Joe Rogan On Sharks

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Автор Glovvox ( назад)
Here's a fuckin idea. Stop going into shark-infested waters. Problem

Автор Joe Rogan University ( назад)
Bookmark and use my Amazon links you slack-jawed faggots.
US: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=ndm-20
UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/?tag=moosfootru-21
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Автор Austin Mavraganis ( назад)
um sharks are cold-blooded unlike mammals that are warm-blooded ie why
sharks can adapt to their surrounding temperatures.

Автор ImpatientTurtle ( назад)
The sharks are protected. Theres very few fatal attacks, even in Australia.
Dont want to get bit? Swim in the pool you moron.

Автор On 2Wheels ( назад)
What a great job, podcasts. Sounds like you just kick it and talk with the
homies and get paid. To add, Joe, sharks sleep. They just face the current
so the water can run through their mouth and gills to breath.

Автор bob james ( назад)

Автор KidPersepolis ( назад)
Joe, you are an idiot. We kill over 100 million sharks a year. And to
suggest that you can kill sharks close to beaches, as if they remain
stationary, is even more ridiculous.

Автор Joe Calloway ( назад)
Counter proposal see when people hike in bear territory they don't demand
the bears be dead they just carry bear mace. So why not find a way to repel
a shark that gets too close? Everybody wins.

Автор Armando Kozomara ( назад)
I hate sharks. that's why I stay away from deep waters and sadly surfing

Автор Mike ( назад)
They have electric shark markers, they have been working in them for years.
They cost money to implement and nobody wants to pay for it. The magnetic
field also effects other fish and animals. If you have a private beach and
money, you can be shark free.

Автор Cyrus The Virus ( назад)
To be honest we don't belong in the water.

Автор Travis J ( назад)
I find it completely baffling that a dude from Hawaii can say "yeah I
didn't really think I had to worry about sharks while surfing" lol WHAT.

Dude you're from a Hawaii, that's not a place where people don't worry
about shit lol didn't you have to worry about literally every single thing
that might go wrong in life?

Автор Lucifers Edge ( назад)
I was dating this surfer chick and she gave me sharkdick!

Автор David Soule ( назад)
what a retarded comparison sharks vs dragons.... I can avoid sharks and
guarantee I'll never be attacked by one...if there were dragons it would be
much harder to avoid them... would also depend on how aggressive they

Автор FunnySnaps 16' ( назад)
Bra stfu! Take a pause!

Автор PlezureandPain ( назад)
There's more shark bites in/near HI than anywhere else. The state is VERY
good at keeping the "bite news" off public eye. Number one tourist location
in the world. Hmm

Автор HNTR KLLR ( назад)
If you fraid of sharkolodons

den stay yo ass oudda water

Автор Funked Up ( назад)
Sharks > rich boy cunt surfers

Автор FarmerBenny ( назад)
Just because we're afraid of certain things, doesn't mean we should kill
those things.

Автор Chris Toner ( назад)
Sharkbandz, check it out. Saw it somewhere and it looks like a fit bit but
repels sharks

Автор Crow Killer ( назад)
Joe the disseminatore of lots of false info

Автор Jane Davis ( назад)
The water is for sharks, land is for people! We as people are guest of the

Автор Iamyouonlydifferent ( назад)
I think sharks have a festish for humans and they are only trying to kiss

Автор Antony Quigley ( назад)
stop going in the water ffs, we get in the sharks home and we kill the
shark for being pissed

Автор Rob Mason ( назад)
his friend beat up a great white 6 feet under water lol, what a load of bs,
you cant punch underwater, at best you can do a strong push

Автор fillmorenyc1 ( назад)
Haha, lol WITH Joe Rogan, cause I get it... now. I did one of those "swim
with the sharks" deals, where you go in a shark cage, and see them up
close. I was all brave and shit... until one of those fuckers tried to get
in the cage thru the port that runs the perimeter of the cage. Talk about
operating on fucking auto-pilot?? I sat down on the cage floor so fast I
dont even remember doing it. That shark shook the cage like it was
completely weightless. They are SO horrifyingly powerful and scary with
those FUCKING TEETH that I cant even describe it. It would make Brock
Lesnar chasing you with a running chainsaw look like a fucking party.

