UFC 207: Nunes vs Rousey - Watch List

UFC SVP of talent relations Sean Shelby sits down with Jon Anik to discuss who to look out for at UFC 207.

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Автор maxtorx sangzy ( назад)
mon ami il abandonne jamais Ronda rousey revient au UFC pour le reprendre
son titré bisous ton amie

Автор BIG D ( назад)
You don't get a tittle shot until you beat the GOAT Takeya Mizugaki.

Автор 408maloWS ( назад)
lets go nunes!!

Автор Josh Maratty ( назад)
Dan hardy has the best fight analysis not Dom Cruz

Автор Harun K ( назад)
Where is the Embedded mayne?

Автор Cane street ( назад)
Rousey been Overrated, she just starting to face real heavy hand bitches
gonna give her that work

Автор Flange On ( назад)
I Trainy, eaty, sleepy- NINJA TURTLE

Автор Sb b ( назад)
ok so I think I'm with everyone else by saying the ufc. is fake as f*** by
boasting ronda way more than the actual champion amanda that is the exact
reason I WILL NOT BUY THIS PPV as I'm sure I'm not the only one that is
boycotting the ufc. because of it. think about if rousey never lost it
would be all about her but she did loose. so why is it all about her and
not the champ I hope she gets her butt kicks bad

Автор Antonio Easter ( назад)
Ronda better take her down.

Автор TheMelancholyangel ( назад)
I think rousey learned about her vulnerability and will play to her
dominating strength. My money's on her, you don't become an Olympian and
successful champion professional fighter by giving into fear

Автор Lorenzo Brunet ( назад)
hi people !! his really like the videp a lot living !

Автор TechCheck ( назад)
Strange colors in the video when they weigh in, both women are literally
yellow and Dana is pink. lol
Of course it's just a video issue with colors.

Автор Peter Pan ( назад)
I want to see her and tait eat each other out 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

Автор bouchelarem anis ( назад)
Nunes is not a girl, she is a man :/

Автор Preferred Stock ( назад)
Did he say ANAL-yst?

Автор Per Johnny Johansen ( назад)
Nunes ftw..
respect to ronda

Автор Greg Raines ( назад)
I heard Nunez had to be consoled after the staredown, so they took her for
lunch at taco bell.

Автор Karan .R ( назад)
You have to talk about Cain and Werdum c'mon.

Автор 3en6ie 3en6ie ( назад)
High Altitude Fabricio FTW!

Автор Aries Llorca ( назад)
woah, too much hate in comment section. Can't wait for 207 tho ♥

Автор joe60ise ( назад)
I think that Dana White is gonna lose big after this fight. I do not see
Ronda winning, and since she is mentally weak, she will disappear
afterwards, and so Dana White will lose his biggest paper view after
Conor... Bye bye UFC!

Автор VentNation ( назад)
Y'all tripping, I'm parlaying Nuñes Garbrandt to win!

Автор Slava Rossiya ( назад)
Rousey bout to get that ass beat. Nunes will wipe the floor with her.

Автор Dima Shinder ( назад)
I'm much more interested in Cain/Werdum and Cruz/Cody, I don't think all
that money people are interested in Ronda anymore after she took all this
time off.

Автор scgamerd ( назад)
Can't wait to see Ronda Get ruthlessly KOed and see what her reaction would

Автор Abul Hasnath ( назад)
nunes will eat Rousey

Автор edmond the goat trashverdyan ( назад)
dillashaw decision
cruz decision
ronda round 2 armbar
cain round 3 TKO.

Автор Francisco Santiago ( назад)
Go choo sleep, Honda

Автор Andy Montanez ( назад)
why tf was werdum vs velasquez not mentioned

Автор Darby Crash ( назад)
Bullshit! Cody didn't work his way to a title shot in 2 years; he just
talked his way into a title shot he doesn't deserve. I like Cody but he is
so inexperienced and is moving too fast for his own good. He's going to
take a horrific beating and sometimes its hard to come back from that, just
ask Ronda

Автор Levy87 ( назад)
2:06 oh yeah

Автор rrradodddupa ( назад)
Nothing gives me more satisfaction in UFC than watching Dana White's
beloved cash cows loosing or getting knocked out, all the freaks from WWE,
Ronda agains Holly, Connor against Nate, Sage and Page and now I'm hoping
for another upset, that Amanda will do to Ronda same thing she did to
Miesha Tate.

Автор Dreadkage ( назад)
Ronda needs to stop playing the victim

Автор Jon Funny Bones Jones ( назад)
H'mm... Seen very little of Cain and Werdum. Kind of suspicious, but since
Werdum spoke out against the UFC he gets fired and not even promoted on the
207 Promos. And Cain now being in the MMAAA union thing he is now getting
Cucked by the UFC. Interesting...

Автор Trick John ( назад)
why do these WASP white pigs hate on Cain so bad

Автор Yannick Molenaar ( назад)
Perfectly relative switch long-term.

Автор 정직해 ( назад)
Ronda have to slowly! not too hurry

Автор Mike Vig ( назад)
Nunez by round 2 tko

Автор Paulo Ecletik ( назад)
Why the fuck can that do nothing bitch miss all her media obligations? She
must be post traumatic stressed from that magnificent knock the fuck out.

