Etymology of the Words ARYAN and ARMENIAN

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These were prehistoric Indo-Aryan tribes of an Armenian origin - followers of the God Ara.
Ashok Malhotra


Written by Gevork Nazaryan (Historian, Armenologist)

The works of Gevork Nazaryan:http://www.armenianhighland.com/index_light.html

The etymology of the word Aryan comes from Armenian and includes the root "Ar" and the ending "yan."According to a number of scholars, Ar, was a shorter version of Ara or Arar(ich), Creator. The worship of Ar was wide spread amongst early Armenians who worshipped this deity and simply called him the Creator (Ara or Ararich).

Many place names like Ereban-Erevan-Arivan contain the sacred root Ar which is also found as the root of many words like ari (courageous).

The "yan" ending in the term Aryan stands for offspring or simply "of." This "yan" or "ian" ending (which is simply the same word simply spelled differently), has survived in many Indo-European languages and can be found in terms that describe both nations and even concepts, having the same "of" connotation. For example we see it in the endings of various peoples such as Norweg(ians), Roman(ians), Belg(ians) etc.In English, we also use the ending "ian" to connote the meaning "of." For example Jefferson[ian] (of Jefferson) America or Clinton[ian] (of Clinton) faction etc.

Armenian last names still retain the archaic ian/yan endings which mean "of" (ex. Arayan/Araian which means "of Ara," or "offspring of Ara" or Nahapetian/Nahapetyan "of Nahapet" or "offspring of Nahapet" etc.).

The name Armenian is also simply a variation of the word Aryan and in many ways means the same thing. It again has the sacred "Ar" root and is followed by "men" (which in Proto-Indo-European means just that man or men ie. people) and the "ian" ending which connotes "of." So, if we unscramble or "decipher" the word - Armenian - we of course have People (men) of (ian) Ar (Ar). As we can see, the name Aryan and Armenian were simply one and the same with a slight "men" or "man" addition which meant "people." We still have the Armenian archaic word man(uk) [a babe] which carries the original meaning connoting a person (plural would be of course persons or a people). We have several ancient variations where Armenia is also called Armani or Armanum (in Akkadian inscriptions of Naram-Suen dated from 23rd century BCE) and also (again simply a slight phonetic variation) Armina (in Achaemenid inscriptions of Darius I from Sixth century BCE). The names Armenia, Armania, Armina (and a number of others) are simply variations.

The IE word "man" is still used in English to connote a people. For example a Turcoman or alternatively Turkmen (was) and is used respectively to connote the Turkic inhabitant of Central Asia and presently an inhabitants of Turkmenistan. There are also many examples where "man" is used in the English language for various peoples such as "Frenchman," "Chinaman" "Englishman," etc.


With the spread of Indo-European from Armenian Highland, the language, the culture, the traditions and even the bloodlines of the civilization creators of Armenia spread to all parts of the ancient world. Wherever they went, the Aryans (or alternatively Armenians) took their name with them and left it there from far away Indo to the distant Ireland and ultimately beyond.

In 1990, the renowned popular-scientific journal Scientific American published the meticulous study of two world renowned Indo-Europeanists, Vyacheslav Ivanov and Tamaz Gamkrelidze who pointed out that the term Aryan is simply part of the broader Armeno-Aryan branch and can only be used specifically in this context. Their studies led them to the conclusion that the original cradle of the Indo-Europeans was in Armenian Highland and that the Armenian language is the most archaic of all the still spoken Indo-European languages, having remained in its native Indo-European cradle, while several new branches had emerged and in turn themselves branched out (sub-branches) over the succeeding millennia.

Their finds were also in line with those of other pioneering scholars such as Colin Renfrew, Quentin Atkinson and Russell Gray who not only expanded on their work, but also used multidisciplinary studies to show that Armenian Highland and neighboring Anatolia is indeed the cradle of all Indo-Europeans.

So, to summarize the etymology of the Ar.yan - Ar[arich] = Creator, yan = of, or, "of the Creator," or, "offspring of Creator" and metaphorically, "Children, or, the People, of the Creator."

