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Автор Nuri Uzbek (1 день)

Автор shabee temz (2 месяца)
Respect!!! she's just a kid bless her... you afghans are so judgemental
that's why afghanistan is so fucked up...

Автор Faisal Arghandiwal (7 месяцев)
it,s a Shame look at our History and noW look Some Fake Afghans In Urope
,America , ETC ,,,, Like this One ! !! and Binifed OF this Video You Can
Scrow Down And See The Comment,s ! That iS whY it,s Haram and a bad action
!iN Our Society and CountrY !! 

Автор Uwe Götze (28 дней)
Hok bar sarat

Автор afgwaziriprincess kitty (1 месяц)
She is Iranian not afghan belly dance nothing to do with Afghanistan or
afghan culture its arab and Iranian dance

Автор مريم بدي اتعرف (1 месяц)

Автор Zahid Khan Khan (2 месяца)
Afghani girl belly dancs

Автор KING AFGHAN (6 месяцев)
o khuda dare ma dadi ba khuda . 

Автор Rezo (4 месяца)
She is fucking from Iran prostitute girl Afghan girl never doing dance like
the Iranain girls prostitute fucking iran's people 

Автор Boss Farid (4 месяца)
deer de lanaty bachyan ye khrooooo

Автор Adnan Sidiqi (5 месяцев)
she is not from afghanistan she is fucking ashol from another country 

Автор faridullah sarwari (5 месяцев)
o kostezan enkho afghani nesta 

Автор khan (1 год)
Yes she is afghani kona I love to Fuck afghan girl

Автор Afghan Pukhtoon (1 год)
Ferdynand i fucked ur women of ur country

Автор David Prichard (1 год)
nice feet

Автор Nafi Sayeed (1 год)
And she is so bad

Автор Rambo Jhon (1 год)
Hate to see my ppl with no honor.

Автор Nafi Sayeed (1 год)
She is so agle

Автор MrKukenimunnen (2 года)

Автор Soli Pinke (2 года)
She is from Iran :p

Автор Culeshit Mou (3 года)
@MrNight786 she is afghani bro, ask me

Автор Ghafar Foladi (1 год)
Lool I love how the people who looked up and watched this video are trying
to slut shame and shame Afghanistan by judging the video they watched

Автор Morsal R (2 года)
@95MJJFAN Thank you!! :)

Автор Zinho Haidari (1 год)
nice dance i loved it

Автор FMLawinee (2 года)
Even if she is an Afghan wtf who cares??

Автор Maja G (2 года)
(wait. She could be afghan or Arab I don't really know. So I can't assume.
Soooo she's either or. Doesn't matter cause the video is based on her
dancing not her race.)

Автор rouzbeh61 (2 года)
You are an idiot. This type of behavior and thinking is one of the reasons
why Afghanistan is not developed like other countries. Keep your religion
and backward thinking to yourself. You have no right to impose your
believes upon other people. This girl is free and she must be free to do
whatever she wants as long as she doesn't harm anyone physically. Dancing
doesn't make her a bitch. I respect a girl with her courage and talent.
Down with the fanaticism and oppression of free minded people.

Автор shani2244 (3 года)
ooo she is good...i wonder how old she is...

Автор afghan mard (1 год)
if afghans are gay fucker the reasion is you guys cause iran has alot of
gays ;) you need be fucked ;)

Автор Hilla Sam (2 года)

Автор Gladiolus Rhapsodos (2 года)
lol Persian goatfuckers ;)

Автор aleannascout (3 года)
@OnyxArrow 3. from that i can think the different between ur people n my
people, actually all just about different mind thinking.. but we all are
actually same, believe in ALLAH.. they keep thinking in negative ways so
they wont do those things, they not allowed their daughters put their pic
on facebook bcoz they think haram or dnt want somethin bad happens, but
me,, i always do something new, i put every pics of mine n so far im just
ok n alhamdulillah never over limit, always in the line..

Автор MrHaga420 (2 года)
the music is Arabic, she is dancing Arabic, she is absolutely not an afghan
girl, for the one who put this clip, you put your sister ass shaking and
you say she is an afghan girl !!! you mothr fuck...r..!!!

Автор helloiamthecoool1 (2 года)
lol yeah sorry man, i wass tired when i wrote this, forgive me. hazaraz are
persians... we should stop this fighting between us and just become one
happy nation together, the constant fighting has no end and is stupid

Автор shaista a (2 года)
my dad always says that there are a category of ppl that no matter what
happens they will never think they are wrong or blame themselves for
anything. that is why they will never sucussed in life... nd ur one of
them....why cant u just accept the fact that what she is doing is wrong?

Автор hosam12323 (2 года)
She is cnadian

Автор Mohammad Tawfiq (2 года)
Joooooooommmmmmmm barabar jooooooommmmmmm shor beti ke peyaz nasoza

Автор Culeshit Mou (3 года)
@z0geous afghani

Автор khan khan (2 года)

Автор Gladiolus Rhapsodos (1 год)
hahaha pussycat good one, she just needs a cock to bring her in a good
mood, right in her ass. ;)

Автор Noorullah Seddiqi (2 года)
I Am So Proud of her ugly face too

Автор TheTabellarius (3 года)
Very young and one of the most skilled dancers I have ever seen.

Автор liwanyafghan (3 года)
Veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Nice Dance...

Автор sofia andersson (2 года)
Uhm what did she do? idiot,

Автор vares martin (1 год)
Just dancing nice, and they don't like, S.F.U;) if she should be a afghan
or not............ ;)

Автор persiancat1994 (2 года)
Afghan girls act innocent all the time there goes their innocence :D

I don't give a fuck where she is from. She dances so beautifully.

Автор Faranaz (3 года)
well i bet she's not an afghan girl, But she's really good.

Автор Badman4406 (2 года)
The best dance I ever seen like it...(:

Автор qabjoye (2 года)
fuck u danky hazara also farsi zaban gosala, if u don,t know about hazara
don,t kommenter

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