afghani girl belly dance

Best dance of afghan girls in Kabol show stage.

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Добавлено: 4 года
Длительность: 2:52
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Автор Nafi Sayeed (5 месяцев)
And she is so bad

Автор Nafi Sayeed (5 месяцев)
She is so agle

Автор khan (9 месяцев)
Yes she is afghani kona I love to Fuck afghan girl

Автор name nema (7 месяцев)
For the ones with old minds ( Like really )
She isn t killing anyone or Rape them like others do !!
Just stop Hating on others , Jes she might be an afghan and she has talent .
I hope there won t be this kind of thinking .... some day

Автор Rambo Jhon (8 месяцев)
Hate to see my ppl with no honor.

Автор David Prichard (9 месяцев)
nice feet

Автор MrKukenimunnen (1 год)

Автор Soli Pinke (1 год)
She is from Iran :p

Автор dunyasaff (2 года)
And she is afgan ..

Автор Ghafar Foladi (11 месяцев)
Lool I love how the people who looked up and watched this video are trying
to slut shame and shame Afghanistan by judging the video they watched

Автор Morsal R (2 года)
@95MJJFAN Thank you!! :)

Автор Zinho Haidari (11 месяцев)
nice dance i loved it

Автор FMLawinee (1 год)
Even if she is an Afghan wtf who cares??

Автор Maja G (2 года)
(wait. She could be afghan or Arab I don't really know. So I can't assume.
Soooo she's either or. Doesn't matter cause the video is based on her
dancing not her race.)

Автор rouzbeh61 (1 год)
You are an idiot. This type of behavior and thinking is one of the reasons
why Afghanistan is not developed like other countries. Keep your religion
and backward thinking to yourself. You have no right to impose your
believes upon other people. This girl is free and she must be free to do
whatever she wants as long as she doesn't harm anyone physically. Dancing
doesn't make her a bitch. I respect a girl with her courage and talent.
Down with the fanaticism and oppression of free minded people.

Автор shani2244 (2 года)
ooo she is good...i wonder how old she is...

Автор afghan mard (1 год)
if afghans are gay fucker the reasion is you guys cause iran has alot of
gays ;) you need be fucked ;)

Автор Hilla Sam (1 год)

Автор Gladiolus Rhapsodos (1 год)
lol Persian goatfuckers ;)

Автор MrHaga420 (1 год)
the music is Arabic, she is dancing Arabic, she is absolutely not an afghan
girl, for the one who put this clip, you put your sister ass shaking and
you say she is an afghan girl !!! you mothr fuck...r..!!!

Автор helloiamthecoool1 (2 года)
lol yeah sorry man, i wass tired when i wrote this, forgive me. hazaraz are
persians... we should stop this fighting between us and just become one
happy nation together, the constant fighting has no end and is stupid

Автор Laili Majnoon (2 года)
ohk she nt afghan ppl we can see that she arab or iraqi!!!!!!!!!!

Автор shaista a (1 год)
my dad always says that there are a category of ppl that no matter what
happens they will never think they are wrong or blame themselves for
anything. that is why they will never sucussed in life... nd ur one of
them....why cant u just accept the fact that what she is doing is wrong?

Автор hosam12323 (1 год)
She is cnadian

Автор Mohammad Tawfiq (1 год)
Joooooooommmmmmmm barabar jooooooommmmmmm shor beti ke peyaz nasoza

Автор khan khan (2 года)

Автор Gladiolus Rhapsodos (11 месяцев)
hahaha pussycat good one, she just needs a cock to bring her in a good
mood, right in her ass. ;)

Автор Noerla Seddiqi (1 год)
I Am So Proud of her ugly face too

Автор liwanyafghan (2 года)
Veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Nice Dance...

Автор sofia andersson (1 год)
Uhm what did she do? idiot,

Автор vares martin (1 год)
Just dancing nice, and they don't like, S.F.U;) if she should be a afghan
or not............ ;)

Автор persiancat1994 (1 год)
Afghan girls act innocent all the time there goes their innocence :D

I don't give a fuck where she is from. She dances so beautifully.

Автор Faranaz (2 года)
well i bet she's not an afghan girl, But she's really good.

Автор Badman4406 (2 года)
The best dance I ever seen like it...(:

Автор qabjoye (2 года)
fuck u danky hazara also farsi zaban gosala, if u don,t know about hazara
don,t kommenter

Автор Sheila Pedersen (1 год)
Persiancat1994 u fucking Bitch. U iranian loser. Iranian are always losers
and jealous

Автор rouzbeh61 (1 год)
It is not crystal clear for you it is mirror and you are looking at it when
calling me. You saw your own reflection. I haven't forgot anything. It is
you who have stuck to backwardness and don't want to let it go. It doesn't
matter where you live if you have still the same backward mentality. Give a
money a sport car and it will crash it to the wall. That is how the world
works. Your types always live in the past because they have no mental
capacity to adopt to new inventions and Ideas.

Автор Rezaswifey (1 год)
There is such an obviously correlation between bad grammar and ignorance
here! These comments are just pure comedy! Not that you people ( ' Muslims'
) have any valid arguments, but if you did, your grammar is so distracting
that no one would be able to decipher your 'Code'!!! More importantly
though, you need to stop confusing religion and ethnicity. This video is
titled "Afghan girl belly dance" not "Muslim girl belly dance". Lastly, in
terms of dance performance, this girl has great hip isola

Автор 95MJJFAN (2 года)
Belly dance music darbouka :)

Автор x0xMsL0velyx0x (1 год)
she looks indian

Автор Sadiqghafoori99 (2 года)
Fuck of

Автор helloiamthecoool1 (2 года)
lol it doesnt matter, afghan or iranian- we are all persians, except from
pashtuns and hazaras

Автор Zara Ahmedova (1 год)
ofarin dukhtare bo estedot :) keep going ) dont waste ur talent

Автор Sadiqghafoori99 (2 года)
This is lran

Автор Mahmood Abawi (2 года)
Eee ma hamoo khwaharo o madare shoma irani haaye jinda wo faisha ra bogayom

Автор shaista a (1 год)
i am not here to fight or argue or use bad language. i am just telling u
nicely that in my opinion its wrong to give tht kind of freedom...till a
certain age we should educate our children after that they can decide what
they want and what they should do. cuz at this age they cannot differntiate
between wrong and rit as adults irs our duty to teach. when i said u hv
forgoten ur self i meant that u hv forgot what our religion
teaches.religion doesnt and will not change even a million yrs later..

Автор loveglitter121 (1 год)
DAMN!! Shes soooo good!!

Автор Morsal R (2 года)
Can someone please tell me the name of the song she is dancing to?

Автор Fatera hehe (1 год)

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