afghani girl belly dance

Best dance of afghan girls in Kabol show stage.

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Автор Milad1 Azami ( назад)
lol she is not an Afghan, she is an Arab or an Irani

Автор Muqadas Mohsin ( назад)
Wow this girl and her Bally dance is just wow

Автор om za ( назад)
its not afghan louda khar. o dalkhor its your moma

Автор K ( назад)
nothing can beat arabs at belly dance i'm sorry :)

Автор Deborah van der Bosch ( назад)
This girl her clothes and dance are normal.I don't see nothing wrong with
it. If it was too erotic than i can say that a little girl can't dance like

Автор Имя Фамилия ( назад)
Хотелбы посматреть эту тёлку в Кабуле на центральной площяди

Автор Great Khorasan ( назад)
lol she is not afghan

Автор Kousar Bangash ( назад)
Its not afghani girl

Автор Waqas Torani ( назад)
Its note afghan its arabi or irranien dance 

Автор Uwe Götze ( назад)
Hok bar sarat

Автор ‫هلا بل عيال ارررحب‬‎ ( назад)

Автор Rezo ( назад)
She is fucking from Iran prostitute girl Afghan girl never doing dance like
the Iranain girls prostitute fucking iran's people 

Автор Boss Farid ( назад)
deer de lanaty bachyan ye khrooooo

Автор faridullah sarwari ( назад)
o kostezan enkho afghani nesta 

Автор Adnan Sidiqi ( назад)
she is not from afghanistan she is fucking ashol from another country 

Автор KING AFGHAN ( назад)
o khuda dare ma dadi ba khuda . 

Автор Antrontonio Anderson ( назад)
It's a belly dance. Showing some skin wouldn't hurt.

Автор Stylish Hashmatullah ( назад)
who is this is afghan. frist search about this girls then say afghan

Автор Zinho Haidari ( назад)
nice dance i loved it

Автор jenilyn maylid ( назад)

Автор jenilyn maylid ( назад)
wow amazing

Автор Tracy Silva ( назад)
I don't give a shit what all u haters say I thought she was great good job

Автор Ghafar Foladi ( назад)
Lool I love how the people who looked up and watched this video are trying
to slut shame and shame Afghanistan by judging the video they watched

Автор Ahmad Burgan Ebadi ( назад)
i think she is Iranian not Afghan so pliz don't misuse Afghan's girls name

Автор hamad alhowail ( назад)
sanaullahkakar1: you cost problem, respecting asking you to delete this
video, and leave this young girl alone

Автор Gladiolus Rhapsodos ( назад)
hahaha pussycat good one, she just needs a cock to bring her in a good
mood, right in her ass. ;)

Автор persiancat1994 ( назад)
FUK ur mum hater u people r gay AFGHANS

Автор afghan mard ( назад)
if afghans are gay fucker the reasion is you guys cause iran has alot of
gays ;) you need be fucked ;)

Автор afghan mard ( назад)
who knows she is afghan ?:D this is kind of arabic song and arabic dance @
Persiancat you could have better pussycat name ..

Автор persiancat1994 ( назад)
Afghan gay fukers :D

Автор Jasmin Darya ( назад)
WOW .. her figure :) You people should be proud ! This is not a bad thing ,
she didn't kill anyone like a lot other afghans who are respected . I mean
really you guys should be aschamed to call a little girl things you
shouldn't !

Автор vares martin ( назад)
Just dancing nice, and they don't like, S.F.U;) if she should be a afghan
or not............ ;)

Автор taher rezai ( назад)

Автор Esan Asadullah ( назад)
Fuck u this is not Kabul

Автор TheLotusong ( назад)
Why are those from the Arab world trying their best to disown her- whatever
she maybe I say she is brilliant

Автор SuperOsmankhan ( назад)
fuck you kakar1 with this dance , I believe this is your sister that you
put for everyone not an afghan girl.

