A YEAR IN CAKE 2016! The Best Bakes, Cakes, And Belly Laughs This Year!

THANK YOU For An Incredible 2016! We’ll Be Back With A New Cake Next Tuesday!
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Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST! From novelty cakes that look like your favourite foods to my MEGA mash up cakes that have layers upon layers of goodness - I dream in cake! Got an idea for a cake? I'd love to hear it - subscribe & comment below!

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Автор Akanesi Tuipulotu ( назад)
Can you make a cake that looks like you?

Автор TheCuteBuddingCrafter♥ ( назад)
hey yo! the shark cake! 21 June. was my bdayyyyy

Автор Jenny & Zoey He ( назад)
I love your videos! You are so creative and professional. The cakes you
make are so detailed!

Автор Lance Bolastig ( назад)

Автор Oren Shapiro ( назад)
It is 2017

Автор Zaisha Khan ( назад)
for a second I thought she was gonna eat that tea cup in the beginning. lol

Автор July Jewel ( назад)
hi, I absolutely ADORE you and your cakes. I like baking myself,
unfortunately I'm not very good at it :) Whatever, I wanted to ask if you
have done training as a confectionist or if you're just incredibly skilled
XD. Also, I love pugs, so I wanted to ask if you could do a 3D Pug cake
this year. THX!

Автор Zee lawal ( назад)
do a fruit bowl made of cake

Автор Landon Rose ( назад)
I love your channel

Автор Sochy _ ( назад)
Lol how do you even cut some of these

Автор Angel Tran ( назад)
You should do a Pokemon cake

Автор Minerva Lopez ( назад)
can yo maje a snake

Автор Lucie Hosburgh ( назад)
make a derp 🐈🍮 pls

Автор Makayla Hernandez ( назад)
You should make a clarinet cake

Автор Makayla Hernandez ( назад)
You should make a clarinet cake

Автор Lisette Torres ( назад)
what i like about your videos is how you make them and at the end you eat

Автор Sadie Reid ( назад)

Автор Love MyTommy ( назад)
Pleaseeee could u do a Unicorn cake?

Автор Hannah Ealey ( назад)
You should make a cake with a surprise in it like jelly or smarties.

Автор Emmanuella Koroma ( назад)
you should attempt a magic 8 ball 🎱 and/or a periodic table cake

Автор Amazing Angel ( назад)
U collabbed with laurdiy whattttttttttt. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Total Fangirl ( назад)

Автор Carmen Quinquilla ( назад)
Hi! Do you teach cake classes?

Автор Sajid Ramzan ( назад)
This is an awesome Vidio yo youlanda do a shopping cake

Автор Sajid Ramzan ( назад)
This is an awesome Visio yo youlanda do a shopping cake

Автор Sophia Griffiths ( назад)
That ending was everything 😂

Автор Lúcia Santos ( назад)
awesomee!! you are the BEST!!! 💖👏👏 i lovee your work, you are perfect!

Автор Alanna Beauplan ( назад)
I love watching your videos and seeing you making some cake you are the
best caker in the world and universe how was your 2016

Автор Cherry Almond ( назад)
Can you please cake ballet shoes~~~~

Автор houssamnour ( назад)
could you please show joceyn

Автор cake love ( назад)
please cake a peacock please

Автор Zosia Kowarski ( назад)
Spot the difernt face

Автор Cream Cheese Unicorn ( назад)
I did not know you made a rubix cube cake

Автор JAdam Allen ( назад)
can you please make something miraculous ladybug?

Автор angel fox ( назад)
didn't watch your videos for 5 months wow ,I need a how to cake it marathon

Автор Adam Ransom ( назад)
cake a basketball😊

Автор Valentina Vera ( назад)
it was the best year ever with you 😆😅😄😄😄😉😉😇😇😇

Автор Hearface Happy huddle ( назад)

Автор Xiomara Lane ( назад)

Автор Xiomara Lane ( назад)
Every time I watch ur videos I get hungry

Автор Silly Cookie ( назад)
Was the father day cake there?"

Автор Salma Jonaidi ( назад)
That cookie cake tho

Автор LifeWorks-Asia ( назад)

Автор B&B Sisters 101 ( назад)
You should make a
Octopus 🐙 cake

Автор kaylyn chappell ( назад)
you should make a hogwarts cake

Автор xx_holo_is_life_xx ( назад)
Can you please make a video with Markiplier? :3

Автор payola5000 ( назад)
I love your videos, they're awesome and an inspiration to me!
Just a little request, could you take away the little, sweet, high pitched
melody in the back? Your channel was better off without it, now it sounds
just like all the other baking channels and it's annoying

Автор Rachel Martin ( назад)
Only one Word *WOW*

Автор Annika & Ashia Brewster ( назад)
I met Kate Middleton she's soooooo nice

Автор Ezras Kingdom ( назад)
Or a painting cake

Автор Ezras Kingdom ( назад)
You should make a cake for Moana it would be soooooo awesome

Автор Maisie Anderson ( назад)
Love you pls give me shout out and get me to 100 subs love you xx

Автор Akilah Davis ( назад)
My most favorite video of the year. It showcases all the good in 2016 like
cake and takes all the bad things that happens this year like trump and 5th
harmony breaking up.

