Swing and Electro Swing Collection

Artists and song titles are here in description, extend the window for the playlist. Check out the latest version of this playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nhp6ULk7mE

Artwork in this video by Michael Lombardi, used with his kind permission. Check out his Facebook account for similar images.


The Benny Goodman Orchestra - Sing Sing Sing 0:00:01
Black Cat Zoot - No Swingin' In Your Walking 0:05:04
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Jumpin' Jack 0:08:11
Cissie Redgwick - Gimme That Swing 0:13:00
DelaDap - Crazy Swing 0:16:25
Tape Five - A Cool Cat in Town 0:20:00
DelaDap - Georgian Lesson 0:23:52
Alice Francis - St. James Ballroom 0:27:32
Black Cat Zoot ft. Dr. Ring Ding - Shake That Bone 0:31:20
Tape Five ft. Henrik Wager - Dixie Biscuit 0:34:07
Black Cat Zoot - Dirty Dance 0:37:56
Circus Contraption - Hoochie Coochie Girls 0:42:02
Alice Francis - Shoot Him Down 0:46:02
Tape Five - Bad Boy Good Man 0:49:38
DelaDap - Don't Turn Around 0:53:18
Diablo Swing Orchestra - A Tap Dancer's Dilemma 0:56:42
Black Cat Zoot - Swinging Tune 1:01:53
Tape Five - Pantaloons 1:04:56
Tape Five - Madame Coquette 1:08:24
Black Cat Zoot - Alright Again 1:12:04
Dimie Cat - Glam (Remix) 1:14:36

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Автор bryan smith ( назад)
I'm smoking Jeezee you guys are sooo not getting the Jive

Автор Ferox Freak ( назад)
I like it!

Автор sam clay ( назад)
I pay one dollar for that pussy

Автор Katelyn Wedemire ( назад)
the jungle book anyone
this is from the 40s and 50s and 30s

Автор Dog885 ( назад)
Swing is the only genre of music you should be allowed to make up words

Автор gina gina ( назад)
what is the name of the song on 24.31? Many thanks

Автор Anna Cristina Cuevas ruiz ( назад)
who else jumping and swinging by the comments

Автор Nathalie Boneta ( назад)
What's the name of the first song??

Автор Ren5 ( назад)
Hate the dance, but the music is pretty


Автор Nathanial McCauley ( назад)
In the first song, what is the name given to the drum beat?

Автор Daisy ( назад)
I love love love this old style music.. makes me feel like I was born in the wrong generation, none of my friends are into jazz and I feel I have no one to express it with. I feel like no one can properly appreciate music without listening to classic songs like this, honestly.

Автор Bailey MacKenzie ( назад)
I love this song.

Автор Anatolii Chaika ( назад)

Автор irvan Aditya ( назад)
playlist please!!!

Автор Asmodeo Jung ( назад)
Что? Где? Когда?

Автор Jasper Skallow ( назад)
good job :)

Автор José Mª Sánchez Anguita ( назад)
La gran verdad

Автор Maru ( назад)

Автор kike cairasco ( назад)

Автор Lex Cáceres ( назад)

Автор Tony de Rocq ( назад)
Trump est le meilleur president pour les USA

Автор KidEdibleGareth ( назад)
why is 1080p available for this

Автор Jonathan Munoz ( назад)
This is really cool

Автор Marlee Jimenez ( назад)
carery zimmer- i know and that is super sad... but this music was the eye of that storm of a time.

Автор Solange Griffin ( назад)
That is so amazing 😉.

Автор Lidia Monahua ( назад)
Me encanta este mix ♥

Автор Lidia Monahua ( назад)
Me encanta este mix ♥

Автор Keshi532 ( назад)
I listen to this when I'm working. It makes work less stressful. I love it. Thank you.

Автор Jack Redmond ( назад)
I want Big Band Swing back... :)

Автор mikethemotormouth ( назад)
No Minnie the Moocher?

Автор Larisa ( назад)
The picture reminds me of 500 days of summer (love that movie)

Автор Elly McGee ( назад)
Sing, Sing, Sing... Tower of Terror, anyone?

Автор T RandomDragonFox ( назад)
makes me wanna learn swing

Автор Šárka Menich Janeček ( назад)
super nedělní odpoeledne...Vám všem :_*

Автор Richard Moon ( назад)
Thanks agan.

Автор DJ Pranxtor ( назад)

Автор Shreddy trashbear ( назад)
I love the first one

Автор Petr Khabarov ( назад)
24 minutes - wow!

Автор zuraura1 ( назад)
at 23/58 Georgian tunes:))))))))))))))))

Автор TheGelBanana ( назад)
When that first track kicked in I thought I accidentally started watching Baccano again

Автор ØREØ ( назад)
Ah the good old days when music used to be REAL

Автор Cristóbal Cornejo Romero ( назад)
Wow this genre musical, is the best. yeah, make me very happy.