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Автор Vinay S ( назад)
I don't completely agree with it, but it's interesting. The borders were
different in the past. So claiming the Aryans came from a country with its
current borders, doesn't make much sense. You have to take into account how
the borders were and how they have changed. And not just of Armenia. Of all
countries in which Aryan settlements were found and/or in which a
significant part of the population probably has a significant amount of
Aryan DNA.

Автор тнє нoє кιℓℓαz ll ⓜ ( назад)
ancient greeks hellenes was/is aryan race i didn't knew for the armenians
thank you nice video aryan brothers from Greece <3

Автор Nona Hambaryan (659 лет назад)
Inchqan shat video ka Hayeri ariaci linelu masin.laveli joxovurd😁😁😁😁😁

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
More on the topic here...

Автор Argina ( назад)
We are usual people like others on this Earth .
I hate fascism .

Автор Wolf9326 ( назад)
You guys wanna know something, my n
Last name is Amirayan

Автор Jozef Raschmann ( назад)
nice armenian have udsed slavic symbols :)

Автор Namor Gugava ( назад)
Yeah, being small, slight, hairy and brown like a 11 yeaar old kurdish
farmer's son is very beautiful. There are no real armenians anymore, just
some tatar-middle eastern mixtures. Sorry for being harsh, but this site is
just ridicoulus. :)

Автор Tigranes II ( назад)
How fucking high were you when you pulled this out of your ass and uploaded
it in .mp4 format? Your video has no reliable sources, you have no credible
background, and you come up with the silliest linguistic connections I have
ever heard.

Автор Tigranes II ( назад)
"Armenians could claim the title of most beautiful people on Earth"
"Armenians are modest" Yeah, k then

Автор littlestucky1 ( назад)
For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior. I give
Egypt as your ransom, Cush and Seba in exchange for you. 4 Because you are
precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you, I give men in return for
you, peoples in exchange for your life. 5 Fear not, for I am with you; I
will bring your offspring from the east, and from the west I will gather
you. Isaiah 43:3-5

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
ufff, u completely confused me with your KFC lol

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
KFC drum stick was the description of the present day map of Armenian, not
the people...lol

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Armenians are one of the most ancient peoples of the world, a civilization
which existed in ancient times. Armenians could claim the title of most
beautiful people on earth. Armenians by nature are soft and quiet, polite
and modest. Gustave Theodore Pauli Ethnographic description of the peoples
of Russia

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
I do know what KFC stands for lol But your comparison is weird. Armenians
as a nation and especially women are considered by many the most beautiful
people. Don't be a self hating Armenian! And I accept everyone as equal if
they consider themselves Armenian. I love my nation as it is...with all
good and bad sides...

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
the moviemaker used all his good offices in the motion picture industry to
complete it on the prestigious IMAX, yet where is the support from the
people of the “Cradle”. Please stay in touch, you are awesome : ) _

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
KF stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken lol; as far as you being beautiful,
from an artist’s eye…you are beautiful, : ) and remember we are on the same
team, but let’s be real, as an Armenian who comes from a family of
patriots, on both sides of the family, I can tell you our people are a much
to be desired…The art film trailer, has received one notice… yours;

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Because we were outnumbered and we had many internal conflicts. I don't
know what u mean by fried KF chicken leg. But what I know I as 100%
Armenian look good! lol

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Not true. It has been proven also genetically that Phrygians originated
from Armenian Highland. They were of Armenian origin. As for cradle of
civilization u need to read many books by leading scholars which prove that

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
But if we were such great people why have we been punked so many times
through history and why is Armenia looking like deep fried KF Chicken leg?
Oh by the way, this may help the answer to the last question, the dude that
betrayed Njdeh and my grandfather in 1944 Sofia Bulgaria, was getting pats
on the back in the streets of Yerevan till the day he SATKEZAF!

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
The Caucasoid entered the Americas ahead of the Mongoloid races The
Caucasoid build the pyramids in Mexico and then vanished. What you see in
the present US is another replay of history; the builders of this great
country soon will vanish…As for “Armenia the cradle”, my grandfather and
his friend Njdeh (from their graves in Siberia) will give you a smiling
approval lol.