Автор Zara zzz ( назад)
ofarin dukhtare bo estedot :) keep going ) dont waste ur talent

Автор Nemat Urash ( назад)
belly dance comes from arabs world they r muslim, it is not bad if she is
afghan & her clothes r auch gut not very open. there r to many ppl in
afghanistan that they r doing the worst things. one thing more afghans r
not the owner of paradies to decied who can go inside & who musst stay in
hell. i äm sure that educated afghans would say respekt she ist talent

Автор Shabana Jelani ( назад)

Автор Hilla Sam ( назад)

Автор sofia andersson ( назад)
Uhm what did she do? idiot,

Автор jiten patel ( назад)

Автор OriginalSanaz ( назад)
LOOOL I'm Iranian and I find these comments funny

Автор hosam12323 ( назад)
She is cnadian

Автор Walid Elham ( назад)
Persiancat.. u gay fuckin Iranian. U motherfuckers r scally rascals n deffo
big bitches in the region lolz

Автор Walid Elham ( назад)
She z not Afghun.. prolly a Turkey or Iranian or Pakies

Автор abdul taluqdar ( назад)
I like her

Автор Gladiolus Rhapsodos ( назад)
lol Persian goatfuckers ;)

Автор loveglitter121 ( назад)
DAMN!! Shes soooo good!!

Автор persiancat1994 ( назад)
Relax my friend! u don need to get angry over slags like the girl in that
video its enough u accepted the truth! RELAX is one word u basterd :D

Автор Feryal Ali ( назад)
She is not afghan

Автор Fareha Taariq ( назад)
calling her a bitch makes you one smartass

Автор Farhad Malek ( назад)
Yes, she is Afghan and she is a fantastic artist (for her age). And ANYHOW
is one word you little shit!

Автор x0xMsL0velyx0x ( назад)
she looks indian

Автор چومني ( назад)
Iranian bitch

Автор Oddalisque B.G. ( назад)
She moves too fast and she needs a LOT more work with the arms.

Автор FMLawinee ( назад)
Even if she is an Afghan wtf who cares??

Автор Sheila Pedersen ( назад)
Persiancat1994 u fucking Bitch. U iranian loser. Iranian are always losers
and jealous

Автор persiancat1994 ( назад)
Hahahahha yhh accept the fact shez afghan! Afghans r just hatrs who cant
accept their own shit!! any how shz a stage dancer! better accept the fact
AFGHAN losers!

Автор coco chanel ( назад)
u have to accept that she is afghan and she is very good! not everyone who
does something is irani!! afarin very good dance girl:)

Автор Fatera hehe ( назад)

Автор morteza M ( назад)

Автор chfaaz ( назад)
you are fucked by islam backword maind.

Автор Soli Pinke ( назад)
She is from Iran :p

Автор Arash Tabish ( назад)
Really nice dance

Автор Mahammad Mohammadi ( назад)
she is not afghan i'm 100% sure afghan can't be that shit

Автор persiancat1994 ( назад)
Afghan girls act innocent all the time there goes their innocence :D

Автор Mohammad Tawfiq ( назад)
Joooooooommmmmmmm barabar jooooooommmmmmm shor beti ke peyaz nasoza

Автор Noor H zaheri ( назад)
tube8.su writte in google infact she is not afghani oh yeah if she is that
is inccrideble so they are part of tube8.su lols

Автор candy pants ( назад)
K no joke the face is ugly but damn she knws how to shake it..

Автор candy pants ( назад)
so u calling her a whore just cause she got some tight leather pants on..
oh wow dude common now

Автор Bacha58 ( назад)
Sunna and Quaran == What is that == Sauna with Taliban no man I prefer
Belly Dance. You religion person,,, what heck you doing here ????????

Автор Bahroz Abbasi ( назад)
One question for you... Why are you watching this first place? You clicking
on this video is a support Sounds like u r one hypocrite ur self

Автор bugatti264 ( назад)
whore ! take the bin liners off your legs

Автор RAFIULLAH SAFI (406 лет назад)
shake baby ur ass but at least don't say y r an afghan

Автор shaista a ( назад)
ur such a headache ur english is soo weird

Автор rouzbeh363636 ( назад)
well, it is your idea. At least we can agree that disagree.

Автор shaista a ( назад)
i am not gonna waste my precious breath on u cuz u make noo sense at

Автор rouzbeh363636 ( назад)
because you are wrong. You have adopted some of good ideas from west, but
still hanging to some backward thinking. You are half way there. It is
another wrong interpretation and the time will show you who is right. I
hope you see the light and don't go back to the darkside.

Автор shaista a ( назад)
my dad always says that there are a category of ppl that no matter what
happens they will never think they are wrong or blame themselves for
anything. that is why they will never sucussed in life... nd ur one of
them....why cant u just accept the fact that what she is doing is wrong?

Автор rouzbeh363636 ( назад)
It is the wrong interpretation of religion. Wahabis have the wrong
interpretation that they have to lock the women inside the house and they
should not come out without a relative male or they can not drive cars?
They think this is in Quran, but why other Muslim countries are not like
that? Dancing is not wrong it is the type of dancing that specifically is
for male erection which is wrong like Mujras in pakistan. Or special
prostitute dance in brothel. That is for religous people not all.