Автор Димка Волков ( назад)
If this information about 5 kills by sharks each year is true then MMA very
likely destroy more human lives than sharks do.

So here is a solution Joe: choke to death as many fighters as you can while
they sleep, then snap in half Connor, take Lawler's soul, KO Dana White
with your deadly spinning butt kick, lethally hit and run Jones on a Harley
Davidson motobike, drinking Bud light, after that take away all the chicken
from Cormier so he could devour all the rest to feed himself (DC dies in
the end because of MVP's poisoned skin). And finally Joe, kill yourself.
We will always remember you as a hero, who saved thousands of innocent
lives in a long run if mma would exist.

Автор Chris Jeffers ( назад)
Who is this guy on the podcast with joe?

Автор INJURY74 ( назад)
A 2% attack rate spread over a bathing population of hundreds of thousands
of people is gonna appear to be astonishingly high..when in fact it still
only equates to a 2% attack rate...'less sharks means less attacks' seems a
rather naïve statement..✨

Автор INJURY74 ( назад)
I disagree with the logic behind buddy's statement that 'less sharks means
less attacks'...the sharks have always been there dude..the ocean is THEIR
environment...we as human beings are not equipped with gills & fins &
therefore do not 'belong' in the ocean...we 'choose' to go in the ocean for
'recreation'..(among other things of course..) it's our 'choice'...but the
more we 'choose' to swim in the ocean & the greater the number of people in
the ocean, the greater the number of 'attacks' will be...the shark
populations are rather constant..human population on the other hand is
continuously growing...✨let's say u have 5 aggressive sharks in a body of
water...if only 10 people are in that body water then the attack number
will be low...if we increase the number of people to 20 then the attack
number will be higher..if we increase the number of people again to 10,000
then the attack number will seem even higher still, but the percentage of
attacks will be relatively the same...✨

Автор SlimOpz ( назад)
Volusia and Brevard have the highest number of shark attacks in Florida,
each with over 100 from 1882–2014. New Smyrna Beach, in Volusia County, is
infamously known as the "shark bite capital of the world."

Автор goran Snortsse ( назад)
You're not a real surfer if you haven't been fucked up by a shark atleast

Автор PropagandaPanda KOIRA ( назад)
I dont really eat tuna no more, because there's practically none left. And
more importantly I've read something about some people claiming that
probably 70-85% of the tuna can you buy from your groceries store. That
70-85% there is not even tuna fish. In some cases. Im no PETA or anything.
But I know that fish could run out from the oceans in just a few decades.
So why cant we just eat some shark's, which we don't even like :D Or
probably most of us don't like sharks. Not just Joe on stuff.

Автор Mean Mofaka ( назад)
There is def a shark shortage. those crazy asians kills millions and
millions of sharks each year. just to cut their finns of and then throw
them back into the water.

Автор Mean Mofaka ( назад)
There is def a shark shortage. those crazy asians kills millions and
millions of sharks each year. just to cut their finns of and then throw
them back into the water.

Автор Foxtrot6624 ( назад)
Fun Fact: more likely to be killed by a fridge than a shark

Автор Kevin Martinez ( назад)
after hearing joe rogan talking about killing sharks around people. FUCK
HIM. People should the know risk when entering in the ocean. People are the
guest in the ocean, it's the sharks home. If they get attached that's there
problem. I'm never watching a joe rogan podcast again, after hearing this
idiotic, animal cruelty bullshit.

Автор James Wilcock ( назад)
ban the shark

Автор xSmelter250x ( назад)
If the dislike button for youtube wasn't psuedo, there'd be alot fewer of
these dumbass's getting top comments.

there's more people in the water now, more shark attacks

Автор mtbkirby23 ( назад)
We are seeing more White Sharks in San Diego do to them not chasing of the
Sea Lions of the coast. Sea Lions are like Double Doubles for White Sharks.
We just happen to be caught in the middle. The two white sharks off San
Onofre feast on the Sea Lions daily that live on the beach.

Автор Jason Dykstra ( назад)
tons of attacks in hawaii...10 in 2015 with 8 injuries. 8 million visitors.
And 100 million sharks killed per year ...come on joe

Автор Christopher Thorn ( назад)
I like Rogan but come on. 150 000 000 sharks are slaughtered every year, 11
000 every hour. Wake up man, we need them to survive, it's the ecosystem.
Oceans are theirs. The human's don't deserve the own every inch on this
"Who are the environmentalist groups? " wake the fuck up

Автор steveN111333 ( назад)
'If there were less sharks there would be less attacks' !!! What a dick !!