Автор James Schneider ( назад)
you're all assholes at least find a fatty to let cyborg fight she would
crush you Rhonda you're holy you're Amanda who is nobody anyways

Автор Rob Tttt ( назад)
I hate how this guy talks...he sounds like toby

Автор AirJordan23 ( назад)
Rousey is overrated, can't take a punch well, gets rattled way to easy ,
she will be stopped again

Автор Алексей Ивашков ( назад)
Ronda is a cunt. All i think.

Автор Ricwell ( назад)
Ronda Rousey is getting all hyped up just to loose again

Автор Kush 94 ( назад)
Rousey by KO 2nd round

HAHAHAHAHAH oops i meant nunes

Автор stripe64 ( назад)
This will be Rhonda's last fight. She is going to get embarrassed.

Автор RevolutionRapter5000 ( назад)
Nunes,Cruz(if Cody uses leg kicks more often then an upset could

Автор Ichigoyagami Sparda ( назад)
trump ronda, she doesn't deserve title shot , i really hope she lose, but
ufc will give it to her so trump her and when I said trump her is fuck her

Автор Sidekick 821 ( назад)
Does anyone else not give a fuck about rousey anymore like seriously 0
fucks given

Автор Say 10 ( назад)
wanna Hear a joke?


Автор Joshua “PerfectxAmateur” Helton ( назад)
Idk why they just gave Ronda a title shot with out re earning a chance like
I'm not hating it's just how they used to do things

Автор krutoysilnostarina ( назад)
rousey is a "has been" and never even that good, the opposition just sucked
so bad, which made her look good.

Автор Cloud Strife ( назад)
dominick is not losing is anytime soon. smart money, bet big bucks on cruz
in any fight, even at 145

Автор Ahmed Adel ( назад)
cruz vs garbrandt is really similar to McGregor vs Alvarez.. cruz is the

Автор west side ( назад)
fuck that fake ass WWE shit, u kids need to grow up and u old dudes still
watching that shit needs help

Автор plantbased paul ( назад)
Rousey will be bloodied to the max and quickly, she will fall to the ground
and let herself get submitted covered in blood

Автор Wajid Mahmood ( назад)
What about the cain valasquez fight

Автор None Ya ( назад)
Ronda's going to take another nape...

Автор Iam Pyre ( назад)
Lol at the dummies who don't understand the concept of the video, which is
to promote fights thst people might not already be sold on. 

Автор Nolay Austin ( назад)
RR has to shoot for the arm bar #Facts

Автор Iam Pyre ( назад)
Ronda's going to eat more punches than Nate and Nick Diaz in one night. 

Автор Iam Pyre ( назад)
John Lineker is going to get embarrassed, he will think he will be able to
muscle TJ and it won't happen. 

Автор Iam Pyre ( назад)
Not a hater, but I can't wait to see the expression on Dom's face after
Cody rekts him. 

Автор whalles anjos ( назад)
Amanda Nunes vai dar um pau na Honda rousey

Автор tenoch ( назад)
omfg! the ufc should replace these two goobers instead of goldberg and
rogan! is it just me? i just cant stand them...

Автор jason johnson ( назад)
I really hope Amanda smacks the living crap out of Rousey and show the
world once again, that she is wayyy over-rated. Nunes in 1 by stoppage.

Автор Amine MRami ( назад)
if ronda loses this fights and still can't make a sandwich. her life is

Автор DJ Carter ( назад)
This fight is gonna be lit

Автор SirDesperateAndy ( назад)
03:11 overall same combat experience as Cruz, wtf is he even talking about

Автор AMJGreenspy ( назад)
That bald motherfucker is starting to piss me off. Cody Garbrandt is shit.
And no one has more self belief than him? Have you heard of the notorious
you bald cunt?

Автор Kramer Kramer (Kramer) ( назад)
sean shelby looks like a freak

Автор ptofview ( назад)
Ronda won't make weight.

Автор Herb Dean ( назад)
ronda should be on the undercard that bitch is trash

Автор Delano Hugo ( назад)
Why she puts her fist in her face like she wants a fist fight

Автор Noah Millichamp ( назад)
Just gunna skip velasquez werdum?wtf

Автор QueefJuiceOverflow ( назад)
Im not diggin Sean's face. I want to punch him.

Автор jessedabody ( назад)
Ronda knocked out again. Go Nunes:)

Автор heypaul ( назад)
If Honda will hev all de toolz to beaty Nunes? We will see.

Автор matuagify ( назад)
What the fuck.. For god sake, enough of Rousey vs nunes. We want Cain VS
Werdum, most exciting matchup, You bald fuck dana.

Ronda is so nice she put a holly Homs over with the crowd by getting
knocked out so quickly hope she also puts nunes over ☺ hope she don't bury

Автор Samuel Clark ( назад)
amazing card....I got Nunes, Garbrandt, Cain, and Killishaw

Автор Jerko Labud ( назад)
body carbrandt is an add bass

Автор Ed Negron ( назад)
talk about lack of 9f hype with cain smh he's a animal

Автор Ed Negron ( назад)

Автор Hubert Lefou ( назад)
I wanna fuck Ronda so damn hard like get in that shit

Автор Noah Philip ( назад)
nunes all day

Автор Pablo Escobar ( назад)
Ronda "The Crybaby" Rousey

Автор Christian Cabrera ( назад)
I like Cruz. I hope he doesn't get knocked out

Автор Elaine Teneti ( назад)
ronda as to take this to the ground . or she loses

Автор DJItchyBoo ( назад)
No Velasquez Werdum?

Автор itsmebernard ( назад)
UFC 207 aka the Ronda Rousey show

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