Toyota G's Japanese Baseball Commercial

A long, Japanese commercial that seems to be about baseball, except it isn't. ^_^

The Toyota G's website: http://dkwt.toyota.jp/gs/
Music: "S'kampas" by Skamp (remix)

And for those of y'all REALLY bored, my anime/manga blog: http://anime.astronerdboy.com

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Автор rsmi2289 ( назад)
Hahaha それ わ たのしかった ですよ! That was fun! :D One of the few sports that Nihon
seriously took up too.

Автор todoko67 ( назад)
あっ!稲村 亜美さんだ。

Автор Will s ( назад)
my mind was just blown

Автор BlueFireJack ( назад)
So a Toyota Prius

Автор green choi ( назад)

Автор Bambino Go ( назад)
super cool commercial. baseball

Автор Steve Shea ( назад)
I don't even like baseball, and this rocks. Two things: just about every
person appearing in the video steals it, and did anyone else notice that
only women are at bat, only men pitch, and all but one of the women hits a
screaming line drive? Fun, though. Really, really fun.

Автор Kassyni Savior ( назад)
Just wait til I find the red button! :)

Автор IRkorpus ( назад)
a better version would be if there was a sun roof, have the person driving
through a cross road and he/she could just reach up to catch the ball.

Автор Jordan Jackson ( назад)
urban baseball.
probably the only sports video game I'd play

Автор EggCoffee7 ( назад)

Автор 전광혁 ( назад)

Автор 激動の昭和 ( назад)

Автор kane kure ( назад)

Автор metomigakuen ( назад)

Автор Megan Wolk ( назад)
Can anyone explain the reasoning behind this commercial? What exactly are
they trying to get across? Why did they incorp baseball?

Автор Chiyuen Ho ( назад)

Автор むらたりょうすけ (467 лет назад)

Автор garble ( назад)
these pitchers are even worse than the car

Автор AllKnowingAtheists ( назад)
The Japanese make fucking weird commercials.

Автор Jack Kim ( назад)
Thank you for the video.. Something fresh and different

Автор Fairline360 ( назад)

Автор MoMovies ( назад)
That was hilarious. So strange and amazing. Another great Japanese clip is

Автор Kennedy Engle ( назад)
They've taken the last sport we own and they are making it they're own just
like they did with vollyball

Автор ElectricStrider1 ( назад)
Brilliant commercial!

Автор jcervant ( назад)
OMg...who are the girls at 1:32 and 1:33

Автор DRsolochu ( назад)
Sports de, Mainichi ga motto tanosiku naru!!
by sports, everyday'll be funier day!

Автор Tiwaking “Tiwaking” Tiwaking ( назад)
Well that was an absolutely amazing #japanese advert #japan

Автор ALEX ISHII ( назад)
WELL DONE!! Next one to the world FOOTBALL, please!

Автор subaerofreeman ( назад)
Let me guess..... 2:05 was The Stig (topgear)?

Автор Cy Birr ( назад)
That was fun!

Автор Bill Freese (760 лет назад)
Did anybody notice the car at 2:01?

Автор polywacket ( назад)
"Doubleday" at 1:50!

Автор _smile ( назад)
bad pitchers are bad

Автор George & Claudia Kimura ( назад)
It looks like they got an idea from this Nike Rugby commercial

Автор roygbiv330 ( назад)
the last right handed batter looks to have a nice batting stance.

Автор csc0426 ( назад)
最後のOL 名前?

Автор Michael Dineen ( назад)
Who cares? it's wonderful!

Автор Joseph Rotello ( назад)
This a VERY long commercial...and a VERY good one too! Every bit
entertaining as it is promoting Toyota.

Автор Bitcoin Video University ( назад)
Excuse this for being so EPIC!

Автор Taemin Onew ( назад)

Автор Katoryu pokemon ( назад)

Автор アンノーンアンノーン ( назад)
This is the best baseball commercial I've ever seen . 

Автор Gary Olsen ( назад)
Is there anything hotter than an attractive girl with a baseball bat

Автор lyssword ( назад)
and i g'sd in my pants

Автор codybadger ( назад)
I think the last pitcher/batter combo is supposed to be hideo nomo v.
buster posey.

Автор 144Donn ( назад)
You GOT to love this!

Автор rtpoe ( назад)
I need Baseball! Opening Day is next week!!!!

Автор Bryan Harman ( назад)
I looked everywhere, who makes that song?

Автор 송해윤 ( назад)
Great ad!

Автор northtexan95 ( назад)
Awesome video.

Автор gulshan narula ( назад)
Good evening beautiful happy day *_______*): ): ;)

Автор Nicholas Dragon ( назад)
that was excellent. great way to hold your attention, extremely innovative.
Marketing deserves an A+.

Автор CW reed ( назад)
Is... is that Forest Whitaker at 1:21?!

Автор The AstroNerdBoy ( назад)
If you think this video is a promotion of Japanese baseball, you are
mistaken. ^_^

Автор Midala40/ D and A's Food Review (109 лет назад)
that is an awesome video

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