Convoy truckstop scene: 1:32 scale

Over 2,000 views! Thanks!
And now for something completely diffrent.
I decided to remake the scene in Convoy when all of the trucks leave, using my 1:32 scale models. At first i was going to do stop animation, but decided to try video instead. And i'm glad i did.
All of the trucks in the video are made by Nu Ray, except for the duck's, which is a Boley Pete with a scratchbuilt trailer (since the truck is nothing like the one in the movie i figured the trailer didn't have to be either. Though it's similar).

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Автор kansascitychiefsfan1 (4 года)
So do I I think it's a good movie for when it was made.

Автор wildfire19861987 (4 года)
Nope the're free rolling models, connected by fishing line. Thanks for

Автор melinda weber (4 года)
i have the movie

Автор wildfire19861987 (3 года)
@TheMikentyty Shook them by hand :P

Автор chihuahua22ful (4 года)
nice video bro!!!

Автор wildfire19861987 (5 лет)
All done with strings :P

Автор 1981TURBOTRANSAM1 (3 года)

Автор Brian Cortright (4 года)
Enjoyed that - Great Job!

Автор theinflator (5 лет)
Cool stuff! Loved the movie!

Автор umacks (4 года)
COOL!!! nicely done,very nicely done!!!!

Автор stephen rankin (4 года)
are all those trucks remote control

Автор lucitir (3 года)
ahahahah!!!great video,super!!ahahah

Автор wildfire19861987 (5 лет)
Thanks. I scanned a screenshot of his trailer into my computer, and went
from there with ms paint to make the artwork (not perfect but good enough).

Автор 007chris00789 (1 год)
Where did you get that kenworth w900l at?

Автор wildfire19861987 (4 года)
Thanks. You might be able to find some of them on Ebay. On another note:
I'm now working on a 2nd Convoy vid' :)

Автор gumball63146 (2 года)
Cool Video , would have been cooler if you used VINTAGE trucks instead of
current models

Автор The-Mike-N-Tyty (3 года)
Awesome video. How'd you get them to shake on startup?

Автор normsofgtawars (3 года)
@wildfire19861987 i have that kind of truck before when i was 5

Автор RODNEY L. (2 года)
Now that rite there was perty darn cool! That was awesome!

Автор eddie4240xl (5 лет)
that was brill :) even got the van lines trailer witch spider mike used :P

Автор 6043ron (1 год)
Now that was cool. Even gave megoosebumps with the music and all.

Автор SMC1706 (4 года)
This is brilliant!! I have the KW from 1:15 , but mine is red and it has a
grain hauler trailer. It's a rare one in my country, but I really want to
collect some of these.

Автор chrisbrousou813 (1 год)
oh boy you must have a lot of time on ur hands...love it

Автор wildfire19861987 (1 год)
One of the many that New Ray offers. Got that one at a farm supply store.

Автор crunk601 (1 год)
amazing video. you should get some kinda award for this. Convoy is in my
top 10 movies of all time too.

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