Автор Julia Jul ( назад)
46:20 is incredible!

Автор DR.V RAW ( назад)
I wonder why 1105 ppl dislike this awesome music ? IS IT WORSE THAN JUSTIN BIEBER SHIT ????????????????????

Автор Doctor Dubstep ( назад)
welcome to ww2

Автор Marv Mörschel ( назад)

Автор Dess Lanos ( назад)
good music!!!

Автор Piero G ( назад)
The bandit 23:52 are from Austria!

Автор Frog Dude ( назад)
1.25 speed and you want to do everything this fast.. lol

Автор Christopher Gonzales ( назад)
anyone know good music to improv on

Автор klózek jebelka ( назад)

Автор Wonder Boyz ( назад)
1:04:02 That trumpet player though. That guy is good.

Автор Nimble Fish ( назад)
<3 <3 <3 !!

Автор Jeff King ( назад)
New Vegas anyone?

Автор GermanSushiPizza ( назад)
The perfect fallout background music.

Автор Kojot ( назад)
We have 3 years till 20's! It's time to start world war, bring back swing and 3 piece suits.

Автор Shipoopiism ( назад)
See compilation. Hear first song. Not disappointed. Stay forever.

Автор Amadriadi Crafts ( назад)

Автор etno2010 ( назад)

Автор Izzy Rose Vigeant ( назад)
welp it's official .
music was the best before pop music .
( well except a few artists )

Автор Luis Ramos ( назад)
es para bailar en todos los tiempos jajjajja

Автор Stefanía Brevis Brevis Aracena ( назад)
Excelente música,te lleva atrás en el tiempo. muchas gracias por publicarla.

Автор Lucie Kešnerová ( назад)
24 min - anyone knows the name of song + band? "Fantastic trrrralalalaa" Thanks.

Автор luis Reyes ( назад)
Please, somebody know song that start at 42:02?? i love it

Автор Peter Schuurhof ( назад)
Good stuff

Автор nyan PARK ( назад)
love swing

Автор Obsidian ( назад)
Теперь я знаю что за музыку использовал Дисней, в мультике например Лама Император ))

Автор rjayone1 ( назад)
BOOGIE BELGIQUE did a song titled 'Gabriel'. Can someone please tell what the original vocal sample is from? Thank you in advance.

Автор Rafael Tannus ( назад)
lovely, really lovelly

Автор Connex ( назад)
Awesome songs!:D

Автор Christopher de Vidal ( назад)
Sure am glad this is available in 1080p.

Автор Imperial vato ( назад)
I'm going to buy a zoot suit and try to dance my ass off even though I can't dance for shit.

Автор Horacio Torres ( назад)
un disco fantásticooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Vaklston Galloway ( назад)
What happened with this video!?

Автор Marshal mj ( назад)
Im dancing like a madman .... I am a fucking metal head for fuck sake :(
is this fucking witchcraft :O

Автор princess in training ( назад)
the singer at 27:32 sounds like mars argo

Автор ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( назад)
THANK GOD I found it back, this is the best mix by far on all of youtube!

Автор Alex L. ( назад)
Was I the only one who thought the first song was from Monster's Inc?

Автор Just Another SU/UNDERTALE fan ( назад)
I got into swing before it was cool.

Автор Ignaziiio ( назад)
I suddenly wanna learn how to dance this! Some youtube quality :)

Автор Salty Jac ( назад)
I was wondering why the first swing sounded so familiar. its from a billy and Mandy episode with the alien that eats brains.

Автор Zombie Jäger ( назад)
I feel like I've heard the first song before. Maybe in a trailer or something?

Автор Anthony Arroyo ( назад)
anyone getting Peacock vibes?

Автор SPILLA FLO ( назад)
i use to b a rapper now im a genre. swing and coffee in the morning starts my day. SPiLLA FLO~~~

Автор Juan M Jaimes ( назад)
great list make me dance tnks.

Автор Cameron Wagner ( назад)
anyone know the name of the first song?

Автор Alejandro Gadea ( назад)
La musica swing es una joya

Автор Maria W ( назад)
great! love it! <3 <3

Автор Chris Zitta ( назад)
nice playlist keep doing this!!

Автор Chloe Koay ( назад)
best playlist <3

Автор Andrew Stephenson ( назад)
As the US returns to the era of 1930s politics and eminent war and mass incarceration of religions and Resistance groups, I hope Swing returns!

Автор Jens Mangelow ( назад)
genialer mix!!!

Автор jose luis Rivas ( назад)
Me gusto mucho, gracias mil

Автор Jesusmpr ( назад)
This is just perfect

Автор Ronaldo Rodrigues Rezeck ( назад)

Автор Muchomor Pstrokaty ( назад)
Tape Five !
Electroswing's the best.

Автор The Jabbawockee ( назад)
the first song is from the mask I love it

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