P38 Dogfight

In abit of trouble whilst in a dogfight with zeros just to many of them :) Mission thanks to 11th_AF_Badger :)

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Автор IAUnitedFilms (5 лет)

Автор xAcxDcx (4 года)
How do you turn the Prop pitch down?? :S

Автор Waltham1892 (4 года)
Ummm, the P-38 is not a dogfighter, its an energy fighter, that means you
fight in the verticle. Just blasting through the bad-guys formation puts
every plane you don't down in your 6:00. Result, you get downed by a Rufe.
Use speed to climb, close slowly, attack when you are ready, and convert
altitude into speed to attack and escape...Turn only to extend...

Автор ALW TheFox (3 года)
@Waltham1892 Good point. It doesn't always turn out that way. For example,
in the simulator a bunch of us are using, WarBirds, the modeling isn't what
it should be. There is a discussion going on right now about the 1.68 beta
version in the forum on FORUM°WBFREE°NET based off the site WBFREE°NET.
I've flown online in simulators, mainly Air Warrior and WarBirds. Been
using the free version based off the above site.

Автор Waltham1892 (3 года)
Its very had to model aircraft performance on a home computer. Flight
performance varied between aircraft, models, load outs, altitudes, weather
conditions, maintanence, fuel quality, and most importantly, between
pilots. On paper, planes like the Soviet Ratta, Soviet flown P-39's, the
Buffalo when flown by the Finnish, should have been coffins with wings.
However, flown by motivated pilots using tactics that played to the
strengths of each aircraft they did far better then you'd expect.

Автор evrolicious (4 года)
try pulling the power once in a while. when youre gaining on them that fast
then you slow down to keep from passing them. Thatll give you more time to
get a shot in.

Автор IstvanImmortalKING (5 лет)

Автор skar1911 (3 года)
damn... they really kicked my butt in that... xD

Автор Waltham1892 (3 года)
The P-38 was a good stall fighter, but only in the ETO and MTO. Pilots who
fought the Zero, Chenault, Bong, and Thatch said never turn with one. It
had a low wing loading and the only aircraft that could beat it in the
horizontal was an Oscar. However, the Zero had very poor handling over 300
mph and could not zoom climb or dive well because of its low speed and
light weight. The P-38 wins by not turning but by staying fast and fighting
in the verticle with slashing attacks.

Автор Waltham1892 (3 года)
Wing loading for the P-38 is 260 kgm/m2, the A6M's was about 120 kgm/m2.
Still want to turn with one? The A6M and the P-38 had a lb/hp ratio of
about 5.5 (depending on the model and load out), BUT the A6M had a "never
to exceed" speed of 410 mph. So, the never to exceed speed of the A6M is 30
mph BELOW the top speed of the P-38 in horizontal flight. Still want to
fight slow? You win a dogfight not by doing what your enemy does best, but
by making him do what YOU do best...

Автор ALW TheFox (3 года)
@Waltham1892 You know nothing. The P-38 is a pure dogfighter. Each person
has their style and the P-38 will cover virtually all styles.

Автор Chruisto (5 лет)
Nice example of how NOT to fly a P38... :(

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