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
Listen my beautiful Aryan- Armenian friend; I’m older than you and those
paintings didn’t come from some museum, but were painstakingly rendered
according to our history and Christian faith. The Phrygians never moved to
the Balkans they came through the Dardanelles and settled around the area
where ancient Troy stood. As for cradle of civilization…who knows? Black
people claim man came from Africa…Indo Europeans or Aryans have been on the
run from the dark people since prehistory.

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Armenia is a cradle of civilization and early Armenians outmigrated to
various parts of the world spreading civilization and Indo - European
language.. Phrygians also originated from Armenian Highland, were Armenian
offshoots and moved to Balkan.( Read Dictionary of Greek and Roman
Geography (1854) William Smith, LLD, Ed. ) Armenians are described as the
most beautiful nation by many people. I hope this helped u...

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
Perhaps you’re right and we do not belong to those great people, but belong
to those mud groups that never wanted to venture out to sea and expand
their minds, which is why modern day Armenian looks like a Kentucky Fried
Chicken drum sick; land locked and at the mercy of garbage like Georgia to
get its comers out…I hope this helped you…

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Armenians didn't move from Balkans, we don't have Balkan genes! Genetically
we originate from Armenian Hihglands and we don't have our invaders genes.
We look anything from fairest to tanned because we are a mix of 13 tribes
of Armenain Highland from Paleolothic and Neolithic times. Our Kingdoms of
Aratta, Armani and Hayasa are mentioned in Sumerian, Akkadian and Hittite
inscriptions long before Armenian Ararat Kingdom! Dyakonov invented
migration theory coz he was hired by Azerbaijan!

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
Since the aforementioned conflict occurred in the height of the Bronze Age
it’s easy to assume the Armenians were of Phrygian origin; a people who
moved from the Southern Alps settled in Trace and eventually crossed the
Dardanelles around 1800 BC. The Trojan War occurred around 1200 BC…

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
Per, Armenians aka Aryan Roots; this may be of interest to you...In 1941 my
grandfather wrote a book in Germany on the subject ; one clue which may
shed some light to this theory is that there were Armenians who joined
Priam's cause during the Trojan War.

Автор fiveinchglass ( назад)
Where did you get these facts>

Автор vgkamo ( назад)
sdeci saderjena informatsiya

Автор vgkamo ( назад)
here is a link h t t

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Русские воевали со стороны азиков, и то армяне всех подряд отправили на тот
свет. ))

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
азербот называет нас черными , смешно даже , знаешь в чем наша разница ? я
не испытываю ненависти к азербайджанцам только к таким провокаторам как ты
,я не хочу что бы опять началась война и погибали люди это не кому не нужно
а ты сейчас провоцируешь агрессию и должен сказать у тебя это херово
получается, я не хочу войны но если ее хотите вы так и быть я не буду
сидеть и смотреть как вы забираете ту землю на которой похоронены мои
предки и приду и если понадобится умру защищая ее

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
так в чем цель твоего прибывания тут ? ну повыебывался и что ? вы все еще
чурки а мы арийцы

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
а если бы не нефть то вы чурки опять бы стали качевниками какими и должны
были быть ,я сам служил и что то не видел русских в моей части техника да
русская так как у них лучшая военная техника и если согласно твоим словам
Армения такая хуевая страна то хули русские нас поддерживают ? эх забавный
вы все таки народ азерботы

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
все видели кто шавка в Карабахе так что заткни свое овцеебское ебало чурка
поганая ,грязная тюркская свинья ,мы в Карабахе не одно из ваших могил не
тронули а вы гандоны уничтожаете наши хачкары

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
пс , автор не банте его , дайте ему чуток повыебыватся )

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
я все таки не понял зачем ты до нас доебываешься ? и кстати СССР сносил и
армянские церкви и мусульманские мечети и вы сейчас уничтожаете наши
хачкары и храмы которые на вашей территории , что касается состояния
Армении до СССР и после освобождения от Ирана да тут было много бедных и
бездомных так как их дома и драгоценности остались в турции откуда удалось
вернутся не всем так кемал ататурк организовал геноцид против армян

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
У армян армянский алфавит, уникальный в мире..Армяне создали алфавит также
жителям Кавказской Албании, но вы, тюркские кочевники, все унижтожили...