Автор Roy G ( назад)
big sharks dont eat fish...

Автор ronald munoz ( назад)
the shark population isn't the problem it's the huge human population
racing to the water's to go into their environment. for example. something
like 40 years ago we had 3 billion people living on earth, fast forward to
today we've got something around 7 billion. thats a lot more people heading
to the water

Автор AntiPlatitude ( назад)
Putting up electric fences?? Its THEIR home. Sharks are such an
insignificant risk. You're probably 1000x more likely to die from a SURFING
accident than from a shark.

Автор Peter The Tool ( назад)
Joe is all knowledgeable about our oceanic ecosystems now LOL! And he's got
his little surf-boy pet to agree with him
There are only a handful of shark fatalities ever year around the GLOBE.
For that he wants to go decimate the population of apex predators even
more? To please a bunch of stoners who want to "hit the waves"?

BTW Joe why do you think they are an increase in attacks? Over-fishing has
led to many sharks species to go hunt for OTHER sources of food. We
basically cause the problem and then blame the sharks...typical...

Also the dragon analogy is idiotic. IF, dragons (as we've come to know them
in mythology) existed they would be a CREDIBLE threat to humanity as they
are land-based, fly and breath FIRE. In that instance dragon populations
would need to be "controlled".

With sharks we're encroaching on their "turf" so to speak. Hundreds of
millions of people hit the beaches every year around the globe and after
all that there are at most a dozen fatalities in any given year. And for
that this imbecile wants to go engage in the whole slaughter of different
shark species?

Автор David Czolij ( назад)
Make the sharks evolve to other places by culling them sounds nice they can
overpopulate placed we don't, other fish numbers could increase if the
sharks were less also ;);)

Автор swish007 ( назад)
fucking dragons should be protected and fed humans if necessary.. if we
like found a couple suddenly in the wild lol. also, i've heard that the
only times a shark attacks a human are when a: the shark is starving, and
b: it mistakes the human for a seal or some other creature. i've read that
sharks actually dislike the taste of humans. and being on a surfboard makes
you a lot safer because there have been many times where a shark has bitten
into a board (and sometimes the surfer on top of it) and tried to dive but
wasn't really able to because of the buoyancy of the board. most of the
times in this case the shark will let the surfer go, but sometimes it can
be very bad because the shark will get frustrated and shake the
surfer/board violently. this can cause some really nasty tearing of the
bite wound and of course lots of blood in the water.

Автор Nick Machiavelli ( назад)
Joe you aree being an ignorant twat tonight

Автор Nick Machiavelli ( назад)
I love sharks and want to study them scuba. If I am eating, I knew the

Автор Pixeltainment ( назад)
if you dont want to get ripped to shreds,. dont swim in the ocean. Thats
why we have fucking swimming pools.

Автор Tommy Xiong ( назад)

Автор Thebadseed77 ( назад)
I think the reason we have more shark attacks in Australia than we use to
is for a simple reason no one mentions . We have far far more people on
the beachs , swimming , surfing , paddle boarding etc then we ever have in
the history of earth ! Its a numbers game , only way a shark knows if your
food is to stick it in there mouth . Don't kill the fucking sharks that's a
fucking retarted thing to say , in Australia if we had to kill things the
killed humans we would have worse things than sharks to worry about .
Crocodiles , snakes , spiders , stone fish , box jelly fish , fucking bees
. Its preventable also , don't swim in the water lol

Автор Miki Seius ( назад)
100 million sharks are killed for shark fin soup every year.

Автор Perfectly InSane ( назад)
Aussie here. It's not just the environmentalist nut jobs saying we should
leave the sharks be. Most people with average intelligence understand how
serious the shark attack issue is: 545 shark attacks in 100 years. 137 of
those were fatal. 104 of those were uninjured. In the same 100 years there
was also 298 provoked attacks, 38 fatal.

You want to get rid of dangerous animals in Australia? ... start with
horses, then go to cows, then dogs, then kangaroos, then bees, then I guess
we could talk about sharks.

