The Sorbo's talk the war on Christmas

Actors Sam and Kevin Sorbo on Christmas political correctness.

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Автор Quantum ( назад)
Jesus' biggest miracle was being born as a white person

Автор Quantum ( назад)
Happy Holidays

Автор Stephens Dygert ( назад)
a war on christmas? Is it a war on capitalism? Actually any student of the
word God can clearly see Jesus Christ was born in September. He was
conceived between between Dec 19-30. No where does the apostle of the body
of Christ Paul tell the body of Christ to have holidays honering anything.
Galatians 4:1-11 (kv) However in Romans 14:1-12 Paul explains the believer
who's weak in the "faith" will partake in day honering over other days.
Also abstaining from certain foods or meats.The more spiritual stronger
believer is not to condem them. Remember this I Tim 4:1-5 (kjv) The
Christmas tree is pagan, acording to the law of Moses Jeremiah10:1-5(kjv)
ln the dispensation of Grace its not "sin" to partake in this holiday. Its
a open door to share the gospel of the Grace of God.

Автор Lep P ( назад)
Keep the Saturn in Saturnalia!

Автор American Faggot ( назад)
kevin sorbo was great in "god's not dead" :)

Автор gj804 ( назад)
These people don't understand how much this makes liberals laugh *AT* them.
I love watching wingers celebrate "winning" a "war" that never happened.

Автор Spinoza ( назад)
Fucking idiots, nobody really gives a fuck about what you say jesus tits
motherfuckers need to quit whinning.its not like December is when jesus
would have been born if you go by the biblical account of his birth it's
only placed in December because christianity needed to appeal to pagan so
they created chrismas to have their own winter solstice holiday based on a
pagan tradition.

Автор Kevin macomber ( назад)
Merry mythmas is more like it

Автор Kevin macomber ( назад)
Happy holidays

Автор darkvader47 ( назад)

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
Happy Holidays.

Автор Steve Hinnenkamp ( назад)
What's wrong with saying "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays?"
It covers the ground- - short and sweet.

Автор LPMBB1815 ( назад)
Merry Christmas everyone.

Автор Georgia Zombie ( назад)
Banning "Merry Christmas" is stupid, it's not even a religious statement.
Christmas isn't a religious holiday unless you make it one.

Автор Punkurtpie spewfeel ( назад)
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Winter Solstice :)

Автор Z4RQUON ( назад)
The War on Christmas, on behalf of liberals, does not exist. The entire
thing has been invented by bible thumping conservatives who think everybody
else should be forced to care about their religious beliefs.

Автор Z4RQUON ( назад)
The Christian ties to "Christmas" end at the name, the holiday itself
predates the presumed birth of Christ by thousands of years.

Автор Z4RQUON ( назад)
I love the war on Christmas, I look forward to it every year. . .

Автор Blorp ( назад)
Literally no one gets pissed off for saying Merry Christmas. It's just a
way for the majority religion (Christianity) to try and feel like victims.

Автор RAW NATURE ( назад)
mery chrimbus

Автор El Joey ( назад)
I'm glad Kevin Sorbo said maybe other religions should come up with a
better marketing scheme for their holiday. unfortunately he does not
understand the irony what he just said. all Christmas is is a marketing
scheme. it has absolutely nothing to do with the religious celebration of
Jesus. he wasn't even born in the winter and every single thing that people
do in celebration of Christmas are made up. if anything Christians should
be more upset about the way Christmas is celebrated and the fact that it's
during the complete opposite half of the year. but there's no reasoning
with Christians

Автор Marius Fortelni ( назад)
Christmas is a national Holiday , so a blessed and truly merry Christmas.
And don't forget , Jesus is the reason
for this season!

Автор Faegir Volva ( назад)

Автор Robert Bump ( назад)
Judaism hated Jesus because he preached love and kindness to all people,
and Judaism doesn't do that. Judaism is a very supremacist religion at its
core. That's the reality of it.

Автор Robert Bump ( назад)
Judaism bitterly rejects Jesus Christ, never enjoyed his teaching of love
and tolerance; in fact, not only did the Jewish high priests (Pharisees)
pursue the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, these leaders guided their faith in
the opposite ideological direction.

Автор Robert Bump ( назад)
Jesus was a Jewish person that spoke a doctrine that certainly was
diametrically opposed to what Judaism was and is.

Автор TheDapperSwindler ( назад)
I'd like to make an open request here: can someone please show me an
example of a business or person forcing others to say "Happy Holidays" or
insulting/persecuting them for saying "Merry Christmas"?

Автор W:E:I:R:D:O ! ( назад)
And today in fox business more shit we made up!

Автор Jeffrey Palfini ( назад)
'Tis the season to loudly confront people who are wishing you good tidings!

Автор BraniusBalki ( назад)
At least this is a war with no casualties, fight on you crazy Christians,
you might be swinging at the air and losing (which is kinda funny) but you
must win this war. Happy holidays you fucking clowns.

Автор kewpified ( назад)
Political correctness = censorship. It is Christmas so we have the right to
say Merry Christmas. Prager, is Jewish and he says Merry Christmas. He even
made a video about it on PragerU.

Автор Canadian Girl ( назад)
Thank you Trump, I have noticed people saving Merry Christmas in Alberta
this year. I love it. MERRY CHRISTMAS USA

Автор gregorykahndc ( назад)
When I was in India I would say Dawali[ Hindu], Eid [Muslim], Buddhist and
Parsee greetings. In the West I chose to say Merry Christmas and Buon

Автор Tom D ( назад)

Автор Jim K ( назад)
GOD bless the Sorbo''s, and MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all!

Автор Kathleen Tripp ( назад)
I love all 3 of them...... All the way back before Kevin knew Sam in the
beginning of Hercules..... Hubba hubba...... Stuart is great too... :)

Автор MyThoughts ( назад)

Автор lester brown ( назад)
Poor Christians, the 80% is being picked on. Forcing everyone to say Merry
Fucking Christmas is their privilege. Who cares if you don't believe in
their fairy tales, you will obey. Be brave like Hercules, who fearlessly
said Merry Christmas in a room filled with Christians, and he said it extra
loud. In Iran, they all say Allah ackbar, no one dissents. If only America
could be like Iran.

Автор lester brown ( назад)
Merry Christmas to Christians and fuck the rest of the populace. Is that
the message Christians want to send? Our constitution prohibits the show of
favoritism of one religion over another by our government. Individuals are
free to say and do whatever is legal, and celebrating Christmas is legal.
You shouldn't expect governing bodies to show support for one religion over
another. Private business can cater to anyone they desire, everyone, or
just Christians. Happy holiday is talking to everyone. Merry Christmas
excludes many Americans from the celebration.

Автор Dennis G ( назад)
Face the facts, Obama is a closet Muslim

Автор Slayers Gaming ( назад)
Merry Christmas! :)

Автор Sabrina Massie ( назад)
Merry Christmas! God Bless us Every One!

Автор ZIG ZAG ( назад)
Christmas is FAKE = Its an END of the YEAR Rip OFF SCAM !

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