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
У армян армянский алфавит, уникальный в мире..Армяне создали алфавит также
жителям Кавказской Албании, но вы, тюркские кочевники, все унижтожили...

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
восточная Армения не когда не была под властью турции ,с 1555 она была под
властью Ирана которые уважали нас как своих братьев и так же уважают сейчас
так как знают что мы как и они арийцы а турки были трусами которые убивали
женщин и детей

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
чуркой родился чуркой и подохнешь ,и тем что ты доебываешся до армян ты
доказываешь насколько ты ничтожен хотя чему тут удивляться родился в стране
без культуры блядь у вас даже алфавита своего нет

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
да и кстати найди себе занятие более продуктивное , не ужели ты тратишь
свою жизнь на комментирования армянских видео ?

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
я черный ? , да ты на своих азериков посмотри , вы всего лишь чурки и вашей
стране не больше 100 лет вот когда у твоей страны будет 4500 летняя
культура и у тебя найдутся арийские предки тогда и поговорим

Автор Morgomiredude ( назад)
уебывай отсюда чурка !

Автор Ashley Kincaid ( назад)
It's cool of u to put these lil "doc.s" out...informing people of the
lives,histories,meanings& happenings of various different
things...obviously things/people you yourself are interested in..anybody
could look this info up,but most people don't search for information,they
just come upon it accidentally.I found you through looking at pics of
cyrinda foxe. An inspirational person to me,& found your doc on the
Armenian phonetic meanings of the word "aryan." Which is also a link to

Автор Ashley Kincaid ( назад)
I named my son Arian,"Ari" for short. Didnt know it had any Armenian
links,but it doesn't surprise me the name is found in many ethnicities& has
many meanings...I think every Armenian-American I've met has been like most
Russian-Americans in so far as they have very distinguishable,very
attractive features. I equate Armenians with Sumerians (which you could add
many other ancient societies to ofcourse, for the same reason) having
long,rich histories& very advanced cultures.

Автор 3akon889 ( назад)
BIG Thanks! \*_*

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Elon Sarafian "Ter Voghormya"..."Our Lord"...This is the original

Автор 3akon889 ( назад)
E P I C Soundtrack! whats the name of song pleace *.*? Greetings !

Автор bneletis mociquli ( назад)
cool story bro

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Not only Artsakh is Armenian but also Javakhk whihc is occupied by your
country Georgia.

Автор GioLabex ( назад)
karabakh is Armenians right? ) facepalm

Автор Augur Wolf ( назад)
Armenians are ARYANS!

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
It is science...

Автор SRGS888 ( назад)

Автор sofia Ar ( назад)
Gevorg jan apres hrashk tesanuyter

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Mersi :)

Автор polo polak ( назад)
BeautySavesWorld....ahat apres, shat lave gorc es anum.

Автор Zee Man ( назад)
without this tribe there would be no western world....

Автор Zee Man ( назад)
The world is upside down the swastika of today is a raped symbol used from
the true gentle people formed from one tribe that split in three, they were
intelligent, gentle, and highly creative.

Автор Zee Man ( назад)
and the three tribes of Aryans split, (there languages) Sanskrit, Parisian,
Armenian, and an older form of Armenians that fought against the
Babylonians they were called Uraratians (Aratians), people that are hye in
the old days were called people of Ararat or the land of the two mountains,
that look like the pyramids, intact the closest relatives in means of
tradition and gods of Egypt, we are all on and the same in the end.

Автор Zee Man ( назад)
Aryan is a way of thought within a group of people that happened to be fair
skinned, nothing racist there

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
second part of the quote: "The Armenians, like the Celts, are now few in
number. They belong once to a longer extent of a country where they spread
westward from Armenia to Italy under the names of Phrygians, Thracians,
Pelasgians, Etruscans and also spread to other locations”. ( The Armenian
Origin of the Etruscans by Robert Ellis, London, 1861.)