It really doesn't take long to research hard numbers in this day and age,
yet people still want to be ignorant for some reason.


Tried to find drowning deaths for a comparison, I am quite sure it's more
than average number of shark deaths, couldn't find anything in a very quick

Автор Pelhampete ( назад)
Joe R. says "We're not going to (be able to) wipe out the f***ing sharks,
folks. Just relax." That comment is right up there with "The oceans are too
big to pollute." Unlike in bygone days- there is just no longer any excuse
for this degree of naivety or thoughtlessness. Any problem that exists
stems from a lack of ability ON JOE'S PART to imagine a given
state-of-affairs, whether the issue of shark population, or anything else.
Can somebody explain to me how it is possible that one minute Joe is
talking about imaginary dragons and the very next he finds it impossible to
conjure up the notion that humans can wipe out animal species. This is how
you play tennis without the net.

Unfortunately it was his seemingly innate power of imagination that
attracted me to his thinking in the first place. As it stands now, on *any*
issue of *any* importance, I'm going to have a hard time taking him
seriously. Bummer.

Автор Despond ( назад)
All these fucking morons saying "Stay out of the Ocean it's their world".
Newflash we're the fucking dominant species on this planet by immeasurable
amounts. If we want to go in the fucking Ocean we will. You think when
we're able to visit other planets were going to travel million sof light
years, see there's people there and go "Oh my bad, we'll head back". No
we're the only known species in the Universe to have mastered technological
intelligence. We're not going to play subservient to a fucking braindead
shark that's on auto pilot mode since prehistoric era. Sure, we should
preserve the balance of ecosystems and natural order, but if we have to
kill a few sharks around an area to prevent attack, then fucking do it.

Автор Despond ( назад)
I'd rather have a great white swim around me than a bull shark

Автор elgoodcmsdub ( назад)
I think the entire ocean's ecosystem is more important than some dickbag's
sense of safety in an environment they don't belong in.

Автор Nick Smith-Chandler ( назад)
for fucksake....SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

Автор MrFeyerwire ( назад)
It does not take a marine biologist to know that the Great Whites are far
from the scariest or most deadly sharks that come in towards coastal
waters. The Great White does not bite to kill, it bites to taste and does
so out of curiosity. The reason they have a reputation is because when they
bite, it tends to severely mame or kill the victim. In Hawaii alone there
are sharks that are about 20x more insidious than a great white is. I am
talking sharks like the Oceanic White Tip, Tiger Shark and Short Fin Mako
(which can easily be mistaken as a Great White). The sharks I listed have a
taste for human meat, they have been recorded as having devoured entire
groups of shipwreck survivors. Great Whites get the worse wrap, but marine
biologists dive around them without protection all the time. A feat the
Marine Biologists will not try to pull off around the Oceanic White Tips.

Автор Fo' thekid ( назад)
There are no laws in nature just a struggle for survival. If I see one of
these after my leg I'm going for the eyes.

Автор Rarin George ( назад)
I live on the coast and I murder as many sharks as possible. I say keep
their body count up so we have room to play in the water and feel safe
because I have that right over any fish. Anyway, yeah, I lost count how
many sharks I've killed but I've been doing it for years and I'm gonna keep
doing it.

Автор The Observer ( назад)
joe rogan is fucking knowledgeable. lol stfu already. go eat grass-fed
dick. ☻☹

Автор The Shoe Shine Apprentice ( назад)
Even if I don't agree with your weed smoking ass Joe, I finally subscribed
to your channel.

Автор Blackjack 335 ( назад)
Less sharks = less attacks = more fish. Kill them all. Ecosystem would do
much better with those fuckers nearly extinct.

Автор Michael Workinger ( назад)
--Shark wimps

Автор Carlo 123 ( назад)
Bro... you chose surfing, and it comes with risks witch are sharks, respect
the shark, it is nature you can't destroy nature. Fucking idiot thinking
you can kill sharks so you feel more comfortable. Fuck you joe, sharks are
awsome and have the right to live just like you have the right to live.

Автор matthew7291 ( назад)
I might be wrong but I think this guy is backwards on his warm blooded
definition. Isn't it the cold blooded creatures that are able to change
their blood temperature to suit the environment?

