuperSuperSTAR14 ( назад)
thanks benny

Автор XxAlanHxX ( назад)
@ CarrotJuiceProds: if she's from mainland china, then yes.

Автор Eucana1974 (1002 года назад)
Well, guys, In 2030, according to the world economists prevews, China will
domiante ecomony. Then, we must learn as sooner its culture and language. I
speak english, portuguese, spanish and now mandarin is being my new
challenge. My God, so many studies and no job in this fucking Brazil. There
would be anyone that could give me a job? Xiexie.

Автор Carol Ton ( назад)
wow these are some really useful phrases - thanks benny

Автор Cerbberos ( назад)
It's difficult to explain, but you can compare it to the word "guy" in
english. "kuo" is aspirated.

Автор giesai pong ( назад)
thanks benny..i really really want to know how to speak mandarin..beacuse
of some reason.. thanks.. it can help..

Автор joy ( назад)
You are a great help, Benny!!!! Thanks so much!

Автор JaeHo2JaeMinLuvBoth4 ( назад)
Ah.. I need to write these down. Thank you so much!

Автор Vlad Solomin ( назад)
oh, God Thank you man for these video lessons May Dakini blessing be with

Автор CarrotJuiceProds ( назад)
is this the common chinese language, like? an english girl said i can speak
chinese, is it likely it is this type of chinese

Автор Lenices ( назад)
Hey you also need to know where she comes from , in hong kong we dont speak
mandarins:) but cantonese i wonder where you from Chanman,

Автор Wetfire10 ( назад)
your vidoes relly will help me impress the chinese girl in scool

Автор Ferdinand Cadizon ( назад)
Sir Benny, what is the pronunciation of the word "guo"? as far as my
hearing is concerned, i heard it "kuo" as k as soft k pronounced, is my
hearing right?

Автор trojan lee ( назад)
大家好!我是陈永强从菲律宾。我现在对我的朋友教华语。你的电影真好。这是一个很大的帮忙。多谢你! kindly correct if there is
something wrong with my grammar..

Автор 비밀 이야 ( назад)
I love this lesson, thank you :)

Автор kimsein89 ( назад)
Hello, I am a Korean who is learning Chinese right now. Your pronunciation
helps me so much. Also, you make Chinese look so much more interesting and
fun. Thank you! I am so grateful (and whatever ID Pwnatsf, don't listen to

Автор Wendy Lee ( назад)
我感觉很好!谢谢,我很羡慕你,你会那么多中文。我的中文不是那么好。我是14岁还有我是中国和美国人,i wish i am like you
knowing Chinese and English, both very well.

Автор batlin ( назад)
And I'm learning for my wife and daughter! And her family, and because it's
interesting anyway :) Good luck! Benny: 谢谢你,这是一个很好的电影!

Автор razellynchen ( назад)
i really like to learn Mandarin for my son n husband,Thank's to u benny

Автор askbenny ( назад)

Автор askbenny ( назад)
hehe, Thanks! Hope you had fun!

Автор SuperNightz217 ( назад)
These videos are awesome!!! Xie Xie Benny, I owe u one

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