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Автор jorge branttes morales (1 год)
buena version. buen trabajo.felicidades. Yo tengo el mismo teclado y es
dificil sin tener la base musical o el style adecuado.saludos desde chile

Автор LPSoMiN LP (1 год)

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (2 года)
Thanks for your kind words friend :) Regards Nadish

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (1 год)
Thanks mate! :)

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (1 год)
Thanks for your comment!!! Regards Nad

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (1 год)
Hey Prasad i'm sorry i don't have a midi file of this song i mean i didn't
create a midi yet but i have sent you the style check it out! ;)

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (2 года)
hey thanks for the comment!

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (10 месяцев)
Hi Claudia, thank you for the comment, really appreciate it!!! Regards Nad

Автор Prasad J (1 год)
Dear Nadish, could youplease send me the style and the midi for this
prasadhg@gmail.com. Anyway great work. Thx

Автор jorge branttes morales (1 год)
Hola Nadish, te quedaria muy agradecido si pudieras enviarme el style a mi
correo jorgebranttes@gmail.com

Автор Doctor Professor 314 (1 год)
Isn't it in the key of D flat?

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (9 месяцев)
Yeah the s950 has more voices and styles and the S910 is out of production
now Regards Nad

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (2 года)
Hey MrClitheroe thanks ! Regards Nad

Автор Achala Amarasinghe (9 месяцев)
Thank you Nadish !!!! my favorite theme . awaiting to buy s950 (what do you
think that keyboard ?) is s910 a better option? Brgds Achala

Автор Mark Chapman (1 год)
Hi is this a midi file or a style? If its a style can you tell me which
style please

Автор luc dajac (5 месяцев)
Beautiful cover ! thumbs up ! i play this song on my channel, and i invite
you to listen to my "little" version !

Автор sekkao171 (1 год)

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (1 год)
It's not a midi file i'm playing live and the style isn't a preset one so
if you need it let me know

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (1 год)
Thanks for your kind words but this is not a tyros it's yamaha psr s 910.
Regards Nad

Автор Elisha appuhamy (1 год)
great great and again great bro your styles are verynice and familiar to me
again great work

Автор ThePacokanada (2 года)
very nice

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (2 года)
Thank you ThePacokanada :)

Автор oloolololable (1 год)
Cudownie zagrane! Melodia płynie z twojego serca... Ogromne brawa !!!
Pozdrawiam z Polski ;)

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (9 месяцев)
Thank you for the comment Achala btw check your inbox i have sent you the
style file! Regards Nad

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (10 месяцев)
ok sure i'll send you the style file!!

Автор Rajan Patel (2 года)
Nice one..you got a talent....We got the Olympics this year and I live only
3 miles away from the stadium.....your arrangement will come in handy...

Автор Ivan Griselt (2 года)
Excellent, Congratulations...

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (10 месяцев)
Check your email!!!

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (1 год)
Thank you for the comment !! :) Regards Nad

Автор Michal Neubauer (10 месяцев)
forgotten email, Michal.Neubauer(at)seznam.cz

Автор Huskyherz (10 месяцев)
Hello Nad, an excellent work !!! Very nice to listen !! I love your channel
!!! Greetings Claudia

Автор Michal Neubauer (10 месяцев)
Hi men, I am searching for this style for Chariots of fire, can you send me
it, if you have this one, I can change with you another style from

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (1 год)

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (1 год)
Thank you for your comment Jbranttes, look i don't understand your language
and google translator doesn't translate well, do you want this style ?? is
that what you mean ?

Автор MrClitheroe (2 года)
Super rendition Nadash. Good job ! Cheers. MrC

Автор Jarek M (2 года)
Very nice :) Regards. J

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (2 года)
Thanks J Regards, Nadish

Автор Trevor Wright (1 год)
Nad I have found your channel and your playing is far surperior to mine
with you Tyros, I just wish I could afford to buy one..I have played a
Tyros 4 in the music shop and it does make alot of difference....I do down
load the midi's on mine but not sure how to use them properly yet...anyway
I love this song and the others that you play goodluck. Trev Brsibane

Автор Achala Amarasinghe (9 месяцев)
hi Nadish , Excellent !!!!! if you can ,please send me the style file for
chariots of fire mail- achala.amarasinghe@gmail.com brgds -achala

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (10 месяцев)
hey did i send you the style ??

Автор L Anacker (6 месяцев)
i only dislike the first part where you are showing the picture of the
solid keyboard. the res of it is super

Автор Nadish Jayasuriya (6 месяцев)
ohh btw thank you for the comment!!

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