Автор Darren Curry ( назад)
If there was less sharks there would be less attacks? Here is an idea, if
there was less fuckwits in the water there would be less attacks.

Автор ryan hart ( назад)
bottom line less people less attacks....more fish less attacks ....

Автор Kase Cuthbertson ( назад)
Shane Dorian is the most laid back dude on the planet, i would love to
chill out in the ocean with this guy

Автор Shaz Faz ( назад)
the reason we don't want to cull the sharks in Australia is simple! surfing
is a hobby. you want to partake, take the risks with it too. Joe should
look at his own joke regarding people dying from coconuts.
should we start killing sharks, just because around 5-10 people world wide
get killed? get the fuck out of here with that bullshit

Автор Bahdra barry ( назад)
suprises me how uneducated shane dorian is about sharks

Автор Jon Posadny ( назад)
fuck the ocean.....period

Автор Old Man Dan ( назад)
There are more shark attacks and great whites in Hawaii because of whaling
laws. The Whites left because the whales were all being killed. Now the
whales are back and so are the sharks.

Автор Gregg Powers ( назад)
Joe needs to come scuba diving with me.

Автор Jim Canty ( назад)
ive never thought joe was that stupid sharks in most places are dying out
and they were here millions of years b4 dinosaurs what a cunt

Автор lockdown172 ( назад)
it's their house, can do what they want...

Автор MauiWake ( назад)
Maybe if that guy is such good friends with Bethany Hamilton he would know
she doesn't want to kill any Sharks.

Автор AtmanIdentity ( назад)
Comments aren't making any sense. Surfers aren't killing sharks you idiots.
Surfers know the dangers of swimming in the ocean, and from a surfers
perspective, the chances of drowning and being mauled by the reef is far
more dangerous than sharks. Surfing is a dangerous sport and we are aware
of the risks.

Автор Ryan Boland ( назад)
I want to eat some shark, I always wonder what it would be like to swim
like a shark and I had a heavy mushroom trip one time where a shark ate my
cellphone :) It kind of left me with a sense of star navigating, like I
live in Tx where it's so hot that you sit around and wait for night time to
do certain things (like trip on mushrooms) trying to put celestial things
in order is hard when you think that the moon has a pull on the earths
oceans and stuff and you're sitting there trying not to let mushrooms
shrink you into mario's world.

Автор Ian Clark ( назад)
Electric fence in water.... Good one

Автор Nick Mccartan ( назад)
I'm with the Sharks

Автор Daniel Goddard ( назад)
keep lifting weights Joe you're out of your league. lets kill the alpha
predator and destroy an eco system so people can paddle on a plank you cock

Автор good vibes ( назад)
when I was a teenager I was on chat roulette and met a cute girl that had a
sick fucking scar from a shark attack.

Автор Alkiviadis Pierrakeas ( назад)
Joe Boobgan

Автор Tim Bruse ( назад)
It's not a shortage of fish (I mean, maaaaaaybe, but not really). There are
way more people going to into the ocean than ever before, newer vacation
areas, and of course, the emergence of King Media, so if a shark attack
occurs anywhere in the world, it is broadcast immediately to everyone,
whereas, it probably took a few years for everyone on Earth to learn we
landed on the moon, and that's slightly bigger news than a shark attack.

Автор Harry van der Veen ( назад)
I'm with you on this Joe, sharks are scary mofos. I would never really go
swim in the ocean. The thought is always there.

Автор Jim83 J ( назад)
Kill things so we can float around on a piece of wood?! USA USA USA

Автор whiskeytango604 ( назад)
joe rogan- "is it a global warming thing?" surfer dude - "there is less
fish in the water"

FFS... Simple answer and the correct logical answer, there is literally
billions more people on the earth than in the 60's. More people to bite, no
need to over complicate it.

Автор Trébor Drofdarb ( назад)
they invented a bracelet that puts out a pulse that repels sharks

Автор Mary Antonio ( назад)
1:28 I'm surprised no one corrected him that is cold blooded, not warm.

Автор Jeffrey Collier ( назад)
The three biggest secrets in Hawaii; Local on houli violence, helicopter
crashes and shark attacks.

Автор HULL GRAFFITI ( назад)
More people die building sand castles each year than die from

Автор Luis Suarez 7 ( назад)

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