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
“The Aryan race are to be divided into two great divisions the Northern or
European Aryans, and the Southern or Asiatic Aryans. The Southern or
Asiatic Aryans may be similarly divided into three principal branches: the
Armenians, the Persians, and the Indians. The Kurds and Afghans are of
less ethical importance. ( to be continued)

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
It is Elon Sarafian "Ter Voghormya"... Tenc program ka " Free You Tube
downloader", dranov karogh es YT-c yuraqanchtyur meghedi qashes...

Автор Arsen Al ( назад)
Very interesting video! Well done :) May I ask, where can I get the
soundtrack for this? Im in love with it haha, pretty good beat.

Автор Samo27X ( назад)

Автор Mithradatesi (884 года назад)
If you read the Vedas and don't compare them with Avesta, then you miss a
lot of facts. Remember that Aryans lived in a cold, snow covered,
mountainous place at the time of King Yima (sanskrit), Yama( Avestan). So
they could not have been in India at the time that they were transforming
from a Hunters society to an Animal husbandry Society. It is a Long story
and we have no space and time here to discuss it.

Автор Mithradatesi (1774 года назад)
Nice Video! Pity you did not mention Iranic languages which have exact the
same words and meanings for them. Small notice points. 1. The Gods name was
HuAr ( i think you did said that in another video) 2. Arivan or Ariban is
composed of Ari+ Ban. Ban or van means protector or protected. 3. The man
in Turkman is different than in Arman. The first means look alike from
Persian root manand. so Turkman means those who pretend to be or imitate
the Turks. while in Arman it siply means male human.

Автор RoroLudoc ( назад)
All what I can say is bravo!! great job BeautySavesWorld!!! Very useful and
good for people who didnt know these facts!!

Автор ARAARYAN88 ( назад)

Автор hoynarnar ( назад)
well, there are many Indian and English scholars that do not agree with
your theory. here watch this for instance & count how many times they
relate Arya & Aryan terms to each other: The Aryan Invasion:
/watch?v=eyZRhG5QQK4 enjoy :)

Автор ARAARYAN88 ( назад)

Автор Gha Zi ( назад)
mort kunem ...

Автор ARAARYAN88 ( назад)

Автор hoynarnar ( назад)
Don't get me wrong! I don't get my info merely from wiki. what I think is
that oxford is also being revised probably as quickly as wiki. This term
(Aryan or Arya) is kinda "politically incorrect" term & that's why there
are tons of scholars giving their own interpretations to it. None of us
have to rely on a single source. To me, what this video says makes perfect
sense; particularly, I speak Armenian & I'm familiar with sacred terms
related to Armenian root "AR". thanx for ur info though :)

Автор hoynarnar ( назад)
sorry, I just checked wiki. it says that: "Aryan is an English language
loanword DERIVED from the Sanskrit ārya ('Noble')". So obviously, wiki
doesn't 100% agree with you.

Автор Gha Zi ( назад)
odno dermo...

Автор ARAARYAN88 ( назад)

Автор ARAARYAN88 ( назад)

Автор hoynarnar (1068 лет назад)
her psychiatrist said that he's busy with an emergency mongol patient,
painting his fingertip with ridiculous colors, suffering from grandiose
delusions ;)

Автор hoynarnar (1782 года назад)
you said "oxford dictionary has changed its definition on the wording of
Aryan" right? what was the definition of Aryan before changing? may I know?
thanx :)

Автор xxxiamthebestxxx (764 года назад)
Who is the woman painting before Torg Angegh? the one putting her hand on
the horn of that gazelle?

Автор Gha Zi ( назад)
арии зороастрийцами были.... хачи вы совсем попутали.... вы даже новруз не
отмечаете.... идите свой навахарат отмечайте чушки.....

Автор Gha Zi ( назад)
Baby, u obviously missed last appointment with your psyciatrist :)

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
If it doesn't matter to u, it will good if you stop this old, outdated, non
scientific BS...My videos are only based on science...

Автор RusesTruth ( назад)
Good point. It proves that the word Men/Man had wider sense and survived in
Armenian not only in the word MANuk. In the meaning One, Only, Person it's
represented in the word Minuchar as well - restricted by one person's
possibilities )) Deriving initially from the oldest root Ma/Me, later in
Armenian this root got the meaning One mainly, and in English - the Man.