Автор Ava Geronimo ( назад)
Can you please make a rolling pin cake #Cake

Автор Jazzmen Abdou ( назад)
Who any have did to camp cake ? Because I have

Автор Tricia Choka ( назад)
i have to watch 4 videos asap

Автор Chelsea Carter ( назад)
This video put a smile on my face thank you for the great year.

Автор Beth Stephenson ( назад)
I'm currently testing myself to see if I can watch every singe How To Cake
It video of 2016 right now

Автор Lindsey Hjelmstad ( назад)
Even though the trend is over you should do a try to do a 100 layer cake

Автор Jessica White ( назад)
What was your favourite cake

Автор Ciel Phantomhive “Bloody Cherry” ( назад)
I really love your videos one day I want to be like you(I'm only 14) you
are so cool and inspirational

Автор 科ください The Killer ( назад)
I think someone replaced 'cake boss'

Автор Emma VandenOever ( назад)
Do a cake of Jocelyn's face 

Автор Beshair k ( назад)
I LOVE YOU❤❤❤, I'm a fan from Saudi Arabia ❤

Автор listyakirana ( назад)
I really enjoy watching your videos every week. stay awesome Yolanda!

Автор Hannah Reaugh ( назад)
What do you do with all the extra cakes??????

Автор Maryam Miah ( назад)
I've just found out about your channel a couple of weeks ago and i cannot
myself from binge watching as much as i can until i have seen all of your
videos. I love all of your videos and you have made my love for cake even
stronger! I mostly loved your ice cream cake, handbag cake and emoji cakes
and also the naked floral cake

Автор Tayla Young ( назад)
i love you my nice said i love you

Автор Wiggle Wiggle ( назад)

Автор Ashley King ( назад)
I've really enjoyed all of your videos this year, I'm a really huge fan! I
would love to see anything you make for 2017, I love the sculptured cakes
the best, but I really love them all!

Автор syeda Hania Irshad ( назад)
you should give all your cakes to the needy or orphans there rather than
destorying them or smashing them down.

Автор Emily 3939 ( назад)
I feel like you could be the real life grown up version of Moana... Idk why

Автор I'mLegit !!! ( назад)
I'm looking at this and wondering how in the world are you still SO fit

Автор Jaxon Boozer ( назад)
7:19 - What happened? 😂

Автор Janet Ron ( назад)
Hi . Thank you for all your videos. I love it. Can you Cake it a Gran
national Car. Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have one and i will love o do
my for Birthday. Please Yolanda.

Автор Yoseline Sanchez ( назад)
yolanda should do a Pikachu life size cake

Автор Yoseline Sanchez ( назад)
i got a good catch frames [DON'T CAKE WITH ME]

Автор TheGamingRobot (TheGamingPlay station) ( назад)
youtube play button cake

Автор Elle Liza Tayou ( назад)
you're so talented

Автор Gabriela AVILES ( назад)
do a boxing day cake

Автор Trin Trin77 ( назад)
I'm hoping that you can do a iPhone cake!

Автор ceciliane souza ( назад)
Hi Yolanda, you're a amazing artist!!! My suggestions are: Manhattan ,Rio
de Janeiro or San Francisco. Einstein, Disney theme, octopus,maybe a whole
aquarium?! 😉 that's just what I can think now. And don't forget you are
great 🙌🏼

Автор Gymnast_ Amelia ( назад)
No lie I have made every single cake that she has made on her channel my
whole room has cake in it of the bits of cake that are still left over that
I am going to give to charity

Автор Ry Stratton ( назад)
you should do a collab with Rosanna Pansino

Автор Niha Talele ( назад)
I have a question :
What do you do with all that cake?

Автор lolojens msp ( назад)
can you please make a giraffe cake

Автор Lets Have Fun ( назад)
Please do a nya cat cake

Автор Cyan Jackson ( назад)
it was so crazy for me to see the sushi cake because that is how i found
out about your channel! it has been so fun watching your channel since then
:) I can't wait to see more in 2017! (i am running out of videos to watch
on your channel haha)

Автор Molly Lind Mayer ( назад)
it is in this moment when I truly realize that I've seen every single one
of your videos this year! love every one, every cake!

Автор Heaven Dimensions ( назад)
Amazing cakes!!🎂 Pls make a harry potter themed cake like a Hogwarts
castle cake or a Quidditch stadium or maybe just a broom cake⚡️!! Keep
making the amazing videos 🍰

Автор Melanie martiez Is queen ( назад)
Are you hiring? Here is my qualification : I'm 11 have a big appetite i
never stop eating I love cake your my fav!
So could you hire me to eat da scraps / left overs...?

Автор Bring on the cake ( назад)
OMG Yolanda u r my idol! I'm an Australian 13 yo girl and absolutely
inspired by all your amazing cakes! Australia Day is coming up on the 26 of
January which is pretty big in Australia, it would be soooo awesome if you
could make a cake in the shape of Australia!! U r so awesome and I can't
wait until I grow up to be as awesome and successful as you!!!

Автор Dixie Parker ( назад)
Starbux cake!!!

Автор Rachel Clarissa ( назад)
You're so talented💕💕

Автор benedetta crociani ( назад)
i love youuu!!

Автор Jennifer Koya ( назад)
How about making an earth cake? that would be interesting

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