Convoy truckstop scene: 1:32 scale

Over 2,000 views! Thanks!
And now for something completely diffrent.
I decided to remake the scene in Convoy when all of the trucks leave, using my 1:32 scale models. At first i was going to do stop animation, but decided to try video instead. And i'm glad i did.
All of the trucks in the video are made by Nu Ray, except for the duck's, which is a Boley Pete with a scratchbuilt trailer (since the truck is nothing like the one in the movie i figured the trailer didn't have to be either. Though it's similar).

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Автор crunk601 ( назад)
amazing video. you should get some kinda award for this. Convoy is in my top 10 movies of all time too.

Автор chrisbrousou813 ( назад)
oh boy you must have a lot of time on ur hands...love it

Автор wildfire19861987 ( назад)
One of the many that New Ray offers. Got that one at a farm supply store.

Автор RODNEY L. ( назад)
Now that rite there was perty darn cool! That was awesome!

Автор lucitir ( назад)
ahahahah!!!great video,super!!ahahah

Автор 1981TURBOTRANSAM1 ( назад)

Автор wildfire19861987 ( назад)
@TheMikentyty Shook them by hand :P

Автор The-Mike-N-Tyty ( назад)
Awesome video. How'd you get them to shake on startup?

Автор Norms laptoptics ( назад)
@wildfire19861987 i have that kind of truck before when i was 5

Автор Brian Cortright ( назад)
Enjoyed that - Great Job!

Автор umacks ( назад)
COOL!!! nicely done,very nicely done!!!!

Автор wildfire19861987 ( назад)
Nope the're free rolling models, connected by fishing line. Thanks for watching.

Автор stephen rankin ( назад)
are all those trucks remote control

Автор melinda weber ( назад)
i have the movie

Автор wildfire19861987 ( назад)
Thanks. You might be able to find some of them on Ebay.

On another note: I'm now working on a 2nd Convoy vid' :)

Автор SMC1706 ( назад)
This is brilliant!! I have the KW from 1:15 , but mine is red and it has a grain hauler trailer. It's a rare one in my country, but I really want to collect some of these.

Автор wildfire19861987 ( назад)
Thanks. I scanned a screenshot of his trailer into my computer, and went from there with ms paint to make the artwork (not perfect but good enough).

Автор wildfire19861987 ( назад)
All done with strings :P

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