Making a dolls house like the pro's.avi

All about wooden toy plans http://www.bestwoodentoyplans.com A wonderfull video showing how one of the top commercial dollhouse suppliers makes stunning kits to build heirloom quality dolls homes.

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Автор cottoncandy 515 (2018 лет назад)
can the house even open 4 play

Автор Rose King ( назад)

Автор Abby and Matt show ( назад)
you can get them at hobby lobby I went today and they have beautiful sets

Автор Chuck Smithers ( назад)

Автор ariana Gonzalez ( назад)
can you make me one have 12 bedrooms and 12 bathroom 1 keep kitchen

Автор Hailey Duncan ( назад)
can u make me one

Автор Ira K ( назад)
Wow!Super haueses.

Автор HashBrown ( назад)
2:21 raise the roof!!!

Автор Crazyqueen ( назад)
I want one for my ponies!!

Автор Taylor Hall ( назад)

Автор Kitty Campbell ( назад)
>BD One day I will make one of these!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Автор Sugar Bunny ( назад)

Автор Pretty Redz ( назад)

Автор Alex Kaitlyn ( назад)

Автор SUNSHINE MADORE ( назад)
Were can you get one?

Автор SUNSHINE MADORE ( назад)
Were can you Get one

Автор J Jack ( назад)
Awesome my sis wants one

Автор J Jack ( назад)
Awesome my sis wants one

Автор anneke r. ( назад)
hehe yeah or u could build one. ^w^ might take a while though =P

Автор Becca W ( назад)
Save up, or see if you can get one at Hobby Lobby. They have 40% coupons.

Автор anneke r. ( назад)
oh that sounds just like my mom! the bigger ones cost more but they r
bigger and can hold my pullips and they look WAY cooler. :P

Автор MsOHsvideos ( назад)
I know! I told my mom i wanted one that was 400 dollars, but she
recommended me the 100 dollar one because she said it was too expensive.

Автор Makaila Grubbs ( назад)
Can yall make me one

Автор anneke r. ( назад)
i would really like to get a kit but the one i want is like 600 dollars!

Автор Youtube Sucksss ( назад)
plx see my frst video doll house tour2013 by craftgarden 212

Автор neeni2 ( назад)
If its that big it has to be almost 1,000 dollars smaller ones are in 200 $
and lower

Автор Caitlin Helen ( назад)

Автор Lyndsey Lannon ( назад)
Best doll house eva how much money

Автор fluttershy versus draculaura ( назад)
im speechless

Автор Julia kamilla ( назад)
mãeeee quero umaa!!!!!

Автор Gummy Decorator ( назад)
So epic!!!

Автор yahooalfcom ( назад)
I think he talking english du

Автор pryn ( назад)
'soon this kit will make some child's dream come true.' - never mind the
kids, I want one!! XD

Автор Teresa Majors ( назад)
is the man talking British or French

Автор courtney caramal ( назад)
whoevers arents who brought this and made it by them selves,WOW . does the
door open?

Автор Sercan Arısoy ( назад)
Is it Nick Frost who is voice acting?

Автор dayfemr ( назад)

Автор GoombaTV ( назад)
Try to read how to do that in an instruction book.

Автор Letícia Pasotto ( назад)

Автор yourockplusme ( назад)
her they will need to read the instructions lol

Автор Bluerose264 ( назад)
RGT doll houses are realy nice houses. And they are not very hard to put
together .I have built 4 of the RGT houses. And I have built Greenleaf
miniature houses ,Now Greenleaf houses are kind of harder then RGT. And
Greenleaf have more pieces to glue and put together. But they look so nice
after they are built .I like RGT and Greenleaf .

Автор awsomebluecats ( назад)
@msjblover56 You can buy or make them

Автор CelestiaMinor ( назад)
@winxclubfantotally Yes, that disappoints me. These are beautiful, but not
a usable scale for the dolls and furniture I want to use. And Mattel's
houses don't look enough like finished houses for me anymore. Plus, they're
always pink or nothing :| I noticed home improv. stores have 2' square
drywall patch panels, and the first thought that crossed my mind was "build
my own dollhouse." Just need the space to try it.

Автор Alanna Fowler-Smith (1434 года назад)
very cool. ty for sharing : )

Автор 305noi ( назад)
wished my dad worked their !

Автор winxclubfantotally ( назад)
are 1/12*

Автор winxclubfantotally ( назад)
ya know......so many dollhouses ae 1/2 scale, but not many actual DOLLS are
1/12 scale. I mean, don't get me wrong, there ARE some dolls 1/12
scale..but most dolls are 1/6 scale, like Barbie or Liv.

Автор Legendary_Lexia ( назад)
That is adorable

Автор msjblover56 ( назад)
were do u get the dollhouse supplies n stuff!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

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