Автор shaista a ( назад)
i am not here to fight or argue or use bad language. i am just telling u
nicely that in my opinion its wrong to give tht kind of freedom...till a
certain age we should educate our children after that they can decide what
they want and what they should do. cuz at this age they cannot differntiate
between wrong and rit as adults irs our duty to teach. when i said u hv
forgoten ur self i meant that u hv forgot what our religion
teaches.religion doesnt and will not change even a million yrs later..

Автор rouzbeh363636 ( назад)
How do you know she will end up as a whore if she dances in front of some
people? Your argument is lame and wrong. You have no proof of such a thing.
You don't know the basic steps of arguments.

Автор rouzbeh363636 ( назад)
This is 21st century and you have to accept the truth, or you will end up
like a dead talib. I am not saying dancing girls causes development, but it
will encourage individualism and freedom. They are two pillar of democracy.
A fanatical, patriarchal theocracy will ruin the country just like Iranian
regime or Talibs. If the women are not allowed to do what men can. Then
there is serious problem in civil rights. We need to prevent fanatical
conservatives take the power in future.

Автор shaista a ( назад)
its no use talking to ignorant person like u

Автор rouzbeh363636 ( назад)
It is not crystal clear for you it is mirror and you are looking at it when
calling me. You saw your own reflection. I haven't forgot anything. It is
you who have stuck to backwardness and don't want to let it go. It doesn't
matter where you live if you have still the same backward mentality. Give a
money a sport car and it will crash it to the wall. That is how the world
works. Your types always live in the past because they have no mental
capacity to adopt to new inventions and Ideas.

Автор shaista a ( назад)
u should be the last one differenciating between who is an idiot and who is
not. cuz its crystal clear that ur the idiot and who are u to decide that
afghanistan is not developing at the same pace as the rest of the
countries. ur just a western minded freak.... nd u have forgotten urself
who u are and where u come from...Greetings from Cananda

Автор rouzbeh363636 ( назад)
You are an idiot. This type of behavior and thinking is one of the reasons
why Afghanistan is not developed like other countries. Keep your religion
and backward thinking to yourself. You have no right to impose your
believes upon other people. This girl is free and she must be free to do
whatever she wants as long as she doesn't harm anyone physically. Dancing
doesn't make her a bitch. I respect a girl with her courage and talent.
Down with the fanaticism and oppression of free minded people.

Автор shaista a ( назад)
shut tht hole in ur face... if u call this developing and modernizing then
may god condemn u as will. instead of discouraging u r encouraging her even
more.. and i will tell u her future she is gonna be bitch nd F**king around
wid ppl.

Автор rouzbeh363636 ( назад)
She looks like Pashtun girls not Iranian. What is wrong with her dancing?
She has the freedom to do so and no stupid person can take that freedom
from her. It is not a shame to dance in front of other people. Why do you
guys live in stone age? Wake up the world is developing to an amazing
future,but you want to go back to backwardness and stupidity! Shame on your
reaction and shame on your thinking.

Автор dancefordarkangels ( назад)
She is very good, but needs to focus on adding in the arm movements.

Автор MrHaga420 ( назад)
the music is Arabic, she is dancing Arabic, she is absolutely not an afghan
girl, for the one who put this clip, you put your sister ass shaking and
you say she is an afghan girl !!! you mothr fuck...r..!!!

Автор ARVEEN SAFI ( назад)

Автор pars ( назад)
no she is not afghannnnnn

Автор Zazai Asad ( назад)
Calm down guys no one is afghani in this video and by the way she isnt an
artist. Her owners are probably just getting her ready for Saudi Wahabi

Автор Carmen Khan ( назад)
azin harfai ke mizanen khejalat bekashen aslan ghairat nadaren beghairata
baham vatane khod otor migen vaghan jai sharm ast mardom az har nega pesh
astan az afghana kada afghana chera egha pas man astan bakhatere ke una
poshtivan nadaran chera tashwighesh namekonen ke peshbera ba ujudeke
tashvigh namekonen yak gape elai bad ham mezanen motasef astom baretan .

Автор Noorullah Seddiqi ( назад)
Mardom e afghan kolesh yak ast ye aughan goftanet tajik hazara che mana?
back to bellydancer da afghanistan az inja kadom hal bad ast biadar...

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