Автор BeautySavesWorld (551 год назад)
Btw, the beautiful drawing of Torg Angegh at 1:05 is by Armenian artist Dro
Arzo, the guy who played Vardan Mamikonian in East of Byzantoium :D

Автор RusesTruth ( назад)
The root AR is so old and have so many variations, which once became the
roots for almost all first words of ancient people, that it seems
impossible to encompass all that information into one, even much longer,
video.. Anyway, the video itself is great and gives the most essential
information to understand the importance of the root AR in ARmenian and
whole our civilization.. Thanks a lot ! Can't help myself to mention that
the music as always sounds great !

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Second comment to you :) I use moslty works by the following scholars...
Ссылки:Капанцян Григор, Мартирос Кавукджян,Николай Адонц, Манук Абегян,
Тамаз Гамкрелидзе,Вачеслав Иванов,Александр Варпетян,Анжела Терьян,Геворг
Назарян,Артак Мовсисян,Ваан Сетян, Ашок Махолтра,.Арчибальд Генри Сейс

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
German: ehre = honour, honesty, praise Irish: Aire Dutch: eer Greek:
αριστος Ancient Greek: Aristos = best, noblest Persian: áriya Latin: ars =
Art Icelandic: aðall = nobility

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
list related words in Indo-European languages. Sanskrit: Arya = kind ,
favourable; attached to , true , devoted , dear; excellent, master , lord,
a respectable, a man highly esteemed, or honourable or faithful man, an
owner Anglo Saxon: Ár = honour, worth; glory, dignity; grace, prosperity;
kindness, benefit, help (from a Beowulf glossary) Anglo Saxon: Old German:
era Germanic: erilaz = member of the noble class, Runemaster

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
The article is by Armnologist Gevork Nazaryan, besides him of many
historians wrote about it, some of them are Grigor Ghapantsian, Martiros
Kavoukjian, Alexandre Varbedian, Angela Terian. AR-ER-IR is the same sacred
root, like was mentioned in the video. Surname Eryan is just a variation of
Aryan. There was also an Armenian tribe called Ari/Eri emerging from
Erebuni/Erevan.Armenians genetcally originate from Armenian Hihgland from
separate 13 Paleolithic (40% genes) and Neolithic tribes

Автор Ilakna Mari ( назад)
My surname is Eryan and i would like to know its etymology. Is it really
related to urartian ? my ancestors came from West Armenia Trapezun state
and they said tht because of turkish pronunciation Aryan was converted to
Eryan so i will deeply appreciate if You just mention wt kind of sources
You used while research. With best regards Thanx in advance

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Mersi ;-))

Автор BeautySavesWorld ( назад)
Thanks, yes, also symbols of ARmenia- Aryutz (lion), ARtziv (eagle), I
would say -ARagh means "forward" and ARacghin is First ;-). The word
ARtakarg - perfect ;-))

Автор Fedayin1915 ( назад)
axchik jan apres

Автор PeopleOfAr ( назад)
Excellent video, very informative, thank you! "Ar-" is a very ancient and
important Armenian root word. As such most important and often emotional
Armenian words start with this root f.e. Arun= Blood, Arev= Sun, Aravot=
Morning, Arach= first, etc.. etc…etc…

Автор Artak Khulyan ( назад)
Արտակ - Ար-ը հայերի գերագույն Ար Աստծո անունն է. Տակ նշանակում է «հատակը,
խորքը, տակը», ինչպես նաև՝ «բույսի տակի մասը, արմատը», որից էլ փոխաբերական
իմաստով նշանակել է «ցեղ, տոհմ, զարմ» (Զրույց 51-60, Հայերենը ափի մեջ,
Վաչագան Սարգսյան): Այսինք ստացվում է Ար-ի ժառանգ/ցեղ/տոհմ, այսինքն՝ արորդի
ըստ իս: Հ.Գ. Այս եզրակացությանն ես եկա իմ անվանՁեր տված բացատրությունը
կարդալով, Հետքրքիր կլիներ մասնագետների կարծիքները լսեի:

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